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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 7, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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right any on good day an early morning fire has swept through a home, several people are without a place to stay. we've got a live report. also ahead this morning talk about a wild ride and right in the center of the the rittenhouse park, a cabbies carjacked by a naked man forcing good samaritans to rush to the rescue. it will be a travel ban battle, continued, president trump's controversial plan heads to an appeals court as he fights to keep travelers from those seven predominantly muslim nations out of this country. missing memorabilia pieces of basketball legend kobe bryant's local legacy stolen what thieves got the away with when they broke in his alma matter. good day, thanks for waking up early with us. we do appreciate you joining us.
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>> whatever the case may be. >> yes. >> just like the olden days. >> welcome back, buddy. >> good to be here, yeah. wild super bowl party. not really. r and r a little sleep. >> hey, you know. >> you were up rooting. >> this might be a hooky day, temperatures so warm. >> pretty mild one. >> think of the the rain as a trade off because we have on is rain out there and we will have more today. >> yes. >> it is so confusing forecast because it will be like this. >> yes. >> i know. >> two separate conversations going on here. >> we have a roller coaster ride ahead with our temperatures. the it the will get whacky this week. looking on radar you will see green and some pink, and the pink indicates a possibility of freezing rain, far north and west. the it is in the lehigh valley as well. you have to be careful if that is where you are traveling.
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we are taking a break at the moment. this treeing rain advisory is until 10:00 a.m. for carbon, monroe, northampton but lehigh county can get freezing rain as well. here in philadelphia we are well above freezing. we're only expecting rain this morning. the not much of it until later this morning. sunrise at 7:03. you cane mount pocono is only 33 degrees. thirty-six at the surface in allentown but some of that rain could be frozen as it the is falling. we have 43 degrees in philadelphia look at the how mild in dover, wildwood, 50, already. so we could get up to 61 with rain throughout the afternoon and evening, on and off, not continuing, throughout the day , but just enough to make a little bit the of the mess but it is, at least, mild outside, for to us day, bob kelly. >> sound good, sue, 4:02. think yesterday was that hooky day for folks after the big super bowl parties. we didn't have a busy morning rush. rest of the day was kind of quiet, no problems at the
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moment as we get the in to or out of downtown philadelphia we have a fire location in kensington and jasper and tioga, construction crews out on 422, out near route 23, but again, this is going to be a tough take for septa. let's roll video from our news vans all over the lays yesterday. have of course those cracks found on the trains on sunday, septa, held a press briefing yesterday around 1:30. here's the bottom line. they have pulled 60 cars off of the fleet, from the crack that was found in a main support beam underneath a number of the market frankford line cars. the scenario, they don't know what caused it. they are looking for the best fix at the moment, and let's come back to the maps because for morning rush hour here's what we can expect, longer gap s between the trains, platforms overcrowding, and same scenario as yesterday but i think we will have more people to tiehl with today as everyone is heading back to
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work. they have shuttle bus service in play during both the morning and evening rush hours so there will be trains and buses, rolling the same routes between 69th street all the way up to the frank for transportation center and terminal. thomas and karen back to you. >> bob, thank you. 404:67:89 we are following breaking news out of north philadelphia where a fast moving fire forced several people right outside of their homes. lets get to lauren johnson on the scene this morning. hi there, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. entire neighborhood is awake here at this hour, fire crews were very busy overnight in north philadelphia, two fires broke out here but you can see crews are still on the scene here at this one here on jasper street, the fire affecting two homes at the home where that fire started, one person was able to escape without any injuries. three people made it out of another home where a fire spread, we are looking at video that we shot overnight the here. since flames were moving so fast fire fighters did evacuate other homes nearby as
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a safety recaution, it took crews almost an hour to get the fire under control. only casualty of this was a family dog that did not make it out of this home, in time. so again back out here live fire crew is still on the scene here, fire marshall is on the scene investigating the cause of the the fire. l and i has been called out to inspect the home, jasper street is shut down as fire crews continue their work and people, wide awake on this street at this hour trying to look and see what happened to their neighbor's homes. thomas and karen. we have another fire in north philadelphia under investigation about 11:00 o'clock last night scene right the there there is joyce street. good news is the family was able to make it out safely but fire fighters rushed into rescue two pets. this was a strange one people in rittenhouse square, will likely be thinking about this one as they helped out to where ever they are going. the it was complete chaos yesterday after somebody carrasquillo jacked a cab and takes it on a ride through and
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in and around the park. steve keeley, a guy who was not wearing any clothes. >> reporter: he was naked except he was wearing this cab the rittenhouse turned into a mad house right around school is letting out. this park, really, surrounded by high rise, as everybody knows, so any high pitched sound gets echoed and amplified. it was the sound before the sight of the carjacked cab that created these skid marks in the the on the street the but right here on the the sidewalk right through middle of the park. we have so many peoples attention and then philadelphians do what the the best philadelphians do. not ignore it, in the wait for cops to live but step in like center city super men well, the lady cab passenger that really became, a passenger for about 22nd not the too far after she got in the cabbies
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okay, scraped up but okay and she and everyone else around here who knows how busy and how dog walkers, commuters and park goers here on a nice sunny day like yesterday, how much worse this all could have been if those loud screeching tires didn't warn all to dive and run out of the way and all those guys didn't run not away but toward this cab, and stop the guy. >> he just took off in the cab from this entrance he drive all over the park. >> we hear all this screeching he was trying, in a taxi trying to run everybody over. as soon as we saw everybody jumped in the bushes. he came across the street, hit another car, tried to back out the as soon as he tried to stop, he was about to reverse in the barnes and noble. so bunch of us just pulled him out and held him down until police got here. he was name. when we pulled him out he is mentally ill take me to the
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hospital. >> reporter: cops got him some pants and got him to the hospital, and count on all those guys getting some police commendations, well deserved. this is one of the cases, thomas and karen, what would i do. you would hope you would hope you would do what those guys did to get that guy to stop because this could have been so much worse more you think bit. >> amazing how many people sprung into action. steve keeley, thank you. time is 4:08. fate of the president trump's partial travel ban the in the hand of the federal appellate court and the conflict could make its way all the way to the supreme court. this afternoon, san francisco based ninth circuit court of appeals will hear from lawyers from the federal government, and the states suing the trump administration. washington and minnesota says the ban is discriminatory and harms residents, the trump administration argues it is a matter on have national security. >> we need strong programs so that people that love us and
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want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >> another showdown on capitol hill today senate will vote on education secretary nominee betsy devos, democrats pulling an all neither trying to block her confirmation, devos still expected to narrowly expect to win approval with vice-president mike pence set to cast the deciding vote should there be a tie vote. lifting of the travel ban means second chance for immigrant families turned away last month. six relatives of the assali family flew from syria to jfk in new york and then they arrived on that special kind of party vehicle in allentown. they were greeted by governor tom wolf and whole nobody of reporters and photographers. despite having all of the right documents they were turned away at philadelphia international, nine days ago, and now, they are here in this country, legally, and happily.
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>> very happy and grateful that lots of people are supporting us. i did not imagine that this many people here supporting us and i'm very grateful. >> reporter: are you surprised there were as many americans that supported your cause. >> yes. >> would i like to say this is who we are. i think it is wonderful to welcome the entire family and to think what they have been through. >> reporter: both assali family and governor wolf praised the intervention of the republican congressman charlie dent to give this family a second chance to come here to pennsylvania. 4:10. russia is demanding a apology from fox's bill o'reilly. kremlin was watching "fox news" host bill o'reilly's interview with donald trump during the super bowl. several top official where is not too happen bye russian's president vladamire putin. >> putin's a killer. >> we have a lot of killers. what do you think our country is so innocent?
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>> the kremlin spokesperson says o'reilly's remarks were unacceptable and insulting and an apology is in order. o'reilly addressed the issue last night on the show and in his response, to putin don't hold your breath. >> apparently the putin administration in moscow, demanding that i, your humble correspondent apologize for saying old vladies a killer. so i'm working on that apology but it may take a little will time, might want to check in with me around 2023. >> by the way remainder of the o'reilly's interview with president trump will air tonight otto riley factor. be careful, where ever you put your purse. >> still ahead on "good day philadelphia" where police say a purse snatcher is watching you, and waiting for the perfect opportunity. what are all of these people doing, why are they flock to go this area, drawing them to a backyard in berks
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county. good morning, bob. maybe they are selling cookies out there. good morning everybody. we are looking good going for a ride route 73, flying up and over shaders here in toward south jersey. let check with downtown, ben franklin parkway, looking good , this morning, we will have an update on that septa situation, some rain on the way, sueby has your forecast when we come right back.
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thanks for joining us,
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look at this right here always a spectacular sight. a meteor shoot ago cross midwest on monday lit up the night sky and social media as well. people in wisconsin, illinois, indiana and michigan saw this streak in the sky. >> meteorologists say it produced a sonic boom and shook houses nearby no word whether the meteor broke up or fell to the ground but nobody found any parts of it but pretty cool and beautiful. >> it is a bird, it is a plane , it is sue serio, good morning. >> just to clarify meteorology is not the stud irv meteors even though some people think it is, it is weather but meteors every once in a while and hopefully only ever once in a while. we have a freezing rain advisory in effect for these three counties: carbon, monroe, and northampton but we are seeing pink in lehigh county as well, so, you have to really watch it traveling up in these northern areas because of the possibility of slippery travel, and that is
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where it is raining or freezing raining and this is where it is raining down to the south of us, a little line of rain moving there delaware, central part into southern new jersey, so we will get light rain at the shore, right now. not getting it now, you will before the morning is through. you can see around mount pocono, phillipsberg, the possibility of freezing rain, cape may, light rain, probably , not too much in the atlantic city at the moment but not getting into the moment you will get it by end of the morning, rainy mean and that will continue through middle of the day and that is when we will have worst of it. we may see sunshine once that rain clears out around 3:00 in the afternoon and then another round of rain on wednesday with just a real quick one with a warm front and then we really see a big change because wednesday we could get to a record high temperature in the 60's, by thursday morning, we're talking about the possibility of snow. this is what we have right now
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for our commuter models subject to change by 2:00 in the morning we have accumulating snow spreading through the philadelphia area and little bit to the north, little bit to the south and those cold temperatures could bring the snow even further south, by about 5:00 in the morning. so all this happening thursday morning rush hour just when we get you ready for possibility of the big mess by then but that computer model, subject to change. we will see how it plays out, closer to the time. 43 degrees is the time right now in philadelphia we will take that. only rain. thirty-three in mount pocono. forty-three in philadelphia wednesday's forecast high is 63 degrees. record is 63. it it was set in 1925, seven day forecast has 60's today and tomorrow. thirty's for thursday with that morning snow. and then a high of only 33 degrees on friday. the this is roller coaster ride we have been talking about but look at weekend temperatures go backup again
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mid 40's by saturday, close to 50 pie sunday and monday high of 48 degrees. i'm exhausted looking at that. >> you used every single icon in that forecast. >> and every number. >> good morning everybody. 4:16. we are off to a good start. crew is still working that construction on 422 at trooper road, looking good on the bennie, up and over in center city in problems at all, vine expressway is opened for vehicle traffic. fifty-five, coming around your conshohocken curve there and that fire location in kensington at jasper and tioga here we go here's what to expect this morning on septa's market frankford line, same deal as yesterday but i think we will have a lot more commuters. let's roll video from yesterday's press conference where septa gm jeff kauple pointed out the crack they found underneath one of the trains on the suspension beam. they pulled 60 trains out of the fleet of, 44, making
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repairs, in eta when this will be fixed. the lets come back to the maps yesterday was a light rush hour because of the super bowl today we will see longer gaps and we will see more people packing on to the platforms. septa has shuttle bus services in play for both morning and evening rush hour so basically the trains will run, all trains, making all stops and then shuttle bus services running that same route, during the peak travel times touring rush hour so they will have septa personnel at each station and if the platforms get crowded or say the train bypasses that platform, commuters will have an option to take shuttle bus services. they have a two for one session here until we can get you through rush hour and hopefully get a handle on when those trains will be put back into services. otherwise regional rail lines no problems at least for the moment getting out of the gate , karen and thomas back to you. 4:20. it is hard to wrap your
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mind around bucks county prosecutors say a handy man did to children 40 years ago. they say this guy right here 58 year-old william thomas sexually assaulted children as young as three years old. he lived in a trailer park in morrisville and before that in levittown. the prosecutors say thomas kept record of his sexual assaults on the children. they claim they found more than a thousand images of child porn this his home as well as hundreds of pairs of little girls underwear on display. the trailer park owner tipped off police after finding those disturbing items. >> this was a per verse shrine to his criminal conquests, and we are merely scratching the surface of those conquests, today. to be blunt about it this is a real life boogie man. this is your parent's worst nightmare. >> investigators worry william thomas could have more victims out there. he will be back in court next wednesday. discovery at a home in haverford, specifically in the freezer that few could even
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imagine. two bomb squads were called out to this home forcing neighbors in the area to shelter in place. the investigators say there was a family there and they found eight sticks of tine might in the freezer when cleaning out the home of the loved one who had died this all happened yesterday on the 200 block of laurel lane, fire investigators say natalie home owner worked in democrat rigs and had the dine height for quite sometime. bomb squad drove explosives to a facility in delaware county toty fuse them. >> that will help headache it safe to remove? how about that. >> soaking them there. no one was injured and in one was forced to evacuate. be careful where you put your purse is warning from philadelphia police this morning. they are hunt fog they're guy. he has been targeting elderly woman and snatching their backs in the northwest part of the city. he has struck four times in as many days. kobe bryant says he is willing to help in anyway he can after a piece of
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basketball history belong to go him disappeared without a trace. someone smashed his advertise play case in the lower merion high school on sunday which is bryant's will man matter. they stole a framed jersey of his uniform, several pairs of the nike sneakers, 1996 state championship trophy and net. lower merion police are still reviewing surveillance tape for any leads. all right. it is for the birds, yep, they are all coming out forbidder. >> literally. this by is so rare people are flocking all over to catch a glimpse. so what makes him so special? we will tell you.
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good morning i'm sean bell going in to last night's game flyers had only 12 goals in their last eight games ape the trout continued, against the blues. flyers, could not buy a goal in this one. threatening in the second, right the here, and then with the great save, he had 26, this is game. meanwhile st. louis getting goals like this karl stagany gets a goal right off of his skate and right in. that is flyers luck. they go ahead and lose two to nothing. sixers and pistons this game got ugly down by 20, bain es with the alley hoop. brett brown with the frustration, written all over his face. the later in the the fourth
4:26 am
andre drummond right here drives through the rack, after he gets it back and then throws it down. sixers lose 113-96, their fourth straight loss. patriots back home after winning super bowl 51 yesterday, i'm sure they had not stopped partying, since. that are parade today at 11:00 that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. a woman walk up to the car and thought something was in the right. >> coming up at 4:30 who she saw driving her car that left her stunned. also we have a warning for pet lovers out there, the food you could be serving your dog could be harmful to its health recall that is hitting pennsylvania coming up a little bit later.
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a cab out of control in rittenhouse square how people nearby were able to restrain the suspect before police arrived. plus we are following breaking news out of north philadelphia this morning as fire tears right through a row home we will have a live report in just a moment. we have seen protests here and all around this country and new a big battle in court today over president trump's travel ban. good to have you with us on this tuesday morning, i'm thomas drayton. karen hepp, bob kelly, sue serio, good morning, everybody
4:30 am
>> welcome back, nice and rested. >> can you ever be rested this early in the morning. >> fill her up. >> don't forget your umbrella, even though it is not raining where you are right now you'll need it before the morning is through. looking to the west on ultimate doppler radar there is more rain on the way in addition to what we have so far, so to the north of us it looks like a few heavy downpours in berks county, and moving toward allentown and then we will see that pink there that is possibility of some freezing rain this morning. it could really complicate travel in that part of our viewing area that is why we have freezing rain advisory in effect for carbon, monroe and northampton counties until 10:00 this morning. it could not be moretive rent here in philadelphia. we have 43 degrees. sunrise time 7:03. other temperatures are pretty hield. we will have a mild one this afternoon. trade off is rain. fifty in wildwood and dover.
4:31 am
forty-one in wilmington. thirty-six in reading. thirty-six in allentown. the close to freezing in the mountains. rainy, treeing throughout the take but we could get up to 61 r february, of course and we will tell you about a big roller coaster right ride and a chance of snow on thursday, bob kelly. >> the patriots super bowl parade is today, at 11:00 o'clock. hopefully that rain goes on up there. again, good morning everybody. 4:31. no problems or delays, all aboard the train getting lined up getting ready to roll out of 30th street station. no problems on the tree way this morning, roads are dry but that will change as it is moving on. we have a fire location in kensington at yas per and tioga, it is first big rush hour take for septa, let's roll video yesterday, septa's gm showed us the track, that was found in the bent box adjacent to the main support beam underneath 60 of market
4:32 am
frankford line cars. they have pulled all 60 out of the service loop to take, and let's come back to the maps. we will get ready for longer gaps between the trains. the platforms will be overcrowded. they have shuttle bus services which work well. everything went well yesterday to take though i think everyone is heading back to work. we got lucky yesterday was that super bowl holiday. folks took the day off maybe went in later. today will be that first crunch day. be ready give yourself extra time. one tip if you are taking a short trip the shuttle bus service will be great for you. but if you are going from 69th all the way up into northeast philadelphia, wait it out and wait for a train, the shuttle buses will take you forever to ride from one end of the line to the other. regional rail lines are off to a good start. karen and thomas, back to you. we want to get to this breaking news. because there has been a fire at a row home and this spread
4:33 am
quickly. lets get out to lauren johnson at the scene with what we know at this hour, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, karen. this entire neighborhood wide awake as you can see it is an active scene here, crews are still here on yas per street the where fire broke out around 1:00 a.m. lets look at video shot earlier, a couple tells us there were three adults and several kid inside the home at the time of the fire. a man threw one talk from the top floor of the home but another talk was trapped inside and could be heard wining and that talk never made it out. all of the people to. three people that live at the home next door were able to get out as well. tire was spreading so quickly fire fighters evacuated other homes on the street as a re cautionary measure. it took fire crews about an hour to get the flames complete thely under control. this morning the family is difficulties laced, the street is blocked off and an investigation is underway. we understand fire marshall is on the scene trying to determine how the fire started
4:34 am
and l and i crews are here to inspect homes or is what left of the home here this morning to see if the family will be able to move back in at some point, karen and thomas. >> anotherty morning, all right. lauren, thanks. another fire also in north philadelphia, also under investigation right now this one happened around 11:00 o'clock. you cane they have knock the tire down in this video. this is joyce street. good news is family was able to make it out safely but fire fighters there rushed in and they rescued two pets as well. great work. a jacked taxi causing a frightening ordeal for folks in rittenhouse square. witnesses capturing this video of the while incident. of course, police are trying to figure out what went raining here and what happened steve keeley live with more, talk about a wild ride, steve. >> reporter: this could have been so much worse. look where skids are right in the middle of the crosswalk on walnut and that is a busy street in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day.
4:35 am
this could have had a toll in terms of the dead and injured and thank god nobody got killed here. you know rittenhouse is a square not an oval but for a while yesterday afternoon the sight of these long skid marks , smell of the burning rubber and sound of screeching tires made the square take on characteristics of that famous oval down in daytona. a naked by hanging around rittenhouse square suddenly decided to attack a woman trying to go there her home in the car to a cab. when cabby got out to help her the nude guy got in the cab and then got in the driver's seat crashing in the parked cars and then trying through, the the packed park. >> he just lost it, and he smashed the cab and fell to the ground. i tried to intervene.
4:36 am
he kind of shitted. i walked away to the curve. he hopped in the passenger seat and driver's seat and took off 20th and locust and hit three parked cars and then trove in the rittenhouse square. >> i was in my kitchen. i heard these screeches from outside. usually, is there a car going too fast but kept going over and over again. i looked out my window and see this cab in the middle of the cars and it it was just barreling down. it really sped up. >> reporter: woman is okay, scrapes, cuts and likely forever to look around before getting in the cab for the rest of her life. mentally ill guy got the pants from police and getting some help at the hospital and thomas and karen you will bet he will get some charges from the district attorney. thanks, steve. what a very bizarre incident. at 4:36 almost, 4:37. fate of the president trump's
4:37 am
personal travel ban in the hand of the federal appellate court but depending on the outcome this could headache its way up to the supreme court. this afternoon san francisco based ninth circuit court of appeals will be hearing there lawyers for the federal government and states suing the trump administration. washington and minnesota officials say ban is discriminatory, and harms people. the trump administration argues this is a matter of national security. >> we need strong programs so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in not people that want to destroy us and destroy our kentry. >> another show town playing out right now on capitol hill to take senate will be voting on education secretary nominee betsy devos, democrats pulling an all neither to try to block her confirm haitian, and republicans are still expected to narrowly win her a have
4:38 am
travel with vice-president mike pence set to cast the tea siding vote. pennsylvania senate is pushing for more restrictions on abortions in the keystone state. judiciary committee set to advance legislation that would ban a abortion after 20 weeks. right now pennsylvania law allow women to have abortions up to 24 weeks, until pregnant i. it comes after an attempt stalled last year when democratic governor tom wolf threatened to veto it. state's largest doctor's group is opposed to the legislation. 4:38. how about a joy ride and who is in it? that is interesting. >> we will tell you, a six year-old boy you see walking right there running for his mom's car and she was upstairs sleeping. more on this one straight ahead. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful.
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and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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disturbing case in arkansas involving a young boy who was arrested, a 12 year-old for murder of the convenient store clerk. they say he shot and killed a 21 year-old her name is krista shockly. under state law prosecutors cannot charge this boy as an adult but they can hold him this will he is 21. judge will then deciding whether to release him. on the defendant's side you've got a parent, or parents, i watched the father yesterday. he is just devastated. on the other hand we have a poor, 21 year-old girl who was
4:42 am
violently gunned down in the prime of her life. >> the boy's charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery and will be due in court shortly. six year-old boy we showed you right before the break is in time out after, well, he takes his family's car for a joy ride in the parking lot. take another look here. he rag moving backward and forward in the parking lot not before he runs to the car. >> oh, lord he is inside. >> backward, forward, even tested out lights. boy's mom said she was taking a nap during all this but later noticed natalie car was not in the same spot. luckily he didn't crash into anything but his mom said there were some scratches on the bumper. >> kids. >> i can just imagine my kid doing that. >> yes, my dad hopped out, i hopped this is driver seat and put it into neutral and started rolling and someone else jumped in and stopped the car. i started crying.
4:43 am
>> traumatizing. be careful what you feed your pup. >> we have a warning, this is really important, it could make your fury friend sick so we will tell you what it is. there is a picture. we will give you more tea tails when we come back.
4:44 am
4:45 am
we're looking live at i-95 near philly international airport. no problems or delays at all getting to the airport and good shape at the tote board but rain on the way later today.
4:46 am
if you do have have some travel plans for to take, especially afternoon hours get ready for delays coming our way at the airport. looking good on the bennie. this problems up and over downtown philadelphia. we are looking good coming down i-95. speedometer readings right where they should be at this hour. we have a water main break or something going out here, welsh road at sandies lane they have water coming from the ground. they have water department crew on the way. we will keep an eye on that one. here's what to expect for septa expect a busier morning then yesterday, that is right, let's roll video septa gm, pointed out a crack found underneath one of the 60 market frankford line trains after an inspection on sun take. so there are 60 cars less than their normal count, they only have 144 for a morning rush. they took 60 off of the tracks for yesterday. so yesterday i think they benefited because a lot of folks took the daze off because of the super bowl to
4:47 am
take we will have a full crowd hitting the office. so, expect the platforms to be overcrowded, however, septa's providing shuttle bus service during morning and afternoon rush hour. we will have an option to take train or take the bus, a little tip, to you go three or four stops the bus will be a great option but if you are going from 69th or this is 50 's likivity yet or 60th street and go up to allegheny avenue and it will take for over driving the best, wait it the out and hang for the train we will see how things develop , crunch time when crowd starts popping, is around 6:00ah on market frankford line. rain on the way, sueby has forecast in 15 seconds. no rain in philadelphia
4:48 am
the at home but plenty of lays es seeing freezing rain to the north of thus morning. i height hemmings with the parade happening in boston today for the super bowl champions, a lot of that rain is heading that way. now, we will take a closer look at heavier rain moving through the allentown area right now. it looks like mostly just rain and temperatures at surface ace above freezing but higher, elevations, further north you go, more chance you have of slippery travel this morning. so there is a treeing rain advisory for these three counties carbon, monroe, northampton until 10:00 a.m. allow extra time if that is where you are. here in philadelphia it is fine, we don't have anything to look at, as far as rain is concern. eve 43 degrees in the city, right thousand. so we will get to a high later on, pretty mild because we are starting off hield with temperatures around 50 degrees in wildwood and dover, delaware and this is your land er for today with a high
4:49 am
temperature of 61. it is not going to break a record thomas and karen, record for today is 69 but record tomorrow is 63. we have a chance of tying that one on wednesday. >> we. >> i know 60. >> i can't believe it is the high. 4:49 is your time. your money watch. we have an important warning for people with the dog, is there a dog food sold in our area that has been recalled because it could be contaminated it is called evan gers dogs and cat feud. they issued a recall after a sedative, was found in a piece of beef auju, it has sickened five dogs. some were sold right here in pennsylvania with the expiration of june of 2020. check it the out on our web site. let's taste it not much has change since the presidential election, the nation still divided but our
4:50 am
bill anderson talk to a group of local artists hoping to make a big difference. they are graphic artists using their work to unite people. here's bill. >> regardless of your views on politics i don't think i'm shocking anybody that i pint out that we are a divided country right thousand. there are different ways that people are trying to express themselves. thank you. but one organization thinks that we should all use our talent to try to unite. >> we wanted to to something different. we wanted to to something to focus on love, unity, and things that we to have in common. >> reporter: here at institute of graphic arts philadelphia chapter had enough of the division they had been seeing. they had hundreds of the tea signers in their network so they decided to have an art show to display their work but only if they could live by a set of guidelines. >> there were rules. this was this is about putting together art to slam anybody. >> it had to be non-partisan.
4:51 am
it had to show, it had to really, really clearly tea fine the words design to unite >> reporter: in a tea trieded political climate of politically active people horace creative as artists are , this project could be more challenging then it sound but results showed that these who submitted their work embraced the tea sign to unite theme as within of the many tools in voicing their message >> they are like oh, let me do this for a change. i have been watching, protesting, i have made those kind of posters. let's make something that has this kind of a message. >> reporter: they are on difficulties lay at fishtown and blue cast death and images of love. >> let love grow is really having a strong message. >> reporter: strong politically based messages without the any rhetoric. >> clearly tells and
4:52 am
republicans have to work together. >> reporter: some pieces on advertise play took the theme one step further and in the only told us what the artists thought but asked us to to think and participate as well. >> this is a piece, installation where she asks the question what is love to you and she asked a lot of people to contribute. >> reporter: to buying art isn't your thing you can support message of unity by grabbing within or two of the buttons made by local college students and wear your message , as i did. now i'm not in anyway encouraging people to stop standing up for what they believe in but like this exhibit, obviously we are all thinking and working toward the ultimate goal of uniting and creating a bet even environment for one or some of us if you for all of us. for goodness sake i'm bill anderson. great story. how about this one for the birds. really for the birds.
4:53 am
that guy this illusive animal, that thing there, with yellow and black people are flocking from all over to catch a glimpse. so what makes him so special.
4:54 am
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4:56 am
berg town ship to see this, it is a black backed aerial from mexico. only other one spotted in this country was way out in california and they think it was someone's pet. this is believed to be first one ever found in the wild in our entire country. so when word got out on line, 700 people, from the dozen states showed up. what do they call that an or eventholgist no one knows how it got here but it seemed pretty happy. >> this is, potentially could be the first record of the bird ever seen in the united states and we just like birds. the analogy i came up with it is if you had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to a super bowl and you had to take it now, that is what this is like forbidderrers. >> so we don't necessity how it got here and certainly is pretty, it looks like they are
4:57 am
feeding on citrus. >> you are right, it. we are following several top store thinks morning including a name man in a wild ride, steve. >> reporter: we had a rare sighting story as well how about a cab, tearing through rittenhouse square. breaking story that could have been so much worse. same tiehl with lauren is this morning. >> reporter: that is right, steve keeley, three families escaped a fire here this kensington overnight, a family talk does get trapped inside we will have tea tails after the break.
4:58 am
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happening right now on good day philadelphia, caught on camera. screeching tires, right in the center of rittenhouse square, police say that this was no joy ride. why this cab had people the in the only yum pink out of the way but running to the rescue. plus, pieces of basketball legend kobe bryant's local legacy stolen what the thieves got away with they they broke in his alma matter. an apology please. this morning the kremlin is firing back at bill o'reilly. >> apparently putin administration in moscow demanding that i, your humble correspondent apologize. why the host say if putin
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