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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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solder has opened fire outside a louvre hugh seem we have the latest on a breaking story. >> sergeant floyd did not to have die yesterday. >> also ahead this morning the search for answers in the deadly prison standoff in delaware investigators working to determine, what led to the death have of a corrections officer and how inmates were able to take over. and a baby, back in her mother's arms safely return, such relief, there was a person who stole that mom's car with that little girl inside.
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all right. >> yes. >> we know it is all about the game, but also the half time and the commercials, this morning we will break it town and give you a sneak peak of that and a whole lot more. >> is that where you were yesterday. >> yes. >> yes. >> mr. clean. >> happy friday. >> good morning. i like commercials, one of my favorite parts, and then half time show, sometimes there is a game in between. >> sometimes. >> that is right. >> but in the meantime, the groundhog saw his shadow and now it is colder outside. >> true. >> it will be a very cold one today we will see temperatures get out of the 30's, six out of ten and bus stop buddy flyers won last night so he has got his commemorative flyers cap on this morning, and he is bundled up with the
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scarf, gloves, everything because wind chills in the teens and 20's this morning. we don't have any precipitation so lets get to the numbers. thirty feels like 22 in philadelphia, and, the rest of our temperatures are in the 30 's and 20's but you really want to trust for as we always tell you the wind chill and it teams like 15 this pottstown. twenty-six this millville and 22 is wind chill in wilmington there we go with the high of 35. we will see some sunshine but colder afternoon for sure with breezes, northwesterly, ten to 15 miles an hour, 22 degrees is our overnight low tonight but it will feel colder then that. we will tell you how long it stays this cold, through the weekend, coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 5:02. live look, on friday morning i-95 near syringe garden market frankford el station, in problems or delays at all coming out of northeast philadelphia. extra volume this morning toll accounts heading town to wing bowl that 25th annual wing
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eating competition there friend at wip holding down in south philadelphia. no problems on the freeway coming from new jersey, roads are dry this morning. right after the rush hour though, this tied us up big time, yesterday, 95 is working between center city and walt whitman bridge taking it down to one lane so keep that in behind. this problems coming in on the schuylkill, the vine street expressway, back in business, they just reopened that to vehicle traffic so they are good to go for a friday morning. they are working on city line avenue right here they are 59th street, and if you are coming in for work for the weekend, the auto show, jfk boulevard remains closed from 20th over to schuylkill avenue all traffic diverted on to market street, buses, trains, trolleys so far so good with no delays, karen and thomas, back over to you. bob, thanks very much. we are following breaking news right now out of paris, a solder has opened up fire, outside of the louvre museum, you can hear sirens.
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that museum area has been evacuated. there were reports natalie solder shot a man after being shot by a machete. he was carrying two backpacks but neither had explosives. this area has been evacuated. you can see, it is cordond off , all of the access to the museum. the solder was slightly injured. the guy launched himself but we do not have any other reports of injuries and we are following this developing and breaking story and we will get you latest details all morning long. we are following another developing story here at 5:04 a day after the deadly prison standoff in delaware officials are trying to get to the bottom of how it all started. state and federal investigators are combing the vaughn correctional center searching for answers. >> many inmates are under investigation, em lease are being questioned. the correctional officer's union in delaware casting blame on the state's require governor. >> we know 47 year-old sergeant steven floyd lost his life in the standoff, first
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corrections officer in delaware to be killed on the job this morning the 16 year veteran is being hailed a hero , as organizers, friends, family plan a vigil for him today. >> we don't know his exact cause of death the but we are learning shore about how he saved the lives of others when he was there, and what happened over the past two days. lets get out to jenny joyce live in smyrna with the very latest in all of that, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. correctional union is holding a candle light vigil in honor of sergeant thyroid, tonight at 6:00 p.m. at smyrna municipal park here in smyrna, delaware, floyd served as a corrections officer for 16 years, he was a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a hero, sergeant floyd is being credited with saving lives of his fellow officers and warn them to get out before he was held captive. this happened around 10:30 wednesday morning inside of a building c, officials say inmates used sharp objects to take over the wrist on and hold four corrections
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employees hostage, three officers, and a feast mail counselor, throughout the day and night, two of the officer were released. counselor was rescued by authorities nearly 20 hours later after police used a backhoe to breach a building at the center. the woman was alert, she was doing okay, officials say inmates insured her safety but sergeant floyd was dead. heart breaking blow to those who knew him. >> suggested floyd was a great man. he was a very passionate man. cared very much about change. cared very much about officers cared very much about his family. his grand kids, his kid. he work hard so his kid could go to college and they could be what they wanted to be. >> sergeant floyd is first corrections officer in delaware to be killed on the job, sergeant's body has been turned over to the state division of forensic science for autopsy, and which is, pending. so far the medical examiner
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has not yet released the official cause of death. >> all right, thanks very much , jenny. 5:07. what took place at delaware's largest prison is raising questions this morning. many of them about the conditions inside of the prison for both inmates and staff. and the correctional officer's union didn't mence word. they said there was no reason sergeant floyd had to die. >> we had a belief that sergeant floyd's death is trek ly due to staffing issues that has been going on with the department of corrections, through the jack markell administration, i want to be clear, sergeant floyd didn't have to die yesterday. >> once again union claims it brought up its concerns to the prior governor many times over the past decade with no response. some of those concerns under trained and overworked officers, and the union president says that there have been systemic problems over the past decade, the delaware department of safety and home
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land security said that there are 1700 officers statewide and right now they are short by about 90. >> we face staffing challenges every day throughout the day, when we are short staffed, we compensate with overtime, if we cannot fill holes, the wardens have authorities to cancel visits, cancel programs , things like that, to avoid any sort of safety issues. >> the department says natalie wrist on was fully staffed at the time of the the takeover, we did reach out to the current democrat wear governor john carney's office for any type of a response. we have yet to receive it. we have tried to reach former governor jack markell but have in the been able to to speak with him either. it is a parent's worst nightmare you put your child in the car, step away for less than a minute only to have a thief, make off, not only with your car, but with your child inside of the car. it happened to a little girl, she's safe this morning but the hunt is on for the person who took her. the woman and her family own mckeen laundromat at eighth and mckeen in south philadelphia.
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she was closing up, and put her child in her car seat. she ran back inside the laundromat and within seconds the suspect, jumped in and took off. well, after realizing there was a baby in the back seat the suspect stopped three blocks away on the 900 block of em let street and left the baby strapped this her car seat, on the sidewalk. >> she was closing up for the night, she put her 19 month-old child in the back car seat, and the baby had, was crying because it didn't have certain toy. luckily he had some witt about him to release baby and we are glad for that but we are still looking for him and he will be charged accordingly. >> suspect kept going in the gray 2014rav4. they are working on getting surveillance video that shows the suspect taking the car and then leaving the baby at another location. 5:01. president donald trump taps off his second week in office wye turning his attention to to a peace in the middle east. white house is sending caution to the israelis leaders by
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building new settlements in the west bank. president trump says new or expanding settlements may not be helpful in lower tensions between israelis and palestinians. statement comes hours after israeli prime minister benjamin net the net promised to build the first new west bank settlement in more than two decade. white house says president trump will discuss the issue mr. netanyahu the when he visits washington this month. in the meantime the white house is revising summaries event u.s. sanction is allowing the american tech companies to export electronic goods to russia in an attempt to sanctions imposed by former president obama in december: >> treasury department, it is from what i understand is a fairly common practice for the treasury department after sanctions are put in place to go back. >> the products can be export ed as long as they are in the used in crimes and do not violate preexisting sanctions. standing in solidarity with the the muslim community, mayor kenney is set to attend a prayer service this
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afternoon with the cities muslim community. it is taking place at 12:30 at muslim american society on the luzerne street. prayer service is par of the nationwide show of unity called we are all america, and rallies, how muches and mass community gatherings are being held as part of the the day of action. it is in response to president trump's executive order barring citizens of seven muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. 5:11. what do you do when you air tack, it happened to a woman in delaware county and she said i'm not going down without a fight. >> there was a gentlemen there i was able to save my life. i to. coming up next, had happened that had armed gunman , screaming. happy ending, we like to have a happy ending on a friday. look at the shine, love, licks , kisses right there do you believe someone put that
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cute dog in the garbage bag. she was fund by good smart tans and now she has found her forever family we will be sharing her story coming up next. hey, bob. good morning, everybody. 5:11. look at everybody streaming in the stadium complex. no, the flyers are in the playing early this morning, it is wing bowl, in south philadelphia, and you will see a lot of crowds. look at the crowd coming off i-95 at broad street. we will check rest of the jam cams, sueby has your super bowl forecast as we look live there market street here in olde city. stay right there we will be right back.
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and, the second half of the weekend i will start out with that. and, precipitation, and expected to feel a lot colder then it has the past couple of days, nothing to show you except the lake east affect snow that indicate cold air has moved in the northeastern part of the country which it did yesterday. so, today, we're just going to see a lot of cloud cover and a lit built of sunshine. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, but it is still going to be very cold. we will not so the showers we thought we were. it the may miss us for sunday. that is a good thing traveling around to super bowl parties. it is also starting to get milder, on sunday as well. so, right now we have 10 degrees in mount pocono, cold air moves in, 20 in reading, 30 in philadelphia,
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31 down in wildwood, 28 atlantic city but this is what it teams like. it feels like 20's and teens throughout the most of the area. 11 degrees wind chill and mount pocono one below zero. breezy thursday with a high of 48. we had those two relatively mild day in a row but to take we will in the get out of the 30's, nor will we, tomorrow, we will wake up with wind chills in the teens tomorrow morning, again, so, back to super bowl sun take we will see mostly cloudy skies but we are up to the mid 40's and back to the 50's by tuesday and wednesday of next week but that is a good thing bob kelly if it wasn't going to rain. >> that would, exactly. >> good morning. i love getting text from my friend saying hey, i'm up so early today to go to wing bowl i'm up early, i see you on tv. we're up early every day. good morning, everybody. 5:16. lot at gang filing in the the wells fargo center here, parking lot, no, sixers aren't
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playing, flyers aren't laying it is wing bowl 25, our friend over there at 94 wip, putting on the big spectacle, rick flare, wow, nature boy is down there today, so, a lot of extra volume, probably in the next hour, and then once the event gets underway they will have 20,000 fans in there, and we will be good to go. the blue route southbound looking good, coming out of the saint david, in problems on the turnpike, as we roll out of the drive way this morning. i just heard from septa they will be using shuttle buses on the route 11 trolley. that is the trolley or buses that will run along chester avenue between 58th and the port willal, they are having equipment problems there this morning. in problems with the equipment here on the ben franklin bridge all four lanes opened for your driving pleasure, we are good to go, and we're going to go for a ride because right have after the rush hour they will be working today, on the blue route, 476, between route one, and the saint david interest change. they will also be working on city line avenue at the 59th
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street. checked with the airport flying out of town, in problems down there at philly international, karen and thomas back over to you. >> i was scared. >> gotcha brave women speaking out about terrifying moments when she had to fight for her life this was on wednesday. there was a person who followed her into a bathroom in the upper darby lawn try math. then the suspect there is a picture at 23 year-old daequan brooks held her inside, she made a quick decision, i got to grab his gun, in the struggle, it goes off, and then she shoots the suspect in the arm. now the suspect manages to escape, goes to a nearby 7-eleven to get help. the victim says that in those frightening moments she realized it was going to be her or him. >> there was a gentlemen there i was able to save my life. i did. >> now police did arrest that
5:19 am
gun hand, that is why we have the picture of him right here and he had plans to rob and assault her. he is under arrest, but is in the hospital right now this serious condition. police this west goshen released a sketch of the man that robbed a rite aide pharmacy. the it happened on january 27th. police say the suspect armed with the gun approached an employee as's arrived to open up the store. it is after a short struggle natalie suspect forced victim to open up the safe and took off with cash. rite aide is offering a $5,000 reward this morning for information that leads to a conviction. there is a man this south philadelphia who wanted to get an iphone but wound up being robbed instead. this is an important warning, police say the 45 year-old found an ad on craigs list for i the phone seven. he met with the seller at tenth and snider. when he gives the guy the money he realized the phonies a fake, and then that is when the guy who is buying from threatened him at gunpoint, kicked him and ran away. police are still looking for that suspect.
5:20 am
state police say a driver called 911 saying another driver pulled up next to him and flashed a gun. troopers were able to catch up with that suspect 42 year old brett landis from virginia 20 miles down the turnpike. they say he did have a semiautomatic handgun and cocaine, in one was hurt. time right now 5:20. couple walks in the pennsylvania spca office in hunting park last night and walked out a little will adorable girl right there. probably think, well, this happens all the time. at toppings process, right. but this puppies very different and the people who adopted her, they are special as well. our bruce gordon went to the spca to watch a family grow. they drove from hirsch i for just this moment. >> what do you think. >> ahh, i love her. >> they were here to adopt a miniature talk with a broken bag and story that could break
5:21 am
your heart. >> it could be a very lovable dog. >> steel your heart. >> absolutely. at first i was like but when i saw her it was like okay, i cannot the say to. >> reporter: francis was discovered by good samaritans on january 18th discarded in a trash bag in the 800 block of pratt street. ultimately experts at penn vet made a get wrenching diagnosis , frances had a fractured spine. she will never walk again without a special k-9 wheelchair but for this family , frances isn't a session need dog, she's just special. and they are ready to erase memory of the person who decided that this cute little pooch was expendable. >> i cannot fathom how somebody could do that. >> reporter: you will make it the up to her now. >> yes, she will have the best life, there here on out. >> reporter: bruce gordon, fox 29 news good special pup, session family, that is date. five will 21. this next story hey headache your friday or possibly your year. >> it is how you will be ordering your hoagie pretty soon on something you already
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have, you will like this one.
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in your money watch nordstrom will stop selling ivanka trump clothing and accessories but reason is in the the political here. reason why, well, they say the
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merchandise just doesn't sell that well. feel like i'm there every single take getting my coffee, sandwiches, wawa, well, this may make your friday here. >> you know, we all go there. now customers can get their made to order hoagies at the lightening speed because they do it on your phone. they said they will roll out mobile ordering feature on the phones, so it will be on a app , so it is not available to everyone just yet but it will be pretty shortly. this is a test phase, beta phase, local ordering is being used to to reward users this delaware, chester an montgomery counties. >> tough changes are coming to the mcdonald's shamrock shake. >> this year you can get check late version of the shake. >> did you know until now you had to ask mcdonald's employee to add chocolate syrup. >> i didn't know syrup. >> now it will be a regular menu item around the st. patrick's holiday. the shake is topped off with minty sprinkles. >> love it. >> whipped topping. >> and a little cherry on top.
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>> fun thing to have for a seasonal thing. >> it is coming up on 5:26 right now. we are look back at this moment in black history. in 1883, jan mathzeliger created a auto shoe making machine. it called that project lasting it hade shoes more affordable to the average person. we will be right back. ♪
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a lot of questions are being raised this morning. and, a war of word, president trump verse the terminator, arnold schwartsenager, why they are both, throwing shade. also ahead this morning it is all about the wings today at wells fargo center, hot and spicy, sweet and sour, mild, parmesan, i could go on. the it it it is wing bowl and we have a sneak peak. >> that is a scene. the antics have already begun. you have been showing traffic pictures with the lines. >> it was a lot of people getting coffee this morning. i had folks coming in more traffic then normal on the schuylkill. i said that is where they are going, wing bowl. >> yes. >> what will weather be. >> not inside, it will be a lot of a lot of eating and
5:30 am
other things going on. cold start to the day, with bus stop buddy. he is happy natalie flyers won last night and he is very warm , this morning, with a couple of layers under that coat because wind chills are only in the teens, and 20's, as we get started. nothing to show you on radar with precipitation, but 30 in the city feels like 22. here is some other wind chills , just to give you an idea that it feels like 11 in reading. one below zero in mount pocono , feels like 21 degrees in trenton and 16 degrees in lancaster. so that is the chilly start for sure, we will finally get to treeing by lunchtime and then, later on this afternoon a high temperature of only 35 degrees, today, we will tell you when things warm up, and the trade off, with the warmer temperatures, we will get the some rain middle of next week but we will give you , details coming up. >> good morning, tgif. we made it to the end of the weekend.
5:31 am
here's speedometer readings 50 on the schuylkill expressway, 55 coming down i-95. got a accident up here in south jersey on route 47 and wheat road outside of the vineland. coming on the freeway looking good road are try, in problems , try morning. here we go, a live look, look at the arcing lot, stacked and packed like a flyers game, at 5:31 a.m. it is wing bowl underway here, at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. septa using shuttle buses, along a portion of the route 11 trolley, buses will run along chester avenue between 58th and the portal due to equipment problems this morning. karen and thomas, back to you. we have breaking news, out of paris, that is where a solder has opened tire outside of the louvre the solder shot the suspect after being attack with a machete. police say that suspect shouted. >> he was also carrying two backpacks, at the time, with explosives. the solder was slight liz
5:32 am
injured. we are getting word on right thousand. the attacker also grazed a wounded. no word if anyone else was injured in that attack. we know area has been evacuated and police block off the area around the museum. >> we have been showing you live pictures all morning long , the soldiers there have cordond off this area, they are patrolling, security measures extremely beefed up. they have had terror attacks. you will remember over last two years. we are continuing to follow this breaking story. we will bring you details as soon as they are coming in. >> just a moment, now, 5:33. trump administration may levee new sanction as begins iran as early as today. >> this is in response to the ballistics missiles test. our doug luzader this washington to explain all of the going back and forth on this one, doug, good morning. >> reporter: we don't know exactly what the sanctions will entail, just that we're likely to see some relatively soon maybe as early as to take the associated rest reporting that maybe two dozen iranian officials and government departments there and they
5:33 am
have even iranian companies may be affected by the sanctions. we are still somewhat limited this our options here because we rolled back a lot of the sanction as begins iran, the international sanctions, that were really coordinated through a number of countries, by the iran nuclear deal. so, the u.s. taking unilateral action here may only do so much. nevertheless we are likely to see that happen pretty soon. >> on the other side how is iran respond go to these sanctions. >> well, you know, iran thinks that these sanctions would violate the iran nuclear deal. the u.s. would argue that they just don't have the ability to sanction iran for other activities including firing a ballistic missle. so both side will take their hard line perspectives on this iran has already responded though this morning, canceling a u.s. participation in a wrestling competition that was set to take lays there in iran , next month but that is
5:34 am
really first of many actions we are likely to see. >> doug luzader reporting live from washington right now. thanks. it is 5:33. investigation continues this morning into that deadly standoff at vaughn correctional center this delaware. one of the officers is being hailed a hero after losing his life during that siege. lets get out to jenny joyce in smyrna with the very latest. we are learning shore, questions being asked about could more have been done to prevent this, jenny, outside to you. >> reporter: yes, good morning , karen. i'm sure those questions will be asked a long time this will the union and other, family and friend, begin to get answers as to what took place yesterday. we do know there is a candle light vigil in honor of sergeant floyd happening tonight at 6:00 at smyrna municipal park, it is hosted by the sergeant's collogues at correctional union, and floyd served as a corrections officer for 16 years. in his final hours sergeant floyd was elevated to hero status, he is credited with saving the lives of his fellow
5:35 am
officers, and he warned them to get out of the building, before he was held captive. this happened around 10:30 wednesday morning inn seed of building c. officials say inn hates used sharp abs to take over the prison and hold four corrections em lease hostage. three officers and a fee hail counselor. throughout the day and night, two of the officers were released, counselor was rescued by authorities, nearly 20 hours later after police used a backhoe to breach a building, at the correctional center. the woman was alert, to go okay, officials say inmates insured her safety, but sergeant floyd was found dead and his collogues held a press conference yesterday, talking about their friend through tears. >> probably the hardest day of my life. we as a family believe that suggested floyd's death is directly due to staffing
5:36 am
issues that have been going on with the department of corrections, through the jack markell administration for the last eight years. sergeant steven floyd senior was a father, a grandfather, a loving house band. he work overtime three or four times a week to put his kids through college, masters schools, anything his kid or wife or grand kid wanted. he loved them with all of his heart. >> sergeant floyd is first corrections officer in delaware to be killed on the job, and a autopsy is pending, so far medical examiner has in the come out with an official cause of death. karen and thomas. >> very emotion at week. jenny, thank you. toddler reunited with her family after a terrifying ordeal, mom's car was stolen with the baby strapped inside of her car seat. this morning police are searching for suspect and the stolen car. the little toddler is doing just fine. steve keeley in south
5:37 am
philadelphia with more, steve? well, our viewers will think this just happened, last year, same section of the town , and, same happy ending, for a car napper turned kidnapper because he doesn't know natalie car left running is also left with a baby in the back seat. this could have been way worse a young mom this morning could careless about her still missing, suv, her precious cargo inside, that she got right back quickly within five minutes that was her only worry. 5:30 p.m. end of the business day last night and start of the worst day, of this mother's life she runs a laundromat at eighth and mckeen and has her 19 month-old daughter with her every day, she packs it up and starts her engine, straps her daughter inside baby seat and back seat but then goes back in the lawn try math for less than ten seconds to get her daughter's favorite toy that she was crying for and ten seconds is all it is for, jumping in the rav4 with the
5:38 am
doors unlocked and then engine running and seal it with baby inside. >> she was closing up for the night. she put the her 19 month-old child this is back car seat, the baby was crying because it didn't have a certain toy, the mother goes back inside the store to retrieve the toy and at that time she left the car running, and, then the individual that was in the area jumped in the car, and drove away with the 19 month-old baby in the back seat. >> five minutes later a neighbor in the the area called about a male work a baby in the car seat, leaving the baby on a pavement at the 900 block of emily street, 300 blocks -- three blocks away. >> dropped the baby right here on the corner. she started screaming. i said what happened? the baby right there. across the street and i called the cops, and i said somebody left the baby right there.
5:39 am
it was like a drop off, a stop with the baby there and then left. >> reporter: car thief kind of a member of a modern day south philadelphia version of the wizard of oz because he suddenly found he has a heart and a brain because he didn't want to take or harm the baby. so, he takes the child out of the car, and leaves it there. so making this, just a car theft and this is a kidnapping and wisely drops off this little girl safely in a place where people will quickly find her and get her out of the cold. police have not found, that an suv just yet toy yet rav4, 2014, jmt4312. again, this hotter, like a lot of people, and ray evers the inspector told everybody hey, if this ever happens again if you are leaving your car, do not leave it running unless you have a second set of keys and leave them inside. >> i don't know if you can answer this quickly could he
5:40 am
face kidnapping charges for having little one inside, for leaving the car. >> probably not. he got the baby without within five minutes. but he will face serious charges that could be up to a district attorney decide. that last guy that did this did face a kidnapping charge. he had baby at least 20 blocks and a little bit longer, and left baby in the spot where people did not find it right away. so littletive rent kind of a case there but obviously it will be up to the district attorney to decide that in the long run. >> thank you, we a rebater it. it is 5:40 right thousand. >> couple days away from the big game, of course, super bowl without those great commercials. >> my favorite part and other people as well so we will take a look at ones that will have us laughing, what we will be talking about and ones that actually work. we will break it the down with an expert.
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caught up with eagles safety rodney mccloud in houston but he would prefer to be playing rather than watching. >> it is kind of bitter sweet moment for me, just to be around, you know, different side of things, you know, rather than enjoy the moment and being a part of everything that super bowl brings. i'm looking forward to getting back to work and hopefully next year i'm in their shoes and they will be watching me on sunday. that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. what i love most
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good morning, time is 5:47 i will get it right. president trump trending right now find himself involved in another social media battle. >> this time he is going up against his replacement on the apprentice and huge guy, air held in schwartsenager. >> they hired a big, big movie star arnold schwartsenager to take my lays and we necessity how that turned out, the ratings went right down the tubes, it has been a total disaster and mark will never, ever, bet against trump again and i want to just pray for arnold if we can for those ratings, okay. >> he was at the a prayer breakfast which is why he said let's pray for him and mark burn it is hoe is talking about. then air held in terminate or will not let that go, he put the video out there on twitter
5:48 am
>> donald, i have a great idea why don't we switch jobs, you take over tv because you are such a expert in ratings and i take over your job and the people can finally be comfortable again. >> seriously, guys. not the first time trump took jabs at schwartsenager, his debut as apprentice host last month earned a rough review from the president. >> don't mess with the arnold, right, bob, we have a check on traffic. >> exactly 5:48. on a friday, tgif we have got some problems on three of septa's regional rail lines paoli thorndale, wilmington and lansdale doylestown line. septa's route 11 trolley using shuttle buses on chester avenue between 58th and the portal, otherwise, not bad at all, schuylkill expressway looking good coming around your conshohocken curve there. we will have an accident with some delays, route 47, and wheat road just outside vineland. otherwise there new jersey not
5:49 am
bad at all on the freeway. here's a live look at i-95, extra volume exiting at broad street as wing bowl set to get underway. they will kick it off at 6:00 a.m. officially there at 94 sports radio station across the street and go for a ride the blue route penndot out there, later today with you they will work between route the one and saint david interchange at 9:00 and work crew up here on 202 and 611 all week. the what is forecast like for work crews? sueby has got tonight 15 seconds. only thing you need to they is it is a whole lot colder then it was yesterday. we all like 50. nothing on radar. looking at future cast we have got some clouds today, sunshine for tomorrow, clouds
5:50 am
for sunday but we may end up with only clouds and no flurries or showers, on sunday so that is a good thing but as you walk outside the door these temperatures are in the the 20's and 30's, but it feels even colder then that. we don't have high winds, but we do have enough to make you tiehl like 11 in reading and 22 in the city and 31 degrees in wildwood. yesterday was breezy. we did get to 48 degrees but not even close today with a high of 35 and we will stay in the mid 30's tomorrow as well. forty's by sunday, cloud, maybe a flurry or two but looking better then it was yesterday, 46 on hon and we're in the 50's gannon tuesday and wednesday but your trade off, guys, it is also going go to rain. >> we will take warmer weather , sue, thank you. today is friday, second of all super bowl only two days away. >> fun to watch the big game but people like to watch commercials as well. we decided to have an expert come in, we have steve marino creative director for market ing, communication
5:51 am
agencies, a thebnc. >> good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> what makes an ad really work. >> an ad during super bowl really works when they cutaway to commercials and people still watch. it toss than the have to be funny, sad, but what it has to to is hold your attention after all of the hype. when it cuts away and people put down chips and watch your ad for 30 seconds. >> it has to be memorable. skittles, their third year they are getting involved in the action. what can we second. >> i thought they had a down year, they had that steven tyler big mouth spot that was awkward but spot they are running this year will be fantastic and will be a crowd favorite. >> let's take a look. >> katie, katie. katie. >> katie, katie, katie, katie.
5:52 am
>> that is really cute. i have in the seen that one yet. >> clever and funny. >> that is so great. >> all right. >> that is one we will talk about. how about the one we have been seeing. >> mr. clean going sexy this year what is that about. >> it is good news for balding guys like myself mr. clean is sexy. great the way for brand to rejuvenate themselves and they used this opportunity as they are talking to 120 million people to kick start something so fact that mr. clean is going dirty will be a big thing for that brand. >> going dirty. >> ♪ >> we know super bowl has a broad audience, who are they going after. >> ahh, everyone.
5:53 am
>> they are going after men who love them and men who want to be them and women who love them i think. >> it is a great spot but old brand and great way to inter joke new leave in an old brand >> i have not seen this one before and we will roll this one and then we will talk. >> precious moment between half time whistle and half time she when you go from standing, to sitting. >> bathroom break. fabreeze odor clear technology cleans away odors like never before. >> this one doesn't blow me away. >> basic run of the mill commercial. >> what i do like about the spot. >> you do like it. >> they are trying to own a moment touring a super bowl. they are saying we understand what is happening we are all watching this together. so during this moment we also sharing together we will have our name on it. the it is a great way of brand
5:54 am
ing a moment during a time when 120 million people are doing the same thing. it is an interesting thing that they are doing and i think that is good for a brand like fabreeze. >> we saw companies getting viewers involved, name your own flavor potato chips, make your own commercials, will we see more of this this year. >> so doritos really did that, they have done it for years and years, very effective because they were crowd sourc ing but this is first year in a long time they are this is doing it. >> steve marino thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. we will have more coming up later in the show. >> we will be right back good morning, time is 5:54. stay with us. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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welcome back. the let eating begin at wells fargo center, three minutes away wing bowl 25, set to begin at 6:00 o'clock here. thirty-three contestants will put down as many wings as possible and chefs they have been working throughout the night to cook you have 10,000 wings and they tell us they are ready. "good day philadelphia" starts this two minutes mike and alex up next, stay with us.
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a corrections officer loses his life while trying to save others, sergeant steven floyd is being remembered as a hero as authority investigate, and, how he died in that prison. breaking right now, and what led a sold tore shoot a hand as he stood guard. and reunion that almost didn't happen a relieved mother reunited with her baby after a thief steals her car with the child inside, how little girl was safely returned to her hotter. it is super bowl weekend but we have our wing bowl, the 25th anniversary,


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