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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 7, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. that up ended picturesque rittenhouse square. guy yanked a woman out of a cab, carjacked the driver, drove it straight through the square. it sent people diving just to get out of the way. i'm lucy noland. once that guy stopped down people stepped up. took the guy down. held him down until cops got there. fox 29's shawnette wilson ended up at that square shortly after the man was arrested. what a story, shawnette. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, you know what, i just still can't believe no one was hurt in all of this. but witnesses plenty of them describe what happened including what they say the man reportedly said when he was caught. >> he was naked. as soon as we pulled him out the car he was like i'm mentally ill. take me to the hospital. >> reporter: earnest wilson
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one of a group of people who pulled a man out of stolen cab after the suspect crashed at 18th and walnut in rittenhouse this afternoon. this is video one of our fox 29 interns recorded from her apartment as it happened. >> he came from passenger side. >> looking at his wrecked cab driver michael emmanuel weren't believe how this happen it started when he was dropping off fare at the carl line on locust street this afternoon. a man walked up to the cab and attacked the woman. >> he opened the passenger side door and he grabbed her from the collar and drag her on the street. >> reporter: when he emmanuel and other bystanders ran to help the woman the suspect jumped in the cab and took off straight down locust and into the park. a viewer immediately recorded this video of the suspect screaming through. >> he drives the locust street and from entrance he drive all over in the park in the rittenhouse park. >> reporter: inside the park. >> inside the park, yes, through the park and he came over here. he made a right and hit that white car over there. >> reporter: someone even
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captured this mixture an officer holding the suspect down on the ground. >> and police say that the man was taken to hahnemann hospital. no word on his condition tonight. lucy yes. >> all right. thank you very much, shawnette. patience is key if you're using the market frankford line tomorrow. transit agency says it does not know how long it will take to complete repairs on the busy line. this weekend septa crews found two cars on the line with cracks in the main load carryin carryi. they have now removed 60 cars for repairs. the line is up and running. riders you got to prepare yourself for delays. bob kelly will keep tabs on all of this tomorrow morning his good day traffic reports start early. 4am. only day 17 of the trump administration's first 100 days and it's already embroiled in high stakes legal battle. tomorrow in san francisco, the ninth circuit court of appeals widely regarded as the most liberal appeals in nation will hear the challenge to the travel ban. washington state and minnesota filed the suit saying it
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unleashed chaos. 16 other attorneys general are now supporting the lawsuit including pennsylvania and delaware. the now suspended travel ban prohibited immigrants and refugees from seven muslim majority countries from coming to the us for 90 days. critic of the ban say that the policy would do long-term damage to our national security and foreign policy interests but the justice department argues that because the measure is only temporary, president trump is well within his authority to put that ban into into place. now the lifting of the travel ban means a second chance for immigrant families rebuffed and sent back home late last month. six relatives of the a sally family through from syria to the united arab emerates to jfk in new york then arrived in allentown today greeted by governor tom wolf and a mob of reporters and photographers. despite having all the right documents attorneys -- authorities turned the christian family away at philadelphia
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international airport nine days ago. well, now, they are here legally and happily. >> very happy, and very grateful that a lot of people supporting us. i did not imagine that a lot of people in here supporting us, and i'm very grateful. >> surprises you there were as americans who supported your cause? >> yes. >> i would just like to say this is who we are. and i think it's really wonderful to welcome the entire family. think of what they've been through. >> both the assaultly family and governor wolf praised the intervention of republican congressman charlie dent to give the family a second chance to come to pennsylvania. speaking of coming to the keystone state on your radar. some of us could wake up to wintry weather. live look at campbell back mountains. there could be freezing rain up in that area. meteorologist kathy orr is here with that first forecast at 11:00 for all of our try date area. >> you know we really want snow. we don't want rain or freezing
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rain. >> look at the temperatures right now in philadelphia it's still 39 degrees. the high 54. the wind is calm it's very comfortable. when you look at our fox future cast we go hour by hour. so during the day tomorrow, we see some morning sprinkles, maybe little bit of ice through the poconos. and then another round of rain temperatures warm. so it's hit and miss showers. it's occasional rain and then we move it all out by wednesday morning we're talking about some clouds, some southerly winds and very warm temperatures. now first things first. freezing rain advisory from 1:00 a.m. to 10am for the lehigh valley and the poconos for glaze of ice, a trace to a glaze so not a lot but enough to create a potential problem come tomorrow morning. look at the amount of rain for your tuesday. about a tenth to .20 of an inch not a lot. more of a nuisance and it will be very warm and turning windy. so tonight a low of 39 degrees. increasing clouds. that rain moving in during the early morning hours. it stays mild. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures soar again close to 60 degrees. the normal high is 42 for this
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time of year. this is crazy. southwest winds ten to 15. and by the evening, they'll be gusting to 30 even 35 miles an hour. then we'll take a look at our next weather maker. we have this area of low pressure. it will be moving toward the north and east and bring us showers of course tomorrow and possibly a few during the morning hours of wednesday. then wednesday afternoon that front moves through. and then this area of low pressure moves off the coast and it will give us a chance of some snow showers. snow showers late wednesday and into thursday morning. so you're looking at your seven day forecast. beautiful day. temperature wise for tuesday with occasional rain. record warmth possible for wednesday. thursday in the wake of that continue folder with snow showers and friday temperatures bottom out. after friday, we're on our way back up. saturday 48. sunday 52. next monday lucy a lot like today. mostly sunny with highs around 50. do you believe it yes. >> no, i really don't but i guess this year, you know, all
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bets are off on what's normal, right? >> thank you very much, kathy. a warning tonight about a purse thief. philadelphia police say the man you see here has been targeting elderlelderly women and snatchig their bag. he's struck four times in four days in the northwest part of the city. developing right now in burlington county the search for armed robbers targeting gas stations. surveillance cameras captured two men and a woman in this video police have only shared with fox 29. cops say they hit three spots in westampton township over the weekend. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the police headquarters. dave. >> reporter: lucy, police have surveillance video from two of those robberies and they're moving quickly to identify the suspects after one of them stuck a gun in the back of a gas attendant and robbed him. >> gas station attendant sin hugh was busy pumping gas monday night trying to stay focused on his work, but very concerned about a rash of gas station robberies 94 by. >> does it worry you that it
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could happen to you. >> yeah, it can happen to anybody. >> reporter: cameras were rolling when three suspects came into this valero gas station on burlington mt. holly road over the weekend. it didn't take long for things to turn ugly much the attendant and one of suspects went at it. before the bad guys left with the cash, leaving behind a wave of fear. >> it's always in the back of my mine. always. >> it's not worth you loading a life over. a couple dollars. >> the robbery at valero a second gun point rob before he at this gulf station and attempted rob bro at this bp station nearby have westampton police searching for three suspects. >> upon comparing the video footage we were able to determine they were the same individuals involved if both robberies. >> reporter: this bp station the attendant actually saw three suspects walk into the parking lot with masks on. so he closed the door and the booth and locked himself nine side. >> the bad. i mean you can't, you know, you gotta, you know, you got to watch your back the whole time.
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these guys don't care if they're on video or what. a guy at the citgo station up there a couple years put up a fight and he deed. i say give them what they want and it's only money. >> reporter: in fact money $700 was taken in of the robberies. no one was seriously hurt in any of these crimes. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. the charges bucks county handyman faces reads like a parent's worst nightmare. a child's night terror. prosecutors say 58-year-old william charles thomas raped children as young as three years old for 40 years. police say he lived at a trailer park in morrisville. before that at a home in levittown the trailer park owner tipped off police after finding things we're to the going going to get into because they are that bad. police say he kept a journal of his deeds. he could have more victims out there. they're asking anyone to come forward among anything about
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this. happening right now, extremely rare find in berks county. it has people from across the nation flock to go neighborhood and lower heidelberg township all to see this. a bird. but not just any burr. it's a black backed oriole indigenous to central mexico. only other one ever spotted in the us that was in california likely someone's pet. bird ers believe this guy is the first one found in the wild in our nation. when wore got out 700 people showed up since friday coming from dozen states. >> this could potentially be the first record of a bird ever seen in the united states, and we just like birds. >> the analogy i came up with today it's sort of like if you had a once in lifetime opportunity to go to the super bowl. and you had to take it now. that's what this was like for birders. >> once in a lifetime. no one knows how it got here but experts say it seems to be,
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well, quiet couldn't ten. several sticks of dynamite inside a delaware county home tuck away in the last place you think to look. what the bomb squad needed to do with them. that's pretty odd, too. >> so many things going on in society dividing us. an organization of graphic designers seduced threats figure out a way to design to unite. we've got their story coming up for goodness sake. and queen elizabeth park marking first tonight. she's 90 years old and has just become the first british monarch to rape for 65 years. the palace said the queen spent it day in the east of england much she became monarch when her father king george died of lung cans is in 1952. by peggy lee playing ]
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[ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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[ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities. ♪ estate sale turned into bomb squad call. it happened in haverford today after family did it covered dynamite in a home's freezer. investigators say the family found eight sticks of the explosives when they were cleaning out the home of a relative who had passed away. it happened on the 200 block of
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laurel lane. fire investigators say the homeowner had work in demolition and had the dynamite for quite some time. two bomb squads drove the explosives to a facility in delaware county and listen to how they had to deal with that frozen dynamite. >> it's frozen so they need to soak it -- let it defrost and soak it in diesel fuel. that will help to m make it safe to remove. >> it's a process. no one is hurt. nothing exploded in the neighborhood. authorities did not have to evacuate any homes. a local piece of basketball history belonging to kobe bryant is gone without a trace. somebody smashed display case at lower merion high school his alma mater and stole a framed replica high school of his signed uniform. several pairs of nike sneakers, the 1996 state champion trophy and a net. not lot of monetary value but they hold very important memories. you see it you shoot it, our
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fresco users are helping us show what is going on around you. iain, what's up tonight? >> lucy, another vantage point of that crazy cab crash rittenhouse square we told you about earlier in the show. fresco user emma showing us the aftermath of the crash as that taxi came to a stop against the light pole. officers surrounded the scene. police say the car was -- cab was stolen aft suspect pulled a female passenger and then attacked her. how about this beautiful sight in bucks county today. fresco user ray snap this photo for us knew britain just as the sun was setting a lot of people in our area enjoying a little bit of sun with warmer temperatures today. when you are see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. you might get paid. lucy? >> ♪ let's face it. not much change after the election, right? nation still divided. people still angry. but our bill anderson talked to a local group of artists hoping to change that.
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they are graphic artists and they are using their work to unite people for goodness sake. here's bill. >> reporter: regardless of your views on politics i don't think i'm shocking anybody when i point out that we're pretty divided country right now. there's a lot of different ways that people are trying to express themselves. thank you. one organization thinks we should all use our talents to try to unite. >> we wanted to something a little different. we wanted to something that really focused on love and unity and the things we do have in common. >> reporter: american institute of graphic arts philadelphia chapter had enough of the division they were seeing. they have hundreds of talented designers in their network they decided to have an art show to display their work but only if they can live by a set of guidelines. there were rules. >> yes. >> this was not about putting together art to slam anybody. >> no. >> or what were the rules. >> it had to be non partisan. it had to show -- it has to really really clearly, um,
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define the words design to uni unite. >> reporter: in a divided political climate of politically active people, creative as artists are this project could actually be more challenging than it sounds. but the results showed that those who submitted their works embraced the design to unite theme as one of the many tools in voicing their message. >> they're like oh, let me do this for a change. i've been marching. i've been protesting. i made those kinds of posters. let me make something that has this kind of message. >> reporter: on display in fishtown includes creative images of love. >> let love grow is really has a strong message. >> reporter: strong politically based messages just without any divisive rhetoric. >> in shane wallac walsh's demos and republicans together. >> some of the pieces took the theme one step further and not
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only told us what the artist thought, but asked us to think and pants pate as well. >> this is christine sheller's peace installation and she really -- she asked the question, you know, what is love to you? and she, you know, asked a lot of people to contribute. >> reporter: if buying art isn't your thing you can support the message of unity by grabbing one or two of the buttons made by local college students and wear your message. as i did. >> thank you. >> i'm not in any way encouraging people to stop standing up for what they believe in. but like this exhibit, i hope that all of us are thinking and working towards the ultimate goal of uniting and creating a better environment. not just for one or some of us, but all of us for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. your health tonight. flu is spreadin spreading at a e in 40 states. oh yea. the cdc says the nation is about to hit what it traditionally the peak of flu season.
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doctors stress it's not too late for you particularly those of you at high risk for infection to get a flu shot. flu season typically runs between october and march. but you can catch it any time of year. all right. sean bell what are you talking about what's get you riled up today? >> lucy i haven't had good things to say about any hall of fame voting process if any sport. okay. and the nfl well i'll have to get on you this time. their hall of fame class 2017 got it wrong once again and i'll tell you why next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell takes on the nfl hall of fame and why he says it got it wrong. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ don't let the greatest super bowl of all time hide the fact nfl hall of fame got it dead wrong once again. unbelievable what the voters will do just because they like you. several guys got robbed this year one guy got in that had no business being in i'll start with that right there. there's no way in the world terrell davis should be in the hall of fame. the guy had three good seasons and i don't care how good those seasons are this is no way in the world you should get in with just three pro bowl years under your belt. he only had four seasons with a thousand yards rushing only played seven overall. compare that to the guy who's they left out. to, is a top five person in
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every wide receiver category that there is. he made six pro bowls. safety john lynch made the pro bowl nine times. two time all pro player. super bowl champion and don't forget our guy brian dawkins. nine time pro bowler, four times all pro. lucy, hall of fame voters they should be ashamed of themselves right now. >> i can't disagree with you on that one. sean bell britney spears niece is in critical condition after an atv accident in louisiana. maddie is the daughter of jamie lynn spears. tmz is reporting eight-year-old maddie was underwater for several minutes after the atv she was riding flipped over yesterday. our prayers go out to her. fresh off her dynamic performance at the super bowl li half time show, it was off the hook, lady gaga is going on world tour. perfect timing. lady gaga launching her tour in august and canada heading that brazil and germany and italy but your best chance to see her is september 10th when she'll perform at the wells fargo
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center. tickets go on sale februar february 13th. that is hard to do. >> i wasn't,ing. >> honestly sean. >> here's the problem. >> okay. >> i think because i've seen so much. that everything seems -- what she did was pink like. >> can i just say this. >> i know she does that. but having an entire neat of drones flying behind you that look like the american flag waving in the air above nrg stadium i've never seen that. >> a lot going on. >> i feel like i've seen it all. eh. >> seen special effects it looks like it's special effects it but it was real. >> aerobatics was nice. >> i thought it was awesome. >> i'm easily pleased
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right any on good day an early morning fire has swept through a home, several people are without a place to stay. we've got a live report. also ahead this morning talk about a wild ride and right in the center of the the rittenhouse park, a cabbies carjacked by a naked man forcing good samaritans to rush to the rescue. it will be a travel ban battle, continued, president trump's controversial plan heads to an appeals court as he fights to keep travelers from those seven predominantly muslim nations out of this country. missing memorabilia pieces of basketball legend kobe bryant's local legacy stolen what thieves got the away with when they broke in his alma matter. good day, thanks for waking up early with us. we do appreciate you joining us. >> whate


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