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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we begin with the breaking news. adopted son of former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is now behind bars himself. thanks for joining us at 5:00 i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. he's been charged with 14 counts including those charges sexual offenses involving juveniles. we just got this mug shot of 41-year-old jeffrey sandusky. our joyce he have has been following this story and joins us live in studio with details. joyce. >> reporter: iain and lucy, here's what we know so far. 41-year-old jeffrey sandusky one of six adopted children was arrested this morning at his mother's house following a lengthy investigation by pennsylvania state police. now this is video of sandusky in police custody after he was arraigned in center county today. state police say they started investigating this case back in november. it involves teenaged daughters of his live-in girlfriend. investigators say he sent several lewd text messages to both of the girls. they were 15 and 16 at the time.
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among the 14 charges he's facing now, solicitation of statutory sexual assault and solicitation of involuntary deaf yap sexual intercourse are among them. he's accused of sending messages last year and texting one of the girls back in 2013. now in 2012, his father you may remember jerry sandusky was convicted on 14 counts of child sex abuse and he received a sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison. jeffrey was often inside the courtroom supporting his father during the trial. as for jeffrey sandusky, we've also learned that he work as a corrections officer at rock view state correctional facility. he is currently suspended there that job. bail has been set at $200,000. he has a court appearance scheduled for next week. iain and luce glee busy night. thank you joyce. fox 29 weather authority very busy as well. live look at the airport. can we go to it real quick?
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tere it is. high winds blowing in problems with flight delays and cancellations. you can see that camera bouncing around there. let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. what a day indeed. the winds started last night. continued through this morning and this afternoon and it it's all because of this an area of low pressure a big snowstorm offshore new england that brought a couple of feet of snow to north new england moving out but we have the winds on the back side of this and it's keeping it cool across the region as well. it's 38 in philadelphia. only 24 in the mountains much 35 in lancaster. and in reading. that's where we saw some of the highest gusts take look at these numbers peak wind gust in reading 63 miles an hour. port norris, new jersey, 56. the same in south see and wenonah wilmington 54 and philadelphia at the airport gusting to 52 miles an hour. here's look at the current gusts out of the northwest. gusting up to 36 miles an hour in philadelphia. so we still have that wind advisory in effect for most locations for gusts of 40 even 50 miles an hour.
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this isn't until 6:00 o'clock after the sun sets. the winds will be slowly dying down. in the wake of this, a very unusual kickoff to the holiday weekend coming up in the seven day we'll talk more about that coming up later in the broadcast. for now we'll send it over to you. >> thank you very much. happening right now the city of chester looking for the answers in the face of sky rocketing violence. chester is one of the most violent cities in america. >> now things are getting even worse shorthanded police department just cannot get the assistance it needs. our bruce gordon joins us now in studio with some sobering numbers much bruce. >> reporter: guys, let's put some of these numbers into context. 27 murders in the city of chester last year. that is in a city of about 34,000 people. now, what does that mean? well it's a small city. so let's put it in perspective of philadelphia with a city population of a million and a half people. had this the city of philadelphia had this kind of murder rate, we'd be talking about nearly 1200 murders in the city of philadelphia last year.
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of course, there were in fact fewer than 300 and that's nothing to brag about. these numbers are out of control. so what do we do? >> enter the lobby of police headquarters in this impoverished city you'll see a sign with tempting offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in a city homicide. how many chester residents have taken advantage of the deal to help cops catch 30 plus killers over the past year or so? not a one. >> no one has come forward to claim the 5,000 and offer information? >> exactly. >> what's your reaction to that? >> well, my reaction is, it's kind of sad. >> reporter: on monday, they're thaddeus kirkland announced chester will double city rewards to ten grand. >> i said and i stand by saying it again, you cannot put a price on the loss of a person's live but you can put a price on a criminal. >> reporter: bigger rewards are just part of a plan to combat a murder rate sky high even by chester standards. city officials are promising to
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hire more police officers. to beef up a department now more than 15% blow full staff. they want more surveillance cameras on stores and in neighborhoods and they'll work harder to charge the worst criminals in federal court where sentences are stiffer. but will any of it work? regard together rewards 10,000 bucks is a lot of money some residents doubt it will matter. >> why is that? >> let me ask you that. >> the city is scared. i mean everybody gets shot up. nobody going to come out and step forward. you know what i mean? >> combine fear of retribution with a lack of trust in police, the result is a mindset that says the cops here are on their own. >> what has changed about the city in your view? >> attitudes has changed. um -- >> reporter: what do you mean by that? >> i think that when i was coming up, we were a little more caring about our neighbors. >> reporter: mayor kirk lapped is pleading wis his city to change that mindset. >> that's an old saying old
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addages snitches get stitches. telling the truth sets you free and telling the truth makes the community free. >> reporter: the mayor and police officials are acting in part because of a particularly violent start to 2017. seven homicides to date. in just the first and a half or so that puts the city on pace for a whopping 56 killings. on the year. something has got to be done, lucy. >> indeed it does. thank you very much, bruce. more and more the problem for criminals all the cameras around. take the guy prowling around philadelphia's kensington second. police have just released this video of the man taken someone's wallet from a car on the 2,000 block of east boston street. that was a month ago. police say the same guy came back and this video is far more crisp. so if you recognize him at all,& give police a call. now to south jersey where some are concerned after people in the neighborhood found some disturbing and hateful message. >> a flyer showed up in burlington county and police are very much like to find out who
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is behind it. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the cinnaminson police department where the investigation is underway. dave? >> reporter: the cinnaminson police department is one of many departments neighboring each other working on this trying to get to the bottom of this hate. hate messages in a week that supposed to be about love. several south jersey police departments looking into flyers like this one said to be from the ku klux klan. at least two of them found on south boulevard avenue in maple shade one right across from steve's sauce land's house. >> you see it but like you can't believe it. you don't know if it's a prank or there's actually somebody out there serious about this. >> i have a half black niece and nephew, so it makes mimi ashamed what this world will come to. if going to be a safe future for them. >> reporter: similar discovery made in sin minute season afternoon sunday. a woman was walking along fork landing road near lenola when she found what looked like a
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valentine with hearts. but it was a clear sign of hate. >> this is not who we are. we embrace diversity here. >> mort mort moorestown police also couldn't philadelphia international airporting at least one flyer found there. cinnaminson cops say multiple flyers were found which say love your own race and stop homosexuality and race mixing. sponsored by the loyal white knights kkk with north carolina phone number that i called. >> cave kinchen from fox 29 news in philadelphia. i left a message and the search for answers. meantime investigators we spoke with say they will stay on the case. >> is it an active investigati investigation. at this time it does not appear any specific person or residence was targeted. >> reporter: southern burlington chapter of naacp condemns the kkk flyers and they say it's a sign that the struggle continues. i'm also told by law enforcement that the county prosecutor's office has been notified of the developments as well. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. in olney a man storms into a
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metro pcs store and waves a gun at a couple of store employees. police say the women were forced into a bathroom and the guy shut the door while he searched the store for money yesterday afternoon. when he couldn't find any, he pulled one of the employees out of the bathroom and demanded she show him where it is. once he got some cash he took off without hurting either employee. but he is still on the loose. first few weeks the president trump's first 100 days and headlines do not stop as battle over his cabinet nominees continue. the president welcomed candida candidate -- nan today's prime minister for the very first ti time. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard has more from washington. >> reporter: the progressive canadian leader receiving a kell bum from the conservative u.s. president. it's a great honor. >> reporter: first attending around table with women business leaders including the president's daughter ivanka followed by a joint press conference where the vastly different positions the two have taken on immigration was at the forefront. this as the white house is
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considering rewriting the president's executive order on immigration. which is in legal limbo. >> we want to have big, beautiful open door. we want people to come in and come in our country. but we cannot let the wrong people in. >> the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country. my roll, our responsibility is to continue to govern in such a way that reflects canadian' as approach and be a positive example in the world. >> reporter: the prime minister then head to do capitol hill to meet with top republic republicans. >> welcome to town. >> reporter: dan the senate voting on steven mnuchin as secretary. democrats voicing strong opposition. >> the president has shown his hand by selecting the most anti working class cabinet that we have ever seen. >> reporter: all this as one of president trump's inner
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circle finds himself in hot water. the national security adviser michael flynn reportedly apologizing to the vice-president after reports found flynn was misleading when he said he never discussed sanctions with the russian ambassador back in december. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. hundreds of thousands of people forced from their homes. official fear a dam in california could fail. how the state's national guard is preparing to make history. and aspiring story following your passion. a local photographer celebrates his culture by snapping shots of the beauty all around him. how he captured love and hope and happiness and possibility all through his lense. >> valentine's day of course is tomorrow. you probably will run out and get a gift if you haven't yet. how some businesses plan to cash in on your procrastination. and later at 6:00, no need to be more careful with your data any more. what? the big announcement by
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one carrier that has lot of people cheering. why are you deleting these photos?
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♪ take live look at blue mountain now in the pocono mountains with our area of course under a high wind watch as kathy orr will tell you what's coming up in just few minutes. keep your hats handy out there because it is windy. kathy orr with your full forecast in just a few moments. >> developing in northern california nation's tallest dam is compromised a mid the threat of catastrophic flooding close to 200,000 people had had to pass up and get out -- here the problem. a hole the size of football
5:15 pm
field. >> the enormous dam spillway happen to give way communities down river could get obliterated. adam housely reports tonight. >> reporter: 188,000 people under evacuation orders in northern california. the result of uncertainty over the structural integrity of a spillway at the oroville dam the nation's tallest. >> i was surprised by all the traffic and my neighborhood was already basically empty. i panicked just started putting things in my car. >> reporter: recent storms brought heavy rains to the west coast and like oroville will water levels so high the emergency spillway was used for the first time in nearly 50 years when officials noticed erosion had chewed through the spillway sending chunks of concrete flying and creating a huge hole that kept growing. >> we're trying not to go near the flooding areas so we can go home. but we're going to have probably be stuck down here. >> i'm scared because i've never been in any like this before. >> reporter: residents of yuba
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and bucc counties packed was that they could hitting jammed highways as the evacuation orders came down. >> they're evacuating everybody. we had like seven lines out here. just crazy. non-stop. >> reporter: thousands are now in shelters as engineers continue releasing water from another storm expected on wednesday into thursday, national guard and red cross say they're getting ready for an extended relief evident. >> drive safe and get to high ground and, you know, if you need to come to shelter we have a shelter here. >> reporter: the national prepared to deploy 23,000 members if that was to happen it would be the first time since the la riots back in 1992. in california, adam housely, fox news. par for the course. u.s. supreme court nominees and controversy go hand if hand. take for example philadelphia city hall today. leaders of local advocacy groups gathered to call on the senate to reject the nomination of judge neil gorsuch.
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their concerned about lgbt rights. women's rights and gun violence. mr. trump nominated gorsuch last month to fill the seat left vacant after justice antonin scalia died last year. a day for some folks who work in pennsylvania's capitol building off definitely not planned though. police say 27-year-old ripe williams thumb broke into the iconic harrisburg building over light last night while he was drunk. he was coming off a fight with his girlfriend. police say he damaged signs and let loose with a fire extinguisher. he faces a number of charges he posted $25,000 bail. for baseball fans they are two magical workers. phillies pitchers and catchers reported to spring training in clearwater, florida. >> you can feel the excitement and the anticipation the players and also the phillies fans. >> yeah. >> sean bell, too, live tonight from clearwater. hello, sean. >> got the shades on, man. >> looking cool. >> it is absolutely beautiful. you got the palm trees,
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70-degree weather, sunglasses. i'm feeling great right now. and the phillies are actually feeling great. it's another season and another step in the rebuilding phase for this team. you went from 60 issue wins to 70 wins then hope it's 80 wins today like you guys said earlier today pitchers and catchers reported. a lot of other guys showed up early to get their work in. not something not only the players love but the fans love as well. >> i probably shouldn't say this they'll throttle me when i get to the clubhouse. they'll pound the table how they want to get there. it's a long spring training. we've got 162 games and if you're good another month post season i've never been a huge get here early guy. >> he may not care about guys showing up early but the players do. apparently so do fans especially john welk a phillies fan who has
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been coming to spring training for over 30 years. even though he's actually from cleveland. really, he just wants to hang out and talk. >> because i think it's a little bit more personal and to ask the guys look, you know, yeah, baseball it's a lonely thing i ask him, dave chance to relax and clear your mind of baseball and enjoy live with your family? >> and bell's go to question. >> did you do any fishing? >> yes, i did. >> how did you do? >> okay. >> fishing, anything? >> a little bit. >> how did do you? >> did all right. >> you guys doing pretty good fishinfishing like salt water. >> fishing something gomez and adam morgan apparently love to do. so much morgan comes down to spring training early just to do it. >> just finishing getting out of the water and we enjoy the wat water. it's very peaceful. >> build relationships with everybody shows we're not, you know, shoe per hero and we're
5:20 pm
not anything that, um, that, you know, we can't approach. >> reporter: fan in the player relationship really they just want to talk and know anything about these players. later in sports, mc phail talks about where he sees this team is and what they need the most. back to you guys. >> all righty. >> thank you much, sean. coming up a new dating app because we need new dating app. they're not enough out there. simply not enough out there. but the creators this one say the app might be too smart for its own good. why it might intentionally match you with someone you have absolutely nothing in common with. > and lots of people diagnosed with adhd and researchers think something that happens in childhood has a lot to do with it much the link parents need to look out for. and a daring rescue caught on camera. why seconds mattered in this fiery crash.
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♪ incredible video out of florida tonight. shows a dramatic and fiery rescue. police in titusvulle not far from orlando go right into a burning suv to save the driver. police did get the man out just seconds before it exploded. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. investigators are still trying to figure out why he crashed.
5:24 pm
in france, at least four people have died after a massive avalanche. >> rescue crews are right now searching for at least five people who are still missing. the avalanche struck resort in the alps on the italian french border. officials say the rush of snow was about 1300 feet long. 300 wide. crews recovered four bodies of those who died in the avalanche. they say the chances of finding survivors are slim but they are still desperately trying. let's go to pakistan right now. where at least 13 people are dead after a suicide bomber targeted police. who were escorting a peaceful protest. the blast from the city of lahore whip through a crowd of protesters of pharmacists who were protesting new amendments to drug law. sick of the dead are police officers. sunni militant group claimed responsible. happening right now in big blow for a couple of may native american tribes trying to stop construction of dakota access pipeline much late this afternoon a federal judge rejected the tribe's request for
5:25 pm
an emergency order halting construction of the remaining second of that pipeline. this comes after the company constructing it got federal permission to lay pipe under a missouri river reservoir in north dakota. the tribes saying 3.8 mil billion dollars pipeline endangers their cultural sights and water supply. dozens of kids in one los angeles neighborhood never went to school today. >> their parents are keeping them home after a teacher at the school died from bacterial meningitis. that is the more low thal form of meningitis. outside mon terra of a elementary school parents protested. they say the school has not done enough to keep children safe following this sudden death of their grade teacher. children themselves are heart broken. but for parents the sadness has turned to anger at school officials for never telling them about the teacher's highly contagious illness. >> my daughter was saying two to three days from the last day she was here at work that she had, um, the flu. >> we have find out from other
5:26 pm
parents. we're supposed to find out from our teachers, from the principal, come on. >> did you not bring your son to school today. >> i am not bringing my son to school today. >> la department of public health working with the school to identify people in contact with the teacher. so they can hand out preventive doses of antibiotics. new warning for e cigarette users. the reason researchers say you'll want to kick the habit. and swimming with sharks. why some people say the experience is down right therapeutic. how about some shark therapy, kathy. >> you know, it's nice to be terrified once in awhile. yeah, we're in for the seasonal chill for today. but we'll a look how long it's going last with unusual holiday weekend. the seven day is coming up. (avo) this holiday...
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♪ why look outside our old city studios. man old glory looks nice when the winds are blowing, right? we are whipping and they whipped really hard today. kathy will let us know when all of this dies down and when even more spring like temperatures grace us in just a couple of minutes. university city today loved ones said their final goodbyes to ade beloved community activist murdered earlier this month. they gathered at a time christ community church for the funeral winnie harris. >> and many are remembering the 65-year-old someone extraordinarily devoted to her community. harris serves a long type program coordinator and acting director of you see green that
5:30 pm
plants trees and gardens throughout west philadelphia. people who worked with her tell us she was a pillar of the community. >> she was the fabric it's like a piece of fabric that belongs to part of a person actually no longer there. >> she was a pillar of west philadelphia, and university district and she'll be greatly, greatly, greatly missed. >> police say harris was found murdered inside her west philadelphia home on february 3rd. no arrests as of yet. fox 29 investigation now. a worker in the philadelphia va belows the whistle oh unitary conditions and gets hammered for it. >> it's a store fox 29 investigates is working on for tonight at 10:00. jeff cole here right now with look ahead at his report. >> reporter: you know it lucy. navy veteran troy tom so one of the va workers who makes sure veterans are hot and nutritious meals but when he called up management for what he claimed were unsanitary conditions he says that when the trouble
5:31 pm
started. he was punished listen to this for eating stale san witches. you heard right. punished for eating stale sandwiches he claims and along with nearly losing his job, he was reassign. >> they sent me to lab area to, um, process body parts and, um, clean up urine and blood vials and, um, dump biohazard materials. >> reporter: food working supervisor was sent down to the morgue. va says it can't say much but tells it's committed to protecting whistleblowers. hear more from the va at 10:00. what's up with those stale sandwiches. why did he get hit for that that's tonight at 10:00 as fox 29 investigates lucy the va is likely to be round by a philadelphia based dr. appointed by donald trump. folks might want to take a look at this. >> fascinates as always jeff cole. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. check this out. fox 29 meteorologist scott williams sent us video today
5:32 pm
showing some big-time waves on the delaware river. almost looks like the ocean right there. doesn't it my goodness, gracious. that is what happens when the wind gusts to 50 miles an hour. you get the quote unquote ocean effect. >> meantime a live look at allen ton the winds are expected to die down and we could see a major warm up. how warm meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in just 15 seconds. white caps on the delaware. you know it's windy when, right you can see our storm moving off the coast of new england where they picked up anywhere from one to 2 feet of snow. but we get the back side of this storm with gusty winds and that wind advisory has been allowed to expire as the winds have gone below that advisory criteria. right now the temperature is 38. the high temperature for the day
5:33 pm
42 degrees. and as we look at last four hours, you can see temperatures and last half hour dropping to 39 degrees. winds out of the northwest sustained at 224 miles an hour. right now 24 degrees in the poconos. 38 in philadelphia. 38 in millville with that stiff northwesterly wind still seeing some impressive gusts. it's gusting at 36 miles an hour in philadelphia. 30 in wildwood and 37 miles an hour gusts in the poconos as the storm system slowly pulls away it will lose its impact it's grip on our region. and the winds will begin to ease late tonight into tomorrow and shift more to southwesterly direction which is a warm wind for us and temperatures will change rapidly. as we take a look at those future wind gusts between tonight and tomorrow morning, you can see by 4:00 a.m. out of the northwest at about 11 miles an hour. 17 miles an hour gusts through south jersey and then as the day progresses the winds become more westerly and they die down and then becoming more southwesterly by tomorrow afternoon but picking up once again so about
5:34 pm
15 to 20 miles an hour winds for tomorrow afternoon but it's out of the southwest and that is a warmer wind for us the tide beginning to turn temperature wise and that will continue in the seven day forecast. so tonight, 27 in the city. lower 20s in the suburbs. skies will be partly cloudy. it will be windy. still seeing winds gusting to about 25 miles an hour. they'll be out of the northwest. the wind becomes westerly in the morning. you'll see plenty of sunshine a few clouds in the afternoon. southwesterly winds five to ten gusting to about 20 miles an hour in the afternoon. as we look ahead of course tomorrow is valentine's day. little bit of a breeze but a great day. partly cloudy. the temperature 46 degrees. we call it hug your honey weather on your seven day for forecast from the weather authority, wednesday and breezy the high 50. tuesday in the wake afront. friday we'll go 43. saturday 52. look at this holiday weekend. sunday near 60. and by next monday, 53.
5:35 pm
feeling more like march than february. got about a month to go for that dicey weather and after that, guys, i think we're in the cle clear. >> we haven't even had winter yet. >> no, sprinter. >> i love that. >> thanks kathy. >> you bet. >> valentine's day one couple celebrating more than six decades of marital bliss much the advice they have for you. >> that's sweet. speakinspeaking of interesting s to do with possible love new dating apps about to hit market but creates say the app might be too smart for its own good. why it may intentionally match you up with someone you have slutly nothing in common with. >> new at 6:00, no need to be careful with your data any more. announcement by one carrier that has a lot of people cheering. a couple catches, though. >> always. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
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favorite locations. >> keep it private or you can share it with family and friends. like below up your social media page. follow your friends lists or favorite spots or send them yours by a social media. gallon link billing the way new as a way to organize your favorite pubs and restaurants and museums in one place. >> you'd below up my feed with golf courses. it gives google maps more social feel it to and changes the game. >> turning to your health tonight researchers found a direct link between depression and using e kill cigarettes. study out of the university of texas finds that students who experienced depression are more likely to start smoking e-cigarettes. researchers used date today for more than 5,000 under grads not sure why depression to using e-cigarettes they reach for them when they feel stressed out or sad. the study publish in the journal of nicotine and tobacco r. tonight researchers say they
5:40 pm
found a troubling link between traumatic brain injuries and attention disorders. researchers from cincinnati children's hospital say kids severe brain injuries are five times more likely to develop adhd and researchers say they got their data by following kids with traumatic brain injuries for seven years. tonight pet smart warning dog owners a brand of can dog food may have metal in it. recalled great choice adult dog foot with chicken rice after the store received several complaints about metal in the food. pet smart sold the cans between objection 15th and februar february 7th. find all the details on this recall on inspiring story of following your passion. a local photographer celebrates his culture taking shots of beauty all around him. how he captures love, hope, happiness and possibility all through his lense. valentine's day is tomorrow. iain did you get vita something. >> already got it. >> did you? >> and the boys. >> can you tell me what it is.
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>> two dozen red roses. >> arrived today. >> oh really? >> if you're not iain and the boys you'll probably want to get on it and get a gift if you haven't already yet. how some businesses plan on cashing in on your procrastination but certainly not iain's. he doesn't procrastinate. looking for a match grad students at the nj substitute of technology are developing a da dating app matches people on looks, not on personality, intellect, nothing of that sort. that's silly. they asked users to up load photos of people they find attractive usual a facial rec niche row gram it matches people you think are good looking. >> what do you think. >> i think there's a loft fake pictures out there. >> it wasn't you i wanted to meet. ♪
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♪ love is definitely in the air of course tomorrow being valentine's day we've told you but all that love can come with pretty big price tag. >> fox's jerry willis takes look how much it costs to be in relationship unital valentine's day. >> reporter: it is the fourth most lucrative event on the retail calendar behind christmas, back to school and mother's day. that's right. valentine's day is almost $20 billion holiday. >> people go all out because they want to please their significant other and if the fist captain other thinks they're cutting corners that is not good thing. >> reporter: according to estimate from bank rate typical celebration could set you back up to 500 bucks. travel industry is ready to cash in on your romantic get away. hotels can add in few extras. increase the price of your stay. >> they've got you right where
5:46 pm
they want you you're doing to pay rack rate, going rate for the hotel room plus a premium and that could be anywhere from ten to 20 purse of% more than the rack rate. >> reporter: restaurant guide zagat says dinner for two doubles on valentine's day. >> one out of three adults say will be enjoying valentine's day dinner. if you want to get around the high prices you could do a valentine's day brunch. you could do it early bird special. five, 6:00 o'clock. >> the flower industry rakes in it during the month of february. roses are the best seller for valentine's day. so awful lot of demand and that pushes those prices up. you will pay a premium particularly if you wait to get the roses the last minute. >> jewelry rule usually one of the top ten markups any way. valentine's day comes around it's not uncommon to see markups thousand% if not more than a thousand%. the chains are more likely to
5:47 pm
market the jewelry up more significantlsignificantly than e independents. >> reporter: don't forget the suites for your suite. >> paying for the packaging. paying for the pretty bow. you're paying for the velvet box. all of that is rolled into the cost of chocolates it's not uncommon to see box of chocolates go for $50 on up. >> reporter: new survey shows 90% of all men and women in a relationship say they would buy a gift for their spouse or partner. consumers also plan to buy gifts for parents, kids and, yes, even pets. in new york, gerri willis, fox business. days before president trauma's big for labor secretary set to be confirmed residents are making their voices heard in philadelphia. many gathered at mcdonald's in center city calling for andy to withdraw his nomination or for the senate to will he joke him. he's the ceo of the company that owns carl's jr., hardi' and other chains group is rallying for $15 an hour wages and union rights fight for 15 protest is one of more than two dozen similar rallies happening across the country today.
5:48 pm
we continue our observance of black history month. tonight we introduce to a local man who uses his cam cher to capture images many of us fail to see. >> alex holley reports, his story is and immensely personal one. i come down here and i just stay along here. anywhere over here is good. >> reporter: he's a photographer focusing on the good and the african-american community. >> ♪ >> i think if anything my work has any social redeeming sort of element it's just showing the beauty in people. people getting married. people that love each other. >> reporter: and their lives still matter whether they realize it or not. ♪ >> lot of imagery and media is
5:49 pm
focused on the negative and even african-americans sometimes we can be focused on our problems that we fail to celebrate. ♪ >> reporter: which ising in he refuses to do in his work. it's a lesson he learned long from his parents. world renowned illustrator author teacher and activist tom feelings and his mother author muriel feelings. they remember introduced to each other by civil rights icon malcolm x. >> we declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be respected as human being. >> together they em brave the african-american experience with open arms. first by writing and illustrat illustrating zamani goes market a children's book which features the mt. airy resident on the cover followed by two more books. both of which won the prestigious award. >> children in the eyes of black
5:50 pm
people are reflection of the hopes that they have. >> reporter: his father also wrote the middle passage. i was barred winning picture book detailing the horrific account of africans being brought to the america's during the atlantic slave trade. >> my father actually was started working on this book shortly before i was born. >> now i'm concerned about the overall move what the picture is saying to me. >> it took him 30 years to actually complete the book. he would do one picture sometimes a year. >> reporter: his dedication doesn't go unnoticed. some feelings -- tom feelings died in 2003 but zamani holds on to this father's worth he can thick to this day. >> got to anticipate what's going happen and put yourself in the best position but there's also a lot of chance and luck involved. i'm trying to be in the right place at the right time. >> this is my combo i can do all
5:51 pm
my portraits with. >> reporter: he was working as an administrative assistant when he stumbled on to this new career. while he took classes here and there, and dabbled with his mom's camera it wasn't until after her death in 2011 that he actually picked up the camera and honed his craft. >> i had no idea that i would be doing this as a profession or anything hike that. it was just a hobby. i wasn't thinking i was going to make career out. >> a pastime that at first had him just posting photos on facebook then being asked to shoot people's weatherings. soon temple university hired him and then he went to the professional level to shoot for the nfl. >> i photographed o'dell beckh beckham i photographed ben roethlisberger. he knows his parents would be proud. proud of their son who's passion is the capping of love, hope, happiness and possible all through his lense. >> my parents main concern
5:52 pm
outside of the creativity was image. so i guess i'm following them in their footsteps of just exploring the beauty win the culture. ♪ >> beautiful stuff. he one day hopes to shoot for the eagles. >> i'll bet he will. incredibly beautiful. my goodness. yeah. >> good stuff. maybe he'll shoot them win their super bowl. >> there you go. >> nice little -- >> next season. >> mark it off on your calendar. thank you so much. >> swimming with the sharks. why some people say the experience is down right therapeutic. let me know how that work out. police arrest student at a south jersey high school. what he had in his bag. >> good news mu missed the new year's day parade. how you can see the mummers strut their stuff this weekend. i laugh, i sneeze...
5:53 pm
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always discreet for bladder leaks ♪ oh, it'[car horns]y... ♪ [angry shouting] excuse me! [storm siren] when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like traffic, crime, natural hazards, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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valentine's day around the corner we thought we'd introduce you from a fa couple who texas who notice how to keep the romance go. >> meet jean and jp rory they have been married for 61 years and known each other since they were five and six years old. the best advice they have for young lovers if it's broken, you got to fix it. don't ever go to bed angry at one another. >> good advice. >> yes, it is. the stereo typical approach to therapy is lying on a couch in doctor's office right. but what about a different kind of therapy. >> um, in this one, for instance, people jump in the water with sharks.
5:57 pm
fox's nadia romero dives on in. >> reporter: it's the search question to breathing. deep full breaths to ease anxiety. >> many of our happen emotional rehabilitation they're going through and so it gives them a chance to manage emotions. whether they're higher or low. >> to ready the body for a dive with sharks. >> bring back all the lines we want to recite from jaws. >> with those thoughts circling in their minds, these four soldiers got dressed to dive with sharks who will be circling them. >> put your other happened in there. >> reporter: voluntary encounter with aquarium 16 sharks much like everything else the soldiers have done, it takes team work to prepare. and down they go. in a box for an out of box technique to healing. >> to help with rehabilitation and recovery of order injured
5:58 pm
soldiers in a non conventional non clinical matter. >> escape from reality. a face to face with one of the world's most mystical creatures. look here. as a shark nearly enters the open cage. an experience that is also therapeutic without sitting in counselor's office. >> it bids more success and they come heal and transition back to their duty or outside in the civilian world. >> reporter: out of the water our true american heroes emerge. >> it was great. i need to bring my family here. >> reporter: mission accomplish. >> the anticipation for me and getting to do it with my soldiers at the same time and share that excitement was incredible. >> i guess the therapy was leaving the cage door open. i think you should close that. i'm glad it works. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 breaking news the son of convicted child sex offender jerry sandusky under arrest also on child sex assault charges. what led police to begin the investigation. plus we're track something major weather changes after a day of wicked winds and blustery cold, we could be in for a dose of spring by the end of the week. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we're following breaking news tonight. 41-year-old jeffrey sandusky is under arrest. he's adopted son of former assistant penn state fool ball coach and convicted child sex offender jerry sandusky. younger sandusky facing 14 charges in a case involving the teenaged daughters of his live-girl friend. this is video of him today after he was arraigned in center county. pennsylvania state police say they started investigating this case in november. >> they say jeffrey sandusky
6:00 pm
sent several lewd text messages to both of the girls who were 15 and 16 years old at that time. among the 14 charges he's faces vision tase of statutory sexual assault and solicitation of inn volunteer deviant sexual intercourse. they say he sent messages last year and he texted one of the girls back in 2013. the judge has set bail at $200,000. sandusky has a court appearance scheduled for next week. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. some wicked winds in delaware county today. the american flag just whipping in tropical storm force gusts this afternoon in media. >> this was the scene in south philadelphia. twenty-second and christian. just thin thinking folks maybe d have kept their recycling inside today. we did talk about this last night. >> we did. garbage tornadoes. live look at trenton tonight. the winds will be dying down later. we can end the week with down right warm temperatures. we have to get through the work week before we can start talking about long holiday


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