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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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francis parish of norristown. police say he admitted at abuse when he turned himself in. the archdiocese of philadelphia says he's no longer employed and is cooperating with the police investigation. now a spokesperson for the archdiocese went on to say, prior to beginning his term of employment with st. francis of a sissy parish appropriate criminal background checks as well as child abuse clearances had been obtained and he completed mandatory safe environment training programs ". tonight the search is on for a shooter who fired more than a dozen shots outside a club in the city's port richmond secti section. police say an off off duty philadelphia police captain walking to his car when he heard the gunshots and when the officer looked up he saw someone who may have been the shooter as well as three men trying to get away from the gunfire. this happened last night in the parking lot of a club 3,000 block of caster avenue. no injuries were reported. president trump's pick for labor secretary withdrawn his nomination andrew puts sorry
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decision comes a mid scepticism from four key republicans. democrat has already hammered out the fast food exec tough for workplace violations at his carl's injury and hardee's restaurant chains. he also admitted he hired undocumented worker for his home. his confirmation hearing was slated for tomorrow. meanwhile the president welcomed anoher world leader to the white house. israel's prime minister arrived today to reset the relationship with the united states after turmoil with the obama administration. fox's lauren blanchard which is the latest from washington, d.c. >> reporter: a ceremonial welcome to the white house for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahou and his wife. the president and first lady greeting them before a joint press conference. >> with this visit the united states again reaffirms our unbreakable bond with our cherished ally israel. >> reporter: prime minister enjoying a noticeably less tense relationship with president trump than former president
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obama. >> under your leadership i believe we can reverse the rising tied of radical islam, and in this great task as in so many others israel stands with you and i stand with you. >> reporter: president trump asking prime minister netanyahou to hold back on settlements in disputed territories the leaders discussing whether a one or two state solution is the best operation option for piece in the middle east. >> i think that the israelis are going to have to show some flexibility just -- which is hard to do. i'm looking at two state and one state and i like the one that both parties like. >> we have to look for new ways, new ideas on how to reinstate them and how to move piece forward. >> reporter: despite firing his national adviser michael flynn president trump telling reporters flynn was treated unfairly. >> general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he's been treated very
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very unfairly by the media as i call it the fake media in many cases. >> reporter: prime minister netanyahou also meeting with members of congress this evening on capitol hill. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. time to check with wore fox 29 weather authority. clouds are making a bit of a come back as we take a live look at wilmington, delaware. that's not all all. cool air making a return as well. those temps blowing in on high winds they are going to pick up as we head into the night. it's not all bad news. >> kathy orr is here with the forecast. >> we have a few sprinkles, few flurries and sleet out as there as well a few sprinkles through philadelphia but through the lehigh valley through allentown and into northampton county as well some snowflakes an little bit of sleet mixed in there especially through upper milford and heading toward allentown and in areas like bedminster, buckingham and even warrington a few sprinkles as well. please be a wear of that. look at these temperatures. we have winds out of the
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northwest it's only 28 in the poconos. it's 39 in allentown and pottstown it's 38. it's 43 degrees in millville and atlantic city. you mentioned the winds. winds gusting to 40 miles an hour in pottstown. a northwest wind at 37 in lancaster and look at philadelphia gusting to 32. so blustery this evening as we talked about last night and these winds will be gusting right through the evening peri period. so at the 7:00 o'clock hour, we expect a sprinkle or flurry out there. otherwise temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. but falling during the evening. a cold night on tap at 11:00 o'clock it will be 37 degrees. coming up it's back to blustery for tomorrow but it stay that way. i'll be back with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> thanks kathy. workers and customers scrambling tour cover when someone hoped fire at a popular new jersey food truck. one pellet actually lodged into the side of the truck. >> and police are trying to figure out if anyone inside was an actual target. fox 29's dave kinchen has been speaking with the owner live in pennsville, new jersey. dave?
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>> reporter: the investigation is on going here and really two police departments looking into a set of shooting that may or may not be related. in the meantime this is the hole that was left from one of those gunshots. >> when you bite into that nice hot crispy bread it will be beautiful experience. >> at this food truck in pennsville -- >> thank you brother. >> it's high octane business as usual. >> you're welcome, brother. >> that's what the rush is all about. >> reporter: serving up deep fried hoagies despite drive by gunfire piercing the truck last night. >> all i heard was a pop and look over his head and guess what, a pellet high powered pellet that went through the soggy truck. >> known as ease sell barnes says his brother-in-law was at the window when the gunshot rang out. customers also lined up. staff inside did not even noti notice. >> honestly, i didn't think anything. i didn't even know anything happened to tell you the truth. >> reporter: pennsville police say someone fired an armor
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peering pellet from a vehicle stopped at the light on route 49 tuesday night. >> it could have killed somebody if it hit them. left a pretty good sized hole in the side of the trailer. >> reporter: minutes later down route 49 in salem police say a 19-year-old man was shot in front of pat's pizza and a 36-year-old man was shot while walking near the salem motor pellets also fired both men survived. police cannot say if the shootings are related. >> it's awful, man. put the guns down, man. put the guns down, man. >> reporter: meantime isn't the at the food truck -- >> zoagie -- >> fear does not live here. >> put fear in people paralyzes them. one thing for sure i don't want to be a paraplegic. i want to be able to move and groove. i'm not going to let fear holding me back. i don't want fear holding none of ya'll back. >> reporter: got to love his enthusiasm. back live now, police are looking for surveillance video. they say that the cameras here at the gas station don't actually show the highway, so they're still trying to find
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video of this incident. back to you. >> all right. dave. thank you. one person is dead in a crash involving three cars in new castle county. skyfox over the scene on route 141 just north of box wood road this happened around 12:30 this afternoon near newport. lanes were closed as crews remained on the scene. police have not identified the person who was killed as of yet. no one else was hurt in the crash is still under investigation. the verdict is in for montgomery county lawyer accused of raping his own client. jury says vincent cirillo, jr. s guilty of rape and other charg charges. the 57-year-old long-time defense attorney took advantage of the 22-year-old victim while she was unconscious at her own apartment. cirillo took the stand monday said the encounter in august of 2015 was consensual. but his victim told police she believes he drugged her. three former penn state administrators want charges against them dropped. it's all related to the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. graham spanier, gary schultz and
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tip curley filed nearly nearly & requests this week asking the judge to throw out felony charges of dangering the welfare of children. they say too much time has gone by and they weren't directly caring for the children. the trial supposed to start on march 20th. delaware county wawa is about to get little more convenient. the chain already beloved for grab and go mentality upped its game in chadds ford. it's the first wawa in our area to offer beer. >> yeah. so a big party is on tap. so to speak. tomorrow -- it's tomorrow to celebrate the big changes. our bruce gordon is live at that very wawa probably itching to try a cold one. >> reporter: i may sleep out here overnight. look, this is just natural evolution of mankind. first we learned to walk up right, then we learned to invent the printing press then we learned to fly, now we can by buy at a pennsylvania wawa. for the past five weeks or so, it's been gas pumps only at the wawa store on route 202 in naamans creek road. but come thursday morning, a
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grand reopening featuring drum roll, please, beer. customers can't wait. >> i think it's great. i mean, come here after work and get yourself a nice hoagie and six pack and go home and enjoy the rest of the day. >> reporter: life is good? >> yeah. pretty much. >> reporter: 7400 square foot store will be wawa's first in pennsylvania, first in the region to offer beer. a single container may be consumed on the premises and up to 100 into ounces for take out. they'll be restaurant style seating and upgraded fixtures, too. but make no mistake this is mostly about the beer. >> it just increases the accessibility to things that help simplify their lives. they only have to make one stop. we know that one stop shopping is important to our customers. >> reporter: wawa continues to expand and upgrade its stores now 750 outlets in six states. but southeastern pa is still the birthplace. loyal customers say beer sales and seating will make a great
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experience even better. >> what is it about wawa that attracts you in the first place, these stores. >> convenience. you know, just you can get almost anything you want there. >> at almost any time of day. >> right, right. >> it's convenient. um they're coffee is really good and it's american. >> reporter: now you're adding beer to the mix? >> um-hmm. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah, this beer and seating option requires a large store in terms of the physical space. for now wawa official do's not have any plans to expand the idea behind this facility right here. but, again, starting tomorrow morning at 9:00, route 202 and naamans creek road life will indeed get a little more convenient. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, bruce gordon. former vice-president joe biden's resume just got longer. the national constitution center has just elected him as the chair of the board of trustees. biden will succeed former florida governor jeb bush. he's also splitting his time between programs at the university of delaware and u
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penn. it's a call for a truck on fire but that's not the only problem. this truck is engulfed in flames and the driver of drive through avenue fast food restaurant. what the officer did next to protect other drivers and the people inside. and a day out snow mobile link turned into terror for a teen who crashed through the ice of a frozen lake but it was not her time. fishermen snatched her out. why they say they're no heroes. and -- it's hank i'm in pottstown, montgomery county says the people who live here near the limerick nuclear generating station need to replace their potassium i side tablets. they're expiring. why do they need them in the first place? what it's like living in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. hank's take coming up. ♪ >> and philadelphia's home to some of the most historic sites in the country. today the fox 29 cameras went on a one of a kind guided tour. what they saw is coming up at 6:00.
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♪ here's live look at city hall in philadelphia tonight. if you're walking down there you'll notice a kind of an iconic piece of the city no longer there. love was on the move today. we caught crews taking it away from its temporary home at dilworth park. >> the famous robert indiana sculpture getting a face lit of sorts. city officials say scratches and graffiti taken their toll of the iconic art. the sculpture has been gracing dilworth park for about year. while its home in love park gets a big makeover. the city says love sculpture and love park will both be back together and looking better than ever this summer.
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local leaders came together at city hall to raise awareness about a controversial bill involving abortions. governor tom wolf joined mayor jim kenney and women's health advocates to discuss why they oppose senate bill three. the bill which the senate voted in favor of last week would ban abortions after 20 weeks except in rare circumstances. those against the bill also say it would put women at risk because it would ban one of the safest methods of second trimesters a borings. the governor will veto that bill fit gets to his desk. >> i'm doing it because veto is right. it's morally right. pennsylvania is not and cannot afford to be a place where women cannot make their own health care decisions. we cannot afford that. [ applause ] >> those in support of the bill have said it protects fetuses. republican senator michelle brooks says she thinks medical research supports the need to ban abortions after 20 weeks. the spill now in the house which passed a similar bill last year.
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♪ hank's take tonight about special pills for people who live in one local community. if you live around one big landmark, the limerick generating station, officials say you should have those pills on hand just in case. >> they're a special precaution if in case there's a radioactive family. nuclear power is save families are told but are the pills? here's hank. if we're coming from the shore we come up 422. if we're in boyertown we come across 73 and we see the steamer, there's home. [ laughter ] >> reporter: david and donna gephardt never lost they say. not as long as they can see the steam rising from the cooling towers of the limerick generat generating station nuclear power plant right up the block. they say the plant has been good neighbors for the most part with the occasional exception. >> it hasn't been bad except for the traffic when they refuel. other than that -- >> refueling is bad. >> the roads are cleared all the
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time. we hardly ever lose electric. you know they take care of it. >> reporter: thanks again you all. >> dave and donna go into town soon to replace their potassium i side or ki tablets. you're supposed to keep those handy if you live within 10 miles of the plant in case of radioactive emergency. last batch of pills is expiring and the county health administrator says preparation is precious. >> preparedness is said failing to prepare is preventing to fa fair. having the interventions, non interventions in place thank god newspaper nuclear accidents are very very very very very very rare. >> sure. >> he's absolutely right. but there's a stigma about living near nuclear plants, isn't there? the property values have traditionally been lower near the power plant but ron shingle doesn't care. he's been happy for 30 years on his 4 acres that butt right up to the plant. >> i got a very good price on the house because people were moving out of here, didn't want any parts of the power plant. >> reporter: other people's fear turned into a real nice
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thing for you. >> nice thing for me. because -- >> reporter: ever since been what's it been like? >> i haven't had a bit of trouble with the power plant or anybody really. >> reporter: another residet i spoke with off camera had a similar story. so what's weird, dangerous about living near nuclear power, locals like ron say nothing at all. but heel he'll still be swapping out this ki pills. the doctor is the montgomery county health administrator. he says no, of course, there's no real danger of anything happening at limerick generating station. it's in great shape. but he says if you don't take known effective precautions such as the ki pills you're being reckless. it. >> would still be bad public health if we do not prepare our residents for even an eventual will the which is even very very very very very rare but having known intervention available not providing, not preparing the community would be a public health crime. >> reporter: that's one of doctor's jobs really preparing for worse case scenarios who's
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likely hoods are near no non-existent. limerick two row actors app roved bite nrc to run through 2044 and 2049 respectively. so locals will reup on ki pills again in years to come as their homes are lit by the giant next door. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ his name is akmed rahimi charged with planting bombs in new jersey and new york and with getting into a gun fight with police and his attorney wants at least some of the charges he's facing dismissed. in september a pipe bomb went off at a 5k race in seaside park, new jersey. it was to support marines. then another bomb went off in new york city. prosecutors say he planned them all tried to kill police officers in linden, new jersey hooks were after him. he faces five counts of attempted murder from that shootout. his attorney says prosecutors failed to present sufficient evidence to support charges he tried to kill those linden police officers. hearing scheduled in two weeks. another tough day at spring training.
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70-degree temperatures, sunshi sunshine, balmy, breeze in clearwater, florida. great day for golf. phillies aren't worried about golf. they're getting ready for the 2017 season but the players have different methods. sean bell explains. >> reporter: guys are working out all year in baseball now and guys like cameron rupp are finding new ways to stay in shape. >> doing a little bit of yoga. that was very difficult. >> reporter: that's right, the big strong cameron rupp decided to throw a little yoga in his off season workout. yeah, gettin getting his nam may on. his teammates are happy about that. >> i did a little bit this winter, and in previous winters, but i'm happy to see that rupp's starting to get into it. >> reporter: but not everyone is a fan yet. >> i don't do much yoga personally. >> reporter: but don't call rupp a yogi yet. he's still trying to get down ii wasn'tly lingo. >> i don't even know the names of them. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. it was, um, it was a lot of fun
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though. you know, you got to realize the benefits of it when you actually stay with it don it often. >> reporter: in clearwater, sean bell, fox 29 news. ♪ things getting a little heated outside the happiest place on earth. what protesters are asking for from the head of disney. and one year has come and gone since a fiery wreck killed a local man hot on his trail. investigators say philadelphia housing authority cops had crazy fast speeds. his family is not only still heart broken, they have questions and a lot of them. >> almost a year and still we're grasping and trying to find answers. that's troubling. >> what his father has done to try to get to the bottom of what happened to his son. ♪
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♪ cameras rolling of course this cop in texas race the to the scene of a burning pickup. the truck full al blaze was dangerously close to a fast food restaurant so the officer new he had to do something to stop the fire from spreading. he had to do it quickly. he used his patrol car to push
5:25 pm
the truck and that may have saved employees and customers and kept the restaurant from going up in flames. and no one was hurt. one woman under arrest tonight accused of assassinating brother of north korean dictator jim jong-un. authorities arrested her malaysia kim jong nam was killed and authorities were saying she used poison on the dictator's brother while he was walking through the airport in kuala lumpur. >> we hadn't heard from him for sometime and i assumed he was lying low and that he wasn't really a threat to anybody. but it would seem, of course, we are running ahead of anything proven here, it would seem perhaps his half brother thought differently. >> kim jong nam had been critical of the north korean regime in the past. authorities say his brother kim john unhas a history of eliminating high-level officials since taking power in 2011 but it's not clear if he's being linked to his brother's death. car hitting a deer we know about that in this area all too
5:26 pm
common. >> yeah unfortunately, right. but in north carolina plane actually hit one of the animals. the aircraft collided with the deer during take off at charlotte douglas international airport today. the pilot declared a an emergency and the flight returned to the airport. american airlines says the plane was leaking fuel after hitting the deer. no one is hurt except for the deer of course who most likely has not survived. things getting heated outside the so-called happiest place on earth. protesters are calling on disney chief executive officer bob igor to quit president trump's business council. they gathered outside the gates of disneyworld to deliver their message. so far there's still no response from disney or igor. normally dui costs i was lot of money but this woman is trying to make some of -- some off of hers. what she says happened after her arrest that has her suing the jail. once iconic building in atlantic city became even more unrecognizable today. what crews removed from the outside of the former trump taj
5:27 pm
mahal today. kathy. >> in weather iain we're talking about a trough sitting over us that means cool, windy conditions will linger at least for the neck 24 hours. but guess what? after that, a ridge builds and it will feel much more like spring. not march, how about april? we'll take a look with the seven day coming up. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
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♪ taj mahal in atlantic city looking a little different right now. skyfox was over the now closed
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casino as crews took down trump's name today. it's one of more than a dozen signs the president's name that are now coming on down. billionaire carl icahn owns the taj and he is trying to sell it. president trump opened the casino in 1990 but lost control of it in bankruptcy. berks county couple agreed to give up custody of their six children after their two-year-old daughter died from pneumonia. >> the couple says they don't believe in medical treatment because of their religion. ella foster died in her upper home last november. her parents jonathan and grace foster are charged with involuntary manslaughter as well as child endangerment. their six other kids are now in the care of berks county children youth service. the couple belongs to the faith tabernacle church and their faith promotes faith based healing. your fox 29 weather authority right now. changes in the air. take live look at trenton, and look at the wind. whipping the flag right there.
5:31 pm
and they could become an issue again. the winds of change as we like to call them are blowing in for the weekend. we've got your full forecast coming up in 15 seconds. after a pleasant day we're seeing some sprinkles. we're seeing flurries and even a little bit of sleet in parts of western chester county and northern bucks into the lehigh valley and richland, east rockhill toward hellertown and also allentown a few snow showers and some ice pellets or sleet. so please be aware of that. those cold northwesterly winds bringing in that moisture as well. as we look at our temperatures for the day, the high 40 -- i should say 53 degrees. the temperature right now 45. but as we look passed the past four hours, you can see temperatures peeking at 2:00 o'clock and then slowly
5:32 pm
going back down but the 4:00 o'clock temperature, 45 degrees. and that is still sticking. winds out of the west at 23 miles an hour. and those winds will continue to be gusty into the nighttime hours. the poconos it's 28 with some snow showers. 39 in allentown. 44 in wilmington. and right now 43 degrees in atlantic city. wildwood and even in millville. when we look at this flow this strong center of circulation going over the new england coast, all of the sweeping into the delaware valley and even during the day tomorrow there could be some snow showers in the poconos with that cold and that wind coming across the great lakes. as we take look at the future wind chills here we go. tomorrow morning they will be driven down into the teens through most of the region. it will feel like 12 in the poconos at 7:00 a.m. in philadelphia it will feel like 16. so it's really back to blustery on your way out the door and even at the bus stop. so bundle the kids up. by the afternoon, some improvement but it will only feel like it's in the 20s. in the poconos it will still feel like it is in the teens.
5:33 pm
after that, temperatures begin to rebound a little bit and it will be feeling much more like spring. so what's going on? scott has more on that. hey, scott. >> hi there, kathy. yeah, this volatile february pattern will continue. it's 45 right now in philadelphia. but look at the milder air off to the south. atlanta right now 58 degrees. 59 in jackson, mississippi some of that warmth will head in our direct. let's talk little.about the jet stream pattern because right now some of the cold air moving back in, but as we move toward the upcoming weekend arc ridge it will dominate parts of the lower 48 included in that the philadelphia area. take look at the weekend forecast. no typos here. saturday 60 degrees. 63 by sunday. normal for this time of year is in the mid 40s, we're talking temperatures more typical of april nearing records by sunday. in fact across the area. what about remainder of the month? as we take a look at the temperature trend out west below average temperatures but for
5:34 pm
much of the eastern half of the united states we're talking above average temperatures for the remainder of this month. so looking pretty good& especially if you're not a fan of snow. kathy? >> talking about scott, they wanted a little bit of winter but we're actually running out of time. one place that could see a little more snow the poconos with lake enhanced snow showers especially during the day tomorrow with those whipping winds. so our forecast for the overnight, calls for temperatures to be falling to around 30 in the city. 20s in our suburbs but once again wind chills in the teens. clearing skies and winds out of the northwest ten to 20. during the day tomorrow, it's going to be one of the colder days of the week. probably the coldest. 41 the high temperature. mostly sunny. if you're inside it will look pretty. if you're outside it will be cold. blustery with winds gusting to 30 even 35 miles an hour gusts down the shore. as we take look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority, friday we begin to bump it up to more seasonal levels. saturday as scott had mentioned,
5:35 pm
60-a perfect ten on our scale. sunday near record warmth the record a 68. we can come pretty close. monday near sixty two 60. tuesday a few showers and wednesday 56 degrees. temperatures well above average. the average high right now 44 degrees by the end of the month 47. we got that beat. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. hey star buck lovers rejoice. the coffee giant is getting cooler. literally. when you'll be able to get a scoop of ice cream with your latte. too many people in our communities are struggling to find work. some spent years serving our country. >> i got a family. i need a job. and just tired of living the way i was living. >> now some local people are trying to help him and others like him find a job for goodness sake. it's always a spectacle that's got people flocking to the pennsylvania convention center. what organizers just announced about the world famous flower
5:36 pm
show. >> and parents of little ones might end up costing you because american girl says it's making an american boy doll. his name is logan and he plays drums alongside his friend penny. she's a singer song writer in nashville. both penny and logan hit those store shelves thursday so get ready for the big rush.
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septa wants your opinion. the transportation agency holding the open house in center city right now to get feedback from writers writers. septa is considering new service and changes to existing routes. tonight in your money starbucks is about to get a lot cooler. the coffee company about to add ice cream to its menu. i guess it thinks you need that. >> i lick that. >> it will roll out ice cream coffee drinks at more than 100 stores nationwide. it's starbucks it won't be cheap. it will start at six bucks for one of these things. for now they're only available at ten upscale stores in
5:40 pm
california. >> so poofy it has to be in california. >> exactly. r and b singer and actor tyrese gibson stars on fox's new show star he plays pastor bobby harris the love interest of queen latifah's character. >> tyreece spoke to fox 29 on good day this morning and tells us why this new up sewed is controversial. >> i finally meet her daughter so i thought. her daughter is actually her son who became a woman living as a transgender. >> ohh. >> oh so i'm a man of god arc pastor, and i'm meeting the daughter for the first time who is actually, you know, a transgender, and so she set me up. >> all right. you can catch star right here on fox 29 tonight at 9:00 followed by fox 29 news at 10:00. so model kate upton is apparently ruling this year's sports illustrated swimsuits three covers. this is third time upton has,
5:41 pm
um, graced the swimsuit issue cover. why are you not reading this story? you should be reading this story. >> i know it's not you go golf. their team is focusing on women of every age and body type there seems to be certain body type for the swimsuit edition. whatever. magazine features other curvy models like ashley graham and older models like 63-year-old christie brinkley if this is something you're into the issue is on sale right now. >> day out on the snow mobile for one teen ends up in an icy lake. thankfully there were fishermen to take her out. why they say they're no heroes. >> one year come and gone since a fiery wreck killed a local man and hot on his trail were philadelphia housing authority cops going really fast. his family's not only still heart broken. they have a lot of questions. >> but first, the eagles mascot swoop hamming it up at a cherry hill nursing home today. he visited residents at a vista
5:42 pm
health care to show goodwill and take some pictures. by peggy lee playing ]
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♪ police say this woman was so drunk that she fell and got hurt in jail and now she's blaming police. this woman was arres arrested fi she blew a 3.46 more than four times the legal limit now she's suing the jail and county in michigan claiming they failed to protect her in jail. the lawsuit claims she had a fracture as well as brain and neck injury in the fall. there's no comment yet from the jail. just terrifying moments that could have turned tragic so easily teenager on snow mobile. she got thrown and fell into a frozen lake but a group of
5:46 pm
samaritans were in the right place at the right time. >> get that to her. >> all right. get that, get it. get it! >> let her get. she's almost there. do not let go. get both hands on it. both hands. all right. kick, kick your feet really hard. kick. >> wow! one of the rescuers an atv rider had helmet on his camera capturing all of this play out. he ran towards the water when he saw the 16-year-old go in two fishermen saw him and ran to help. at least one the rescuers not quite comfortable with his new title. >> feels funny, um, not a hero. there was lot of people there. we just happened to be the closest, um, rolled up in four wheeler so we were able to get her out quickly but anybody in the area would have done the same thing. >> so lucky that these guys were there and knew what to do. the rescue was ten days ago but these guys just released the
5:47 pm
video. the teen is okay. fox 29 investigates now. almost a year after his son's death in a violent car crash, a father is pleading for the tru truth. >> he is. reports of a pursuit by philadelphia housing police second bernie sanders the crash and a new lawsuit filed in court have fueled the father's request for answers and raised even more questions. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser reports. ♪ >> charismatic kind of guy. he loved life. loved people. loved his family. >> reporter: reverend john dawkins ii. had an empty feeling in his heart for almost a year now. that's when he lost his 39-year-old son john in a violent car crash. >> whenever he was around he was the life of the party. and everyone just gravitated to him. >> reporter: reverend dawkins says 800 people attended his son's funeral to celebrate his life. but there's something troubling reverend dawkins about the cra
5:48 pm
crash. >> from my perspective and my family's perspective, the truth has not come out. >> reporter: the high-speed crash was caught on video surveillance cameras as the car driven by john dawkins the fourth went airborne. >> he loses control, driving at a high rate of speed. he hits several fixed objects a tree, a couple poles and then eventually a property. >> reporter: march 2016 crash was so violent dawkins 2014 inn fin at the exploded into flames trapping him inside. within minutes, dawkins was de dead. his body burned beyond recognition. the car had to be towed to the medical examiner's office so expert cos remove the body and evidence from the crash. >> while i believe he's in a better place, i sure wish he was still here. ♪ >> reporter: fast forward to september and this lawsuit filed by reverend dawkins and his wi wife. they claim their son was deprived of his civil rights and
5:49 pm
the victim of a wrongful death caused by a police pursuit. >> have you been able to determine who was following him at that point or pursuing him? >> i believe it was the philadelphia housing authority police. >> reporter: the pha refused to comment for this story. citing the lawsuit. >> we following the car we decided to let it go. >> sergeant abdul evans who asked us not to show his face was the supervising officer for pha police the night of the fatal crash. he has served 21 years with the pha police and received numerous commendations. he says he spoke to the two officers that night after the crash. he was called to the accident scene minutes after dawkins was pronounced dead and confronted with information allegedly two of his officers were pursuing dawkins seconds before the fatal crash. >> seen the car, chased the car, viciously doing 85 miles an hour, up to 85 miles an hour. no radio call. no call.
5:50 pm
>> sergeant evans who passed away recently told fox 29 last december he was across town at the time of the accident. >> if they had wept across the inner city and was in pursuit someone, then it would have been a different story because it would have been my decision to tell them to either keep going or cut it off i would have told them. ♪ >> reporter: the lawsuit filed by dawkins parents also alleges those pha officers improperly pursued dawkins against pha pursuit guidelines and without probable cause and justificati justification. the suit also claims the officers failed to notify their dispatcher or superiors. that they were engaging in a vehicle pursuit. philadelphia police refuse to pursuit dawkins moments earlier after they, too, saw him speeding on nearby broad street. >> for it to go on a year now, almost a year, and still we're grasping and trying to find answers, that's troubling.
5:51 pm
♪ >> reporter: the lawsuit claims the pha officers saw the crash and observed dawkins car burst into flames with dawkins still inside. it also alleges the officers fled the scene of the accident without notifying any emergency or rescue service or police entity. it claims the two officers also left without rendering any assistance to dawkins. ♪ >> so we don't know if they left the scene it looks like they broke off their pursuit before the gentleman got in a crash. and turned off. >> they should have contacted the medics at least. >> those who should be held accountable should be. ♪ >> reporter: he hopes the lawsuit will at least get him some of the answers he so desperately wants. >> god help me and all who else can help me to find the truth. ♪ >> reporter: the philadelphia housing authority police refused
5:52 pm
to comment citing the on-going litigation a lawyer for the 2pha police officers did not return our phone call or an e-mail questing comment. for fox 29 investigates, i'm dave schratwieser. philadelphia police report obtained by fox 29 now says the crash victim was driving under the influence and could have been charged with multiple traffic violations including fleeing police had he survived the accident. >> the report also says that he could have faced criminal charge of reckless endanger many but none of it answers the questions the family still has. absolutely. all new at 6:00 now always a spectacle it's got people flocking to the pennsylvania convention center. what organizers just announced about the world famous flower show. that's coming up. (avo) this holiday...
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♪ our bill anderson talked to a group facing dark times. they've been in jail, many also have fought for our country and now they are unemployed. >> but some local people are helping them get back to work, get better jobs and move on for goodness sake. ♪ >> i came in because i'm a veteran and i've actually been looking for work for while. >> i want to do things for myself and my family. >> i got a family and i need a job. >> reporter: unemployment rate in philadelphia inner cities is high. unemployment rate for veterans incarcerated unfortunately a lot of circumstances even higher so
5:57 pm
here on allegheny avenue this organization impact doing something to try to address that. ♪ >> reporter: impact helps people address their needs from housing to employment every day but on this day it went a step further. along with councilman allen dome and lose they took the dime time to prepare the community mostly vets and ex offenders for an upcoming job fair. >> i know that i occasionally need help with my interview skills, the gentleman was lose was able to give me a few pointers to work on things. >> reporter: for hours people came in and went through mock interviews with lose staff who volunteered their time to prepare the visitors for the real thing later in february. it may not seem like big deal to some, but when you consider the circumstances many are facing, being prepared could be live changing. >> i was incarcerated three quarters of my life. >> do you mind me asking how old you are. >> i'm 53. >> nothing going on good on the streets so i need a job. >> reporter: feedback was
5:58 pm
immediate and unlike during real job interviews the visitors were able to correct any issues that they had in hopes that they get the chance to work through the lack of interview experience that some have. >> i have a bad tendon see to veer from the subject occasionally. , and sometimes i catch myself. sometimes i don't. >> they gave me a couple tips and stuff that i think is going to be real useful in further interviews. >> reporter: the interview practice was important. but to me, it may be equally important that potential employers got a chance to see that some of have made bad choices. some have had bad luck but most were good people that you'd want working with you. >> i just want to do better with my life. i just want to change. i want to change. >> one or two bad decisions led to not having those better jobs. so now i'm having to kind of restart and rebuild. >> within life there's difficulties but we september those dulty's and we continue on and ultimately, um, the good
5:59 pm
will prevail. ♪ >> reporter: nobody was feeling sorry for themselves. nobody was looking to blame anyone. a local organization, local elected official, local business and local residents all agreed their goal was about helping each other do better so there life can get better for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> thank goodness programs like this exist. >> exact. wish them all the bev. >> um-hmm. your news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, they're back. after popping up across several new jersey communities, flyers promoting the ku klux klan show up in bucks county. why police say they can't arrest anyone. ♪ and do you got to have your wawa? after shutting down for months, this booming spot is about to reopen.
6:00 pm
what is inside you can now buy that may have even more people flocking to wawa. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin tonight with a developing story. gunshots ares heard as customers line up for valentine's day dinner everyone started scrambling. pellet lodged right into the side of a truck. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police are trying to figure out if that truck or somebody else inside was the intended target. fox 29's dave kinchen has been speaking with the owner live in pennsville, new jersey. dave? >> reporter: lucy, it's a frightening situation and while police work on their investigation, the owner of that business says he's not letting it stop him at all. zoagie feel baby. >> reporter: so much energy. >> she's back. >> reporter: fueling the seem at zoagie's food truck. >> you


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