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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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in the sky says authorities are going door to door to warn neighbors right now. >> kathy is worrying about slick roads. your news starts in 30 seconds. live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at ten. 10:00 o'clock and skyfox is busy flying over accidents in our area. your fox 29 weather authority
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says whatever was wet earlier today will ice over tonight. this tanker flipped on its side around 8:00 along easton rotor in warrington bucks county. we saw authorities going door to door and people in the area were evacuated to the middle school. some fuel has leaked out. no word right now though about any injuries. back in the city skyfox over another crash along roosevelt boulevard. near comly street. we're hearing icy conditions may have triggered this. medics did take one person to the hospital. live look let's go to it. ben franklin parkway. wild 24 hours from record highs to a snowstorm. now bitter cold. >> wild weather seems to term we use this winter. thanks for joining us, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. one school delay boyertown area school district on two hour delay for tomorrow. kathy, we had win, we had snow and now tonight, the bitter cold and that refreeze you've been warning about. >> absolutely. lucy and iain, we're talking about warning wind chills in some spots even below zero. we're there now in the poconos.
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ultimate doppler you can see those northwesterly winds blowing creating some lake effect snows along the great lakes and winds still gusting to 30 miles an hour in lancaster. 24 in millville still gusting to 22 miles an hour in philadelphia. that refreeze is going to be happening especially where we have seen the higher accumulations of snow to the north and west of the philadelphia. but any slushy conditions in your neighborhood will refreeze. temperatures tonight between 13 and 18. wind chills in the single numbers and most locations slushy surfaces will turn icy. tomorrow morning this is what we'll wake up. in the poconos feel like five below. philadelphia ten. allentown six. wilmington 12. and in reading it will feel like it is only 4 degrees above zero. coming up more weekend extremes, rain again in the forecast. we will be seeing that moving on in and, of course, we'll also be talking about your valentine forecast coming up next week. i'll see you later with the seven day. >> all right. sounds good. thank you kathy. wasn't a blizzard by any means but enough for school closings across the delaware
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valley. on the left you've got bucks county enough snow to plow that. on the right ever over the river to burlington county were children welcomed the snow day with opened arms. >> one much our hardest hit areas lehigh valley allentown got more than 7-inches of snow. taking a drive south to delaware county here's what things looked like right after the storm passed in springfield township. baltimore pike was wet but clear with drivers playing it save driving slowly when severe weather is on the way we've got an app for it tox 29 weather authority apps gets weather alerts sent straight to your phone. >> breaking news tonight about trump's travel ban a set back for the white house after u.s. appeals court in san francisco refused to reinstate the executive order. >> it banned travelers from seven muslim majority countries from entering the united states. now the decision issued by the ninth circuit court was unanimous. it comes after a u.s. district judge in seattle issued a temporarily halt on the ban last week following a lawsuit from
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washington state and minnesota. opponents of president trump's order say it unfairly discriminates against people based on national origin and religion. supporters say the seven countries named in the order raised terrorism concerns. no surprise here. president trump reactioning quickly on twitter. saying "see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake. the administration does have the right to appeal. not clear right now what the next move will be from the white house. the chairman of the house oversight committee republican congressman is sounding alarm. he says president trauma's top adviser kellyanne conway made serious mistake today when she promoted you have can have a trump's fashion line during an interview on fox and friends. >> buy ivanka's stuff. i hate shopping. i'm going to get some for myself today. >> nordstrom dropped the fashion line citing poor sales following the announcement president trump tweeted that the department store's treatment of his daughter was quote unfair.
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but both republican and democratic lawmakers tonight say conway violate add law that prohibits federal employees from using their public office for the endorsement of a product. white house press secretary sean spicer said that conway quote has been counseled. the white house tonight said president trump continues to support her. two guys in philadelphia drawn the attention of the fbi and police departments violent crimes task force after a series of armed robberies. authorities say between the end of november and the beginning of january, this pair pulled off five armed robberies across the city including four pharmacies, surveillance video shows that on each occasion they walk into the stores pulled a gun, demanded money. authorities stress you most definitely should consider these guys armed and dangerous. in germantown, a designer heist now has one woman in trouble with the law. detectives say 24-year-old annette rodriguez and three others broke into the wayne court apartments and stole designer shoes and handbags on january 26th.
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the value 7,000 bucks. police say they identified rodriguez through surveillance video from that building. and she turned herself in this week. burlington county pet store closed tonight following an unsettling discovery and quite a bit of public outcry. the highly contagious parvo virus more often than not deadly it has forced the shop to set down. uncertain future for dogs from the puppy barn. shawnette wilson joins us now from springfield township, new jersey, with more. shawnette. >> reporter: county officials say that the store's owners informed them in writing that they would close january 30th and they would not reopen. now this virus is treatable if caught early with antibiotics and fluids but if it doesn't it can be deadly. >> the lights are out and cones with no trespassing line the entrance to the puppy barn in springfield township tonight. the marquis reads the store is closed. the burlington county freeholder direct says in news release
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"unfortunately recent inspections by the county health department and the burlington county spca have determined that cane newspaper parvo virus highly contagious and potentially deadly disease is present at the facility". >> it's very common virus that is everywhere. >> jessica kaplan is a doctor at the voorhees veterinary center. we asked her to explain parvo virus. >> the case that is we see this really really terrible virus and it's usually in unvaccinated puppies anywhere from four to maybe even 16 weeks of age, you know, it can happen with an older dog as well, most of the time from a shelter or a heavily populated area that is really getting exposed. >> reporter: she says they try to catch it by being aggressive with vaccinations but she says it's a hearty virus. >> we try to sort of get again shelters to have really nice kind of cleanliness and we have protocols to kind of deactivate the virus so to speak.
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but even then, it spread through fecal oral spread meaning anything that touches a piece of poop or something that is infected can now be sniffed or licked or, you know, somehow into the oral cavity of a puppy and then it spreads. >> reporter: county officials say the owners of the puppy barn informed them that they plan to permanently close the place. >> in a shelter situation it's much more difficult because you have usually constant in and out flow of other puppies and dogs and cats. so in those situations, a lot of times what needs to happen they close the shelter. >> reporter: animals are not at the burlington county animal shelter. officials say they will be up for adoption once the quarantine is lived and they get clearance from veterinarian. iain? >> i'll take it, thank you very much shawnette. simple and cheap vaccination can offset parvo virus. breaking news out of west philadelphia. police say a store owner shot a would be robber. let's get right out to fox 29's
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chris o'connell live at the scene tonight. chris? >> reporter: that is right, iain. young man is in the hospital tonight after he was shot four times after he tried to hold up a store here in west philly. take look. the scene is now clear tonight. the store is closed. it all happening here on the corner of 65th and lebanon here in overbrook. it happened about two hours ago. once again the scene is clear. police say the young man walked into the 65th and lebanon del deli. police say he announced he had a gun and it was a robbery, but by time he pull out that gun, the owner had plans of his own. police saying to protect his family, he shot the suspect across the counter while his terrified wife and kids looked on. the suspect ran out of the store, collapsed about a block away, police scooped him up. the man was rushed to lankenau hospital. >> there's been a series of robberies we've been working with the community in trying to
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get these things to stop. and people have to realize that these ownness are permitted to carry guns and permitted to use them in situations such like this. this man walks in, clearly he displays what is believed to be a gun by the owner by what we see in the video and the owner beats him to the punch and fires some shots and now the guy is clinging to life at this point. >> reporter: now police say that man in his 20s is in lankenau hospital. he's colonelly in critical condition. the store own are in at this point is being interviewed by detectives at southwest detectives. we are told by police he had a permit for a conceal and carry for that gun. most likely charges will not be filed against him. guys back to you. >> thank you, chris. her husband a father, a grandfather had died. she was grieving and then just stunned. what someone did to them after he passed away. >> my male carrier came to me and asked me if i was having his male forwarded for maybe illegal
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reason or something and i kind of was shocked and said no. >> turns out that was the first clue to a scam and now police are involved. a reunion years in the making. the precious gift that's now inside this man's body that gave him second chance at life. who he was finally able to thank in person for him. >> got really strange thing going on here. i've got a pig wandered into my parking lot. >> a pig? >> a pig, yes, ma'am. bacon on the hoof. >> bacon on the hofof. it's a pig hanging around a gas station. she wouldn't leave either. where that pretty little piggy is staying tonight.
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little town in bucks county has a chance to make it big. >> the small borough in bucks county among the finalist for nationwide contest. if they win they would have a half a million more reasons to be proud of their downtown but that's not all. fox 29's bruce gordon is in bristol tonight to tell us all about it. bruce? >> reporter: you want to bring small town together one that has seen its share of good times and bad. not too difficult you combine natural civic pride with the promise of big bucks and you wind up with the mantra being heard all over bristol borough tonight. pick us! >> reporter: packed the moose lodge thursday night. danced to the bristol stomp but
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mostly they came to hear for themselves the good news announced. >> here we go. >> bristol borrow! [ applause ] bristol borough one of five finalists for half million dollars worth of marketing projecting money and grants to revitalize the business district. part of program called the small business revolution. locals are pumped. >> tight knit community. they all come together and pull together and fight for what they believe n it's nice. >> late '60s united states steel corporation employed 10,000 people 8 miles up the road. >> during that time, this street was bustling. >> reporter: video created for the contest tells the story of bristol's boom and bust. then the mills closed down, malls came up, is you burr ya sprawled and we went into what i like to refer to as a pretty deep sleep. >> in reply years there's been a bit of reawakening newtown houses going on so too new dock project. several new stores have opened on mill street.
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the main drag. brian adams and his mom cynthia set up train pops attic here self years ago. they've seen things get better along the business district. but believe the best days are still ahead. >> i'm pretty optimistic about it. i really am. i think we're on the right tra track. i just think, f this promotion comes through, i think it will be good. >> reporter: now it comes down to online vote through februar february 16th. bill says he's hoping for victory and the money that goes with it. but either way, we've won because people have really come together. they're believing in themselves. they're believing in their town. it will be all good. >> reporter: yeah. it's going to be all good. we will see. bristol borough is the only one of the five finalists communities in our region. you want to help them win this contest. real easy go to we will link you to the site where you can vote. it is quick, it is easy you can help your neighbors come up with money to revitalize their business district. iain, vote early and vote often. >> there you go.
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>> good advice, bruce. thank you. happy valley might soon be known as the dry valley. penn state has told its fraternities and sororityies won't be allowed at parties indefinitely it comes after the death of a student last weekend. 19-year-old timothy piazza fell down a stairwell during a party at a frat house. he stayed there for 12 hours before anyone called for help. the university says it's concerned about growing allegations of hazing and sexual assaults. >> fire officials say squatters might started a fire that gutted a vacant building in the fair hill section of philadelphia. it started just before 10:00 this morning on the 300 block of west indiana avenue. firefighters did not find anyone inside and amazing the house next door, it is not damaged. northern pennsylvania interstate 81 is open again. this morning three tractor trailers and an suv got caught up in a chain reaction crash near lenoxville. several lanes were closed for hours as crews worked to clean that all up. the crash did not seriously
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injure anyone. ♪ our hank flynn can have just as much fun as the kids. you knew that probably most kids across the delaware valley enjoyed snow day off today sledding and making snowmen. snow angels all that stuff. >> you know our hank, he just couldn't pass up a snow day of his own. ♪ >> reporter: fox 29 news, may i help you. >> it's hank. do we have, too. >> hank, it's the news, we're always open. >> snow day, schools are closed. work, not so much. >> we're all here. we're all working. everything is going. >> fine. wife is out of town if nobody take the boys to dead man's hill they're going to health melt down. >> go downstairs and put your leggings on. >> so that's my story tonight. it's work your while we had to get the driveway shoveled and salted but then we loaded up. >> guys, stop it! >> then we headed tout dead
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man's hill. that's where the fun is and everything is insane. >> wow! >> i was in the air for like three straight seconds. >> that fun is insane. >> if you're parent every other word is the question, are you okay? >> we'll get austin. here we come. [ laughter ] >> are you okay? >> here comes harry. >> whoo! >> are you okay? >> nice. wow! >> are you okay? >> oh, boy. are you tired yet? >> no. >> you're going to get clobbered by somebody coming down the ra ramp. >> back at the house grandma fed these turkeys hot suit and
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sandwiches and cartoons and fish stories about extreme injuries that never happen. >> almost broke my arm. >> broke my leg. >> neither one much you broke anything. you look like you were having a good time both of you the whole time. >> they're did for sure. fox 29 weather authority says it's warmer into the weekend tough to tell when the next snow day will come. take it when you can. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> i guess his kids are so busy doing they had no time to flip water bottles and nobody was wearing shorts. >> the water bottles would have froze. >> maybe. >> that could have hurt. is that you in the triplets? do you guys go -- hill thing. >> they do. >> unlike hank, i give hank credit me, no, i don't do that. i'm a little too old for that. next thing you know i'll be in the hospital. >> true. >> flipping water bottles. >> iain, are you okay? >> exactly. no, i'm not. >> tom brady's game winning jersey from the soup pell bowl is still missing.
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new report could mean good news for the star quarterback. >> another controversy surrounding the ferguson, miss sorey police department. what it had painted on the sized wasn't one of its cars that had people upset. >> are you looking for companionship, maybe someone to help you stay warm tonight? how you can get paid to cuddle. uh-huh. ♪ >> now with tomorrow' traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everyone. after all day of digging out and shoveling we get ready for a morning rush hour. remember tomorrow anything that's left over is going to refreeze on the overnight. and we'll be waiting for us in the form of black ice during the morning rush hour. penndot new jersey dot, deldot will be out all night putting out the salt. we'll see what we have when we start off morning off bright and early. sue has the forecast. i'll check the jam cams when we see you tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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♪ stunning tragedy on the chesapeake bay bridge today. high winds are being blamed for actually blowing a truck off the bridge and into the choppy waters of the bay below. the driver was able to get out of the truck and on to the roof of the cab are where he was rescued by helicopter but he
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died a short time later at a nearby hospital. this happened around 12:30 this afternoon when coast guard officials say winds were blowing around 40 miles an hour. >> how tragic. in california's bay area, homeowner has huge clean up on his hands after a mudslide barreled straight into his house. you can see it all hurdling down a hill right into his home sitting at the bottom. i don't know that we have that video. there's the aftermath. west coast has seen its fair share of wet weather and mudslides this week. for the past couple of months the drought seems like a distance memory with the area still under coastal flood advisories. >> ferguson miss sorey police department back in the headlines tonight. >> this time it's the city pas passes dare logo whipping up the controversy. the ferguson police department dare vehicle now a humvee deck out with a new logo. on the side same old dare mascot they've had for a long time darren the lion but in post on ferguson's website someone spelled darren the lion with 2r's instead of one.
10:25 pm
and some community members say it's like the way former officer darren wilson spells his name. wilson shot and killed 18-year-old may cal brown and though a grand jury and the obama administration's justice department completely cleared wilson of any wrongdoing, emotions still run deep in ferguson. >> so it really people thought immediately of darren wilson and that's what that connotation brings back he's being loon compromised on the side of a military police vehicle in our community to say that this somehow relates to michael brown or darren wilson is really a stretch, because this pre-dates either -- his pre-dates that incident and so this, again, no one was thinking that way because we innocently were trying to app pole to children. >> police say the only message they want to send for children to stay off drugs. country's old person passed away this weekend in new jersey. a dell dunlop died sunday at the age of 114 at a hospital in flemington.
10:26 pm
dunlap's family had no explanation for her longevity. they never exercise the and she smoked. 113-year-old dell feign gibson takes over as the oldest living person in the us. >> all about good genes. she was still mourning the loss of her husband then her male carrier pointed something out that led to a devastating discovery. why she says letters addressed to her husband stopped coming to her home. kathy is tracking your forecast. iain does not like the cold and guess what, iain, it's going to get eve colder overnight talking about temperatures in the teens that trough in the east all that blue contour on that map means bitter cold tomorrow but more extremes for the weekend. and this little girl fighting a rare blood disorder and bringing smiles to faces of people around the world. the video is going viral. i love her. and now it has caught the eye of one of her idols.
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♪ philadelphia police officers are caught the national spotlight thanking the department -- thinking the department might not be too happy about this. inn saaed addition that aired on fox 29 found more than 100 officers with the philadelphia and new york city police departments are covering their license plates with plastic covers. >> those covers can be a secure the vision of traffic and toll cameras meaning they won have to pay. the inside edition team went out and found the cars, trucks and suv's parked outside the new york and philadelphia court houses on the dashboard of everyone of them a placard showing that they are a member of law enforcement. here's what happened when a reporter confronted one of the new york city officers about the covers. >> i just noticed that you have plastic covers on your license plate. does that allow to you be able to skip paying tolls? >> no, it does not. >> reporter: are you a cop. >> yes, i am. >> in statement to inside edition the philadelphia police
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department says the activity is not tolerated and officers have to abide by the same laws as everyone else. stress and sadness of losing a loved one can at times seem unbearable but one widow in florida had an added stress brought to her attention by her concerned male carrier. >> even though her husband had died she found it really odd that no male was coming to her house any longer with her husband's name on it so she did a little digging and she cannot believe what she discovered. fox's dana jay has that story. >> reporter: saying goodbye to someone you love is sad, stressful, scary. you're grieving. and sometimes thieves are using the final resting place to pick their next victim. >> it was right in the middle of obviously just a lot of pain, um arc lot of, um -- upping, woning why it was now. things of that nature. >> reporter: joe passed away in september. a loving husband, father and
10:32 pm
grandpa who loved hunting and the beach. just days after joe died, the male lady in the neighbor noticed something wasn't right. >> my male carrier came to me and asked me if i was having his male forwarde forwarded for a ll reason or something, and i kind of was shocked and said no. >> reporter: that's how carol learned someone had stolen her husband's identity. and forwarded all his mail to texas. while she was grieving, the crooks were going to work. >> i had four brand new credit cards from four banks that we had not been affiliated with before. and then later i got a fifth one and we one of them had 39 thus san dollars credit limit on it. >> reporter: investigators aren't sure how joe's identity was stolen but orlando police department detective my stevens says thieves often start with obituaries.
10:33 pm
>> mitt have a little personal information and then it's just a matter of trying to figure out where that individual lived and putting together that dozier of all his or her personal information. >> reporter: according to one study, two and a half million dead americans have their social security numbers stolen each year. so here's what experts say you can do. first, be really careful about what you put in an obituary. avoid things like date of birth or mother's maiden name. those are things that strangers don't usually know but that banks ask for in order to identify you. next, send copies of death certificates to each credit reporting agency as soon as possible. carol check out her husband's credit report and discovered thieves used joe's personal information to rent an apartment here. according to a police report, management showed detectives a fake checking account statement in the name of joseph fast gate. a photo copy of his driver's license and a credit application
10:34 pm
in his name found in an apartment. carol won't be held responsible for any of it but stopping identity thieves was frustration she did not need. >> never did it with my parents but, boy, it's top of the list what my children are supposed to do for me. >> one more thing to think of as you say goodbye to someone you love. dana jay, fox news. check in on that tanker that flipped on its side around 8:00 o'clock tonight along easton road in warrington, bucks county. we saw authorities going door to door and people in that area were evacuated to the middle school. officials say some fuel has leaked out but there's no word yet about any injuries. a curious pig is capturing hearts tonight in texas. >> she's also got folks in corpus christi where in the world she came from? you heard that little nursery rhyme about the little piggy that went at the mark. well this one went to the gas station and did not go all the
10:35 pm
way home. gas station worker ended up calling 911 after little pot biehl lead piggy began following customers around the lot. >> got a really strange going on here. i've got a pig wandered in my parking lot. >> a pig? >> a pig, yes, ma'am, bacon on the hoof. >> she was somebody's pet. police took her to the shelter and the staff is making shows all comfy tonight treating her little skin rash on her body. then she's going to up for adoption. reunion years in the paying. this man is alive because he was given a precious gift now inside his body his heart. who he was finally able to thank in person for it. ahead at 11:00 without warning a new jersey family lost their oldest son and in the middle of all that grief they found a way to hahn are in his memory bee helping other people simply be kind to each other. >> what about you saying hi to somebody. what about just hoping the door
10:36 pm
what about just trying to cut through some of this. >> yes. how tens of thousands of people are joining their kindness challenge for goodness sake.
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>> in your money tonight the u.s. postal service having trouble turning a profit.
10:39 pm
they lost $200 million. during the holiday season alone. that was a big push for package shipping and more people using vote by male during the presidential election. postal service says forced reduction in stamp prices hurt their bottom line. under federal law prices cannot go up more than the rate of inflation without approval from the postal regulation commission. >> shop in california is hoping to make profit off of cuddling. >> one storefront in venice has people lining up. they're lining up to cuddle. >> they're paying too. i'll get to in moment. this is the cuddle sanctuary offering weekly cuddle workshops and professional cuddling. a lot of marking a one-on-one session between a professional cuddler an client. that cost you 80 bucks an hour. don't go there. there's no second involved. the sessions are purely platon platonic. >> i felt more joy, and i felt more connected. >> the dating world it was like
10:40 pm
people felt like you wanted to rush into sex when really i just wanted to have common -- you know, really nice touch. >> okay. >> okay. exactly much i don't know what to say. 80 bucks an hour. the company says anyone can become a professional cuddler. >> really? >> is there a degree involved? >> you have to take two certification clacks. >> all right. >> you're good to go. a professional cuddler. >> i don't know how to cuddle since i haven't taken the certification class. >> hmm. >> all right. another twist in the on-going mystery over who took tom brady's jersey. you know what, iain, maybe no one stole it after all. brady is saying he absolutely put it inside his bag after sunday's game but then he confine it. the texas rangers are even on the case to track this one down. but in you tmz reports it may have ended up on team equipment truck. it was supposed to rival that truck back in boston from nrg stadium. we do yet know if anyone has found the jerseys as of yet. she's adorable, a fighter and she can bell it out much this little girl reached 22 million hearts and counting
10:41 pm
and now people she's inspired are trying to inspire her as well. >> it's my favorite story of the week. our kathy orr is tracking that forecast. >> i could watch her all night. >> i know. >> in weather we're talking about more extremes bitterly cold during the day tomorrow and then warm weather moves back in. i'll show when you coming up. >> but first, this black history moment. today we remember pennsylvania native dr. daniel williams. he was a surgeon who in 1891 found the first integrated hospital. two years later, he became the first person to successfully complete open-heart surgery.
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♪ what a day in atlanta airport. a man got to thank a familiar until person for a second chance at life. that family's loss became the gift of life for michael haines. >> doctors told him everything would have to be just right if he was going to survive. it turns out mark, was that perfect match and today six years after the surgery that saved his life, michael haines got a chance to thank that man's family face to face and although they had never met in person mark's mom said she knew michael as soon as she saw him. >> it's more than just your
10:45 pm
ordinary organ. maybe carries memories or something. i don't know. as soon as i saw michael, i began sort of seeing expressions on his face i almost recognized. >> it turns out haines wasn't the only person saved by mark. his kidneys saved the lives of two other people. it is so important to be an organ donor. >> chutely. >> so important. >> gives other people live. the weather authority tracks the storms. you know that. we take you threw it all the way to clean up. fox 29 always got cover. good days like today you've seen our reporters out across our area. now who can forget this video during steve keeley's live report on "good day philadelphia". this storm hit three years ago -- >> ah! >> amazing. he's still standing much he's staying on his feet. >> steve. >> i was mag. our steve keeley at it again sheer magic when he boarded a septa bus during one of his live reports this morning in warrington. the bus driver stole the show this time. take look. >> all right. we've been waiting for a bus to come for these wal*mart workers.
10:46 pm
>> guys we're on camera. >> wait a second. >> how is driving a septa bus in this weather today? >> coming up here was he can treatmently bad but going down the road is much better. hey, ya'll better pay. if there's snow out there. ya'll pay better. ya'll better pay now. what did i say? >> you interview the drive why he's busy we'll sneak on the bus and get free ride home. >> fox 29 is paying for everybody. yay! >> we'll get mike jerick's credit card and swipe the through and everybody ride free. how is that. >> there you go. and coffee. >> we want coffee. >> and coffees, yes. >> and wawa stuff. like he had eyes in the back of his head. all over them. >> that's another story. i know. >> the token thing. yeah. you should be able to swipe card. >> they got the new septa key thing going on now. >> about time. all right. get your wawa coffee on mike
10:47 pm
jerick. let's take look what's on roar radar tonight. taking a live look at camelback mountains. skiers have to be thrilled finally fresh powder. kathy orr has got your full forecast in just 15 seconds. >> yesterday's high 66. right now it's 24 degrees in philadelphia. so we're talking about a 42-degree difference. just amazing. our storm out of here. you can see the winds blowing from the northwest still in some enhanced snow showers in cape may right now just crossing the point. otherwise skies are mainly clear. right now in philadelphia the temperature is chilly, 24 degrees. the high for the day very early in the morning before that cold air came in. 48 degrees. in the poconos it's only ten. it's 21 in reading. it's 23 in wilmington. it feel even colder in the teens
10:48 pm
through most of the southern part of our region. look at wrightstown though it feels like five. feels like seven below in the poconos. feel like nine in allentown and in reading our storm moves away as it brought blizzard conditions to boston. high pressure will build to the south slowly warms up over the next couple of days or next player in our weather forecast will be this area of low pressure that moves through the parts of the ohio valley and tennessee valley and brings us some rain. not a lot of rain more of a nuisance for your sunday. when we look at our long range computer models we're looking at about .30 to four terms and an inch and that would be on sund sunday. looking ahead tonight, just cold temperatures. mainly clear. wind chills in the single numbers. below zero as you head toward the poconos. and overnight low temperatures only in the teens. tomorrow still breezy condition plenty of sun in the morning the clouds roll in during afternoon mostly sunny, 10 degrees below normal. the normal high is 42. it will only make it to 32 with
10:49 pm
a westerly wind on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, of course, saturday movely cloudy, mild at 50. sunday rain returns. and not a lot of rain but it will be showery, 48. monday 50. and look at this on tuesday, are you ready for your valentine's? the valentine's forecast looks pretty good. cuddle up. hug your honey. valentine's day looking at 47 degrees. mostly sunny. and pleasant. and temperatures will stay mild after that. wednesday look for high of 41. a seasonal day on tuesday. with a temperature of 42 degrees. are you guys ready for valentine's day? >> always ready. >> not yet. >> you got time yet. you got time. don't forget. >> um-um. >> all right, kathy. a little fighter out there inspiring millions with just one song. >> her name is lea carol much she's four years old. she has a rare blood disorder and she's an overcome her. check it out.
10:50 pm
♪ >> i could watch her all night long. she's so cute. lea rocking out in her hospital room. she is over come two, two bone marrow transplants and has spent 327 days away from her family and mostly in the hospital. lea's mom lindsay posted the video on sunday. it has 22 million views and here's the best part of this. 97,000 comments and counting are filled with others who have overcome everything from leukemia to organ failure and transplants of their own and they're all cheering on lea and when lea found out she was going to be on tv today, her nurses told her mom she got out all of her music and sang all morning long. leases mom posted this video just to show it to man disease is a the former american idol who sings this song. you know she has seen it and loves it and hopes to pay lea is visit very soon. >> great little girl.
10:51 pm
>> um-hmm. all the best to her. sean bell what's coming up in sports? >> that is super cute. what's not super cute the flyers right now. they're trying to end tough scoring drought and avoid another shut out much things get little heated in the sixers ga game. nerlens noel and another going at it in a touch game. see if they can pull away in orlando neck in sports. if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all, only in new york.
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♪ the flyers actually haven't been that bad lately but if they don't get more scoring they're not going to go anywhere. they only have 12 goals in their last nine games and they've been shut out in the last two. unfortunately, the lack of scoring continued today against the islands. first peer the flyers on a power play. they move it around little bit and look at this wayne simmons punches it in right there to get the goal. but guess what? that's where the scoring actually stopped. right here, tavaras with the shot and lee with the deflection to tie the game up. then in the second jason, unties it. gets the goal right here. the flyers go on to lose three three-one. they're third straight loss. >> feel like we have some chan chances but, i don't know, not enough traffic or just not enough poise. you know obviously we don't get the bounces as well. >> everything is is pretty close. look at the stanings it's fair to say everybody is pretty tig
10:55 pm
tight. games like tonight we need to find a way to win. sixers struggled might tilley since joel embiid has been out. they lost four out of five. this one was close until the very end it got testy in the fourth quarter. nerlens noel fighting rebound he nails noel with a bow right to his throat. they get into it afterwards and get a tech. sixers up by one. nicholas with the rock. the old sixer. right hook right there to give the magic the lead. now just seconds left. who do you give the ball to. tj mc com, that's who. game winning bucket right there. the sixers in their five -- end their five game losing streak, 112-111. little college hoops temple taking on smu. smu with the full court press in this game. getting a little press. turnover right there. that leads to gerard foster ally-oop. temple currently down 57-48 in
10:56 pm
the second half. to the new york knicks. that team is a hot mess right now. from james dolan all the way down. yesterday things got as ugly as it can get it didn't even involve phil jackson and carmelo anthony. charles oakley gets kicked out of the game by security. he's yelling and screaming and today james dolan said i hope that guy gets help. oakley said he didn't even say anything to dolan. but you know that's not oaks style. you know he was screaming at him but so what? he bought his tick. he sat where he wanted to sit. this feud has gone on for long time, and dolan has been a mess for a long time. he's the problem up top. not oakley much not mellow. phil jackson, yes. but management all the way down, that organization is awful. >> it is. they're in a mess. you don't mess with charles okayly. no. >> he was the heart and soul of that team when he played. he's a tough dude. >> what's coming up at 11:00. >> it's been like that for years. ahead at 11 a locally family's rocked when they're oldest son
10:57 pm
suddenly dies now in memory of their boyer they're doing something simple and necessary that helps us all. they're asking people just to be kind, your wake up weather and seven day forecast, it's cold out there. all in the first five minutes.
10:58 pm
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. all righty. the snow is out of here. now blast of cold weather has descended upon us. the concern whatever was wet today is freezing over in fact we're all right seeing crashes, skyfox over the scene of one big and potentially dangerous mess in bucks county. that's a tanker truck overturned near warrington. at least one other car is involved in all of that. it is a big mess. 4,000 gallons of fuel have spilled on to easton road and so now they've got a fix all of that, clean it all up and authorities right now are evacuating nearby homes. those people they're now at tam minischool middle school. so far five people have minor injuries. that's are investigating whether black ice played roll. >> a crash


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