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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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what police say set the woman off and led to horrific violen violence. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. first at 10:00 breaking. disturbing news out of delaware county tonight. a bloody seen in collingdale.
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a young girl just eight years old established in the head. her neighbor accused of in the attack. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. that little girl is in the tonight. police say they've made an arrest. let's get straight out to fox 29's brad sattin live in collingdale. >> reporter: we're had the police department a few blocks it way from where this scene played out around 2:25 on the 500 block of macdade boulevard. it initially came in as a shooting. it quickly became obvious though this was the case of a stabbing involvininvolving a butcher knid and eight-year-old girl who was established in the head. police arrived to see a man actually running out the door with the young girl badly bleeding from the head. they all rushed her to fitzgerald mercy hospital. now, police tonight have identified a suspect. we have some video of that suspect. she is in her early 20s. her name is majaya brashear
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stabbing this eight-year-old girl after an argument over babysitting much the girl lived on the first floor. the suspect lived on the second floor. we're hearing from the police chief that the two families had not been getting along. the stabbing happened in the hallway. now police say when they got to the scene, the suspect's hands were blood tonight that suspect identified at majaya brashear facing a variety of charges including criminal attempt homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. the police chief telling us that the child is expected to be okay. the child was then transferred to children's hospital where she is recovering with a 4-inch garb on her head. the chief again telling us that she is alert. she's talking again one person is in custody. family members apparently witnessed this incident. so, again, she remains in the hospital with, neighbor, someone who lived upstairs tonight in custody charged with a variety of offenses. chris and dawn, back to you.
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>> horrible scene in collingdale tonight. thanks, brad. >> reporter: yeah. >> skyfox in the air over center city tonight a large protest shut down city streets. also injured some police officers. two officers were reported injured after exposure to pepper spray. police also arrested two people. this march was part of a nationwide social media movement called strike for democracy. organizers say the protest is just one of 100 protests happening around the country as two stand up america's democratic principals. torments new jersey now, it's supposed to be a place for war veterans to gather and socialize alongside their fellow servicemen and women. but in willingboro, shots rang out last night and now two veterans are recovering from bullet wounds and one of them is speaking out only to fox 29 tonight. he's giving us a clear picture about what led up to those chaotic moments. fox 29's shawnette wilson is joins us live from willingboro township police department. shawnette, what is the latest.
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>> i'm a vietnam wet veteran two tours. i never got a scratch over there while i was over there. >> reporter: it was here at the willingboro vfw on creek view road that mark peterson was shot. when a man opened fire inside the place late last night. peterson returned this evening still in hospital gown after he was discharged. >> shot in the arm. the bullet it was through and through. went in, came out right here and then hit me again right here. and then i caught it in high hasn't. >> reporter: the shooting happened just before 11:30. the vfw was holding ladies night as they do every week. members invite a guest and they play music. peterson says the shooter was causing trouble. >> when we asked him to leave he got egg dig nant with that young lady down there's husband and he threw him out. as soon as he threw him out he pulled a gun and started shooting. >> reporter: another member william matthews was also shot. he and peterson were both during
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security for the event. diana mack dues is the other victim's wife. >> the doctor said he shouldn't be a life. >> matthews was released from the hospital today. >> the bullet went in. went through his tipping, hit his temple because he went like this. went in his temple came down, and lodged in his neck. he's got a fracture there. >> reporter: post commander larry williams prayed all night after he got the call about what happened. >> i was very, very disturbed. i was shocked. i was amazed that someone would come here in a place that honors those who have given up their lives for this country, those who have fought for this country for our freedoms that someone would come in and do that and, you know energy our building. >> reporter: so we problem with the microphone at the. to story but what i was saying is that the post commander actually met with his district commander and township officials tonight to talk about revamping security. meanwhile police are still looking for the gunman. they're also going over surveillance video from cameras
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inside the vfw to see if they captured any of what happened, dawn. back to you. >> pretty scare reach thanks shawnette. tonight the search is on for the person who stormed into a north philadelphia bar and killed the manager. this happened just after 1:00 this morning at monique's launch on the 2200 block of west indiana avenue. the victim fosses family says the bar manager was 46-year-old eugene farmer. he goes by billy. police say a man with a gun burst into the place and robbed billy and got into a fight with him. that's when they say the robber shot billy twice and took off with the victim's wallet and car keys. the victim's father is pleading with the gunman to surrender. >> i want this coward to turn himself in. he took a man's live for mere pennies. he need to turn himself in. his conscious need to be working on him. go to the nearest police station and turn yourself in! >> the family had only taken over the bar on february 1st. victim was planning on installing security cameras in just a couple of weeks.
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to west oak lane now, where a driver slammed into a police officer and then drove off. police say it all went down last night about 10:30 at 20th and spencer streets. someone who police say was driving a silver pontiac grand prix hit the officer but sped away from the scene. the officer was taken to einstein medical center. luckily with only minor injuries. tonight police say they've arrested the man behind a deadly shooting in south west philadelphia. police say 20-year-old nasir robinson shot and killed 20-year-old nadirah taylor inside her home. officers found the victim just feet from her front door. she died at the hospital. robinson is now charged with murder. burglars pull off a movie style strike at a south philadelphia landmark. but the community steps in to say, we have your back. thieves hit john's roast pork on east schneider avenue overnight and stole $5,000 cash. >> then they disable the security system that may have caught them in the act. bruce gordon was first on the scene this morning and has the
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very latest. >> reporter: john bucci thought the precautions he took after 1990 burglary at his iconic sandwich shop made his place impregnable. he was wrong. >> you feel so violated. >> reporter: sometimes overnight burglars entered the restaurant through a rooftop ventilation shaft and made their way inside. >> came down the shaft here. put their foot on here i imagine, there's big footprint on here. >> reporter: they stole $3,500 from the cash box and another 1500 in an envelope containing cash for bucci's cancer charity. they swiped his point of sale equipment and disable the security camera system. then apparently went out the way they came in, the burglar left bucci shane. >> seems like you're suspicious like you're looking at everyone and that's not a good thing. i don't want to live my life like that. so. >> reporter: john's roast pork has been here on east schneider avenue since 1930. regular customers turned away because of the burglary but only shake their heads. >> you come here this morning unsee the sign.
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what's your reaction? >> what's this country come to go. you know. >> reporter: funny thing happened at this crime scene. >> we're praying and we hope they catch them. >> thank you so much. that's so nice of you. >> reporter: neighbors began to arrive offering their sympathy and their donations. adam spivak of electric factory concerts wrote bucci a $1,500 check on the spot to replace those charity losses. frank ali reeve of pat's steaks did the same. >> we're all friends. we all see each other socially. and we all each at other's stores by the way. >> when everybody is hurting everybody else comes forward. >> we're all here for each oth other. >> i can't make his business better but i certainly could replace some of the money for the charity. it was more -- it was my pleasure to do it. >> reporter: by lunch time that feeling of violation and suspicion had given way to gratitude and resolve. the security system will soon be upgraded. but bucci's faith in humanity, that's already been restored.
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>> we're going to make provisions so this doesn't happen again, you know, and we'll fix this and move on. >> reporter: you can't keep a philly icon down for long. john's roast pork will reopen for business saturday morning at 9:00. with end hasn'ted security and the full support of a community that's been feeding for 87 yea years. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. trains are moving again on the media elwyn line. following some police activity near the c cane station around 5:00 o'clock. some sort of barricade situation that was happening near the station. that halted trains during rush hour. septa says residual delays lasted into the evening but are gone now. no reports of any injuries. fleeing for his life. one man returns home to find his most prized possessions gone, missing. what was taken. why he so despitely wants them returned. >> iconic philadelphia sandwich shot hit by burglars. what crooks got away at john's roast pork that how the south
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philadelphia community came together to help. >> he's the music icon who lives right here in the philadelphia area. dj jazzy jeff fixing to drop a new album. >> it's goose bums. you know, we haven't had music that gives you goose bumps in a really long time. >> how long it took to complete the project is really unheard of in the industry. our wincey harris got the exclusive behind the scenes. >> and our scott williams tracking your forecast. hi there, guys. high temperatures today in the 40s. but get ready for a spring like feel for the weekend. how long will the warmth last? details next.
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>> four weeks into his term president trump has a new director of environmental protection agency. one of the president's most controversial cabinet picks made the through the senate and was sworn in tonight. scott pruett will run the epa. much to the display of most environmentalists. pruett's confirmation comes after an all nighter by democrats on the senate floor to protest. they hoped the judge would make pruett release e-mails with fossil fuel companies he got while serving as oklahoma's attorney general before the vote but in the end he was confirmed. president trump now has nine of his cabinet secretaries confirmed by the senate. and speaking of politics, a local basketball team is sending a strong political and social message tonight. >> high schoolers from lower merion are using what they wear to show where they stand. fox 29's joanne pileggi has the story tonight joins us live from
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lower merion. joanne. >> reporter: hey, guys, the playoff game is over. the home team lower merion aces taking the win. but the home team also getting some extra attention for a t-shirt some of the players designed and the team started wearing. ♪ >> reporter: one team member took a knee and all of the players were sporting a special t-shirt during the national anthem before this playoff game between lower merion and central bucks. >> we just thought it was time to come out and support and show you support everybody no matter your race, religion, background. >> reporter: that was their plan. they're reaction to the current political climate. to the president's controversial executive order on immigration. seniors on the basketball team designed and created this t-shirt. >> we're all different political backgrounds. but this is something we can all agree on. >> reporter: the team started
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wearing the shirts during the anthem games last week and supportive parents started selling them for ten dollars each. the proceeds going to the aclu. >> the young men felt very strongly about helping the aclu facilitate, um, legal action or whatever is needed to help people who are being disenfranchised. >> we're proud of them. what senior boys have it together enough to not only do something like that but to, you know, to bring them together as team and try to bring our community together. >> not to literally mean we're all refugees but we're all human one race the human race. >> reporter: want to point out not everyone here tonight was wearing those t-shirts. but seemed to accept what the players were trying to do. apparently so far they have raised about a thousand dollars for the aclu. dawn, back to you. >> all right, joanne, thank you. tonight pennsylvania governor tom wolf is making his position clear on a bill that
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puts more restrictions on abortions in pennsylvania. he had a news conference today in abington women's health advocates and doctors to emphasize he app poses senate bill three. the bill which the senate approved last week would ban abortions after 20 weeks except in rare instances. it's just wrong. we cannot afford as pennsylvanians to allow this to move forward. we cannot allow politics to intrude on the relationship between doctor and patient. we got to keep politic out of the doctor's office. >> those in support of the bill say it simply protects babies and republican senator michelle brooks says medical research supports the need to ban abortions after 20 weeks. the bill is now in the house which passed similar legislation last year. the party is over at one penn state fraternity after a student died at its house. the universities says it will be at least five years before the beta phi chapter could regain
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status as a recognized fraternity. 19-year-old pledge timothy piazza died after he fell down a flight of stairs earlier this mom investigators say no one called for help until the next morning. diagrams, models and examples they're all part of a very extensive and specific prom dress code that has students from archbishop ryan upset. it requires girls to get administration approval of the dress they want to wear to the dance. fox 29's dave kinchen has the story for us from northeast philadelphia every girl loves her dress, and once you send the picture you have to wait for, um, wait for approval and that dress could be gone. >> reporter: it's just one of many reasons why senior gabrielle la does not like the prom dress approval system at archbishop ryan high school in northeast philadelphia. administrators are asking girls to e-mail in pictures of their dresses so they can could be okayed for the big dance. >> you shouldn't have to send pictures in. it's kind of weird. >> reporter: this is her
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dress. she says it was approved but calls the system unfair. we took a look at the archbishop ryan dress code posted online which says dresses cannot be cropped below the bust line showing stomach, there can be no midriff exposure for both the front and sides, and the slit cannot exceed 3-inches above the knee. >> i think that girls should be allowed to at least show like on the sides a little bit. not like the whole entire stomach. it's not like we're walking in like belly dancers. >> reporter: archbishop ryan juniors and seniors fired back with this petition on ripping the policy as sexist, also calling it degrading and unfair. it has almost 700 supporters so far. the boys have a take on the rules, too. >> i can understand why they're upset, and in a sense, like, that -- they have to cover themselves more just so the men because of the result of men's, like, self control. >> reporter: archdiocese defend the measures in a statement that reads in part, as our high schools are catholic
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they seek to end gender holistic christian formation of young men and women spiritually, academically and socially. the intention of the policy is no ensure mod did he say city in dress at this social function which is school sponsored ". >> isn't girls say the regulations are fine. >> i don't mind the policy. my dress got approved so i don't really have a problem witness policy. >> reporter: many think the prom dress rules should ultimately be made by their parents. >> once the parents approve it if you don't come to prom dressed the way that they want, then put a graduation gown on them. >> reporter: archdiocese of philadelphia released some numbers to us and they said 150 dresses were approved by school officials here at archbishop ryan. they say that 11 more were approved pending changes that had to be made and eight were rejected. school officials say students have ample time to study the rules. at archbishop ryan high school in northeast philadelphia, dave ken chen, fox 29 news.
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foiled. investigators stopped one man's plot to bomb target stores around the east coast. how they say he was going to disguise his bombs right on store shelves. and philadelphia sugary drink tax is almost two months old now. is it having an impact on how many sugary drinks people buy? what one report found. >> an incredible come back sto story. what one firefighter did after someone shot him not once, not twice, but a staggering 14 times. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. out and about a lot of folks will be hitting the road this holiday weekend. just remember the turnpike connector bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic. so the burlington bristol, the scudder falls or the trenton three options and if you're heading up to the poconos for this holiday weekend, and you haven't been there in a little while keep in mind all new traffic patterns on the turnpike extension between pocono and q town interchange. staying in town.
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how about the sirius cuss they're in town tomorrow. they got three shows will bring us a lot of back and forth in and out of the parking lots down there in south philadelphia. have yourself a great night. while see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia" weekend.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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>> a suspected plot to blow up target stores averted. federal agents charged 48-year-old mark barnett with possession of a destructive device. investigators say he planned to place at least ten bombs disguised as food items in target stores along the east coast. they say barnett hoped that these attacks would cause target stocks to plummet so he could buy them for less and then sell them when the price went back up. tonight some of president obama's neighbors in chicago are asking the city to reopen the street in front of his home. this is the 5,000 block of south greenwood. it looked like this for about nine years now. concrete barricades blocking traffic, warning signs, pedestrians stay away, and chicago police and secret service make sure no one gets close. well, some neighbors say it's time to reopen the chicago street since the obamas now live in dc. law enforcement say even if the street is fully reopened it's not likely police will go too far. especially when the president and his family are back home in
10:25 pm
chicago. incredible come back story out of georgia. >> really a firefighter defying the odds after get this his neighbor shot him 14 times. the bullets hit eddie baker in the chest, spine and arm. this is back in december of 2014. he had to go through ten surgeries. doctors actually told baker he'd never be able to return to the job he loved but after two rigorous years of rehab where he learned how to walk again, baker was able to come back to his firehouse. >> i would always ask, you know, is it ever going to be a chance i'll be able to get back to the fire department, and they always told me no, um, and it was heartbreaking every single time. >> getting back to this point is almost unheard of, and i wish i can think of the words to express how happy i am. >> good for him. the man who shot him taylor carp in serving a 20 year sentence in prison. our scott williams tracking your weekend forecast. if you like cold weather, you're
10:26 pm
not going to like it but how about springtime temperatures. absolutely. chris right now it's chilly 37 in philadelphia but look at the warmth off to the south and west temperatures 50s and 60s. we'll talk about how long it will last coming up. and an exclusive look behind the scenes. dj jazzy jeff about to drop a new album. he recorded it right in his house and our quincy harris, well, he got a sneak peek. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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it's coming soon to the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark.
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kalahari resorts & conventions book your african adventure now! ♪ we first told you about a double homicide in east mt. airy last night as breaking news. well night we have learned the victims are brothers. police say twenty two 23-year-old sam mirror and his brother 24-year-old raheem martin were both murdered last night on the 300 block of east up sal street. both have been shot in the che chest. doctors pronounced them dead about 20 minutes apart. tonight police are still searching for the killer. a woman is suing bucks county private school over allegations that the athletic director sexually abused her.
10:30 pm
she's one of six alleged victims named in a grand jury report earlier this month. it notes the history of sexual abuse at the school for half century. the woman says staff knew about the sexual relationship between her and lyle hazel but no one reported it. her lawyer says she wants to make sure this never ever happens again. >> what happened here is a tragedy, part of a larger american tragedy where children are the victims of those who are supposed to protect them. we should never and cannot allow this to happen and go forward. >> only one teacher was ever convicted in the scandal. also, only one other case is recent enough for prosecutors to open pursue charges. however the victim does not want to testify. he's more than a music icon. he produces, he acts, he's dj, got new album coming out i'm talking about no other than dj jazzy jess of course he's been very busy inside his philly area
10:31 pm
home recently. >> that's for sure putting that album together not over span of years or even weeks but get this days. our quincy harris got an exclusive look behind the scenes. >> ♪ >> reporter: you think the name dj jazzy jeff, what do you think? >> ♪ >> reporter: listen, this guy is way more. trust me. producer, and he gave me an exclusive look into his new ground hoy breakin breaking albm chasing goose bumps. the entire project was recorded in seven days at his house. >> i basically decided to get together a group of people, a group of creators and we gave ourselves a challenge that we wanted to write, produce, record, mix, release and shoot video in seven days. >> reporter: say that write.
10:32 pm
>> write. >> produce. >> produce. >> record. >> record. >> mix. >> in seven days. >> in seven days. >> entire album? >> entire album. the only time constraints that creates have ever had were put on them by a record company. so it doesn't take a year to make a project. it doesn't make a year to make a good project. i know projects that it took a year to make that weren't that good. i know project that is took a week to make that were incredible. >> reporter: entire album was created in his home studio right here in the philly area. >> we all deciderred to get together. >> reporter: we were able to check out his creative process. ♪ >> had a conversation this morning talking about emotions. he was like you know what's crazy, when is the last time two your first time. >> hmm. >> and we were like that's real. he wrote it down. started writing it and this is
10:33 pm
it. ♪ >> that was beautiful. >> jeff has a clear vision of why he's doing this project. >> my job is to shut down every rumor anyone ever had about the so-called music industry. >> yeah. >> that it's really about the musicians. it's really about the artists. really about natural creativity and not really having, um, someone to tell you how to do it. >> i'm joking. >> reporter: meet the glue behind jazzy jeff his wife lynette towns. >> everybody is super cool and super respectful of it being in our home and everything like that. the kids this is they'll never forget. they get to see live musicians come and perform and, you know, record a record and they can get and see like all that process and so to me it's like i wouldn't have it any other way. ♪ >> reporter: the lead vocalist is music vet and sole vocalist glenn lewis. >> the level of brilliance in
10:34 pm
this building and it being in jeff's home and his family welcoming and hospitable as they are the energy is amazing and it just opens way for just amazing creativity. the level of creativity has been incredible. >> the producers and song writers have similar feelings when describing this project. >> one word you would say describes this album. >> amazing, unique. >> ambitious. >> synergy. >> i know it might sound cliche but love. there's lot of love put into this. >> jeff isn't thinking about making history just making a new way of how music is made. >> i can't wait until you hit from the beginning and go all the way through because i want it to be that experience. like that -- this is where my job comes in now. it's kind of like, owing, i got to craft this into an experience. >> one word to sum up this project would have to be goosebumps. it's going to give you chills up your spine when you hear this
10:35 pm
stuff. did report roar chasing goose bumps is out right now. >> check it out. >> not bad home office either. >> not at all. >> west philly born and raised. >> all right. you can of course watch "the q" show weekdays at noon right here on fox 29. philadelphia sugary drink tax almost two months old now. so is it having an impact on how many sugary drinks people are bying? what one report found. and ahead at 11:00 o'clock, you see the word each time grocery shopping best by, use by, sell by. so do they all mean the same thing or not? how the grocery industry is hoping to cut out the confusion. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪
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> breaking news coming into the fox 29 newsroom out of north philadelphia tonight. fox -- skyfox over the scene right now after a car slammed into a building as you can see right there it looks like it's a doughnut shop. medics are on the seep right now. this is coming in from north seventh street and west girard avenue. still is an active scene at least one car coming in from the parking lot going right into the building into what looks like a fresh donut shop there on the corner. details surrounding the crash unclear right now. it's not yet known if anyone was
10:39 pm
hurt. of course we'll provide more updates as it comes into us. >> turning to your money now it look like philadelphia soda tax is taking a toll. according to report by bloombe bloomberg, some drink distributors and grocers are reporting big sales drops on sugary drinks. some say the revenue is down in philadelphia by as much as 50%. this comes after philadelphia started adding 1.5 cents per ounce tax on sweetened beverages which went into effect about six weeks ago. in your health tonight, a new study says something in your medicine cabinet right now could help battle infertility. >> here's our dr. oz to explain. in infertility is a common and frustrating problem that affects 10% of women. there's many different reasons people have trouble conceiving sometimes the underlying cause ill lewd doctors. large study looked to see if taking low dose aspirin during pregnancy could improve the odds for women previously lost a child. the original study found no
10:40 pm
benefit but now a new analysis has an important finding. the researchers look at over thousand healthy females who are trying to conceive. were assigned to receive a regular low dose aspirin, anti-inflammatory drug or placebo pill for sick months. those who got pregnant continued the meds or placebo throughout pregnant. women with higher level of reactive protein and measure of inflammation found in the blood had 35% higher chance of a live birth for those who taking the low dose aspirin compared to those taking placebo. the study suggests that in some women moderate levels of inflammation interfere with their ability to have a baby. and that a daily aspirin might just help. we know that baby aspirin can help prevent heart attacks and colon cancers in some populations and while more research is needed it may soon become part of the treatment for infertility as well. >> remember you can catch dr. oz every afternoon at 1:00 p.m. right here on fox 29. coming up, he returned home to find his most prized
10:41 pm
possessions gone. what someone took and why he is so desperate to get them back. and scott williams track wagon might be a nice weekend warmup. scott? >> absolutely. it's still chilly right now. but as we head toward the holiday weekend, temperatures will soar well above average. but how long will they trend last? and when will we see more rape? details next. ♪ but first, this black history moment with a local connection. today we honor colonel gion bluford, jr., not only an american aerospace engineer and retired u.s. air force fighter pilot but he's also a former nasa astronaut who in 1983 became the first african-american in space. he's also a philadelphia native and 1960 graduate of overbrook high school.
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>> all lanes are back open tonight on the ramp to get to i-95 from the ben franklin bidge. skyfox over an overturned tractor trailer this afternoon and it was a major headache for drivers trying to get into center city. it was just a mess. a huge headache. fortunately no one is hurt and it is all over now. army veteran heart broken
10:45 pm
over the loss of his treasured war medals of valor including his purple heart. they were stolen he says while trying to save himself and his family. >> fox' reports he and his family, well, they just want the medals back. >> haven't been opened in 50 years. never seen them. >> the words don't come easy for mike palmiero when he talks about his medals of valor includincluding a purple heart. medals hidden away in a briefcase are now gone. on sunday during the oroville spillway emergency they were evacuated from their home. someone broke in and stole them. >> it's not something you talk about. one day you'd be able to tell them. >> he wanted these medals to be given to his grandsons report roar medals he earned risking his life as an army medic during the vietnam war. >> the fact that someone would stoop so low to take a part of a
10:46 pm
person's live like that is just unbelievable. >> reporter: oh monday the couple's son came back to check on his pan's house and discovered the front door wide open. upstairs their bedroom was a mess. for his wife her jewelry was taken including family heirlooms. but it's what was tucked away in this briefcase that they desperately want back. >> almost everything you can replace. there's things you can't and that's what's really really gets to you. had 15 of these. >> they left the certificate that is accompanied those medals and a written explanation from a commander on just how mike earned his purple heart. almost 50 years ago, his air ambulance responded to a military aircraft down in enemy territory. he hoisted himself on to the ground and saved two airmen from the burning wreckage. >> when mike opens that briefcase he opens up old wounds of heroics he's never spoken of to his loved ones, even his wife of 31 years.
10:47 pm
now they wait and hope the thief who broke into their home during their time of need has a change of heart. >> whoever did it, you know, i don't know if there's a way that you can return that stuff to my father. sorry. it's just not right to do that to hero. it's just not right. >> so sad i hope he gets them back. >> i mean, after all did he. what would you do with them? >> i don't know. all right. on your radar tonight, what month is this again? >> take live look at the poconos. i'm sure they don't mine. they got some snow up there looking at blue mountain chilly up there tonight but a big warmup arriving just in time fort holiday weekend. scott williams has the full forecast in just 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
high temperatures for friday made it into the mid 40s as we head toward the weekend though get ready for 60s. not feeling like february, feeling more like april. dry, quiet on ultimate doppler. pretty quiet across much of the nation a few showers right now along the golf coast but take look out west. very nasty storm system impac impacting california. much of the state looking at downpours, mountain snow but take look los angeles also as you move soared san diego, southern california looking at drenching and flooding rains. temperatures right now still kind of chilly. temperatures upper 20s pottsto pottstown. 26 millville. 31 atlantic city. 37 now in philadelphia. so it will be cold for the overnight with those low temperatures generally in the 20s and the 30s. 33 in philadelphia. but as we move toward the upcoming weekend, the jet stream
10:49 pm
it will lift to the north. that will allow for ridge of high pressure to kind of settle in for much of the eastern two-thirds of the united states with above average temperatures near record temperatures even by sunday. the bottom line for the weekend beautiful feeling like spring get outdoors and enjoy it. 63 degrees for saturday. 66 on sunday. and the record high for sunday is 68 degrees set back in 1948. hey we'll come close across the region now if you're headed to the poconos for saturday, it's going to be pretty nice. sunshine, 50 degrees. 51 on your sunday. a little cooler back into the 40s for high temperatures on monday. so the bottom line as we look at that seven day forecast, it's dry, beautiful, a perfect ten for saturday into sunday. a few evening clouds saturday into your sunday but once again it stays dry. 54 on monday. so a tad cooler. the early part of next week. 50 degrees as as we move toward
10:50 pm
tuesday with back door front as we move towards wednesday a pretty decent chance at some much needed rainfall. 57 will be the high temperature. then look at thursday and into friday of next week. back into the 60s so well above average for february. sean? back over to you. >> loving those 60s, scotty. that's for sure. all right. nba all star weekend tips off this weekend with a pair of sixers facing off in the rising stars game. we have the highlights and sixers big man joel embiid is not playing this evening but he's making headlines with a recent interview. hear why embiid wanted to quit the game of basketball altogether next in sports. in our suvs,
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♪ nba all star weekend is here although no sixers will play in the main event on sunday, saric, okafor and embiid all selected to play in the rising stars challenge being played this evening. now while embiid missed tonight's game due to recovering from a torn meniscus he's making
10:54 pm
headlines for an interview while in new orleans he spoke about being in a dark place in his first two full nba seasons. >> two and a half years that i missed, i missed that and i also lost my brother, so i was in a dark place. i wanted to quit basketball. i just wanted to go home, go back home, and just leave everything behind. you know, coming into this season one thing i told myself just come and have fun. it's all about having fun. >> that's right. joe joe continue to have fun. he's doing exactly that. down in new orleans as i just mentioned embiid not playing in the rising star challenge looking good. there's dario saric and jahlil okafor i believe is suiting up for the 76ers. he played in this game as well. team usa versus the world. saric with the nice assist to buddy heeled. second half this game is all jahlil okafor no defense in this game at all. got to love it though. having fun down there. this game is over. and team usa goes on to win, 150-141. let's talk some phils.
10:55 pm
one week into spring training today officially marked the phillies first team practice. good news for manager pete mackanin all players were in camp early ready to go. what will be his second full season as the phils manager, he looks to break a negative streak that was started all the way back in 2011. that was the last time the fig fightings finished with a rinning record. mackanin is liking what he's saying so far in camp. >> you can kind of see it in their eyes. they feel like they're going -- they're going to be better team this year, and they're all eager and playing -- woking out with a lot of energy and everybody is in great mood and mood is a little bit different than it has been. >> we got big one make sure you join us for huge game for the villanova wildcats they win tomorrow at seton hall the pirates are expecting over 16 thus sand to cheer them on. clinches at least a tie for the big east regular season title at 12:30 tomorrow only on fox 29. finally, we head to maryland to catch high school team that 16-zero that dominating this game. the senior point guard showing off as you can see.
10:56 pm
sharma turner known as chris as young swag he gets called for technical foul for dancing and taunting the opposing team. >> got the t. >> let me tell you something. i love it, ref. that's great job by you. there's no dancing in between the lines. not until you make the nba, son. sorry young smooth. no dancing in the lines. >> still pretty good moves. >> he has pretty good moves. >> he did. instagram star. look up his dance moves but come on, man. where is the class? >> sportsmanship. good right. >> like you've been there befo before. >> great weather weekend ahead. >> absolutely. forget about feeling like spring it will feel more like april. we're headed to 60-degree temperatures for the weekend. >> we'll take it. going to go for run tomorrow. how about? >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. dawn timmeney standing by with what's coming up at 11:00 o'clock. dawn. >> chris, ahead at 11:00, sell by, use by, best buy all those label on your food can be confusing. how the grocery industry is trying to help you make sense of it all. and your wake up weather and
10:57 pm
seven day forecast all in the first five minutes. remember your mega millions lottery drawing is next. ♪
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11


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