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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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breaking news, gas main erupts on a busy roadway in new jersey. we will take you back their life as we are looking live in just a moment. was there a school hit list? security has beefed up this morning after threats of violence at a local middle school we have a live report as well. also ahead another wild scene car crashes in to a deli and right now one person is in the hospital. a wrong way driver allegedly high on pcp, plows through cross road of the world hitting, pedestrians there, a teenage tourist was killed why he told police, there is the suspect that he did it. >> heart pounding scene we will take you their life in just a moment. it is straight up 5:00 o'clock on this friday, good morning karen hepp good morning thomas and whole gang. >> bob kelly.
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>> good morning, a lot going on here. i have not finished my first cup of coffee, crazy in the traffic department. >> how are you feeling. >> not good. >> lets get bob that coffee. >> well, we have got big cool changes for this weekend but one more day with temperatures in the 90's. prepare for both days, a hot one today and need sweaters over weekend and eight out of 10 with bus stop buddy wearing a polo shirt, he has sun screen and muggy the dog. still dressed for summer but things will change big time over the weekend. 74 degrees right now, that is normally around the high temperature for this day but we are already there at 5:00 in the morning. hi there bob kelly. >> yes, sunrise time 5:42, we have got temperature 70 degrees in lancaster. it is hot out there, isn't it. you can point. sixty-six in mount pocono. zero seven in hazel ton and down the shore, 68, in ocean
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city and a nice mild 75 in rehoboth beach. nothing on radar. lets get right to that forecast, prepare for sunshine , we are already at 86 degrees h of 90 but scattered thunderstorms toward evening sunset time 8:13. we have a preview, here he is, bob kelly. >> good thing i was than the wiping my nose before i go on air. we have a problem in cherry hill, new jersey that early morning gas leak. steve was first on the scene and still out there on the eastbound lanes of route 70 that are in the only closed now but probably through most of the morning. lets go outside to steve keeley live at the news van what do you know so far. >> reporter: i may have a traffic update if you look pennsylvania this gas main burst and see yellow flashing lights for first time in the westbound lanes. now i see headlights coming. what i was wondering whether westbound lanes were finally shut down but i get my answer, courtesy of this driver with
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two headlights coming at you on your tv screens at home. going toward philadelphia, you are allowed to drive because they say there is in danger because gas despite it spewing so visibly earlier that you could see it. it looks like it was water, they say it was dissipating, wasn't concentrating like natural gas has to do before it can explode. that why is they didn't evacuate home. turning right now in the median we had state trooper, police arriving since our last live shot, and so sunrise starting to happen we will be able to see more and i think you don't see it spewing as much although i hear that loud sound, they may have figured out how to shut the gas line down, as you mentioned ponzio 's cooks don't have gas. maybe they shut it down before they will dig up the street and then cap the pipe or whatever it that is burst here they are doing road work along route 70. long project. i talk to the guys on the other side of the wegmans. they said it wasn't our job
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but there is another job over here. we don't know whether it was road work that did it or yesterday's height. it was still warm overnight. so, maybe the heat dit and our first heat wave of the season cause aid problem. westbound traffic, still opened and eastbound still shut downy didn't do it. i didn't do it. everybody we talk to this morning, i didn't do it. wasn't my project. i wouldn't be surprised if it was heat with some of the pipes underground there. on the scene route 70 cherry hill we will go for danish at ponzios, nothing cooked just the danish. eastbound lanes are closed between haddonfield and kings highway, here's the best way to get around it. work your way to route 38. thirty-eight runs kind of parallel to 70 and drops you right, at ben franklin bridge and admiral wilson boulevard to have access to the bennie coming in toward philadelphia other than that, it is a busy weekend here. stotesbury regatta has kelly
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drive closed through vehicle traffic tomorrow night. no access this morning. pushed through ball field. don't want to get stuck there. so use martin luther king drive or the schuylkill expressway and that will impact folks coming in and out of the city on the drives, we have work zone down here in wilmington. they are still out there paving that bridge over christiana river. otherwise mass transit off to a good start. karen and thomas back over to you. search is over for a bucks county man that police believe , was armed, and dangerous, three two-year old brandon was arrested last night at a motel in milford township. police believe he fired a shotgun at a stranger's car at a wal-mart in quakertown. they also think he was involved with other incidents in that area. happening today we will see more security, south jersey middle school, police say what started out as talk on soaks media turned into real conversations in the classroom. lets get out to jenny joyce in pitman with what we know, jenny. >> reporter: good morning.
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some students we talked to say their classmates were just joking but obviously police and school officials do not find these situations very funny so there will be extra police on hand. police increased patrols in and around the school since threats surfaced last week. it was discovered on social media and then actual conversations among classmates that proved concerning. school officials sent out an e-mail to families letting them know what was going on. >> it is frightening because this is a safe community and people here don't really think about things like this too often. >> i think that he just didn't , he was just making a joke but it went too far. >> some kid think it was a joke, some people think, got freaked out about it. >> reporter: police identified students involved and say charges are pending they are
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sorting out details. school official does not believe any imminent threat to the school but when these incidents happened, we have to take it very seriously, karen and thomas. one person is in the hospital, after a car plows right in the deli in north philadelphia karen. >> thanks, thomas this one happened just before 10 near north 22nd street and cambria, and we do know, that there was a person, hurt. we do not know if the person was in the car or out on the street or in the deli. that person was taken over to temple university hospital, we do not necessity what caused that crash. kay uses on the streets of new york. did you see that car vaulting up in the sky, up and over on top of people in the very busy section of our entire country. times square. man accused of driving that vehicle told officers that he was quote hearing voices, and teenage girl who was killed, 23 other people were injured. police say the driver 26 year-old richard row has was going the wrong way up seventh
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avenue when he jumps on the sidewalk on purpose police believe and struck two dozen pedestrians. they got him. he tried to runaway you this got him. he has a long history of driving under the influence. the teenager who died has been identified as just 18 year-old , a tourist from out of town, michigan, her name alyssa elseman. there was a person there from our area who said it was so scary, they didn't know if it was terrorism. >> people were on edge because when they first saw, that something else will happen, can we stay here can we leave? it was a pretty chaotic scene. >> that suspect he has been arrested multiple times for driving while intoxicated and he told police that he was hearing voices. god told him to do it. they tested him. investigators say he was high on pcp at the time. 5:08. developing right now, we have got new video of a police hope will lead them to the driver behind a school bus crash that happened in lancaster county
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and more than a dozen students were injured. >> they believe that driver was in the white car that you see there at the top of the screen. most likely a chevy malibu, driver reportedly tried to pass two tractor trailers with oversized roads, on yesterday. crash right in the escort car. that vehicle careened in the path of the school bus which then crashed and flipped on its side. two students are seriously hurt. go fund me page to help students from the other bus crash that happened on monday where 26 students and three chaperones were all injured, very seriously. that bus rolled over a few times on interstate i-95 heading down to washington d.c. for a field trip. teachers union made a lincoln its facebook page for donations and they have gotten more than their $15,000 goal, the bus was full of kid, coming from henry elementary when it flipped on its side on monday. four people are still in the hospital, and is there a special education teacher brittany jake she's in
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critical condition. a link is on my fox philadelphia police officer is in custody accused of a road rage incident, a story you saw first right here on fox 29. twenty-second district veteran officer rod scott faces numerous charges after turning himself in yesterday. they is right there. police say scott was driving his motorcycle last june on north broad street when he was struck by a car were four people inside. he was off-duty at the time. scott allegedly fired three shots at the car, one going right through a lobby window at temple hospital. no one was hurt. police have found a toddler lock inside of a wooden cage, this happened in north manheim township in schuylkill county a hundred miles from here. they also found if you can believe this two more did in the home a new born baby girl and baby brother all alone in the house. police arrested the father, 37 year-old cecil kutz facing child endangerment charges.
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those children have been taken into custody of the county. 5:10 is the time. that amtrak engineer has turned himself in. >> still ahead here on good day philadelphia, what lies ahead for the man behind the deadly derailment that killed eight people and injured dozens more. how about this one would you drink it? canned wine, yes, pop that top right there drink wine, would you do it. >> you got it. i apologize if i look sweaty this morning, it is national bike to workday i had to leave early to get in here, i had my banana seat ready to go, heading south on i-95. open up that front door and say good morning to the ben franklin parkway and welcome to philadelphia, everybody, that is in town for the stotesbury regatta, sue has your rowing forecast when we come right back.
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this heat will be as advertised as previously a three day special and not difficult to see where the cold front is but we will draw it out anyway, you see 45 degrees in chicago, and not too far down the road in st. louis, it is 77. these are current temperatures much chillier. rapid city in the 30's, billings, in the 30's, minneapolis in the 40's. that cool air is coming our way for the weekend. if you got out shorts, flip-flops, that is fine but you will need sweaters again
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come saturday and sunday. thunderstorms will come in the evening, after we get to 90 and that will give us an official heat wave. daytime high in the 70's both saturday and sunday. starting to feel more like may , then july but it is already 74 degrees, and 66 in mount pocono and 74 in wildwood, as we look at the dew points, well, they are getting up there too in the 60 's. that is muggy range. by end of the day we will be uncomfortable, oppressive for sure with those 90-degree temperatures. as far as severe thunderstorm, we are at marginal risk of those but is there chilly air coming in behind that cold front. we will see what happens this evening, chance of the pop up thunderstorm. yesterday's high we missed it record by a degree, again just like we did on wednesday, and record was 94. we got 93. regardless it was hot and we will make 90 today. then those high in the 70's over weekend as we mentioned it should be a beautiful
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morning for reach, raise yoga on the art museum steps that benefits breast cancer on sunday. and then we will head in the unsettled weather pattern starting sunday night into monday and through middle of next week, get your forecast, in your automobile, where ever you have a radio, on 101.1, more fm, we have it more. >> maybe you need radio for your bike. check out this guy, national bike to work day look at that the shopping cart, he put it as the front wheel of the bike honey, i'm running to the store and get milk, bread and eggs on national bike to work day as we get for a ride. southbound i-95 not bad at all but at 9:00 they will take out an extra lane working your way toward downtown. update ago this gas leak in cherry hill route 70 eastbound lanes are block, we have steve 's cameras we can take split between haddonfield road and kings highway, crews are setting up shop there, again
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eastbound lanes are closed. it looks like they have capped the natural gas leak itself but now they have to cut up the red way and dig up that pipe. we're on the eastbound side right before ponzios, haddonfield road and ponzios, headlights are about to come toward us are heading westbound in toward philadelphia. so that is a sign that the westbound lanes are still opened, however, it looks like somebody is getting a police escort here maybe just another officer, responding and it is a hot bed of construction to route 70. but he is just an officer, helping to direct traffic. just be careful going flaw this area this morning. lets come back to the maps, best bet to avoid it use route 38. you can get over there on haddonfield road or kings highway, pick up 38, come right past cherry hill mall and that will dump you at
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admiral wilson boulevard and good to go coming into town. a lot of stuff this weekend. be ready for big delays. writ even hoist row spring festival takes over tomorrow, ninth street italian festival, good eating tomorrow and sunday for weekend down there on ninth street. we have radnor hunt races, 20,000 people, expected to take over malvern on saturday. first race is 1:30. they are out there early in the morning having their coffee and juice there. stoats ber regatta in town for this weekend, kelly drive is closed to vehicle traffic all through saturday night. so all that extra volume pushed over on to the schuylkill expressway. so, be prepared, for big delays, where ever you go this entire weekend karen and thomas. we were there when brandon bostian surrendered to police. bostian was engineer on amtrak
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188 which crashed in may 2015. >> eight people who their lives, more than 200 more people were injured. our dave schratwieser has more on the charges that he is facing. >> reporter: silent and staring straight ahead, amtrak engineer brandon bostian was handcuffed, and led into central detectives, to face involuntary manslaughter charges. two years after he piloted amtrak train 188, through a dangerous curve at frankford junction, causing it to derail >> there is no joy in seeing anyone in handcuffs but this is a matter about bringing to justice a man who caused so much mayhem. >> reporter: attorney general josh shapiro charged bostian in a deadly crash last week leveling manslaughter charges and risking a catastrophe and reckless endangerment, eight people died, 230 more were injured in the crash. victims like bob hewitt had been demanding justice for two years. >> how can you just not,
5:20 am
remember, how can you drive a train at 106 miles an hour and not know what you are doing. >> do you have any comment. >> reporter: bostian said nothing as he was escorted in to central detectives. told ntsb investigators he does not remember what happened. >> this case is very straightforward. it involves proving that his conduct was in reckless disregard or grossly negligent conduct. >> reporter: charges against bostian came after d.a. seth williams declined to prosecute him citing a lack of evidence, and intent, 48 hours later shapiro's office filed charges amtrak crash victims have been hoping for the past two years. >> the families of the victims , stand resolutely behind the attorney general in bringing mr. bostian to justice. >> bostian and his attorney refused to comment despite repeated questions from reporters. the victims have been awarded 265 million-dollar, by a federal judge.
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ironically, bostian is now suing amtrak over safety issues. at central detectives, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. time right now 5:21. tragic news in new jersey where a student has died from the so-called choking game. >> we reported on this one yesterday because the superintendent, has sent out a letter to the parents in the big community there in bernard s township in somerset county. he notified parents about the tragedy this is a game out for years but it is widely shared right new on you tube and that makes it so scary. goes under a lot of name, space monkey, fainting game, kid try to reach euphoria by choking themselves in front of other kid as well, frequently so oxygen does in the reach their brain. it they can die. they have not release specific information about the child who who their life but they want to make sure parent have that information and looking for signs that this could be happening among their children >> 5:21. sad news for a florida boy we told but, this little boy.
5:22 am
we used the #action for jackson. we introduced to you jackson hunt inner january where there was a strange her to make sure he got up here for treatment for our children's hospital of philadelphia to fight leukemia they got him here. here's chris o'connell speaking to him. sad news they have reached out and said he does not have much time left, he is in hospice, they had a couple moments where he laughed, and he smiled and they will treasure that for the rest of hear lives. >> i want to you take a lot a guy we are about to show you because he robbed a local family dollar, that is not all , he also punched a woman works there over and over again when she tried to stop him from leaving. it happened at family dollar on walnut street in west philadelphia, earlier this month. take a look at that guy in the blue if you know anything give police a call. father of "fox news" roger always has passed away, former "fox news" ceo died yesterday at age of 77. his death was announced in a statement by his wife's list
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bet. ailes founded "fox news" in 1996 and resigned the network last july amid controversy after sexual harassment lawsuit was filed after a former fox anchor. he died of bleeding the brain caused by a fall. time right now 5:23. it is a friday. we will have people have a good weekend. so how about this, do you want to have some free frozen coffee. >> i'll try it in any form at this point. where you can get that free frozen coffee we will tell you coming up, a little hint with the double d.
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it is season where babe geese are being born, and making way for ducks once again. live picture, the happy august ing and they are going back and forth in cherry hill, new jersey. >> getting little won up across the road this morning. not an easy feat. >> 5:26. forget about popping cork you can pop open a favorite can, that is right, can of your favorite pinot, or wine. new trendies wine that comes in the six pack. >> let us know what you think, would you drink it, try it
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sales of canned wine are starting to take off, and especially among young adults. dozens of new varieties are out there, you may have seen it, our floor director dianne says she saw some the other day where she was. check it out over next couple of months and in case you want to know, one can equals a glass. >> she's drinking a can right now. >> yes. >> yeah. >> another favorite, sometimes glass of wine put to you bet, get you up, how about coffee to perk you up. dunkin' donuts is societied about their new frozen coffee they are giving ate way for free today. >> the coffee shop chain will hoe its first ever national sampling day to day that means participating locations will give away 3.5-ounce samples of the new frozen treat from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and members of the award program can earn extra perks. it is 5:27. we want to take you was took that break news, we have a major roadway that has been shut down, we have workers on
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the scene, this is a live picture because we have a gas leak, they are trying to close off, steve keeley will have a live report coming up in a minute.
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is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪ breaking news, we have got
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a major gas leak shutting down one of our busiest roads, right now we are live on the scene, steve keeley has a live report. also ahead, a middle school steps up security after a threat, on social media. and back in uniform, after he almost died in the line of duty, the shooter now admits did he pull the trigger, and this local officer has a powerful message. great to have you with us here at 5:30 on this friday, can't say it enough, tgif good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> get out the balloons. >> yes. >> am i not sincere enough. >> you are excited. >> you will say that around 11:00 because you have a very special day to day. >> yes, my daughter, is going to the eye doctor. >> i can see clearly now. >> just happy to have her around. as we prepare for the weekend it will be cooler, on saturday and sunday. i mentioned this earlier, you get to the shore, pack
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flip-flops and shorts and so chilly, you will be sorry you don't have sweat shirts just saying. eight out of 10. summer with his polo shirt and we are off tie mild start with temperatures in the 70's. seventy-four in the city right now, it sunrise happening at 5:42 officially you can see sunnies upright now. daylight has dawned. rest of the day, well, we will have sunshine, probably get to 90 which will give us our first official heat wave of 2017, but, stored evening a possibility of thunderstorm or two and much cooler temperatures. we will break that down for you coming up, bob kelly is here right now work traffic troubles, in new jersey, bob. >> good morning everybody. as we get started on this friday at 5:32. problems in cherry hill that early morning gas problem was first on the scene, steve, he is out their life, we just saw jackhammers pulling up the road surface. lets get out there steve, tell us what you know so farrah long route zero seven in
5:33 am
cherry hill. >> reporter: two good things. we have sunlight and we have construction crew is here, stay with me, greg, because, they had not been up here but since they started digging up the street is there a strong odor of natural gas for the first time since we have been here. so it is more concentrated now but still not dangerous enough to shut down lanes, closest to us heading toward philadelphia as you see a car going by. we are at route zero seven and warren avenue the exact location. people in cherry hill are figuring where is warren avenue? right by basset furniture and liquid lum daters which they call warren plaza but we are hearing traffic go by but eastbound going up to ponzios from the wegmans is where it is in between, haddonfield road and brace road and kings highway at next major intersection. it is shut down, just that direction only. but you can see it, even though we have daylight, when they cleared out a good 6-inch thick, six by six section of
5:34 am
concrete with that jackhammer that just finish coincidently for us, he will pick it up, and chunks at route zero seven that let natural gas and freed it up in the air and that is why we were smelling it and seeing it spew again but you can hear a loud his but we have so many engines running and traffic running by it would be futile. but there was a constant loud his, like a leak like a balloon if you were putting two thumbs up to a balloon, bob. so still leaking gas main burst here right on route 70. they have the street dug up. so they cannot shut it down like they do with water mains at another location to keep it from getting to this spot. they have to get to the main itself, and plug it that way. so there you go, is there the old section of route 70, that has bit the dust, and sits over this. i'm sure that gas main is still several feet down below that first layer of concrete and asphalt that they just picked up and dug up. >> that stretch of route 70. it has been screaming for
5:35 am
repaving project, for a while now, so, here's the deal, good job, steve. he was first on the scene. steve got there before the gas crews got there. here's what we saw right there zero seven eastbound closed between haddonfield road, and kings highway. so 70, kings highway right at ponzios there to give you a locater. heading eastbound into new jersey, eastbound lanes are block, westbound is coming through but through cherry hill this morning your best alternate would be to use route 38. you can work your way over haddonfield road, pick up 38, it will still get you over to the admiral wilson boulevard and up and over the benny. it will be out there for the rest of the morning. hello to the schuylkill expressway, no problems yet, working your way east or westbound but closer we will get to the city be ready because stotesbury regatta rowing on the river, kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic through tomorrow night soy all that extra volume pushed on the martin luther king drive and schuylkill expressway, mass transit at the moment looking good, karen and thomas, back to you. bob, thank you.
5:36 am
5:35. a man is in critical condition after a shooting in wilmington police say that the victim in his early 20's was shot just before 11:00 o'clock last night on clayton street, no word yet on a suspect, anyone with any information involving this one is urged to call the police. man pleaded guilty to shooting a delaware county police officer, seven times, folcroft officer christopher dorman was responding to a call about drugs on the 1500 block of elmwood avenue in june when 34 year-old daunte island shot him at very close range, police were able to capture that suspect, following a three hour manhunt he is now facing two counts of assault on law enforcement officer and two counts of attempted murder. officer says he just wants to put this all behind him and he hopes that guy gets the maximum penalty. >> they tried to take my life and take another officer's life and who knows what he would have done with another innocent bystander there hopefully, fair sentence of him never being able to get out of jail is what is imposed
5:37 am
on him but you cannot ever hurt anyone innocent again he is there, back on the job, looking great. suspect could be facing a maximum of 140 years in jail. sentencing will happen in july 5:37. students and parents at a south jersey middle school will notice extra police on campus this morning. security was beefed up following a threat to harm a group of students and teachers our jenny joyce in pitman, new jersey with the very latest on than this one, very alarming to hear. >> reporter: it certainly is, thomas. police tell thaws initially stemmed from a social media threat apparently six students were talking on line about possibly harming classmates, and staff here at pitman middle school, so ever since then, extra police have been on hand. the superintendent of the schools came out and said the threat eventually turned verbal and that face-to-face conversations had allegedly taken place among several classmates. initial threat occurred last week, so since then police have been staked out at the school as a precaution, school
5:38 am
officials sent out an e-mail to families this week letting them know what was going on. students, parents, they are both a little bit on edge. >> i was scared and wondering hot kid were who said that they were going to do that. >> i think that the guy, i think that he just didn't, he was just making a joke but it went too far. >> some kid think that it was a joke, some people think that , you know, got freaked out bit. >> i believe the school district handled it well and that the police, they are doing an excellent job of investigating and doing their job. >> reporter: police identified students involved and say charges are pending. they are still sorting out the investigation. school official does not believe, that there is any imminent threat to the school community, against them. they are still investigating but enough to make you anxious , karen and thomas. >> jenny joyce, thank you.
5:39 am
5:38. weather in new york city was beautiful yesterday a lot of people out in times square. you can see video. it is heart pounding. we have new video that captures moment a driver mode through a crowd in times square. >> we have a reporter up there who will bring us live the very latest on than this one but you can see that car, on purpose, police say drove up on the curve and hit two dozen people, killing one of them. we have the latest on that investigation and what they say he was on, when he did this and why, police say he did it, more in a minute. my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique... and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at
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i'm sean bell. phillies have lost 12 out of their last 14 games and recent road trip has not been very kind, to them. the phillies, had a two run lead at one point in the game but the pitching was awful. in the fifth inning tied up, ryan hits a three run bomb to center. phillies lose eight-four. they are three-12 in the month of may. lagarrette blount had most car is in his career last year and is now 30 years old. but old man for running backs. yesterday he talked about how much he has left in the tank. >> it feels great. i played in the powe season, played every game, every carry that they gave me, i feel great. i feel amazing nhl playoffs game four of the western conference finals predators/
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duckness overtime, anaheim, somehow, gets the puck in front and score they win three-two and tying the series up at two appease. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. what a scene. chaos on the streets of new york as a car you can see right there plows through busy times square. the man told officer he was
5:46 am
quote, hearing voices, and this young girl right here 18 year-old alyssa elseman a tourist from michigan was killed. >> there was 23 other people injured, you can see, just vaulted into those people walking in the busiest sections of our entire country lets get to new york city right now robert moses is there with the very latest on this investigation, good morning. >> reporter: karen and thomas, good morning to you. this is exactly where that honda accord came to rest after hitting that, you can still see some sand left over from the clean up efforts. earlier this morning the streets here in times square that had been closed due to this investigation were reopened signaling a return to normalcy as police figure out why the suspect would do this. richard rohas a 26 year-old navy veteran from the bronx was silent and emotionally as police led him this morning he faces second degree murder, attempted murder and
5:47 am
aggravated vehicular homicide. last night police removed 2009 honda accord he was driving. >> there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism. >> reporter: just before noon rohas was driving south on seventh avenue, and then as he approached fourth second street he pulled a sudden u turn and sped north on western sidewalk, plowing into 23 people. >> he proceed on that west side, sidewalk for three and a half blocks where he hits a road. >> reporter: eighteen year-old tourist from michigan alyssa was killed, 22 others including her 13 year-old sister were hurt. this is a haunting picture of rohas just moments after he medicine down his victims. police officers and civilians carol him to be taken in custody, the scene was pure chaos. >> we went running back and we saw people laying on the sidewalk on the other block, with people around them trying to help them. >> when we heard the crash as we turned around, pedestrians who were running from the
5:48 am
crash site running into that direction is what we could see >> reporter: once in custody r ohas told police he was hearing voices, he tested negative for alcohol. drug test results are pending. rohas has a criminal pennsylvania he was arrest federal for drunken driving in 2008 and 2015. earlier this month he was arrested after pointing a knife at a notary. a friend of his describes a troubled man. >> he kept coming to my house telling me he has been going crazy. for months he has been going crazy. he has been going try a relative time. >> reporter: cross road of the world was anotherly silent as it returns, the mayor says he is mindful of all of the victims. >> our prayers where her family and all those who are right now, suffering because of this horrible instant dent. >> reporter: as we come back live you can see some of these big concrete barriers, that the nypd has installed since
5:49 am
this crash, took place, the barriers in place, to try to prevent anything like this from happening again. rohas as i mentioned remains in custody this morning and is expect to be arraigned today, as for those 22 people who were injured, four were injured critically, three suffered what are considered to be serious injuries, and the remaining 15 had minor injuries. that is very latest live from times square this morning thomas and karen back to you. >> we will learn more throughout the day, robert most necessary times square, thank you. 5:49. we have this breaking news right now in the julian assange case, of course of wikileaks, australian hacker we are taking a live look at the ecuador embassy that is where he has been living over the years. he had been wanted on rape charges in sweden. they have dropped those charges against him. he is still wanted in britain for jumping bail, so it is not clear if he will be taken in cuss todd if i he leaves that embassy or free to leave.
5:50 am
that why is cameras are trained on him but this is a breaking situation that we will stay on top of. 5:50. lets check your friday traffic , bob. good morning, problems in cherry hill, new jersey looking live, route 70, eastbound lanes are closed, as crews, dig up the roadway, to make repairs from an early morning natural natural gas break that occurred right before 3:00 o'clock, this morning. we are looking live from steve keeley's cameras first one on the scene, he was there, found it before the gas crews was even there, do you see guys with the masks on there but traffic is coming toward philadelphia, on the westbound side. so lets go to the maps. we have a 50/50 here, eastbound closed, westbound is opened, where eastbound closed between haddonfield road and kings highway, best bet this morning, use route 38 and avoid it. it will get busy as we get in the height of the rush hour. new jersey transit, 406 busies
5:51 am
on the detour as well, outside , a live look at 422, kind of quiet as we start a quiet easy friday morning stotesbury reabout on the a rowing on the river good morning welcomed to philadelphia, everybody in town for the annual event, kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic through tomorrow night and also the ninth street italian festival good eating this weekend down there, saturday and sunday we will see you down there with a great festival there and then 20,000 folks ready for radnor hunt races that take place tomorrow, first race kicks off at 1:30 along providence road off route 252 and west chester pike. right after the rush hour this morning watch for delays on i-95, one lane taken out leaving only two for everybody in center city from nine to three. forecast we need a good one for outdoor events this weekend, sue will have tonight 15.
5:52 am
lets look at sunrise over ocean city, new jersey just gorgeous this morning. isn't that the reason to go to get up early, watch sunrise, take a walk on the boardwalk or beach? it does feel like summertime, but if you think that ocean city, and every place else at jersey shore will stay that way this weekend don't be fooled, pack sweat shirts with you because you will need them it will be a beautiful weekend but not as warm as today. upper 80's down the shore today maybe playing hookie and daytime highs only in the 60's big, big difference, ocean water temperature 57. wind, we have wind speed in the 12 miles an hour range and 7 miles an hour range,
5:53 am
depending where you are but wind still out of the southwest and until they change to northwest. it will stay warm, humid. as far as severe thunderstorms are concerned we have a marginal chance in our area, especially to the south of us, we have thunderstorms popping up probably this evening because that is when cold front is set to come through. 75 degrees is where we should be this time in may we have been in the 90's for two days and both days just 1 degree shy off the record, so both record still stand for those two dates, 17th and 18th. for today we will hit 90 and get our first official heat wave of the year. then in the city we have temperatures in the 70's, very delightful temperatures, over weekend especially for reach and race breast cancer benefit sunday morning. it will be on the cool side but lots of sunshine expected. then clouding up by end of the day and staying unsettled as
5:54 am
we head into next week. after today guys it is zero seven's all the way. >> big drop off, sue, thank you. former president becomes a major highlight during philadelphia is way game in arlington, texas. >> i love this. there is reporter from the fox station, reporting do you recognize guy behind her. >> it is the president, george w. bush having a fun time photo bombing that sports reporter down there covering the game on wednesday. forty-three, handed up for camera as well, reporter says it is her favorite, photo bomb ever. 5:54. very good morning. look at that sunrise. weather and traffic coming up in just a moment. atlantic city good morning to you we will be right back. we just got the keys to our new house!
5:55 am
we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
5:56 am
5:57 am
taking a live look at olde city looking for something to do? how about the italian festival nation's oldest, you know it is amazing, they have best food and pole climbing and fun , we will try some of that on good day coming up in two minutes.
5:58 am
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can you see it squirting out there? that is a gas geyser erupting in the middle of the south jersey thoroughfare. this leak still causing problems for your morning commute, and update on that and how they can fix it. look at that. >> terrifying moments in times square a car plows through a crowd of people killing one and injuring more than 20. what we're learning about the driver who tried to flee the scene. a hit list? causing a scare at a local middle school and how parents, students, police are react to go this on line threat? was it just a joke? oh, dea


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