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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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18th and walnut. after the crash he was arrested by some folks in the park making a citizens arrest. fox 29's shawnette wilson is out there right now talking to the cab driver. some of those people who stopped the naked man and of course police and she'll have a live report just ahead. >> it is busy night developing story right now in haverford. revolves around dynamite found in a home's freezer that had neighbors sheltering in place for a good part of the day. they had sit tight while the bomb squad worked to get the dynamite out of that house. thanks for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. police found very strict procedures they worked to keep the neighborhood save. >> this all happened on the 200 block of laurel lane in haverford. fox 29's dave kinchen joining us live from lower merion township this evening. dave? >> reporter: very strange development here. it was a surprise for neighbors. we learned that the dynamite was being kept by a man who passed away and used to work in demolition.
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fox 29 cameras rolling as first responders and emergency vehicles escort eight to ten sticks of dynamite to a lab in delaware county after they were mysteriously found in a house on 200 block every laurel lane in haverford. >> they have to treat it to try and minimize the danger. so they have a procedure that they're following but apparently it just takes time. >> reporter: officials say neighbors had been told to shelter in place as fire crews worked the scene ever since getting the call around 10:30 this morning regarding dynamite found in a home being prepared for sale after the owner passed away. >> the house is being cleaned out by apparently family members, and they apparently discovered it in the freezer. >> reporter: fire officials say the dynamite sticks had been controlled by get this drenching them in diesel fuel. >> it's frozen so they need to soak it. let it defrost and soak it in diesel fuel that will help to make it safe to remove.
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>> reporter: the montgomery county and delaware county bomb squads working together on the case which means a very slow and steady commute to a delco facility with short-term road blocks popping up along the way. and we can tell you fire officials say there was no danger to the public once they got the dynamite under control. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, dave kinchen. only day 17 of the trump administration's first 100 days and it's already embroiled in the high stakes legal battle. at the center of it all the administration's travel ban that impacts seven muslim majority countries. federal judge sided with states of washington and minnesota halted it you know about that. well the states argued that the president had unleashed chaos by signing the executive order. battle now sits in the hands of san francisco's ninth circuit court of appeals widely regarded as most liberal appeals court in the nation. lawyers for the states of washington and minnesota have already filed papers. the justice department has to
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respond by tonight. right now the court is not deciding whether president president trump trump's travel ban is constitutional. it's looking at whether its suspension should stand for now. currently with the travel ban on hold, immigrants who just a week ago were banned from entering the u.s. are now making their way into the country and that includes the a sally familiarly from syria sent all the way back home but today they were reunited with other family members who are already living in allentown. here's some video of the family arriving at the airport in new york this morning. our bruce gordon is live at allentown tonight where he spoke with the family. bruce? >> reporter: right behind me sits the renovated row house four of the six family members will set up housekeeping after what's become a 13 year odyssey to escape the chaos of syria. about nine days ago it looked like all that hard work would go for naught. but tonight finally, a joyous reunion. family arrived in vehicle of the sort usually rented for parties which come to think of it was
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probably fitting. said their host -- >> i kept looking around and i'm looking this is dream. this is a dream. but you know what, today the dream came true. >> reporter: with curious neighbors looking on and cameras recording every move, governor tom wolf greeted a half dozen relatives of the family at their allentown home. >> nice to have all of you here. >> reporter: families flight from syria to the united are a rap emerates to jfk in new york was just the latest chapter in an immigrant story with more than a few twists and turns. >> i would just like to say this is who we are. and i think it's really wonderful to welcome the entire family. think of what they've been through. >> reporter: protests erupted at philadelphia international airport january 28th when the relatives were among those arriving from the middle east only to be turned around and sent back home. a result of the trump administration's temporary ban on immigration from seven muslim majority countries considered terror hot spots. this despite the family having all the appropriate documents. >> i was angry and i was
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depressed. and it took a lot of hard work to put today together. >> reporter: federal appeals court rulings and help from pennsylvania congressman charlie dent got the family back on a plane for the us. this time the welcome mat lay in front of them. matthew spoke for his fellow weary travelers after their long and controversial journey. >> stressful. just stressful and so tired. >> reporter: how do you feel now? >> very happy to see my brother and we unite with my family again. >> reporter: clearly as we just reported, the legal battle over immigration from those seven countries continues to play out. but for now at least it appears the family is here to stay. the newest addition to allentown's growing syrian community. lucy? >> there you have it. bruce gordon, thank you so much. absolutely sick. it is hard to wrap your mind around what bucks county prosecutors say a handyman did to children for 40 years.
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they say 58-year-old whim yum charles thomas raped children as young as three. he lived at a taylor park in morrisville and before that at a home in levittown. trailer park owner tipped off police after finding things we are not even going to detail because they're just that bad. prosecutor do's say thomas kept records of his sexual assaults on the children. they say they found more than a thousand images of child porn in his home as well as hundreds of pairs of little girls underwear on display. >> this was a perverse shrine to his criminal conquests and we are merely scratching the surface of those couldn't requests today. to be blunt about it this is a real live boogie man. this is your parent's worst nightmare. >> investigators worry thomas could have more victims. so they are asking you to come forward with any information you might have. thomas heads back to court next
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wednesday. happening now, septa once again trying to get back on track after cracks were discovered over the weekend. this time on subway cars the bad news is the agency doesn't know how long it's going to take to get everything back to normal. two cars on the busy market frankford line were found to have cracks in the main load carrying beam. now that beam is crucial because it holds up the weight of the the cars. 60 cars in all were removed for repairs after crews conducted inspections on all of them. the market frankford line is still in service but riders should be prepared for delays. >> we think we'll be able to keep increasing the car count to a point where we'll get close to running normal service hopefully fairly soon. >> we want to move quickly but we don't want to rush and make a mistake that would create another problem. last summer, septa had to pull 120 of its silver line rail cars from service because of structural defects. that impacted those regional rail routes.
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friends and family of delaware corrections officer steven floyd preparing to lay him to rest. a first visitation for lieutenant floyd is friday evening at delaware state university memorial hall. a second visitation saturday morning followed by a funeral service and burial for the 47-year-old in delaware. lieutenant floyd died last week during a hostage standoff at the james t. vaughn correctional center near smyrna. everyone around him hailed him a hero saying he saved lives. medical examiner rule his death a homicide. the trump taj mahal about to go on the market. billionaire carl icahn owns it says he is trying to sell the now closed casino in atlantic city. here's the bottom line here. icahn says he's fed up. new jersey senate passed a bill that would have punished him for closing the taj by stripping him of a casino license for the property for five years. governor christie vetoed that bill today. president trump opened the taj mahal casino in 1990 but lost
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control of it in bankruptcy. >> let's get a check on your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look at bush kill falls in the pocono mountains. you know we had pretty nice day in the city today. >> that's beautiful. >> beautiful out there. but a different story in the poconos mountains and the lehigh valley. >> let's get on over to meteorologist kathy orr. happy monday post super bowl d day. >> the day after. >> the day after. >> how do you feel? >> you know what, we went on at midnight we had early broadcast and here we are again. >> i'm full. aren't you full? >> i still am. >> i haven't eaten much today. i don't think i have to eat for a couple days. take a look hyped me. today's high temperature soaring above normal. the normal high is 42. atlantic city 56 degrees. wow. philadelphia 54. of course, that's 12 degrees above normal. reading, allentown, trenton everyone wip the exception of the poconos in the 50 today's. right now temperatures still mild. 52 in the city. 40 in the poconos. that's spring skiing. trenton, wrightstown, with southerly winds. temperatures right around 50 degrees. we will watch the clouds thicken
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and rain moving in during the early morning hours of tomorrow and another batch rolling in during your tuesday. but the point is, temperatures will be marginal in the poconos and in the lehigh valley so we have a freezing rain advisory from 1:00 a.m. till 10:00 a.m. tomorrow for of course northampton county into the poconos some icy concerns not a lot but it only takes a glaze to create some problems. so please be aware of that. coming up we'll talk about the rain and wind in our forecast. the potential for some record warmth and, of course, some cold and snow by thursday during the early morning hours. we could we could be seeing snow showers. we'll talk more about that coming up with your seven day forecast. i'll see you laterred in brought cast. >> all right, thank you much, kathy. remember you can always get your up to the minute weather and live looks at ultimate doppler radar on a case of food poisoning in one middle school. dozens of people sick. who at least one parent is blaming. and a warning for parents. what some teens admit to doing with e-cigarettes and why they
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say they're doing it. it's the alcohol that's grabbed headlines about its and apparent health benefit. is tequila the moo era kell health drink you should be drinking. what you need to know before you grab that lime and salt shaker. >> sounds a lot more fun than a green smoothie. kobe bryant's local legacy stolen. what thieves got away with when they broke into his alma mater. ♪ why are you deleting these photos?
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♪ tonight police are hoping this surveillance video will help them catch a violent attacker. look at this guy. police say he walked into ccd beer on the 700 block of tenth street north philadelphia on january 20th and cops say he stabbed someone, then ran away. if you've got any information police want to hear from you. >> fox 29 investigates told a mother or two she has to leave the rehab facility she was in. >> her husband decided to fight it out to keep his wife in treatment. it's a fox 29 investigation. jeff cole is here with a look at ahead at his report coming up
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tonight at ten. >> reporter: health insurance experts tell us this is a common sense. patients in need care are told by their insurance company they have to get out. that their coverage has been cut. tonight we report the story of michelle sigel of south jersey. she suffered a devastating stroke last year. her husband says just as she was showing improvement at a rehab facility, her insurance cut her off. he waged all out battle fueled by his passion to see this wife return to her old self. >> they seem not to be concerned with the overall wealth fair of a patient. aren't they there for that? >> that's what i always thought. >> but you don't believe that any more? >> no. i don't. >> reporter: now tonight at 10:00, see how his battle turns out and we'll hear from michelle sigel as she fights her way back to the life she once knew. also we'll report on the big health insurance company the name you know and what it has to
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say. that's all tonight at 10:00 as fox 29 investigates. iain, they're probably isn't a more important issue right now that's out there regarding health insurance than this one. we'll take a look at it tonight. >> all right, jeff, thanks. look forward to that. tonight pennsylvania senate is pushing for more restrictions on abortions in the keystone state. the judiciary committee is set to advance legislation that would ban elective abortions after 20 weeks. currently pennsylvania law allows women to have abortions up to 24 weeks in pregnancy. the push comes after attempts stalled last year when democratic governor tom wolf threatened to veto it. the state's largest doctors group also opposed to legislation. whole lot of moving and shaking in the first 100 days we're only the third week. today he addressed troops in florida as the immediate future of his travel ban sits in the hands of an appeals court in san francisco. but fox's karo loin shively reports that's not the only turmoil the administration will have to fend off this week. >> reporter: president trump
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touching on his travel ban while speaking to troops at central command in florida. >> people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us. >> reporter: back in washington, justice department lawyers worked to finish briefs defending that temporary ban on refugees and travelers from seven predominantly muslim countries. a judge blocked the order friday a move president trump calls ridiculous. >> mr. trump is saying let's take a pause, let's make sure we can appropriately vet them. >> reporter: former senior administration officials including madeleine albright, michael hayden and john kerry condemn the executive order saying in part, this order cannot be justified on national security or foreign policy grounds. democrats are reacting to mr. trump's comments to fox's bill o'reilly about vladimir putin. >> putin is a killer. >> a loft killers. got a lot of killers. you think our country is so
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innocent. >> you know if a democrat said it you'd be just how long at the moon. rightfully so. >> reporter: in all night senate session democrats are also condemning education secretary nominee betsy devos. >> i you were my republican friends and we just need one more let's cut this off. she is embarrassingly unprepar unprepared. >> reporter: senate democrats will have to relinquish the floor for a vote on the devos tomorrow. a vote that could be so close vice-president mike pence might be brought in for a tie breaker. caroline shively fox news. >> always a spectacular site. look at that. meteor shoot aig cross the midwest not only it will up the sky but social media as well right around 1:30 this morning. dash cam video getting thousands of shares. reports of the meteor coming in from wisconsin through illinois, indiana, michigan. meteorologists say a sonic boom from the meter or shook houses in wisconsin and radar actually showed the meteor passing over lake michigan w did it land?
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that is the great question. nobody knows whether it even made impact or not. queen elizabeth marking first tonight. she's 90 years old, and she has just become the first british monarch to reign for 65 years. a 41 gun salute in london's green park to mark the occasion. the palace said the queen spent the day at her estate in eastern he know lap. she became monarch when her father king george died of lung cancer in 1952. elizabeth surpassed queen victoria as britain's longest serving monarch in 2015. a new record set for one major airline. why this one probably had whole lot of people stretching their legs. >> a car in a parking spot in a garage. no big deal, right? but who was behind the wheel that has so many people shocked. a little boy's dreams come true. what firefighters and police officers did today to give him a day he will not soon forget. ♪
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in arkansas charges against young boy have stunned people. police arrested the 12-year-old for the murder of a convenience store clerk. 12 years old. they say he shot and killed the 21-year-old woman. prosecutors have charged the boy with capitol murder and aggravated assault. however, under state law they cannot charge him as an adult. but they can hold him until his 21st birthday. a judge will then decide whether to release him. in colorado, family and friends are remembering the denver security guard killed on the job last week. merely 100 people showed up to say goodbye to scott van lincoln
5:24 pm
his family says they want people to remember him as a loving person who liked to help others. prosecutors say 37-year-old joshua cummings shot him while he was giving directions to woman on the street. investigators believe cummings may have targeted him because of his guard uniform. a denver mosque says it warned police about cummings last year say he was developing radicalized muslim beliefs. who doesn't perk up at the idea of a free lunch? well it didn't work out so well for people at a school science fair. no such thing as free lunch. middle school students were competing at the campus of florida gateway college on saturday but after getting some free lunch, 28 kids and two adults got sick and had to be taken to the hospital. >> they were projectile vomiting. they couldn't stop. they were weak. >> i know everybody's mind is what caused this to happen? where did it come from? how did it come about? >> food poisoning everyone is expected to recover. florida department of health is now investigating but one mom
5:25 pm
says the husband of the event organizer did all the cooking. a qatar airways flight sets new record longest commercial flight route the plane flew from logging 14,535 miles in the air total time in flight, 17 hours 45 minutes. it is the alcohol that grabbed headlines about its apparent health benefits. so is tequila the miracle health drink you should be drinking? thought you might want to know before you grab that lime and salt shaker. an amber alert during the super bowl. the little girl found safe but it's where she was found that's got so many people stunned. kathy? in weather we're talking about it getting warmer in mid february. see all those arrows behind me. those southerly winds bringing in the warmth. we have some wind and we have some rain also snow in the seven day. it's a mess. we'll take look at that when we come back. where things come from?
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♪ two-year-old girl in columbia county pennsylvania safe tonight after her family thought she was abducted. now police issued amber alert for alexis webber during last night but it turns out it was just a false alarm. young girl's family reported her missing from their home in berwick. they also said their car may have been stolen. hours later police found the
5:29 pm
girl in the car which had rolled down their driveway and into the woods. police say that they think the driver forgot to put the car in park. gone without a trace. ton night detectives are hoping to cash reward will help them crack a case that has been cold for nearly five years now. pennsylvania state police are looking for 24-year-old chelsea lee rick kerr. she disappeared in february of 2012. the last place anyone saw her an at on the 2400 block of cep sipping ton avenue above the ska coffee shop in north philly. if you can help solve this murder, pennsylvania crime stoppers would love to hear from you. you can stay anonymous and be eligible for that cash reward. it can be a problem in our city. >> leaders they don't always follow the rules. >> what? >> trying to make sure they do is easier said than done. fox 29's bruce gordon now with only in philly. >> reporter: i'm bruce gordon. when it comes to ethics and
5:30 pm
government it never hurts to be reminded of the rules. you know, seminars, classes to refresh lawmakers on what they may and may not do. yes, you can accept this gift. no you can't do that favor. but when it comes to philadelphia city council, most members seem to be playing hookie. reported wednesday that none, not one, of the current 17 council members has attended ethics training classes annually over the past five years as is required by city ordinance. in fact not a single member has attended even three of the classes over that five-year peer. story reports district councilman kenyata johnson actually pushed for legislation to mandate ethics training once every four years. believing it to be a tightening of the rules. he was forced to amend his legislation when he learned it would actually loosen the rules. of course you can't put all the blame on city council. philadelphia's ethics board which actually runs the training sessions scheduled all of one class in 2013 and none in all of
5:31 pm
2015. the story notes that skipping these annual training sessions is technically a violation of the law. but it's also clear that those in charge seem uninclined to mandate attendance or even schedule more sessions. good to know that ethical behavior is taken so serious until our fine city. speaking of knowing right from wrong, it turns out philadelphia state senator larry farnese was on firm ground when he used $6,000 in campaign funds to cover the cost of a study abroad program for the daughter of a democratic city committee woman set to vote on his race for democratic ward leader back in 2011. a jury on wednesday acquitted farnese of bribery charges in his federal corruption trial. if a $6,000 gift sounds fishy to you, you should know expert witness at his trial testified that such generous use of campaign cash is both common and acceptable in pennsylvania. good to know that when your kids college tutu wig fund runs short
5:32 pm
your local elected official is such a soft touch. only in philly. ♪ camden honoring man who says made a positive impact on many lives in the city. today city leaders dad gated to rename part of the jasper street after monsignor michael doyle. they say doyle has been a strong advocate for the community and has played an important role in revitalizing south camden. the street from broadway to fourth is now michael doyle lane. >> let's check in on your fox 29 weather authority again. take live look at reading in berks county. you know it's february out there, but we could still be seeing temperatures that are more like april. >> it's crazy. >> the forecast also includes snow as well. some more spring like days. meteorologist kathy orr has got your full forecast in 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
what a day to be outside with temperatures that were so warm in the 50s. philadelphia made it to 54 degrees. that is 12 degrees above normal and as we take look at the past four hours, pretty decent. 1:00 o'clock it was 51. by 2:00, 53 it stayed that mild right through the late afternoon. when you see high temperatures being reached late in the day, like at about 4:00 p.m., you know that that is an excellent sign that those days are getting longer. winds out of the south right now at 9 miles an hour. right now in philadelphia, it is still pretty pleasant with temperatures around 52. 54 allow weeville. look at chicago at 49 degrees. little bit colder to the north. minneapolis 32. rapid city 19. dallas 80 we'll get a taste of the weather from the south and then you know winter will make a come back by the end of the week and into the weekend. as we go hour by hour, you can see a mainly partly cloudy sky rolling in late during the nighttime hours and then some
5:34 pm
waves of precipitation some freezing rain possible in the lehigh valley and the poconos, and then we warm the up everywhere with periods of rain occasional showers not a lot of rain more of a nuisance about quarter of an inch or so and then we dry it back out for wednesday with some morning clouds giving way to some sunshine and some very warm temperatures. tonight increasing clouds with rain arriving during the early morning hours. winds out of the south and overnight low temperature of 39 which is balmy for this time of year. during the day tomorrow, we'll see some rain and some breezy conditions. winds out of the south west ten to 15. the high near 60 degrees. and we will be seeing the wind picking up by tomorrow night. i think we'll see some gusts to about 30, 35 miles per hour. then we have a chance of snow. this the scenario for wednesday night and into thursday. we had this benign area of low pressure going to our west. but now it looks like it could transfer its energy off the coast by wednesday night into thursday. too late for big storm, but the possibility where you see the green this is long range mid
5:35 pm
dell that would be snow with the air cold enough. you have to remember that we'll have very warm days leading up to that event. when we look at the wind, winds will be picking up as well over the course of the day tomorrow. out of the southwest at about 2e afternoon into the evening. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, occasional rain for your tuesday. but i'm very interested in wednesday. record warmth. now, the record is 63 degrees set back in 1925. and we could at least tie that record in philadelphia. so that is something to watch. for your thursday, morning clouds turning colder. maybe some morning snow showers. friday cold. saturday look at this 48. sunday 52. and by next monday, a day a lot like today sunshine the temperature 50. i'll take it. maybe more than one. i'll take two. [ laughter ] >> well good because it's on the plate right there. excellent. thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. we got a warning tonight for parents. the trick some teens admit to
5:36 pm
doing with e-cigarettes. and the reason they say they'll just keep doing it. wawa expected to get competition in south jersey. the other convenience store coming to town. these are the basketball legend kobe bryant's local legacy stolen. what thieves got away with when they broke into his alma mater.
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♪ royal farms hoping to make name in new jersey and give wawa a run for its money. the maryland based convenience store is opening its first jersey location in magnolia. that's in camden county. it's expected to open in the spring. the chain already has a presence in delaware. open its first philadelphia area store in 2015 in ridley park. money is the problem and so the pennsylvania state university system is looking to change things up enrollment at the 14 state owned universities dropped by nearly 15,000 students since 2010. the schools are getting less state aid as well. the board that oversees the university system is bringing in a consultant to look at options
5:40 pm
which could include merging or closing campuses. an parent warning tonight for dog owners. dog food sold in pennsylvania is being recalled over contamination. dog and cat food issued voluntary recall of canned food after a sedative was found in its hunk of beef aujus products. it sicken five doing. some of those cans were given out in pennsylvania with an expiration date of june 2020. we've got more information on what to look for just head to our website g do you buy flowers for your significant other on valentine's day. if you do get ready to dig deep into your pock. according to online marketplace fat wallet dozen una ranged roses costs about 65 bucks. unarranged mind you. that could explain the nearly $20 billion americans she would out for last year for valentine's day. the retailer says people who are married spend average of 100 bucks on their sweetheart for valentine's day.
5:41 pm
talk about sisterly love. one sibling risks her life to help her sister. what she did in her sister's hour of need. >> the alcohol that has grabbed headlines about a apparent health benefit. is the did he little what the meara health drink that you should be dripping. what you need to know before you grab the lime and salt shaker. >> iain we have to go back and recap the super bowl. hear what both sides of the coin had to say tom brady and matt ryan talk about the game. john dorenbos what was he doing on the field after. fine out later in sports.
5:42 pm
i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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♪ teens are fine the new in thing. for now that thing is called dripping. not a good idea. it involves putting drops of
5:45 pm
e-cigarette liquid directly on to the heating coil and immediately inhaling the vapor cloud. quarter of teen e-cig users say they've tried it. according to survey what you can find in the journal pediatrics teens do it so they can do smoke tricks and they say it gives them better flavor. researchers warn that dripping can lead to greater emissions of very harmful chemicals. annal an old saying you see on t shirts on the boardwalk. one tequila, two, tequila, three tequila floor. >> i hadn't seen that. a lot of headlines claiming distill beverage made from the blue agave plant has hell benefits. >> tequila sales are through the roof but is it really good for you? >> our chris o'connell doing the yoman's work rolled up his sleeves because that's the kind of guy he is and got to the bottom of it. so to speak. >> reporter: ♪ >> reporter: this guy came
5:46 pm
from mexico. >> david talks about tequila. >> i prefer for aged tequila. >> the way many artists talk about rembrandt or picasso. >> like no other spirit. like in other beverage in the world. >> he should know, he not only owns tequila restaurant on locust street. he also has his own line of tequila. made from blue agave harvested from his own fields in native mexico. the plant is grown up to ten years. for it to be called again win tequila it must be made here. ♪ >> all the people that come from here one way or another they are related to the culture of tequila. >> who is this guy. >> that guy is a dreamer. a young dreamer. 31 years ago. >> reporter: he and his family has been making tequila since he was a kid. >> we have a guy inside
5:47 pm
fermented tanks. >> i want to be that guy. >> oh yeah. me, too. >> reporter: it's long been said the a satisfy gay plant with sweet nectar has many secret health benefits. so can a shot of tequila or marguerita actually be good for you? some of the claims for the gluten free vegan sweetener good for digestion, lower risk of dementia even a cold and flu remedy. >> what we're talking about here -- >> we went to fox 29' doctors mike to get some answers. >> when it comes to alcohol moderation. there's some studies that show you will live longer, probably because of the anti-inflammatory effects of alcohol, and the social as specs of alcohol. ♪ >> reporter: but is tequila any better for you than any other alcoholic beverage? we'll answer that in a minute. back to the bar. >> absolute. >> absolute. >> absolute. >> i got to admit tequila was never my thing. but it turns out i've been drinking the wrong stuff. >> i would not think this was tequila.
5:48 pm
>> probably what you drank before is not tequila. this is what aged tequila supposed to taste like. >> the good stuff. >> that's right. >> sorrow admits for years tequila had a hangover of an image. >> i notice a tremendous negative image of tequila and that really bots me. i take that personally. >> reporter: he wanted to did he bunk the shot slamming like licking spring break wasting away in margaritaville stereotypes that often came with shot of tequila. >> it's a tremendous disrespectful act when we take ten years of mother nape working very hard. >> right down the gullette. >> in two seconds, you know -- >> reporter: don't get him started on the worm at the bottom of the bottle. >> when people say, do you eat the worm -- >> i afraid you were going to ask me that. >> reporter: these days tequila is diverse and complex as any wine or whiskey.
5:49 pm
>> tequila is not just the spirit. the drink. it's a great expression of who we are as mexicans. >> reporter: that's the reason experts say sales of premium tequilas have more than double in the united states in the last decade. >> if you're a scotch drinker or whiskey drinker. >> you are definitely taste the wood. >> because this is american oak. >> reporter: now back to your health. is tequila the new go to drink scene in the headlines? well, dr. mike says probably not. >> satisfy gay can treat colitis, crohns disease, ibs and even cancer. you call bleep on this? >> more than bleep. i'm calling this forget about it. that's what i'm calling that. ♪ >> reporter: dr. mike the beneficial sugars in a satisfy gay are not translated into the finished product. >> if you like tequila, have a nice tequila once in awhile. but don't think it's going to be much for you other than have a
5:50 pm
good time. >> ♪ >> this is from the aged -- this is aged for three months. >> that's fine with zuro he'll be still be here serving up his history. >> this is old school. >> his spirit one sip at a time. [ laughter ] >> chris o'connell, fox 29 news. you big tequila drinker. >> i don't drink he tequila. >> neither do i. >> i have -- chris had no problem. >> he was the perfect one. >> if it did have health benefits he won't be sick for a year. >> which is a good thing. the flu is spreading at a high rate. >> i got my flu shot. >> did you? >> yeah. >> i think i should have because this is hitting 40 states and i'm not feeling very well right now. centers for disease control and prevention the nation is about to hit what tra dig alley the peak of new season. yay! doctors stress it's not too late for individuals particularly those at high risk for infection to get a flu shot. there you go. remember it only protects against certain strains. you're gambling but it's better
5:51 pm
than not having one. as iain proved because he's healthy. flu season typically runs between october and march but you can catch the new any time of year. so what would you be willing to do to help out a sibling. >> one woman in idaho risked her life to carry her sister's chi child. nation and jesse gifford trying to have baby for awhile. they were devastated by the loss of a daughter at nine days old. and a still born son. ironically when jesse was pregnant with her son, her sister seam was also trying to have a baby and jesse remembered that sammy had offered to be their surrogate mother years before and as jesse found out, was still willing to carry their child. >> i have two of my own so it was kind of -- i know what they lost. >> i couldn't imagine not having her. she's perfect. >> the pregnancy wept off without a hitch. on october 22nd charles samantha was born and as you can see everyone is doing just fine. >> big milestone for twin girls
5:52 pm
who were conjoined this weekend bellamy and balmy celebrated their first birthday. the twins are staying at maria ferrara children's hospital in new york. took doctors 21 hours to separate them in january but they're doing well enough little birthday bash with their parents and hospital staff. little boy's dreams come true. what firefighters and police officers did to give him a day he will not soon forget. basketball legend kobe bryant's local legacy gone. what thieves got away with when they broke into his alma mater. try to stop drug addiction. what new jersey will now require doctors to do as the state fights opioid addiction problem.
5:53 pm
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he wouldn'help me.itting us. i'm scared. it hurts. he told me not to tell. make the call. make the call ...before it's too late. suspect it? report it. make the call. 1-800-932-0313 paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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an entirely different kind of joy ride. look at this. six-year-old boy in china jumped into the driver's seat of his family's car. started driving back and forth in the parking lot there. even tested out the lights as you can see. amazingly the little guy wasn't all that bad. did not crash in any other cars parked or otherwise. the boy's mom says she was napping at the time but later noticed the car wasn't in the same spot and saw some scratches on the rear bumper. little puppy had a big problem. eight month old got his head stuck in a tire i'll tell you right now don't worry he's okay. all right. this happened in montana. the owner of the pup left the
5:57 pm
dog in the yard for couple of hours. returned to find the little guy stuck in the wheel. dogs name is blaze. his daddy brought him to the vet who couldn't do darned thing but did call in the fire department. they whipped out the coconut oil and tugged and pulled gently, of course. to get blaze free and throughout the entire process he didn't even make a sound. i'm sure he's very grateful. all righty. so firefighters law enforcement officers came together in central arkansas. to make an 11-year-old's dream come true. >> third grader caleb evans has had multiple health issues in his young life and later this month he'll be heading to the hospital for special surgery. >> yup. special treat to cheer him up as local firehouse stepped up to give him a day to remember and fox's stephanie sharp was there. >> reporter: with a big grin and a firefighter's jacket of his own, caleb evans smile goes from ear to ear. >> thank you. >> oh, buddy you're so welcome. >> reporter: this isn't a normal day for caleb. >> what are you going to tell them. >> thank you. >> reporter: it's not a normal
5:58 pm
day for the law enforcement and firefighters here to meet him. >> caleb i look forward to good night with you buddy. we'll have fun. >> what do you say. >> thank you. >> reporter: started with lights and siren escort to the fire department. caleb controlling it on his own. (sirens). >> his momma reises this is much more than a play day. >> he never gave up. he still hasn't given up. >> reporter: the 11-year-old has fought health issues his whole life. >> he's on iv fluids 18 hours out of the day and we don't sit at home for 18 hours at all. it doesn't slow us down. >> reporter: report upcoming trip to the hospital a major one. >> we're scared. we're terrified of this surgery coming up. >> reporter: that's why these firefighters mission is making his day. >> he thinks firefighters are the moon which is totally fine with us. >> reporter: for the firefighters and officers they are just as inspired by caleb. >> this is one of the easiest things you could ever do as a firefighter and it's definitely
5:59 pm
one of the most rewarding. >> reporter: the final surprise of the day, the bigge biggest. >> all right, bud. >> reporter: a ride in med flight helicopter with thumbs up and ready to take off. he's still all smiles in the air. making his dream a reality. >> it means more than anyone would ever know, um, to have the support and to see him happy. >> caleb's surgery is on february 23rd in cincinnati, ohio. >> we wish him the best. >> yup. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00, sticks of dynamite found inside a delaware county home tucked away in the last place you'd think to look. what the bomb squad had to do with them. well that's pretty odd, too. let's go, let's go, let's go. >> plus a happy ending for one family. >> today the dream came true. >> their reunion set back week
6:00 pm
by the president's controversial travel ban. their message to those strangers who have been in their corner. ♪ breaking news topping 6:00. check this out. a cabby carjacked and the guy who did it was buck naked. drove through rittenhouse square putting up all kinds of smoke. people in the square were diving out of the way. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in the square. crazy stuff, shawnette. >> reporter: okay. >> all right. so we have some technical problem. shawnette can't hear us right now. i'll tell was that was an interesting story. we'll get back out there to her in just a moment. developing right now, a mystery in haverford after dynamite was found in home's freer sorry bomb squad worked to get the dynamite out of the house neighbors were told to stay in their home and shelters in place. >> we have questions where they came from and many more than that. fox 29's dave kinchen joining us


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