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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 1, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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bounty is more absorbent,mom" per roll so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper >> things have been so unsettling after president trumps travel ban went into effect last weekend. >> he will not divide us. he will not divide us. >> it turned into a race to hate. >> i do not think they sent enough people back. >> is he registered to vote? >> that was racial. >> were trying to find the silver lining here. >> that was rude. >> all of my daughter's birth pictures were on that third-floor. >> thank you for your service.
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>> you are the only one here so i'm just talking to. you you have a story you are chasing about the president. who in my opinion kept his campaign promise. he is no one step closer to securing our borders. >> i do not just have a story, i have a statement and a strong message. i stand by my words that america, right now is divided. things have been so unsettling after president trumps travel ban went into effect. the countries on his list, iran, iraq, iraq, libya, somalia, sudan, yemen, and syria. i sat down with the gallagher art attorney's office said she was expecting to welcome her family to syria in their new home in pennsylvania saturday. she said the instant they landed they were immediately booked on a return flight back to syria. this this was her brother-in-law's and their wives and children.
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she spent years getting all of the necessary documents together for their visas. she said all they needed was there green card. >> it has been a nightmare since that. we are trying to hear why and we want to get them back as soon as possible. after 22 hours of fly they had to be put on another plane to be flown back. >> some call this protecting our country. i call it flat out cold-blooded. >> he will not divide us. he will not not divide us. he will not divide us. >> we found everyone. it turned into a race erase the pain. >> i'm not representing this. i tend to to see both sides of this. this is my fax.
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you just reach in and grab a fact. this this is not a muslim band. here's a fact, no one refugee ever committed that terrorist attack on u.s. soil. do you want the facts? u.s. military relies on the lower refugee status to get informants, spies and translators to cooperate with u.s. and foreign countries. the defense department thinks this sucks. >> anyway. your christian you said. >> yes. >> so that, backs up that fact that is not a muslim band. >> and she said actually that was the first thing immigration attorney asked her. >> even when they asked me are they christian, i didn't answer yes. but then i realize why are you asking me. we are all human. >> it should not matter their faith. your faith does not determine if you are a terrorist or not. that is one thing --
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>> the competition says something about religion. >> america was built on this notion that people, regardless of their religion and race would be welcome in the country. it seems that with this president it is not going to be that way and that is uncomfortable. that makes me upset. i hope that people continue to come out and protest a voice. >> the protesters are so emotional and lacking a basis of facts that it is so great to watch it. what it is doing is reinforcing why the american people elected donald trump in the first place. it was arguably one of the best first eight or nine days of any president in my lifetime. trumps executive order is a most identical to what obama signed into thousand 16, putting a limit on refugees.
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instead of going for this out right, let's block it for 90 days, let's revisit the policy. obama was wishy-washy and all over the place. >> what restrictive bedding that has prevented any refugee from ever committing a terrorist attack? >> what's going to happen after 90 days questioning. >> i do not think they sent enough people back. >> so many jokes i could come out of that. none of them are appropriate. >> then leave them alone. >> if there is one thing i have learned from waatching many yeas of the golden girls is that the elderly are capable of just about anything. take a look at the video from kansas city of a bus driver being attacked by someone on the bus. it is not too long when an elderly man walks up the aisle and beats the man with the cane forcing the man off of the bus. the man lingers lingers outside of the bus trying to get on, when the old man says -- they do
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not know who the good samaritan is but they wish you would come forward so they can thank him appropriately. >> you are chasing sharks. you have been in a situation when you have great fun plans for the weekend and that it falls by the wayside. you have air in some things that need to get done. or or you just sink into the couch. that was my family this weekend. we had big lands to go to the beach and look for shells kicked up at last week's storms. then we end up with 45 minutes, my daughter who has health problems had a hospital visit the next day and we decide not to go. we decided to go we had 45 minutes to hit the beach. we get to the beach and seabright are by the entrance of sandy hook and my daughter finds this. >> that is a good find. >> so immediately i recognize it as a sharks tooth. it is completely fossilized.
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>> sometimes you think that it might be fake because there is a lot of fake sharks tooth just because they want them really bad they will not find one. but then i realized there was real and i was like oh my god. >> i posted it to social media and all the geeks are loving it. then i went to contact a friend at the aquarium, they put me in touch with doctor gordon hubbell who is a shark paleontologist. he works with the florida of museum and natural history. >> what if it is a place piece of plastic? >> you are able to take a look at the shark tooth that essentially yesterday, can you tell me what your assessment was of what it is and how old it is? >> it is a shark tooth it looks like it is from a mako shark.
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and it could be any place from 5000000 - 20000000 years old. i would guess it is about 10 million years old. >> this is a precursor of the great white shark. an evolutionary precursor to the great white shark. >> the magical shark tooth. >> how do you feel now knowing it's between five and 20 million years old question. >> i feel awesome. >> so here's the thing. my daughter has had a bit of a tough time lately. she has been in and out of the hospital a few times. for her for her to stumble on this, i really felt like this thing was sent down through the ages to her. >> so some shark was swimming around, lost that tooth, and then five, ten, 15, 20 million years later you pick it up.
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line there on the beach. >> oh goodness, i lost a tooth he said. >> i think it found you. i think it found use. >> sharks in their lifetime could have over 30,000 teeth. when they lose one it's like a conveyor belt in their mouth and the next one just comes in. >> people would be finding these all every day. >> i'm a little jealous that whenever i go looking on the beach all i find our cigarette butts. >> what beaches you go to? >> it was a shock of four. many people ducked, some screamed and then immediately some sheriff officers ran to the man and tackled him and took him out in handcuffs. >> saturday in the cathedral basilica of the sacred heart in newark, new jersey what was supposed to be a joystick, baseball hall of famer was being honored during a special gathering.
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then this happen. >> for everlasting life. [inaudible] >> you saw that right. that that was a man walking toward the altar and punching the beloved, the bishop in the face in front of churchgoers. please on hand and the crowd tackled the assailant was identified as charles miller. >> that editor of -- it provided us the exclusive video. he told us about the incident and what transpired on that day. >> what unfortunately took place is that the man got one very good punch to the face of the bishop. the bishop was knocked down and fell back on the altar. much to the shock and horror of everybody in the church. >> on tuesday charles miller had his arraignment in the newark, new new jersey. he was charged with aggravated assault.
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he referred to himself as the reverend charles miller. >> 's facebook page it revealed several religious beliefs in which he thought christianity was under attack. he spoke poorly about several officials including barack obama. he was -- >> right now he is being held without bail. he will have a court date in march to determine his fate. after the incident the bishop went on to say that he forgives charles miller for punching him and hopes guy can forgive him as well. we will see see what happens. i will be at the court date in march to see the fate of the man that punch the beloved bishop in this beautiful church. if you have comments on the story, as with any story, tweet the show at chasing news. tweet. tweet me and chasing roll-on. let us know what you think. >> this recent video, many
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trumpeters are questioning whether our president needs a shrink. >> he does display narcissistic intentions.
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>> would you like me to do that? >> how about i don't talk at all. >> the smithsonian national in
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washington, d.c. is missing one of their bobcats. her name is ollie. she was not encountered in the enclosure as of tuesday morning. they do not know where she is. bobcats can travel a little bit but they expect her to return. if you know in a buddy who lives there and see a bobcat in the wild, don't engage with a bobcat. >> a two-year-old daughter from michigan might be the next country music sensation. check out the video right here, she is singing dolly parton's hit, jolene. >> joe lane, please don't take my man. >> what's even better is dolly parton her self wrote to the two-year-old. it warmed it warmed her heart that there's a country music star like this one and she hopes that someday she'll see her at the grand lobby. >> do you ever wish you could be swaddled like a baby and hope that of things going to be okay?
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>> well, now you can with adult wrapping. the new craze is taking over and it's meant to be resembled been inside the womb. new mothers are using it to relief stress in themselves. women take turnstile each other out up in a swath from head to toe and sway side to side. >> the new president is off to a fast start, love him or hate him things are happening in washington. some of his detect detractors have stooped and called him crazy. >> with recent video president trump actually holding hands with british prime minister tresa may going viral, many trumpeters are questioning whether our president needs a shrink. when you look at the video you can see it is president trump who took reddish prime
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minister's hand as they were going down what looks like either a slope or stairs. it's a condition for that called -- phobia that is the fear of going down stairs. it is hard to judge from a distance whether president trump needs a shrink. a woman who used to work with donald trump, former trump executive is not afraid to speak up. her name is barbara area she said that back in 1982, a colleague grabbed a colleague grabbed a new york times article about narcissism. they brought back to the office and they all looked at it and realize that donald trump a bit those characteristics to a tee. i will continue with her our she says, now, 35 years 35 years later professionals are seeing what we knew back then. only now, he is so much worse. it is it is gratifying to see confirmation of our speculation. i pray america survives his presidency for however long it lasts. now we'll be speaking with doctor william who is a clinical social worker. doctor, what you think about our
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presidents? >> it is obvious that some of the characteristics that donald trump conveys, both in in media and on twitter and whatever medium you can think of, that he does display narcissistic intentions. >> so the video, the handholding, cognitive that been chivalry? and chivalry? that been a guys and i don't want you to phone slip. i'm going to help you. >> absolutely. really everything is left to interpretation. >> i feel so dumb because when i saw the handholding, i, i thought it was just two superpowers uniting through a new administration. i had no idea that it was because he was afraid of slipping upon. >> it's spec elation, we cannot diagnose them. we have to deal with the actions he has taken in this country and that is the scary part. >> or the awesome part.
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>> the prosecutor's office is still investigating the triple homicide that happened in the apartment complex in maplewood. victims michael, shauna, and lance are believed to have been killed sometime on saturday. their bodies were discovered sunday morning after friends repeatedly cannot get in touch with them and asked firefighters to check on their welfare. the firefighters arrived put a ladder into one of the windows and discovered the three inside. the prosecutor's office identified them as friends. the exact connection between the three in the motive for their death is still a mystery. this tragic could triple murder happened in the apartment complex down the hill which is a few hundred feet from, a random side note, the childhood home of jason alexander. he moved to this home in maplewood when he was a toddler lived there till he was 11 when his family moved to livingston.
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so, maplewood, a killer on the loose, or more. we will keep you updated on the tragic murder on the search for a killer or killers and the progress of the investigation. follow the show it chasing news. >> did you ever see the sci-fi movies where people are flying around cars and calling their friends from hologram walls? then you you have probably seen something like this. [inaudible] how yummy is that? it is so good. >> guess who's back? with every change, harlem is on the rise. if you are married. >> to me look like a married
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>> fake bouquet -- hambone! sally! 22! hut hut!
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>> youtube has a lot of do-it-yourself videos. even for things like parenting. so jordan watson is a typical dad typical dad from new zealand. he created this youtube channel which broke the internet called how to dad. in his latest video this week. >> i welcome you to this in structural video on how to drink up with your kids. >> instead of running close he puts on diapers. [inaudible] and hopefully his wife knows --
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star wars characters made out of coal is something i ran into. first going into the ice sculpture that i saw, but the artist showed me this thing he made earlier which was chewbacca and r2-d2. now, from minnesota, a homeowner who makes large snow scenes in his front yard has made has made a snowman jabba the hutt, it's pretty accurate and cool. it seems the forces very strong. >> have ever seen the sci-fi movies where people are flying around in cars and calling their friends from hologram walls? then probably seen something like this.
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that is vertical forming and it is happening here new work thanks to a company named aerofarm. >> we are redefining agriculture. its indoor vertical farming. the way we do find it is how many beds a vertical farm can get stacked one on top of the other. it is a way of changing agriculture's we can do it all year round. it's indoors in a warehouse per there's no center soil. we are using l.e.d. lights sewed to deliver the right kind of lights the plant needs. since were delivering nutrients to something called arrow upon x. we are missing the roots. so it uses 95% less water. just a fraction of the fertilizer and zero pesticide. >> not having pesticides in your food is wonderful. what's better is that aerofarm's are passing on the technology to the next generation of farmers. how are they doing that? they've created a relationship with a charter school right here new york. >> we have been developing a program for about three years. the program is really about
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addressing health and wellness. >> how yummy is that ? >> it's awesome. >> here at phillips academy charter school lunch time is not only fun, but educational. >> we have tighter science curriculum in six grade to the aerofarm so the kids in sixth grade actually learn about the logistics and the operation of aerofarm's. they're doing water testing miles per hour and and ph and those kind of things. very related to science. >> the success of this program is obvious. when i spoke with him an eighth grader involved in the program for the last two and half years. >> my involvement to come down here and i volunteered to help with the farm. in sixth grade i really got into it and i helped supplant the harvests. >> and what was that like watching them grow from nothing into all of this? >> i was kind of shocked because i did not think that you could
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do that. >> that's pretty awesome. if you're interested in learning more about vertical farming of the program that they have here at phillips academy charter school feel free to tweet me at the show, chasing news. >> another great night of chasing news, see you tomorrow. thank you for watching. >> america right now is divided. >> the protesters are so emotional, so lacking in facts. >> the protesters are so emotional, so lacking in facts. >> i stand with my americans. we
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okay, homie, i'm plugging it in. wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! the gravestones could be a little more crooked. oh! let me just fluff up these entrails. and... light it up. (wolf howls) bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh. halloween at the simpsons'. what a classic tradition! are you heading up to the tree house to tell three horrifying tales? ah, we're doing it next week. it's gonna be psycho with skinner and his mom, muppet wizard of oz-- i'm scarecrow-fozzie-- and then, uh, one where furniture gets smart and takes over the world or something. mmm! sounds chilling! eh. people love it. everscream terrors looks amazing this year. i've never seen black cats with such arched backs. well, you gotta bring it. halloweening your house is a dying art. more and more people are turning off their porch lights


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