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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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turn. why someone plowed their car into a middle of a fight. plus, more bad news for commuters. traffic headaches far from over on the delaware river bridge. your news in 30 seconds. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten.
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[ inaudible ] >> the gut wrenching words of hostage tonight. honoring his fallen brother in blue on solemn night in smyrna, delaware. i'm chris o'connell. dawn is off tonight. steven floyd died when inmates held prison correction officers hostage during a 20-hour standoff today state official posthumously floyd to lieutena lieutenant. his grief stricken neighbors, friends and family gathered tonight to remember the hero. brad sattin live in delaware tonight. brad you were at what was i'm sure a heart-breaking vigil. >> reporter: yeah, chris, it was heartbreaking. in fact this vigil comes at the same time we're learning new information coming from the medical examiner tonight that lawsuit floyd's death has been ruled a homicide by trauma. meanwhile organizers expected just a few dozen people to attend tonight. instead they came by the hundreds. ♪
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>> reporter: hundreds turned out to support the family of lieutenant steven floyd at smyrna regional park with candles, balloons, tears and songs. >> ♪ >> reporter: in the crowd joshua wilkinson a fellow correctional officer who's face still badly bruised after being taken as a hostage with lieutenant floyd and beaten. >> my name is officer wilkinson. i was held hostage... i've been at vaughn for four week. he was a goodman to him. >> a loving husband, father and granddaughter said to save lives wednesday telling his fellow officers not to enter the room where he was being held because it was a setup. >> as he placed himself between death and others to save the lives of others, so heroically, this is the last full measure of devotion with which steven floyd fulfilled his final duty. >> reporter: his family too
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distraught to talk was given this framed photo. >> just a smile. a smile that he had. >> this woman's husband died a few years ago, it was lieutenant floyd who would check on her. >> every time he seen me, he would say, sister how you doing. you know i'm here for you. i would tell him i'm doing great. anything you need you know where you can find me. ♪ >> reporter >> hero, i'm going to miss him. >> reporter: a lot of people going to miss him. we can also tell you gofundme page has been set up for lieutenant floyd's family. it's already raised over $5,000. if you'd like more information on that you can get it threw our website, chris, at >> all right, tough night in delaware could night, thanks brad. breaking news right now coming out of city's logan second a man jumps from a second
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floor of a burning townhome to save his own life. fire officials say he is in the hospital at this hour with burns on his face and hands. flames broke out about 6:30 tonight on the home on the 4900 block of north carlisle street. you can see the smoke pouring from the roof. fire commissioner adam thiel says the weather made this fire fight much harder. >> the fire wind driven situation like that once it gets out of the building of origin very quickly can spread to adjacent occupancies. that's exactly what we had happen here but again very heavy volume of fire. >> four homes are impacted from the fire. so far no word on a cause. tonight chaos in the streets of west philadelphia. when a driver slams right through a crowd during a fight. three people in the group are hurt. this hall happening on the 5900 block of locust street this afternoon. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the story from west philly. >> i just heard a lot of loud
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talking and it went on for so long i finally got up and look out the window. >> reporter: carol ricks rushed to her window she heard a lot commotion outside her home on locust street in west philly. what she saw was not what she expected. >> i saw a gentleman lying in the street and a little farther up a lady sitting on the ground leaning against the car. >> reporter: it was around thee 30:00 this afternoon that police say a man driving a gray car came barreling down locust street from 60th street and plowed into a crowd of people. three people were hit. the driver kept going. there was a million police it seemed. >> reporter: investigators say it started when large group of people about 20 of them ranging in age from their 20s to 50s got into a fight at 60th and spruce. one group then walked to locust street where they were standing in the middle of the block. >> we believe someone from the other party called somebody. a male comes down locust street from 60th street at a high rate of speed.
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>> the driver hit three people a27-year-old man a-27-year-old woman and a 52-year-old woman. several others were lucky enough to get out of the way in time. police tape roped off the scene well into the night. >> he could have killed somebody. 3,000-pound vehicle moving at that speed with a bunch of people. fortunately they were able to get out of the way. >> that was shawnette wilson from west philadelphia tonight. now on to a developing story out of paris france. the man who police say attacked soldiers at the louvre museum remains in critical condition tonight. authorities say that man was carrying a machete. police shot that suspect moments later. to night french prosecutors have identified the man as 29-year-old from egypt who was living in the united arab emerates. he came to paris last week on a tourist visa. now that paris attack once again placed muslims both here and around the world under close scrutiny. in philadelphia today, religious
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leaders from several faiths joined with muslims in a show of solidarity. and our bruce gordon was there. muslim-american society on the 100 block of east luzerne is the epicenter of a region that some 200,000 practitioners of the islamic faith call home. and just before the friday midday prayer service, muslim leaders opened their doors to christians and jews, police and politicians to say we are one. >> your presence here today he helps extinguish the racist and islamic phobia rhetoric that involved the nation in the past couple of weeks and throughout the presidential elections. >> reporter: crowd was filled with immigrants many from war torn nations who heard an american jew offer empathy for those yearning to make their home in the land of the free. >> my parents were both refugees from the holocaust. i know what it means when this country closes its borders. i had aunts and uncles who were
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killed because they could not get into this country. >> reporter: last weekend, crowds packed the airport in philadelphia and those around the country to protest the trump administration's temporary ban on travel to the u.s. from several muslim majority nations. muslims here were heartened by what they saw. >> i was happy when i saw all these people coming over there to support the people. i was happy. i love this country. this country people always happy. >> reporter: mayor kenney was among those at the airport. on this day, he pointed out the children in attendance and offered this declaration. >> you are americans. you are patriot tick americans, and no one will ever take that away from you. [ applause ] >> no one. >> reporter: president trump insists the temporary travel ban is not a slap at muslims but friday morning in the wake of the paris incident he tweeted, a new radical islamic terrorist just attacked in the louvre museum in paris. tourists were locked down. france on edge again.
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get smart u.s. >> i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ tonight a big blow to president trump's controversial travel ban. federal judge in seattle has blocked it for the time being by granting temporary restraining order. tonight at the request of washington state and the state of minnesota the judge says it is effective nationwide. meantime president trump imposing new sanctions on iran. it is all in response to the country's missile launch this week. president trump taking to twitter to warn iran they are playing with fire. meantime mr. trump meeting with business leaders signing an order that looks to review the dodd frank wall street reform act. which was passed after the market collapsed in 2008 to protect consumers. >> today we're signing corporate for regulating the united states financial system. doesn't get much bigger than that. right? >> meantime the the u.s. senate
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set up to vote next week on betsy devos. president trump's controversial nominee for education secretary. the votes so close vice-president mike pence may end up breaking the tie vote. well, here in philadelphia, a large group of protesters made it clear they are not behind devos. this is the scene at senator pat toomey's office in center city where a group of educators and concerned citizens demanded pennsylvania's republican senator vote no on devos. well, philadelphia is getting a high profile visit tomorrow vice-president mike pence will be in the city tomorrow. he is talking to the philadelphia chapter of the federal list society a conservative group that advocates for strictor interpretation of the constitution. that speech will take place in old city at congress hall. a delaware county domino's restaurant is ransacked and now police believe they might know who made the behind all the damage. police in radnor township got to the domino's on west lancaster
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avenue yesterday morning. the first door there was smas smashed. they thought it was a burglary but they figure out it was something else. police say whoever did this wanted to do a whole lot more than just steal. once detectives were inside we realized it was more than just a simple burglary that the place was trashed. it was torn apart. the subject who entered that property had a specific mission in mind and that was to destroy as much as of the property as he can. >> police say they have one suspect in mind but they haven't released his name yet. they still do not have a motive. how would your valentine react to getting this on valentine's day? now forget the box of chocolates. how about gifting a cockroach? the group who is behind this unusual gift. and it's already been closed for weeks and now a big update on the turnpike bridge connecting new jersey and pennsylvania. update commuters, well, they are not going to like. how much longer you'll have to wait to cross that bridge. and after 20 years of owning
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a neighborhood bar it was time for a local family to make a change. >> even though i want to act like it's not my problem she made me know that it is. and it is your obligation to do something. >> mother's wish that now has a former bar serving in the community in a whole new way. for goodness sake. >> scott williams tracking your weekend forecast. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. get ready to crank the heat. cold air continues to funnel in to the delaware valley. temperatures are dropping. 30 right now but it feels like 18. how cold it gets coming up. ♪
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bridges steel trusses suffered a major crack. it is a murder that is getting national attention. a young mother shot and killed in port richmond right in front of her two-year-old. and tonight more than a year and a half later, the suspect is behind bars. fox 29's dave kinchen reports. >> never come home hopefully. >> another step towards closure for sean upon learning of the arrest of the 28-year-old james jones charged in the shooting death of stephanie. sean's 22-year-old girlfriend. >> little bit -- this is a big, big, like, weight off our chest because we got the guy but it don't bring her back. it's still sad.
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>> reporter: philadelphia police say jones was charged with criminal homicide, burglary and robbery more than a year and a half after stephanie was found shot execution style in her bedroom on the 3,000 block of aramingo avenue on july 30th, 2015. >> it bothers me every day. my daughter got to grow up without a mom now, you know. >> reporter: this is a facebook video of stephanie with her then two-year-old daughter clarissa posted just days before the murder. investigators say the little girl was home at the time and in the same room where her mother's body was found. >> i look at clarissa every day and just looking at her it's a spitting image of what stephanie is, washington stephanie was. >> reporter: national show crime watch daily which airs on a local television station picked up the story and aired surveillance images of a person of interest. police say that led to numerous crucial tips pointing to jones who knew stephanie according to family and her boyfriend. >> i said it when i first got interviewed, that the man was probably around giving us condolences.
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he was probably around giving us a shoulder to cry on and like he really cared and he didn't. >> reporter: police say jones was homeless although he was in prison for an unrelated crime. a search of the suspect's facebook page showed this post a day after the murder. i need a job bad. anyone know anywhere that's hiring? but none of that matters now to those stephanie left behind. >> i just want stephanie to know, you know, i know she's looking down on me every day, um, but i just her to know that clarissa is well taken care of. >> reporter: the remaining question tonight is why, why did did this happen? family members say they still don't have to answer yet. at police headquarters, dave kinchen fox 29 news. six men are behind bars tonight for operating a gun trafficking ring in montgomery county. investigators say 30-year-old michael hill from lower pottsgrove was the ringleader. they say these men worked under hill to buy guns and resell them on the street. hill is also accused of drug
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trafficking. police charged a woman in the case. she is still on the run tonight. and philadelphia police have released chilling new video of a man police say stole a car with a baby inside. watch this man carrying a baby girl in her car seat. police say he stole the car while that baby was in the back seat. all happening at eighth and mckeon in south philly yesterday. the mom had left her baby in the car just for a few seconds. after the guy took off, he stopped three blocks away and left that baby on the sidewalk. we are so happy to report that baby is back with her mom tonight but police are still looking for the suspect. happening right now, local fallout from president trump's executive order banning refugees from syria and other countries. eight groups are preparing to except refugee families set to arrive in philadelphia this we week. but as fox 29's joanne pileggi explains that all came to a
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grinding halt. >> reporter: we look at it not from a political viewpoint. we look at it from humanitarian viewpoint. and really from a viewpoint on a religious viewpoint this is what we're supposed to do. we're supposed to do what we call good deeds to help other. >> reporter: that's on hold now at mainline reform temple in wynnewood. where a collection of donated home goods for refugees sits with nowhere to go. >> we have essentially stopped taking donations. because there are no refugees comcoming. 120 day ban on anyone coming in. >> reporter: volunteers at the temple had been working with highest pa hebrew immigrant aids society. but their efforts to help refugee families were interrupted by the president's executive order last week. >> we did have some people scheduled for arrival next week that were canceled. and so like what happens to them? >> reporter: hisa sent representatives to the airport last week to try to help as
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people from countries on the banned list were stopped at immigration entry points. >> the refugee program is not where the threat to america is. >> reporter: in northeast philly, one syrian refugee family feels fortunate they made it but osama was hoping his sister and mother living in lebanon could have joined them. >> live for hope. >> they live for hope. >> for hope. coming america. >> once we do get to 120 days, what additional steps people are going to have to go through, we don't know. >> reporter: for now, refugee families who are here are grateful for all of the help they received from agencies and volunteers and they hope that those they've left behind will one day be able to join them here. in northeast philly, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. coming up it was just a one bedroom apartment but what was
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inside is rare and worth a whole lot of money. el chapo appears in new york city courtroom. the complaint the drug kingpin has about his prison cell. probably the worst part about your wedding day, the huge price tag. well, some new research is in. how much those i do's are costing couples now a days. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. vine expressway shut down till about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. all part of that normal overnight construction auto show still in town. packing them in there at the convention center. also, watch for delays tomorrow along city line avenue. right at 59th street a road crew, and if you'll be riding on the blue route tomorrow, look out. they'll be doing some work between route 1 all the way up to and through the saint david's villanova interchange. we'll check the jam cams, sue
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has your super bowl forecast when we see you bright and early starting at 4:00.
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ten-year-old were asleep. both children were taken to the hospital as a precaution. they are expected to be okay. that driver was also taken to the hospital in serious condition. overseas now, to due by, where one person is seriously injured following a collapse of a giant crane in the city's commercial district. no word on why it toppled over but officials say traffic was lighter than usual today which probably spared more injuries. notorious mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman wants better conditions in his new york jail. that from federal court in brooklyn today. el chapo's lawyers argued he -- his wife can't visit when he's locked um. he's there 23 hours a day, and he's been denied water. the judge denied adjusting those strict conditions. this was el chapo's second court appearance since he was extradited back to the united states last month. he's charged with running a massive drug operation that laundered billions of dollars, oversaw murders and kidnappings.
10:25 pm
he's pleaded not guilty. the man charged with killing three members of a d.c. family in their housekeeper likely won't be tried until next year. during a hearing in d.c. superior court today prosecutors and defense lawyers for darrin went agreed to begin picking a jury in september of 2018. defense lawyers needed at least a year to examine dna evidence. the government collected in the case. he's accused of murdering satisfy rows savopoulos and his wife aim mark ten-year-old son and housekeeper in northwest d.c. back in may of 2015. he's mooded not guilty to the murder charges. it was a bar local family owned for decades then it was closed. now a man is fulfilling his late mother's wish that the building serve something other than a place to grab a drink. scott williams tracking the forecast. hey, scott. >> it's a cold forecast, chris. some of that cold air continues to move toward the delaware
10:26 pm
valley. the coldest day of the weekend tomorrow. when temperatures rebound with the seven day and a rain chance next. ♪
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♪ tonight investigators in chester are trying to figure out what sparked this fire in a row home. authorities say it broke out around 5:30 tonight on the 600 block of west 11th street. crews got it under control in about half hour. nobody was injured. ♪ it was a dark closed down building now it's bringing light to one philadelphia neighborhood. a local family owned a bar in strawberry mansion for more than 20 years, and after it closed, the woman who owned it told her
10:30 pm
son to do something with it. well did he. and now they're serving up a heaping helping of knowledge for kids in the area for goodness sake. ♪ >> reporter: for over 20 years at the corner of 30th and dauphin there was a bar. right behind me that the community was very familiar with. at some point the owner miss shirley told her son kevin that he needeed to something to chane the impact the community that bar transitioned into a community center and has been helping the children of strawberry mansion ever since. ♪ >> i was born and raised in this community. this is where my strength is here. so i said i want to work from my strength here and i'm going to do all i can do. >> reporter: strawberry mansion is kevin's neighborhood but also home to high crime rates and pocks of extreme poverty. things that make strawberry mansion learning center unusual but also necessary. the entire time i was there, kevin kept giving me the sames? justification for his decision,
10:31 pm
miss shirley, his mom. >> you had a family business. awed building. it sounds bad. you could have cash out. >> she asked me to do something, it was -- i could see the look in her eyes, you know, even though i wanted to act like it's not my problem, she made me know that it is my problem. and it is your obligation to do something. >> reporter: miss shirley passed away several years ago. but her picture looks over strawberry mansion learning center. a place that's developed from her suggestion to her son. children are there daily doing homework, reading and taking advantage of a secure spot in their neighborhood. >> the place is a safe haven for kids. >> reporter: over the years the learning center has been in the community, kevin's goals and dreams for the kids have expanded. they're building a play area upstairs with a donated pooltable. developing a lot next door where they want outdoor sports and continue to be surprised by how many share their vision. >> why are you supporting this? >> i am supporting it because kevin asked.
10:32 pm
it's as simple as that. >> reporter: tootsie has several stands in the reading terminal and down plays her role along with terminal mer chan association they teach cooking classes and donate food for the kids at the center every day. >> i like to plant seeds wherever i go. about just being good. just doing good i have been blessed with the business at the terminal, and i just like to give. >> reporter: as i left another one of the volunteers mr. wayne showed what the center is all about. he didn't want to speak on camera, but he's there each day for the kids and the community. he knew miss shirley and agreed with the feeling that kevin expressed about how his mom would feel about her request that they help their neighborhood. >> sometimes even when the place is -- we have kids and they're learning and the noise of the kids is -- everybody is having so much fun i stand there and sometimes i have to walk out because i don't want them to see me cry. it's a happy thing.
10:33 pm
when i cry i'm am accomplish something. >> for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ tonight police in delaware have a man behind bars who they say led them on wild chase with a baby in the car. 25-year-old aaron mills was already wanted for other crimes when police say they tried pulling him over in new castle on wednesday. once police put their lights on he sped away and jumped out of the car while it was moving. cops used taser to apprehend him. once they got back to the car, they found a four month old baby inside. that baby is okay. mills facing a number of charges. there was a terrifying few hours for a family in new hampshire after their toddler went missi missing. two-year-old zoey wandered out of their grand parent's house overnight. thankfully she was found save six hours later in random house down the street. the woman who lives there woke
10:34 pm
up and saw zoey in her home and immediately called 911. the young girl's father says the daughter has never done anything like this before. >> she left. she came down the hill. and somehow ended up down there, down the street, and found a house with a door that was open, and actually went to sleep on a bed. >> wow! that young girl was taken to the hospital for observation. a new historical marker unveiled today in germantown honoring some of the neighborhoods earliest residents. today the philadelphia housing authority showing off the new marker at the queen lane developments. the sight used to be a potter's field burial ground for people who couldn't afford a cemetery. the housing authority says the marker shows respect for this historical site where archaeologists found thousands of artifacts. atlantic city police officer gets a big honor tonight. officer thomas mccabe has a new ballistics vest. you see, his other vest was damaged in september where he and another officer were shot in
10:35 pm
the line of duty when they went to break up a robbery at caesars casino garage. mccabe's partner josh vadell was shot in the head. he is still recovering. well, talk about a surprise. what crews found in one bedroom in an apartment in california that was almost like finding a hidden treasure. and how would your valentine react getting one of these on valentine's day? forget the box of chocolates. how about gifting a cockroach? the group behind this very unusual gift. ♪
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the classic. well in your money tonight, are you planning a wedding? it is no secret that special day can be very expensive. but now new report says weddings are more costly than ever. i have two daughters. i better start saving now. the wedding site magazine the knot says the average wedding now costs more than $35,000. and while fewer people are being invited to weddings amenities like it photo booths, foot trucks and live portrait artists are driving up the costs for guests to 245 bucks a guest most expensive part of the wedding the venue. averaging 16 grand. speaking of love this valentine's day, what says i love you more than your very own cockroach? that's right. the name a cock fifty seven for your valentine campaign being hosted at wes sell man woods nature center. this isn't the video. it's in the state of indiana.
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for ten bucks someone will receive a personalized certificate you wouldn't dare give this to someone you actually love. there are other ideas. >> because so many people say, ew or yuk or afraid of them, but you know what, name them after your mother-in-law. name them after an ex. somebody that you just gets under your skin and creepy crawly you can name a coach after them. >> for 40 bucks get what's called the sealed with a his package. you'll get a cockroach, gift box of chocolate cockroaches. no thank you. nordstrom's giving ivanka trump's fashion label the act. the department store announced lit no longer carry the president daughter's brand for the new season. in order tromm could not give an exact reason but indicated the line is not selling very well. coming up super bowl just two days away. hank flynn gives us a close up look at all the excitement in
10:41 pm
houston texas as the city prepares to host the big game. our scott williams is getting ready to host your forecast. scott. >> get ready to crank the heat because temperatures are dropping much it's 30 in philadelphia. but it feels even colder. 19 degrees currently in chicago. how long will this shot of cold air last? details next. ♪ but first, today's moment in black history. ♪ in 1983, jenn earnest, invented an auto shoe making machine that quickly attached the shop of the shoes to soles called lastin lasting made shoer affordable for the average person.
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♪ well the eagles are not in the super bowl but that didn't stop the excitement for sunday's big game at one local elementary school. the kids at saint mary magdalene in wilmington held a pep rally for atlanta falcons paul worrilow. attended that same school before going on to concord high school and the university of delaware and now the nfl. ♪ >> hank's take super bowl edition.
10:45 pm
our hank flynn is in houston, texas ahead of the super bowl. the super bowl is near and he says you can feel it in the air. it is electric in the streets and as hang shows us it's party time in houston. >> reporter: you hear that drum beat, super bowl is just days away in houston is reaching a fever pitch. american culture full speed ahead. >> in the street preachers are feeling it for sure. >> we'll share with you this god who is almighty and all fearsome he is living, he is all living like a jealous lover for you. >> speaking of salvation a van gel list tick athlete tim tebow was on radio row today where radio shows hunker down for week. tebow is at a point he gets asked pretty much anything. >> when you sit in the middle seat in movie seat where is the
10:46 pm
correct place to put your soda. >> he will answer questions like that but why? >> i don't know what my role is. i just try to treat everybody equally love people haven't great time. we're so blessed to be able to live life and live free every day and i'm just so thankful tour that. >> reporter: media frenzy can make you nauseous. it does sometimes and you have to go outside. there are these incredible sparkles of light that hit like that cool drum line and like actually seeing and meeting your very favorite player of all time billy johnson. >> i used to look at the tv every sunday and hopes that houston would come on i might get a chance to watch this man return punts the greatest i ever saw. billy white shoes. >> billy says his playing days returning punts was another way of getting that precious football in his hands. >> once you found out, hey, this is another way of getting the ball, you just work at it ungot to work at it. a lot of times you don't know where the opposing team is
10:47 pm
coming from. once you catch the ball and get squared away, you know, you control your destiny. >> reporter: the original touchdown celebration. billy white shoes. like a guy dancing to a drum beat only he could hear. the streets are twice as crowded as they were on monday with fancy cars and soap box preacherpreachers. >> god bless you sir. >> god bless you. >> tomorrow they'll be more and sunday close your eyes. maybe you can hear the drum beat. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ of course you can watch the new england patriots take on the atlanta falcons in super sole 51 this sunday right here on fox 29. game day party starts right here on fox 29 join mike and alex from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. this sunday for the earliest super bowl party you can imagine. now on to your radar tonight, bitter cold temperatures, let's take a live look at wilmington riverfront tonight. you better bundle up if you're heading out tonight or early tomorrow morning. so how long does this chill stick around? scott williams
10:48 pm
with your full forecast in 15 seconds. >> temperatures dropping pretty rapidly for the overnight tomorrow morning feels like temperatures will be in the single digits. so, yes, headlines bitter cold air for the first half of the weekend. we'll talk about that entire forecast and the super bowl weather. it is going to be in the 70s in houston but still chilly for us. ultimate doppler pretty dry, quiet but it is cold. a cold area of high pressure continues to kind of move toward our area. so saturday will be the coldest day with that area of high pressure right on top of us. then it will move a little farther out to sea. we'll get more of a return flow so milder as we move toward the middle part of next week. but look at the cold air.
10:49 pm
16 right now in mount pocono. 25 pottstown. 30 philadelphia. 28 degrees in atlantic city. those are the air temperatures. factor in that wind, how your body reacts, how you should dress if you're stepping out late this friday night. 17 degrees. that's what it feels like in atlantic city. it feels like 14 in pottstown. it feels like 4 degrees right now in mount pocono. so as we go hour by hour, take a look at future wind chills. the feels like temperatures when you wake up on saturday morning for some errands walking the dog, grabbing breakfast we're talking at 7am feeling like 9 degrees along the i-95 corridor. feeling like five in allentown. feeling like three in mount pocono. so high temperatures for tomorrow. only 34 degrees. moving ahead to your sunday, 43. 50 degrees as we move toward tuesday. tuesday into wednesday it does turn a little unsettled. maybe half an inch to an inch of rainfall.
10:50 pm
so as we talk about that seven day forecast, you can see a cold weekend and as we move toward tuesday and wednesday, we're talking clouds, we're talking some showers. 50 on tuesday. near 60 as we move toward wednesday. if you're looking for the warmth, head to houston, though, because temperatures for the super bowl will be in the 70s there for tomorrow. sean, over to you. >> 70 degrees down there in texas. that sounds nice. all right. speaking of texas we caught up with eagles quarterback carson wentz down at the soup bowl festivities this afternoon and asked him how close the eagles are to competing for a playoff spot next year. we have his answer and of course super bowl li it's going down on sunday right here on fox 29. i give you my prediction to take to the bank next in sports. ♪
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♪ loving that jingle. for eagles quarterback carson wentz down in houston courtesy of nrg energy a lot to learn about everything that comes when you make a super bowl. from the press conferences all the way to ticket request that
10:54 pm
is come in throughout the course of the week. the experience is extremely valuable. also part of that experience is being able to watch tom brady and matt ryan two of the best in his position compete for the lombardi trophy. >> the way they're so composed all the time and just, tom's thing but at the same time there's still plenty of big play in there. falcons offense they're very balanced. two running backs do great job and matt is just playing on point all year. there's both really fun to watch and i'm excite to do see what happens. >> wentz enjoys the festivities would rather be suiting up instead of being a spectator. >> being here watching the playoff games from my house, man, i don't ever want to have this feeling again. i want to be playing into january and maybe even into february, you know, sometime soon. so it's just making me that much hungry. >> in order to compete for super bowl wentz understands there's steps to take and more plays neither to be made throughout the season. >> i think this team is real
10:55 pm
close to just -- to make the playoffs. we were so close in so many games. one oh twenty four plays in multiple games we could have been ten-six. that's football. i'm not making excuses but at the end of the day i think we're real close and we got a good pieces in place and we'll keep getting better and growing together. >> we all hope so. that's for sure. now it's time to beat my chest after a solid two-zero performance during championship weekend i give you my super bowl li prediction to take to the bank. folks i love the falcons. led by the most dee nam mick receivers we've seen suit up julio jones. i expect atlanta run game. they within 28-24. all right. let's head over to the diamond phillies making news. they signed cesar hernandez to contract worth over $2.5 million for the upcoming season they avoided arbitration. 26-year-old broke out in the
10:56 pm
second half of last season hitting 3.326. finally, we end with the philadelphia sports writers association 113th annual banquet which took place this evening in cherry hill. some of the honorees includely jay wright which won team of the year. eric lindros won the living legend award. inquirer's jeff mc lean won the stan hot man award for the best story of the year. congratulations to all what was not an easy year to be a philadelphia sports writer. >> well deserved to all those guys. >> what i like about the super bowl, phillies pitchers and catchers are a week away. >> getting close. >> love it, love it, love it. >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. neck at 11:00 it is a name that everyone in around philadelphia knows. wawa. now the convenience store giant is suing a privately owned store in new jersey for ripping off that name. where the owner says he came up
10:57 pm
with the name for his store. and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your mega millions lottery drawing is next. we'll see in you a few minutes. ♪
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