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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 23, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. put my geddes through college, buy her another house. >> yeah. >> no more work. >> no more work. >> are you checking your tickets because someone somewhere could be holding a lottery ticket worth you heard whole lot of money tonight's massive powerball jackpot is right around $435 million. the odds of winning big well they're itty bitty one and 292 million at some point someone is going to win. good evening to you, good luck to you. i'm lucy noland. we just saw the winning numbers we'll give them to you again in just a minute. first though our shawnette wilson was out talking to bunch of folks who hope they've hit it big life in cherry hill, new jersey. shawnette, did you get yourself a ticket? >> reporter: i did.
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i'm in the work pool. that you know i covered my ears lucy i don't want to hear anything about any odds. >> you can't win if you don't play. >> that's right. we all played. yeah. i talk a lot of people tonight. the most fascinating person was a five-year-old little girl, lucy who has her own plans for this jackpot. >> good luck. >> have good night. roar report 7eleven is cherry hill cranked out ticket after ticket after ticket hoping one will be worth $403 million. >> we used some birth dates. i guess numbers that we liked, and we have three tickets roar report frank juliano came in twice to get tickets. >> we don't think we'll win but we're wearing. >> reporter: powerball jackpot rose to the tenth largest in the game's history after no one won on saturday. the crowd has been steady but not out of the the door. a lot of people came early to make sure they didn't forget to play. >> one. that will be all sir. >> how lucky is this little girl her grandfather is letting her decide what to do with the money
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if he wins. >> candy. >> buy candy. that would be lot of candy. >> reporter: buy candy. i love it. >> $400 million worth of candy. >> reporter: your dentist bill will be that same amount. >> lucky we got a good dental plan report roar these two were actually my favorite people in the lottery line tonight. >> i'll give her half if i win, yeah. >> i already knew that. and you all are my witnesse wit. if my ticket wins it's all mine. [ laughter ] >> reporter: all right. so lucy, again that jackpot now at 435 million i'll toss it back to you for another look at the winning numbers. >> we got them right here right now. thank you shawnette. let's hit it. one more time. we got them. shawnette is waiting look at hershey's anticipating this. here they are. 52, ten, 61, 28, 13 and the bonus powerball number is two. >> all right. happening right now traffic slow go on the blue route. and this is the reason why.
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skyfox above an overturned tractor trailer. it happened just past 9:30 tonight in the northbound lanes near mile marker 19. state police say two lanes are blocked while hazmat crews clean up whatever the truck is leaking. don't know yet why the trucker crash. developing to night the trump administration has revoked federal guidelines dealing with transgender students and bathrooms. the federal guidelines you should by the obama administration let students use bathrooms and locker rooms mat matching gender they identify with regardless of what's on their birth certificate. the trump administration believes states should decide the issue and also cited legal confusion over the guidelines. tonight the philadlphia public school district released a statement saying it will continue to recognize the rights of students and will not change its current policy. is there anybody out there? the possibility of life on other planets just took a huge leap forward. nasa scientists made a
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blockbuster announcement astronomers say cluster of seven earth like planets is 40 light years a way and the constellation aquarius. in case you're wondering that's around about 235 trillion miles. three of the planets are in the so-called goldilocks zone where conditions could exist that are just right for life. the solar system known as trappist one. scientists say no other known star system contains such a large number of earth sized rocky planets and nasa is hoping today' as announcement will go toward answering an age old question. >> what we really have in this story is major step forward towards answering one of these very questions at the heart of so many of our philosophers what we're thinking boy when we're by ourselves and that basically is, are we alone out there? >> scientists say the next step is study the atmosphere of the planets to see if they can indeed sustain life. back here on earth, on your radar, it's nothing but bad news
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if you're a fan of winter. it is unseasonably warm in old city and across our area. by tomorrow afternoon, i don't know, could we actually call it hot, kathy? you got this sleeve less going. i'm still wearing a sweater because it's february. i can't deal with it. >> is this the goldilocks principal. >> for some people it's just right. [ laughter ] >> others it may be too hot or definitely not too cold. >> we're talking about some mild weather across the region even tonight it's really feeling comfortable out there in old city philadelphia temperatures still holding on we're at 47 degrees the high today made it to 58. just to put this in perspective, lucy, 46 is the normal high for this time of year. alt this hour it's 47. temperatures are only going to go up. when you look at the numbers across the region 46 in land cast 50 in trenton. 44 in wilmington. 39 in the poconos and 42 in allentown. a look at our spring weather with strong southerly winds for thursday, for friday, for saturday, but then the wind
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shifts suddenly when a cold front comes through this is a cold serious front with wintry weather and snow to the west. and once this moves through late saturday into sunday get as strong northwesterly wind and temperatures crash some 30 degrees in matter of hours. so we'll be seeing some temperatures fall but we're still going to stay above normal. when you look at the month as a whole we have 17 days above normal. just five days blow normal and all indications are that we'll fill the rest of these boxes in red going above normal right through the end of the month despite that fall in temperature over the weekend. overnight tonight temperatures staying in the 40s mostly cloudy with areas of fog and southwesterly wind. during the day tomorrow, temperatures rise 25 degrees above average going for high of 71. morning clouds some fog with warm air building in. some afternoon sunshine with temperatures that will stay in the 70s through most of the region. and southwesterly winds about five to 10 miles an hour. these are the numbers to beat.
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philadelphia's record 75. 74 in trenton but lower 70s in wilmington, ac reading and ally len town those numbers could be reached or surpassed as we look at the seven day forecast from the weather authority your record break consider for frid friday, saturday 73. the front comes through. maybe even an afternoon thunderstorm. sunday there's your dramatic drop. lows in the 30s and 40s much highs in the fours and then monday, tuesday in the 50s. march 1st is wednesday. we kick off the month well not like a lamb. >> no. >> not like a lion. right in between. 60 degrees with a shower. not so bad. >> do you think we're going to see snow like a big snow in march? do you think it will happen? >> i think there's a chance. i'd give a 30% chance. >> all right. >> first two weeks. after that. >> thank you kathy. you bet. >> the feds are cracking down on south philadelphia poultry shop. authorities say it's mistreating its chickens and has unsanitary conditions. federal officials claim the health of customers is at stake. fox 29's dave schratwieser is
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live in center city. dave? >> reporter: lucy, federal authorities say they filed this lawsuit to protect the public after numerous inspections at this poultry business turned up lots of problems. they also say they given the owner men of warnings. >> he's making a lot of money much there's always cars out here. >> reporter: neighbors and visitors along seventh street near dickinson in the heart of south philadelphia know j and p pole tree shop all too well. >> i don't shop there. i would never, um, but it upsets me to know that -- they're not following regulations animals aren't treated properly. >> reporter: customers come here and pick out live chickens which are then slaughtered and hasn'ted over to customers right on the street. >> it's all about the public health. >> reporter: us attorney for philadelphia has now filed suit again the tiny pole tree shop and its owner johnny wong. claiming they sold chickens that were improperly labeled or stored in unsanitary conditions that could harm consumers. >> our office is committed to preventing individuals from
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continuing to handle and maintain food in an unsafe marne. >> i hate it i report it to the city before, i call the city 11. they, same day they just close the case. >> reporter: he's not here? do you know if he has anything to say about this lawsuit filed against him by the us attorney? >> reporter: chickens were diss branded sold without handling instructions and stored at 80-degree temperatures. the pennsylvania spca also says johnny wong has been convicted or med guilty to animal cruelty charges three times since 2012. >> what would you like to see happen here. >> completely be gone. >> reporter: you heard that from several neighbors today. the owner has 20 days to respond to the lawsuit before a hearing is set again we stopped by today dropped off a card waited for a phone call. we didn't get one. if we hear from the owner, johnny wong, we'll bring you that. lucy? >> thank you much dave. cape may county home opener lost just about everything he owns but tonight he's thanking
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his dog for saving his life. a fire broke out early this morning at a at his reads beach road home in middle township. it burned to the ground. he not only lost his house but also two boats and motorcycle an lifetime of memories. he's crediting his dog sadie for waking him up at 3:30 in the morning to get out of the house. and he saved all four of his dogs in the nick of time. >> 100% whole heartedly believe that my dog saved my life. >> investigators are still looking into what started the fire. they think an electrical problem inside the kitchen might have ignited it. he's been on the cutting edge of music business for nearly two decades, right? won more than 20 grammys married to beyonce'. now jay-z has done something no other rapper has ever done before. a local college student was happy and healthy enjoying live but suddenly things took a turn.
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>> x-rays and said, you know, the brain is swelling and if it has nowhere to go -- n could kill him. >> thank goodness he survived. how he's using his experience to
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♪ skyfox over quite a crash in delaware counsel tow tonight of the a car slammed into a
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building along marshall road just passed 8:00 tonight. we don't have any reports of any injuries. now crews have stabilized the building. folks in bristol borough bucks county are on cloud nine tonight. the town just won a nationwide contest to help revitalize so cute downtown business district. >> you guys did it. you wouldn't! my goodness. >> the borough will get half a million dollars in marking to help grants, publicity on signage and social media thanks to something call the small business revolution. bristol has seen its shares of ups and downs since nearly by manufacturing plants closed in the '60s and '70s the borough beat out four others small town finalists in an open online vote. congratulations bristol borrow! you see it you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your neighborhood. what you got tonight. >> upper darby congressman patrick meehan was a guest
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speaker for beyond school walls program. it's a partnership with wawa and big brothers and sisters. 35 kids are being mentored by wawa employees. students at drexel university have been hard at work over the past year building this tiny house. fresco user clifford shows us the unveiling today on campus. students from the architecture, design and urban i program completed the project that uses multi purposed elements as well as a composting toilet. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and then mack sure to use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. ♪ a new college graduate told our bill anderson that he was healthy and he was happy preparing for law school when he nearly died from a sudden medical issue but he's now on the road spreading light through his story of recovery. some of the images of his medical challenges are a little graphic but he wanted to share all he's overcome to help inspire others for goodness sake. ♪
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>> reporter: life was going well for brent wiley. he was 23 years old graduated with honors from clark atlanta university and was plannig to go to law school. like so many others his age he was meeting friends one weekend to party and that's when he told me his life immediately changed. >> i remember turning the corner to walk into the club and i just fell over. not a trip. i just fell flat down like face first. >> reporter: he was healthy young man with no medical history aware and initially embarrassed falling outside the club and people yelling at him as if he was drunk or on drugs. and telling him just get up. so he tried. >> the bouncers were like, trying to stand me up again the wall. and then i kept -- time they tried to stand me up i kept slipping. once they did that are of for the second or third time they're like we think he had a stroke. >> reporter: he was shocked and still in disbelief but not fully grasping the situation. it wasn't until friends called his mother that the severity of what happened began to sing in.
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>> they talk to us and showed us x-rays and said, you know, the brain is swelling and if it has nowhere to go it's going to start to go inward. and that could kill him. you know, so they said we have to -- we have to do this operation. >> reporter: that operation involved removing a large piece of brent's skull. but that was just the beginning. recovering minute physical therapy, experimental and alternative medicine and diet changes. although brent and his mother are appreciative of the actions of their medical team, they said they became aware of the lack of resources and support particularly for young stroke victims. >> when i left like inn patient i thought i was going to get a certain amount of things to help me get back but i just kind of left with they gave mow wheelchair and i was like i know i'm not going to be that wheelchair for glover five years later law school was put on hold because of issues with seizures and brent decided he needed to take his knowledge but his challenges and start a new foundation to try to help others
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in similar situations. >> what's your non-profit. >> it's called team brent at the stroke of midnight i started my foundation because not only -- obviously to raise awareness but to help people get the things they need because there's only so much insurance will do. brent is created a movie sharing his struggle, his information and his positive attitude that doctors say has made all the difference in recovering from such a major stroke. >> i know for a fact i'm going to get better, but it takes time and it takes a lot of work and you need those things to get there and i'm doing my best to help not just me but everybody else get them. >> brent wiley started as example of dedication an chief many suffered major set back that he believes redirected him to another purpose and now that purpose will hopefully inspire others. for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson.
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>> and special fundraiser had help launch brent's short film tomorrow you're invited. you can fine all the details on fox under seen on tv. sean bell? lucy the trade deadline less than day away regardless of what happens the sixers have cup a complete disservice to jahlil okafor. i'll tell you how the sixers drop the ball coming up next in my sports commentary. ♪
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[ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities. ♪ sean bell takes on jahlil okafor and why he thinks the sixers have mistreated him. his commentary in 15 seconds. note
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>> the sixers have completely botched the jahlil okafor situation and so have the fans. whether he's traded tomorrow or not the sixers made it impossible for him to be successful. people have to remember he's still a kid. he's only 21 years old. he would only be a junior if he stayed in college. no way a young player can grow and get better without being put in the right environment and get a little bit of consistent see and that's rash less of how talented you are. okafor has gone from starting to coming off the bench to not even traveling with the team all the way back to starting again. that's ridiculous. i really have to commend okafor for how he's dealt with the entire situation much he's been respectful said all the right things and continues to work hard after all this drama he
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came in with last year he's done complete 180 and been a great person and teammate this year and for that reason i hope okafor actually does get traded to another team and actually gets the fair shot he deserves. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much sean bell. did you watch it to night right here on fox 29? fox has renewed its musical hit star. you'll see the adventures continue for yet another season until then only three more episodes are left before the season finale which airs wednesday march 15th on fox 2 29. jay-z about to come the first rapper inducted into the song writer's hall of fame. [ applause ] >> wow. clapping from sean bell right here. that's right. i thought you'd be jealous of him because he's married to beyonce'. >> he's my favorite rapper. i'm not mad i just want to be him. >> after writing his songs released 20 years. better start writing he released his debut album reasonable doubt in 1996. wow. baby face by the way and max
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martin are also part of the 2017 class. forty-eighth annual induction and awards dinner will be in new york in june. mack martin high to look him i didn't know who he was. >> you know fun fact for jay-z for those who don't know him too well. he doesn't write down his music none of it. all of it's in his head. >> would you were you. >> anyone who's been in the studio with him will tell you that. >> really? >> sit and listen to beat for an hour and a half. >> yeah. >> nodding his head. >> go, i'm ready. >> really? >> wow. >> that's that. >> martin is behind lost text like britney spears and katie perry and in sync that type of stuff. >> they right the songs. >> they write the songs that -- yeah. >> as barry manilow whole different genre. [ laughter ] >> we're back here for your morning news and "good day philadelphia".
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from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". right now on good day philadelphia a winter warm up. it may be only february, but it will feel like early may. but before the warmth, we got a lot of fog. we are socked in right now. so how warm it will get on this day, and when that fog will let up. also, breaking overnight, three people rushed to the hospital after a shooting. this is west oaklane. why police say the victims never saw this coming. >> and poultry problems? why the feds are cracking down on a chicken shop owner in our area. >> and we got a winner everybody. one ticket did match all of those numbers. we will tell you where it was drawn and what those numbers were. good day everybody, it is thursday, thank goodness, february 23rd, good morning, sue. good morning,


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