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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 6, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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first snow of 2017, it is here >> milk, eggs and acting like a big storm. >> just a few inches fell overnight the but making for a sloppy, slick, morning commute it is not over just yet. which areas could see up to a half foot of snow, this weekend. solder recovering after a brutal attack this south philadelphia. >> the hardest parties knowing that i could not protect my family. when they needed it the most. >> his mom, speaking on his
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behalf because his jaw is still wired shut. austin freeney's mother and girlfriend say really happened after the mummers parade. and we have some new guidelines, that could save your child's life. what doctors are now saying about preventing peanut allergies for children. and, today is the day, alex holley hits the slopes, for the very first time, in her life. we're tracking her progress as she gears up, to glide, or slide, or tumble down blue mountain. >> this will be good, man. >> good day, everybody it is january 6th, 2016. karen sitting in for alex holley who will ski for the very first time. a couple things to show. we love our viewers. show the cuff links. >> salt truck cuff links. >> that is great.
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>> yes. >> and, i have been complaining for two weeks about how my back itches and i cannot the get moisturizer on my back. i have no one in my life now, to do that. >> okay. >> so, a viewer by the name of till up shanks, it looked like he made a shank, made one, custom hade for me. eagles and mike. >> engraved. >> look at that time and effort. >> that is phenomenal. thank you so much for that person who create that had. >> what is that. >> they are the scratchers. >> yes. >> it is good. >> it is like a little sponge and put your moisturizer on there. >> that is a good eye tea. >> thank you, philip for my new shank. it really works too. >> yes. >> all relaxed. >> god, right there, right there. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you. >> i will say it was nice of
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mother nature knowing that alex was going to learn how to ski to provide some natural snow because we did get some in the poconos overnight, not much but it is there. now bulk of the snow has moved up to new york, new england, and connecticut getting quite a bit of snow as well as rhode island and parts of the massachusetts now and we are getting last drips and drabs in ocean county. it looks like last place in our viewing area where it is still snowing. slippery start today with bus stop buddy all bundled up for a cold one. temperatures are mostly in the the 20's this morning, and just about everybody is below freezing. watch out for slippery spots. they could be anywhere. clean off your whole car, this is time to remind you just don't put a hole to see a little bit. clean off every window. clean off the roof. just that 1 inch of snow, you know this bob kelly, can go flying, into the the car, in back of you, and create a big mess. clean off the car. >> crews have been out there
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trying to clear the roadways, and that snow will just fall back on to it. here's an example of what is ahead of you. this is upper state road at lime kill about pike but roads are wet, this turning lane is all slush. we mentioned earlier this is not a plowing operation, it is salt trucks out there. they are putting down that layer of salt so roads are either snow covered, eventually turning to slush and then hopefully by end of the day we will have wet or dry roads. all of the bridges are down to 35 miles an hour, right now, here's a shot of delaware off of route one. tricky travel. give yourself plenty of extra time. overturn truck at 15th and arch, so a sign that even though we are not on a major roadway, everything is iced over in some spots especially those intersections. philly international they say expect weather delays there we have flight cancellations, some airlines said we will not even fly into philadelphia today. the deicing is underway. my sister in law is down there right now. check with the airline before
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you put the bags in the trunk, septa says expect delays across the board, and watch for the slippery platforms and the steps, on all of the buses and trolleys, mike and karen, back over to you. >> somebody on twitter asked me to do this. alexa, will rihanna be at nba all-star game. >> hhh, i cannot find the answer to the question i heard >> i haven't got any indication that she will be there. >> well, derek robinson thank you for that suggestion. >> hey sue. >> yeah. >> did you say there could be a half foot of snow down the shore. >> yes. >> over the weekend. >> there is a chance, tomorrow >> that is why steve keeley is there right now. >> all right steve what are we seeing. >> well, this is least amount of snow there where we started our day in maple shade to where we finished our journey at least sewed far. i told george don't be surprised if we see vessel going out on the ocean because it the is kind of nice now. look george, i was right, george is a seaman himself and
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just got his captain's license for 100-ton vessel. lovely morning. we can see beach. very small waves. so despite a good strong wind, not rought seas, and you can see by the sea wall here, george, coming back to me, not even an inch of snow here but i want to warn everybody. even though we are next to salt air and water walking up these steps is there a coating of ice you cannot see. it would be black ice if it was plaque top down there even here at the shore with the salt air tells you this little stuff fit looks clear as bob kelly warns you a thousand times a year, or more, it is still slick. so good thing they are salting stuff down because boy, this is like a handicapped ramp here and it is as slick as can be. i will toss it back. mike, i have a question, you might want to google this. you know how when they have a earthquake and they have a tsunami warning. i was wondering when fredrick is on the way to the poconos
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do they have an avalanche warning that goes up at the ski resorts. something you might want to research before you toss back. >> we will ask alexa later. >> thanks, steve. >> jen is a very good skier, snow border. she's a big rider. we will get to her in a minute but from one jen to another jen. >> you assigned jenny joyce to go to where the water main break is, right. >> i didn't assign her but i thought it might have been a good idea. >> ice caps, people are dealing with, before she takes off, to go there, she's in may >> good work. >> mayfair people are waking up, getting ready, we just stopped this man here, we followed him down the road, just cleared off your car. it is making you late for work >> just a little bit. it is not too bad out but just takes some extra time. >> it is only a couple inches but still takes time. >> got the to clear the cars
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off and clean the tops off because it is one thing that bugs me is driving down the highway and snow flying off. >> that is the worst. i always make sure to do that. couple extra minutes, i had high morning planned and throws a little wrench in to it. >> reporter: is what your name >> steve. >> reporter: thanks very much. have a save trip to work. >> thank you. >> reporter: even if you are waking up, looking outside, you see it the is only a couple inches especially on the road, the roads are not even covered but there is adjustment. biggest issue and steve mentioned this, sue mentioned this, it is in the 20's. it is cold, icy. that is what people are not necessarily paying attention to. so we're in the back road neighborhood of mayfair so cars are taking it easy. when we were on i-95 we saw cars going by and we saw several accidents early this morning. when you are heading out there just be careful, mike and karen. >> good advice, as always, jen
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hey, michael, our director , what did you just say? what is the choice? new york, that is times square is that wendy williams, an ad for her? >> no, it is not your average jane or something jane, tv show. >> and then outer space, there is no snow. >> wow, that makes sense. >> you go beyond the weather. >> that is right. >> that is gabriel union. >> i watch that show all the time being marry jane. >> they have some great scenes in there. >> that gabriel union is a good looking human. >> we know. >> she married dwayne wade. >> she has been on good day were. >> yes, she has. >> we want you back. big day for donald trump he is about to come face-to-face with some of the people he has been slamming, the intelligence community, they will be looking at each other from across the table,
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class fight briefing, the president-elect will hear from intelligence officials about the evidence that they have that russia interfered with the november 8th election. >> president obama got a briefing yesterday, and then there was a leak report, towing, which had overnight, donald trump pretty upset and tweeting about that. >> reporter: well, he has been tweeting about a whole range of topics, by the way but as far as this is concern, yeah, this is something trump has long been talking about. he thinks that the intelligence community is overly political, he has talked about changing it. we will see whether that happens. today he will meet with the current leaders of the u.s. intelligence community, and they will tell him what they know about russia. will donald trump change his mind? later today he will be briefed on russia's role in the election. we believe by the same team we spotted leaving the white the house yesterday after presenting their fine goes to
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president obama. including the director of the national intelligence james clapper. earlier before congress clap per did not mix word. >> i don't think we have ever encountered a more aggressive or direct cam pain to interfere with our election process then we have seen in this case. >> reporter: clapper's team may be more blunt in private with trump. but already part of the classified report was leaked to nbc news and trum april period to be furious taking to twitter saying how did it nbc get an exclusive look in the top secret report he, obama was presented? who gave them this report and why. politics. but trump's position on this will put him at odds with prominent republicans in congress, who say evidence that russia hacked democratic e-mails among other actions is clear and they may spectrum seven to moderate his position >> he has got to come out and say something that is measured , presidential, and
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after this meeting. you can be skeptical of the intelligence but the antagonism with which he has community on this issue is over the top. >> reporter: trump just pick former senator dan coates as his new director of national intelligence, someone who is not likely to look favorable towards vladamire putin. >> next week on monday u.s. intelligence community is going to release a report, to the public that is a cleaned up version of the report that they gave to the president yesterday and to trump today. classified information that has been stripped away but give us our first comprehensive look at these allegations against russia. one thing mike and karen that they will include in this is a motive, slain why they think russia did this and, of course , it is widely believed in the intelligent community that was to elect donald trump but we may see that in writing on monday. >> let's say there is clear evidence that they really
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pulled this off and got donald trump elect, now what do we do >> reporter: it is second point of what you just said that they won't go that far, in fact, clapper was asked about that did this affect the outcome of the election and he says that there is in way for them to know that but that it is clear the intent of russia to affect outcome. >> wouldn't it be interest if you go we took the vote again. >> interesting is one way to put it that will not happen. >> january the eighth, to it all over again. >> oh, high thought. >> interesting thought experiment. >> they certified the election in the congress. >> okay. >> we have got ourselves a donald trump as president. now i have a decision for you folks to make on twitter. i promised i would be changing a lot of guys. >> it is a sweat shirt. i'm all down with wearing sweaters. >> snow coverage days.
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>> yes. >> i don't know about sweat shirts. >> people have sent things in. they want me to wear. >> this is a little much but it does light up. >> your second choice would be santa, that lights up. >> well, christmas is over. >> good point. >> sue, it is not epiphany yet >> aren't 12 days. >> yesterday was last day. >> time to take decorations down. we will take them down after the sun comes up, and then there is this one. >> that is a good one. >> so lets start voting on twitter, mike at fox 29. no, what am i. >> mike fox 29. >> yes. >> mike fox 29. >> twick question. >> yes. >> you are sue serio fox 29. >> that is right and you are karen hepp fox 29. >> bob kelly is bob kelly fox 29. >> we have last gasp for our snowstorm exiting the area up toward new york, new england,
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long island getting snow right now. for us only lays, along this part of the garden state parkway up around toms river and or parts of the ocean county still getting falling snow. now we already have a winter storm watch, sussex county delaware, cape may and atlantic counties in new jersey for potential tomorrow, late tonight and into tomorrow of five or more inches of snow not kidding with this one, this storm is expect to intensify, it is in the gulf of mexico now, off carolina coast and it looks like there is at least a chance of it giving some accumulating snow where we just told you that is model number one. model number two north american model showing that snow spreading it far north as philadelphia, probably not any further north then that and then moving off shore by by the evening. so the truth usually lies somewhere in between as we continue to get more model runs we will update you throughout the day on social media and later on fox 29.
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of course, news at 5:00 o'clock. 29 degrees right now, all of these temperatures below freezing. we will not even get out of the 20's during the day and then by sunday it gets windy, so it is so frigid that the wind chills during the take on sunday, will be in the single digits for a while. another brisk one on monday and then we will warm up, into the 50's, by wednesday, and thursday. i'm getting difficulties which these changes. crazy. >> crazy. 7:17. crazy commute this morning. everybody's household that has kid turned upside dunn because schools have a delayed opening , we have been scrolling them across bottom of your screen. that is naturally going to delay parents leaving the house and heading to work as well. accident northbound 309, right at richardson road, again, road are either wet, snow covered or they are slushy, septa says expect delays, slippery platforms, buses, trolleys, steps, two new
7:18 am
delays paoli thorndale line and cynwyd line, running with official delays now, because of amtrak switch problems, again, temperature below tree ing. they will start jamming up here. southbound i-95, 22 minutes, west on the schuylkill, 23. so far nothing on the major roadways but reduced speeds on all of the delaware river port authority bridges, the 42 freeway an example here, from south jersey this will get new trouble. sipping along at 40 miles an hour and then hit that off ramp, which is less traveled and has that potential for beingized over. hello, moorestown, new jersey this is main street, make sure you get snow off of your car. not just a little off there in the windshield. get it off roof. all that snow is eventually willing to go fall pack on the road ape that the crews have been working hard to put town the salt. philly international they had flight cancellations, some airlines, cancelled flights yesterday in advance of the storm. so check with the the airline.
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they are deicing down there at philly international. that runs anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, they say 15 minutes. i don't know if you can get a free drink. that would be nice. >> extra ice in my cocktail while you are deicing. >> yes. >> now bob you are in to traffic. >> yes. >> i need to get you on the phone. we have had alex holley, jen fred and mike witch, get in the vehicle and drive to blue mountain. >> okay. >> they are lost. >> you go up northeast extension. >> there is a couple sections of blue mountain where the ski instructor was supposed to meet them and they cannot find him. >> okay. >> middle or bottom. >> i'm in the the sure where they went back to. >> this could be an excuse by alex not to ski for the the first time, i don't though but they say, they are lost. >> okay. >> wink, wink. >> mike, kathy berry says problems is your vote the for
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next item thaw will be wearing >> yes, you will be smoking sexy. >> it is a little tight and it is a with man's sweater but it is fine. only old question rent or buy your home? >> um-hmm. >> new data just in shows the answer. should you rent or should you buy in 2017. we have the answer.
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alex holley for her first time snow skiing. staying alive. >> she is going to be just fine i have full confidence that she will surprise everybody. >> well, they are prepping slopes for her right now. okay. let's answer the question should you rent or should you
7:24 am
buy? spending, rent or spending 30 percent of your income on a home, you do not own hey in longer make any sense. so, if anybody would know, it would be lauren simoneti. >> happy friday, tgif. pick your poison because renting and buying are both, so expensive. there is a new report out from real estate data company and it find, nationwide numbers, so all real estate is local. not the case every where you live. however, 37 percent of your salary is going to your mortgage, your taxes and the like. so cost have of owning a home is taking that personal of your salary. >> okay. >> percentage of your salary going to rent is about to same >> oh, to. >> go figure. >> but it is still too much. magic number is no more than 30 percent. now we are seeing 37, 38, 39 percent to rent or own. i mean i guess would i pick owning at that point because you have something in the end
7:25 am
that is yours. your house. but you have something. >> good news on mortgage rates they have finally went down 4.2 percent for 30 year fixed. >> that is low these nine years. >> nine weeks. >> lowest ever during the summer. >> nine weeks. >> nine years, nine weeks, same thing. >> yeah, same thing. >> they are historically low. >> listen to this now, lauren, toyota is making some of their cars down in mexico. this is what they want to do. president-elect trump wants to nail them hard with taxes. >> he went have after ford, he went after general motors and now he is going after toyota. for the most part last year 50,000 toyota cars were made in mexico and sold here in the u.s. and trump is saying absolutely not. to you do that if you will not produce here we will slap you with a big border tax as a result. what does toyota do? their share helders don't like
7:26 am
this. they are stocks were down. they could say we have to know what the rules of the game now are so after inauguration we will make a decision but right new we have no plans to change everything. they to employ many u.s. workers. they have ten plants in this country this eight states. like many auto makers big operation south of the boarder toyota is not an american company, japanese company, so they can do whatever they will want to to. >> yes. >> lauren. >> yeah. >> you have a great weekend. >> you too, guys. >> see you monday. >> see you monday. >> apparently we found alex at the international space station she's so worried about skiing she has gone into space or she wanted to getaway from jen so badly she eject her space and is now up in space. no. i want to give you you an update. >> on. >> a story we have followed a couple weeks now, the solder,
7:27 am
recovering after a brutal beating, in south philadelphia , his mommies speaking on his behalf because his mouth, his jaw is wired shut. what austin's mother and girlfriend say really happened , the evening of the hummers parade. always wins.
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>> there is blue mountain. they have nice pit out there. >> that is where bar is right there. >> a bar, fire pit, ski school >> it last like perfect conditions for alex holley, will be skiing for the very first time in their lives. she will do it live on television. she's getting her gear on. now alex, listen to this, in honor of your first ski attempt, i have paid tribute to you. i wrote your name in the snow. >> but you didn't have any gloves. >> i didn't use my hands. >> what did you use. >> you do not want to see this >> you have a good name for peeing in the snow. >> did you use apple juice again mike. >> yes. >> a lot to drink, water last night. >> a lot of the water. >> so are you ready.
7:31 am
>> i will be. i will be. we are trying to focus on making sure we have got shoes on. we have talk about this i only wanted her to wear one layer of socks. you have already violated one of my rules. >> i'm a rule breaker. someone told me i need socks. i don't have any socks like that. so, the only socks that i do have, now, i have pants on, so , the only socks i to have are ronald mcdonald socks. she's a rule breaker. >> yes. i have to make adjustment. >> you only want one layer next to your skin. >> when you have two layers instead of one. >> it is an extra layer. >> it gets it. we have talk about this. you want to it make it smooth.
7:32 am
sometimes two layers, you will have friction on. >> this could take 30 minutes. >> yes. >> alex? >> i feel like a clown as long as i don't look like a clown. >> put the other boot and just try walking in boots hard. >> hold on i got the to put my pants back on. i know why i have been snow boarding for two years, these tum ski boots, come on. >> watch this. >> okay. >> you can clip on the stairs. >> yes. >> enough layers there miss texas. >> are you standing up. >> standing up. make sure the tongue is
7:33 am
against your chin. >> okay. >> all thesetive rent components need to be there. >> yes, buckle it. >> are you waiting for my first steps. >> it is like walking on the moon? bend down, buckle it. >> we only have three more hours of television. >> you have to buckle everything. >> listen, mike. >> snow is melting, spring is here. >> they are buckling my layers >> start walking for god sakes >> he wants he to start walking just a few steps. my first steps, are you ready. >> lord. one small step. >> what is the quote. >> one small step foreman. >> one small step for alex, one giant leap for all of the first timers out there. >> yeah. >> it will happen before 10:00 .
7:34 am
>> am i in the right spot here >> hold on. >> school closings at the bottom what people are freak ing out. we have so many coming in, right the now. >> actually delays, i don't think we have any closings, they are just delays. >> because the storm, it is gone. it is out of our area. now we are just left to clean up so school buses can get your kid and get them to school. that is why most school districts are under a two hour delay. there is your student, bus stop buddy can you see him, he is bundled up for slippery start this morning. the here's the key all of these temperatures are below treeing which means there are plenty of slippery spots left. thirty-four is our high, breezy, it will be breezy, chilly all day long but we will see some sunshine. now we have to watch forstrom number two bob kelly we will talk about that coming up. >> 7:34. good morning. getting through on a friday morning live look at route 309 , an accident at richardson
7:35 am
road, again, crews have been out all night long putting down salt if not, a plowing operation, basically the salt and traffic volume will get rid of whatever snow we have out there reduced speeds on bridges this morning. here's an example what it looks like heading this is delaware memorial bridge toll plaza septa says expect delays this morning, slippery platforms, steps on the buses, trolleys, paoli thorndale cynwyd line running with delays. philly international, they had flight cancellations yesterday in advance of the storm, they have deicing underway, check with your individual airline, as far as flight status before you head on down there, mike and karen, back to you. all right. now lets get back to the update i was going to tell you about. an injured solder is home recovering as investigation into who he says, beat him up, goes, well, on ward. private austin freeney, says he and his family were jumped, late in the afternoon on new
7:36 am
years day. >> a lot of you heard this story, helped this family raising thousands of dollars. our dave kinchen talk with the family to try to get some answers. >> hardest parties knowing that i could not row tech high family when they needed it most. >> reporter: laurie freeney read a statement written by her son army private austin home from the hospital with his jaw wired shut. he says he and his family were jumped not licensing after leaving mummers parade festivities sunday night and he now shares his feelings with the pen and paper. >> if anyone can step up, if you know something. >> reporter: freeney's says awe continue was on the the phone getting a hotel room and then mentioned he was in the army when a group of men overheard that and mock him for it. police tell fox 29 that they are looking into the assault but have yet to find any video or witnesses. laurie says when at salt happen austin happened to be wearing this now damage army
7:37 am
jacket. >> the biggest thing that i care about that they are found i am infantry and i can bounce back. it is what we do. >> reporter: austin's girlfriend kelce said she too was hurt and talking publicly for the first time. >> i got hit in the face a couple times, i got pick up, thrown in the middle of the street. >> reporter: kelce understands some are skeptical about her lack of bruising. >> not everyone gets bruises there being hit. i don't bruce easily. i mean i can defend high self, a decent amount and not be like straight in the face. >> reporter: go fund he page was create todd raise money for austin's medical expenses following the attack and that too is raising eyebrows but the family says it was created by a supporter of their and that they did not ask for it. >> you want to be scep particular we're not here to worry about those types of people, we're here to get back
7:38 am
at, who did this to my son. >> reporter: we did ask her mom for description of the attackers believed to be several young men between 18 and 20 years old. >> it goes from jeans to boots to vests, there was nothing like test script i have, only thing we do have that was able to be grabbed and left we have a black, very warn tommy hill figure hat. >> reporter: his 15 year-old brother joey said they got the him after he hit one for pushing his mom. >> they pick me up by the neck and started kicking me. >> reporter: bottom line is they want to heel and need those responsible off the street. >> somebody has to know something and to have someone come for. >> reporter: dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> police tell us that the descriptions that you heard there of the attackers are quite vague. his whom maintains that she saw someone videotaping the attack which happened right there at third and oregon.
7:39 am
so she's asking for that person to step up, and give this video if it was being shot on the cell phone, to the police. >> absolutely just dot right thing on that one, poor family it is 7:39. there are some new guidelines, this is a big, big change on peanuts they used to tell you don't have too many peanut, don't eat them if you are pregnant, baby in the first year. huge change when it comes to peanut allergies. what you may want to do right the now. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it is 7:42. we will take a live look at beautiful blue mountain sunnies rising and alex is getting ready and dressed, how is it going. >> well, karen, jen fred has already given up on he. i cannot find her think where. we have not the been in the snow yet. the she's gone. i have high instructor sharrie here, so on to the next step. what are we getting now. >> getting you skis. you have to take your hat off.
7:43 am
it is a pretty nice hat. >> i have hot hair so stand by for that, are contact even. after i get my, skis and your pole. >> then i will be ready to go outside. >> that is right.
7:44 am
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good morning, everybody. 7:45. here's your travel times from here to there, 24 minutes on
7:46 am
i-95 just under a half an hour west on the schuylkill expressway. everybody is behaving on the major roadways so far this morning. that is good news. slower than normal speed for gang rolling through wilmington up and down 495 and i-95, everything is, slippery, snow covered, slushy, modified service on amtrak's northeast corridor this morning. here's an example of what you are dealing with, this is knap road right here. you got the wet road surface. they have been putting town the salt. look at the slush. it happened to her this morning, it happened to me. you hit brakes. you lock up. you start to fishtail there. just be careful. this will get news trouble. temperature is 29. it is not healthing anytime fast. retuesdayed speeds on all bridges, down to 35, but friday mornings are usually lighter then other four taste of the workweek. so i think we will luck out a little bit. plus, a lot of the schools, if they have had an issue was a two hour delay.
7:47 am
the parents are now delayed by two hours. craziness happening and everybody house this morning, that have kid, and, here's an example of the delaware memorial bridge. expect delays on septa's regional rails, buses, trolleys, steps are slippery. be careful this morning. when will this all get out of here? sueby has got that answer in 15 seconds. philadelphia is around an inch. valley forge, close to 3 inches there. mount holly, 2 inches of snow. from the snow that started right on time last night. norwood delaware county 1.8. hockessin, delaware just a little over an inch of snow. now, this storm, it is out of here. we're turning our attention, to this area of energy, near
7:48 am
the gulf of mexico, expected to move up the coast and strengthen a bit, before it comes towards us. how close it gets is the huge question now because we have a winter storm watch for sussex, cape may, atlantic counties for the potential of a lot of snow, 5 inches or more and couple scenarios maybe brushing by the coast, or maybe moving a little further west as it goes, and giving us a little bit of snow even in the philadelphia area early in the day, tomorrow. so, keep an eye on social media, fox, we will update you on that situation. 29 degrees in philadelphia right now. only getting to 34 degrees today. those cold weekend temperatures, mike and karen, will still be with us, highs only in the upper 20's, saturday and sunday. >> it looks beautiful. people are sending in their picture. so gorgeous. >> oh, no. >> okay. so for very first time alex holley will attempt to snow ski. never done it before.
7:49 am
so this will be her first lesson live on television. i asked you to vote which sweater shady wear in the 8:00 . we have a runaway winner. >> it is what. >> you will see at 8:00 o'clock. >> okay, okay. >> she's ready to go. her first lesson, in snow skis , alex holley, it is all yours. >> that is me, hey, mike. so now, it is serious. i'm about to get my skis. we found jen. hey, jen. >> i was getting your gear together, i lost one of my gloves. you have two gloves. everything and a helmet, you are good. >> you have your skis. >> so, when you are holding your skis, hold them like this you want to hold them with the tips up. >> okay. >> hold them. >> i'm short. >> there you go. >> hold them upside down you look like an amateur. >> i'm not an amateur.
7:50 am
>> we will put them on the ground. >> step in. >> put this one in close, you put the toe first. >> toe part in first. >> push down hard. >> there. >> most toddlers it takes them two hearst to do that. >> it does. >> she's in. >> we're skiing down the hill, forward but we have to do some sidestepping so you are out getting ready to go. step toward jen. >> yes. >> do it again. >> your feet have extended tremendously. >> yes. >> on this foot, and this one to this one. >> true. >> i already have big feet. >> one thing you want to be careful about moving around in your skis, take little steps, you do not want to cross your
7:51 am
skis. point your ski towards jen. >> point it. >> yes. yes. >> yes. >> you will have trouble if you do that. >> if they are straight you call them frenchfries. keep them frenchfries. >> yes. >> french fries. >> keep yourself a little bit closer together and walk toward me. >> you do this to get them out >> yes. >> you don't have season. turn it around, get them side by side. >> there you go. do the hokeypokey and turn yourself around. >> pretty good. >> this is a lot of work. >> let's try some bouncing with just the boot. >> it is easy to get off. >> one thing you want to be careful putting your season is
7:52 am
make sure they are opened. we see people out on the hill all the time and they are doing their best to try to put on skis and it the is like trying to opened up a locked door. >> we have less than a minute. this is a balance board. step on it. >> okay. >> this will be telling. >> skiing is balance in motion you want to have your knees flex. >> thinks squat part. >> like you are shooting a basket if you are a basketball player. >> there you go. >> you have to constantly readjust it. >> yes. >> you have to always be adjusting and that is when you are skiing you are always adjusting your stance and your balance. >> okay, all right. >> mike, i'm sure you don't this have problem, you're always so balanced. >> i have been unbalanced for years. >> nice. >> you are doing great. >> it makes it better too. >> okay. great.
7:53 am
>> thanks, mike. >> i will get my poles. after this i'm going outside. >> yeah. >> what, mike? you will see snow at the some point, yes. >> you are doing great. >> i am going to the snow, i know that. thanks, karen foreign courage. >> just watch, i will own this >> it is happening. we aring in the the snow. there will be snow. >> there will be snow. >> thanks. >> and here's the thing. >> it is next thing. >> alex, her skis are short but that is not just because you are a shorter stature. you used to skate you wanted to have long, tall skis because this meant you were really good. now skis are shorter so we have better control and they have different rent designs. >> better control. >> they are shorter even for tall people. >> is that right. >> we don't need, those big ones anymore. >> big, round at the top. >> yes, little ones, 150's. >> we have to get this to you, new guidelines have come out about peanut allergies
7:54 am
especially for the kids. doctor mike has found this this new study, very important peanut allergies next up.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
all right. erase everything you have ever been taught when it comes to peanut allergies. for your children. >> yes, is there new research now suggesting it is better to feed your baby peanut and foods. doctor mike is here because this is a huge, 180 on this one. they told us not to eat nuts, not to give it the to your kid and babies. now a huge switch. >> i speak from personal experience because my son nicholas, has a peanut allergy , and so this is a very important thing, because you can actually end up, having life threatening allergies. the new guidelines, from the national institutes of health, say if you got to get your kids on peanuts, early. as early as possible. now, if they have allergies to
7:58 am
eggs, or eczema, recommendations are from four to six months. you start. but that is 180-degree, from what we use to say which is avoid peanuts. >> how did you discover that your son had it. >> we were at a restaurant, we were having dessert. he like peanut dessert. he developed hives. so, i blame my wife. >> why? >> well, because who else willie blame. >> i was than the home to give him peanuts. >> i'm a believer, it just makes sense. back to everything in moderation. if you have a little bit long the way you build up that tolerance. >> we are learning more and more, even kid that have allergies you need to have, the immune system is exposed to allergens. get a cat. get a dog, and you will reduce their risk of allergies later on and asthma. good point. you don't use it, you'll lose it. >> good point. >> this is time of the year where everybody is on a diet,
7:59 am
no question bit. this rating system, rated the most effective diets, i think we have the top three. >> yes, dash diet, number one, and darbies diet approach to the reductions of hypertension stop hypertension. that is what darbies. >> what is dash. >> yes, and basically, the goal there is everything that your mother said. fruits, veggies, reductionness red meat and avoiding sweets. that was the number one, diet, and i hate to say the word diet the but best way to go. it is simple. it works. it reduces risk of heart attack and diabetes, and it works to get you to lose weight. >> what was number two. >> mediterranean diet. >> yes. >> all right. >> they all live long probably because they sleep more, they have less stress and they don't, remember that story with pasta. they eat a little bit of pasta >> that is right. >> mediterranean diet. >> right. and what you want to do is live like they do over there,
8:00 am
and it will help you lose weight. now third one, very important, the mind diet. and that is a combination of the dash diet, and the mediterranean diet, and that is specifically to reduce the risk of alzheimer's. i know this personally as well , my mother has alzheimer's. it is very important to reduce risk of alzheimer's and dementia down the road. focus on green, leafy vegetables, void red meat, high fatty never heard of that one. >> don't smoke. don't do it. >> good to see you my man. >> i love you. >> have a great weekend, cold weekend. >> yes. >> snug he will up. it is national cuddle day. so when you get home. >> my gosh. >> god, i love you. >> we did sleep this that bed together that one time. >> one time. >> it was here on tv. >> one time. >> you fixed one pipe does that make you a plumber. >> good day, everybody.
8:01 am
it is friday, january the sixth, 2017. it is slick. we're having a slick morning. i don't mean that in a good way. a few inches of snow, coating the roads there. enough to cause some crashes, especially a big one on i-95, for about four hours this morning. that is cleared up. when is the snow going to clear up. >> lets go from the snow to the sun. >> ♪ >> if you need to get away from the cold we have you covered. where you can go right now to warm up, without emptying your pockets. >> pretty cheap. >> forget the selfie stick, now we have a selfie drone. we will take you live to las vegas to see this new technology, that might make
8:02 am
your life easier for, crashes around your house. >> we have got your gear. >> now it is time to take the plunge. alex holley hitting slopes for the first time. is she ready to try um or tumble. >> ♪ i tumble for you >> great music there. >> well. >> oh, my goodness. >> you chose the smallest of the sweaters. i didn't realize how small this was. >> suck it in, camera coming in tight. >> snow p robs. >> it isn't that bad of a problem on this first snow take. >> no, it was a minor snowfall it came, totals coming in between one and 3 inches, yes. >> yes. >> i'm here because alex is out there. we have been following her adventures. >> yes. >> you cannot jump in your chair. >> no, this sweater is just
8:03 am
too tight. >> everything is bloated out. >> all nice and tight. >> lets see if alex made it to the snow surface. >> here we go. >> hey mike, look, white stuff , it is snow, it exists. look at you. we are outside, i'm ready to go, so where are we going. >> so do you see that spot way up at the top with all of the bumps on it. we're not going there. >> okay, good. >> my goodness. >> this is amazing. >> it is my first time seeing this stuff, so i cannot believe people go from the top right there. >> absolutely. >> that will not be me today. >> we do not start beginners, we have a special area for beginners. we are standing in front of the central area for kids but we will go over to the area more for adults. we have a couple different places. >> kid area looks fine to me. >> how long does it to be able
8:04 am
to go and ski up there. from the stop we have different levels of trails, so anybody who is, confident at all you can go down as far left, our left and that will be the easiest way down. >> mike, i think i can do the kid slopes. will you judge me? it looks better. >> yes. >> we will check back with you what is temperature up there. >> it is in the 20's. probably the teens right now that she's up on the mountain. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> so it is cold, we have the snow overnight. so there is fresh powders right there on the slopes and most of us are dealing with the coating to an inch or maybe even 3 inches of snow. we're seeing two and a half is what happened overnight. we have left over slippery spots and bus stop busy, and a lot of traction them,
8:05 am
temperatures in the 20's and 30's. as we look at this map we will see, pretty much everybody is below freezing, and that means ununtreated surface is potentially slick out there this morning. some folks did a good job cleaning off the cars, somebody is in the process right now, cleaning off the lid, but, the roof, of the car , 29 degrees right now, and our high will be 34, i at least somebody was listening to us bob kelly,. >> somebody who listens each and every day. you talk about different sweaters. look who showed up, mike, port richmond joan i, who lived right across the street. >> sure, hi joan. >> from where i was yesterday, invited me to spend the afternoon and have lunch, but i was busy. she came over in the morning and said hi. she could probably make you something. >> she has one, i gave it to her. >> wasn't she the one that gave you the sweater with the shirt. >> i gave her that shirt, yes.
8:06 am
>> she like it so much. >> yes. >> he went to her home and gave it to her. >> now she will want this for sure. >> undoubted. >> sure. >> snow problems around here. we have a problem on i-95 again. here's another accident in this stretch, northbound between cottman and academy. all spun around now. we have had light volume, slow speeds, and this stretch, since they moved construction away it has been a drag race, all day, every day, so northbound lanes of i-95, an accident there at cottman avenue. the here's a live look from delaware, route one, route 95, in problems again, crews have been out there putting down that layer of salt. we have reduced speeds of all of the port authority bridges but some of the schools with that two hour delay is also delaying some adults which is keeping our volume down at least sewed far this morning. mike and karen, back over to you. because sue has been saying we need to get maybe six more inches of snow over the weekend, down the shore, that is where steve is, steve, exactly where are you right
8:07 am
now. >> reporter: i'll let you do reading for me. do you see band stand there by us, can you see that? >> sea isle city. >> very good. >> by the way, mike, i heard sue says phrase fresh powder. that was first time she said it on the set when she was not talking about your nose. >> that has to stop. these rumors. >> there is an impression of me in this city that is just not accurate. >> no, not at all. >> george, stay with me. all right, mike. i got something else at the end of this hit george gave me a preview of something i wanted to reveal. look at this beach. we have got snow covered beach that is hard to do because it is really sand, salt mixed but you can see some of the sand by the ocean where the water has come up and you can see tide going out but how lovely is that look. here on the beach all by
8:08 am
myself, you can see somebody drove on the beach earlier today. i don't know why. maybe to get a look but some tracks on the sand, but we didn't get hit hard at all here. george, we will look through right now at jfk boulevard there is a salt truck going up the other way toward the bridge but really not needed. the shore, barely got anything bay we had 3 inches where we started our trek, up in maple shade at 78 and 33, and hardly even a dusting as we say down here, but as sue was warning everybody, they may get 6 inches, tomorrow morning. maybe they got away witt today because tomorrow they will pay for it. by the way, mike, i know you hate the when i volunteer you to do things. you looked lovely after the election in that lady suit but look, mike, power that you have, you could raise thousands of dollars, for your favorite charity, where we have doctor mike involved, because on february, there is a big weekend, polar bear plunge. we could do these previews, have you take a ice bath just
8:09 am
to get ready to see how you adjust, have you do the polar bear plunge and every second you spend in the ocean you could raise thousands of dollars. our viewers would donate. our sponsors. middle of the ratings. our bosses would love it. mike, february sea isle polar plunge, most popular weekend here, bigger than fourth of july, all of these great clubs would like to see through friday, saturday night beforehand, after hand you would have a great weekend. what do you think. do you want to kill me even more now. >> it is brilliant, steve, it is brilliant. >> what is the date. >> february the 18th, it is a saturday at the 2:00 in the afternoon. you'll have a blast friday night. big party all weekend. you wouldn't even feel water if you come down here, on friday but mike, if we talk about that on the air leading up to it in the middle of ratings and you can get people to say i'll toe nate a dollar for every second you spend in the ocean you could do something for charity and get a lot of good done.
8:10 am
>> you could bring your bathing suit, freezing for a reese reason. >> how about a 1920's mens bathing suit, full body thing ladies wear now, yes. >> they used to do down in atlantic city. >> no, just go like all of the other folks. >> look at out of the stories we could do previewing this. >> mike, this will be a big thing, sorry. >> all right. i'll do it. >> he said he will do it. >> you are awesome. >> i will call doctor mike now because we will have doctor mike here on the beach in case he is needed, for cardiac things, so doctor mike will definitely to it. he will drive you down first class. you know i love you. you are the best. >> are you coming back to the station to take, by the way. >> no, i'm not going back until after february 18th. >> wise man. >> is your car parked around here anywhere. >> no, it is not park anywhere near. i will check it for nails on
8:11 am
the tires too. >> come on mike you are the coolest. you are the coolest. this is great. >> coolest and coldest. >> agreed. >> it would be one holiday weekend. >> thank you. >> everybody, is there people out at the shore, looking at us from their balcony, how about that. >> waving, they are watching. we have viewers all over. she will toe nate probably. >> okay. >> thanks, steve. >> you mentioned heart conditions, we were saying a sad passing in the animal world because of a heart condition. >> i loved this little creature. the elmwood pardoning zoo is mourning death of its male two-year old panda shredder, shredder was found unresponsive early wednesday morning, the animal autopsy found the panda had heart disease, shredder was born on july, i cannot remember the date but i know it was in 2014 and arrived at the zoo from the smithsonian conservation
8:12 am
biology institute in the spring of 2015. >> we saw shredder with another one of the red panda at the zoo and they had another one that died but they still had the surviving red pandas all together. we are mourning loss of shredder. >> you know i'm seeing fewer and fewer selfie sticks. >> i think that is a good thing. >> um-hmm. >> but there is something we will show you which i think is the biggest game changer that will ever come, i think everything will come, they will say before and a after. >> i will tell what you it is, it is a selfie drone and i want to see how this works. we will see it in vegas, next. at consumer electronics show. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
8:13 am
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[vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. an accident on i-95, northbound i-95 right here near cottman avenue. same stretch, where we had an accident last night, and early this morning. the since they moved the construction cones away, this has been like a race track, but this fellow kissed the concrete barrier. everybody is okay. you can see traffic moving nice on i-95. we don't have big problems, or big jams on the major roadways because of it being a friday,
8:16 am
kids, some of the kids are delayed two hours for school so therefore parents are delayed as well. here's a look down in delaware at route one coming from new jersey, light volume on the freeway, but they have a speed restriction on all of the area bridges. here's your travel times on 422 and schuylkill expressway. just take it easy especially rolling along a major roadway and then hit that off ramp, with less traveled, and most likely, to have some ice, more so then major travel lanes and then salt crews are expect to be out the here throughout the morning and rest of the day. when will this all get out? sueby has the answer in 15 seconds. new snowfall totals are in , guess what, we have had snow on our pumpkin.
8:17 am
>> it was out, by the patio area. >> yeah. >> frost on your pumpkin. >> yes. >> i think we have more snow then that, that fell but some of it fell off. >> yes. >> off the pumpkin. >> yes. >> i wanted to see that. >> it is cute, as are you. >> oh, thank you. >> who could beat that sweater >> official airport measurement is 1.9. 3 inches in ambler, cinnaminson, 2 inches. newark, delaware 1.5 and atlantic city 1 inch. that is what they have to take tomorrow may be a different store i but as this gets out of here we will turn our attention to this area of energy now down by the gulf of mexico expect to move off shore, gain on strength and become our next storm system. we have expanded it or weather service has winter storm watches, we have sussex county delaware, cape may county in new jersey, atlantic county, southern half of the burlington county and ocean county included in this winter storm watch with the potential for five or more inches of
8:18 am
snow, rolling in tomorrow, and it looks like the shore points will be impacted, but the big question now is will we just get flurries here in philadelphia or a little bit more in the morning tomorrow. we know it will be cold, high of 27 degrees, both sat the day and sunday, and staying in the zero's during the day on monday, look at the night time lows in the teens. that will be so cold. but look at wednesday and thursday. in the 50's. >> um-hmm. >> i'll be darned. >> that is a roller coaster ride. >> it really is. >> alexa, is what a selfie stick. >> a selfie stickies a stick used to take selfie photo the graphs by positioning a smart phone or camera beyond the normal range of the arms. >> alexa, what is a selfie drone. >> sorry, i didn't understand the question i heard. >> because it is too new. you can only find it at consumer electronics store in las vegas, hi steve, good
8:19 am
morning. >> what a set up, nice. the let me get this guy powered up here. that will set up while we talk about the show. this is new whoever camera, do you see what it is doing, it is looking for me, this is the ultimate personal photographer it will find you, ready if i move, it moves. it will find you, recognize your face, follow you, picture the view when you get it. we have video of how it works. this has been popular. it came out on the market, 599 buy is it. thinks world's first drone that doesn't require any sort of controller or even phone. incredible. next up, this is their new note jab walnut. the lets get to the video. that is how you can see how beautiful this is. thinks a great eye tea where samsung has listened to feedback from consumers. the mount is a real point.
8:20 am
eighty per september buy them, only 30 percent install them. this will allow to you install on the mall and adjust, even after it is up there. if you get it up there, you can still adjust after it is up, and fits, just like would you hang a painting on the wall is how you operate this. back out here live this is from ge first build their new map, so this blue tooth enabled matt allow to you precisely set the temperature, for your cooking pan. so 375 for a stake never over do it again. next up, this is their coffee maker that actually using green coffee beans. they come in pouches. with a nfc chip which is pre programmed with the eye tiehl roasting parameters. this will roast, grind and brew for most fresh cup of coffee you have ever had. real quick this is zero few recycler at whirlpool. it the converts food waste into ready to use hoed made
8:21 am
fertilizer. so, well, weeks worth of typical family food waste in less than 24 hours, this uses heat and mixing blades to turn the food, add a plant additive and spits out fertilizer today this goes live today. tons of stuff to show you at the shore. you have been following me on social media i suggest the rest do the same because is there so much to show you, we cannot fit it all on tv so find me at facebook to the come. >> two things does the drone with the camera on it, does it have audio. >> yes, it takes video as well or you can take stills. so when it is following you, you just gesture a little light comes on like a timer so you know it will take your picture. >> good news. does it have audio. >> yes, it the has audio. >> how much is it. >> 599, came out in october. >> 600 bucks. >> drones can be expensive. >> i like the idea of it.
8:22 am
>> apparently people, it is in the fitness community they are very excited about this. all these people that love to take pictures of themselves working out. now you don't to have ask your buddy. take this up and takes video, that way you can post it on instagram. >> if i see somebody doing that they need to be stuffed in the locker. steve, great job in vegas. have fun. >> a lot of the gyms banned regular cell phones to stop taking picture. hopefully that would be ban ned. it was loud. >> i know it. >> remember that woman got trouble taking pictures in the locker room. >> yes, most of the gyms they say no cell phones. >> and it is and this is a high kiss and thinks best kiss they have put out a list, of the hottest movie kisses of all time, what kiss do you think, is the most steamy that you have ever seen. what is this from, megan?
8:23 am
the notebook. you woman love the notebook don't you. doesn't somebody die in this. >> stop. >> sorry. by peggy lee playing ] [ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome!
8:24 am
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plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation... ...without the need for fillers. with olay, you age less. so you can be ageless. olay ageless.
8:26 am
8:26. >> that is blue mountain. that is where alex is right now. we will check into see how the skiing is going. >> yes. >> so, we had a big problem because we had a water main break that happened yesterday, the water flowed, unchecked for hours, and hours, from about 1:00 o'clock to 6:00 o'clock. they got water shut off. >> right. >> but they still have water shut off, to the people that lived there and they have water in their basement. >> look at the temperature at bottom of your screen there. it is 29 degrees, at 8:26. so what does it look like right now, jenny joyce. >> reporter: alex, sorry, mike and karen, i was very surprised when we got out here because we really don't see much in the way of ice. we see mound of dirt and lots
8:27 am
of dirt covering the roadway, so ice isn't an issue from the the water main break itself, however, we do see neighbors out here putting salt out on the sidewalks because of the natural storm system this is aftermath of the yesterday's water main break. before 2:30 yesterday afternoon that is when philadelphia water department says there was a 16-inch main that burst creating major flooding. the it took four and a half hours to turn off the main and after they did a handful of residents reported flooding in their homes, crews, came out, to pump, and then again, this is mess that is left behind. so you can see dirt mound, photographer chris fox is showing those to you across the street. i think that help settle the roadway, and so really it the is just natural moisture but we are in the seeing a thin layer of ice so it is just messy. we will be right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
this will have to happen really quickly here. alex holley has never skied. she will do it. she's upright, anyway. have you learned thinking at all. >> i have, and i'm actually on my skis, in the the snow. progress. >> we're making progress. >> sherry is trying to get me up this little bump so i can slide down, right. >> this is hard parties trying to get up the hill. here we go. up the hill. it is harder to go up then it is to go down. we're going to go down, right. >> i will get to the top here. okay. >> very first time in her life >> and slide toward me. i will let go of your hand and
8:32 am
walk toward he. >> you have got it. >> little closer. >> okay. >> there you go. >> good job. >> next time we see you, you should be going down hill just like our careers. >> i will say a prayer. >> we will check back with you .. >> report, sueby. >> then she graduates to the ski lift which has always been a big challenging for me getting on and off the ski lift. oh, no. we have got a storm from last night, well off to our north and east. we don't to have worry about that one. we have to turn our attention to one tomorrow. lets look at bus stop buddy because you need to be bundled up today. temperatures only in the 20's just about every where. everybody is below freezing. watch for slippery spots. they could be anywhere now. untreated surfaces, walking along and just slip. watch, take your time, 29
8:33 am
degrees but feels like 21. we will get the to a high of 34 today. eventually seeing some sunshine, but what about that, storm, the next one on the way well, we will give you a couple different scenarios coming up, they call me sue scenario. >> yes, sue scenario, serio. 8:33. here's a great example of what we're dealing with this morning. the here's 202 and bristol road. a combination of wet roads, here's your slushy, left or right turning lanes, and you have got the some snow there if if if you clip it and a little bit of sun glare. nothing melting. anything that does melt will freeze as sue just mentioned so the great scenario for what we're dealing with this morning. we have had light volume, so far, reduced speeds on bridges , in problems on the ben franklin. expect weather delays on the regional rails and new jersey transit, now running with 20 minute delays up and down northeast corridor and amtrak has a modified schedule on the northeast corridor as well,
8:34 am
mike and karen over to you. >> it will be freezing cold over the weekend, and for next week or so. the lets get out of here. i want to go to three places. >> okay. >> i can combo to vegas. >> yes. >> i can get to florida. >> or the caribbean. >> i got a cruise for you on sunday according to jen don chest a deal that she has. >> good morning. >> you live up by mountains. >> do i, about 15 minutes away >> yes. >> we want to get out of the cold. >> is what your first suggestion. >> vegas. >> so vegas, there is a lot of hotels in vegas which means there is competitive pricing out there, and right now, the monte carlo hotel is 42 per penitentiary, per night. >> what? >> yes. >> head out to vegas, you and a buddy, 84 bucks a night. >> amazing. >> that is a nice hotel. >> beautiful hotel. >> better hotel casinos out there. >> forty-two dollars per person. >> about 84 a night.
8:35 am
>> can you lie and just say i'm the only one. >> no, based on two people. >> you do that all the time, just say it is me, who will they know and stop you. >> now some hotels you have to show a key to get past guard. >> why are we not surprised but lying. a lot of us like to go to florida to check out disney. this one particular area that we can fly into for very cheap >> you could fly to west palm beach on southwest out of philadelphia, non-stop and during moth of january and february, i found round trip air from $110 to $120 per person. >> you are lying to me. >> i'm not. >> your bags fly freon southwest. $120 round trip for more peak times like friday to honor go and look at calendar, what i love about southwest they will she you the rates per day, you can go and do getaway fares, $120 round trip as low as 110 round trip.
8:36 am
>> i wanting to to the caribbean and visit as many island as possible. >> you could take a cruise, norwegian cruise line which is one of my favorite cruise lines, they have out of new york, the gem, beautiful ship, and there is a ten day cruise that runs throughout january into early february, to the eastern caribbean. that takes to you jan, british virgin island, saint thomas, towards saint martin and it is only 549 for an inside cabin, as low as 619 for an outside cabin, plus tax. they have this deal where you can now pick one of these free bye is which can be your alcohol. >> here's one i told my dad to watch this segment because is there a cruise leaving this sunday, his birthday and then there is one almost every sunday and it is 619 for an outside cabin. >> you have to be able to go for nine night and ten days. >> yes. >> but it is an amazing deal. it is a little bit colder out of new york but only a two day
8:37 am
sailing down to san juan so to be in the warm weather if you don't like to fly, pay airfare , abe everything. >> let me get this right, it is ten days for $600. >> 619 for an outside cabin. >> that is amazing. i told my dad to watch this segment. they are watching. >> i hate cruises but would i almost do that. >> why do you hate cruises. >> you are lock on that boat with all of the screaming people. >> it is like a field trip, that last 1619, we will all go for good day. >> and do the show from the ship. >> remetly. >> other thing about norwegian cruise line you don't have set dining times. you don't to have worry about dressing up. if you take your kid, you don't to have worry about thoughting them in formal wear and having dinner at a specific time. i love norwegian. >> it is great. >> thanks. >> nicely done, jen. >> golden globes are this weekend. >> yes. >> you know which movie, will take all of the rices.
8:38 am
>> thank lah lah land. kevin mccarthey has his predictions for the golden globes this weekend. lah lah.
8:39 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey... and real oats. ok, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go.
8:40 am
we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy! figures.
8:41 am
cab we widen out to show alexa hoist chris wallace. >> christopher wallace is an american television ramming or and host of the fox braid casting company/"fox news" channel program, "fox news" sunday. >> alexa knows who you are, hi there chris wallace. >> can we ask who is mike jer rick. >> hold object a second. >> alexa, who is mike jerrick. >> michael eugene joseph mike jerrick was co host of juliett hud i of the morning program and morning show with mike and juliett which began in january
8:42 am
, 2007. >> not much updated material, she has not think have 45 career in the last six or seven years. >> i was going to say, she's talking about a show you are not even on anymore. >> well, she's probably accurate. >> listen, seeking of embarrassing thing, i'm glad you are wearing the sweater. maybe a little thug but it the fits you well. >> it is snug but thanks for letting me bureau on it. >> so, today, i don't know fit is happening right now. donald trump is being, briefed , by the fbi, and cia, other intelligence agencies, and one of the topics is, did the russians hack, our election, back on november the eighth. man, i can't wait to hear what his comments are when he comes out of that meeting. >> how would you like to be in that meeting. we're talking about a real kind of cold war between the president-elect of the united states, and the intelligence community, that will have to be relying on, starting on
8:43 am
january 20th and he has been doing tweet this is week where he talks about the intelligence community, with intelligence in quotes, and yesterday during a congressional hearing ahead of national intelligence, general clapper, said there is a difference between skepticism which is good and disparagement which he says was not good and clearly they feel they are being dised by mr. trump. reason this is all getting tied up into the question whether or not russians hack during the election, not the election numbers, vote count but getting e-mails from the dnc, from john podesta and put ago this stuff out. that may have contributed to trump's win. he see that as not good. they have to find a way to get around this. he will to have rely on them, come inauguration day, two weeks from today, we will be talking on sunday, about the new incoming white the house chief of staff, reince priebus who will get a full read out. there is a lot of talk about
8:44 am
major changes, reforms, overhauls in the intelligence community to the chairman of the house intelligence community devin nunez. >> so after the show you will go to the redskins playoff game. >> oh, really. really. >> hey, ask alexa, will you do me a favor. >> yes. >> ask alexa, who the eagles are laying this sunday. >> alexa, who are the philadelphia eagles playing this sun day. >> sorry, i don't have ants to that question. >> yeah, i do. you know what, they are playing on golf course is all over america. >> it is true. >> we called eagles to see if one could come on. they are all out of town. they are all hunting, golfing all over america. >> chris,... >> we can watch the green bay packers against new york giants and root for aaron rog
8:45 am
tours beat the giants because one thing that unites us, mike , we do not gree on very much, we hate giants. >> we hate giants and cowboys. >> we do. >> i will root for packers no question bit. >> we will be watching sunday. >> you bet. >> we have got to ask alexa, i might have have her here and ask her questions to ask reince priebus. >> alexa, who is reince priebus. >> sorry, i can't find the answer to the question, i have heard. >> you're more famous then reince priebus. >> wow. >> that is our little secret, philadelphia we will not tell mr. priebus that. >> we will see you sunday. >> okay. >> and probably will beat him. >> all right, alex. you are on the slope. you are ready for your first trip. >> hi mike and karen. >> here we go. >> i'm ready for my first trip first thing i'm supposed to
8:46 am
get used to going straight, going straight. sharrie is here. we're sliding. i think i have this down. i think i'm ready to go down. yes, that is a baby hill. but, i haven't had the typical ski lesson. we have been trying to rush and do this. i'm trying to get the through this. i will go down here without a major lesson. when we come back, i will go down. >> are you going to use poles. >> i cross my fingers that high gloves will work. will we use poles at the any point. >> we can. >> it is option that will, i don't know. >> first time it the is better without poles, yes. we will be right back.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:49. we are so excited, lets get out to alex for her lessons, going so well. >> i think we're ready. >> okay. >> they have been. and, sharrie keeps telling me we are doing it differently because we want to get going but i'm ready to go down. it all comes down to this. >> okay. >> get into position. >> i'm getting in position right now. and, ready. >> my hipps.
8:50 am
>> yes. >> are you ready. >> yes. >> and then just go. >> hand out. >> yeah. >> hand in front of you. stay this front. keep them straight, ready go. >> yeah. >> nicely done. >> it doesn't look that bad up there but once you go down. i will try to do one more but i will turn a little bit. but first i have to get backup hill which is difficult. >> we don't have to go up as high. >> it is a little magic carpet that the kid use.
8:51 am
>> baby steps. >> my chins are going to be so mad at me after this. >> ready. >> i need to turnaround again. >> yes. >> step. >> how do i turn them. just like you did before. >> turnaround. push against me and i will help you turn. >> how do i turn. >> you will just go straight. >> that is a little better. >> she got a little turn in there. >> you can turn this time. >> they are tell me to rap but i want to get one more turn this. i feel. >> what do i do to turn,
8:52 am
sharrie. >> you just step on your right foot a little bit. >> i got you. >> i can't move this leg. >> all right. >> no, i'm not. >> i have not fallen just yet. >> that is impressive, i have to say. >> yes. >> do you dread shopping because of the dressing rooms. well, you may not need them anymore. you might not even have to go to the store. there is a new app to try on clothes, at home. >> we will see. ♪
8:53 am
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8:55 am
8:56 am
don't be fooled by mother nature, road may not have snow but follow the track is here this guy coming around the curve on 202 north, bounces off the guardrail and wind up on this side. this was another car involve as well. we are dealing with some sun glare, we're dealing with wet road, slippery roads and look at this knuckle head, clear all of the snow off of your car, before you pull out of driveway, not just a little hole there on that front windshield because eventually all that snow will wind up on the nice clean roads, that the crews have been trying to put salt down all morning long. the karen, over to you. cheaters beware, forget taking off your wednesday ring to pretend you are jeweler and is there a new way, you are taking. plus, publishinger up, take a look, this was a good one, dirty dancing right there what was the best movie kiss of all time, let us know, use
8:57 am
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags.
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thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪ >> okay. alex has gone into the what do you call that place. >> the lodge. >> for a little bit of tequilla, to warm up. >> that is a snow border. >> yes. >> they are riding. >> we will check in a second. good day, it is, friday, it is january the sixth, 2017. >> the epiphany. >> is this the epiphany. >> alexa, when is the feast of the epiphany. >> sorry, i didn't understand the question i heard. >> see, you still can beat her >> you still need he. >> viewer said way it looks, at your picture it looks like you have a halo on top.


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