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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 20, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> what are you doing? this is a great spot for sulfate. >> i do not agree with you on that. >> you you guys are completely insane. i love it. >> diana, you started the day at the statehouse in trenton where the latest money grab is underway. >> that's right. it was a pretty strange a pretty strange day at the trenton state house. >> i do not really know yet who
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is voting no one whose wedding yes i don't know who to smile at her wink at. to be honest, honest, we have only had a couple of committee votes. we do not really know how this is going to go. >> to controversial bills were for a vote in trenton. one hikes the salaries of judges and state officials while governor christie can then cash in on a book. the other cuts legal advertising revenue and possibly cutting 300 jobs in the process. both were fast-track to new jersey legislature and many jerseys can't figure out why they're being passed in the first place. >> there's nothing in these deals for the taxpayers and the people of new jersey. these are deals these are deals that benefit only the people who work in this building and no one more
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so than our governor who doesn't deserve any gifts at this point. >> i'm never seen a deal this bad in all of my years. it is democrats colluding with republicans in the governor to screw the public. >> so we are back at the statehouse. as you can see, not a lot of legislators are back of us. >> so they go into session and then right away they -- the chaos of this place, it looks like an assembly and senate there is confusion, doubt, they're not sure they have the vote to pass the big christie book deal. >> we have about a 16 state senators on the republican side we have 11, six like 11 ex like 11 no boats and apparently the democrats have ten no votes.
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so 21 no votes, you need 21 yes votes for the legislation to pass. right now does not look like the pay raise bill also known as the book bill is going to pass today. >> we just had the gas tax, people are tax enough, when will it end? >> this is what we've said about question two. they subtly found all kinds of things to spend the money on. >> this weekend was insane. if anybody's watching with the governor's weekend was insane. if anybody's watching with the governor's doing, tweeting late friday night and then pulling out editorial pages to talk about why he's doing this bill, it's like why don't you just answer questions in a public press conference. >> that's been 104 day since day since he's done that so he'll just bought the editorial pages. >> he is a corrupt coward and has been called out on a. the only good thing is that there is bipartisan unity against what he is doing. he of the far left and the right and you do have some unity saying the guys corrupt, it is bad news, bad policy. unfortunately they rush these things through because they don't want to hear from anybody. >> she walks into the store with fabless glasses and the buyers go -- where did you get them. >> the man accused of killing the new jersey college student, 20-year-old sir butler is now
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accused of killing another woman. i covered butler's funeral on friday. investigators believe 20-year-old khalil wheeler weaver is responsible for killing 33-year-old joanne brown who was found strangled to death in a vacant home in out on december 5. this was days after sarah butler was found strangled to death on december 1 in west orange. he pleaded not guilty for murder for butler's death. he was held on friday in lieu of 5,000,000 dollars bail. >> we will decorate a decorator christmas trees with ornaments, bows, garland and maybe the occasional state, right? >> that's what they got over the weekend. a woman from the nearby town looked at her christmas tree and saw that a big snake
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was just chilling. it turns out the tiger snake which is the six deadly snake in the world got in through an open back door but left 20 minutes later in a bag. so classic australian christmas problems. >> less regard by an emotional series stories about a homeless heroin heroin addicted man that come along with his loving family and some true professionals we located and convinced to turn his life around and enter rehab. we received messages from all over the country as her viewers saw tj walsh struggle firsthand. we wanted to know what legislators in new jersey are doing to battle this heroin epidemic from the top down. congressman tom macarthur invited us to his home in toms river. a town in ocean county that has been ravaged by here when you set leading
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member of a bipartisan task force to combat the heroin epidemic in new jersey. >> the task force does a number of things. first we try to educate the entire congress on with the issues are so that people open their hearts and open the federal budget. this takes money and resources. >> we said that addiction does not discriminate by tax bracket, color, gender, gender and right off the bat tiger summit macarthur told the authorities of a good friend that he recently lost to addiction. >> he was a close friend. our kids play play together, they grew up together, he was a family man and a hard worker. he just went down the lon of addiction and cannot find his way. it had home that he could not will his way out of it. >> i had blake who performed the intervention on tj with the joe
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at the treatment center because we wanted to have a conversation between the lawmakers and the boots that are on the ground trying to save some of these attic. >> probably the biggest challenge we face as an industry as a whole is dealing with the insurance companies. we have strong evidence that shows peopople that are engagedn some kind of treatment for long. of time have higher success rate. >> without insurance or medicare an addict really doesn't have many options to get help her enter rehab. they can be willing to still be able to. bills will be in her dues to allow family members, even their extended families such as cousins, hands, uncles, regardless if they live in their household are not to use their own health savings. >> my bill would simply allow family members to use those health savings accounts for their broad family, ann's, uncles nieces, nephews, cousins,
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dependent or not to panic, stressing that the federal government wants to help you help your family member. fundy to fundy to fight this battle seems to be the over arching issue. new jersey could be on its way for some success in 2017 is 1,000,000,000 dollars in federal money was acquired by the heroin task force to help the fight 2017 and beyond. what i'm seeing as each person involved has passion in their own story regarding addiction. it just goes to show that this epidemic is one step away from all of us. >> what are these guys doing on the front end. we've had conversations with heroin addicts, nobody deals with the need for coping skills and overcoming adversity. we have an escape a society where people go in get hooked on thing. >> i'm glad you brought up what's happening before they start to use heroin. we need to address help people are parenting their children. i don't want to bring it up first but i'm glad you're bringing it up.
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no it's a society that were catering to our children and not telling them knows no. i'll know if that's it or that we need to bring more programs and high school. something needs to be done with funding so it's addressed before people take the needle. >> the u.s. spent over 15,000,000,000 dollars on the war on drugs in one year. the politicians say we don't have enough funding to pay for heroin beds. hello, you have 15,000,000,000 dollars you spend every year on the war on drugs. it's not preventing people from being addicted. anybody who wants to have heroin can. so stop the war on drugs for. >> this could hit home for anyone of us. after going through major surgery and being put on extremely heavy prescription drugs, it is really hard to win yourself away from these drugs. a lot of times or covering of times were covering these that we hereby people had
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a back surgery were on percocet or morphine. so could be any one of us. it's not some noise making a bad choice. >> i think the idea of the involuntary commitment is interesting. i've to different schools of thought. on one side if you have a loved you have a loved one using drugs and not thinking clearly and you want to get them in a detox and maybe they'll take that step themselves, on the other hand a lot of people say if the addict is not ready to make a change they're not going to. >> they testified that he used the n-word and that he joked that the ku klux klan -- >> talk about things on the bucket list. i've always wanted to see a volcano erupt this past weekend i did. well, not really. check not really. check out the video. it is mexico's a volcano and a ruptured this weekend in the first time for long time sending mama spilling down the sides of the mountain. it was epic. i can check that off my bucket list. >> at this first great elementary school in stafford,
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virginia. dress up a semigloss but he is a marine staff sergeant sir been overseas and not expected to be home until after christmas. he came home early surprised his son at school by removing his santa claus classes, hat, ab ross, and beard. jackson's face says it all. ♪ local. >> i'm excited to welcome back the chosen generation alliance choir from jersey city. >> how and demand are they as a gospel choir. >> t (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> ashley, i love it when you come to work and you bring with you a gospel choir. >> i am excited to welcome back the chosen generation alliance choir from jersey city. they're here with us before when we were talking about possible fest which airs on ww or, my9 and we'll have gospel fest to get on our station this year. right now are in for a real treat. they
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are are here for us to enjoy some christmas carol and we'll start with joy to the world. i want these guys to do what you do best. ♪ ♪ he rules the world with truth and grace ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ joy to the world ♪ joy to the world ♪ joy to the world ♪ joy to the world ♪ joy to the world
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♪ joy to the world ♪ joy to the world, joy, joy, joy to the world ♪ ♪ joy to the world ♪ joy to the world ♪ joy, joy, joy to the world ♪ joy to the world ♪ joy to the world ♪ joy, joy, joy to the world ♪ [applause] >> that was outstanding. i have to ask you, how in demand are u.s. a gospel choir? >> since gospel starts we have really grown. the growth in our choir is first the people in the choir has grown as well. but then we have a lot of engagement. we have two to five engagements
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a month. were constantly going here. were growing, the choirs growing. >> what is the state of gospel choirs now comes a fitting outer growing? >> were push .. out. gospel choirs have faded out a bit but we're trying to get that back up what you want to sing us out with? >> emmanuel. ♪ he manual. >> emmanuel ♪ ♪ ♪ emmanuel ♪ emmanuel ♪ emmanuel ♪ emmanuel ♪ emmanuel
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♪ we worship you ♪ >> nothing to do with politics especially jersey politics where they can cut across geographic barriers and party lines. take george gilmer, the chair of the ocean county republican party who i reported i reported is under investigation by federal officials. take mayor joey torres, democrat
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he served as mayor patterson from 2002 until 2010 and lost the 2010 election. afterwards he needed a job. were did you go question what that was on city, but 70 miles on the parkway to the heart of george gilmer's powerbase. jackson township were torres got of george gilmore's powerbase. jackson township were torres got a six-figure job as business administrator. during the four years he was there he made 125,000 other salary plus $400 a month for the wear and tear on his personal vehicle driving between patterson and jackson. he kept the job until he regained the mayor's seat and the 2014 election. what happened in 2015 with him back in patterson city hall question gilmore and monahan, george gilmore's firm received 100,000 dollars $100,000 legal contract with the city. after spokesperson said that he has no personal relationship with gilmore. >> no personal relationship? is there anything wrong about any of this? know but it's another example of how influence, money, and politics go hand-in-hand in new jersey and throughout the country. so we will keep investigating this connection on the aurora project. if you have any ideas of what you have any
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ideas of what you think we should be looking into tweet me and check out all of our stories said >> i've never seen any of the star wars movies at all. so a better way to get involved then to go to a star wars ball. >> i'm basically a jedi. >> see news happening near? upl where things come from?
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how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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>> i had a three piece. i did get water on it and he got the dots out. i. i don't know how he did it.shoe.
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>> this one makes me shake my head. there was a call to hudson
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police that there is a woman who was needed help she needed an oxygen mask she was stuck in a car in the snow she broke the window and turns out it was a mannequin. with an oxygen mask. to this day the owner of the mannequin which was used for cpr cannot believe the cops actually broke the car window to rescue the mannequin. >> it looked like a real person. >> if you thought the only extreme sent is interested in you would be wrong. check out this in california, participants had an all-day lift ticket in exchange for a 20-dollar donation to protect our winter. that the climate change education group. of course they had to come dressed in already.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's that time. sure it's the holidays sent the new year for r wars rogue one.
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>> now, i know this room we have quite a few fans of the franchise, but i am not one of them which should come as no surprise. in fact, i've never seen any of the star wars movies at all but i like movies and i like parties so what better way to get involved then to go to a star wars ball. >> introducing the star wars cantina. it happens happens after dark the first thursday of every month and because they have it down to a science it happens at liberty science center. it's essentially dance party was star wars fans and awesome costumes. >> i'm basically a jedi. so i wasn't really in my element
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but a lot of people were. >> i am darth brady invaders apprentice. >> the interesting thing is there was a bunch that you would not know. >> it is safe to say that the fans have gone rogue. so in true fashion i talked to this stud with the science center bash. >> actually working to make it that way using our imagination. >> if you want to get in the mood for the movie, head out to the star wars canteen at the liberty science center after dark. if you love star wars, you'll love it, if you don't,
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you will learn. just, you will learn. just hang in there, i did and now, i speak and talk e walk. >> another great day chasing news, thanks for watching. i'm standing in front of governor christie's office because somebody has to keep a watchful on all the nonsense going on in trenton. today he tried to have a bill put through that would trade public money for raises for public employments, so making six figures so that he could change the ethics rule and write a book and get paid while he is in office. a lot of that stall today. you'll see the wrangling a moron tomorrow show. where here to keep and i knew governor, we don't trust you. >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down by logging onto chasingnews
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