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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 3, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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4:00 o'clock straight upright now on good "good day philadelphia" and we have breaking news there has been a shooting with multiple victims a car has crashed right now we know at least four people in the hospital and we have a live report. and that sinking feeling a sing hell big enough to cause trouble for some cars, what is being done, right now. torpedo that two torpedoes found in toms river, what they turned out to be. bundle up. it is cold outside there. checking radar, taking a look and this system looks like it will clip on us, on this friday, good day, thank you so much for waking up early and joining us on this march 3rd.
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>> ♪ >> okay, thank you. >> jackson five. >> yes, exactly. >> you each get a play list every day and today is bob's day. >> i have jackson five, i want you back, sugar by honey bunch , it is the same old song , motown. >> thank you, good way to start the musical weekend. >> good happy hour sing along song. >> yes, for a friday. i think we will see if we are happy to start that happy hour we would like to have our own weather back but that spring- like temperature will not be with us until next week we won't get a return to the warmer temperatures but get ready for wintry weekend starting to day six out of 10. bus stop buddy, at least he is not blowing away. it is not as windy but it is cold and will eventually see, some sunshine. it is 34 degrees but feels like 25, still kind of breezy out there, sunrise time is 6:31 now and wind chills in the 20's just about every
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where, although in the mountains it feels like 10 degrees and feels like 31 in wildwood. we're seeing initially some lake effect moisture reaching all the way down to washington d.c. it looks like they are getting a coating on the ground and in that vicinity, can't rule out flurry or two for us, there is nothing in the area at the moment but we will keep an eye on things. we could get snow or rain shower in the afternoon with the clipper system that karen mentioned and it will be 41, 42 degrees for high temperature. sunset time 5:55. play that number, 555. >> triple five's on your clock this morning. on your clock right now, it is 4:02, tgif. good morning. we are looking good on the major roadways no problems here on the schuylkill expressway. roads are dry for now working in and out of the city. vine street expressway is opened, crew did his not work last night, so no problems, you don't to have navigate that detour which will add another 15 minutes tour trip.
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ben franklin bridge looking good, all glory there putting on a show for us, camden toll plaza to give you an idea of the wind this morning. work crews are still with us along ramps from 295 to 42 as well as ramps from 42 to 295, you know the normal drill through bellmawr here until 5:00 o'clock. a new closure becaus of some erosion of one of the bridges, brandywine creek road, closed, between green valley, and pal road just outside west chester , and then just east of the downingtown. so be readied for a detour there. turnpike connector bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic as they try to take care of that structural problem. again, all of the detours, folks using burlington bristol , we have five bridge openings yesterday, which makes it tough for that alternate. trenton makes bridge or of course scudders falls. market frankford line no problems, to report, we are using the night owl bus services until 5:00.
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september on's regional rails getting off to a good start no problems lansdale airport or the media elwyn line and new jersey transit's river line using shuttle buses between walter rand and the entertainment complex, all due to some sewer work right there along the track, karen, back over to you. thank you, right now we are following breaking news that has been happening in east mt. airy just happened two hours ago. we know at least four people were injured in the shooting on germantown avenue. one is in critical condition. is there a car crash. lets get out to the scene with jenny joyce to explain what we know, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there were a lot of people involved in this. there were four shooting victims, additional witnesses because all this happened inside of a club/bar restaurant down the street in the 7100 block of germantown. chief inspector small you explained it was an active club scene at closing, there was performers on stage, there was some sort of a fight that spilled outside on to the
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street and then kind of explain what happened next. >> there was an argument inside of the bar/restaurant. the employees made everyone exit the bar and when they were outside, on the sidewalk, in front of the bar there was an argument that escalated into a physical altercation and then someone fired a eight shots. and subsequently, four individuals, one of whom was the bartender who was outside trying to help break up the fight, was also shot. so we have four shooting victims, one is in critical condition. >> reporter: four shooting victims, one is critical a 26 year-old man. we know victims are recovering at einstein medical center. the female employee was shot that was bartender is that correct. >> yes, female shot in the leg , age 26, she was, the bartender tonight and she went outside to help other employees break up the fight and just get everyone dispersed and while she was trying to help everyone she
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ended up getting shot herself. >> reporter: who was the fight between was it like two groups of people do we have any idea or just two people total or groups of people. >> i'm not certain how many people were involved in the argument that actually turned into a physical fight. we are not certain at this time. we have a lot of witnesses, a lot of cameras and we're talking to a lot of people. we're pretty confident we will solve this one rather quickly. >> reporter: we know there is another scene about three minutes away from here, down germantown and upsol can you explain there was aid car crash there? >> yes, six blocks south of this location one of the victims was being transported by friends to a hospital, and when they got to the 6500 block of germantown avenue that car lost control, and crashed into a telephone pole, police were following that car , and when they investigated they found the 26 year-old victim in the back seat, that is the victim who is now, in critical condition, because police rushed in right
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him right to einstein hospital and that is most severe of our four shooting victims that 26 year-old who is in critical condition. and the three other victims have minor injuries and they are talking and working with police right now. >> the three other victims are shot. we never consider that minor but they are just hit in areas like their hands, the leg, where they are fortunately and lucky, luckily because it was a large caliber weapon they are in stable condition. >> reporter: they are working with you now. >> yes, some of the victims the ones in stable condition are talking, they are talking to detectives, individuals that drove some of the victims to the hospital they are cooperating with us and of course the employees of the restaurant they are also being questioned and they are cooperating. >> reporter: chief, thanks very much. again, four people shot, three in stable condition, one in critical, that is the 26 year-old male all at einstein and fortunately we have witnesses and i heard you have cameras in the area so hopefully that will help with
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this investigation, karen, now back to you. lots of information, right there, thanks, we appreciate it. also there has been a sinkhole in kensington and this is causing a major headache for drivers. hole opened up in the middle of east clearfield street at frankford avenue. unfortunately water didn't did not block it off and several cars drove right in to it. drivers were eventully able to free their vehicles. city is covering that hole with the board until repairs can be made. many questions right now over where in the philadelphia police department will move its headquarters, department had been planning to move to west philadelphia but that may not be happening anymore lets get out to steve keeley at our current police headquarters to explain, steve >> reporter: like as the world turns, long story about the round house continues to go round and round. the plan to move out and move up to forty-sixth and market street as first reported last may again, in companies, after the mayor's budget address yesterday when they say what
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they will spend and what they will spend it on and they have been spending millions fixing up the old provident mutual life building in west philadelphia right along market frankford elevated tracks at 4601 market street. mayor kenney spokesmen again reiterates to chris o'connell last night who reported this story that the despite work being done for more than a year, on this old building, he said quote the city is in the middle of a thorough review of plans by the nutter administration to relocate police head quarters. >> i think while probably it was a novel concept years ago, decades ago it was outdated, probably not long after it was built, lou at the shape of it, you know what it is shaped up when you look at it from the sky level it is placed like handcuffs. we have people shaped in cub i holes, and i can't people
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working like that. we absolutely need a new facility. the mayor will be first person to tell you that. he has been working very hard to try to get that done for us but building is very, very old often times in the wintertime it is very cold and sometimes in the summer it vice hot. >> reporter: looking forward to a new place. >> yes. >> reporter: well, philadelphia magazine first reported last may that the kenney administration is looking at the former inquirer and newspaper building here at 400 north broad street next to the school administration building, still sitting vacant since the paper sold it, moved out to eighth and market street in the old strawbridge building and the buyer did not get one of those philly casino licenses. maybe gamble of buying this building will eventually pays off if the city then buy is it and puts police headquarters there. one of the advantages, inquirer building certainry closer to the criminal justice center where hundreds of police have to go every day and, of course, closer to
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center city and the center of all of the action in this big city in america. >> closer to the courts and there is no parking at other location. we will see what will happen. thanks, steve. we want to show you sky fox over a fire at a senior living center in south jersey. a lot of activity there outside ivy stone senior living off route 130 in pennsauken. authorities say fire broke out at 6:00 last night. flames were contained to the boiler room. the good news no one was hurt. demolition crew in new jersey makes a very unusual finding, they discovered two torpedoes under a house they were tearing down. workers were demolishing the homes in toms river when they found that. what we are looking at is torpedoes, u.s. navy explosive disposal technicians came out to the scene and they determined that these were replicas used for training and disposed of them. looking to live in the city of philadelphia? coming up next on good day why you are likely going to have to dig into your pockets when
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it comes those high rise buildings. also a judge, in the casey anthony case has a they are bye what happened to her little girl, and how he thinks , that she may have killed her daughter. good morning, bob. good morning, everybody. 4:12. tgif. come on sugar by honey bunch we will go for a ride on the northeast extension. we have construction between mid county up to lansdale. sues serio thinks she's at a jerry blavat dance there in the weather center. lets go to the ben franklin parkway, we are looking good. sueby has your weekend forecast when we come right back. >> ♪
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look at this a group of skiers in italy getting an up close view of mt. etna, volcano started awakening in late january and then started to erupt. those are skiers, right there, watch they got so close. at very end of the february the 27th of february and it is still erupting and people are checking out those really interesting lava flows, right there. we have had an interesting you can say weather in our area, sue, every day different you never know. >> that is right yesterday the headline was wind, how windy was it? well, we got to 57 miles an hour wind gusts in newtown square delaware county yesterday, cape may recorded a 54 miles an hour gust. maguire air force base 52. here in philadelphia our peak
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wind gust was 51 miles an hour 48 miles an hour in atlantic city. that is where we were yesterday. we will go back to blustery not only today but tomorrow, as well, and not as high as the winds were yesterday but it still will be windy and we will be dealing with wintry temperatures over the weekend and even colder wind chills. here's where we are right now with temperatures, many of them in the 30's. this is just a few degrees above freezing but what matters, of course, is wind chill and we have wind speeds sustained at 12, 10, 6 miles an hour. that makes it feel colder then it is. basically we will tell you to dress for wind chills in the 20's, or teens, because it feels like it is 19 degrees in allentown right now. because of these northwesterly winds blowing across the great lakes, there is this one area of moisture streaming down from lake erie through pittsburgh area and it looks like that moisture is settling just around the area between washington d.c. and baltimore where it looks like there is
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probably a coating on the ground, maybe even a light accumulation and nothing in our area just yet but as we look at the future cast we could get the same situation here with a clipper system coming through this afternoon. it is pretty weak system but it could touch off a couple of snow showers, driving along and then all of a sudden you are blinded by a snow squall or two. that can happen between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. maybe driving home, going to happy hour, just be on the alert for that. bob kelly has signed up for that. 48 degrees is our current normal high, we were well above that but early in the morning, yesterday. today we will average around 40 degrees and the high tomorrow is only 33, and with the wind it will feel colder and it is still cold, on sunday, but by monday, and tuesday, of next week it looks like we will than back to those springtime temperatures at least for a lit while. roller coaster ride continues, more drama mean please.
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>> did you say you were taking to us happy hour. >> see. >> there you go. good morning. come on, it is friday we are having some fun this morning. 4:17. live look at 202 near valley road in malvern. everything dry, no problems. this afternoon could be dicey, sue just mentioned but for right now we will take it n problems coming out of northeast philadelphia, coming down i-95 rolling through that construction zone. manny don't know how folks do that every day. i went through that construction zone yesterday heading up to the liberty bell diner. you had a tractor trailer next to you and you hold your breath and hope you can get past barrier. overall all of the major roadways coming into philadelphia looking good. jenny joyce on the scene of that accident and shooting here at germantown avenue closed at upsol so watch out for local detours just off of the lincoln drive-in lower merion, haverford road an accident right here at medford road, local detours there they are working on the turnpike.
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couple different spots, one spot here between delaware valley interchange, over to the philadelphia bensalem interchange which is route one and route one that is where your best alternate to jump off and use an alternate either burlington, scudders, trenton morrisville bridge for duration of that turnpike connection bridge closure. big delays yesterday at philly international mainly because of the wind as our fox 29 jumbo jet banks to the left and comes around, just checked with the airline this morning in case is there any left over delays. work crews are still out here on the freeway over in bellmawr. karen, back over to you. >> thanks very much, bob. lets look at other headlines right now police say it was a troubled teenager who attacked a robbed a grandmother who stuck her in the closet tied her up for days in her chester county home this happened in brandywine township. prosecutors have charged a 17 year-old, they say he attacked the seven two-year old victim, stole her car and her credit cards and then left her bound, locked in the closet with a
4:20 am
plastic bag over her head. it was her daughter in law who found her finally four days later. political news right now first 100 days there is a new report raising concerns about russia, and the presidential election. according to u.s.a. today attorney general jeff sessions is not only member of the president trump's campaign accused of speaking to a russian ambassador. paper claims two other advisors spoke with the russian envoy during a g.o.p. convention in cleveland. they were reportedly members of the trump's campaign's national security team, according to this report contacts came at a time when u.s. intelligence community had conclude that had russia and the government was trying to influence our presidential election. also being reported vice-president mike pence used a private e-mail account to conduct public business as governor of indiana. paper claims that some e-mails discussed sensitive matters and that pence personal e-mail account was hacked last summer vp's office says pence e-mail was fully complied with state
4:21 am
law. attorney general jeff sessions maintains he did not lie or withhold the truth from the senate committee about his contacts with russian officials regardless sessions said he will recues himself from the federal investigation into russian interference in the election. during a news conference he said just because he is reducing himself does not mean a department of justice investigation is in the works. >> this announcement should not be interpreted as confirmation of existence of any investigation, or suggestive of the scope of any such investigation. >> president trump says he has full confidence in sessions but democrats are still demand that he resign saying he has lost his credibility to lead the justice department. trump administration has two more cabinet members texas governor rick perry was sworn in as energy secretary. perry says he will work to develop american energy in all forms and protect our nation's
4:22 am
nuclear stockpile. also doctor ben carson, he is secretary of housing and urban retirement. retired neurosurgeon says he is a strong advocate for holistic approach to publish assistance. 4:22. it is lenten season and you give up check late, coffee, alcohol, typically there is no meat on fridays but there is one special friday, guess what we are getting a free pass. but first sean bell, hi there, sean. >> coming up in sports in a first action for the flyers in a must win game see if he can rise to the occasion, coming up next in sports.
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good morning i'm sean bell , flyers getting ready for playoff fish but if they are going to get it done, they have to start now and they did last night against panthers. third period flyers down by one, and new guy getting it done in the clutch, filppula with a game tying goal this would go to the shoot-out, steve mason getting it done in the clutch, he had 39 saves, flyers win, two-one. to the phillies spring training, aaron nola seeing his first action and looked great. went two innings giving up zero runs. and freddie galvis had it going. that is an rbi double right there, two run double, this game ended in a eight all tie. vinny curry proving he can get it done off the field as
4:26 am
well as on, he visited alan lock elementary school and spoke to kids about setting goals, and then achieving them that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. thanks, sean. coing up, at 4:30 long lines outside best buy stores last evening all for one thing so what had people waiting outside in the cold, for hours
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breaking news overnight at four people shot at a bar at closing time. we have live report with the latest details. lets look live at the radar, sue's tracking when this clipper system will be clipping us. biden brother scandal, oh, brother now allegations of drugs and prostitutes in a messy romance. good day, everybody it is a friday. >> ♪ >> thank you for spending this tunes, bob kelly's selection. >> i'm going back to my dj day , finnegan's wake, bent elbow i brought all my music. >> you will do that, you will
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get to pick all of sue's music is what your favorite era of music. >> i will only pick one song and play it over and over again. >> sue, sue serio. >> only one waste on that one. >> everybody thinks it was about me. i thought it was about me. it is not. >> oh, stop it; it is. >> all right. are you trying to stall on this. >> well, just isn't happening now, probably not until later on the possibility of some snow showers as we will sianni maybe a squall or two and that brings is down to a six out of 10. you have to bundle up, gloves are back on, flyers cap on, they won last night and then nice warm blanket coat. at least it is not as windy as yesterday but we have a wind chill, 34 degrees, feels like 25, and we will see some sunshine, with sunrise official, we have most of our, wind chills in the 20's, dress
4:31 am
for that and get ready for sunshine and we see some around washington d.c. area this morning but for us so far , so good. sunny and breezy when it is not snow showering and a high only of 40 degrees. we will have another breeze that will feel chillier then that and get ready for more as we head in the weekend, that forecast is coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 4:31. waking up. we have our first morning accident on the majors blue route, this is 476 southbound between right between macdade boulevard we will get for a ride here on the southbound side between route three and the macdade boulevard interchange, heading on down maybe get an early flight out of philly international, not blocking any lanes but that stretch that they don't have overhead street lamps. coming up, jenny joyce live at the shooting location, germantown avenue blocked right here near upsol so watch out for local detours as that
4:32 am
investigation goes in the beginning of the morning. lower merion a crash, haverford road at medford road and they are working on the turnpike between route 13 delaware valley interchange and the philly interchange. not a lot of traffic at this hour but that route one philadelphia bensalem interchange is where they advised everybody to jump off to avoid that turnpike connection bridge closure. they are still working over here in south jersey on the ramps between the 25, 42 that whole interchange there construction until about 5:30 or so. good morning to northeast philadelphia, live look at i-95, no problems from cottman on in, we are looking good on the schuylkill expressway coming into downtown and no problems out of south philadelphia. i just check, we had huge delays yesterday, day before actually because of the rain, win, so far, so good down there at philly international, karen, back over to you. we want to get to breaking news police are on the scene of the early morning shooting in east mt. airy we know there are four victims and one is in critical condition, jenny
4:33 am
joyce at the scene and has very latest, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. all four victims are recovering at einstein medical center, one is in critical, three are in stable, shooting happened outside a 7165 germantown avenue bar and restaurant around 2:15 this morning. police say bar was lively at closing time, a live band was performing on the stage and then a fight broke out, people involved were ushered outside when shots were fired. one of the victims is a female who ran outside to try to break up the fight and was struck in the leg and is in stable condition, two men were shot and are also stable. police say when they arrived they saw a car speed ago way, officers followed the car, crashed in the utility pole, but six blocks down the street at germantown and upsol a man shot four times in the torso is found in the back seat of that car. this is the fourth victim, he was transported in critical condition at this point police
4:34 am
believe there was only one shooter, he is not in custody yet but police are hopeful it is just a matter of time. >> we have so many witnesses and so many victims and we have so many cameras, including cameras inside of the business where the fight initially happened. we're confident that we will be able to solve this crime because we're certain based on witness information that the shooter was inside of the bar/ restaurant prior to this all happening. >> reporter: police say eight shots were fired and we are zoomed in through a shot of the bullet holes front window of the restaurant. people are talking to investigators. in addition there are several witnesses over at northwest detectives also talking with investigators. karen. >> all right, jenny thanks very much. we need to get to a sinkhole in kensington causing
4:35 am
a major headache, for drivers. now this all happened up in the middle of the east clear field street taking a look at where it is where they have covered it up near frankford avenue. water didn't did not get out there in time to blowing off and several cars drove through the hole and they got stuck, eventually, they were able to free their vehicles, the city has it covered right now. you can see a board over it so repairs can be made. steve keeley heading to that scene and will have a live report coming up. from newark delaware police say that guy donald maxwell junior has now been arrested for committing a lewd act. several university of delaware students say they saw him naked outside one of the residents halls committing this act. officers say it was surveillance cameras that caught his vehicle and that is how they tracked him down. we want to show you another person, who was now, behind bars after police in delaware said he was driving while on drugs. cops called james kimmel over in dover last night forehead light out. when there they smelled
4:36 am
alcohol, marijuana and when they searched his car they found more than 20 grams of the marijuana and more than 8 grams of crystal meth and he is facing a number of charges. there was a pill scare at a delaware middle school that half dozen children sent to the hospital at brandywine school district. officials say there was a student at ps du pont middle school that brought pills to school and gave them out to five other kids. when other officials found out they said lets get everybody over to the hospital. it turns out it was just vitamin c but out of an abundance of caution they wanted to make sure they were better safe then sorry. police in camden county need your help to get a bank robber off the streets. camden county prosecutor's office and cherry hill police say that guy walked in the td bank on the 1700 block of east route 70 and handed teller a note demanding cash. he got away in a silver minivan with new jersey plates estranged wife of the former vice-president, joe biden's sonnies claiming that her x squandered their drugs on drugs, alcohol and
4:37 am
prostitutes. kathleen biden has asked judge to order hunter biden to stop squander their assets. hunter biden's attorney did not address allegations and said that biden hopes that the couple's privacy can be respected. this comes amid reports that hunter biden is dating haley biden who was widow of his late brother, beau biden. talk about star power we will have a great show on good day this morning because we have the stars from the new chips movie coming up, dax shepherd so cute, so funny, michael pena also in our studio do not miss it, they will be here, that is coming up in the our 8:00 o'clock hour. we will be right back.
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in georgia flames engulf a car a man is inside but there are two officers who risked their lives and they save him and that man has a story to tell. officers are mark still and welling ton. they hear a crash, they see the fire, officers still says he saw a car explode in the ball of fire. he knew he had to save the driver. he says his days in the military kicked in, that is baton he takes that and then slammed it into the door to break that man free. >> the seat belt was already burned off, he was partially on fire, his vehicle was on fire. we pulled him out. >> he was still on fire when
4:41 am
we pulled him out. we had to lay him down because it was too hot. >> officers say they don't necessity that man's name but they do know he survive and will recover. in florida there is an inmate who attacks a corrections officer wow, right from behind, man, police say 22-year old suspect toed a towel around officer's neck and then tried to extract will him. so violent. watch upper part of the screen you can see officer tugging, fighting for air and eventually able to getaway thanks to the other inmates. here it is, right there that is the attack, we are seeing it again. that guy in for burglary and charged with aggravated battery. this caused a controversy maybe you had problems with amazon big outage a couple days ago and now we know what happened and it had to do with the stroke of one key. we will explain.
4:42 am
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plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. go to or call 1.888.get.fios get the best. get fios. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning. here's i-95 right here near broad street the stadium area this trying to get an angle on what is going on. it looks like one or two vehicles involved here but it is i-95 near broad street interchange so between broad street and the approach of the walt whitman bridge. they are also dealing with an accident on the blue route, 476, it is southbound, right here near macdade boulevard
4:45 am
off to what would be the right shoulder and right lane, it comes up fast as you are rolling south here, we don't have any overhead street lamps and then police activity that we just heard from jenny joyce at germantown avenue shut down at upsol as they investigate a overnight shooting. a new close another that came into play yesterday. it looks like a bridge from creek road closed from green valley to powell road, they were inspecting the bridges and it looks like some dirt kind of washed away. they have lane restrictionness place, so they can get that all fixed up, over lower merion haverford road at medford road, and they are still working on the the turnpike between delaware valley interchange and philadelphia bensalem interchange. we are closer and closer to the st. patrick's day parade and we have a brand new parade route. i'm excited bit. we will kick off at 16th and jfk right there in front of the suburban station. living out in the suburbs take a regional rail line in, bam
4:46 am
up to the street level and then right there beginning of the parade. we will take you around city hall and then east on market street and we will eventually ends up at penns landing where dancers and groups will meet their buses. tv cameras, reviewing stand right here in market street right in front of the independence hall with independence mall as the backdrop. make sure put it in your calendar to join us, sunday march 12th, that is next sunday right here for philadelphia st. patrick's daze parade, it takes place along market street, here from noon to three, of course, we will broadcast parade live right here on fox 29 and re broadcast it gannon st. patrick's day, itself. sueby has your weekend forecast in 15 seconds.
4:47 am
we are practicing our irish dance to go get ready for the parade a week from sunday. boy, i figured that out by myself. we have snow showers chance later today as we go down weather headlines. get ready for wintry weekend temperatures. it will be a cold one. but you don't to have wait too long for those spring-like temperatures to come back. that is early next week. so lets get into details. right now temperatures some in the 30's like philadelphia, 34 thirty-three in wilmington. thirty-five in dover. it is only 19 in mount pocono cold air up there, factor in the wind 12 miles an hour in the city, feels like 25. so just pretending it it is 25 and dress for that. make sure you have your winter coat. you will need to it day and if you are heading out doing anything this weekend you will need that as well especially tomorrow which will be colder then today. now lets talk precipitation we have moisture coming down from
4:48 am
the great lakes and disturbance around washington d.c. perhaps putting a coating of snow on the ground. there is nothing here right now but little later on in the day we will get sunshine you can see from the future cast, plenty of room for that, maybe 10 or 11:00 something down to the south, some of that washington d.c. moisture but for the rest of us our clipper system comes through between two and 4:00 o'clock maybe earlier or later, you can see a snow shower and in some cases it could be enough to put a quote quick coating on the ground and out of here just as quickly. the average high is up to 48 degrees for this time of the year. deceiving high from yesterday was 62, deceiving because it came from midnight and temperatures got colder and colder rest of the day. we will settle in at 40-degree high temperature today and only 35 for tomorrow. it will be breezy as well. it will feel colder then. that we will wake up saturday morning with wind chills in the teens, 40 degrees on
4:49 am
sunday still feeling wintry and warm up monday and tuesday and wednesday by tuesday and wednesday, we have a chance for some showers here and there and still in the upper 50's on thursday. so you will need parka this weekend karen and then you won't. >> light ones, big jackets, jackets in every size. do you remember casey an tone i former judge that presided over her case says he thinks he knows who probably killed his two-year old daughter caylee but it was by accident. anthony tried to give her daughter chloroform to knock her out but used too much. he base that had theory on the chloroform searches on anthony 's computer and traces in the trunk of her car but admits it is just a theory. amazon webb services says that the big outage they had a couple days ago was caused by a typo, it took down a number of big websites and cloud services for hours on tuesday. company had a issue with the billing system intended to take down a small number of
4:50 am
servicer to fix that issue but wrong command was entered and much larger number of servicer went down causing the internet to go dark. amazon is taking measures so it does not happen again. if you are looking for a new apartment in philadelphia, you will be paying for more. accord together real estate firms, the rent for one bedroom apartment has gone up 14 percent in the last year which means the average price for a one bedroom is more than $1,300. how do we stack up against other sit? is there are 16 other cities where the rent, is more. hh greg, it is shutting down dozens of stores including several in our area on three, they will be in delaware that are closing, more than dozen stores in pennsylvania, also three in new jersey will close. the ceo of the electronic and appliance retailer says this move will help unprofitable stores focus on their core markets. we don't know exactly when those stores will be closing. if you shop at cost co you will to have pay more to be a
4:51 am
member. starting june 1 annual membership fees will be going up, it will cost you an additional five bucks to be a gold star or business member. executive membership will increase 10 bucks. costco say slightly stronger sales led to this increase. st. patrick's day falls on friday and if you had are practicing catholic friday means you are not supposed to eat meat but you have a special dispensation to eat corned beef and cabbage thanks to archbishop chaput, catholics can eat meat that day due to special circumstances for the holiday, in the lent tradition, practicing catholics 14 years and older are not supposed to eat meat on friday during the season. gamers have been lining up overnight outside best buy in south philadelphia braving cold, just to be one of the first to purchase new nintendo switch. the system launching worldwide , the switch, connect s to a system to the tv and lets you play with your family and friends at home. it is portable. you can switch to a hand held
4:52 am
mode allowing to you take it any where you want. nintendo fans say it is well worth the wait. >> yeah, i have been with them since 64,. >> yeah, no problem, all fun and games. i have done this for other consoles in the past. it is nothing at all. >> system is selling for just under 300 bucks. sixers fans in the really trusting the process so some are returning to the choice of alcohol, we will explain, clever here, kind of fun. parents, are your kids applying to colleges now. >> do you need help with that financial process? not sure what to do? you are in luck this tuesday march 7th, "good day philadelphia" college prep round table where we will have helen gym, council president darryl clark holding a financial aid phone-a-thon, jen fred will be their life, lines will open up at 7:00 a.m. to answer your questions. they will stay opened after our show through 11:00. we will give you phone number on tuesday morning to call and
4:53 am
get your questions answered. we will be right back.
4:54 am
4:55 am
♪ >> welcome back. we are taking a live look outside at 4:55 exactly. time to break out the bubble gum cigars at lehigh valley zoo. endangered species of the an antelope was just born, lets take a look you can see the
4:56 am
cat so cute and mommy right there. zoo staff say they are doing fine, this is a horned orax. they thought they were extinct in the wild but you can see the calf and mommas of today will be on display. see a sixers game this weekend saturday game, fans not too happy with the process now is there a beer maybe to drawn our sorrows. evil genius beer company announce aid new beer is coming to the fishtown brewery called trust the process. the galaxy and amarillo ipa will have 7.6 alcohol by volume content which may be a good thing for sixers fans to drawn their process was supposed to be trusting is, all these injuries and problems. so we don't necessity when that will be available. we have two big stories we are covering right now, we have sing hell but lets start with breaking news, jenny's on a shooting that happened at closing time at a bar, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. we are live in mt. airy
4:57 am
germantown avenue four people shot three in stable one in critical condition, the shooter, is still out there. phone rings "hello?" "yeah!" ♪"a new friend's coming here to sesame street."♪ all new its sesame street live! make a new friend playing liacouras center april 6-9 tickets on sale at liacourascenter dot com
4:58 am
4:59 am
makewith instant moisture utes from k-y ultragel. right any breaking overnight multiple people shot, rushed to the hospital, after a shooting and a car crash? we have got a live report with the very latest. plus biden brother scandal
5:00 am
now allegations of drugs and prostitutes in a messy romance our whacky weather continues, oh, snow, sue's tracking your chilly weekend forecast. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. good day, everybody. we are starting off this friday morning with music, bob kelly's choice. >> i got to pick the tunes today. >> me and you. >> from my dj days, motown, kind of get you up, dancing around bathroom, making lunch es fixing your hair. marvin gaye and tommy ferrell. >> what a classic. >> hopefully we will have a good weekend but we have to remember to bundle up, wintry temperatures have returned. it was in the 70's on wednesday. >> it doesn't make sense. >> it is true, it is true but here we are with the winter coat on for buddy and nice warm mittens at the bus stop. no, sir as windy as yesterday at least he will


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