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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  February 5, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ i forgot what we're doing. >> candace our producer i've already forgotten what we're doing. hey, malc. >> getting us going. >> q, he does a great job on your show every today day. >> at 12 noon on "the q". >> on "the q". >> fox 29. >> you don't see it right there. >> where is the mike? >> mike, yeah. >> check out "the q" fox 2912 noon. dj mammal, jeez. we love you guys. >> we got it. this doesn't even work. >> come in here -- i have to go to church though.
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>> i having to church today. >> what time? >> you wearing that jacket to church. >> i'll switch it out. >> like 11:00. that's after one is singing. i'll be there at 11:00. >> just in time for the sermon. >> that's all i need. >> that's all you need. >> aw. beautiful. >> 7:00 o'clock this morning sue has been working on stadium made of food. it's supposed to look like a football feel, right? >> yes. >> her opinion this. >> how is it going? >> okay. well i've got my guacamole in the middle and that's my field. right? and my stadium only has two, well, 3 yards but somehow is the 50-yard line see what i wrote 50. >> yeah. >> what are the yard lines made of. >> sour cream. see here's the problem they don't tell you this on pinterest you're supposed to put secures in your slim gyms to made make your goal post. >> stand up. >> you put them in a cube of cheese there. >> they're a little top heavy. >> candace, do you have the
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picture of what this is supposed to look like? you still have that? >> yeah. >> i tell you my -- >> this is what it's supposed to look like. you have an hour left. >> okay. well i got to get snacks in the stands. >> okay. >> we'll be good. >> all right. at least -- i can get those goal posts. >> the goal posts are limp. >> now the puppy bowl, i've actually watch the puppy bowl over the years. it's on 3:00 o'clock. >> it's pretty cute. >> do you think diamond could ever compete. >> yeah. what if i put diamond in the thing with the puppies. >> those puppies are way too small. >> all of these puppies came from the same mother. is that right? >> wow. >> 11 in the litter. >> 11 on christmas day. >> born christmas day. >> aww. >> so cute. are they available to be adopted. >> they will will be in few weeks. >> in few weeks. >> for morris animal. >> morris animal rights. >> diamond needs a sister. >> say it again where are they from. >> these pups morris animal
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refuge. born on christmas day. there's 11 of them to the same mommy capri. and it was like 101 dalmatians on christmas day. she's got five pups, six, she's got seven, and she ended up up with 11 puppies. >> 11. all healthy and beautiful. >> wow! >> look at them playing. >> i can just stare at them all day. >> can i hold them. >> sure. >> okay. did you name them. >> they're all named after reindeer. >> oh, that's -- like who is this? >> that is prancer. >> how do you know that? i know just because i've been spent ago lot time with them, but i could absolutely be wrong but they're so cute any way. >> yeah. >> how about that? chris you want to hold one? >> so cute. >> yeah. >> you going to start passing out pups. >> they are available for adoption. >> available in about three to four weeks. they'll be out eight weeks old. >> start passing out puppies.
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>> capri. >> capri was the mommy. >> i'm sorry, what breed? pitbull mix. >> that's cool. where are we going? we're going to check in on hank. >> hank. >> in houston. he's in houston all week. must be exhausted. >> i am guys it's been a good time. listen the scalpers out front of the hotel are telling me that if the dallas cowboys had made it to the big show tickets would be swamping for around six or $7,000 each as it is now they're telling me 2,000, 2500 bucks will get you into the big game. that's my question to you all. what would you pay to go to the super bowl if anything at all? because my personal way of doing it after having been here all week long is that i'd really rather be no place else than sitting on my rear end on the couch watching the super bowl on fox. i got all the pleasure at home. i've been to enough pro football games and watched enough from home to know what my particular preference is. if you got a chance to go to
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super bowl which bill and i do today we're definitely going. i wouldn't miss it for the wor world, but i do like being at home and watching football. you get the row play. you got the kitchen happening, the bathroom as you said. we'll try not to stop up the sewer system or whatever it is, but what would you rather do? would you rather go to the game or do it from home. >> bill had a story earlier this week about a bunch of guys who have been going to the super bowl every year since it began. 51 straight super bowls. they must love it. how do you feel? >> see now we have some of the puppies here. >> oh, my gosh. >> so cute. >> a lot of people watch that puppy bowl. >> oh yeah. >> where do you want to go. >> it's the main event. >> cuties. >> little known fact when they shoot the puppy bowl, shot back in october? >> really. >> it's not live. >> i remember watching it back
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when i was young. >> can i just mention something little known fact matt just told me about. this nrg stadium -- >> right. >> where the final 4ncaa basketball tournament was. >> the last team to win a championship there. >> was villanova. >> really? >> remember when they came back. >> archie brought the ball down. >> jones kin with the three at the buzzer. >> remember this? >> that's in that same stadium. >> they're going to play football in and jay wright tells the story where they drove in with the buses and went by the astrodome which is still there. none of the players knew what it was. the kids were still young. what's astrodome. >> who do you think is wip to go night. >> i'm going for new england. >> boo! >> thank you, sean. >> i pick them to win. >> why? >> he was suspended for four years. belicheck is a great coach. >> you said you want to see him within five. >> during my lifetime. >> you did tell me that. >> really? >> if atlanta wins i'm happy for
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them. >> one of our sports expert sean bell who win the game. >> expert, i don't know about that. >> listen i'm here with lj right now i got the atlanta falcons. >> me, too. >> 27-23. >> i like that. >> listen falcons are a better overall team. >> yeah. >> forget all that tom brady stuff. >> you think it's going happen this way. think about the two super bowl bowls,. >> i'm never wrong. >> he's not mary. >> he's not married. [ laughter ] >> i'm never wrong. >> you grow a beard faster than any man i've ever known. >> i don't know about that. listen, freeway eye lashes. i'm trying to be the philly freeway of sportscasters right now. that's what i'm trying to go. i miss philly so i got to do it. >> so since we're at the party we've had so many great things. you brought in great pound cake. you know high to bring in my favorite. >> sweet tea cake shop is here. hey, tony.
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>> i love them. >> what did you bring? >> before we say what she brought she's also cooking something right now? >> oh. >> love love. >> congrats. is it a boy or a girl? >> it's a girl. >> it's a girl. >> name. >> ivy angelina. >> i love ivy. >> oh wow. >> she wants girl but it won't happen. >> yeah. >> how far along are you. >> about seven months. >> oh, my goodness. >> you could have a baby right here on the show. >> time is flying. crazy. >> what did you bring. >> it would help the ratings if you had the baby right now? [ laughter ] >> you never know. could happen. >> what is that? >> this is a cupcake pull apart cake. so you can like -- >> rip them apart. >> the base is cupcakes. >> mini cupcake. >> vanilla cupcake. >> champagne with sauled caramel and the blueberry velvet. they're all mixed together. >> what is the turf. >> the turf is all butter cream. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> signature flavors, right. >> exactly. >> we have the emblems. how should we -- >> i don't want to tilt it. >> turn it around. >> i don't know if we have an overhead or anything. >> okay. man look at this. here you go. we have the patriots and the falcons. >> is there any way we can now get a shot of sue's field on the other camera over there. >> hers is awesome looking. >> i tried really hard. >> sue -- >> oh, my gosh. >> side by side here. [ laughter ] >> and then there's sue's snack. >> still good. you brought one other thing. your favorite. >> let's see if we can -- sorry guys to be in your face here. but you also brought -- cake bombs. >> football shaped cake bombs vanilla cakes mixed with icing did you knowed in chocolate like footballs and sin in a son dull cheh one of our most popular
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flavors is the cinnamon cake withly caramel and icing and rolled in cinnamon sugar. >> sweetie tea social security in jersey. >> in haddonfield. >> you're open today. >> until 3:00. >> swing by and pick up these balls. >> they melt in your mouth. >> come on by. >> thank you so much. >> you're my favorite. >> love it. keep us updated on the baby. >> absolutely. >> on the little ivy. >> thanks for having me. >> by the way -- >> i'm holding a puppy. >> kristen, did we announce what you brought in? >> i brought pig in the blanket. >> what? >> my go to. pig in the blanket. >> i bring it to everything. those are right there. >> i totally cut it up nice and thin and wrap it around whole bunch of times and then you made this wonderful taco dip this morning. >> last night i panic and i said can kristen make something and pre ten like i made it. >> she even said you want me to bring over your taco whatever?
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>> but i -- i went back and i made my mother's, she's no longer with us. my mother's spinach dip. >> did you make something. >> kristen, take bite of that. give her a chip. somebody happen her a chip. >> i'm not going to touch it because that's rude. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you want me to taste this one? >> yeah. >> it's a big joke. >> yikes! >> how good? >> it's really good. >> is that good. >> you really made those. >> yeah. >> now if you the chip down and try a quesadilla. >> quesadilla is cold by now. >> it's jalapeno and i don't want to eat it. >> here's one on the side. >> now don't be influenced by my mother is no longer with us. >> or the fact these are cold and we can't heat them up. >> i can tell it was really great. >> which one wins?
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>> oh -- >> pick one. >> pick one. >> um, i'm going to go with the dip. >> are you kidding me? >> sue serio, please, move my face down the field. >> if you would. >> you're at the 50-yard line. >> i'm at the 50-yard line. >> if it were not for the jalapeno. >> there's diamond. >> everybody has an excuse not to pick mine. >> everyone is scared of the spice. >> check on our puppies after the break. >> all right. ♪
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♪ welcome back to our party. >> having a lot of fun here. >> live look. it's now nine hours until the super bowl in houston. you don't have to wait nine hours. we're having one right here. aren't we, guys. >> you better believe it. >> we're in the third hour of hours. >> this has been kind of a blast. i forgotten what we're doing. >> the trophy. >> the other way around. >> which is it. >> the trophy. oh, it is. you never trust me. >> everybody calm down. it's a party. it's a frigging party. >> it's a party. i met this guy jerry you recall lick at some meeting somewhere. he's an attorney. right, jerry you're an attorney. >> no. >> where is he. >> come on out. >> don't worry, mike. >> good to see my man. sit next down to alex. >> bring that trophy in the lie. >> gloves. >> wow! >> here you go.
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>> that actually is a lombardi trophy. >> wow! >> we're on loan, and as you guys know in 2017 philadelphia has been awarded the draft party here on the parkway. >> that's true. >> that will be really exciting what's nice about the draft party it's going to be free to the public everybody can come down to the parkway, get a picture with the vince lombardi trophy if you're lucky enough you could come to mike's house and sleep with the trophy. but you'll be able to have -- >> hey now. >> autographs with present and past football players and you'll get to see a great time on the parkway its that's april 27th to the 29th. >> we do have first round pick. >> yes, we do. >> it will be exciting. >> what year is this from? >> this since 2014. >> 2014. >> metlife stadium up in new york. >> we were up there partying, mike. >> do you have stories for us? anyhow, also miami beach, remember that? >> really? jerry and i go way
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back. >> i need to hear this. >> can i touch it. >> with our fingers. >> you look so beautiful in person. >> on the air, not so much. [ laughter ] >> stop it. >> you're wearing gloves. the reason being because it's sterling silver what happens your oils of your fingers actually make impressions so if you touch it let go you see the -- >> yeah you do see it the oil of your finger actually can stain the silver. good rea really? >> we try to keep the clean. >> jerry and i we mentioned we went to number of events. >> you mean parties? >> parties. so we cannot reveal how we ended up with this trophy. [ laughter ] >> did you steal it? >> we borrowed it. >> we borrowed it. nfl had to make another one. >> it's not that heavy. i'm kind of surprised. >> it's about 8 pounds. >> not bad. like a baby. >> i'm way ahead in my dip versus quesadilla so i get the trophy if i win. >> we know. >> it goes into your closet with the rest of the skeletons.
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>> stop it, jerry. >> karen hepp and her family. they're here. >> hello. >> my goodness. can we have a cupcake. >> of course. >> breaking them apart. >> introduce the boys. >> this is cal, say hi, cal. >> quinn who do you want to win the super bowl. >> patriots. >> maclin who do you want to win the super bowl. >> i don't know. i don't like them. >> why do you want the patriots to win. >> i don't know. >> we got lauren from atlanta. come on. >> look at her shirt. look how cute it is. come on over. >> i'm rooting for at land to win the super bowl. >> that's why i love you. >> the city hasn't won a super bowl. i think it will be great for the city of atlanta. grab a seat. >> let's get cozy. >> get cozy. >> what do you want to eat first? there's so much to choose from. >> kids go for cupcake, right?
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>> go for the cupcake. >> do you like puppies? >> can we see the puppies? >> puppy bowl i think. >> gearing up over here. i'm sure the boys would love to see it let's check out our puppies. >> a couple of them are asleep. >> how you can sleep through this, i don't know. >> oh, look. >> now the puppy bowl is at 3:0n some channel. i don't know which channel it is. animal plant is that where it is 3:00 o'clock? >> okay. can you two come over here. which camera do you want these two on? over here. now, what's your name? >> louis. and you're with -- >> the executive director of morris animal refuge. >> who is that woman? turn around so i can see you. >> i'm kayla. i'm max's mom. >> that dog? >> yes. so these two dogs, these two philly dogs will be on animal planet at 3:00 o'clock? >> basically you'll see max.
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he was in their -- they're both in the puppy bowl butchie chi was too much of a party animal and they put him on the bench. >> he never got in the game. >> was he pooping or something. is that what it was. >> yeah, wardrobe malfunction. >> i gotcha. watch them on animal planet this afternoon. >> two philly dogs. >> are there bench warmers at the puppy bowl. >> cheerleaders are bunnies. if you've never watch it's kind of cute. >> it's so cute. it sounds cute. >> bunnies. >> bunnies? >> yeah. >> with the pom poms. >> i wish somebody would tell me in my ear what we're doing next. >> we're going to take a break. >> what kind of bunnies. not playboy bunnies. >> okay. they tape it at separate times. they can't have the bunnies and the dogs in the same studio. >> why not? >> because the dogs attack the bunnies. >> can't have that. >> i'm revealing secrets of the puppy bowl. shot on separate days. cheerleaders are separate shots.
9:22 am
>> in new york when we -- >> in new york we want to hear the secrets. not the bunny dog secrets. >> it was so. >> it was freezing i went to some of the parties i didn't see you at the parties. >> espn party. >> no. i didn't go. >> i think that's where we stole the trophy. we have to take a break. we're coming right back.
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♪ welcome back to our game day party. hey, malc. >> malc i want atlanta music. >> welcome back to mike and al alec game party. people, make some noise in here. >> whoo! >> what, what. >> what's your favorite song that reminds you of atlanta. migos right now. >> lauer rep, you have a illusion by the way. >> that illusion. >> sean said you were bad. >> nobody said he was bad. >> sean bell explain. i tried to explain to my dad f i said that to someone is a bad thing or a good thing. >> it's actually a good thing. >> who's the most famous singer from atlanta. >> hoochie. >> no. >> hoochie man. >> he said singer, not rapper.
9:26 am
>> a woman who looks very good, d she act bad? is that what it is. >> that's bad. that's the bad part. >> she looks good. >> michael jackson bad. >> see my dad is watching. daddy, now you know. >> rocky is from atlanta. my favorite song -- asap rocky is new york. >> is he? >> yes. >> asap rocky. >> all right. it's time. >> ut-oh. for what? >> 9:26. >> we're going to put up the picture that was on pinterest that inspired sue serio to make football stadium out of food. >> out of snacks, yeah. >> let's put up the pinterest shot that inspired you. >> right, there it is. it's a snack stadium. beautiful. >> well, that one is. >> and now -- and now yours. >> now we're assembling -- just finishing the assembly of mine. which clearly die not bring enough snacks. >> you're blocking -- i know it.
9:27 am
>> okay. you get the idea. it's going to be a stadium but i'll just, um, my goal toast clearly were epic fail. >> yeah. >> all right. so you hold that one up. >> the goal post sponsored by viagra. [ laughter ] >> it never looks like it does on pinterest. that's why i do this. >> no. >> as a public service to you deer viewers but i would say go for this idea. you just need a bunch of cartons from cans i've got the bubbly water there and then you just -- >> build around it. >> build around it and you've got yourself a snack -- would you like a snack. >> it's fine. >> it looks like the vet after it was imploded. [ laughter ] >> we got to take a break. come right back. >> the giddy grid iron. >> listen it's the effort. >> thank you. ♪
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♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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♪ >> welcome back. the party is still going strong. 30 minutes left. so here we are in the studio still hanging out. so are the puppies. so is the trophy. some food. let's check in with sue to see what the weather is like. it's warm in houston. going to be sent degrees for us. for us a high of 45. there's your pal weekend wendy with the football. you got to be bundled up right now because we have temperatures
9:31 am
that are in the wind chills i should say in the 20s. look at this. we'll get to a high of 45 degrees today. 46 tomorrow. and look how warm it will get by the middle of the week. 60 degrees by wednesday but then we drop off about 25, 30 degrees and it's cold again for the end of the week heading into the weekend. nothing accessiblely -- excessively cold. a high of 60 on wednesday. how about that. >> hang on until 60. >> we're hanging. thank you, sue. we have some more guests. >> what are you talking about. >> not more food. >> more food. >> and the family. >> what are you calling this? >> it's the ultimate 50 ingredient nachos. >> 50 ingredient. >> introduce your family first. >> my husband rick. lana and tony hiding in the back there. >> hi, tony. >> tony, come over here and sit next to me.
9:32 am
>> so we have meat lovers pizza which has bacon and mini pepperonis all that jazz. then we have loaded potato which is hash browns potato chips, bacon, hi chives, sour cream all of that. we have pulled pork which is the pulled pork and hal pinas, um, cole slaw and we move over to the next dish we have your buffalo chicken dip, obviously, then spinach and are a toy chip dip. >> what's it like to be married to her. >> there's never a dull moment. >> you're never hungry. >> never. >> no. 50 ingredients. >> how long did this take? >> um, started last night prepping. woke up this morning at 4:00 and then came in to see you guys. a couple hours. >> oh, my goodness. my kitchen smelled amazing this morning at 4:30. >> thank you. what do you do when you watch the super bowl. you actually don't go to the bathroom. watch the commercials, right? >> right. hey, where is david. is he here? >> right there.
9:33 am
>> come on over. we'll do it now, right? >> oh yeah. >> what's happening? good david, come on in. >> do you know? [ laughter ] >> put your butt right over here. >> david, what's up? >> hello. >> now, tell us what you do for living. >> i'm in the advertising branding and public relations business. >> thanks for asking. >> 50 years of super bowl ads. we've asked you to come up with a weird, arc difficult task. what is the best one ever made and the wore the one every made? >> i think the series of clydesdale spots for budweiser is one of my personal favorites. um i also like the coke spot featuring joe green. >> mean joe green. >> that had to be 30 years ago. >> yes, it was. >> and -- do we have it. >> i think we have the mean joe green. why don't we play it. >> classic. >> here it goes. >> i just want you to know i think -- i think you're the best
9:34 am
ever. >> yeah, sure. want my coke? it's okay. you can have it. >> no, no. >> really, you can have it. >> okay. ♪ >> after all these years, david, you still remember it. >> it's a amazing spot. it ill list sits emotion which is what every great tv spot is all about. why are some of the big companies bailing on this particular super bowl? >> well, $5 million a spot -- 30 seconds. >> that kind of separates the men from the boys, and you have to do something very special and it's a big commitment and you have to be able to leverage it on platforms like social media and other things. >> it's not worth it for some -- like doritos bailed out, didn't
9:35 am
they. >> heinz craft gave everybody off. gave all their employees off monday. >> a lot of major brands that have, n have pulled out but then there's always ones waiting in the wings to jump right in. >> what do you think is the worst one that didn't pay off at all? >> probably the worst spot ever would be sales jeannie. >> sales jeannie. >> what? >> i don't remember. let's play it. >> we have to customers. no sales. linc i am not going back to the zoo. we have a sales info. >> help. >> i don't remember it. >> i'm not surprised. it's a failure on so many levels. it's so cheesy. it's poorly produced. i mean it's worse than the worst cable spot you've ever seen. >> yeah. >> hmm. >> now bunch of super bowl commercials have been leaked already. have you seen some of them? >> i have seen a few of them. >> have you seen the -- >> it's so good. >> my parents are talking about it. >> it's pretty cool. >> a lot people will be talking
9:36 am
about that. >> because he's a sex symbol n now. >> the way it ends she's like dancing and she sees him and it's her husband. he's like honey. they jump on the couch. >> because he cleans for her. >> really? >> what's the deal. mr. clean has always been a sex symbol. >> you're saying because he's bald. >> i cannot agree more. >> mr. clean. >> thank you. >> have you seen what's going on in reading, pennsylvania? this family turns their garage into a super bowl well party room and bob is there. bob? >> reporter: hey, gang, good morning. i'll dell was almost close to game time. all please rise for the national anthem. remove your hats. followed by we got to have a fly over, right? check out the ceiling of this guy's garage. give me your best jet sound. >> fight song. e-a-g-l-e-s! >> get ready w we come right back. ♪
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♪ alex -- >> yes, mike. >> we went to concert a few years ago. who did we see? >> it was for jeff broad she w was. >> jeff bradshaw. >> jill cot and kenny latimer, raheem devon.
9:40 am
>> and gentlemen bra is her first name. >> he wants to go to math class now. >> that's right. >> i heard about my love life is like algebra. every x turns into why? >> nicely done. >> i just want to show her my abacus. >> we're at this concert and they had food back stage so let us go back stage with the arti artists. james says i watch the show every day "good day philadelphia". >> we were like james, you look familiar and that's because he's jerk chicken man. >> he's right over there. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> welcome to the couch. >> how you doing. >> i love the hat you're weari wearing. >> thank you. >> just lay it on the table. he's the jerk boss. >> how are you? >> we need a microphone for my friend. >> are you from jamaica? >> hold it babe. all you. >> i beg your pardon? >> are you from jamaica. >> i'm an american. however i'm an honorary jamaican
9:41 am
when i'm in kingston. i go to jamaica every year. >> in kingston. >> how long have you been making jerk chicken. >> a little over 30 years. >> 30 years. >> yes. >> what is jerk chicken. actually it's a process. jerking is process. >> well it is. [ laughter ] >> mike -- >> we have children presence much it's a daily process. >> essentially it's a combination of herbs and spices and when they're put together it allows to you cook the meat and give it a just a certain distinct taste. it really just changes everything. actually it's a process that was started by jamaicans during when we were at war with spanish and english they would be in the mountains. >> they had to smoke their meat and cover it up so you wouldn't see the smoke. >> wow. >> mountains of jamaican. >> that's right. >> james thanks for bringing that in. we love jerk chicken. >> where can people find you. everybody talks about the jerk
9:42 am
kick chen man. let's start with social media. i'm on instagram and twitter on jerk chicken man. my website is side the road jerk chicken. that's my facebook and yelp presence. >> we can find you on the side of the road. that's where i seen you. >> exactly. >> northern liberties. >> real quickly, after the last week i had -- >> that's all you, mike. >> mike jerk. >> mike jerk. >> mike jerk. >> i'm fascinated by this reading house in their garage they've turned night a super bowl heaven. that's where bob is. >> reporter: hey, gang. good morning everybody. we're coming to you live this morning. hello reading, pennsylvania. >> whoo! >> for the last 18 years brent has put together his entire house mainly his garage and turn it into a football shrine. check it out.
9:43 am
we have all of the retired numbers from all of the philadelphia eagles. of course, when you wept down to the vet you had the city skyline in the background. brent here's your -- >> this was my last game at veterans stadium when the phillies played the atlanta braves. that bottle i cep the bottle. >> the original bottle. >> the original bottle from this last name. his name is brent. that means any time brent celek touches the ball what do we do? we have to hit the bobble head. >> let's go back up to the wall of fame. brent tell me about this. >> the wall of fame we have pictures of like kids or people that come here that do something special in the community. they get up on to the wall of fame. we have a ceremony every year. and they all get to get put up on the wall right here. >> what happens to the women that talk during the football game, jared. >> right out of the room. right out of the room. >> they join the cowboys fans right out of the room. >> i got to tell you, what is your wife she's got to be a saint. >> she's a saint. i like to thank you she does not like to come on camera.
9:44 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> there she is. without her approval none of this here would really happen. she's wonderful. she loves it. and when everybody leaves, i see a big smile on her face. >> they're here this morning. they'll go home and take a nap and come back. >> coming back for super bowl tonight. >> that's right. 4:00 o'clock this afternoon if you'd like to stop back for that. we have a lot of stuff going on. >> there you go. >> we've weren't here in readi reading. >> i'd like to thank fox 29 for being here. hi, mike and alex back in the studio. bob has done a great job out here. and we also like to thank barry without barry's phone call the other day none of this would have been possible so thanks a lot barry. my wife says thank you. >> i say we do the fight song. ready. >> one fight song. people. >> come on. ♪ fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory ♪ >> ultimate super bowl tailgate party. ♪
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♪ it's almost over. >> i don't want it to end. >> lucky if you stay tuned to fox all day it doesn't have to end. >> it's one super bowl show after the next until the game starts at 6:30. in fact fox news sunday chris wallace, i know he is, he's in houston texas. >> he's in houston this week. you talk to him on friday.
9:48 am
>> that's right. >> he was talking trash much he's a redskins fan. they're not in it either. >> a bunch of losers. >> matt, what are you doing. >> what is the idea of this. >> when you're at a party you have to have games. >> almost. >> we have games. >> she's supposed to have a ring on his post. >> like a ring toss. >> i'll bet if you had that thing on a long line of people. >> you can put a ring on my goal post. >> you know what we need. >> what? >> beer and chili. >> it's a super bowl sunday. >> beer and chili. >> there we go. >> wow. >> sue, do the honors. >> cheers! >> look at that. >> nice. >> where are you from. >> the philadelphia home group. >> come over next to us so we can see you. >> absolutely. >> hi. >> you can sit on the couch. >> come on over here, sit down. >> thank you. >> where you from. >> we're from philly.
9:49 am
we're home brewers also like chili we do a big chili cook o off. we brought few samples from our restaurants and chili professional amateurs who cook this. >> you make your own beer. >> we can make our own beer. two of them are from this guy right here. >> i have belgium golden strong ale. >> where is that. >> over here. >> okay. >> where do you make it? in your home. >> i do, yeah. >> in your home. >> in the basement. >> basement beer. >> yeah. >> it's very light and smooth. >> 9%. >> 9%. >> that's dangerous. >> that's a pale ale. >> this is actually the pale ale. >> we have an oatmeal stout in the middle right here. >> stout. >> which also have stouts which pairs with the chili we have here. >> got to have chili with it. >> what kind of chili do we ha have. >> we have a company bay beef and black bean. we have a vegan option chipotle sweet potato chili from rachel's
9:50 am
pantry. >> yum. >> we have repeat contestant who made this smoke beef roof and traditional no bean all meat, cheese and sauce. >> i like beans in mine. >> beans, beans, beans good for your heart. >> beans are really good. >> what is the saying. >> the more you eat them -- >> the magical fruit. >> more you toot. >> can i grab some for everyone. >> i'll do chili. do you have spoons or do we suck it down like a shot. >> we're good. >> there we go. >> we got to do one more break? kobe beef. >> one more break. >> one more break. >> then we have to announce the winner of our dishes here. >> somebody is going to get this trophy. we'll do that when we come back. >> pickled onion on that kobe beef. >> i like a pickled onion. ♪
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> system overload for you. >> my head is going to explode. >> at one point we were going to do a four hour show. my goodness. >> it's been so much fun. >> that means it's good party. >> that's right. >> thank you all for coming by
9:54 am
the way. >> aww. >> such cute moment. >> he's done. >> i'm available. >> i'm single and i love dogs. [ laughter ] >> so cute. now that we started the contest at 7:00 o'clock, alex. >> yes. >> what was it? >> it was we both brought a dish and we had different people try the dishes. >> yes. >> and whoever wins gets the vince lombardi trophy. >> actually jeremy as a real vince lombardi trophy. >> here's our field. every time one votes for one or the other we move our little players along the field. >> mike you are way down that field. >> big sticking football piñata. whatever this thing is. >> thanks, guys. >> i'm the one who put it there. >> so i'm on the 50. you're on the ten. >> yeah. >> i've lost. >> no, no, no. >> you know like a joe montana who is good at the hail mary aaron rodgers. >> over whatever. aaron rodgers is at home right now. [ laughter ] >> dug flute did one.
9:55 am
who's the guy that played for pittsburgh. cordell stewart. ? good knowledge by you mike. >> that's good football knowledge, yo. [ laughter ] >> so sue serio, you tasted my dip and her quesadilla. this is the hail mary. this is my hail mary. >> whoever -- >> ut-oh. >> whoever you say scores a touchdown and gets the trophy. >> shall i go over and demonstrate? >> yeah. >> i really like the spinach d dip. >> sue i've work with you for 20 years. >> it's good for you. >> i think you met my dead mother. [ laughter ] >> i have to say that the quesadilla was so good. >> no. >> no. >> hail mary. >> hail mary. >> yes. that's a heal mary she goes all the way to the end zone. >> not both of us. >> alex wins? >> alex wins! >> i didn't ay! [ cheers and applause ] >> jerry will you do the honors? >> well, alex, i'd like to
9:56 am
present you with 2,017's vince lombardi trophy. >> whoo! >> on bee laugh of lawyer up philly and lawyer up delaware. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> this is for you, everyone. this is for you! >> consolation prize. >> a cigar. >> i'll name my cigar maxine after my mother. >> aww. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> i have to admit something. my friend michael cyprian the catering company he made it. >> i lied. >> you're disqualified. >> we're supposed to make it myself. >> i'm like bill belichick, i cheat. >> oh. >> it's well do you meaned. what's going on there. >> you get a cigar. >> why do i get a cigar. >> i get a cigar. >> no you don't get a cigar. [ laughter ] >> the kids don't get cigars. >> who is within to go night. >> who is within to go night? >> i'm going with at lap at a
9:57 am
falcons 28-24 i'm going with the falcons that's my pick. >> because we all like penn charter's matt ryan. >> meat ice. >> got to love the penn charter alum. >> i have no idea who he is. >> penn charter will have a quarterback who wins the super bowl hopefully. >> he won the mvp award yesterday. how about that. >> maybe that's a good sign. >> okay. i didn't hear yesterday. dawkins make it. >> he did not get in the hall of fame. >> boo! >> terrell owens didn't make the either. >> his time coming first time on the ballot. he'll make it. >> to says he's done. >> did you see the tweet. i don't believe in this process. >> it's rigged. >> they don't like him. >> let's light these suckers up. can i hld hold your trophy. >> so bloated from food i'm going to take a nap. >> thank you to malc geez. >> malc geez! [ applause ] >> thank ugh for all of you coming in. we appreciate you made this party great. >> this is the first time time we've ever done this. thank you at home for watching with us. stay tuned to fox all day, though, super bowl will be here
9:58 am
tonight. >> fox news sunday with chris wallace live from houston is next. ♪ that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
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you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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