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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 7, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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police say they finally arrested the killer of queens jogger corina. >> there was no closure to this story. it only ends when i die. >> wow. >> did you reg jer register to vote. >> that was rude. >> all my daughter's pictures were in this third floor. >> thank you for your services.
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>> good morning. am i bothering you? >> that's fine. >> on morning after police say they finally arrested killer of queen's jogger corina, i wanted to talk had her father phil. i felt like i knew where to find him, at the memorial he built with his own two hands
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for his daughter's life, the spot where she was attacked he was there this morning. >> he agreed to talk to us, sat down with us, for his first interview,20-year-old channel lewis was arrested. >> he should get the death penalty, it is only right, i don't know if they could seek the deep, it depends on pro prosecutes it. >> true. >> would you like t like to do that yourself. >> do what? >> kill him. >> no. no. i would have liked to have caught him. but no as far as like pulling the switch? no. no. >> he was in his florida home, with the flu. he got a call at 6 p.m. saturday night. >> he came back to new york saturday morning attended
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lewis' arraignment on sunday evening. what was that like. >> tense, i have never been to one before. >> he got a look at lewis, the sight he was not expecting. >> i thought he would look like a criminal. you know like a killer. >> what did he look like? >> a regular guy. why -- he does not look like someone that would do that to my daughter, but i guess that is why it took so long. lo. >> phil has gratitude for the nypd detectives who hard work resulted in the arrest. arrest has not diminished the pain that phil feels, he is not letting up on his push for advocate for familial dna testing. >> you had a intense focus, a mission. is there almost a sense of
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inflation now that it is over. >> there kind of is. >> what are you going to do now. >> i don't know. i am still pushing for fa familial dna . >> i believe he is going to be a 20th century john walsh. i asked did he feel differently now that he does not feel he is searching for his daughter's killer every day? >> no, there is no closure to this story. this story only ends when you know i die. that is all. >> when you die? >> then, i don't have to live with thing on n agony any more that is closure. thing on n agony will always be there. >> for the rest of your life. >> hello, what do you want to do?
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hello? >> nast, devastating wildfires in chile, this video from el sol a man hacking away at a lock in a fence so firefighters can walk through the fence, get back to safety, he is banging away, banging away, banging away, then they just walk around the fence. >> i don't know about you, but my weekend got off to a wild start. ♪ i drove up to bedside to cram into a bathroom with 8 strangers to watch their stranger buying while she told us a story.
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>> smiling, and soft light. >> yeah that happened. every performance location is kept a secret until a couple of days before the show, the location changes every time. and the number of people that attend changes upon how big the bac bathroom circumstancis. >> it is 35 bucks. >> yeah. >> per person. >> to sit in the bathroom. >> also to engage in a immersive theater performance. >> that is it, of course,. that. >> when i got to the house, that was written to the e-vita, alejandro the owner greeted me at the door, he took me up stairs and showed me the lay of the land, i asked him why he wanted to
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host. really connected with me, there was such a beautiful moment that happened with people if they allow themselves to open up. >> this is what what happens when you move to brooklyn. >> i was not sure what i was getting into, so before all of the guests arrived, i pulled aside the star of the show, i talked to laughlin who has been performing this show for the last year about an accident that happened on her bike two years ago that resulted in a broken wrist. >> i broke my hand in a bike accident two years ago in brooklyn, i had a cast down to by elbow, i was borrowing friends ba bathtubs in new york because i did not have one. >> broken bone bathtub, asks
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audience members to listen to her story, and share times in their lives, where they have been impacted by the friendliness of others. >> broken bone bathtub. that is a we're name. >> she en greats current events. you can check out broken bone bathtubs, get tickets and you could be a host. >> diana? >> i am atlanta loss for words -- at a loss for words. >> don't knock it until you try it a true artist is creative, i know your inspiration comes at different moments. i write 95% of hig my script, after the show, i am relaxing in the tub. >> i love she does this in the tub. i do my best thinking in the
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nude. >> what? >> about time somebody stood up for the big guys, what do you got. >> landlords love him, tenants hate him, bradley silver bush, the go to lawyer for landlords. >> are you the most hated man in new york. >> i hope not. >> you are the go to for landlords in new york that want to evict people. >> that is me. >> i met with bradley in his law office. this guy will get you kicked out for rent. i asked him how he became that guy. >> i got into heavey crimes -- heavy crimes, you thinking this could have been my wife, daughter, girlfriend or mother who was a victim, last thing i would' to put somebody like that back out on the street. >> he got tired of that he
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switched to 1 to tenants law. >> most of my clients are in the right, they are not evicting people who don't deserve to be evicted. most have violated the law, or breached their lease or done something long. >> he used private investigators and overt cameras. >> there was cocaine transaction? >> we say a great deal of short-term traffic, 30 seconds, on a regular basis in the evening, we could see something transact between "the visitor" and the perch opening the person opening the door, you know through, investigation techniques, our investigator found out there was crack being sold. >> i asked him about those gold mines, rent stabilize apartment. >> you might have an apartment that should be 2500 dollars a month. but because it has been there long-term they moved
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in the 70s it may be $800 a month. >> i asked him about one of those cases he said he is tenacious it took him 5 years, but he got a police officer, on record, lying under oath trying to help his brother save a rent stabilize apartment. >> i ren was less than $200 a month on free market that would rent ther for $3500 a month they lied under oath. >> love him or hate him, when he kicks you out of an apartment he says because you are using it illegally. >> i lived in an apartment where i was playing one price, and person next to me paid a different price. people who were good hard working people, how do you make a living in a city where it is so expensive. this was your home for years, that is rough to know that person being kicked out.
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>> i read an article about how star from orange is new black was in a rents stabilize apartment. i am happy someone is out there, fighting for the big guy. >> a dog, who paints, dog vinci . >> lowhere things come from?
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how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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>> banging away, just banging away, just badging away, just banging away. and then -- oh, my god. >> last week, deborah was happy to see her husband sent her flower until she realized they were for her dog, read sebastian feel better, love daddy. the dog had surgery, daughter lilly said, he thought it was funny, father works in middle east, and normally gives them to the mother. >> turning a lot of heads in tennessee, she is wearing goggles when she puts her head out. dog goin goggles, but, i
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don't think that any dog that i know would wear them. >> diana, dogs can do anything even paint. >> right, a dog who paints. >> paint. come on. what a good boy. hold. good job yes. there you go. >> his name is jager, but his fans call him dog vinci, a long island super star famous for his abstract art and red beret. >> he always wearing his red beret. dagger, sit. >> i met with dagger and his opener yvonne in new york. and let's say i got more than just an autograph from are i mr. dagger. >> can i borrow him. >> he was licking me.
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i guess he liked me. >> he had over 200 commissions since he started paintses over a year ago, that is like more than i had in my lifetime as an artist. >> good boy. >> the black lab golden retriever mix was going to be trained for a living asi assistant dog, she noticed he had other talents. >> he was watching me, and he was mimicking me, i started -- a took a canvass, and started to work with him. utilizing the command words he knew. instead of the get command it is the brush. and instead of push it is paints. >> dagger may not be the service dog he set out to be
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he is still doing his service in a community. >> i called this one, sort of semi done because it is just colors, beautiful in it. you can see his ear that is the eye. this there is the nose. >> the body, the eye, the nose, you can see him like, looking out from all those colors. >> after fundraising events and art work he has raised more than $6,000 for k-9 companions and 12,000 for dozen other charities. >> i want everything that dagger does to be good and positive. >> that seems to be working, look at some of the photos from a fundraising even he had over the weekend. i bet you will see a smile in every face. if you are interested in
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learning more or buying one of his paintings. that sell for as much as $200, you can go to dog vinci . >> dogs of color blind. >> yes, he just takes his nose. >> hig. >> these thought it was a green beret. >> what is with you? >> i wish lola was that skilld. >> lola is a sheep herder. >> yes. this woman's stomach is all tied up in knotts -- in
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knots. she creates it with her body.>>. sometimes i do these things like putting together a sid spider w. >> we're going to be fair, accurate and ruthless. >> this is the aurora project. you ready? >> this is the aurora project. you ready? #e
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hambone! sally! 22! hut hut! tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next?
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>> you canny you can see a mang away at a lock, banging away, banging away, ban.
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>> well minnesota -- wow. >> i don't know why i can't say that, minnesota -- what the? i'm sorry. >> this woman's stomach is all tied up in knots look at this small stomach, and a knot around it in video a make-up artist shows how to create this illusion. >> well, love him or hate him, every year the super bowl commercials steal the show like this awkward one on justin bieber dances in a t-mobilcommercial. >> where did this guy come from? >> in minnesota police department. reads if you drive drunk, we'll
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going to subject you to that super bowl commercial. >> where did this guy come from? look at him dance? unlimited moves. this guy has got the sham shake. >> thank god for cowboys. >> in whether ford, texas there was a tier on the loose -- deere on the loose, theyrageeled rim up. >> guess who is back? ♪ new york city, city. >> yep, who all here has been to
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an escape room? >> bing. >> we got one. >> sergio and i tried an escape room in harlem with a fitting name -- hoodwink. >> being hoodwink means being drinked over bamboozled, hood wimplehoodwink. a nice play on word. >> hoodwinks has 4 themes rooms we did the spirit of harlem room and had a blast with a bunch of perfect strangers, by the end they felt more like friends. >> way it works, you get 60 minutes to try to solve riddles, you get different clues that help you open different locks. you want to solve everything clue buyer your time is up, you know you have escaped when the door opens. >> oh. >> you want the door to open, cool part about this room is all of the clues are based off of
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harlem history. >> writers of renaissance they lead you through the room, fabulous musicians, and jadz jaz musicians, music of harlem. a lot of games played in harlem. >> we learned a little bit. >> you need your full mental capability. >> best part is coming together with people you don't know. >> i was super nervous this was not my first rodeo in doing an escape room. i did not escape my first time. but it was really fun. playing the whole hour on surveillance video, seeing that moment when he call et cetera e. >> -- it gave me what i wanted. >> we can't tell you too. >> how many people in room. >> 8 of us. >> not just you two. >> no you need a team. >> a group.
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>> did you get along. >> you have to, they said this is perfect for companies, you put your differences ash side a, there is just one goal, this is a team building exercise, we can't share too much, we want you to experience it, but it was the like a big party. >> have you done it. >> i have. >> sergio you were there. >> we do this every day, it is called taping. >> what? >> so many jokes that could come out of that none of them appropriate. >> i give that handshake a 6. >> come on. >> fake news, you sound just like the president. >> thank you. >> you are not on a plane. >> i am not from a terrorist sponsored nation. >> lucky you. >> were you talking? >> how about i don't talk today. >> hey. >> ready? >> oh, hey, how are you doing?
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