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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  May 19, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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right now at 11:00, local middle school beefing up security over something online. a hit list. police say a handful of middle school studens threatened their classmates and even school staff. i'm lucy noland. the school district says the bit pitman middle school students made those threats on social media. it's got parents and students alike feeling uneasy. our shawnette wilson is in pitman. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, some students and terrified. others feel like this was a very bad joke that went too far. either way, school officials and police aren't taking any chance, of course, investigation is underway. >> i was little scared. >> jadin thomas six and grade at pitman middle school says the classrooms here are full of student chatter about a threat made to the school. >> they're just saying how,
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like, they, like, can't believe, like, they would do something like that and how they're scared about it. >> reporter: jadin was out with her grandmother walking dogs thursday evening. they say families got an e-mail from the school two days ago it detailed an incident that police say involves six students talking on social media about possibly harming classmates and staff at the school. >> it's just kind of frightening because this is a safe communi community, and people here don't really think about things like this too often. >> reporter: pitman police say the innocent was discussed on social media last weekend, and since then, they've been inside and outside the school as precaution. then yesterday, the superintendent told families face to face conversations had allegedly taken place between one of the students involved in the online threats and self classmates. >> i believe the school district handled it well and the police are doing an he can length job of investigating it. >> reporter: and police tell thus charges could come after the investigation is done. lucy. >> thank you very much shawnet
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shawnette. skyfox in the air over north philadelphia. one person is now at temple university hospital after what you see right there. a car plowed into the front of a deli about an hour ago. this is right near north 22nd and cambria streets. we don't know yet if the person that's hurt was in that car or on the sidewalk. more as it comes in. and more coming in tonight on the deadly crash in times square. new video is just chilling. amazing to see that. it was a day of horror in manhattan as a driver plowed through the busy streets filled with throngs of tourists. employees say 26-year-old richard rojas was behind the wheel. he's now in jail. and police say he has history of driving while inn tock indicated now sources say he told cops he was hearing voices. he reportedly tested negative for any alcohol use but may have been high on synthetic marijua marijuana. police arrested the navy veteran last week for pointing 95 at someone. investigators do not think this is a case of terrorism and we
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caught up with some philly commuters on the way back from new york city at 30th street station. some say the images will be with them forever. witnesses say they thought the car driving down seventh of a mowing down people was a terror tack. >> people were on edge because when they first saw it, they were like something else going to happen? can we stay here? can we leave? so it was pretty chaotic scene. >> and this teenager who died has been identified as 18-year-old alyssa else man of michigan. she was in new york visiting with her family. new tonight fox 29 sources tell us the engineer behind the controls of amtrak train 188 has posted bail. brandon bostian surveillance surrendered to police today. had a in you control of that train when it crashed in may of 2015. eight people died, hundreds were hurt. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro charged him in the deadly crash last week leveling manslaughter charges along with
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risking a catastrophe and reckless end danger many. on your radar is the heat sticking i was round. i don't know. least for another day. live look at the wonderful wildwood, new jersey, all is quite right now. did you perhaps maybe vacation there this week. >> because if you did you lucked out. all right, kathy orr, just in time for the weekend you are tracking a change in the forecast. >> huge change, lucy. >> yeah. >> feeling like summer. feeling like july and then we'll go back it will be feeling like october by saturday morning. sunday morning. high today's well into the 90s. philadelphia 93. 1 degree shy of our record. allentown, trenton mt. holly even wilmington and atlantic city reporting in the lower 90s right now it's still warm. it's 82 in philadelphia. the normal high is 74 for the afternoon let alone 11:00 o'clock at night. 78 in millville. atlantic city at the airport 80. down the shore we sea breeze today and now obviously a cool on shore flow with temperatures in the 60s. and some 70s. still comfortable. ultimate doppler shows cold front crossing right across
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western new york and into pa. this is going to sweep down tomorrow afternoon. the good news is, the real severe weather is going to be to the north and west. we have a marginal risk of severe weather that means a few gusty thunderstorms perhaps one in the entire region could become severe but as we go hour by hour tomorrow morning sunny and warm. the afternoon the same it's not until after about 4:00 o'clock that we see a few spotty showers popping up and new information coming in to the television station the weather center suggesting some showers and storms through baltimore and washington into south jersey. so if you have evening events in philadelphia, may just see one or two spotty storms. that's the good news out of this forecast. overnight, 71. high clouds moving n it will be muggy. tomorrow we see temperatures rising to 90 and the humidity spikes as well. during the day, we're going to about 87 degrees by noon. and then if that's not enough heat how about 90 making an official heat wave by 3:00 o'clock with westerly wind at about 12 miles an hour. by the evening, that's your best
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bet of seeing a spotty shower or storm. on your seven day forecast take look. much cooler. the difference in temperature between friday afternoon and saturday morning is over 30 degrees. so a big plunge saturday pleasant 72. for reach and raise event on the art museum steps sunday morning, temperatures in the 50's by the afternoon 71. the phils come back to town. and more rain comes into town. staying unsettle the next week the only real nice day is tuesday. showers monday. scattered showers wednesday. evening a shower chance thursday. i'm concerned about the holiday weekend. we'll talk more about that in the next couple of days, lucy, but first we have to get through these storms late tomorrow. we'll zen it back to you. >> one step at a time. >> thank you very much, kathy orr. you know the murder of an he is spying hiphop dancer in philadelphia's kensington section last august remains unsolved tonight. for most the death of 21 yeared nasir bellamy is already been forgotten. buried among several hundred killings in the city every single year. but for a grieving parent
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there's no forgetting, no closure, no piece of mind. our bruce gordon live now at he had police headquarters with a father's story. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, given the frequency with which they occur it's easy to look at murders as statistics, numbers, part of the big picture of street crime in our city. but if your child is the murder victim that big picture takes on whole new look. anthony robinson built a shrine to his murdered son. all there in robinson's home for a reason. >> every morning that's my reminder. that no matter what, as long as i got breath in my lungs i want to fight for my son. >> reporter: someone shot 21-year-old nycier bellamy to last august 20th at g and hilton in kensington. nine months later there has been no arrest and little apparent progress in the case. his murder seemed to be killing his father. little bit at a time. >> i'm on it.
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you know i wake up some days expecting him to text my phone hey dad. >> that text never comes. frustration leaves robinson feeling like he's living a nightmare which where he cannot awake. >> i'm on bus. i'm looking at everybody on the bus wondering if you hurt my son? i'm suspicious of everybody. i trust no one. >> reporter: nycieer was aspiring hiphop dancer he made money performing in subways at clubs but also a father with one-year-old son and a newborn at the time of his murder. jay i don't know is now nine months old. will never know his father. robinson says what adds to the pain is the feeling that philly police have given up on the case. he claims he's hit the streets to gather information and has passed it ton investigators but has not heard back from cops since last objection. >> we're suffering. we're hurting. we're trusting you to help us. >> reporter: robinson says police have told him a security camera video exists that
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actually shows the murder taking place but says he could not bear to watch it and that police have not released it to the public even in highly edited fashion. we asked the police about these claims tonight. spokesman for the department would say only that nye cr. ier bell lamb mow's murder remains an active investigation. lucy so much sadness. >> so understandable. thank you much, bruce. president donald trump not backing away from media even after one tough week. he took questions today during a visit from columbia's president. here's what happened when the topic came up of james comey's possible memo regarding the michael flynn investigation. >> did you at any time you were former fbi director james comey to close or back down the investigation into michael flynn and always -- no. >> no. next question. >> meanwhile president trump confirmed today that former senator joe lieberman is frontrunner for fbi director. the man prosecutors charged with shooting a folcroft police
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officer seven times and once in the face mind you has pleaded guilty in delaware county. officer christopher dorman responding to bough call about drugs on the 1500 block of elmwood aft june. 34-year-old dante island shot him at close range. dorman was fighting for his life in a hospital while a three-manhunt played out for island. police did find him, of course. and today island pleaded guilty to two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer and two counts of attempted murder. officer dorman says he just wants to put all this behind him, but hopes island gets the maximum penalty. >> did a crime, tried to take my life and tried to take another officer's life and who knows what he would have done if there was another innocent bystander there. so hopefully a fair sentence of him never being able to get out of jail is what's imposed on h him. he can't ever hurt anybody that's innocent again. >> dante island could face a maximum of 140 years in jail. sentencing is set for july.
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straight ahead, two philadelphia firefighters floored by what they say just happened to them inside a local home improve many store. now that store is taking action. they're judged all the time for speeding in the city and being kicked out of places >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. local mom is hoping to change people's perceptions. folks around the world tonight mourning the kloss of singer chris cornell. medical examiner says the coach found of sound garden committed suicide last night in detroit. he was also lead singer for audio fifty five of slave and temple of the dog. he had just performed there in detroit. he was 52 years old. ♪
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>> happening right now two friends just stunned after a trip to lowes ended with them on the receiving end of a racial tirade they say. they say it happened at lowes in west philly. the 21 of them a firefighter said a store employee repeatedly called them a racial slur. fox 29's dave kinchen spoke with the men bout entire ordeal. live now in west philly, dave, lowes also got back to you. >> reporter: that's right.
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lowes corporate says they find the incident extremely offensive and so do these two friends they say they used to go to this store all the time but now not any more. >> the first thing i had was frustration. this is 201 2017. we shall not still be going through that. >> brian hampton was blasted with race s by an employee at this lowes in west philadelphia who called him the n word. >> high mart heart just bled. it was just my heart bled over it. i cannot believe that i'm still in the era where people still using these words. >> few nights ago he was with his friend eric in the store for some supplies and he encountered the angry staff. >> it seemed like i was stealing something. he escorted me back specifically its toils n what nails do you need. >> i said i can find my own nails. >> i heard screaming. i heard his voice and i heard another guy screaming. >> reporter: eric walked back to see what the fuss was all about when it happen. >> that's when he said tell that n to get out of my face.
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>> i turned around. i said what did you say. >> eric franks is city firefighter was called the very same thing. >> even though i'm looking at the vest and looking at the uniform like this can't be happening and nobody around saying anything to this guy. >> reporter: they tell fox 29 the employee who used the racial slur a also african-american. >> it cab black race seive. african-american race seive. african-american -- it's everywhere. i would say to sim get some he help. get some help. his life is going to be hard and long for you. >> reporter: lowes corporate started investigating this case and they say that employee has been fired. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, dave. you see it you shoot the it our fresco users helping us show what's going on in your neighbor. iain what's on tap. >> lucy fresco users are not here in our area they're spread outweigh across the country. some were there right after deadly accident in times square. press user sean mckie sent us
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this video you can see the crowds gathering behind the police tape as first responders combed the scene of that deadly accident one person died and dozens more were injured after a man drove his car on to the sidewalk he's now in police custody. in cherry hill, tonight some fun with former eagles player. fresco use sr. nicole johnson takes us to pinot's palate on haddonfield tray thomas and his wife rosa host add paint and sip session. they started the mobile business where they're paint and sip party always traveling. when you see news happening take out your phone and then shoot it use that fresco app and send it to our newsroom. >> have you ever done one of those parties. >> i have not. >> they're fun. >> they look fun. >> you should try it. skateboarders picture one. what kind of person do you think of? some tie vandalism and drug use to the skateboarding cultu culture. bill anderson met up with a local man who won't tell you to hesitate got caught up in the wrong crowd in his younger years but now he's using his experience and 68ing to inspire
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younger generations for goodness sake. >> perception of them being bad kids or drug users or delinquents persists to some degree. >> reporter: dee pepping on your perspective the skating biking lifestyle that exists either represents a group of vandals destroying property and disrupting traffic or a unique maybe misunderstood culture. >> they're judged all the time for skating in the city and being kick out of places they're just trying to skate. >> i probably fell on the critics side. seeming them reckless until traffic and damaging land marks in pub look places it didn't sit well with me. >> i legal you can do it. >> i met sean the own are in of a new skateboard academy and got a different perspective. >> talking about kid from north philly like because skateboarding i learn thou snowboard. went on the mountain. somewhere in utah. >> he agree up in north philly and admittedly fit the negative stereotype many have of skater it's good i was definitely a
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delinquent. but i was a product of my environment. >> reporter: same environment that many face. parents working several jobs and not around. sean says skating helped him. >> pick up those feet. >> reporter: he wanted to share the positives while helping kids avoid his mistake. opened ambler skateboarding academy to give them a seive and legal place to go. >> without parents around, that's where i learned a lot of things, falling, scratching, getting back up. nobody is going to force me to get back up. >> reporter: skating lessons are important. but life lessons matter more. >> everything you learn here you can also apply to if it's with school, or with friends, because you always going to run into things that are going to be difficult or going to scare you. >> reporter: feign young kids don't fit the typical definition of those having run ins with the law in the skating community, they are. and parents want to support their interests but make them aware how their future actions will shape how society views them.
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>> kids learn through experiences. he's very honest and open and he speaks to them about their experiences and how he deserves negative into positive. >> reporter: the skateboarding academy opened my eyes to the fact kids in diverse communities need support and guidance. the best people who provide are the people who lived it for better and worse for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> i used to skate board. can you believe that? >> did you. >> i used to also. >> i figured did you. i was going to ask. >> if you get back now i'd try it again as tall person. >> no. it. >> doesn't work. you're busting your butt quick quickly. all right. major league baseball. they're doing everything they can to make the game watchable right now they're doing all the wrong things to improve the game. so coming up next in my sports commentary i'll tell was baseball really needs to do to
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>> sean bell has got ideas, big ones, such haas how to make major league baseball popular again. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ major league baseball is boring. sorry it's the truth. don't get me wrong. i love baseball. i love to watch it but i get it. i get why it's not popular any more. nobody wants to watch a three and a half hour game that ends in three-one. average time for a game this year is a record three hours and five minutes. baseball is doing everything it
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can to shorten up games. skip pitches on intentional walks, speed he up pitchers, hurry up batters none of that is the answer if you want people to start watching games again come on you have to make it fun again. it's not fun any more. fans want to see back flips they want to see players charge the mount. ooh they want to see emotion. every time a player shows emotion baseball shuns. let the guys let loose and you know what to be honest with you big back juicing. fans wanted to see 450-foot bombs. >> sean bell. >> that's what they want to see. they want to see mark mcguire, back then people watched if you want to bring the game back bring the fun back it's the truth. >> lucy. >> step too far on that one. stepped too far on that. you said the nfl was the no fun league. all right. >> it is a commentary. good both. >> new home tonight for a charity that helps those who are sick during their most trying times.
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the non-profit manna had a ribbon cutting today to officially open the doors to its new home on the north 20th street. manna by the way delivers and prepares meals to people suffering from all kinds of illnesses. it's all completely free of charge. and they search serve residents in southeastern pa and southern new jersey. south jersey that's awesome. >> amazing great program. >> no roids. >> no roids. >> come on. >> bring back juicing. >> barry bonds. they watched back then in '98. didn't they. >> they watched back in the '60s and the '50's. they loved it back then. >> they were on something then, too. different drug. >> a whole different show. >> lucy what's coming up. >> we're back here for good day 4:00 a.m. sue serio and bob kelly. they've got your weather and traffic covered. who knows what he's going to say in the morning
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good day, here at 4:00 a.m. happening right now on "good day philadelphia" breaking overnight here gas main erupt as wrong a bus i rode way in new jersey, we will take through live, actually we are looking live but we will have a live report in a moment. >> you can see it right there. >> school hit list, security beefed up this morning after threats of violence against a school, in our area. also ahead this morning a car crashes right into a deli right now, one person is in the hospital. and a wrong way driver, allegedly high on pcp plows through cross road of the world hitting pedestrians, and killing a teen tourist, it is so disturbing,


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