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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 18, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. we are on top of breaking and disturbing news out of delaware county tonight. a collingdale woman is facing charges accused of establish an eight-year-old little girl. that child now in the hospital. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. all of this violence police say started over an argument about babysitting. fox 29' brad sattin is live in collingdale and brad the details are hard to hear. >> reporter: yeah, dawn. they are police describing a very bloody scene earlier this afternoon that suspect was taken here to the police station after a violent confrontation that actually happened just a few blocks away. police say this woman majaya brashear in her early 20s used a butcher knife to establish an
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eight-year-old girl in the head over an argument over babysitting around 2:45 this afternoon inside a hallway here in the 500 block of macdade boulevard. suspect lives on the second floor. the girl with her family on the first floor. and officials tell us the families had not been getting along. when police arrived, they found a man running out the door with the young girl who had a 4-inch garb to her head and was badly bleeding. tonight the suspect is facing a variety of charges including criminal attempt homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. her infant child was also found in the home. the victim was driven by police from the house to fitzgerald mercy hospital and later transferred to children's hospital quick actions by police may have saved her life. >> now at least a little bit of good news we're hearing from the police chief that eight-year-old girl is alert and talking still at the hospital. after the stabbing apparently some people turned on the suspect as a result police had to whisk her away quickly.
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again as we mentioned, somehow this started over a babysitting incident. police tonight trying to get to the bottom of it. dawn? >> all right, thanks, brad. skyfox in the air over center tee tonight a charge protest shut down city streets and injured some police office officers. 12 police officers were sprayed by paint and pepper spray on the 1600 block of north broad street. three of the officers were injured but they're expected to be okay. police also arrested four people. that march was part of a nationwide social media movement called strike for democracy organizers for the prove test say this just 100 protests happening across the country to stand up for america's democratic principals. on your radar tonight, a little chilly out there right now. as we take a live look at camelback mountain in the poconos. lots of skiers probably plan on hitting the slopes this holiday weekend, but get ready for a big warmup. meteorologist scott williams is here now with your forecast at 11:00. more spring like than winter like, scott.
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>> absolutely. high today was seasonal right around 45 degrees. get ready for the 60s as we head tour the up coming weekend. dry, quiet right now on the east coast. but out west, they are getting pounded with the rainfall right now. parts of california, san francisco, los angeles, really devastating flood concern there. temperatures kind of chilly right now for us. upper 20s allentown. 27 in pottstown. 34 philadelphia. 33 atlantic city. upper 20s right now cold in wildwood. so it will be cold for tonight. temperatures in the city bottom out into the low 30s. winds will be light and westerly but tomorrow after a cool start we're looking at temperatures warming pretty rapidly by noon 56 degrees. 3:00 o'clock the high temperature 63 degrees. staying pretty comfortable into the evening as well. so the bottom line the average for this time of year is 45 degrees. tomorrow 63. 66 on sunday. then temperatures a little cooler but still above average
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into early next week. so we will be challenging some records sunday's forecast 66. the record skate degrees set back in 1948. we will definitely come close to that. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you the unseasonably warm upcoming weekend. feeling more like april. 63 tomorrow. a perfect ten. near records on sunday, 66. another ten. a little cooler, 54 for the high temperature as we move toward your monday. then back to around 50 on tuesday. but that's still above average. the next best chance for rainfall, the middle part of the week by wednesday damp, drear row still above average 57. look at thursday into friday. temperatures back into the 60s. so above average temperatures for the remainder of the month of february. dawn, back over to you. >> all right, hard to believe. thanks, scott. in south jersey chaos erupts at a place meant for veterans to gather and socialize. two veterans are recovering from bullet wounds tonight after
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shotting rang out at a vfw post in willingboro. one of those vets is speaking only to fox 29 tonight. our shawnette wilson joining us live from the willingboro township police department with more. shawnette? >> reporter: dawn, both of the victims got out of the hospital today. one of the men tells me that he's still at a loss for words over what happened. he says neither of them saw this coming. >> i'm a vietnam veteran. two tours. i never got a scratch over there while i was over there. >> reporter: but it was here at the willingboro vfw on creek view road mark peterson was shot when a man opened fire inside the place late last night. peterson returned this evening still in a hospital gown after he was discharged. >> went in, came out right here and then hit me again right here. and then i caught it in my hasn't. >> reporter: the shooting happened just before 11:30. the vfw was holding ladies night as they do every week. members invited guests and they play music. peterson says the shooter was
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causing trouble. >> when we asked him to leave, he got egg dig nant with that young lady down their's husband and he threw him. as soon as he threw him out, he just pull a gun and started shooting. >> reporter: another member william matthews was also shot. he and peterson were both doing security for the even. diana is the other victim's wi wife. >> the bullet went in, it went through his finger, hit in his temple because he went like this. went in his temple, came down, and lodged in his neck. so he's got fracture there. >> reporter: and police told me moments ago the gunman still has not been caught. meanwhile, the post commander tonight met with his district commander and township officials to talk about revamping security as a result of what happened, dawn, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. four weeks into his term and president donald trump has a new director of the environmental protection agency. the senate narrowly approving scott pruett to be the new
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administrator of the epa. attorney general of oklahoma pruett sued the agency he's now set to lead. meantime president trump taking to the stage in charlestown, south carolina today strike agnew tone just a day after what was widely considered a chaotic and contentious news conference with reporters. the president revving up a large crowd of bowing employees during a visit to their facility. the president is now on his way to florida spending his third consecutive weekend working out of his so-called winter white house. a local high school basketball team is taking a visible stance tonight on the political climate in the united states. high schoolers from lower merion are using what they wear to show where they stand. fox 29's joanne pileggi joining us live now from lower merion with the story. joanne? >> reporter: hey, dawn. there was a big high school hoops play off game here tonight in lower merion and the aces took the win but the aces also got some added attention. for a t-shirt some of the players designed and started
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wearing. ♪ >> reporter: during the national anthem, one team member took a knee and all of the players were sporting a special t-shirt before a player off game against central bucks. >> we just thought it was time to come out and support that we support everybody no matter your race, religion, back ground. >> reporter: the players reacting to the current political climate. to the president's controversial executive order on immigration. seniors on the team designed and created this t-shirt. >> we're all of different political backgrounds but this is something we can all agree on. >> reporter: team members started wearing the shirts during the anthem at games last week. and supportive parents started selling them for ten dollars each. the proceeds going to the aclu. >> we're proud of them. i mean what senior boys have it together enough to not only do something like that but to, you know, to bring them together as
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a team and try to bring our community together. >> not to literally mean we're all refugees we're just all human. one race, the human race. >> reporter: the team social activism got them a mention in sports illustrated this week. by the way not everyone was wearing the t-shirts here at the game tonight but they seemed to support what the team was doing. we're live in lower merion high school. i'm joanne pileggi fox 29 news. back to you, dawn. >> all right, joanne. thank you. you see the words each time you are shopping. sell by, use by, best by. how the grocery industry is hoping to make sense of it all. and iconic philadelphia sandwich shop hit by burglars. what crooks got away with at john's roast pork and how the south philadelphia community came together to help. ♪ ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪
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right now search is on for a gunman who stormed into a north philadelphia bar and opened fire killing the manager. the victim' family identified as 46-year-old eugene farmer. he goes by billy. the gunman burst into monique's lounge on the 2200 blog of west endnd of a overnight. police say the robber shot billy twice and took off with the victim's wallet and car keys. his father tonight has a message for the gunman. >> i want this coward to turn himself in. he took a man's live for mere pennies. he need to turn himself in. his conscious need to be working on him. go to the nearest police station and turn yourself in. the family had only taken over the bar in february. the victim was planning on installing security cameras in just a couple of weeks. seniors at a northeast philadelphia high school are up
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in arms over a new school rule regulating the dresses they can wear to their prom. archbishop ryan high school students launch this petition on ripping a policy that requires girls the e-mail pictures of their desired prom dresses for approval before the big dance. online look at the school's prom dress code says dresses can't be cropped below the bust line and that there can be in midriff exposure for the front and the sides. >> every girl loves their dress, and once you send the picture and you still have to wait for, um, wait for approval, and that dress could be gone. >> the archdiocese defends the measure in a statement that reads in part our high schools are catholic they seek to end gender holistic christian formation of young men and women pitchily whatly, act demi and socially. the intention of this policy to to ensure month did he say city in dress at this school function which is school sponsored ". the school said it has approved 150 dresses.
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grohl add few others pending changes and said no to only eight dresses. the owner of iconic south philadelphia sandwich shop plans to reopen for business tomorrow morning. following bizarre and well-planned burglary. burglars end the john's roast pork on east schneider avenue through a rooftop ventilation shaft early in the morning. stole $5,000 in cash and disable the security camera system. throughout the day today, neighbors and fellow business owners were stopping by to offer support and donations. owner john bucci says the burglary had filled him with mistrust as he tried to figure out who was responsible, but then the outpouring of support, well, change changed his mine completely. >> it really, you know, restores my faith in humanity. you know, make provisions so it doesn't happen again and we'll move on. >> bucci upgraded his security system after a burglary in 1990. now he says he will upgrade it
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again and hope for the best. you see it you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhoods. chris, what's going on tonight? >> well, dawn, fresco user by the name lawyer up philly takes us to point breeze tonight where the community gathered to ease concerns over public safety. city officials, cops, neighbors started the march at the 1500 block of south bancroft street. that's where 17-year-old was gunned down just two days earlier. council kenyata johnson organized the walk to address concerns after gun violence. now on to montgomery county, where a fire in east norriton is under investigation tonight. it broke out just before 5:00 p.m. on the 200 block of brian's road. fresco user jim heck on the scene here. firefighters got it under control in about 15 minutes. no one was injured. and fresco user emma taking us to the philadelphia museum of art tonight where bikers gathered for a protest. it's all part of the national day of action where thousands of
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people across the country rallied against president trump and his policies. the bikers in this group traveled all over center city this evening. if you see news happening p make sure you take out your phone and shoot it, make sure you use the fresco app and send it to our newsroom. dawn? all right, chris, thank you. one person is seriously hurt in a nasty crash in cinnaminson burlington county. sky fox over the scene this afternoon. this is the 1200 block of rout route 130. the car veered off into the northbound lanes and slammed into a utility pole. lanes are back open tonight. one person was taken to cooper medical center but no word on their exact condition tonight. in your health, the food industry is working to simplify labels on perishable food. two of the nation's largest grocery store trade groups are now moving to reduce the date labels to just two phrases, use by for product that is are highly perishable and best if used by for quality. environmental groups are
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praising the clarification saying the confusion caused too much wasted food. tonight pennsylvania governor tom wolf is making is position on a bill that puts more restrictions on abortions in pennsylvania very clear. governor wolf held a news conference today in abington joining women's health advocates and doctors to emphasize he opposes senate bill three. that bill which the senate approved last week would ban abortions after 20 weeks except in rare circumstances. >> it's just wrong. we cannot afford as pennsylvanians to allow this to move forward. we cannot allow politics to intrude on the relationship between doctor and patient. we got to keep politics out of doctor's office. >> those in support of senate bill three saying it simply protects babies and republican senator michelle brooks says medical research supports the need to ban abortions after 20 weeks. the bill is now in the house which passed similar legislation last year. our sean brace standing by
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with what's on his mind tonight. sean yes. >> yeah, dawn. it's the nba all star break i thought it would be perfect time to look at the very eventful first half of the season for the sixers and discuss the hits and bigger misses. my commentary on transparency good next. >> first this black history moment with a local connection today we honor colonel guy i don't know bluford, jr., he's not only american aerospace engineer and retired u.s. air force fighter pilot but also a former nasa astronaut. in nope 83, became the first african-american in space. he is a philadelphia native and a 1960 graduate offfff
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sean brace makes his plea for the 76ers to be more transparent in the second half of the season much his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ with the nba all star game taking place i wanted to talk a little first half sixers with already 56 games played we're a little more than halfway there. for starters sixers had their most successful month in the last five years during the month of january. team finished with ten and five record and had all of the nba buzzing about big man joel embiid. that was the good but i can't help but to come back to the b bad. unfortunately that's the only way to describe the handling of number one overall pick ben simmons. on january 24th the sixers put out this tweet on his hell. medical update simmons had planned scan in new york yesterday. recovery progressing. doesn't mention anything about any set back, does it? on top of that update president of basketball hopped hospitalled on the sixers broadcast and said this scan would be his last
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hurdle. so if the scan came back clean, and there's no more hurdles, why all of a sudden did a report come out yesterday saying ben is not 100%. sounds to me that the team was enjoying the positive spotlight as well as selling more tickets to future home games translation money rather than being honest and telling all fans simmons is not a hundred percent and that's just wrong. in closing it's been a long, four years. sixers fans were promised transparency when brian cole angelo took over for sam hinkie it's time to deliver on that promise. big second half 76ers. dawn? >> thanks, sean. whoopi goldberg telling the president's daughter i'll sit you. according to fox news there have been empty seats next to the 23-year-old tiffany trump at new york fashion week. whoopi says the real purpose of the show is fashion and no one should poll into it. tiffany responded saying she would would love to sit with
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whoopily. >> residents in seaside heights are worried about another show similar to mtv jersey shore coming to town. bamboo bar is hosting a casting call tomorrow looking for loud and fun single people to join the cast of i love summer. the bar owner says it won't be as wild as the jersey shore. but seaside heights says it's not welcoming a show like that if it's going to be negative. >> i was ready to send my resume in. >> loud, single, fun people, is that you. >> i get hitched in 21 days. >> your fiance' might not like that. >> that will do it for to us knit at 11:00. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation. stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia" weekend. úyour news, traffic and most up to date weather forecast all beginning at 7am tomorrow. have great night and thanks for watching. ♪
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>> i asked her -- i said, "is there a way you could hook me up with a car?" >> announcer: his friend in the car-rental business didn't expect this. >> judge judy: you kept the car for how long before you had the accident? >> a month. >> judge judy: so now she's on the hook for you. >> announcer: but the judge... >> judge judy: let me read the note that i wrote on this case. >> announcer: ...saw him coming. >> judge judy: this says, "he rented a car. you put it on your card. he didn't pay and had an accident. he's an idiot." >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution audrey pate is suing her former friend, michael holcombe, for unauthorized credit-card charges and for wrecking a rental car that was in her name. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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