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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. chester, delaware county people just want the violence to stop. federal officials already considering it one of the most violent cities in the country. good evening, welcome to the 11:00 o'clock show. i'm lucy noland. so far this year, things are already worse than before. people came together tonight to try to stop the crime that is killing their community. fox 29's bruce gordon is in chester where it was an emotional night. bruce? >> reporter: it sure was. you've heard the expression, preaching to the choir. well, meet the choir. lots of folks from chester who tracked to city hall on this bitter cold night to say this deadly violence must end. >> in the midst of the noise and nervousness of chester residents searching for answers to an out of control wave of violence, we
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found the taylor family. joy and terrence and eight month old terrence, jr. joy is concerned about her baby's future. >> he's a young black mail. young black males have targets on their backs and it's important for me to make sure i'm listening and i'm aware of what's going on. >> reporter: chester's murder rate in 2016 was roughly four times hire than that of philadelphia. this year the city is on pace to double last year's carnage. residents of this town heal meeting listed their concerns easy to access guns, abandoned homes, trash, teen loitering, few security cameras. absentee parents. one woman brought to the meeting a banner with the names of chester murder victims dating back to 1980. edith blackwell found the names of her two never tuesday. she herself was wounded in a 2012 gas station shootout. >> you got hit in the back. >> got hit in the back with a bullet. yes. >> at that point did you say to yourself i got to get out of this town? >> i did, but i still love my town. i just believe there's hope. >> reporter: joy taylor knows her son's life may depend on
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that hope. and what becomes of it. >> it's important that we make sure that every single action that we take is for the next generation. i mean they're going to be our future leaders. >> reporter: speaking leasts mayor thaddeus kirkland met earlier in this day with prosecutors and law enforcement officials from neighboring communities. he says they have vowed to do what they can to help chester fight this crime way it wave. we'll see what happened the folk at this meeting to night including the taylor family and edith blackwell sure hope something can be done. lucy. >> absolutely. all right, bruce. breaking right now. philadelphia police officer is hurt. skyfox over west oak lane north 20t20th20th and spencer streetse exact. a driver hit the officer then dragged him. he's at einstein now. initial reports are that his injuries are not serious but police are looking for a silver grand prix in connection with what happened. we do have a crew heading to the scene. we'll bring you more the moment we get an update. new lawsuit and new light on
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what happened inside delaware's largest state prison when hostages took over. an inmate at the vaughn correctional facility in smyrna is suing the warden and prison staffs. donald par kell says authorities injured nearly every single prisoner in the building when they stormed in to stop the chaos earlier this month. he also says no more than ten inmates were involved in the hostage takeover. the department of corrections will not comment on the lawsuit. one correctional officer died in the uprising. on your radar tonight, cold temperatures. but it's february and we haven't even had winter yet. live look autarchyly blue mountain in the pocono mountai mountains. cold in tonight but if you plan on hittin hitting the slopes thk and it will be a little spring skiing action. >> remember that guy punxsutawney phil. >> i do remember him. didn't he say six more weeks of winter. >> yes, remember i don't really care for him too much. >> i know you think he's cute but his forecast not so rack at. >> not so much. looking at of course the
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mountains where we do need the snow but then the next couple of days it will be too warm to be making the snow. right now the temperature is 32 in philadelphia. high temperatures only in the upper 30s. in the poconos it is chilly right now. 19 degrees. so hopefully those snow guns are blowing. 28 degrees in allentown. 30 in trenton. 30 degrees in millville but notice those arrows a northwesterly wind still at about ten to 15 miles an hour gusting to about 25 and that's driving those wind chills down right now in the poconos it feels like it's only three. 19 in pottstown. 18 in reading. 19 in wilmington and in philadelphia it feels like it's only 24 degrees. after we see that cold slowly retreat to the north, we're going to see a huge ridge of high pressure building right now it's in the central plains. temperatures soaring into the 70s. we are going to get on into a piece of that over the weekend. saturday and sunday temperatures will be soaring into the 60s which will make it feel much more like april of course than february. when we look at the probability
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of precipitation, nothing zero for friday, saturday, sunday and monday. so dry and warm already 5 degrees above average for the month of february and it's going to continue right through the end of the month. so tonight in the city 27. lower 20s in the suburbs. a cold overnight with whipped chills mainly in the teens. during the day tomorrow, plenty of sun and less wind that will make huge difference high temperatures in the 40s. that's where we should be and it will be a seasonably pleasant day. but then things change. on the seven day forecast, it goes from seasonably cool to warm. 63 on saturday. gave it a pefect ten. near record warmth on sunday the record is 68 degrees. we'll make it to at least 65. then 57 for president's day. tuesday 51. a spotty shower wednesday. thursday 62 degrees. and all indications are as we go from eight to four days beyond the seven day we will continue to be above normal. so temperatures, lucy, are going
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to stay at least i think 10 degrees above normal right through the end of the month and that could be one for the record books. but we always have march. >> this is true and quite often the whole lion thing versus the lamb thing we'll see what happens. thank you kathy. >> you bet. >> she's 12 years old, someone walked up to her, put a gun to her chest and robbed her. philadelphia police say another child may be 15, maybe 16, is the robber, and that he targeted her as she was walking alone on the 7900 block of leon street it's in holmesburg tonight. the teen wanted her iphone six and her password. she gave it up much she's okay physically. and the robber took off. what would this country be loo ick without immigrants? pretty sparse. today we got a glimpse right here in philadelphia. businesses shut down and some immigrants missed class and work today. protesters want to raise awareness about immigration policies. fox 29's shawnette will on is live in penn's landing. shawnette.
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>> reporter: lucy, many didn't open for business and vowed not to spend money in the city tod today. immigrant families hope to prove they're vital part of this country. they say they deserve to be he here. >> so we know that it's hard to close down a business especial until hard economic times like these,. we know at the end of the month there's bills to pay. and it's difficult decision to close down today. >> but we also know that'sness. >> reporter: immigrant business openers all over the city and the country closed their doors thursday for work strike. other businesses posted signs on their doors saying they stand with immigrant neighbors by closing, too. >> an this day without immigrants, a group that fights for the rights of the la teen no immigrant community marched through south philly. they want to draw attention to immigration and customs enforcement raids in other cities. some worry it could happen here. >> if everybody felt safe and that they weren't going to get dragged out of the city in their home we should be thinking about what are ways to end
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deportation. report roar this 14-year-old boy attended the rally out of concern for what he fears could happen to his family. >> my parents are the only ones that can really take care of my siblings and i. and if my parents get deport the, i'll have to take care of them and drop out of school. >> reporter: well immigrant rights groups say that ice is targeting immigrants it feels they're here illegally. ice actually says that it is business as usual. they've always conducted these types of specific operations for many years. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. four week into the trump administration and the president still doesn't have his closest advisers in place. the person picked to michael flynn as national security adviser turn down the job. senior white house official says retired navy seal advice admiral robert harwood turned down the offer that. news come after you could call it spirited news conference with the president today. it lasted more than an hour and the commander in chief hit several topic. president trump call the news
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conference to name alexander acosta new pick for labor secretary but veered whole lot. if confirmed acosta would be the first latino in the president's cabinet for much of the news conference mr. trump slammed the media and the coverage of his administration be rating reporters. >> the leaks are real. you're the one that wrote about them and reported them and the leaks are real. you know what they said. you saw it. and the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake because so much of the news is fake. >> also, today the president announced a new executive order on a travel ban rolling out next week. and mr. trump said he plans to get tough on russia and do what's best for the american people. happening right now, the show is almost over. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey si cirigliano cuss in one last time before folding up its tents for good in may. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from the wells fargo center where the show's final run in philly kicked off tonig
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tonight. chris. >> reporter: that's right luc lucy. ringling brothers has become the gold standard when it comes to traveling circuses, but after 146 years of entertaining, kids of all ages, the very reason why many people come to the circus may be the reason why the greatest show on earth is going dark. >> jason and heather gearhardt just had to bring their two-year-old son riker to his first and last circus like this he'll ever see. >> that's why we wanted him to experience it. i mean, for it to be ending we're kind of surprised by that. and we want him to be able to experience what we did when we were younger. >> reporter: bittersweet night for circus fans at the wells fargo center. >> how many times have you ever been to the circus? >> too many to count. >> reporter: after thousands of perform maps and millions of spectators, the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus will shut down for good this spring. citing years of sagging attendance after ringling's
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elephant acts were retired last year, the famed circus that's been dazzling crowds since 1871 and now it's going tout of business. the news much to the thirty eight of animal rights activists from peta. >> ringling failed to adapt to the times. they relied on antiquated act and people stopped coming. >> reporter: the five night circus runs here in philly will run through monday. the very final performance of the ringling brothers circus will happen may 21st at new york's nassau cole seal yum. >> thank you much, chris. feeling stressed out? because you're not alone. you probably noticed. there's a result of a new study what more than half of americans say is actually stressing them out white now. >> as we've done several stories on the homeless and helping to support them. today i'm taking eight step further.
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i'm actually out here selling papers trying to raise funds and what happens may actually surprise you. see it coming up for goodness sake. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet.
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breaking right now, this time it's a shooting in east mt. airy. initial reports that someone shot two people on the 300 block of up saul street. obviously there's a lot of police action right there right now. both of the wounded people are at einstein. we do not know the extent of
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their injuries. a world renowned photographer best known for shooting the likes of katie perry and prince is helping a local animal refuge today lights, camera action with a little sweet pup in the spotlight and even me, too. >> i've give them human directions. chin down little. chin down a little. [ laughter ] >> aladdin the therapy dogs the face of morris animal refuge upcoming gala to raise money for homeless animals that captured photographer mike ruiz heart who has a rescue pup himself named oliver. ruiz not only shoots for vogue he's captured iconic images of prince, betty white, dennis hopper, katie perry. how do you even start in this business? >> go up to people like at the gym like celebrities and i would say hey, i'm a photographer. do you want to shoot? most of them called security on me but a
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couple of them actually panned out and, upping, sort of snowballed from there. >> somehow i even ended up being able to say mike ruiz took my photo with aladdin of course. the morris refuge fur ball is april 1st. you know i'll there be. mike is hosting along with wmmr steve morrison. for more information head to fox and you'll find a link with the 411. ♪ our bill anderson has shown us the struggles of being hopeless, for instance, he once shadowed people selling a local paper that helps those in need. well today he took it a step further and actually sold papers himself. walked in another person's shoes for goodness sake. >> reporter: we're putting out our money, you know, investing our time and our money. some people just look at it what we're doing almost like begging or panhandling.
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>> reporter: several weeks i shared the story of the newspaper one step away. i saturday dode a formerly homeless center as she sold the paper that allows those in need to start a low cost business. today was their annual event where they asked business people and the media to come experience what they deal with first hand. >> today we're having a big sell off in philadelphia. but big sell off happening in 35 countries and 110 papers across the world. >> i was partnered with zachary a one step away vendor for four years. the goal was to set up across from each other and sell as many of our papers as we could. it started off as a fun competition between us, but reality sung in quickly. >> once again not only did the overwhelming majority of people ignore zachary but i also got the experience obviously to lesser extent how chilly people can be to you when they stereotype you immediately. >> we're helping raise money for the homeless today. to buy a paper. how you doing, sir? >> i didn't experience the
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blatant disrespect that saimiri and some other vendor doctors. largely because i was wearing my station jacket. and was somewhat recognizable. >> but die get to understand what i believe was the point of the exercise today. to learn that many who regularly encourage people to pick themselves up and work for a living are far from supportive when they try. at the end of the day i sold all 25 of the papers that i was given in about an hour. zachary says he had a good day as well. and it was time to head back to speak to the other vendors and get their take on the lessons of the day. >> today it was an eye opening experience because these are respected people from the community and when they were standing out there with that vest on holding that paper, they got treated the same way i usually do. >> the city i think too often we forget to -- if someone walks up and says hello it's okay to turn back and just say hello to them. >> giving a dollar to someone and getting a newspaper having something to read. i mean i think that's the least that we can do. you know what i'm saying?
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because they're willing to do their part we should be willing to do our part. >> one step away giving people a chance to improve their lives. but that will only happen if we can look passed the judgment and extend a hand up to people willing to work hard for that opportunity for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ just got to stop and say hi every now and again, right? if the politics in our country is stressing you out, you're not alone. new poll finds more than half of democrats and republicans are stressed one they think about the future of america. more specifically it is the first time the american psychological association has reported this level of anxiety about the subject. other commo common stress source economy, work and money. >> you see it and shoot it. our fresco users are helping show what's going on around you. >> fresco user emma takes us to the scene of a serious fire that
11:20 pm
left more than dozen people homeless tonight. the flames spread to three home on the 800 block of surrell avenue nearly 100 firefihters balanced the flames for more than an hour. fire officials told us it started in the kitchen of the middle home and thankfully no is one hurt. restaurant in montgomery county now dealing with a gaping hole this car slammed into the side of barren hill tavern on germantown pike around 10:00 this morning. driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and finally historic warehouse in fishtown now home to brand new distillery. arlene lee shot this video of the grand opening of philadelphia disstilling the stunning $4.5 million distillery on east allen street says it will offer a grain to glass experience for customers. sounds pretty good. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app to sent it to our newsroom. lucy. >> what do you think about the sixers, iain. >> i love the sixers. >> do you love the sixers. sean bell has got a few words about the sixers. >> i know you love the sixers
11:21 pm
but i'm sure you don't love the circus that's been going on the last couple of weeks. they mishandled several situations when it comes to their players and now they're mishandle link the treatment of their fans. find out what they're doing now next in my sports commentary. >> first though this black history moment. today we remember new jersey native alice parker he is special on cold days hike this. you can really appreciate her. you know way back in 1919, parker created a heating furnace that could heat an entire living space. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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♪ sean bell is taking on the sixers. maybe that's why they don't return my phone calls. he says they dropped the ball and let fans down. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪
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sixers are screwing up the embiid situation. the simmons situation. the okafor situation and now the fan situation. the team has already started to make their big marketing push towards the 2017-2018 season. if you go on the website or towards the arena you'll see billboards advertising tickets for next season. after going ten and five and having the best month in years in january, the team just quitting on the season? you can't tell me they're not because every other team in the nba who's actually trying to win is not tieing tickets for next year. they're advertising tickets for this season. then you look at the fact that the team said joel embiid was day to day with a knee injury but new the whole time that he had a meniscus tear so it's always been about ticket sales noun after the jig sun about embiid not playing for the rest of the season you know, well, let's push for next season. listen the process would be
11:26 pm
easier if the sixers and fans would just be honest. be truthful and maybe, just maybe, we'll be okay with things. lucy? >> yeah i know. i'm still waiting for phone call back. all right. it's all '90's children every wanted and needed. are you getting in sync vibe here? because in sync is coming back for reunion. singer lance bass says the boy band is planning something special. part of that celebration includes a release of their music on actual vinyl and honor of chris mass album's 20th anniversary. this year to get their star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> wow! >> there you go. >> um-hmm. >> my daughter dragged me to one of their concerts long ago and far away screaming girls everywhere. isn't oh yeah. >> teenagers. >> back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox morning news and "good day philadelphia". this sean bell is what you have to look forward to. >> yes!
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: last remaining beatles at the same dinner table last night with huge stars. >> paul mccartney, ringo starr, joe walsh from the eagles and dave grohl had dinner together and just for fun, tom hanks was with them. harvey: i swear if i was at that restaurant, i would do an "i love lucy" go in the back and go out there and say, i will do this for you. >> can you imagine if harvey levin walked up to that table? [laughter] >> hannah jeter, we ask her who is your girl crush? >> who is your girl crush? >> anna kournikova. is >> sar poefshia? >> no. >> navratilova? >> no. >> harrison ford, he completely misjudged this runway. according to one guy who got a photo. >> there's nowhere to go with this except he needs to have his license taken away. >> i think these near misses show how good he


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