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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 10, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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. >> what's up? it's snowing like crazy! we got a snow day! woo! >> turn the xbox over to your daughter. get out in the snow! >> really? >> you're like slacking off. what is that a slanket? >> no snow days for us, right? ♪. >> what are you doing? >> what are you talking about? >> great shot. >> i don't agree with you on that. [laughter]
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>> diana, everybody loss of a good offensive ethnic joke every once in a while. what do you got? >> really? [laughter] >> bill! this is a joke some say has gone too far. take a look at this. it shows the key port, new jersey, police chief dressing up as a chinese take-out container to roast the former fire chief eugene, an american of chinese descent. the roast also included a play on many chinese stereotypes, he wasn't reportedly offended by it, but others were. >> you wouldn't have done this in black face. to me, my first reaction was this is yellow face. never, ever would have thought of doing this if the guy was black. why in the world would you do it? reporter: i came to key port, new jersey, to learn more, i spoke with bill sacks, a local
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business owner, actually at that roast, and he filled me in on the missing details. >> i laughed when i read some of this, to be honest with you. these guys all know each other, play jokes on each other all the time, and i can see something like this happening. reporter: he tells me no one at the event was offended. >> it was all in good fun, and they were at an event to have a party, per se, and it was -- i think it was appropriate. reporter: had this been overblown, should society lighten up or be more careful to words. >> we need to be culturally sensitive if we're talking among friends, these are habits we need to develop. >> was he seen on comedy central. >> the center of attention, you pick up every part of his life, that's what a roast is. >> it was his idea. he and his girlfriend cooked
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up the idea. i was impressed by the creativity of the costume. >> a close cousin to the i have black friends, i have chinese friends. >> mr. free speech, you're offended by this. >> i will fight to the death for your right to act like a moron. >> at what point do you say grow up, lighten up. >> ashley? >> talked to a lot of comedians and every single one said they're scared to do shows at college campuses because you feel you need to be so pc, everyone gets offended about everything. if that doesn't show you the climate of today, i don't know what does. ♪ >> guys, the storm of the season is upon us. we've got people all over the state to cover it. i want to check in first with brian, who is in the thick of it. brian, what do you got? >> what's up spadea! it's snowing like crazy.
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we got a snow day! woo! ♪. >> wait, wait, wait, wait, brian, brian. >> a situation with the zombies in the xbox here. the french toast going on. what's better than a snow day, right? >> brian? >> hold on a second. kiddo, can you fill daddy's whiskey glass? >> my gosh! >> i'm thinking you misunderstood the assignment. get out in the snow! what are you doing? >> it's a snow day. it's not a snow day? >> did you not get the message? we're all here, we're all working, turn the xbox over to your daughters. get out in the snow! >> really? really? i want to see you with a shovel in your hand like moving snow, man! >> all right. i'll get out. i guess i misunderstood. >> well, everyone, it's snowing. as predicted, there is snow
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falling from the sky. you can see behind me the streets are mostly empty except for the plows because the majority of the people have taken snow days. lean at the camera.. >> have you ever had it happen where you put too much clothing in the watching machine and you hear thump, thump, thump, you panic, you think it's broken. this guy made the best out of the situation. instead of stopping the washer he gets out the guitar and sings devil went down to georgia. ♪. reporter: aaron posted it on youtube in late january and has over 100,000 hits. it's unethical, it's wrong. you cannot be thinking that you're acting in the best interest of a student by [ bleep ] his mother. i don't even know what world
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you come from if anyone thinks that normal. >> brandon becker was 12 when he saw his mother joyce walking into the school office with the superintendent. the mother disappeared into the office. the rumors buzzing around the school for a while, taunts from a student only got nastier. >> how does it feel to know your mom is [ bleep ] the superintendent or mom is getting [ bleep ] by the superintendent. reporter: how is it a large town dominated by leafy golf scapes and golf courses. brandon's graduating class was 42 kids, a place where rumors travel fast. brandon is suing former school district, the board of education and the student. his father divorced joyce in 2010. brandon's father said he was
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mostly in the dark about the affair until another father took him aside at a baseball game and intimated there was something going on between his wife and the superintendent. >> that one conversation changed my life. i absolutely started to connect everything. reporter: this 2007 conversation led donald becker to have a private investigator follow his wife around and the pi captured these photos. meanwhile brandon's life was spiraling out of control. he started getting in fights. principal said he would grow red with rage and pummel the other kids when they said horrible things about his mother. he lost his friends, gained weight and self-medicated with alcohol. >> i wanted to isolate myself and smoking and drinking were great tools to escape reality. >> he's better now going through rehab and studying prelaw at rutgers. tried to keep the relationship with brandon's low key, and in
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the end felt that he had been used by her saying, quote, i guess i didn't serve my purpose anymore and was dismissed about the breakup in 2013. good morning, i'm a reporter with "chasing news". i'm trying to talk to you about the brandon becker lawsuit. i want to see if you have a comment. >> no comment. reporter: do you think it's right for a supervisor of a school to sleep with a 12-year-old boy's mother in the school, while he's there? >> by the way, ambushed by east newark schools where he's a part-time administrator. he's an associate dean at bergen county community college and has a company that helps with procurement in schools. thomas lynch is a hackensack attorney. lynch would be the one to try the case before the jury. i had a simple question for him. how did the district break the law? >> should have transferred him to another district. they were well aware of the
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problems he was having with the harassment and the bullying and because of the superintendent, that wasn't done. >> is that the goal here? >> money is not going to fix my 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12th grade. it's not about money. >> it's about putting a story through the and help someone else incredibly in the similar situation. >> i commend him for getting the strength to overcome the adversity. >> kids going through parents' divorces. how hard that is. imagine watching it unfold before your eyes and bullied at the same time in the place you're supposed to be safe. >> you're going to stay on this? >> we will. >> makes it annoying, something sound -- >> order pizza? >> pizza! [cheers] >> well, spadea, i have big news for you. >> yeah?
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>> you just won a brand-new car! [sirens] . >> made my day. >> check out this viral post featuring your new set of wheels, beautiful 2002 oldsmobile. this bleep is $900, you're getting $900 worth of car. you're damn right you will find something wrong with it. it will get you from a to b, but don't rush to c. you want to take guesses where it's located? >> florida? >> florida! >> yeah! [ cheers ] >> legend charles oakley and owner james dolan had a frosty relationship in the past. things got heated at the garden. check out this footage taken by twitter user ian schafer.
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>> the whole thing was a real melee. oak had to get booked at precinct. >> meet an antelope, orphaned after mother passed away in england's chapter zoo. she's only 7 1/2 inches tall and too small to register on the new scale. the species is one of the smallest in the world and grow to 16 inches tall at full age. they are feeding him five times a day and probably freak out over his cuteness as i am. >> i'm on the here chasing new jersey's version of dakota access pipeline controversy. people see the gas line and wish they had the gas. here's the catch, the
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. >> brian, welcome back, looks like you immersed yourself in the story. appreciate that. that's some fine mask you're wearing. what do you got? >> fierce out here. the snow is still coming down. >> he froze. >> so cold. >> drag me off the couch in
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the storm. and the snow is coming down, this is a serious storm, officials are warning everyone to take a snow day. the governor of new jersey, chris christie ordered all nonessential employees to take a snow day. schools are closed for a snow day. they're reporting multiple accidents. scores of accidents all over the road from people, uh-oh, getting hit by a plow. >> cover in snow before you brush the snow off. like a hideout or a cave. >> there are accidents all over the roads from people who had unsympathetic bosses. >> this is a great example for your kids, slacking off in a -- what is that a slanket? >> how about your employees? >> some of them came to work some, can work from home. >> give them a snow day? >> no snow days. >> i'm interviewing the wrong guy here. >> no plow. no snow day for him. >> and you're off because you
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have a snow day. >> off because i have a snow day. >> your bosses have common sense? >> actually i had this date scheduled off. >> all right. if so, i think i would still have a snow day. >> that's the situation here. >> we appreciate you are finally doing your job. we'll check in later. >> shoot. i'm in the plow's way again. aah! . >> all right, the grammys, so interested. stay up late, dvr the grammys so i can watch it again. jillian, i'm so interested in the story. the grammys, what do you got? >> happening this sunday, february 12th, and to join us to talk about them, we have 95.5 radio host ralphie aversa. i have a few questions for you, ralphie, there's a lot going on. somewhere saying the grammys are coming to new york city.
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is that a possibility? >> it is. i asked the president of the recording academy about this last night at an event here in los angeles. neil, who is from long island, and he made it very clear that they're trying to bring the grammys back to new york city. >> we've said publicly we would love to be in new york, and we are working on plans to try to do that. >> i guess the big question is will they be at barclay's or madison square garden, regardless, he didn't have anything to confirm last night but did say they're trying to come back east. that's cool. >> the grammys are my favorite. oscars, i never watched the movie, you are constantly listening to the radio, the music is relevant. i'm hoping for socially conscious speeches that are addressing the things that people are worried about right now. >> sounds like everyone is interested in the politics of it more than the music. >> look, we want moments we can tweet about. we want the viral moments and the grammys are going for the
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moments too because ratings have been down the past few years. probably going for that as well. >> ralphie, you are with us tomorrow from thesterster, and i can't wait. man, seriously, make your bed for tomorrow's show, will you? geez. >> as long as i'm not on camera tomorrow, that's not. >> ralphie, talk to you tomorrow. >> where is your grammy? >> what? >> where is your grammy? >> thank the police. ♪. >> sheryl has an immaculate eye for fashion and accolades speak for themselves. >> when i came into the fashion industry, it was a completely different time. it was rare to see black women at the mantle. >> pop on sun
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>> and, of course, they're --
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>> i eat meat. >> i eat meat. >> it's like the interstitials write themselves. >> there he is. >> this is the guy you're looking for in a situation like this. the neighbor with the snow blower. now the key is to make it look like you're struggling as much as possible while shoveling in order to get the neighbor with the snow blower to come by and do your walk. ugh! ugh! ugh! >> i'm out here chasing what is new jersey's version of the dakota access pipeline controversy, a raging battle over a plan to build a pipeline. much of it protected forest. i read hundreds of stories on this but wanted to hear from the folks who live right along
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the route. >> anybody home? >> i'm taking a walk about. 22 miles along the pipeline route. this is day two of my story, walking the route, and running into a paradox i didn't think i'd find. people see a gas line coming through, and we want some of that gas. >> just by talking to people in the community, you know, we wish we had the gas. it's a lot cheaper to heat with. >> if you don't live in a rural area, you take natural gas for granted. i ran into people heating their home on oil, even coal, i ran into somebody who thinks he can tap into the line once it's built. here's the catch. the pipeline is not for them. no stupe for you. the gas is for the power plant providing electricity to area residents and dubbed by the environmental protection the dirtiest plant in the state. burns coal and oil and will
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likely close if it isn't able to convert to natural gas. do you support it? it's coming right by the front door here. >> we can't gas. it's not helping our public here. >> the hope they can get gas is fueling support for the pipeline among the residents i'm talking to. that guy osborne was a perfect example of what environmentalists are talking about here. it is only used for the electrical generating station. he wants to hook his gas line up to it. once the pipeline is here, people are going to want to hook up to it, people want to hook up gas lines, businesses, houses and developers who will come in, start paving over the pine. and what would that mean for places like this? this shiloh farms, stumbled along the place along my walk. and wow, what a little slice
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of paradise. >> could be worse. like i stepped into a time warp, man. old, old canoe up here, and the stalls. the old sleigh, look at this. >> a lot of locals like the owner of this farm have no problem with the pipeline coming through. the pipeline meets development like the critics suggest, it's going to be a very different place. ♪. >> tomorrow, i continue my journey, the third and final day of my walk along the pinelands pipeline. >> throughout black history month i will be honoring pioneers and i'm glad to start with fashion expert sheryl ann
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waddlington, just by the way she carries herself and dresses to the nines and speaks, you can tell she strives for perfection in everything she does. >> i have some very intense training to be the best, you know? back then, you couldn't get away with what these kids get away with today, and one thing i would say to young people now, you want to get to the point where your mistakes are correct. >> sheryl has immaculate eye for fashion and accolades speak for themselves. she's contributed to numerous fashion houses and publications including "vogue" and "elle" and sharpening their look through consultants. she has been to countless fashion weeks. i knew when i interviewed her, i needed to dress to impress, and she showed me a thing or two how i could up my style. >> maybe pop on sunglasses on that. some people say if it's
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nighttime, you don't need to wear it. it's a lie. >> sheryl will say making a name for herself in the fashion world wasn't easy, especially being a woman of color. >> when i came in, it was a different time, way before naomi campbell and tyra banks. it was rare to see a black woman at the mantle of anything fashion. i remember when the insiders called for a woman nondescript, meaning you couldn't tell if she was black or white. so i never paid that no mind. reporter: sheryl started the program that emphasizes academics and she makes sure that these girls have the foundation to achieve success. >> the goal of this program is to make sure that marginalized girls of color finish high school in time and get in
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college, and so far, 1,200 girls have graduated from the program over the past 12 years, and so i could be proud of anything, i'm so happy about that. >> her work honored and highlighted by the white house, and guess what? she is far from done. >> programs like are this so important, too. if you want to break the cycle of incarceration and things like that, they need mentors and the work she sounds like she's doing is amazing and going to change society. >> it's not even people that could possibly be incarcerated. it's people that can be better than they already are in their field, and i have to say it's a reminder that if you have talents and can give back to others use that gift to empower the next generation. >> another great night of chasing. hope you enjoyed the show. appreciate you watctctctctc
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