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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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man, big refreeze, bitter cold and blustery wind making for slick conditions this morning. after yesterday's snow, we got some trouble spots to tell but this morning. temperatures are 23. teen loses his life after a barrage of bullets fired in the home overnight now hunt is on for his killers. mopping up the mess, crews finally getting a handle on a hazmat situation after a tanker truck overturns this bucks county, latest on the clean up effort. mcconnell will for the lead, yes. >> tj does it again second time in less than a months, point guard comes up huge in the final seconds to help sixers, get back on their
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winning ways. the tweets were flying after that especially from joel who did not play. good day, it is february 10th, 2017. my gosh it is cold it is cold. >> ridiculous last night trying to get around. >> yeah. >> wind blowing. >> yes. >> i just stayed home. >> i had to go out. >> you had to. >> i had to. i had some appointments. >> at night. >> interesting. >> people have have lives. >> i agree. >> it is 23 degrees. >> i went to bed at 4:00. >> you went to bed at 4:00. >> i really did. >> i was so tired. i have no life at least you do i will live vicariously through you and all i did was sleep, sleep, sleep. here we go. we have number of the day only five because of the cold and that is head line today. we don't see much of bus stop
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buddy and that is a good thing you need extra layers because it is so cold out there this morning. we don't have any clouds and that lack of cloud cover allowed temperatures to drop overnight. we have got 23 degrees and feels like 12. do you remember wednesday is this 66 degrees. the this is crazy. sunrise time 6:59. other wind chills to be ready for 11 in wilmington, is 11 in reading, seven in wrightstown and 11 in trenton is what it feels like outside. temperatures will stay in the 20's through lunchtime and only goat a high of 34. with those wind gusting to 20 miles an hour not as high as yesterday it will feel like 20's bob kelly, all day long. >> definitely feel it, stepping outside front door. bundle up the kid. we are shut down in center city, a live look at an accident involving a tractor trailer and number of cars, closing the vine street expressway ramp to the westbound schuylkill expressway and some of these folks have been sitting out here for close to a half an
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hour. we said make sure you have a full tank of gas, one example why we are just jammed on the vine street expressway leaving town trying to get on the schuylkill. your best bet kelly drive or martin luther king drive to get out of downtown. update on the 611 overturn tanker incident north bound lanes remain closed at street road, southbound is opened, update on the market frankford line they repaired enough car trains in order to put rush hour together, it is still no update on all those cracked cars, but, no buses will be running today, all trains will be making all stops and we are starting to see delays on the regional rails and some of the regional rail lines, the trains will be two cars short today because definitely bundle up if you are contracting mass transit. mike and alex, back over to you. dozens of residents in bucks county are allowed back in their homes now. >> it was a wreck bob just talked b they were evacuated after a tanker crash in warrington spilling thousands
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of gallons of gasoline. what does it look like right now, jenny. >> reporter: well, they are still cleaning up the site. north bound lanes remain closed, however, southbound lanes have reopen. they were reopened about a half an hour ago. as you mentioned, mike, residents were allowed back inside overnight. they had been sheltered at a local will school last night after this tractor trailer accident occurred because there were 4,000 gallons of fuel that spilled on the roadway here which was precautionary. this tractor trailer accident happened around 8:00 last night, we have video of the tractor trailer, that cab and the tanker were towed from the scene a couple hours ago, crew is still out here, continuing to clean up from the spill but again the southbound lanes have reopened. northbound lanes of 611 in warrington still shut down, mike and alex. >> isn't that exactly where you were yesterday? was it steve in warrington all day. >> reporter: this is the same
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area that steve was at yesterday. >> yes, with all of the snow. >> we will check back and let you know when that opens up there. teenager is dead after being shot inside his home in west oak lane. >> eighteen years old. steve, what happened here. >> reporter: this is a case where district attorney and police tried to crackdown witness intimidation, missing calls for all that, this is definitely not the case but that is what it looks like because somebody or some people wanted to permanently silence this 18 year-old to keep him from talking or punish him from already cooperating. the here's the scene. it is his mom's house,e hack late police tell us at 15th and 67th avenue. whom's at work. 11:50 just before midnight that, this is possible likely motive here because 18 year-old killed was under house arrest which tells you he was already involved in the prior criminal case. he was wearing an electronic ankle machine for natalie court system uses to keep very close tabs on people and make
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sure those under house arrest stay in their house and not leaving except for court approved reason like school or work. mommies here at police headquarters, she says her 18 year-old son was going to school. but police found out two guns were fired in the corner house right through the porch window next to the trent door lights were on and they saw him in there. thirteen shots fired, two only hit him with you they were with deadly aim, they hit him this is chest and torso, he ran out, breaks in the next door neighbor's house through their back window and police found out about this. that is where they found him. they get him to the hospital but those shots have hit his heart was he was pronounced dead in a half an hour. we are following, breaking news out of paris. trench prosecutors say that four people have been arrested including a teenage girl and suspected suicide attack. they say they have uncovered a headache shift laboratory that linked suspect with several
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grams of the explosive tatp, the same explosive used in the november 2015 terror attack in paris as well as march 2016 attack in brussels. we are working to get more information and will keep you updated on the breaking news out of paris. well about four hours ago congressman tom price was confirmed as our new health and human services secretary. senate vote add long party lines 52-47. his confirmation came after a long debate that carried on until nearly 2:00 this morning rise has said he will work to dismantle obama care. and a major setback for the trump administration u.s. appeals court in san francisco refused to reinstate the president's controversial ban. >> a ban on the ban. >> executive order halted travelers from seven muslim majority countries there entering the united states. >> decision issued by ninth circuit court was unanimous, three to zero. it comes in the wake of the lawsuit filed by officialness
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washington, the state and minnesota who maintain the ban was unconstitutional. the executive order say it was way of maintaining national security. president trump reacted immediately to the ruling on twitter saying quote unquote see new court, the security of our nation is at stake. >> hillary clinton tweeted president trump shortly after the ruling with the simple three to zero. >> three to zero. >> then kelly ann conway struck back at hillary clinton saying, hey, remember we won, pennsylvania, wisconsin and minnesota. we knew this was coming, major changes coming to penn state university. what the university will now no longer allow after a death of a student at a fraternity party. inside addition investigation has new york and philadelphia police officers under fire what they are accused of doing to go avoid playing tolls
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testing. plastic covers over their license plate. >> they can obscure vision of the traffic and toll cameras meaning they wouldn't pay tolls. "inside edition" team went out and found cars, trucks, suv's found outside new york abe fill courthouses. on the dashboard a plaquard
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showing they are a member of the the law enforcement. here's what happened when a reporter confronted one of the new york city officers about the covers. >> i noticed you have plastic covers on your license plate, does that allow you to be able to skip paying tolls. >> no, it does not. >> reporter: are you a cop? >> yes, i am. >> in a statement, to "inside edition", the philadelphia police department says, the activity is not tolerated, and officers must abide by the same laws as everybody else. so i guess those plastic covers are going to becoming off, the cars, we will see. >> have you noticed them. >> nope. >> i had in the the. >> 6:11. another twist this jersey gate why some think form tom brady wore was not stolen and where it the might be. >> it is almost a week later. listen to this. >> ♪
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>> my gosh she's over copping and inspiring others to do the same, story behind this little girl, whose song there her hospital bed has reached millions of us.
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well, it it was quite a day yesterday and some folks did get quite a bit of snow. it depended how long it took to change over there rain to snow. in philadelphia we ended up with 2 inches at airport, marlton, new jersey 3.5. perkasie pennsylvania 5 inches , seven in bethlehem and up in mount pocono 9 inches where resorts are very happen bye that. cold air moving across great lakes but none of that lake effect snow will make it way here this morning. we can talk about the refreeze , temperatures, there 12 to 25 degrees roughly but wind chills are in the teens and single numbers that means anything that was slushy, yesterday or snowy is probably icy, this morning, in fact, for sure because these temperatures are well below treeing, including that 12 degrees in mount pocono but this is what it feels like trying to stand outside for a bus or ride, feels like 12 in philadelphia, 10 in lancaster, seven below in mount pocono and wildwood wind chillies 15 degrees with wind gusts of 35 miles an hour, in mount
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pocono. we had a 47 miles an hour peak win gust yesterday, still windy today but not as windy as yesterday with the high only 34 degrees and then jump up other way of the roller coaster tomorrow with 50 and it looks like a decent day tomorrow but sunday even though it is still on the mild side or at least seasonal, you the rain rolls in and it stays with uneventful weather, including valentines day where we will see a lot of lovely sunshine. lovely out in the roads. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> 6:16. good morning everybody. what a jammo here downtown. we have an accident on the vine street expressway, vine street expressway ramp to go west on the schuylkill. here's an accident involving this tractor trailer a couple of cars here. we are bumper to bumper river to river we are jammed coming off i-95 roping its way through center city all the way over to the the other side again, accident is on the ramp from the vine expressway to go west on to the schuylkill and quickly going to start backing
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traffic up here on the ben franklin bridge. your best bet use vine street local or one of the drives. another update on tractor trailer accident here in easton road lets go for a ride sky fox over the scene of what is left of the clean up. this is northbound lanes of route 611 where they moved tanker out but the clean up is still underway. it happened right in front of the warrington fire company, that busy stretch of 611, so 611 north boundary mains closed from street road up towards bristol and then until they mop all this up we will go on a detour. there is an elementary school not far there here by the way so those kid will probably have to go on a detour around the block but have no fear school is open, alex and mike. >> school is in session. >> 6:17. a viewing will be held it in for lieutenant steven floyd he died in the delaware prison uprising last week in smyrna,
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delaware. floyd and three other correctional staff officers were taken hostage during the standoff. they were not seriously harmed it will be held this evening at delaware state university memorial halls followed by second viewing tomorrow morning and funeral will be at noon. big changes coming to penn state after student died of the fraternity party there last weekend. >> what is the change. >> it involves drinking mike abe alex. school has told us fraternities and sorority that is alcohol will no longer aloud the at parties. this comes after 19 year-old timothy piazza fell down a stairwell during a party at beta pi fraternity. the police say it took two hours before someone called for help, piazza later died at the hospital. his brother mike posted a moving message on facebook writing on saturday morning i lost my other half, tim, i will miss you eternally. i'm utterly devastated my brother was my best friend. police are still investigating piazza's death
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and fraternity has been tell rarely suspended. also the university says it is very concerned about the growing allegations of hazing and sexual assaults. the this is far from over, and that aggressive changes are on the way, mike and alex. >> just tragic, most egregious part of that whole thing they waited 12 hours to call for an ambulance. unreal. 6:19. one worker missing and two others injured after a pipeline explosion in louisiana. it happened last night on the 66 pipeline. six workers were cleaning at the time and fire crews say they will let fire burn which could heene days before it gets out. sixteen homes evacuated, cause remains under investigation. okay. eagles are interested in a free agent wide receiver from the washington redskins. no, it is not desean jackson it is the other player eagles have targeted for carson went to throw to.
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good morning i'm sean bell , flyers still in a scoring drought, before last night they scored just 12
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goals in nine games and didn't get much bet's begins islanders in the first period flyers, strike first on the power play, and they work puck around, wayne simmonds jabs it in, gets the goal but that one it for the scoring. islanders would score three straight goals with no answer, and they go on to win three- one. sixers in orlando tight game at the end it it is vucevic right here with the the right hook to give them the lead. now in the clutch, tj mcconnell, he drives to the rack, gets the game winning bucket, right there, the sixers, go on to win 112-111. temple taking than 25th ranked smu and owls could not handle pressure. they put on the press, that is turn over anal i hoop for foster owls fall 66-50. that is sports this a minute. i'm sean bell. lets go back to that sixers game because joel embiid had fun with twitter
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again last night after tj mcconnell income down his second game winning shot, embiid tweeted this, tj mcconnell most clutch player in the history of the nba? #trust the process. this is where it the gets interesting, side by side of t y and michael jordan doing the same celebration. sez comparing the celebration tactics or comparing the players? >> he better comparing the celebration. >> okay. >> i love tj but is there only 1mj. >> yes. please. lets get back to the eagles now. washington post newspaper is reporting natalie eagles could be one of the teams interested in redskins wide receiver pierre gar son a free agent. he will be 31 years old. he has been a reliable target since coming in the league back in 2008 with indianapolis he sign with the redskins in 2012 and set their team record for receptions in the season,
6:25 am
of 113 he had in 2013. pierre is considered to be a cheaper option then some of the other free agents because he is going to be 31. >> here's my question, desean jackson according to wikipedia is 30 years old. he is same age. >> he might be more expensive though. >> okay. >> age is not a factor then. he is just cheaper. >> i just don't like when our team goes to the cheaper route is that ever good. >> we should invest. >> yes. >> invest in the team and try to get receivers. all last season our receivers, our receivers and then we will go cheap. cheap. >> i would like to have him on the team, why. >> pierre garson. >> like beauty and the beast, garson. >> isn't that a waiter. >> yes.
6:26 am
>> waiter with the big muscles >> or gaston. >> yes. >> but a garsonnies a waiter. >> sorry, sue. >> in a restaurant. >> bargain basement wind chills, how about that, good morning. >> all right. >> remember day before yesterday, it felt like spring , and how cold sit outside? jenny joyce. >> reporter: i can testify, first hand it is very cold out here as crews continue to clean up from a fuel spill, 4,000 gallons of fuel, spilled during an accident last night, southbound lanes have reopened , northbound lanes of 611 remain closed.
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that is so two days ago. >> we have bitter cold, wind chills in the teens, making for a icy commute, will it stick around all weekend. sue will have that answer for you. gunman opens fire from the street this is home killing a teenager, whom police are looking for right now. how about this a local pet stories shutting down, potentially deadly disease that led own tore close his doors, for good. >> ♪ the >> belting it out, dancing and
6:30 am
everything else. a little girl facing a big fight making headlines with this tune. how it is inspiring thousands of people on line. >> adorable. good day, everybody it is friday, february 10th, 2017. >> don't take so long to say it is friday. >> yes. >> we made it. >> you know, thomas was telling us about a survey a little while ago that if you look forward to friday like a little too much, you need to back off, you are too busy in your life. >> yes. >> did you hear that story, sue. >> i think it means you are not savoring other days of your life. >> right. >> living in the moment. >> this moment toss have 50 and less we see of your skin the better. we need extra layers like buddy because it is so much colder, 10 to 50 degrees colder then it should this be time of the year. we will see some clouds out to the west, nothing here but skies are clear which means we will get sunshine to start the
6:31 am
day but it means very cold. 23 degrees. wind chill of two out there this morning. with temperatures staying in the 20's through lunchtime, cold stays with us all day, high of only 34 degrees, winds gusting to 25 miles an hour which means it feels like the 20's even when it is 34 degrees, but this bob kelly is also, a one day special because changes coming over weekend. >> i just hope if you are stuck in traffic for an hour you are with someone you love. that is what we have this morning. a live look at the accident on the vine street expressway ramp to the schuylkill. folks have been out here for close to an hour now, it happened involving this tractor trailer and a couple cars, traffic is backup from river to river, coming off of i-95 into downtown, stacked up , coming over ben franklin bridge into downtown, your best bet getting ready to leave the house, again i would use either vine street local, the drives, kelly or martin
6:32 am
luther king drive and instead of the coming over ben franklin come over walt whitman to gain access into center city. septa's regional rail lines trains are running two cars short today. it will be a cold wait on the platforms, market frankford line, they fixed enough trains to put together a normal rush hour but no shuttle buses to day. all trains will be making all stops. update on this accident that happened last night on easton road. lets go for a ride, sky fox over the scene where northbound lanes remain closed , they pulled the tanker out of there but they are cleaning up what is left of the fuel spill and now we have to look at difference in the road surface, that is all iced up, we have to put down some salt but northbound lanes remains closed at street road, southbound is opened. expect delays through the morning up in warrington. back over to you. lets look at it with jenny joyce out there all morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex.
6:33 am
taking a live look you can see cars are moving fine along southbound lanes of 611. however, northbound remains closed as quite the operation trying to clean up after 4,000 d on to the roadway. this happened around 8:00 last night and we may have a chopper shot the to give you a better sense of what is happening right now. so you can see, several crews are out here 4,000 gallons of fuel spilled after a tanker truck filled on to its side. police are still investigating how all this happened but they think it was a pickup truck that shifted from the southbound lanes into the northbound lanes causing this tanker, to lose control, of its truck and flip gannon to its the side. several people living in the area they were evacuated as a recaution and they have been since allowed to return to their homes but still several hours later here a live look at the scene, not cleaned up just yet mike and alex. >> let us know when it is,
6:34 am
thank you. we are also following developing news out of west oak lane this morning. >> a teenager 18 year-old died after being shot, he was sitting inside his own house and steve's at the round house to tell us why and how this happened. >> reporter: first thing police will tell you is every murder in this town is murder but this one extra awful because this is why they have trouble getting people to cooperate when something bad happens or a crime happens because this looks like a classic case of not just witness intimidation but witness permanently silencing paw the mother and older sister are here at police headquarters right here with homicide detectives. everybody is trying to figure out why this 18 year-old was killed. now he lived here as we showed you video in the the house with his mother, he told police he is still in will school but he had a prior arrest, ape that is yes was under house arrest, wearing an electronic ankle will monitoring when shot and killed, at 11:50 p.m.
6:35 am
his mom's at work she rush home at north 15th street at 67th avenue inside what police say was a immaculate liz kept house where first floor has bullet holes in the walls, ceiling, cabinets of all three rooms all the way back to the kitchen where those two firing two guns from outside only could see their 18 year-old target inside because lights were on. the as he ran to the back door trying to save himself. >> police found nine or 10 strike marks inside the living room, dining room and kitchen walls inside the house. multiple gunshots went through the front door, window. wye found holes in the ceilings, walls, kitchen cabinets, some of the furniture. he ran out of the back door broke in the neighbor's window in an effort to get the away. we don't have any description of the shooter, or shooters, we just know that they were two separate caliber weapons used and we know that at least
6:36 am
13 shots were fired and it appears that this 18 year-old victim was inside on the first floor of the house where he lived at the time that he was shot. there was in one else in the house when the shooting took place. >> reporter: so first question about this case is was that previous case that had him under house arrest, have those who killed him trying to quiet him from cooperating or kill him because they thought he had cooperated and trying to punish him or silence other witnesses. that is in the for sure clear cut motive but obviously to anybody you don't have to be a veteran detective to figure out that is what it looks like at first blush. >> all right, steve, 6:36 now. >> a store owner shoots a suspect trying to rob his business. it happened in west philadelphia, and according to police the robber walk in the 65th and lebanon deli with a gun but owner turned tables and off a shot across the counter hitting the suspect
6:37 am
four times. it happened as store and his family looked on. suspect ran and collapse aid block away. >> there has been a series of robberies we have been publicizing working with the community in trying to get these things to stop. people to have realize these owners are permitted to carry guns and they are permitted to use them in situations just like this. >> the store owner is being interviewed by southwest detectives and we are told he is licensed to carry a gun. fbi and violent crimes task force are looking for two men after a series of armed robberies between the even of the november and beginning of the january. authorities say that this pair pulled off five armed robberies across the city including four pharmacies, police stress that these guys are armed, and they are dangerous. well, a burlington county pet store says that it is closed for good, the announcement comes after health officials found a potentially deadly virus inside of that place, it is the puppy barn in springfield township officially shut down after failing inspection. burlington county officials say they visited this place,
6:38 am
on january 30th after receiving complaints. that is when they found one of the dogs had the highly contagious k-9 parvo virus. ill these can be deadly and difficult to control in shelters. >> we try to sort of get, again, shelters to have really nice kind of cleanliness, and we have protocols to de activate the virus so to speak, but even then it is spread through fecal/oral spread meaning anything that touches a piece of poop or something that is infected can now be sniffed, licked, or somehow into the oral cavity of the puppy and then it spreads. >> yikes. >> the animals are quarantined at the burlington county animal shelter and will be available for adoption, once cleared by the veterinarians. a pennsylvania state senator is jumping to the
6:39 am
defense of the fellow state law make inner texas after the president joke about destroying the texas law headachier's career. >> it is state senator leach response to president trump and retweeted almost 14,000 times. >> trump made joke tuesday during a heating with the texas sheriff and he apparently wasn't happy natalie the law headachier is trying to reform forfeiture laws. senator leach respond in a pro font laced tweet inviting the president to destroy his career and called him loofa faced. >> daylen says the reaction is beyond anything he could have imagined. maybe we will play what he said to president trump. who is this guy? >> who is this guy, we will destroy his career. second page of the newspaper, daily news, is there some mouth problems in washington d.c. kelly ann conway is facing serious criticism after she promoted ivanka trump's
6:40 am
fashion line during a interview on fox and friend. >> go by ivanka's stuff, i hate shopping i will go get some myself today. >> so kelly ann comments comes after nordstroms dropped ivan ka trump's fashion line. president trump responded on twitter saying it was unfair, both republican and democratic lawmakers say kelly ann conway violated a law that prohibits federal employees from using their public office, for the even tors. of a product. press secretary sean spicer says kelly ann conway has been counseled about it, but i nose that utah senator jason chefit z wants more of an investigation. it seems like she was just joking. >> just trying to have a come back when she said it. >> bye is taking seriously. >> people wonder when she says she has been counseled what does that mean. >> you can't say that. you can't do that. >> is that a reprimand or hey.
6:41 am
>> well i don't know, jason chefitz wants an investigation into this. >> we will see what happens. >> i know about counseling. he is a man behind some of the best comedies in the last 25 years alex holley. >> he is in our good day studio today. >> i know him as judd appato, others say it is appatow, i have met him and can't remember what he said. artie lanning lanning is going to be with us and their friend pete holmes, stand up comic, they have a new film on hbo and they are in philadelphia tonight and on our show today. story behind this sweet little girl whose song there her hospital bed has reached millions of hearts.
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not a good morning for folks trying to leave center city. here's a live look at an accident that has been out here for almost a hour now, vine street expressway ramps to the the schuylkill, accident involving this tractor trailer, a couple cars along the way. anyone leaving center city it is that ramp that squeezes down into one lane and look what it is doing here. everybody coming off of i-95
6:45 am
stacked and pack coming over ben franklin bridge, bumper to bumper all because of this one accident, getting ready to leave house trying to get into center city, jump off and use vine street local, syringe garden oracle owe hill, kelly or martin luther king drive if you need to get out of town. coming in from new jersey heads up because if you use ben franklin this is in your way, best bet stay on the new jersey side take 130 down and come over walt whitman bridge and basically come in the back door there of the vine street expressway, schuylkill, getting into 30th street station. septa's paoli and lansdale doylestown line, some trains running two cars short this morning so we will have overcrowded trains and we will be bypassing some stations, and septa saying that they are running trains on the market frankford no a or b service all trains making all stops. what is forecast looking like for weekend. sueby has it in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
recap yesterday with the delay of the change over from rain to snow, we did end up with 2 inches at till i international airport and that gives us an 8-inch total for this season, so far. not that impressive what was impressive is win, peak gusts recorded at the airport 47 miles an hour. pretty strong. still kind of windy out there this morning but not bad with lake effect snow making its way down here. we are dealing with cold, cold , cold temperatures, looking ahead through the weekend a dry day to day, a dry day on saturday and more warm air moves in on saturday so we could make to it 50 degrees tomorrow, and then on sunday, most of the precipitation that rolls in should be in the form of rain, you can see it raining by 1:00 n sunday. maybe freezing rain in the
6:47 am
mountains but for rest of us there list just too warm for anything but rain on and off, rest of the day not a whole lot of rain in the forecast, prior to day for those cold temperatures. bundle up today because it is in the 20's just about every where but feels like it is mostly in the teens. it feels like 11 in wilmington twelve in philadelphia. eleven in atlantic city. wind as much as 35 miles an hour to the north of us, seven day forecast, goes from 34, remember we were six on wednesday, and 34 today. fifty tomorrow. forty-eight on sunday. uneventful weather let us say for at least early part of next week including a lovely valentines day. >> i like that see what you did there sue. >> nice. >> love-ly. we have been showing you clips of this little girl. the she's out there inspiring millions of people and with a song. >> with a song, karen, who is she. >> reporter: she's a little girl, she's four year-old her
6:48 am
name is leah carroll. she has a rare blood disorder. she's in the hospital. you know what she's an overcomer. >> ♪ >> big clap for her. she's in the hospital room singing to the song overcomer there former american idol contestant mandisa, well, she has overcome two bone marrow transplants. so hard to imagine for any parent. this little girl has been alive for four years and she has spent 327 days away there her family in the hospital. her mom posted this video on sunday and now there are more than 100,000 comments from people sharing their stories,
6:49 am
of overcoming, as well, and the person who wrote that song mandisa has seen video and hopes to pay that little girl a visit too. >> great story. >> beautiful story. >> she's so cute. >> wow. >> almost a year of her life in the hospital. >> true. >> you can tell she's still fighting. >> for sure. little leah. >> thanks, karen. george clune i is going to be a proud poppa, to two times over. he and his wife am allies expecting twins. >> tmz says she's pregnant with a boy and girl. reportedly due in june. these will be first children for both. am allies 39, george, 55. >> nicely done. >> twitter, you know, they have to react. look at this. >> oh, george clooney is having twins too, beyonce announcement photo. look who else is having twins. >> me. >> i'm having twins. i feel like i am today. >> i ate too late last night. >> what did you eat.
6:50 am
>> you ever do that? >> i stopped at that place bob >> on broad street. >> yes, broad street. >> brent celek is part owner of that. i just ate late. i had dumplings. >> it was after 10:00. >> that is late. >> i do feel a little pregnant right now because of the soy sauce. >> or just pregnant with emotion. >> i'm full of something i'll tell thaw? this is interesting, it seems like everybody is having twins now. >> kanye west. >> is having twins. >> no. >> amal clooney i will let you finish but beyonce is already carrying the greatest twins of all time. >> my good this is. >> she didn't have an announcement photo to let everybody know. how did the word get out. did they send an official statement pretty proud guy. >> you cannot have twins. >> you cannot hide this. >> take a break here.
6:51 am
>> oh, no. >> tom brady's jersey, super bowl is last sunday, it is now friday. have they found the jersey. >> some think the maistries may have been solved. there is a advising new lead in the search for tom brady's missing jersey, why it may not have been stolen after all. >> my goodness. >> is this a hoax.
6:52 am
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new information in the the case of the tom brady's missing super bowl jersey. >> so everyone knows right by now, right after new england patriots won that exciting super bowl tom brady seemed to have misplaced the game jersey >> tmz spoke to law enforcement official whose say jersey may be, packed deep within the equipment truck. really after all that? eighteen wheeler was loaded after the game and never thoroughly searched once it left stadium in houston. truck was scheduled to arrive in boston yesterday so no word if it the got to boston. they are waiting to check their own thing. >> it shouldn't take that licensing to drive from houston to boston. it will be a two day trip. maybe the snow held them up. >> yes. >> but could you call the guy driving the truck and say pull over, open up the back and kind of look around and see if you see his jersey.
6:55 am
>> if there is snow, maybe they have to stop for a bit, just go check. maybe they cannot move. >> probably true. >> maybe they have a deadline they have to make. >> wouldn't it be funny if it was with the patriots the whole time. >> it is probably in that truck. >> but they say it is worth from 200 you this to a million-dollar. >> really. >> because he has won five super bowls. >> now it is stole up, it probably goes up. >> sure. >> it got stolen. >> if somebody stole it, i don't know if they will be able to sell it. we're going to this, right >> yes. >> the tease. >> hundreds of gallons of fuel on the road and hours and hours of clean up, update from warrington, where a tanker truck crashed forced some people out of their homes last night, it got so bad, sue. >> remember we told you it would be a roller coaster ride this week with temperatures. now our carries taking a dip with these wind chills that are very cold this morning, find out when we go backup the hill again in your forecast
6:56 am
coming up. hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
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6:58 am
don't come out. >> the snow has stopped but bitter cold and blustery winds are still causing problems schools are delayed and roads are slick. what you need to know before you head out. barrage of bullets from the street claims a teen's life inside his own home, at
6:59 am
least 13 shots fired into a home with deadly results. so police are trying to track down right now. see new court? that is message for president trump after a federal court rules against his controversial travel ban, where the fightings from here and what it means for those impacted by the ban. he is behind 40 year-old virgin, knocked up and anchorman. >> you stay classy san diego. >> i'm ron burr gunnedy correct or judd appatow is the man behind those classic comedies and he is here in the studio this morning where you can check them out in philadelphia and their new show set today buy later this month. >> good day, it is friday, it is friday. i have never seen a try more than i needed one you were preaching you can't look forward to friday. >> you look too forward to the
7:00 am
weekend, you don't live fully, monday through thursday. >> wow. >> has that changed that philosophy. >> no. >> that changed during the commercial break. >> it is still 23 degrees. >> well, there is that. >> stupid. >> wind chillies about unusually cold out there this morning which is even more dramatic compared to the 66 degrees we had just the day before yesterday. we will deal with this too because things will change again. five out of 10, buddy is really bundled up today, scarves covered up most of his face, and that is a really good idea to add those extra layers on today no precipitation and a pretty nice sunrise with, 23 degrees, look at that, it is still a little windy out there. ahh. okay. we have contemplated that long enough. 23 degrees. feels like 12. twenty-eight by lunchtime. thirty-four is our high.


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