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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> a bombshell announcement the white house says all came down to a problem of trust. three and a half weeks in and a weigh major shake up in president trump's young administration. michael flynn is out. thank you for joining us at 5:00. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. this all comes because of reporters that the retired general misled the vice-president about having some talks with russia's app bass tour last year' transition process. lauren blanchard explains. >> reporter: former national security adviser michael flynn out of a job after misleading the vice-president. the white house saying general flynn one of the president's closest advisers was asked by president trump to step down because he no longer felt confident in flynn. not because he believed flynn's breach in diplomatic protocol was illegal. >> we got to point not based on a legal issue but based on a trust issue with a level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make change. >> reporter: even some republicans are admitting
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general flynn may need to testify to the intel committee and democrats selling blood in the water now calling for an independent investigation into flynn's actions and his connection to the russians. >> this is a house republicans conducting no oversight of president trump. zero. >> republicans also attempting a narrative change questioning who leaked flynn's phone calls and their political motives. while supports the president's decision to remove the now former adviser. >> i think the president made the right decision to ask for his resignation. you cannot have national security adviser misleading the vice-president and others. >> reporter: two more members of the president trump's cabinet sworn today the new fed ran affairs dave shulkin and small administrator linda mcmahon. lauren blanchard, fox news. happening now independent panel try to find out how prisoners took over a delaware prison lead leaving a corrections officer dead.
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delaware governor john carney named two retired judges to lead independent investigation. the governor says retired delaware prime court justice henry dupont richly and retired family court judge william element chapman, jr. were appointed to lead the review in the uprising a couple weeks ago at the james t. vaughn correctional center. lieutenant steven floyd died during the takeover. the judges will make recommendations based on third findings about what led up to the standoff and any security issues and the correctional officers association of delaware says it's closely watching the review and it wants to see changes. >> i have all the confidence in justice richly and judge chapman the resources they will bring bear to this investigation will delaware state police criminal investigation, internal affairs investigation as well. that's a lot of eyes looking at it. hopefully we'll get the recommendation that is we need. >> we'll make this thing right. but you know, the carney administration needs to make
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sure that correction officers union is involved in all the process and they weigh hellly on our suggestions because we are the ones spend the time witness minutes. we know the problems. >> the review will begin after the completion of the delaware state criminal investigation into floyd's death. >> local family is turning to heartbreaking situation into action. eight-year-old jay anna powell died after driver hit her and took off. it took weeks before police could make an arrest. well, now a bill in jay anna's name could keep other families from that devastating wait for justice. fox 29's dave kinchen is here to explain it all. dave? >> reporter: lucy, there's more than one way -- real is no one way to grieve a tragedy, but for the family of eight-year-old jayanna powell they turned their grief in a personal request for justice. >> she loved everyone. she was loving. she was happy. >> reporter: pool is remembering her eight-year-old daughter jay anna powell that was action teaming up were you state leaders hoping to solve deadly hit-and-runs like the one
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that claimed her little girl last november. >> so with that it would just bring more love to everybody. it should make everybody want torque you know, come together instead of standing apart from one another. >> reporter: they nouned their under tent to launch a system called the j alert named after jayanna it will work like amber alert instead of reporting a missing child, it will send out instant notification of a hit-and-run. >> j alert everyone is going to be aware of what's going on, um, they going to have fully detailed description so we can try to catch the suspect and bring a little justice closer to, you know, victim's families. >> i don't want to have to see another parent on the news crying or another aunt or uncle hurt because they lost a family member through a hit-and-run. >> reporter: philadelphia state senator anthony williams says jayanna's familiar al proved him with the idea which will also place certified auto shops on notice if a suspect
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vehicle shows up with the driver still at large. >> this is for the benefit of all pennsylvanians. >> her family says they waited at least two weeks before the driver accused of killing the second grader was arrested. they hope the new law will change that. >> everyone would be alert. so maybe we can catch him within day or two. >> reporter: senator williams says a formal introduction of the bill in harrisburg will follow and expects the cost to be minimal. >> it could be done from penndot along with law enforcement. in terms of coordination. so infrastructure is already in place. >> reporter: for now an added step for a family finding peace lou prevention. >> i'm happy that we got to this point. i just want to see, you know, piece within my sister. i know it's a long way from now. >> reporter: senator williams says he will need bipartisan support in the legislature to get the bill passed but he believes that will happen given the common sense nature of the bill and he hopes to have the law in place this year.
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iain. >> dave, thank you. developing right now in new york, a jury has convicted former south jersey man in the killing of a six-year-old boy nearly 40 years after the crime. 56-year-old pedro hernandez who once lived in maple shade will be sentenced to two weeks for the murder of 8-ton pats. he was one of the most iconic missing children when he disappeared back in 1979. hernandez once worked at a convenience store in the victim's neighborhood and confessed to the murder in 2012. but his lawyers argued he was mentally ill. the young boy's family is relieved that justice has finally been served. >> some measure of justice for our wonderful little boy etan and i'm really grateful. i'll really grateful that this jury finally came back with what i have known for long time.
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>> lawyers for hernandez say they may file an appeal. fox 29 weather authority. live look at the ben franklin parkway on this valentine's day. so pretty out lot of folks heading out tonight to celebrate a bit of a cold wind belows so i'm thinking it might be a good night to snuggle and stay warm. i'm just saying. >> might be a good idea. let's fine out if that's good advice for not from kathy orr. kathy. >> always a good idea, isn't it. >> especially on va valentine's day. here's a look at the highs across the region n reading 48. wilmington 46. mid 40s for philadelphia. allentown 44. ac43 in trenton the high 42 degrees. average high around 44 for this time of year. on ultimate doppler we have one storm to the north new england going to get it again and another storm developing to the south. last week it looked like these two come together but it's not going to be the case. we stay in between the systems and get little bit of a wind from it. but right now we're looking at southwesterly winds keeping it
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seasonably mild or few degrees above average. in the poconos it's 33. 44 in wilmington. 41 in millville. atlantic city 43. on this valentine's day evening, it will be moonlit to start with those clear skies. a few extra clouds by nip p.m. cloudy skies by 11:00 with temperatures working their way down through the 30s. coming up though we'll talk about gusty winds making a return. it's back to blustery for a spell. talking about winds especially over the next 24 hours becoming gusty. they'll go from the southwest become more northwesterly and look at this. wilmington gusting to 30 miles an hour again by tomorrow night. other than that, in the seven day, more like april. and that's no joke. we'll take look at the seven day later on in the broadcast. we'll zen it back to you. >> i saw what you were doing. a little april fool's thing going on. that much kathy. center city activists taking to the streets to protest the newly row egg 58ed dakota access pipeline project. fresco user alex shot video this
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morning thomas pain plaza. now yesterday a federal judge refused to stop construction of the last stretch of the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. two american indian tribes are suing to stop the project saying this project will harm cultural sites and their precious water supply much the thank you very much natural gas company transfer partners behind the pipeline which could eventually carry crude oil more than 1,000 miles from north dakota to illinois. if you want to selfie with someone you love in front of the iconic love statute you better hurry up tonight fittingly on valentine's day it's your last chance at least for few months if you want to get it. they got one right there. the famed robert indiana sculpture next to city hall while it's permanent home across the street is being renovated it will be moved again tomorrow until it's back at love park for good. >> speaking of love and valentine's day, if the power goes out at your house tonight the culprit probably won't be high winds or lightning. our bruce gordon says a popular
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valentine's day gift might actually leave you and your sweetheart in the dark. >> reporter: at the illusion party store at eighth and tasker last minute shoppers were stocking up on holiday themed foil balloons. john benson just walk out the door with this beauty. a gift for the mrs. >> what are you going to tell your wife when you give her this. >> that i love her and i wish we can spend our life together. >> reporter: foil or mylar balloons heart shaped and otherwise are popular on valentine's day. very popular. >> how many do you think figure you'll say on valentine's day like this? >> around 400. >> reporter: 400. >> yes. valentine's day. >> reporter: just for valentine's day. >> yes. >> reporter: that's a lot of balloons. >> lot. >> reporter: good for business. >> yes. >> reporter: not so good for power lines. youtube chocked full of videos showing what happens when balloons are released and rise into the area and metallic skin makes contact with electrical lines much this one started a
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fire. >> peco ben armstrong says foil balloon causes outages on valentine's day, around graduation season. >> that blows the fuse causing an outage to an area. >> reporter: any time the balloons are purchase anded carelessly released. >> these foil covered balloons have metallic properties to them, therefore if they come in contact with our -- with our lines, that can produce a flash and result in an outage for our customers. that plash flash is caused by the electrical current coming in contact with the helium and igniting that helium. it's a pretty spectacular sight. >> reporter: potentially dangerous as well. >> absolutelabsolutely. >> reporter: with that if mind i had advice on mr. benson what to tell his wife about her valentine's gift do not let it go. >> don't let it go. >> don't let you go and don't let it go. >> that's right. >> reporter: not a bad little line. >> no. >> reporter: you can use that. >> i'm going to write that down. [ laughter ] >> reporter: one of the services i provide. i know it's romantic or let gov
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your balloon and let it float away. high into the sky but won it be better to have a candlelight dinner with your sweetheart because you want to and not because you have plunged the entire neighborhood into darkness when you're through with your balloon don't just let it go. cut it open, let the helium out, toss it away. lucy. >> or recycle it. thank you very much, bruce. dogs of philadelphia's biggest open intake shelter are in dire need of help. why making conditions inside better for the animals is pu putting so many at risk. and -- dam thing kept attacking me. wouldn't stop until i left. [ laughter ] >> rocky to the rescue one man's interesting pet that had burglar running out of the house.
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♪ woman's recovering in einstein hospital after a car hit her in germantown. police say the 56-year-old is in stable condition right now after the scene around 9:30. sky fox over the scene at germantown avenue where police say the driver originally left the scene but ended up back there a short time later. no word yet if that driver will face any charges. tonight a plea from philadelphia's animal care and control team. it is a city open intake shelter basically it has to take any animal ban donned there. it's already limited space for shelter dogs just got even smaller which could translate into dogs dying. the shelter is under going much needed renovations. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live at hunting park with how you can help. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, as you know, these renovations are so needed. it was an old antiquated system
5:16 pm
and dogs are suffering in the summer months. so this is a good thing. but right now, the problem is the project is going to last for two months, space is tight, and act philly is calling on the public for help. these are the faces of shelter dogs. many are here at philadelphia animal care and control team through no fault of their own. sadly their chances are getting out of greatly reduced right now due to a desperately needly hvac renovation that has dramatically cut space normally we have a hundred kennels to house dogs and because of the construction it's been cut down to 50. that puts a lot of stress on us because we don't want to have euthanize for space. >> reporter: with the shelter sometimes getting dozens of dogs coming in in a day, acct calling on many rescue partners to help pull pups it's encouraging adoptions and fostering more than ever. >> all the rescues in the area they pull from us, and that means that by fostering for them
5:17 pm
you're still helping us and helping us create space. >> reporter: acct little philly is is doing everything it can to cut down on the number of people surrendering their dogs by guiding them to available resources and alternatives. >> you don't always necessarily need to surrender your dog. maybe you think do you. there's a website called get your that we recently partnered with. they're a great resource for someone who meadery home their pet. >> reporter: volunteering at the shelter is also key. it helps keep the dogs happy and socialized and makes them more adoptable. >> right now, with the reduced capacity, really every dog that walk in the front door is urge urgent. >> hi, handsome. >> reporter: volunteer maria knows her time at the shelter can make a difference in a dog's fate. >> you look so handsome. >> reporter: that's why she stopped with with valentine's day bandanas to draw attention to these pups and get them into loving homes. >> just because they're in a municipal shelter, does not mean they're damaged or sick. most of these dogs will make
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wonderful pets. >> reporter: and maria ever knows first hand because she has two dogs she adopted from acct philly. we have provide add link to that row homing website at fox check that out. of course, lucy, i couldn't resist an opportunity to showcase a dog while i'm here. this is bobby. he is three to five years old. he's an bulldog mix and looking for home. he's adoptable. he's ready to go right now. just look at that face. >> aww. >> bobby. >> we need help more than ever. >> look how cute he is. does he like kitties? i have a lot of kitties. >> thank you, dawn, so much. >> hopefully bobby will go home soon. big announcement from the east wing of the white house. first lady's office says in thee weeks you can once again visit 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the white house visitors office closed when the trump's moved because the administration had not yet app point the someone to run everything during the past couple of weeks mrs. trump hired her chief of staff and her social secretary. it's great day if you're a
5:19 pm
phillies fan because they're undie feeted. and first official work out for pitchers and catchers down in clearwater, florida. >> iain on this valentine's day, love is in the air between fans and the phillies team. >> that's right. >> warm fuzzy feeling extends off the field as well. look at sean bell. clear until love right there in clearwater. >> reporter: yes, i am clearly in love with these palm trees and everything that's going on here. it says that it's 73 degrees right now. so, of course, i'm in love, and the players, of course, they're down here working for spring training for valentine's day but that doesn't mean they can't find a little love here find a valentine here. i spoke to security guard who has been here for long, long time and she says there's a lot of love to be found here in clearwater. ♪ >> reporter: mary has been working security for phillies spring training ever since 2004 and she loves it. she built special bonds with
5:20 pm
former players and has even been sort of like a mom to some. >> ryan howard calls me momma. he gives me a hug every time he comes in. and he used to hug me on the field but i got word that i couldn't get any hugs any more. i don't know why. that was a joke. he goes no more hugs? so life is good. >> reporter: not only is she family, but she can also be cupid like that time she hooked cole hamels up with his wife. >> she was on survival. i was her security lady. so i was with her all day. she was sweetheart. so they were sitting -- we were sitting at the table and getting autographs. and cole came up to her and said, can i have your autograph she says -- she gave him her autograph she said to him can i have your autograph and he said i'll meet you at the tiki bar and what he had said before to call and i didn't know he setter this. that's girl you should marry. she's beautiful and she's smarten said to her without him knowing it heidi, look at cole
5:21 pm
hamels. he's so handsome. that's the kind of guy you should marry. she started laughing and the rest is history and they're married and i know them and they're my friends and i love them. ♪ >> reporter: look at that. so much loe. she says they send her christmas card every year. that's beautiful thing. later on in sports we'll get into the actual baseball here in spring training talk at the guys about how an old guy a new old guy is going to help out this team in a big way. back to you guy. >> i love that story. >> all right. sounds good, sean good fixing them up. that's fabulous. thank you sean bell. children in one local town keep on flagging down their local police officers. what is going on? well, the department wants them to. how they're building a better relationship with the community they serve for goodness sake. >> interesting way to pay your final respects. why one funeral home says you don't even have to get out of your car. >> all righty. you can forget the standard chocolate or flowers. the prickly gift some guys say
5:22 pm
really represents eternal love. >> skyfox over rachel market along highland avenue in pennsville salem county. that store sold a $5 million pick six new jersey lottery ticket. check your numbers. the winning digits five, nine, ten, 18, 21 and 26 and the extra multiplier was three. ♪ my hygienist said to think of my teeth like an apple.
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♪ california a massive evacuation is over. nearly 200,000 people can now go home as crews continue to work around the clock to secure the nation's tallest dam. now crews have made progress repairing the damaged spillway at the oroville dam in northern california. they reduced lake level by at least 8 feet overniht. workers are using giant sand bags filled with rocks and pouring them into the eroded area. peole who had to pack up and high tale it out will now have quite a story to tell. >> it's been all right. there's been lot of help here. we got a lot of people coming and donating, giving us a lot of help around. >> the situation is okay. there's lot of people. but everybody is being fed. everybody is being taken care of really well. everybody is getting what they need. >> officials are hoping crews can reduce the lake level more
5:26 pm
than in the next day or so because yet another storm is coming in. russian naval ship test the limits of new trump administration's tolerance. russian spy ship was spotted patrolling just 70 miles off the coast of delaware. it's not clear where the ship was heading. fox news is also reporting that the kremlin had secret deal employed some controversial crews missiles inside russia and buzzed us navy destroyer. the half brother of north korean leader kim jong-un was reportedly killed by agents of the regime today. the he is changed relative was at the kuala lumpur airport in malaysia. firm confirm the death. south korea reports said he was poisoned most likely by spray by two female north korean agents. he had long lived outside of north korea and found favor -- fell out of favor of kim jong-un babble in 2012. >> are you someone who enjoys taking selfies? of course lot of people do. why some scientists say you might be living a double
5:27 pm
standard. and one man goes on a mission. losing 60 pounds in 60 days. the moment he says he realized he just had to slim down. kathy? >> in weather we're talking about clearing skies for now. but the clouds will be rolling in and the winds will be shifting. it's back to blustery before it feels more like spring. more extremes in the seven day coming up. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
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and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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♪ flames destroy several boats in new jersey today. this happened at ap marina in
5:30 pm
belmar, monmouth county. officials say the boats were in dry dock and the flames quickly spread. no one was injured and the cause is still under investigation. ♪ an old idea infused with new life. our bill anderson is looking at how trading cards can bridge some modern day gaps local police departments going alter old school to reach out to kiddos. >> and they hope new take on the classic idea can bring light and establish positive relationships with you'll and the police for goodness sake. relationship between communities and police isn't always as positive as we would like. ♪ >> reporter: how are you, you. >> good. do you have the trading cards? >> can i get one of them? >> in new jersey department going old school they're bringing back the old trading card program to try to establish positive relationships between young people and the community and the officers that serve th them. >> how are you? >> most people have at least heard of local police having trading cards printed up and
5:31 pm
given out. but florence township is taking it to another level. they're using the cards to open up communication with the poli police. >> bringing the youth together with police officers. make them feel comfortable communicating with police officers. stopping a police officer just to say hi. that was part of the initiative with launching the police trading card contest. >> reporter: yeah, it's a contest but nobody loses. cards are at police headquarters and with each officer on the street. collect them all unget a gift card for a local market. you have to be under 16 and obviously not approach officers involved in an investigation. other than that, the only rules they have are designed to encourage young people to know the officers in their community. >> we want them to flag the officer down that's driving down the street. we want them to go up to the officer in the wawa or quick stop or pizza place. we don't want -- we don't mine much that's our job. >> reporter: i spoke to several officers. all proudly had their cards with them and even though florence certainly isn't a department
5:32 pm
known for conflicts between the community and police, the officers still recognized that interacting with their neighbors makes everyone's live and their job easier. >> lessens the gap between the community and police officers. a lot of us have families and, you know, we're part of the community as well. >> reporter: all seen the heated division between police and many communities. it's the reality of the society we live in. but districts like florence township hope that small gesture like the trading card contests at an early age can begin to establish relationships with the police to encourage mutual respect long before you end up on separate sides of a conflict for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> were you a trading card guy as a kiddo good a little bit with baseball. >> ought. this would have been cool. >> lot of departments did have that back in the day. back when we were kids, you know, when we were with horse drawn carriages and stuff. [ laughter ] >> but i think this is wonderful. hopefully it work out great.
5:33 pm
>> exactly. i agree. ba tock your fox 29 weather authority now. live look at allentown on this tuesday night going out with your love perhaps on this valentine's day. because you know it is great snuggling weather right now. nice and crisp out. but right around the corner we've got, well, dare we say balmy temperatures. meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. very pleasant valentine's day across the delaware valley and if you're going out tonight, it will be on the cool side. the temperature still 44. the hoy today made it to 45 degrees. winds out of the south west at just 11 miles an hour. and we look back on the day you can see the past couple of hours, warping up and peeking at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. that's an excellent sign because it means the days are getting longer and reachin reaching thak
5:34 pm
that high temperature later in the day. a good sign. right now in philadelphia 44 degrees. 33 degrees in the poconos. 44 in wilmington with the southwesterly wind that will continue at least for the next six to 12 hours but then things will begin to change. on ultimate doppler we are between a storm to the north and a storm to the south. still seeing the southwesterly flow and in the clear for now but not for long as the clouds will begin to thicken. we have two storms and a miss for the delaware valley. almost like two strikes and a miss. one storm to the north that cold core of storm that will bring more heavy snow to new york and new england round two not even a week later. and another storm to the south that will stay to the south. originally it looked like these two would come together in phase bomb out and become a snowstorm but it's just not to be. poor timing on their part and that means we stay dry and just get the winds from these storms. as we look ahead on the future winds you can see tonight out of the southwest. then becoming southerly. tomorrow we start off with the
5:35 pm
southwest wind but then it becomes more northwesterly a colder wind for us and that will set us up for a cool wednesday and a blustery thursday. by tomorrow evening winds gusting out of the northwest in wilmington to 30. the same in lancaster, reading and pottstown gusting to 34 miles an hour in dover out of the northwest and of course that's the cold wind for us. overnight tonight, 32 in the city. partly cloudy and cool with those southwesterly winds. they will be light. during the day tomorrow, we'll start off with the clouds and then see some sunshine during the day. the winds gusting to 30 miles an hour late in the day. west to northwesterly winds but a temperature of 50 which is pretty decent for this time of year. then it's back to blustery for your thursday. with those cold northwesterly winds. really down that cold air for your friday 43. that's transition day. but look at what happens here. saturday 55. sunday 63. like that's crazy. that's like april. even into monday the holiday and tuesday temperatures in the mid
5:36 pm
50s and that trend those 50 cos continue into next week in the mid ladder period next week almost done with february. times ticking to get more snow. have to go up north. we'll sent it back to you. >> love that. all right, kathy. thank you. this man blew the whistle on kitchen problems at the va and then claim the va tried to fire him over stale sandwiches. so what really happened? and who had his back? he tells the story to jeff cole as fox 29 investigates is coming up. perhaps you headed to the atm you could see something all new. why you may not need to dig into your wallet any longer and still get your cash. a robbery at a laundromat in east mt. airy the word one of the suspects used that police hope lands them in handcuffs. ♪ ♪ trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling
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♪ more and more folks ditching nurse and going for another type of plant for their love on this valentine's day. such as a cactus. at one shop in texas cacti are all the rage right now as people replace soft and, you know,
5:40 pm
fragrant with sharp and prickly much here's some symbolism the cactus represents everlasting love. >> it's more thoughtful, you know, it's alive. it's not just perishable. >> i feel like people are maybe bored of the more traditional, upping, 12 red roses and chocolates and teddy bears. >> i love succulents those are wonderful. financial experts predict americans will spend less money on their loves, less, this valentine's day compared to 2016. >> in your money, good news for atlantic city casinos. new figures show the resort town is off to a pretty good start in 2017. gambling rev now was up more than seven and a half% from year ago. with the city seven casinos taking in more than $200 million. they were helped with significant boost from internet gambling. >> on the subject of money some banks are pushing new card less technology that could make it easier for to you go to the bank on the go. now hundreds of atm's jp morgan chase are outfitted with technology that let's you use your phone to get access to your
5:41 pm
which is. bank of america and wells fargo are planning similar programs later this year. but while card less systems might offer more convenience, they do, critics say they bring a whole new level of worry over security. they say hackers might be able to more easily hack phones to steal passwords and account information. are you someone who enjoys taking selfies? if you are why some scientists say you may be living a double standard. i knew somebody was definitely in here messing around. >> favorite story of the day here. some body or some thing. what this man says actually left all the scratches. ♪ question, are my teeth yellow?
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new tool for camden county police officers in an emergency. the trauma center at cooper university health care recently bought $10,000 worth of tourniquets that will be given to all officers in the police department. the all part of an ems training program. in your health this evening, your back hurts you might be able to feel better without pain medicine. new health guidelines show that heat therapy a massage or even exercise are better treatments. the american college of physicians says doctors should suggest prescription drugs as a last resort. now they say one in four adults in the us say their lower back hurts. which typically goes away in a few weeks all by itself. folks who take selfies may live by a double standard so say german researchers who looked at the results of a survey. it found that 75% of people regularly took selfies, but in that same survey, more than 80% say they would rather see other types of photos besides selfies on social media stream.
5:46 pm
in addition, most felt that their open selfies were probably far more genuine. they filter up don that other stuff with them. this may explain why people can take all those selfies without feeling at all narcissistic. >> life altering event brings two strangers together at a wisconsin gym. 72-year-old george, was minutes no his work out on the elliptical he collapsed on the floor. gnaw cardiac arrest. that's when brittany who was on treadmill near jumped no act. she just happens to be a cardiovascular icu nurse she started cpr and even trained another stranger at the gym to jump in and help a scenario the nurse never thought she'd face outside of work. reminder for all of us about the importance of learning cpr. >> not just nurses save lives much people in the community do every day. so go get cpr certified. >> she saved my life, and she will forever be in my heart and my prayers.
5:47 pm
>> that's nice. >> he says he never had any heart problems and he's equipped i was pacemaker he looks forward to meet are her some day to thank her in person. >> bring to us an arizona man who lost 60 pounds in 60 days. his secret not so secret. he stuck to health and fitness plan. william warren battled herniated discs and high cholesterol and type two diabetes. but since making that major lifestyle change those health issues he says are a thing of the past. now he says he cut out all processed foods, excess sugar and extra carbs. he says he did strength training the morning and cardio late at night. now warren says his son met 58ed him it was his son that got him to get into shape. >> i was just constant until pain, and i felt like i was kind of failing as a father because i couldn't do the things i wanted to do. i literally spent the entire month of october in bed. >> yup warren says he hopes his story inspires others to get started on the path to a healthier lifestyle.
5:48 pm
philadelphia based dr. david shulkin unanimously confirm the secretary of veterans affairs. though it's a department be leaguer by patient care scanda scandals. >> one local whistleblower tells fox 29 investigates blowing that sad whistle has earned him a little more than mistreatment. >> now he's talking here err's >> reporter: troy thompson joined the navy as young man. the kansas city native served thousands of meals aboard ships at sea, was honored with medal for his work and saw the world. >> germany, guam guam, spain. >> owe wantly landed at the veterans affairs medical center in philadelphia working his way up to food service production chief. in 2012, he reported management wasn't doing enough to stop unsanitary practices or controlled pests and insects. >> basically, we had areas that weren't being cleaned. >> he says the day he told a
5:49 pm
supervisor he got reassigned to mostly janitorial work like scrubbing the morgue. >> they accept me to a lab area to, um, process body parts and, um, clean up urine, and blood vials and dump bio hazardous material. >> the va fined him $75 and tried to fire him for a past kitchen up frack. >> after about, um, several months, she brought me back down and issued me a proposed removal for eating sandwich. >> reporter: that's right. he and co-workers shared four sandwiches worth five dollars total before they went stale. >> the sandwiches were expired just within a couple of days so it's not like they were, um, moldy or things like that. >> reporter: thompson is not alone. there has been a surge recently of va employees stepping forward to expose mismanagement and problems with veterans care. some have gone to inspectors general and local authorities.
5:50 pm
thompson enlisted the support of an independent federal agency. the office of special council. >> osc helps employees who make disclose insures of wrongdoing and those who experience retaliation for doing so. >> reporter: caroline learner leads the osc. she's seen here on c span testifying before a congressional committee about va related cases in 2015 when she wrote up thompson's case. her agency got the va to conduct a probe that substantiated thompson's allegations finding violations of policy, gross mismanagement, and a substantial and specific danger to public health and safety. recommendations for improvement were made osc also found thompson was owed money. fox 29 investigators got a copy of that no fault settlement in which the va agreed to give thompson $30,000 when he alleged in court they paid late. a va spokeswoman said a
5:51 pm
confidentiality agreement prevents her from discussing thompson's case but the department is committed to whistleblower protection she wrote and creating an environment in which employees feel free to voice their concerns without fear of reprisal. she added, the medical center has zero tolerance for intimidation or retaliation. >> it's a sign of progress that the va leadership agreed to the expedited review process and also agreed to resolve many more cases through our regular processes including mediation. >> reporter: after two plus years, thompson got back to cooking, happy to have made it out of the morgue. >> office of special council had not under 15 i still probably there be to this day. >> reporter: thompson says the kitchens are cleaner now but he's still experiencing bad treatment. the va wouldn't comment. meanwhile congress is looking at a bill that would close a loophole enhance protections for whistleblowers who defy a supervisor's direction to violate rules or regulations.
5:52 pm
spokesperson says, osc supports that bill. jeff cole, fox 29 news. fox 29 investigators plans to stay in touch with troy thompson and report any changes in his status. it's an interesting way to pay your final respects. how one funeral home is letting do you it without having to get out of your car. and new at 6:00 caught on body camera. septa mows say that is guy force add kiss on an officer. what investigators say she did right before the kiss. >> on this valentine's day, a warning while you want to make extra sure you hang on extra tightly. to any balloons you might get. ♪
5:53 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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...get the presidential (avo)treatment...y... ...with a special trade-in offer... ...february sixteenth through the twenty-eighth... and let enterprise car sales... flip your thinking about
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buying your next vehicle. paying your last respects to go. funeral home in tennessee actually offers drive through viewings. guests sign in with an i pad and then they pull up and they have three minutes to pay their final respect. funeral home's owner says the drive through is convenient for some who are uneasy about funeral homes. >> you'd be surprised how many people who just can't stomach coming in a funeral home. they're scared. so it offers convenience to those. >> funeral director says only handful of funeral homes in the country offer a drive through feature. he believes doing this will allow him to focus on offering customized care to to grieving families. some folks have security cameras. maybe a dog that protects your family but it's not pet rodent a square being hailed hero as fox's laci darrell reports. >> reporter: adam pearl walked
5:57 pm
into his home tuesday and realized something didn't seem right. >> i came in the front door and well i saw snow prints out in the front driveway going into the back of the house. and so i thought something was awry because nobody usually goes through the yard. >> reporter: adam was immediately greeted by his pet squirrel joe woe when he got home. but then he started noticing a few doors were open. after making his way to the back bedroom, his fear was confirm. once he started looking at his gun safe. >> i started looking at it and i saw the scratches that were around the locking area. um, and i -- a at that point i knew somebody was definitely in here messing around. >> reporter: adam called police. and when officer ashley turner came out to take look, joe woe just had to say hello. >> and during her investigatio investigations, joey had run in the bedroom just screwing around like he always does. between her legs and kind of startled her. and she says, whoa, what was
5:58 pm
that? don't worry about that. that's just joey. pet squirrel, you know. >> reporter: officer turner asked adam if joey would bite. i said he usually doesn't bite but you never know. because he is a squirrel. [ laughter ] >> reporter: officer turner went on her way only to return a few hours later with some of his stolen belongings and some unbelievable news. >> she said while she was questioning the individual he had scratches on his hands so she asked him. so did you get that from the squirrel? >> and he said yeah, dam thing kept attacking me and won stop until i left. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now joey is being hailed a hero. >> nobody can believe it because who can say they have squirrel that guards their house? which is crazy. you can't ask for much more than that. he's pain in the bust but ice great. >> guard squirrel.
5:59 pm
>> i like that. adam says by the way he thanked joe we by giving him his favorite treats which happens o be whoppers. he's got good taste. i love whoppers. >> all right. your fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. no squirrels. ♪ valentine's day gift that's behind power outages. what? >> yeah. it's a popular one. the valentine's day present that could land your entire neighborhood in the dark. but first, justice for jayan in a local family turning devastating loss into action. >> i have to go on. i have thee other children and i have to be strong for them. >> how they hope the memory of their little girl will help bring justice for other famili families. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
>> they're feeling pain, you know, so i just want to bear others from going through what my family is going through right about now. >> tonight the memory of little girl killed in a hit-and-run is sparking change. eight-year-old jay anna powell died in november after car slammed into her and took off. it took weeks for police to arrest the man they say was behind the wheel. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. her family is working with city leaders to catch hit-and-run drivers faster all in her name. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us to explain. >> reporter: lucy and iain, along with the tears and unimaginable grief came an idea developed by jay anna's family their heart broken family and they want to make sure that justice is never delayed or denied if another family is confronted with a similar tragedy. >> i don't want to have to see another parent be on the news crying or another aunt or uncle hurt because they lost a family


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