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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. and here's live look at trenton tonight. our fox 29 weather authority is tracking a line of serious thunderstorms. yes, there's thunder out there. there's lightning out there. there's more. some of the area is under a severe storm watch. a few counsel tears under warnings. good evening, everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. we've already seen heavy rain, hail and high winds in lawrence county, pennsylvania some folks seeing hail there.
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these photos coming out of ma honing township but back here closer to home storms still a big threat. let's head over to meteorologist monica cryan for the very late latest. >> right around 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon these storms really gained a lot of power. it was a line. it rolled through leaving a lot of damage in its wake and actually report of a funnel cloud. that funnel cloud was reported very western edge of lancaster county, and then that's actual wrl we saw a lot of hail reports, some wind damage, trees down and winds up to 60 miles per hour. that's where we're seeing a lot of those local storm reports. it was hail and wind the biggest threat as these storms rolled through. so where are they located now? we still have some thunderstorms right through new jersey cutting right through trenton and back into burlington county including up into pemberton down through trenton earlier there was a warning a few minutes ago. that has since expired. some of these storms are star
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starting to lose strength but we still have one severe thunderstorm warning that is in effect down towards atlantic and cape may counties that goes for the next few minutes as these storms continue to roll through. be ready for this for our shore points. we could see once again a lot of lightning. hail and wind can't be ruled out. but as we head through the next few hours, nine, 10:00 o'clock, a lot of these storms will start to die out and dwindle. here's why we got so strong. temperatures were so warm. again, another record setting day. allentown had high of 74 degrees. beating the old record. and you can see philadelphia 73 degrees. we have 70s three days in a row. pretty impressive we've got cooler weather on the way after those storms push out. >> all right. monica, thank you. taking a live look now at the philadelphia international airport, today's wild weather swing causing issues for folks trying to travel in and out of philadelphia. a ground stop has just been lifted for this evening for philadelphia international airport. >> we are monitoring however the
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latest for you let's get straight out to sabina kuriakose live tonight at the airport. what's happening out there now, sabina? >> reporter: well, right now, joyce, dawn mentioned that ground stop has been lived but out here as you can see behind me the rain has stopped and the wind has considerably died down, although the heavy impact of the storm continues for travelers here. now that heavy rain and wind moved in about 3:30 this afternoon. delays, cancellations and diverted flights happened -- departed flights more than two hours behind schedule. that continues right now. arriving flights are about an hour and a half behind schedule. the ground stop as you mentioned just canceled. while it was happening flights headed here to philly international were no not taking off from their places of origin. flights in air would not be affected. once that storm hit, bringing with it all that heavy rain and lightning, everything changed. we spoke with one father who spent the better part of the
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afternoon monitoring the situation while he waited for his son. >> might son's flight was expected in 4:58. it was delayed and delayed. we watched it on my cell phone app and it was circling in central pennsylvania. i just got a notification saying pittsburgh and they were going to land in pittsburgh at 5:16. >> reporter: that's where they are landing this evening. where they have landed. now as you see a lot of uncertainty for people here waiting we actually also saw some travelers whose flights were diverted here to philadelphia international airport and they were waiting to see where their next flight would be and where they could head next but again as you can see, the rain has died down still drizzling starting up right now. those delays are still happening here for departing flights and arrival so if you are headed to the airport make sure you check with your carrier. joyce and dawn, back to you. >> thank you sabina. here's live look at old city tonight. make sure to download
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the fox 29 weather authority app to get breaking weather alerts sent straight to your phone. it's available on apple and google play. now to a developing story out of philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. police are searching for the driver who hit somebody then drove away. police say it all happened overnight around 1:30 in the morning on the 400 block of wyoming avenue. the driver hit a 30-year-old woman then drove northbound on fifth street. the woman who was hit is at temple university hospital tonight. she's in stable condition. in camden county, police have named a suspect in more than month old sexual assault ton night they say they need to find him. police are looking for 32-year-old i fitzpatrick he sexuall and assaulted a woman in camden back on january 15t january 15th. if you have seen fitzpatrick or have any information on his whereabouts, camden county police want to hear from you. philadelphia police peacing together clues following an early morning shooting in kensington. investigators arrived to the 800 block of east allegheny avenue
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about 2:30 this morning. that's where they found a 40-year-old man shot several times. metter dick rushed the victim to temple university hospital where he is in critical condition. police say they are looking for two shooters to night. in camden county, police now say a report of an attempted abduction turned out to be a hoax. madison gargus so charged with making a false police report and a drug related offense. we first reported this story to you last tuesday. when police released information that the woman had claimed a man tried to pull her in to an suv while she was outside her home. she lives on may apple road in gloucester township. police say based on the information given by geragos so they located a person of interest tyler mc girl but later they determined that the woman had met the man before and that they had some kind of disagreement. they determined the abduction attempt was all made up. however the man is still facing drug related charges. in berks county, reading police shot and killed a man who
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they say pointer add shotgun at officers. police responding to the 200 block of south 12th street. where a group was having a barbecue last night. people there said a man was threatening them with shotgun. they ran into a house and police say they later found the gunman in a different home standing on a porch. police say they told the man to drop the shotgun but instead he pointed it at officers and that's when one of the officers fired several shots at the man killing him. the incident remains under investigation. in washington tonight congress is in recess but they are not getting a break from angry voters back at home. >> no. for the past few weeks, town halls have been flooded with constituents sounding off about their frustrations over the trump administration policies. fox's bryan llenas shows us how some lawmakers are making their way through the resistance. >> reporter: some lawmakers are out right avoiding the rowdy confrontational town halls altogether like republican texas representative louie goldberg citing public safety concerns others like new jersey
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representative rodney friendly heisen are choosing to have telephone town halls instead. saturday morning alabama republican representative gary palmer host add town hall at city hall in whoever. mr. palmer spoke to the crowd overflowing to the outside. popular topics at all of these townhouse are obama care, immigration and climate change. just yesterday, a couple hundred protested outside a hotel where submit majority leader mitch mcconnell was meeting with republicans in his home state of kentucky. some constituents are hosting town hall meetings themselves and inviting lawmakers to atte attend. like in las vegas where an, stood in as a replacement for an absent senator an cardboard cut out stood in as replacement for& senator rob portman in ohio. republican congressman leonard lance of new jersey is embracing meeting with constituents who didn't vote for him and he doesn't believe they are paid protesters. >> not to my knowledge, and this is the 41st in person town
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hall meeting i've held, and i've never experienced paid protesters and i don't think that was true the other night. >> reporter: left leanin group called invoice diss available organizing activists to go to town hall publishing a handbook on the web giving step by step instructions on resis resisting president trump's agenda ad advising folks to be quote polite but persistent. pittsburgh area republican congressman tim murphy did not hold a town hall meeting this week citing the guide. >> if you look at their guide they don't have issues they want to discuss. it's orchestrate ready they'll sit, they'll boo when the congressman talks. they'll cheer when someone else asking questions. they're told not to get to the microphone. >> reporter: it's not just republicans the nation's most vulnerable deck kratz like claire rah mccaskill up for re-election in 2018 are avoiding town hall meetings as well n new york, bryan llenas, fox news. ton night democrats have chosen a new leader following a big loss in november's presidential election. tom perez the labor secretary
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under president obama has been elected to the democrat's new party chairman. he won over keith ellison a congressman from minnesota. perez has vowed to fight president donald trump. he says democrats need to capitalize on the widespread opposition to the president rebuilding the party at the local level and the national level. a controversial move tonight by pope francis. the pontiff is reducing sanctions for accused pedophile priests. this move by the pope is causing survivors of abuse and even some of his own advisers some concern tonight. he had quietly reduced sanctions against a handful of priests who were seeking mercy after being accuseaccused of sexually abusig children. church officials say that the priest who have been granted reduced sanctions had appealed to pope francis by citing his own words about mercy and forgiveness. well two men make a daring rescue when a girl gets stuck dangling out of a window four stories high. what police say happened to
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track her for 30 minutes. plus celebrate going times in old city. a special trio rinks in their 99th birthday. how the big day brought in revelers from all around the globe. and could your work out be killing your sex life? the interesting link researchers found between sixty four intensity and your libido. sean? hey, joyce. the flyers they traveled to pittsburgh this evening to take on the penguins in the battle of pennsylvania. only this time, the game will be played outside at heinz field. we get you ready for tonight's stadium series game later in sports. it's hank. with the daytona 500 coming up this weekend on fox, i got established auto racers telling me our suv's are not fast enough to win races. i say they are. watch me prove it. hank's take coming up.
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♪ here's live look into wilmington tonight. the city remains under a severe thunderstorm watch right now. residents should still be watching out for lightning out there, but the storm is moving out. fox 29 weather authority monica cryan is tracking it all all the developments for you and will have a full forecast in just a little bit. and here's a view from earlier today in lehigh county. this video shared through fresco. look at that. if you have something interesting like that where you are, share it with us. well young basketball players from bucks county took to the court for a good cause today. the kellyanne dolan memorial
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fund 17th year of fundraise raising. >> organizes of organizers of the basketball tournament it gives students a fun way to raise awareness about serious childhood diseases. jennifer joyce has the story. >> we have teams of three playing basketball. they're separated by their grade level and they play at least two games. >> reporter: all day competitive three on three basketball tournament at middle school in warrington bucks county. >> it's just like fun to see everyone come together for this great cause. >> reporter: the seventh, eighth and ninth graders are shooting hoops to raise money for families of sick children through the kellyanne dole man memorial fund foundation. >> each of us i think raised about $45. and some of us did like chores and stuff for our moms and dads. >> i may have lost a daughter, but i've gained thousands of kids. >> reporter: figure peggy dolan is the founder of the organization. she says she formed an emotional connection to the middle school
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community after their 17 years of fundraising. >> this is major for us. because like i say, now they're raising anywhere between 30 to 35,000 a year. that's like a major grander that we would get from a foundation. >> reporter: students spend time learning about the kellyanne dolan memorial fund and can only jump on the court if they raised a minimum of $45 for the cause. >> educational pieces, something we stress a lot over the years so that the kids don't think -- they know what their money is going towards so they know they're helping local families who are in tough financial times and tough situations. >> it feels good. i mean, it's sad we don't get to meet all of them but it feels good to help others. >> reporter: creative, colorful costumes and uniforms make the day of bonding through basketball even brighter. >> it adds a little more spice to a good cause and makes it a lot more fun and makes you want to participate. >> reporter: middle school is happening to raise $20,000 at
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today's event which will mean that in the last 17 years post hosting this they raised $400,000 for the kellyanne dolan memorial fund. reporting from warrington, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> you too can get involved and help the kellyanne dolan memorial fund. next month sewer serio is hosting the organize's taste 2017 food and spirit event. get on out that. it's all happening on marc march 25th. for tickets, head to our website and unforgettable afternoon in nicetown for children with special needs. mercy career and technical high school hosting its annual winter fest. about 75 children between the ages of six and 20 who either have a physical or mental disability attended today's event and it was packed full of fun and games. the best part about today, area teenagers who hosted and organized this event they got to make friends with local special needs children.
6:18 pm
>> it's a very best side of young people that come out, and they are generous, they are spontaneous, they are very very good friends for the day for these children who don't have a whole lot of opportunities to get out and it's wonderful day for them. they look forward to this every year. >> it's the 25th year for the annual winter fest. another successful event under their belts. ♪ the daytona 500 is airing this sunday that would be tomorrow right here on fox 29. and in tonight's hang's take, it looks like somebody got a little cabin fever and for our hank flynn and his need for speed, that green flag can't come soon enough. i tell you right now fox 29 has been dragging its feet getting into this whole auto racing business. that ends now. ♪ >> reporter: whoo! wow!
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: he's my hero. i love races i always have. with the daytona 500 sunday afternoon on fox i thought i'd get out and spread the word talk some smack even if my head does look like a canned ham in a helmet. roll the window down. hey, i'm a faster driver than you are. >> yeah. >> yeah. simple as that. >> reporter: i'm faster than you are. [ laughter ] >> that's right. as long as they know who the boss is. in the news business, we needing to places fast, fast drivers, fast vehicles i drove down by the airport to visit a friend of mine who's an expert to see how we're looking. >> i can tell you're a rookie there's no praying stripes new york city bumper marks, no nothing. if you're not ruch you ain't
6:20 pm
racing. >> williams is good. >> he don't look good. >> liquid lou can be very direct. veteran race drivers run everything from micro mid jets to super modifieds. been at it since he was a kid. whether you're a racer like he is a dork in a truck like me, or running daytona this weekend necessary skill set is the same. >> part of being a good race car driver you need to have good car control, you have to have good feel for what the car needs to make it go faster and you have to have good endurance and make good decisions. that's what sets a lot people off from everyone else. >> reporter: lou knows facts. former speedway lap record holder planning on running the full dirt modified schedule in new egypt 2017 and some other dates at other places. conversely lou knows what is slow. my fox 29 honda pilot. >> same car sped a world speed record. we dropped out of airplane.
6:21 pm
>> reporter: not fair. lou lives and breathe racing born into it. how did i miss the boat? >> i'm sorry washington did you say am i jealous. >> of course i'm jealous. are you kidding me. [ laughter ] >> that's why we get along. >> and that's why i've got to get out there and get after it in the street. >> daytona 500 is on fox this weekend, you know that, right. >> no, i didn't know. >> reporter: now you know. >> good to know. >> reporter: he ain't watching fox. i will be, though. you can join me. nascar says green flag flys around 2:00 o'clock this sunday afternoon at the world center of speed. the daytona international raceway. you'll see it where else, right here on fox. i'm good. whoo! i'm hank, and that's my take. ♪ two men make a daring rescue when girl gets stuck dangling out a window four stories high what police say happened that left her trapped for 30 minutes.
6:22 pm
plus a helicopter makes a crash landing in new jersey. what that chopper just missed to avoid any injuries on the ground.
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tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for one year. go to or call 1.888.get.fios. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. extended bonus buys only at my giant.nt. ♪ a dramatic rescue in china. two men save a little girl hanging from a window four stories high that is at an apartment building. the girl was hanging there with
6:25 pm
her head caught inside security bars. the men rushed in to help after hearing the girl scream. another witness on the ground held out a quilt in case the girl fell. took rescuers about 30 minutes to pry her loose. >> wow. >> lucky little girl. federal aviation administration is investigating why a helicopter crashed near an apartment complex in new jersey. this happened last night in chatham. pilt was not hurt but his lone passenger was taken to the hospital with back pain. the helicopter came down just 3 miles away from the morristown airport. fortunately no one on the ground was hurt. it's reason to celebrate when you reach 90 degrees old. >> yeah and today in old city, that was reason times three. [ laughter ] >> take look at these guys. betsy, joe and 19 ma spending this saturday rinking in their big 90 together. look at them. friends and family coming from all over the country to mark this special milestone for the trio. when asked about how they feel about being healthy and able to celebrate their birthdays
6:26 pm
together, the triplets had similar answers, of course. >> happy, can't believe how happy i am. i'm thrilled and blessed. really blessed. >> i also feel blessed with a happy family an lot of good friends and a lot of good fami family. can't ask for anything else. >> we're very fortunate that our families are so close. all of them. >> no fights. >> never had any big fights. we all get along amazingly. >> that's a lot of cuteness going on there. the triplets were born on february 27th, 1927. so they're actually two days shy of their birthday who's counting, dawn. >> they look pretty good, though, don't they. >> they do. republicans in washington are working to repeal the affordable care act but there's one hugely popular area of the law where lawmakers could find themselves in big trouble if they try to remove it. red carpet is rolled out in hollywood ahead of the academy
6:27 pm
awards. critics predictions are about to stars and who are the shoo ins. who will go home with the oscar. monica knows. >> oh, man, i'm so bad at guessing those things watch we'll be talking about in weather it was 70 degrees today. we also had severe thunderstor thunderstorms. sounds more like spring. we've got more seasonal weather on the way. stick around for that forecast coming up.
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♪ taking a live look into allentown tonight. thunderstorms have moved through that city. but some storms do remain in new jersey tonight. as we move on to the fox 29 weather authority talk about a dramatic change. really unbelievable. >> i know. we went from, like, late spring to -- i don't know, we're going cold again. meteorologist monica cryan here with what to expect and when. >> guys, it's been roller coaster 70s today and then severe storms rolled through. i want you to notice as we take look at your ultimate doppler radar what is moving in behind it. you can see some snow.
6:31 pm
now this is really going to stay to the north and west of us. but it is going to be ushering in some cooler air. don't expect 70 degrees for your high tomorrow. so here's where the storms continue. starting to break apart. become more dwindled in nature little bit more isolated as they continue to push off into the atlantic. as of right now, no warnings. no severe thunderstorm warnings. there was earlier. back through atlantic and cape may county. notice there's strathmere up into atlantic city we still have some stronger showers and thunderstorms but even that is starting to push off into the atlantic and most of us if anything is falling it's just a light drizzle maybe even some shower activity back through philadelphia and into camden so this is starting to wrap itself up. we still have watch in place. severe thunderstorm watch that goes through south jersey and no delaware. back through parts of philadelphia and into delaware county also included win that but again this is starting to come to an end here's why. those 70-degree temperatures that we had through the
6:32 pm
afternoon that really was the fuel to the fire. so to speak when it came to severe thunderstorms. destabilize the atmosphere and those storms really got going. now we're losing that daytime heat. we're at 53 degrees. those winds still at about 13 miles per hour. here's where we sit 53 in philadelphia. 55 for those of us in millville. 55 degrees in to wrightstown taking a look at your future cast, this is gone through the overnight. and then we're actually seeing a nice clearing so that by tomorrow morning, our sunday, a lot more sunshine. monday more cloud cover. so sunday is your great day for some sunshine but we are going to see some cooler temperatures. even tonight we're looking at cooler temperatures. 37 degrees. that's a big drop but also have gradual clearing with winds out of the west ten to 15 miles per hour. it will stay breezy. your high for tomorrow, look at that. 47 degrees, guys, that's a big difference. i think a lot of people will be able to feel it but at least we've got nice sunshine. monday mostly cloudy and then tuesday we're talking a shower chance. temperatures, though, look at that, guys, getting back into the upper 60s.
6:33 pm
so another kind of spring like midweek. back to you. >> that's also crazy but we'll take those warmer temperatures. thank you monica. well, president trump's first 100 days ton night local opposition to his promise to change the affordable care act. big crowds gathering in center city for the philly health care rally. the group is defending the affordable care act which president trump is vowing to repeal much the group today says it proposed -- his proposed changes to obama care could have devastating effects on millions of americans. senator casey also speaking at today's rally reiterating his commitment to fight for the law. >> we are learning more tonight about what may be in the republican plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> one crucial point, medication expansion. fox's peter doocy has latest thon. >> reporter: fans of obama care like to point out more than 26 million people got coverage flew the law. but a majority got covered
6:34 pm
through expanded state medicaid programs which cover low income americans. 31 states and the district of columbia got help picking up the tab with expanded funding from the feds. that republicans suggest will be reduced. but the gop should be wear because 84% of those surveyed by the kaiser family foundation want congress to keep the expanded medicaid funding in place. and gop leadership just isn't under pressure from the public. they're hearing it from house speaker paul ryan's predecessor. >> they'll fix obama care. i shouldn't call it repeal and replace that's not what's going oh happen. >> mitch mcconnell says he hopes fellow republican boehner speaker during dozens of successful votes to repeal part of the acu is off base. >> i sure hope he's wrong. we need to do that commit many we made to the american people. dated february 10th but published by politico reportedly contains the gop's long awaited obama carey placement and charts a plan to toss out the individual mandate and make big
6:35 pm
cuts to the medicaid expansion. things obama care architect dr. seek emmanuel has been warning against. >> it would be a disaster. the first thing is in the first year, 18 until i don't know americans would lose their health insurance. >> reporter: democratic governors are now protesting at the prospect of getting less federal money. >> i think what congress what love to do is push all those costs off on to the states. >> reporter: republican governors just hope that even if there's less funding, they'll have more flexibility. >> if the federal government wants to be involved in, hooks they want covered, give money to me and let me figure out if i can do it better. >> peter doocy reporting for us tonight. house democratic leader nancy pelosi said that the tax plan allows millionaires and billionaires to get enormous tax breaks while workers would have to pay taxes on their employer provided health coverage. the red carpet is rolled out in hollywood ahead of the academy awards. next critics predictions about the stars who are shoe insing to
6:36 pm
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♪ well the biggest night in hollywood starts only about 24 hours from now. the oscars will be handed out for the best films of 2016 and
6:39 pm
la la land is the favorite to clean up on this year's awards. >> some of the year's other stand outs could collect plenty of hardware as well. fox's michelle polino has a preview for us. ♪ strange we keep running into each other. >> reporter: countdown to the oscars continues the musical phenomenon la la land is nominated in 14 categories and considered the favorite to win best picture. ♪ >> this year la la land doesn't just have a lock it's got like a death like grip on this best picture category. i think what you'll see is coattails. >> don't you think i had dreams and hopes. >> supporting acting category have i yoel la davis is expected to continue her winning streak for fences and moonlight will take home the gold for his role in moonlight. >> at some point you got to decide for yourself who you want to be.
6:40 pm
>> i think ali is getting enormous traction for moonlight. jeff bridges is still a possibility but he's won the oscar before and not too long ago. >> as for the lead acting category, those are down to two front runners. >> you can peek too soon. casey affleck may have peaked too soon. he was considered the frontrunner for a long time and then suddenly denzel wins the screen actor's guild award. negative campaign against casey personally. and denzel now has the momentum. >> maybe i'm not good enough. >> two candidates in a tight race for best actress ma'am stone and the french actress. i think it's going to be emma stone. number one they're both extraordinary actors with extraordinary performances. emma stone plays a more sympathetic characte in the movie we like more. >> this is dream.
6:41 pm
conflict, and compromise, very very -- >> win or lose on sunday night all the nominees can celebrate the attention their films generated leading up to hollywood biggest night. michelle polino, fox news. well could your workout be killing your sex live 80 interesting link researchers found between exercise intensity are your libido. >> he's a sharp 87-year-old local man and now he's speaking out for all senior citizens. he says are caught up in the crisis over prescription painkillers through no fault of their own.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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only fios can. >> in your health tonight growing numbers of seep yours on pain medication and finding themselves in the middle of our nation's opioid crisis. some medical experts say seniors are just the latest growing population of opioid addicted and overdosed. >> it's happening at an alarming rate. but as 78 -- 87-year-old man from our area is fighting back. he reached out to us to tell his story. ♪ >> it's not how you look. it's how you feel. [ laughter ] >> i know that's for fact. >> that's how mr. john responds to all the compliments he gets on how great he looks at 87 years old.
6:45 pm
>> i is have a torn meniscus in my left knee. i'm on oxygen and i'll be on it for the rest of my life. >> not so bad he says as long as he keeps his gorgeous childhood sweetheart by his side. >> this year i'll be married 70 years with my wife. i have five children. 12 grandchildren and 17 greats. >> john loves keeping up with current events and miss marie she loves relaxing in her favorite chair enjoying her favorite classic movie. >> we've seen hard times, we've seen good times, we've seen bad times. >> but no time has been worse he says than what he and the mrs. are going through right n now. managing pain in the twilight of their lives. >> it brought something out on the market never warned me or anybody else that that was going to come back that we couldn't get off it. so now we're trapped. >> caught in the middle of the nation's opioid crisis. >> really get dependent on this stuff.
6:46 pm
>> seniors patients over 50 years old account for at least 30% of opioid overdose cases that's according to a study by johns hopkins university. but some medical experts believe the percentage now may have grown even higher than that. >> i never took a pain pill until i was 80 years old. >> he says he had major back surgery in 2010. >> and gave me 180 pills per month of oxycodone. >> and for almost seven years -- >> i was taking them like every four hours. as soon as i felt pain coming on, to me it was like an aspirin. i could take one and 15, 20 minutes later i didn't have any pain. >> that's all changed. now that the government is cracking down on what authorities suspect was too many doctors over prescribing narcotic painkillers. and too many patients and non non-patients abusing the meds. >> we have a real crisis. >> it's an effort to safe lives. >> now they're putting me in the
6:47 pm
category of addict. >> we're in the naming or blaming john's doctors past or present. we cannot say that john was over prescribed oxycodone for this condition. nor can we say that john ever took more than the dosage he was prescribed. we can say, however, that he's done feeling ashamed or guilty and abandoned. >> it's not fair. it's not fair. >> he says after his doctor of nearly 40 years retired, he enter the a nightmare to try to find a new doctor who would help him manage his pain at a level he was used to. >> she says, well, we're going to cut you down to a certain point where the pain will be tolerable. >> 30 pills fewer per month. next doctor visit -- >> she said i violator the rules by being eight pills short. that was the end after she talk to the boss and told me to go look for another pain manageme management. >> john says when he asked why -- >> john, if we keep giving you these things we could lose or licenses. >> john says he was losing his
6:48 pm
dignity and his ability to cope with the pain. >> how bad is this pain? >> you get nervous, you get twitch chi. >> desperation set in. >> i don't have anybody else to go to so i have ting up to bleep bleep once a month, right, pay, considering i paid the prescription $18. it's now costing me $150 for the pain management doctor. >> can you get off of these things? >> i heard it's very hard to get off of it something about some kind of -- you have to go away to a rehab or something. sometimes i feel like maybe i should go but then i say, well, i'm not going to go away for couple of months and leave my family. i'm 87. and i don't know how much time i have left i would sure like to spend it with as less pain as possible. >> his wife is suffering too, right now. side effects they believe from
6:49 pm
fentanyl patches that they say were prescribed for back pain. >> her hands like this, walking around, moaning, oh, oh, oh. i don't know what to do for her. >> she toll us she's taking anxiety medication now. john says he's speaking out now for all seniors in pain desperate for relief and hooked on a medication through no fault of their own by doing what they trusted was the right thing. >> a lot of times i took the paper and here it is again. >> growing numbers of overdoses and deaths do bother him. >> sometimes i feel like, hey, i'm getting off of these things. i'm starting to feel good and then all of a sudden it hits me one day i'm just feel like i'm going to withdrawal. >> john is down to 112 pills a month now, and doing okay he says. >> marie says she has no complaints about her treatment which includes vicodin but they both feel safer that their
6:50 pm
granddaughter tiffany watches over them. >> i would just like to see them comfortable. i think they deserve that. >> i'm doing the best i can, joyce, that's all i can tell y you. i'm still out there fighting. >> they could be anybody's grandparents. mr. john is very much hoping that his story can help others and his generation. he's also hoping that it serves as warning for young people to think twice before using or abusing such powerful medications. all right. listen up men who strenuously work out may be killing their sex life that's according to new study. researchers compared 1100 men and look at intensity of their work outs and libido. researchers discovered those who had less intense workout had a higher sex drive when compared those who exercised for shorter amount of time. researchers say more study need to be done since men self reported their results. intense workouts might make men too tired for sex they might
6:51 pm
experience a post exercise drop in testosterone. sean? >> perfect segue right there, ladies. got to love. [ laughter ] >> lots going on in sports right now. i work out. villanova wildcats look to clinch the big east regular season title with a win on senior day. we have your highlights and flyers travel to pittsburgh to take on the penguins to play outside at heinz field the stadium pick back up this evening battle penguins and flyers. we get you set way preview next in sports.
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♪ for the third time in franchise history the flyers will take the ice in regular season game outside. this time around they travel to pittsburgh to take on the rival penguins who currently sit with a third most points in the league. the stated stadium series started officially three years ago and while it's a beautiful
6:54 pm
sight to see in the grand scheme of things, the games are normally sloppy and choppy. after an almost 80-degree day yesterday in pittsburgh, you can expect more of the same this evening with a puck drops at 8:00 p.m. sloppy ice or not there's no question that the players love the change of atmosphere. >> it's fun. i mean i thought the ice was actually pretty decent. it's different don't hear as much noises out here. it's hard to explain. it's fun and like i said it's pretty hot. >> it's awesome. some guys don't get a chance to do that throughout their career and this is my second time able to play outdoor game so it's always cool to come to big stadiums a lot of fans. 3:00 o'clock. thunderstorm. neighbor just informed me. by the way that young guy. rocket to left centerfield. >> yankees center fielder tyler weighed glove hits the ball it goes under the wall wade thinks the ball is dead but the umpire still ruled it live.
6:55 pm
franco chugs all the way around the bases for inside the park home one. phillies within six to five. college hard wool nova hoops. today's game versus creighton senior day a chance to recognize the out standing a chief. by the three seniors josh hart, kris jenkins and darrell reynolds in 140 games played for nova never suffered back to back defeats. one heck of a program. jay wright has cooking up on it's mainline. to the pavilion we go. reynolds right there. kris jenkins up next. and josh hart who i just found out today, ladies, is an eagles scout. i made it to the week blows. never made passed that. jenkins the strip. dante drives but heart tips in it for two. later in the half all nova. maikel bridges with the strip he gets the steal and finds hart. he finished with a nice dunk right there. he had 16 points on the day. nova wins 79-63 and they clinch the big east regular season title.
6:56 pm
from the mainline to broad street we go. temple and tulane pick it up overtime rose finds for the dunk part of a seven-zero run. owls win 86-76 and now are 500 for the season. build on that win fran dunphy and company. all right. and we head to st. joe's at st. louis and check this game out. five seconds left. st. joe's down three. mystery throw -- missed free throw. got a chance to tie the game with three. i said they have a chance to tie the game with a three. he tried. poor kid. he gets the buzzer. they lose 61-60. eighth straight loss. >> let's talk nascar that's right. the daytona 500 takes place tomorrow afternoon right here on fox 29. for the most popular driver among race fans dale earnhardt, jr., he makes his return to the track after missing the second half of last season due to concussions. for the most part, little e is treating it like any other race. >> i don't have any emotions.
6:57 pm
i feel like it's another speed week. um, i think once i get into the car, it's going to be exciting to be back and get back in the the competition. so i'm looking forward to the races and stuff. haven't been a part of in so long. >> i'm so proud of, you know, how dale jr. has approach this and now he's healthy. he's married. i mean he just seems to be in really good place and ready to get back to what he's so loves which is racing. stay with nascar last night daytona truck race second lap and there's all sorts of mayhem you'll see it. looked like number 37 car got little loose. came down and sent the 15 into the wall. nothing but wrecks all across the board last night. crazy race for sure. >> wow! >> yeah. lots of stuff. >> that is our news for this saturday night. >> thanks for watching your life lottery drawing is next followed by tmz. we'll see you back here at 10:0. ♪
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