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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 23, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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breaking right now on fox 29 morning news a deadly fire rips through several apartments just days before the holidays. the challenge emergency crews faced battling those flames. are you heading to the airport? you are certainly not alone, it is busiest time for who will take travel. what you need to remember before checking this to that flight. , throws the interception, malcolm jenkins taking it all the way for an eagles touch town. the eagles played spoiler in the late night win for philadelphia a fans. plus... >> my god, are you serious. >> oh, my god.
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>> it is owe kay. >> she thought her wedding dress was gone forever after an unfortunate mix up, it is a reunion of sorts you will see only on fox. great to have you with us on this friday, tgif, thomas drayton karen hepp has the morning off. >> good morning, bob. >> i knew eagles won when i went into get my coffee in the wawa. everybody is in a good mood. >> talk about a holiday present. >> holiday present. >> good morning, scott. >> in for sue, and it will be a busy travel day, and it looks like weather on the east coast will cooperate today, but i do have some showers, in the forecast for christmas eve so that could interfere with those last minute shopping plans, perhaps, like myself, as we look at weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten. today we will give it a nine. we made it in the 50's. we will dot same for part of the region today.
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temperature wise, it is a cold start, 32 in philadelphia wind out of the west at 9 miles an hour. lets look at numbers elsewhere , 34 in dover. three in trenton. it is 33 in pottstown and mid 30's right now in reading. so, planning your day, hour by hour, by 8:00 a a.m. up into the upper 30's, nice lunch hour, 44 degrees at the noon. upper 40's to right around 50 for that high temperature and then it turns chilly again later tonight. high pressure, that is in full control up and down eastern seaboard for today but off to the west we are keeping tabs on some showers, and that will head our way, for christmas eve. coming up i'll have the timing of the rain and your entire holiday forecast, bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. 4:02. tgif, they are still working on the stretch of columbus boulevard, trying to make repairs, to this water main break. they have the one lane opened here as you can see folks heading on through. this is southbound, between
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washington, between christian and washington. you can see brakes tapping there. i talk to the water department they are going to come back at 6:00 o'clock this morning and shut down columbus boulevard, as well, as close the off ramps there i-95 to columbus. so, hopefully they can finally get this fixed before we call it quits for the holiday weekend. so expect delays there. they are still working on the vine street expressway between the schuylkill, and broad street, and closed until 5:00 o'clock this morning. otherwise, kind of quiet. i ran into happy eagles fans on the way home as i was coming into work this morning. i'm getting coffee, they were getting coffee for another reason. schuylkill expressway heading in to philadelphia in problems or delays at all. septa will operate the a regular weekday schedule for buses, trains, trolleys, back over to you. we are following breaking news, this morning. simply tragic here. one person has died in an apartment fire, in pottstown.
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officials say it started around 1:00 on east high street. lets get out to jenny joyce live on the scene, jenny? >> reporter: well, as the fire chief can confirm one person is deceased, in this fire. person a peers to be an adult but suffered very bad burns, it was hard to make out an identification. the fire broke out at this apartment building here on the 400 block of high street in pottstown, just after 1:30 this morning. crew is a arrived to heavy fire on the second floor of the building. several people's vac waited. however fire fighters found one person dead in a room on this second floor. it appears that the deceased lived in the apartment where the fire started, but it is unclear if anyone else lived in that unit. at this point it is unclear how the fire started. red cross is assisting several people lived here, fire chief says there were a number of cats that were rescued. >> report initially oven trap.
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also, and entry was made to the building with fire fighting line, we knock the fire down fairly quickly, and then found one deceased subject in one of the bedrooms all of the other tenants selfie vac waited safely. >> reporter: building suffered damage but according to the fire chief he says it is repairable. fire marshall is on the scene. coroner will be coming out at some point to dig deeper into this investigation, thomas. >> still very active scene, jenny, thank you. time is 4:06. over in kensington a woman is in the hospital shot during a home invasion. the it happened on the 500 block of allegheny avenue around 11:30 last night. the 20 year-old answered a knock a at the front door when two men forced their way inside, she tried, fighting them off when one pulled out a gun and shot her in the arm. >> you can tell there was a violent struggle. there was blood on the floor, blood on the walls, and in the
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hallway, the kitchen, and the living room and that is what our 20 year-old victim stated to us that she was trying to force them back out the front door when she was shot in the arm. >> after shots the were fired the men took off, victim tells detectives that she does not know them. police say several of the neighbors reported getting knocks at their doors last night the but did not answer. happening right now at the 4:06, many are up this morning getting a head start on the holiday travel season. according to triple a, it will be a busy 1n fact today through january 2nd more than 103 million americans are expected to travel, 50 miles or more. roadways looking good right the now, but that will certainly change, shortly. if not by car, a lot of you will be heading to the airport live look at philly international as scott mentioned the weather fully cooperating this morning but, of course, you still have to contend with those lines and
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unexpected delays. it is always best to check ahead and certainly arrive early. as scott mentioned the rain will be moving in late tonight of course, with the holiday travel season officially underway it is not just this area travelers have to worry about, is what happening in other parts of the country could play a factor in your travel plans n fact, high wind, rain out west caused major delays and cancellations at los angeles international airport. grounding many of those planes headed to terminals nationwide , so we could have an effect here in philadelphia up to 400 flights, in and out of lax are delayed until noon today and those passengers are not happy. >> it is like 30 or 40 minutes just to get in and out. >> we arrived at 4:07 and got off 6:37. we were on the tarmac for two and a half hours. >> never fun having to wait. you also need to be very careful what you try to bring through the tsa, tsa agents telling us that passengers need to check items like wine,
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syrup, jam because you cannot take them through security. you will only slow things down if you are packing presents, t sa says keep them unwrapped. well, lets talk about those eagles. thursday night football action at the link last night, eagles getting a big boost with lane johnson back in the line up and certainly made a difference on the first drive. johnson leading way for sproles on a 25-yard touchdown run. celebration underway. all lit up in green, you can see fire works there. eagles up seven to nothing, later in the first, eagles defense, stepping up, malcolm jenkins picks off eli manning and takes it back for a touchdown 14 to nothing eagles the in the second quarter carson wentz find nelson agholor for a 40-yard touchdown strike. eagles up 21-six. giants keep it the close. it comes down to the final play, eagles up 24-19. eli manning looking for the end zone but intercepted by,
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terence brooks. the eagles finally win a close game. doug pederson talked about that win and what it means for his players. >> for us, it was a chance to win a division game, number one, and erase that negative feelings we have had the last couple of weeks and to do it in front of our crowd i thought was really awesome. >> it snapped a five game losing streak for eagles and it also means dallas cowboys are 2016 nfc east champions and they will get a first round bye in the playoffs. coming up next, big daddy graham will break down those highlights for us. time right now 4:09. lets talk about the transition day after meeting with the pentagon's top brass president-elect donald trump is calling for a major nuclear upgrade and naming a new role for woman credited getting him to the white house. our dawn timmeney has the latest on the trump transition
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>> reporter: on the day mr. trump received his second consecutive presidential daily briefing, he also tweeted this , quote the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding news, end quote. mr. trump was tweeting from florida and his daughter ivank a head that had way from new york, she and her family were harassed by a passenger who disagree with her father's politics. passenger reportedly tweeted his intention to confront mrs. e he was removed. president-elect is also forming a new white house national trade council, and canned is well known china critic doctor peter navarro to head it up. while giving kelly ann conway the title of counselor to the president making her the highest ranking woman in his white house. >> i think that when you have this opportunity, it is an honor but it is very humbling. >> that was dawn timmeney reporting. trump a announced his pick for
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press secretary former rnc communications director sean spicer, campaign spokeswoman hope hicks will stay on as a director of strategic communications. jason miller will be director of communication, and dan scavitto director of social media next month's inaugural ceremony is taking shape, the commander in chief says he doesn't want a bunch of celebrities but rather the voters who supported him. trump tweeting the so-called a list celebrities are all wanting tickets to the inauguration but look what they did for hillary: nothing i want the people. some entertainment has been revealed for january 20th event, we have learn that the mormon tabernacle choir and radio city rockettes will be performing at the ceremony. more acts are expect to be named soon. time is running out if you have not mailed your gifts, you are down to the wire. what you need to do to ensure they arrive just in time for the holidays.
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and some folks may be dealing with american just a white christmas you see here with the gift of the nasty storm is being delivered, this weekend. plus, this morning it is incredible video you have to see, this guy was just sitting on the bus when something explodes. yeah, something explodes in his pocket. he was sent to the hospital, and the warning that he ignored.
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♪ >> no place like home for the holidays, but, you got to get there, heading to the airport, you saw it, you are certainly not alone. you can make a few friend in line though. you saw it, live look at philly international an estimated 2.4 million americans will take to the skies to see their loved ones for the holidays and now you are looking at misery there. no white christmas for us but good part of the country bracing for wintry weather this holiday weekend. big storm is bringing everything from drenching rain to potential blizzard to the western and central u.s. callus preparing for heavy rain and possible flash flooding. the blizzard conditions are likely in the rockies and northern plains or christmas day. so that is what is happening out west, here can we call it tropical? it will be a nice one, scott. >> it is, thomas highs made it in the 50's we will do that again today and parts of our area, saw those folks at philadelphia international
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airport, expect long lines but no weather delays, on the east coast for today, weather actually looking good for your friday. more above average temperatures but there will be some christmas eve rain so about 24 hours from right now i do anticipate some showers out there and perhaps some impact at philadelphia international airport due to weather, tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind. hanukkah a day away we're talking about morning showers, 49 degrees for the high, on christmas about 50, lower 50's as we move toward kwanzaa early next week. temperature wise right now at the freezing here currently in philadelphia westerly wind at 9 miles an hour. thirty-two in wilmington. upper 20's atlantic city. thirty-three in pottstown. across the region for today we are looking good. fifty in center city. upper 40's down the shore. mid 40's in the the lehigh valley, once again, above average temperatures. dry on ultimate doppler but off to the west you can see clouds, showers that is the system that will impact us for
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your christmas eve. so for today dry up and down eastern seaboard but toward midwest parts of the texas looking west, also out toward pacific northwest, a little un settled and then as we move toward your sat take christmas eve it looks wet up and down the seaboard with that system bringing rain first half of the day, still unsettled as we move toward the west coast as well. so the seven day forecast, showing you, beautiful, today, and then morning rain, tomorrow, so keep that around for your shopping plans, 50 on christmas and lower 50's as we move toward monday, of next week, how are the roads on this busy travel day, bob. >> scottie, good morning. not bad at all as we kick it off at 4:17 on this friday morning, live look northeast philadelphia, i-95 where we have those four brand new travel lanes, everything opened from cottman down to bridge. we have talked about that yesterday. but from the betsy ross bridge down into center city, we have only three lanes, through the construction zone. no problems on the bennie as
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we come up and over into downtown philadelphia. i think today will be an upside down kind of days, some folks will take a day off, use a personal day, move out of work early. if you are traveling out of philadelphia international, it is a suggestion that you arrive one hours in advance of your flight, check with the airline, we have had no problems here in philadelphia but as you saw there that video, problems in other parts of the country, l.a. and, of course, different weather scenarios could cause delays, come minute necessity delays here at philly international. columbus boulevard they are coming back. this is water main break that has been a pain in the neck. i heard it is high tides on the delaware river that continues to give them problems here on columbus boulevard. so right the new there is only one lane open but at 6:00 they will come back and get started early this morning. they will close columbus boulevard and then close off ramps, beginning at 6:00 a.m. using mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys running on regular schedule this morning. we had a grand old time last
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night in cherry hill, new jersey. we wrapped up our very kelly christmas were not one but not two but three homes on this deer road, in cherry hill, new jersey. old junior there started a tradition about 30 years ago. neighbors jumped in across the the street, they tossed it on to their kid, three big homes we had a grand old time in cherry hill, dear deroad, you have to go by here just off chapel avenue. take them for a nice treat over next couple nights. all of the pictures from all kelly christmas stops up on my facebook page at bob kelly fox 29. >> it was a good time, thank you. 4:19. lets go around the world here because we have some news cheering crowd spill on the streets in aleppo where years of bloody fighting appears to be over. that right there is view now that syrian officials say they
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have regain full control of the city. government announced yesterday that its troops have forced last rebels to flee. this brings to an end four years of fighting. people chanted and held up pictures of syrian president assod. aleppo has been divided between government forces and opposition groups since 202. a major terror plot foiled in australia, authorities there say they have detained five suspects who were planning to bomb several locations on christmas day. they are preparing to set off bombs in the train station, public square, and st. paul's cathedral. authorities believe suspects were inspired by isis. in germany manhunt intensifies for anis amri, police believe he killed 12 people by ramming a truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin. investigators say they found his fingerprints inside that truck, and they have new video of him. friend confirmed amri is the guy in the the short selfie video clip.
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police across europe are scrambling to find the 24 year-old tunisian national. a developing story this morning, a big break in the troubling case of road rage that left a three-year old boy dead. this morning police in little rock arkansas have a suspect in custody. we are told a family member turn him in. thirty-nine year-old was killed when a man fired in his grandmother as car last week even. police believe the gun man was upset because woman was driving too slowly. a local young mother who starred on the mtv show 16 and pregnant has died. according to the chester county coroner's office valerie fairman, passed away wednesday. she appeared on the second season of the the show help she gave birth to her daughter who is now seven years old. police in coatsville says in recent years she was arrested on theft charges in order to go to rehab after violating parole. officials at mtv have released a statement saying they were saddened by the news. if you live in new jersey,
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and you think of home care, health care worker is abusing your family member, you can now receive a surveillance camera from the state. attorney general christopher perino unveiled details of the new safe care cam program yesterday. it a laos to you bureau a tiny camera for 30 days to keep it an eye on things. the prosecutors say this year alone nearly 300 certified home health aids were disciplined for crimes on and off the job. >> you have no idea how they will behave when no one is watching. they can have all of the necessary credentials, they can be great on a interview, but they can also be an abuser >> for more information on how to pick up one of these cameras or if you want to report suspected abuse just head to our web site at fox 29 .com. a nice holiday surprise for hundreds of children in philadelphia's nicetown section. two septa buses filled with toys made their way to saint
4:23 am
veronica's parish. the catholic philadelphia outreached partnered with septa to make this a holiday to remember for families in need. it is all part of the operation, ho, ho, hope. it has been a long road for eagles but luckily for philly fans there is light at the end of the tunnel. i guess we can say. that highlights from last night's late win coming up next in sports. we will be right back. >> ♪
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles with the chance to play spoil era begins giants, g men had a chance to clinch a playoff birth last night but eagles weren't having it. the first quarter eagles came out on fire, up seven to nothing, malcolm jenkins jumps the route and takes it to the house. jenkins had two picks in the game. eagles win 14 to nothing. but this game still coming down to the last second, eli manning taking a shot down the field, but it is picked off by terence brooks, the eagles win 24-19. to the the flyers and the devils they followed up a big win against capitols with a stinker. first period after after the turnover miles wood with the goal. steve mason was yanked after that and flyers lose four to nothing. a little college hoops temple taking on yale in the freshman stepping up, austin junior, getting, in the corner and
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nailing a three, temple gets the w, 83-77. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. well, temple football team won't be home for the holidays and for good reason here, instead, players will be in anapolis maryland preparing for military bowl against wake forest. they left yesterday for december 27th game and if temple wins, it will give them most wins in the program's history. good luck. coming up at 4:30 an unfortunate mix up left a woman thinking her dress was gone forever, that is, until fox 29 found it. it is a story you'll see only on tax. hi, scott. hi there thomas, it is a busy travel day along the eastern seaboard, ultimate doppler right now is dry, quiet the but i'm following a storm system that will bring in some clouds and some showers for part of your holiday, live look there as we are looking at philadelphia international airport. folks are heading to see grand mom for the holidays.
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we will be right back with a look at your weather and traffic on this friday.
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breaking news deadly fire rips through several apartments just days before the holidays.
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plus, if you. mailed your gifts yet time is running out. what you need to do to assure they arrive in time for the holidays. santa seeking help beyond the north pole how postal workers are lightening the load for old saint nick. great to have you with us, we were just talking about our shopping list. >> typical guys here, waiting until last minute. >> nightmare, horror, the long lines. >> if we get out by 6:01. >> i went shopping yesterday, i got some stuff for my self. >> i went to the big box stores, a lot of people there shopping, only two registers opened. >> yeah, right. happy holidays. 32 degrees. wind west at 9 miles an hour as we look at those headlines for your friday, a great east coast travel day above average temperatures, but rain will be moving in overnight, first half of the day, for christmas eve. so ultimate doppler right now is dry up and down eastern seaboard and golf coast but
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lets look towards midwest where we are watching that rainfall that is tomorrow's system but today looking good. fifty center city. forty's down the shore. mid 40's in the the lehigh valley. fast forward to tomorrow morning, we will see temperatures in the the 30's by 8:00 a.m. running last minute errands, traveling tomorrow morning, expect some travel delays on the road as we look at that rainfall the first half of the day, and then it will start to move into south jersey and delaware and then gets out of here by tomorrow afternoon. coming up we will have much more on that system and your entire holiday forecast, bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. tgif as we get ready to roll out 4:32 no problems coming from south jersey on the 42 freeway. i think today will be an unpredictable kind of rush hour mornings. here's a live look at the gang in conshohocken route 23 at fey yet street utility work still underway at off ramp there in conshohocken, vine
4:33 am
street expressway still closed until 5:00. this is it once they wrap everything up we will be done through the holiday, excuse me , north on i-95 for gang in wilmington route 141, construction until about 6:00 o'clock this morning. heading to the airport just get down there early, they arrive two hours in advance, check with the airline even though they may not have have weather issues in philadelphia , weather issues in other parts of the country could have a come minute necessity effect and do not wrap those presents, unwrap them, and give you something to do when you get there later today. columbus boulevard, southbound , they will shut her down at 6:00 o'clock this morning. that is earlier they they were the past couple days. they will try to finally fix this water main break and it is at 6:00 they will close off ramps from i-95 to columbus boulevard as well. thomas, back over to you. >> they have been having a hard time, bob, thank you. we are following breaking news this morning, a heavy fire at an apartment building in pottstown kills one person, jenny joyce is on the scene for us this morning, jenny?
4:34 am
>> reporter: good morning, thomas. fire chief says there is not much information on the the deceased it appears to be an adult but person has very bad burns and has in the been identified. fire broke out at this apartment building on the 400 block of high street in pottstown just after 1:30 this morning. crew is a arrived to heavy fire on the second floor of the building, several people's vac waited, fire fighters found one person dead in a room on the second floor. it appears that the deceased, lives in the apartment where the fire started, it is unclear if anybody else lived in that unit and at this point we don't know how fire started red cross is assisting several people lived here at this building, the chief says there were a number of cats rescued. building suffered damage but according to the fire chief it is repairable. state police fire marshall is on the scene and coroner will be coming out at some point. to dig deeper into this investigation, thomas? >> tragic news, just days
4:35 am
before the holidays, all right , jenny, thank you. 4:34. mother of the abington township girl whose body was found dismembered has been named a person of interest in her murder. the remains of the 14 year-old grace packer in the woods in luzerne county on halloween. her mother sarah parker reported her missing in july. she has been charged with child endangerment and obstruction. prosecutors say she lied and knows more about her daughter 's murder then she is revealing. happening right now, of course, time is running out if you have in the mailed your gifts yet and want them to arrive just before christmas you better do it the today. expect long lines at the post office for last minute rush, today is deadline to send mail and mail those package toss guarantee they will arrive december 25th. of course, you will to have pay more money for overnight and express delivery. thursday yesterday was busiest day of the the year for u.s. postal service processing more
4:36 am
than 612 million pieces of mail. how is this for generous, someone has put a lot of green into one of those red kettles. salvation army workers near pittsburgh were checking donations and found a check for $10,000. the salvation army says this gift could not have come at a better time because they have been struggling to reach their chapter's fund raising goal this year. person who made the donation wants to remain anonymous. he he will be on santa's nice list. speaking of santa and his he will vest they are gearing up for christmas so employed a team to help them read respond to those letters that he gets from the north pole or gets to the north pole. >> we all believe in santa here and what santa wants to do for children of the world. somehow he may contact in all of us and we're just so happy to be on his team. >> team of santa's helpers in port land, maine responded to 1,000 letters from kid in the
4:37 am
area. still ahead, this morning, uber coming under fire why ride sharing services is putting breaks on the experiment with self driving cars. talk about incredible video we have to see this one, guy just sitting on the bus when something explode. what was in his pocket that sent him to the hospital.
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4:39 am
here's wild news from fresno, california an e cigarette explodes in the pocket of the passenger riding
4:40 am
a bus you saw a moment ago. this has been happening all across the country several cases. witnesses say he was trying to use that tea vice and others told him to stop. when he put it back, it exploded, victim was taken to the hospital with minor burns to his right thigh, and to his hands. uber is putting the brakes on using those self driving cars, "fox news" correspondent william lodgeness has more. >> the car ran through red light and took off. >> reporter: chris scott runs a sub shop in san francisco where he saw a self driving uber run a red light. >> there was a car coming down eighth street and slam on its breaks, honk its horns, stop, and then about 15, 20 feet past that it finally stopped. >> reporter: this isn't first time witnesses saw uber autonomous car blow a light. two weeks ago dash cam caught this self driving volvo run through an intersection oblivious to the pedestrian in the far right and crosswalk.
4:41 am
>> we will have a setback if people are not putting safety as their number one concern. >> reporter: uber blames this on human error but under california law autonomous cars that drive without, and keyword, without active human control, need a permit. uber claims its the self driving cars do have a driver and don't need a permit. so it the refused a state order to get one. the state dmv responded by revoking the company's autonomous license. married lee lee defined uber's defiant ceo. >> i think he should not be operating his driverless vehicles without that permit, zero other companies had not had a problem. >> reporter: uber fired back releasing these photos with the statement, our cars, departed for arizona this morning by truck, we will expand ourself driving pilot there in the next few weeks and we're excited to have the support of governor ducey. >> nothing arizona law prevents testing of self driving cars, governor ducey
4:42 am
sign a order stipulate ago this autonomous cars would be free of special permits to reduce regulation and red tape he released a statement saying california may not want uber, but we do. in los angeles william lodge ness "fox news". we will see what happens next. still ahead an unfortunate mix up left this woman thinking her dress was gone forever, that is until fox 29 found it, it is a story you'll see only on fox. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models.
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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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welcome back. do you enjoy eggnog this time of the year? have you had trouble finding eggnog on the the store shelves? well, it is not just you. apparently is there a major shortage of the holiday drink. wall street journal says producers just didn't make enough under estimating demand in fact one company that makes the drink says eggnog sales are up 60 percent from last year. one reason for the sales many food companies worked to push eggnog beverages during a time when those pumpkin flavored products are so popular. it apparently has paid off. be sure to remember this picture when you are out doing last minute holiday shopping, someone yeah, they took up two parking space necessary a wal-mart in maine. it was more than one person
4:46 am
could handle. they box the car in with shopping carts. the man who took this picture says no, it wasn't him but says he certainly enjoyed the humor of the situation. reminder i guess to be mindful this time of the year, bob. >> i love it. i saw that on line yesterday, rolling in and out of the malls over the next couple of days, you know you will spot somebody that parks in between the lines. 4:46. good morning. tgif, last workday before the the holiday live look at the blue route 476, up and down from delaware county no problems or delays at the moment. live look at roosevelt boulevard looking good working your way southbound from northeast philadelphia in towards the schuylkill expressway. of course, yesterday we opened up those four lanes on i-95. we have four lanes north and south between cottman avenue and bridge street. that will catch you by surprise and be welcomed change over holidays. if you are traveling to visit
4:47 am
anyone over the course of this holiday weekend keep in mind construction zones, they won't be active but we will see lane shuffles and different patterns since last time we were there. still only three lanes betsy ross into center city starting at 6:00 a.m. they will get out there early, shut down columbus boulevard from 95 to washington avenue. they will close off ramps from i-95 to columbus boulevard to make final repairs. problem is, the water main break is so close to the delaware river that as quick as they pump water out of the hole the water fills backup from the high tides, they are coming out with a few extra pumps and extra manpower to finally finish this before the holiday weekend. septa operating on a regular weekday schedule today. get down to the air poverty early two hours in advance, check with the airline and don't wrap those presents they need to be unwrapped in order to fly for the holiday weekend we flew over to cherry hill, new jersey. we had a grand old time as we
4:48 am
kicked off or finished up our very kelly christmas tour on deer road in cherry hill, new jersey where they had three homes decorated to the hilt. this was junior's house. he got it all started 40 years ago. it then sprinkled across the street to maryann's house and then her son gary got involved on the trick. so all three homes light up the street there in cherry hill and we were in the flight path for all of the planes coming into philadelphia international. i guarantee if you are coming into philadelphia you look out either window you will see this house there in cherry hill. all of the pictures from all of the homes we visited and all of the pictures everyone sent us are up on our facebook page at bob kelly fox 29. thomas, back over to you. hold on, we have the forecast coming up in 15 seconds.
4:49 am
great lights there bob in cherry hill but i think i know what the highlight was, that suit. i got to get one of those. love that suit with the lights on, bob. temperature wise, bob it is three two. wind west a at 9 miles an hour it is a cold start out there across the area. twenty-nine in atlantic city. thirty-two in wilmington. thirty-two freezing as well in allentown but by this afternoon in philadelphia, what about 50 degrees for the high temperature. a beautiful friday, travel day across the region for tonight, temperatures bottoming out in the 30's, clouds thicken and showers will be developing overnight in the first half of your christmas eve. ultimate doppler dry quiet up and down eastern seaboard on this friday morning, no travel trouble for the east coast but look to the west around omaha, moving toward st. louis, wichita that system is going to bring us clouds and showers for your saturday.
4:50 am
we have vaned the clock to tomorrow morning, temperatures , in the low to mid 30's out there and then watch that shield of rain just kind of move in, so if you are shopping tomorrow morning allow extra time traveling. if you are traveling tomorrow morning allow some extra travel time because of that rain that will be moving n it will be a cold, steady rain first half of the day. by 11 or 12 mostly moving in south jersey, parts of the delaware kind of lingering in the afternoon but after four or 5:00 o'clock most of us are drying out so it looks like by the time sunsets we are done with that rainfall for hanukkah and then as we move towards overnight time frame for santa to kind of move in, it will be trying out. so cloud cover for your christmas eve, mainly morning showers, upper 40's for high temperature tomorrow, and then what about christmas day, temperatures topping out right around 50 degrees, mostly sunny and also mild. weather authority seven day forecast showing quiet travel day for today, morning cloud,
4:51 am
showers tomorrow and then as we move toward christmas day a high of 50, increasing cloud early next week on monday 53 degrees and temperature stay above average, thomas in that entire seven day forecast >> looking good, thanks, scott we want to get to breaking news this just coming in we understand an italian news agency is reporting a man killed in milan is the berlin christmas market suspect. the man who apparently drove his truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin killing 12 people. once again this just coming in an italian news agency reporting a man killed in milan is the the berlin christmas market suspect, of course, country is still on high alert. police in berlin believed the suspect as we mentioned drove his truck in the crowded market killing 12 and certainly wounding 48 earlier this week. we will stay on top of this news. the as soon as we learn more from that italian news agency we will pass it along to you. now to a story you will see only on fox 29, we first
4:52 am
told you about it earlier this month. a new jersey woman thought her mother's wedding dress was lost forever. that is until one of our viewers stepped into help. dress had been left in the storage unit and auctioned off but now it is back where it belongs. our shawnette wilson helped to deliver the good news. >> quite a few people that had said that i needed to get over it. >> reporter: she was still heart broken two weeks after we first interviewed her. we stopped by herman to a home tonight to ask if she received any leads on her missing wedding dress. >> i gave up home report report rose lynn reached out to us two weeks ago. she showed us these pictures which had been in the storage unit that had been auctioned after she felon hard times and could not afford to keep it. what made the dress even more special are memories that is held of her mother who passed away three years ago, one year after the wedding. >> it was so special because my mom got the to go with me, dress shopping to begin with.
4:53 am
it was something that he was not able to to with her own mother because my mom was 16 years old when her whom passed , and she bought it for me with the help of some family members. >> reporter: what rose lynn didn't know was that on one saw oratorian, dropped off her dress to city council woman blon dell reynold brown office in city hall. they didn't want to leave any office but can that we be contacted to return the dress to rose lynn. during the interview we pretended to have a problem with the microphone and topped interview while i went outside pretending to get another one. >> one, two, three, four, five >> reporter: i returned with the dress. >> is that my dress? >> thinks your dress. >> is that my dress. >> yes. are you serious in she opened up the box which also had her mother's name on it. her mother had it cleaned, wrapped before putting it into
4:54 am
storage. roselynn said the dress could not have come at a better time >> it is like the perfect christmas present. >> reporter: shawnette wilson fox 29 news.
4:55 am
4:56 am
mariah carry is getting in the christmas spirit and spreading holiday cheer to her fans. she posted this adorable video of her and her son on twitter. let's take a look.
4:57 am
>> ♪ mariah's all i want for christmas is you is one of the best known christmas songs, having some fun in the house there touring the holiday season. she and ex-nick cannon's twins , son and daughter, are now five years old. merry christmas to them. >> there is more coming up next in the next hour here on fox 29 morning news. simon in the city, that is right, gold medalist is coming to philadelphia where you can take your very own selfie with ciman biles.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. good morning, breaking news right now on fox 29 morning news a deadly fire rips through self apartments, just days before the holidays, and the challenge emergency crews faced while battling those flames. and are you heading to the airport? well, you are not alone, this is live look, lines already forming at this hour, it is 5:00 o'clock. what you need to remember before check helping in for your flight and before you head out, we have you covered. >> intercepted, malcolm jenkins, taking it the all the way for an eagles


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