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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 23, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". right now on good day philadelphia a winter warm up. it may be only february, but it will feel like early may. but before the warmth, we got a lot of fog. we are socked in right now. so how warm it will get on this day, and when that fog will let up. also, breaking overnight, three people rushed to the hospital after a shooting. this is west oaklane. why police say the victims never saw this coming. >> and poultry problems? why the feds are cracking down on a chicken shop owner in our area. >> and we got a winner everybody. one ticket did match all of those numbers. we will tell you where it was drawn and what those numbers were. good day everybody, it is thursday, thank goodness, february 23rd, good morning, sue. good morning, bob.
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>> if i had come to work this morning, i would have come to work, but with a whole different attitude. >> 2:45 this morning, in the convertible, driving around, top down, enjoying it. >> yes, buy a rag top, that would be great. >> well, good luck, seeing where you're going this morning, because i don't know about you, but my commute in was very, very foggy. and the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory, quarter mile visibility is kind of the threshold for that advisory to be issued. and it is in effect until 10:00 a.m. this is going to make a difference, i think, in how warm we get today. so as we look right now, we see on radar, little disturbance to the south, maybe couple of sprinkles in southern delaware, visibility is our issue this morning. you can see it is only quarter mile at the airport. and in wilmington, at their airport, in new castle county. and at the atlantic city airport, two and a half miles in lancaster, fog any
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wrightstown, millville. so just depends on where you are. you can see how foggy it is in our neighborhood in old city this morning. it is mild, 48 degrees. you can see sunrise at 6:43, but we may not see the sun for awhile, 48 here, 49 mount pocono, lancaster, 49 in wildwood. plan on high of maybe 68 degrees today. because it just depends on when the fog lift, and the sun gets going, and with enough sunshine, we get to 70 degrees, bob kelly. we are going with 68 right now. can you complain about 68 in february? i don't think so. >> know, no complaints on this, in this department. 4:02, good morning, here is a example of the fog, you're right, all depends upon where you begin and where you end your trip. i was crystal clear out there in malvern. wasn't until i hit right here, the schuylkill, at around city avenue, when, bamm it, changed and it changed fast. live look here, the fog, as you roll past city line avenue in toward downtown, you can
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barely make out boathouse row. can't see any of the skyscrapers, live look at the 42 freeway, so it sounds like from city line, sue mentioned, up @ cross the river into south jersey with the scattered fog. possible fog delays this morning down at philadelphia international airport. just a heads up. actually all of the computers are working, all of the plugs are in, and specially at american airlines after the rough start yesterday morning. the vine expressway still closed. i can't even show it to you in one of my cameras cents. the barricades are up between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. so use the detour until about 5:00. the market frankford line, seems to be all systems go, according to septa. they'll try to run again normal rush hour, with trains every six to eight minutes from end to ends. they did run that express service yesterday. we'll expect them to do that again today. construction out there on the northeast extension. that new pattern there, between lansdale, quakertown,
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and all the way down to mid-county. karen, back over to you. >> thank you, following this breaking news coming in right now from west oaklane. police responding to a triple shooting happened earlier this morning. our steve keeley is there with what we know right now. steve, good morning. >> reporter: yes, it is a strange case. here it is, 77th and limekiln pike, the fog everybody is talking about affecting our ability to really tell you the story and show you what's going on. so down 77th avenue here in west oaklane, you may with the traffic lights in the background, make out yellow crime keen tape closing offer the street and police car. now chris will walk fast up limekiln pike. in the street what looks like a savesy, that plastic lawn chair there, somehow all the way down there that street where the shooting happened this chair is bloodied. that is why police, you can see patrol car, guarding this chair. there was a man found shot around this chair when police arrived just responding to the shooting. so they never even got far down 77th street, because they
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see a guy shot there. his story doesn't really add up. now shooting down the alley, where more police are. and what we are told preliminarilly from police is, and this is their theory, two guys were shot in a bedroom and a house in the middle of the block where you see the police cars, headlights and brake lights each way. that is a crime scene, they are hold that right now. these two guys are shot not seriously. then apparently they think a third victim may be the shooter. and i say victim, because perhaps a bullet ricocheted or he shot himself, jumps out second floor window, lands on first floor landing, drops his gun, get hurt, tries to run away, runs down the alley where we were showing you where we walked to begin with, and somehow either stumbles across that chair or was caring the chair with him or whatever. but that's what we know now which doesn't sounds too concrete, does it? so karen, that's the story as we under stands it. that all happened just before
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2:00. that's why the fact are just coming in as police try to sort this out. but none of these injuries are real serious. people are shot in the arm and legs. so that's the story, we'll try to figure it out and get more fact and more concrete details when i see you next. >> all right, you always do, steve, we appreciate it, thank you so much. >> also, breaking right now out of strawberry mansion, we know man is in critical condition because he was shot in the face. this happened just before 11:00 on the 2400 block of north pattern street. police are still searching for a gunman. >> philadelphia city leaders are hoping that soda tax is going to bring some positive changes. but, there are some reports right now, may cost hundreds of jobs. today we will learn something, just how much monday think tax has generated. let's get to jenny joyce, liver at the coca-cola bottling plant with what we know. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, karen, so those figures are expected out at about 6:00 this morning. beverage distributors are claiming that they are gearing up for layoffs as a result of
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the tax un sweetened drinks. city officials say they're not sure if they believe that. distributors say the soft drink tax has been cut, beverage sales, between 30 and 50%, which would be worse than the city initially predicted. with that claim, local super markets and distributors say the tax could cost jobs. the city had predicted a slow start to revenue because all of the inventor that i was in stores as of january 1st when the change took effect were not subject to the tax. the city was anticipate ago revenue of between two to 3 million, a monthly figure, that they expect to climb throughout the year. which is exactly why the mayor is saying businesses should be patient, and should not jump to conclusions. >> there will be some fall-off in sales. it has been that way with the cigarette tax, with liquor by the drink tax, and anything else that's been i am poised. and that tends to come back. there will be a percentage of people who don't come back. but that's not going to be
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what it is right now. and it is hard to even determine because we haven't had a really full month. we need six months to eight months to determine exactly the level of taxes being collected. but the bottom line is the american beverage association has marketed in poor neighborhoods for generations, they put people into situation was obesity, and other types every diseases, that have been caused by their product. we're asking for little bit of the money to educate poor kids, poor neighborhoods, so that they have a chance to get out. >> yes, so the beverage tax part of the mayor's five year plan to fund pre k. he wants to create 6500 locally funded quality pre k seats in philadelphia. the money from the tax will also fund community schools and improvement to parks, recreational centers, and libraries. so again, at 6:00 this morning, the city will unveil the first month's tax revenue figures, so we can see whether or not there has been a drop in sales, and how much the tax
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could help the city financially. karen? >> all right, we can't wait for those numbers to be coming out. thank you, there jenny. other news, poultry shop in south philadelphia slapped with a federal lawsuit over health concerns and some poor conditions inside the store. the us attorney for philadelphia filed suit against the j and b poultry on the corner of seventh and dickinson. the owner johnny wong, also named in the lawsuit, claims they sold chickens improperly labeled or stored in unsanitary conditions that could harm consumers. >> the chickens are held under conditions that are unsanitary, exceedingly high temperatures, for example, eight old 0 degrees. >> i don't shop there. i would never. but it upsets me to know that they're not following regulations, animals aren't treated proper. >> i they also say the chick wednesday sold without handling instructions, the owner has 20 days to respond. >> developing now, police in delaware are getting closer to possibly identifying a man linked to the kidnapping of two women and two separate
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incidents in just recent days. new castle county police say they boosted their patrols around the a run del amounts. woman was sexually assaulted, pulled into a vehicle and driven around to different atm's and forced to take out money on sunday. police think think the same guy that attack her did the same thing to another woman at the hill ants in wilmingon earlier this month. detective right now are exchanging surveillance video from both incidents. this all has people very concerned. >> so you never think that could have been me walking into my apartment. and my build something all the way across the woods in the dark. so it was very like stomach turning. >> investigators say both victims reported the subject as having an accent, but they couldn't figure out exactly what kind of accent is that. >> police are hoping surveillance video will lead them to the suspect behind violent home invasion, happened in juniata park. investigators say these are the guys, suspect, walking into a man's garage on friday evening. they force that victim into his bedroom. they beat him, and leave him
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bound and gagged and it is two days before the victim's brother finds him watt broken nose, and injuries. more turmoil at the delaware prison, weeks after a deadly uprising. more than two dozen medical workers, they've quit in the aftermath that far incident. connections community support programs, the medical contractors at vaughn correctional center has reported 29 resignations, since that february stand-off. at least eight correctional officers have also resigned this month during the uprising four staffers were taken hostage, correction officer steve floyd was killed, both price on reform advocates and the correctional officers union are calling for reforms to improve conditions. 4:11. in abington, montgomery county, police are getting guns offer the street for good nearly 200 every them. let's take a picture of them all right there, right before police melted them down. 185. the guns were surrendered to police for disposal, or they couldn't be found for a
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qualified owner. so they had been in storage since 1998. the da there sales the disposal last month. >> the trump administration changes course on federal protection for transgender students. so what that means for people in our area. you also, possibly no smoking in parks? there is a delaware county town looking to snuff out the habit and their community. we'll explain where. that could affect you. and also we got a winner everybody, for the lottery. someone will be $400 million richer. not us, bob. good morning. >> not us, but when your co-workers shows up in a limo this morning, there is a hint for you. i95, as we go for a ride. the roving penndot crews will be out there with us later on today through delco. come on, let's go outside. put your fog light on. we say good morning to the ben franklin parkway, the art museum, it is in there somewhere. sue-be is in there somewhere, and she will have your forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back, as we ease on into this thursday, the beginning of this amazing stretch of great weather. but, right now, where did everybody go? we're socked in. a lot of fog that we're dealing with on this morning. sue serio, what are we expecting as we just sort of open our eyeballs and try to focus on what's occurring? >> i could listen to that song
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all morning. >> me too. >> and not talk about this out there, the temptations. let's talk about the fog t looks like this might hang on until about 10:00 this morning which would limit how much sunshine we get, which would mean we may not get to 70 degrees. and i say may not. it just depends on how it all plays out. but i can tell you the national weather service has issued this dense fog advisory for all of the counties that you see pictured here until 10:00 this morning. and we're socked in at philadelphia international airport with only quarter mile visibility. wilmington, delaware, millville, foggy in dover, fog any atlantic city, around fort dix, and in lancaster, as well. not too bad up in the mountains at the moment. but we know how that goings it, could get worse before it gets better. so, we've got the mild temperatures, because of the fog, and the cloud cover overnight. it is 48 degrees in philadelphia right now. thirty-nine in mount pocono, 49 in wildwood. and i say mild because it is february. these are temperatures that are higher in the case of
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philadelphia, than the normal high, which is 45, for this date. as we look at the future cast, we see a lot of cloud cover lingering through about 9:00, 10:00. and then we start to see the sun, see the clouds kind of clearing there, breaking up. and then we're probably going to get to 68 degrees, some places may make it to 70. we'll see how it all plays out. but it looks like we will get cloudy and perhaps foggy again overnight. so the whole thing could happen again tomorrow. so that's the situation as far as temperature is concerned. precipitation, there is a little bit down to the south of us, saulsbury, maryland, ocean city, maryland, few stray showers down in sussex county, delaware. the average high is actually 46 degrees. but, still, the current temperature is above that. and we manage 58 degrees for yesterday, which was lovely, 68 today, we're going to go with 72 tomorrow. again it, depends on how much sunshine. saturday we start out with mild temperatures, we get those thunderstorms late in the day with a cold front.
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sunday's high is only 48 degrees. but then we see unsettled weather for monday, tuesday, wednesday, chance of showers each day, but another trend toward milder temperatures by the time we start march, march s wednesday. >> that's right. and fash naught day on tuesday, coming up, because wednesday is mardi gras? >> ash wednesday, beginning of the length. good morning, what's that say there? 4:18, look willing live at the schuylkill expressway, near belmont avenue, an example of the fog, that we're dealing with this morning, it is hit and miss, depending upon where you begin and end your trip. the closer you come in toward the city, the thicker gets. live look at the ben franklin bridge. we typically can see the span here, and then the skyline, this is actually the overhead light, right where the flag is usually flying here for us above the toll plaza. so an example every how thick the fog is, coming overall of the area bridges. and it is thick, come on, behind the motorcycle here, on the new jersey turnpike, they
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reduce the speeds down to 50 miles an hour, from the delaware memorial bridge, all the way up to exit number four, the turnpike connector bridge, remains closed, to vehicle traffic, with that construction project. watch for possible fog delays today, down at philadelphia international airport. no problems with american airlines, everybody's computer systems, and laptops are fired up and ready to go. the vine expressway, however, still blocked, between the schuylkill and broad street. they're doing that overnight work. they'll be out there until about 5:00. so take the detour, spring garden, 30th or south street. market frankford, broad street subway, regional rail lines, all getting out of the gate with no reported delays. karen, back over to you. >> time 4:19. first 100 days, mixed reaction as the white house takes a new stance on trans gender students using the barn of their choice. the trump administration says this is an issue that should be decided by state and local governments not at the federal
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level, as fox's jacky inch and owes, some call it attack on the lgbt community but other give it their full support. >> that makes me feel really sad as a trans person to think about a young person feeling lack of hope because of what people are doing. >> schools will not longer be required to transgender students have access to the bathroom of their chills. as president trump rolls back the obama administration guidelines for schools. >> i agree with president trump. this is a state issue. and the federal government was engage in the gross over reach when it issued this directive that impacted every public school in the country. >> north carolina where there has already been heated debate over the state's bathroom bill, some are worried about what this means for trans kids throughout the country. >> i think that everybody deserves an equal shot at being who they are, love who they want to love, be able to go into a bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. >> even within the trump
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administration, there has reportedly been disagreement between departments. but the white house says everyone is behind the decision. >> i've made this clear and the president has made it clear throughout the campaign that he is firm believer in states right, and certain issues like this are best dealt with at the federal level. >> those say the obama guidelines have not hurt anyone with. >> and withdrawing it will only create confusion now. and fear for students who already face grave risks. >> the white house says it was forced to act now on the issue because of a pending supreme court case in which a virginia school district was denying a teen access to the bathroom of his choice n new york, jacky inch and owes, fox news. >> 4:21. philadelphia school superintendent doctor william hite says the announcement will not change the policy here in philadelphia. he said it remains a safe and welcoming place of i am luge for all of our student. speaking of schools, there is one in elementary school. up in montgomery county, shot g down the methacton school
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district board has volt today close the audubon elementary school. they say due to decline in student enrollment. the district says the students needs are their priority during this transition process. thousands of parents are hoping to hit it big. they've entered the lottery. but not for money, the chance to get their kids into one of or charter schools. it is that time of year. one specifically got 10,000 applications for under 100 slots. the lottery to enter the mast community charter school in some zero err ton closed tuesday, only requirement of course, the charters, do you have live in philadelphia. and speaking of lotteries, there is a winner for that huge jackpot worth now $435 million. what it climbed to up by last night. tickets sold in indianna. first time in nearly three months the jackpot has climbed over $400 million. but there may be some smaller prize ticket. we will be finding out about in our area. maybe someone here hit it for a million dollars. we'll let you know. here they are the numbers. so you can check them, put them on line they are ten, 13,
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28, 52, and 61. with that powerball of two. >> speaking of numbers, how about the mag seven? the magnificant seven in space. are we alone? astronomers are over the moon this morning, after nasa scientists discover seven earth like planets that may support live. the earth move un our skin. hey, sean bell. >> coming up in sports in a minute, with the nba trade deadline looming, find out what deal the sixers made that was a little bit shocking. that's coming up next. make the most of a few minutes
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with instant moisture from k-y ultragel.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. the sixers traded zone a to the hawks for 22nd round picks, trade deadline is at three today. jahlil okafor still up for grabs. the flyers and the capitols, it was this kinds of night for the flyers. this shot, bounces off the skate goes right in. the flyers lose four-one, thirds lost in the last four games. >> to some college hoops, villanova and butler at the pavilion. butler goes on 22 to five run in the second half. martin nails the three right there. butler beats nova for the second time this year. seventy-four-66. and temple and central florida, temple up by one, late in this game. but ucfbj taylor nails the
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three right there to give central florida a lead. temple one last shot, mark williams, with the three, but it doesn't g the owls fall 71 to 69. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> thanks, sean. so do you remember taking your sat's, number two pencils filling in all of the sickels? coming up at 4:30, major changes are coming to that test. why the college board says they needed to act fast.
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go ahead, put away that winter coat. at least for this week you're not going to need it. get ready for spring-like temperatures. first we have to battle through this fog. we are going to get out the foghorns, what we can expect. sue will bring us all of that, plus, also, breaking overnight, three people were hurt when gunshots rang out in west oaklane. >> good day everybody, it is a thursday, february 23rd, i always think that's an important date. the day after george washington's birthday, is it a cusp of something, sue? >> i don't think so. >> all right. >> check with the home offers in milwaukee, see what we come up with. oh, this is moving here. hold on. >> i did. that will it is play tennis day. it is banana bread day. >> oh,. >> that's good. >> and there was, i think, it might be a chilly day.
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i know it is banana bread day. that will sounds like a good breakfast. keep in mind the normal high temperature for this time of year is 46 degrees. we're already above that. and with the milder temperatures, and the moisture in the air, we have fog. and it is very dense in a lot of place this is morning. we even have few showers, but, most of them are south of the viewing area. southern delaware, and around the eastern shore of maryland, so, visibility, let's check it, quarter mile at the airport, socked in there, and i witness that when i tried to drive up i995, my goodness, quarter mile in wilmington, really foggy in millville, atlantic city, lancaster, been a while since we've seen foggy morning like. >> this so just allow yourself a lot of time, because this will really slow you down. there is the 48 degrees that we have, sunrise, 6:43, but we're in the going to see sunshine at 4:00 -- 6:43, we will eventually but not then. 37 degrees in pots ton, 38 in lancaster, 49 degrees in wildwood. our number today, it was going
4:32 am
to be a ten, and then the fog blew in, and then we've got nine out of ten today. once that fog lifts, and once we get all of the clouds out of here, we should be able to get to up about 68 degrees, still feeling like early spring, just not maybe -- may not get to the 70 degrees mark. we certainly won't break a record for this date. but who will complain about 68 ? >> not over here, no complaints coming from this way. 4:32, good morning, everybody, the only thing we will complain about is the visibility this morning. here is a live look at the blue route. 476, right near the saint david's villanova interchange. you can see the fog real thick and it comes up on you fast. and it is thick, as you are rolling out the driveway this morning. here is a example of the ben franklin bridge from the new jersey toll plaza. i mentioned last time, sometimes we can typically see the flag here, can't even see the skyline at all. can't even see the buildings, boathouse row invisible coming in on the schuylkill expressway, even thick in south jersey, they knocked the speeds down here on the new
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jersey turnpike, garden state parkway, and the atlantic city expressway because of the poor visibility. expect some delays because of the fog down at philadelphia international airport. checked in with american airlines, everything is working this morning, all systems are a go. so i think we're okay in that department. the fog is what's going to cause delays this morning. work crews still out along the ramps for 295 and 42, the normal spot for this hour. market frankford line, they expect to run regular service again this morning between 69th and northeast philadelphia. no problems out of the gaeton the regional rail lines. but they are still working on the vine street expressway, that's closed this morning, between the schuylkill and broad street, again, until about 5:00 this morning. karen, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. following this breaking news out every west oaklane where police are investigating a triple shooting. we last check in with steve keeley. we a lot of questions. let's see what we know at this hour. steve? >> reporter: all right, we've got better vantage point for you, in the back alley of the middle of the block on
4:34 am
77th avenue. and this is right off limekiln pike where we were earlier. you can see two police cars protecting the scene. and you see that second floor bedroom. that might even be the third floor actually, because when you are here in the alley you see the garage on the grounds floor, then see a deck in the middle and then you see that bedroom, which looks like piece of plywood. but you can make out that that window, chris, don't go up there yet, come back to me, walk over here, you can see that that window is all broken up up there. that is a back bedroom. apparently two guys in a middle bedroom were shot and then the shooter, this is the police theory, right now, jumped out of this window. and that may be why he's bloody. also, they think, he shot himself, five shots fired in the house. soap, he jumps out of the window, hangs down little bit, lands on that deck. chris will climb up on this wall here, and show you what's on the deck. here's what i mentioned earlier. as he jumps down, you will see, a gun, you can make out even in this dark, even in
4:35 am
this fog, and as chris is doing his best to hang on this wall here, probably with a little bit after shake, you can make out a semiautomatic weapon that was likely the gun fired inside that house. so the guy jumps down from here, then goes down this alley where we are, and that's what i showed you in the last live shot. if you weren't watching us, there is a plastic chair in the street being guarded by police. that's got blood all over it, and why he was around that chair, maybe he was using it to hide, maybe he carried it from this house, who knows. looks like one of those savessy when people are saving a parking spot in the winter, maybe it was just there and stumbled on it, so responding to the shooting, as they're on limekiln pike they see this guy walking and bloodied and see he's shot in the hands and arm. he is one of the third shooting victims. i guess the good news in all of this, karen, nobody was killed, and why somebody was being shot, who knows, if this guy may have broken into the house or already in there, we don't know. the crime scene aoun sit in the here yet. detectives who are going to handle this are not here yet.
4:36 am
that's why you have patrol guards guarding the scene, probably have to get a search want to go in and lever everything, and leaving the gun as is is, this is before any evidence markers or anything, also had police on the front of the house as we showed in you our last hit, in this fog, so, this is strange case, again, at least we're not at a murder scene, just shooting scene. i think the two guys said they were sleeping, shot in the leg, and this guy shot in the arm and hand. so that's the situation here. this all just happened before 2:00. and that's why the details right now may not seem so concrete as they normally would, but police are sorting all of this out. you can bet if they think that's the guy that's shooting two other guys, if they're all at the same hospital, keeping close eye on the guy who was shot in the arm and hand, if he's not already in hand cuffs after doctors are done with him, karen? >> impressive amount of information there, steve, thank you so much. we've also learned, there is a man in critical condition who was shot in the face in strawberry mansion there is was the scene last evening, just before 11:00. it is the 2400 block of north
4:37 am
pattern street. police are still looking for that gunman. >> 4:37 is the time. so we have the soda tax. it has gone into effect, the goal to raise money for pre k, and for our parks, and our libraries, but it may now cost hundreds of jokes. we've heard that kind of talk, that's what some people are saying right now. but, we will also learn how much money the city is going to be getting of the that's number out not out this minute but will be out this morning. >> reporter: karen, it is going to be out in less than two hours. so anxious to see, standing live in front after coca-cola plant. so it is local beverage distributors that sell soft drinks like coca-cola that are saying they are being hurt by this tax. they are saying that lay-office could come as a result of the tax on sweetened drinks. city officials say they're not sure if they believe that. distributors say the soft drinks tax has cut beverage sales between 30 and 50% which would be worse in the than the city initially predicted.
4:38 am
with the claim local super markets and distributors say the tax could cost jobs. the city had predict add slow start to revenue because all of the inventor that i was in stores as of january 1st, when the change took effect, were not subject to the tax. the city was anticipate ago revenue of between two, $3 million, for the month of january. a monthly figure that they expect to climb throughout the year, which is exactly why the mayor is saying businesses need to be patient, they should not jump to conclusions. >> the beverage tax plate in council, they initially spent $10.6 million, misleading people about this whole issue, because they are multi billionaires, who don't want to see this tax go nationwide. as we've seen today seattle mayor now saying they're going to oppose the tax or try to impose the tax. this is them trying to hold onto their wealth. that's fine. we're also spending money to fight them in court. the only jurisdiction where they challenged us in court is philadelphia.
4:39 am
there is four other states, four other cities doing this, and they're not challenging them, just philadelphia. so, i don't really have any sympathy for them. we will go on, get our kids educated, and we'll have bert life. they will be better customers for those store owners. >> and the mayor says the kids will be educated because the beverage tax is part of the mayor's five-year plan to fund pre k. he wants to create 6500 locally funded quality pre k seats in philadelphia. the money from the tax will also funds community schools and improvement to parks, recreational centers and libraries, so again, karen, as we mentioned, at 6:00 this morning, the sitly unveil the first month's tax revenue figures, so we can see whether or not there was a drop inbev raj sales or whether or not the city actually making a good profit from this tax. back to you. >> all right, we will see, thanks, jenny, looking forwards to the numbers in the city ace homes berg section, there is a person we need to get off the streets. because he robbed a gas station, got away with a lot of money.
4:40 am
let's look at surveillance video we have. incident happened last week, we just got the pictures now, sunoco over 7400 block of frankford avenue. guy gets in. see what he it is, that is brick, throws it through the window, climbs in, grabs cigarettes, lighters, energy drinks, worth about $700. >> speaking of cigarettes, if you smoke, and you live in ridley township, can't do it in a park any more if they get their way, because township commissioners have introduced ordinance to ban smoking at parks and rec centers. they're going vote on it next month. the township says still working out the details on there is but fines would be a part of it, critics stay goes too far. keep secondhand smoke awayp- from kids and pets. >> i think it is needed if you're going to have kids here. cigarette butts, you know, little kids pick up everything. so i personally would go for t. >> i don't smoke personally, but i have friends that do. as long as they puck up their butts, i don't minds if they smoke in the outdoors. i feel secondhand smoke would not and problem for anyone enjoying the park. >> so they're just hoping that
4:41 am
people, put up signs, will pay attention, and not smoke there. if they don't maybe the police or the parks and recreation departments will be the ones to enforce it, handing out some ticket. they'll vote on this one coming up next month. >> huge announcement. from nasa. an entire solar system filled with newly discovered planets, a lot like us. why some scientists are saying many of them are all what we call the goldie lock zone. not too hot, not too cold, just right. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
4:42 am
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>> 4:44, this is still developing, seeing the fires, demonstrators refusing to go without a fight after the government deadline yesterday. protesters said about 20 fires, actually some children, seven year old boy and 17 year old girl who were hurt police arrested ten people. out of the pine line scene, protesters have been out there for seven months fighting the pipeline. >> here is the big question. is anybody out there? are we alone? could there be alien life possibly? there is a huge leap forward with the discovery just made, astronomers say cluster of seven earth-like planets, only 40 light years away, and it is in the constellation a car just. so in case you're wondering, that's 235 trillion miles
4:45 am
away, please of planets what we call the golds i locks zone, conditions could be just right for life. solar system, known as trap is one, no other star system contains such a large number of earth-size rocky planets. nasa hopes this announcement will go toward answering the age-old question. >> with a we really have is major step forward toward answering one of these very questions that are at the heart of so many of our philosophers, of what we're thinking about, when we're by ourselves, and that basically is are we alone out there? >> scientists say the next step to study the atmosphere of the plan totes see if they indeed could sustain life. >> a town in our area, ya, they got half a million reasons to cheer. they did it. pump those fists. the huge victory that is bringing to their bucks county town a lot of money. >> ♪ >> ♪
4:46 am
>> ♪
4:47 am
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>> 4:46, live look at the fog that we're dealing with today through chester county, again it comes up on you fast and it is quick and it is thick. so be ready as you roll out of the driveway, there live look here the 42 freeway, again, sock in with some fog, as you work your way up from the atlantic city expressway, in toward the city. they're still working on the vine street expressway, closed
4:49 am
from the schuylkill, over to broad street, you know the drill, you jump off at spring garden, 30th or south street and again you're jumping offer in the fog, socked in, you can't even see above the fourth floor on any of the center city highrises here even boathouse row is a blur. new diner in town, and i'm going to go visit it today. the folcroft diner, brand spanking new there, along the chester pike, our breakfast segment bring the kids on by, bring your appetite, i'll bring the tv cameras, set up from 9:00 to 10:00. catch it live from folcroft later today right here on "good day." possible fog delays down at philadelphia international airport all of the compute remembers working, no problems at the check in counters, but we're probably going to have some fog delays so look out there market frankford line expect to run regular service this morning after the mishap from over the weekends, hopefully this fog gets out. we get some sun, sue has the answer in the time line coming up in 15 seconds.
4:50 am
about all every us under dense fog advisory, sometimes fog this thing, can linger and linger and linger, and it is very thick, the airport, it is dense, quarter mile visible, fog in wilmington, millville, new jersey, atlantic city, lancaster, you get the ideament looks like the mountains have been spared for the moment. but that could change, 48 degrees in philadelphia, already above the normal high temperatures, very mild temperatures to the south, but it is in the 30's, in lancaster, reading, and in the lehigh valley and the mountains, so still need a jacket this morning no matted err where you are, but by the end of the day, once the sun comes out, temperatures will have the chance to zoom up. so till in the 50's looks like by lunchtime, according to
4:51 am
this particular computer modemment maybe a high in the upper 60s because of the lingering clouds, clouds could zip through in the overnight hours, after dark, then back in the upper 60s at least, but we think maybe we'll hit 70 tomorrow. solates' put it altogether in the seven day forecast 68 today, going optimistically for 72 for tomorrow. but we could start off with fog in the morning friday. then saturday, the thunderstorms come in the afternoon after 70 degrees, will change the weather dramatically for sunday. it will be sunny, breezy, but 48 degrees back to wintertime temperatures, but look at what happens by the middle of next week. back to the middle 60s by wednesday, march 1st, karen. >> sue, that's quite a roller coaster that we will be dealing with, which is just fine. i'm energized because we have something to all cheer about, all come together and route for this town. many of you voted and facebook and get to cheer them on, because they won a national
4:52 am
contest aimed to breathing new life into the business district. this is all thanks to so many of how voted for bristol borough earlier this month. the town did it. they got half a million dollars. as our bruce gordon report, there is a lot of excitement. >> watch months of campaigning, and more than a week of voting, it all came down to this. a packed house at bristol riverfront theater, locals on edge, waiting to hear these words. >> you guys did it, you won. >> this borrow of fewer than 10,000 people will receive half million dollars in marking help, grant, publicity, advice on signage, and social media, all in an effort to revitalize bristol business district, the heart of which lies along mill street, radcliff. folks who live here like what they see. >> i got little shops, coffee shop, you know, just pretty mellow around here.
4:53 am
>> calm waters coffee roasters they can't waste for the prize money and what it can do. >> everybody ben submits. >> yes, we're all in it together. >> we had an army and you were the soldiers. >> bill led the contest effort, believes this borough won even before the prize money was announced. >> it has been unbelievable. i mean, what it has energized, mobilized, the town in a way that we haven't seen. ever. >> as the town folk hugged and cheered and wept allowed, the contest rep reminded them of the importance of small businesses in small towns. >> there is a renaissance happening in bristol borough right now already before we got here we're happy to be here to add fuel to the fire. >> it is a fire that burns brightly inside the folks who believe a once proud riverfront manufacturing town can be great again. >> people are, you know, coming together, i think. >> do you feel -- >> they have hope for this, our town, yes, they have hope.
4:54 am
>> contest organizers will be back here in bristol in just a couple of weeks scouting individual businesses, to be featured in the videos they'll produce, not every business will get grant money, but the hope is that the success of some will improve the bottom line of all. in bristol borough, fox news.
4:55 am
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>> we had grounds stop yesterday due to computer problems, may have some problems this morning, due to the fog so check with your carrier before you head to the airport. student from drexel university, they've been working so hard over the past year, building one of these big trends, tiny house, one of the fresco users, showed us the unveiling on campus, totally cool. they used multi-purpose element as well as a composing toilet. >> we will be right back with a whole lot more breaking news, weather and traffic. make the most of a few minutes
4:58 am
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>> this is good day philadelphia. right there on good day philadelphia, talk about a spring fling. we know it is february. but it won't feel like it at all. sue serio is tracking our winter warm up headed our way. breaking overnight, three people are hurt after gunfire rings out in west oaklane. >> we now pay more for our sewed, a but is it generate that money that city officials had hoped for? we're awaiting the numbers coming out this morning. and there is a winner. if you were hoping to strike it rich, grab your tickets. we will tell you where the lucky powerball ticket was drawn. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> ♪ >> ♪ good day everybody. good thursday. and thursday, i think you always can get up because we are headed into the


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