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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this all happened this morning bowden 30:00 around roosevelt boulevard in tuxedo park about 90 minutes later police took that driver into custody. fox 29's jeff cole live in new castle county for us tonight. jeff? >> reporter: chris, it is an absolutely bizarre incident. it appears the child who is in stable condition was hit twice as the driver actually tried to get out of the driveway here tried to flee the scene. this apparently was all about some money. a child's circled in police paint, signs of the struggle that broke out here friday morning with a 14 month old under a car struck twice. jose rivera ran out to fine the child's mom in front of the vehicle, the girl under it. >> she was trying to get the man to stop. just to halt. >> because the baby was under there. >> he kept turning trying to, like, maneuver around her and stuff. >> reporter: rivera believes it was an argument over money. he says he doesn't know the driver. he claims he grabbed for the
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keys and took a swing at the man who sped off. the mother al ya perdue scooped up her injured child lea and ran to this neighbor's home. >> a lot of chaos much the baby came in bleeding heavily. so, um, crying. >> joust before noon new castle police stopped the suspected hit-and-run driver in a mose today sedan he was taken into custody. the images captured by skyfox. back at the home police mark the path of the vehicle and asked questions. this woman an aunt saw little lea at ai dupont hospital. >> she got ran over twice, and she's got big gash on her head. she's going to have some surgery. >> reporter: family members gathered in the small gray home by mid afternoon. their thoughts likely with the child and her very close call. no one appears that be at the home now. police are obviously going to try to figure out what this was all about. the good news here tonight the
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child is in stable condition. live in wilmington, i'm jef cole, fox 29 news. chris? >> jeff, thanks. we have some breaking news now. another bombshell report regarding president trump. new york times is reporting that the president called former fbi director james comey quote a nut job when talk to russian diplomats and allegedly said that firing comey relieved great pressure on him. this coming as president trump just took off on his first overseas trip. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard with more from washington. >> reporter: typically members of the congress don't criticize the president while he's out of the country, but with controversies dogging this white house, customs may be out the window. >> we're in a quagmyer here. >> reporter: again today deputy attorney general rod rosenstein meeting with lawmakers behind closed doors. this time briefing house members on the op-going investigation into allegations members of the president trump's 2016 campaign colluded with russian government agents in an effort to influence last year's presidential race.
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>> i have said it before, and i'll say it again. this is about fight for the solve our democracy. we cannot afford to lose this one. >> reporter: rosenstein's appointment of robert mueller as special counsel now makes this a criminal investigation. leading to question if the public hearings congress has been holding will now be big footed under the new designati designation. >> with any kind of investigation like this, if there comes a point where the special counsel feels that it might be running in an under fearing way with his investigation, then that's a discussion we'll have to have later. >> reporter: meanwhile speculation the president would name's comey' reece placement did pan out. retired senator joe lieberman is considered to be the front runner the president interviewed three others. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. ♪ fox 29 weather authority
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now. our first official heat wave of the year we take live look at reading. the weekend kicking off for a loft us. above 90 for the third day in a row. steamy out there but we are in for some cooler temperatures change. >> let's go down the shore live peak at atlantic city. when we say changes the summer like weather is going away after several near record temperatur temperatures. we're in for a cool off. >> let's get over to meteorologist scott williams for first look at weather. >> dawn and chris we're talking about the first official heat wave right now but you might want to grab a jacket for the upcoming weekend. cold front take look at ultimate doppler that is on the move. a long and out ahead of it a few isolated downpours right now. really hit and miss across the area. we'll zoom in to sections of new castle county, delaware right now. watching some moderate to heavy rainfall moving through the middletown area. that's moving on off to the south and east at about 40 miles per hour. also, salem right now watching a cell there were some isolated
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thunderstorms that popped up in parts of south jersey but that is now diminishing. so everyone is not going to get wet so don't cancel those friday evening plans. a lot going on spruce street harbor park talking about parks on tap. the chinese lantern festival. so looking pretty good. turning cooler as that front moves in late on tonight. but take a look at the first official heat wave. we were none on wednesday. 93 yesterday. so far today's high temperature 93 ceiling the deal on that heat wave. so the cold front tonight a 30 tree temperature drop and it looks like yes, another pattern change ahead for next week. we'll spell it out next week by the way is memorial day weekend. guys, back over to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. happening now, two daycare employees accused of a bomb threat at the very place they worked. what was supposed to be a safe place for kids was turned into a scene of chaos. >> and police say they know what spark the plan. fox 29's dave schratwieser has been following this story for us
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all day. he's live in radnor township with the latest. dave. >> reporter: dawn, one person under arrest. another one expected to be arrested after police investigated for the last three months and put this case together. the suspects used an app to try and conceal their role in this bomb threat scheme. unfortunately, for them thanks to good detective work, that plan backfired. >> it scares everybody. >> reporter: it was a cold day in february when authorities& race to do the new golf children center in radnor and evacuated the building. after a bomb threat was texted to the school. >> the kids could have been got hurt crossing the street there. could have been hysteria and these kids now got to live with this. >> reporter: now radnor police charged school employee alexis steed with risking a catastrophe threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction and endangering the welfare of children after 30 kids, staff and administrators had to be evacuated then sent home. no bomb was found. >> there was allegedly some
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unrest at the school, and they wanted to cause a problem for the institution. unfortunately, it scared a lot of people an lot of parents. >> reporter: police brought in bomb sniffing dog and the bomb squad. investigators now say steed and a second employee concocted the bomb threat scheme after problems at the school. then they used some high-tech tricks and a third person to try and cover their tracks. >> they used some type of app to cover themselves and try and thwart authorities from knowing who actually did it. >> you'll ruin your life over a phone call over job and you'll never get a job again ever. >> reporter: all this left jim green concerned about why anyone would resort to a bomb threat at a school where local children go. >> you should get the book thrown at you for trying to think of something that bad. >> call in a bomb threat. you think it's funny. it's not. >> reporter: it's not. those are serious charges. steed was ordered held on $10,000 bail. detectives interviewed 25 people. went through phone records and
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executed several search warrants. tonight superintendent william calo rullo is recommending them for commendation. chris. >> dave, thanks. police in delaware say this guy was driving drunk and without a valid license when he struck a five-year-old boy on a bike. they say 26-year-old lopez perez ran into the child last night in the sand hills acres communities in georgetown. he stopped after the crash. no word on that little boy's condition. lopez perez face as number of charges including vehicular assault and in perkasie, bucks county, facing charges for animal cruelty. the details they are hard to hear. reported police say christopher lee was swinging his pitbull terrier by a leash and dragging that dog by his behind legs. once police arrived on the 400 block of east walnut street yesterday, they say they found the dog was in serious distress. that poor dog passed away soon after. he's behind bars unable to post bail. >> so sad.
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special task force is recommending some new ways to battle the opioid epidemic in philadelphia and ole all acrosse state of pennsylvania. governor tom wolf and minute jim kenney held a join newscast to -- safe sites users can inject heroin and while such sites have operated for years, in places like the netherlands and australia, they face significant legal and political challenges here in the united states. critics arguing that the sites amount to surrendering to an epidemic that should be fought with prevention and treatment. >> this is a big problem and it affects everybody. it affects rural areas. it affects urban areas. it affects rich and poor, male, female, republicans and democrats young and old. so we need to do something about this across the state. >> overdose deaths in pennsylvania surged over 900 in 2016 that is a 30% increase from
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the year before. a crook gets away with twoism phones stolen right from cell phone store. what he said that made them feel so guilty they hasn'ted over the phones. father's heartbreak. wiping away tears knowing he'll never see his son again. murdered months ago. what this dad wants is simple. answers. >> and the ringling brothers circus is coming to an end. how you can watch the final performance. >> and just in time for summer, a huge honor for one local shore town. what wildwood crest was just named. ♪
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♪ new surveillance video just released showing the driver police say caused a schoolbus to crash with more than a dozen children on board in lancaster county. all those students were rushed to the hospital after wednesday's crash. two students were seriously hu hurt. police say that driver tried to pass two tractor trailers carrying oversized loads and their escort car. the driver clipped the escort car crashing into the schoolbus. this happened along route 30 in east lampeter township. if you have any information at all about the car or the driver you're asked to call police. check this out. that is not steam you're seeing
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comincoming out the ground thata gas leak. crews had their hands full fixing that leak on route 70 this all went down during the morning rush hour through cherry hill today. >> everything is now fixed. all the lanes are finally only again. fox 29's steve keeley was the first reporter on scene and has the details. >> reporter: it was a sound and a sight you rarely see or hear. it looked and sounded like a water main burst. but this was a natural gas line leaking. spewing potentially explosive gas into the air here on cherry hill's busiest roadway route 70 but a public service electric and gas crew man told fox 29 news here early on there was no immediate danger to anybody but the work crews themselves close to it. because even though there was lots of gas shooting out of the ground, it was quickly dissipating into the air. not stuck in a closed concentrated unventilated spot like a building.
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the only damage to both the road as the crew tour it up to plug the gas line and to the morning rush hour. as the eastbound lanes were both shut down and only one westbound lane toward the ben franklin bridge was open. as the loud hissing leak was finally capped and quieted just before 7:00, getting boo boos ad different kinds of hisses from all the detoured drivers. in cherry hill, steve keeley, fox 29 news. ♪ developing now in the deadly times square crash prosecutors have charged the driver who plowed his speeding car into a group of pedestrians yesterday with murder. authorities say 26-year-old richard rojas said he wanted to quote kill them all. investigators say he admitted to smoking pot laced with pcp before the crash. that crash killed an 18-year-old girl and hurt 22 other people. three remain hospitalized in critical condition. former new york congressman anthony weiner pleaded guilty for sexing. a tearful and emotional weiner plead guilty to the charge of
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transferring obscene material to a minor. fox's linda schmidt has more. >> reporter: anthony weiner plead guilty to a felony count of sharing sexually obscene material online with a 15 year old girl in north carolina. the 52-year-old ex congressman and mayoral candidate admitted that beginning in january of last year he began sexting with a stranger who said quote she was a high school student and who i understood to be 15 years old. the teenager told tab employed that weiner also asked her to undress for him on camera. the disgraced congressman cried while telling the judge he see as therapist regularly and that quote this fall i came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness. i accept full responsibility for my conduct. i have a sickness, but i do not have an excuse. 19 must now register as sex offender and faces ten years in prison but as part of a plea deal, prosecutors have recommended he serve about two
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years. attorney james, is a criminal defense attorney. >> there's no doubt that his lawyers will argue for a non guideline sentence and something less than that but i think he's going to have a very tough time. given the repetitive nature of this conduct. >> reporter: weiner has to surrender his iphone, passport and cannot travel outside the new york metro area. i apologize to everyone i have hurt he wept in court. i apologize to the teenaged girl whom i mistreated so badly. weiner did not answer questions when he left court with his attorney. >> anthony, do you want to say anything in public? you were very emotional. >> there's no comment statement. nothing else. >> reporter: weiner's sexting scandal that began while he was in congress intersected with the presidential campaign last year. he's the estranged husband of huma abedin hillary clinton's top adviser. weeks before the election fbi investigators found work related e-mails between clinton and abedin on his computer.
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fbi director james comey announced the e-mails had been discovered and announc announcet hillary clinton still maintains cost her the election. >> that was fox's linda schmidt reporting. weiner's zen sentencing for september. sweden dropped the case against julian assange much heys been hold up in the ecuador january embassy in london sin the allegations of rape emerged against him back in 2010 it remains unclear if the united states is looking to arrest assange due to a sealed indictment for leaking thousands of classified american documents. a bucks county man is accused of holding a shotgun out his car window and shooting at a woman's car in front of him. police arrested 32-year-old brandon gross so at a motel late last night. investigators in richland township say he was involved in several confrontations around the area yesterday. police say it all ended when he allegedly pulled up behind a car by the wal*mart and fired his
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gun. in that car woman and her son. fortunately, they were not hurt. gross so took off from the scene but was later arrested. your typical image a skateboarder watch kind of person do you think of? some tie vandalism and drug use to the skateboarding culture. bill anderson met up with a local man who won't hesitate to tell you he got caught up in the wrong crowd in his younger years but now he's using his experience and skating to inspire younger jeep races for goodness sake. >> the perception of them being bad kids or drug users or delinquents still persists to some degree. >> reporter: depending on your perspective the skating biking lifestyle that exists either represents a group of vandals destroying property and disrupting traffic or a unique maybe misunderstood culture. >> they're judged all the time for skating in the city and being kick out of places and they're just trying to 68. >> reporter: i probably fell on the critic side.
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seeing them recklessly in traffic and damaging landmarks in public places it didn't sit well with me. >> i believe you can do it. you need to believe in yourself. >> reporter: then i met sean the owner avenue new skateboard academy and got a different perspective. >> talking about kid from north philly like because of skateboarding i learned how to snowboard went on a mountain somewhere in utah. >> reporter: he grew up in north philly and admittedly fit the negative stereotype that many have of skaters. >> i was definitely delinquent. but i was a product of my environment. >> reporter: same environment that many face, parents working several jobs and not around. sean says skating helped him. >> pick up those feet. he wanted to share the positives while helping kids avoid his mistakes. so he opened ambler skateboarding academy to give them a safe and legal place to go. >> without parents around, that's where i learned a lot of things falling, scratching, getting back up. nobody is going to force me to get back up.
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>> reporter: skating lessons are important but life lessons matter more. >> everything that you learn here you can also apply to if it's with school or with friends, because you always going to run into things that are going to be difficult or going to scare you. >> reporter: even if young suburban kids don't fit the typical definition of those having run ins with the law in the skating community they are. and parents want to support their interests but make them aware of how their future actions will shape how society views them. >> our kids loan through his experiences he's very honest with them and open and speaks to them about his experiences and how he turns negative into positive. >> 68 boring academy opened my eyes to the fact that kids in diverse communities need support and guidance and the best people to provide it are perhaps the people who have lived it for better and worse. for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> whether it's art, music, skateboarding, anything to give
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kids something to do. something to belong. >> something to look forward to and help other. >> exactly. >> very cool. all right. when buying a new car it is common to take the out for test drive. >> right. >> but what woman did. she got behind the wheel that has a dealer changing his rules. plus as the weather gets warmer people start heading to the pool. a new warning tonight about what may be lurking in the water.
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♪ police in california say a robbery suspect is using racism to guilt workers into handing over i phones. this all happened at a cell phone store. police say he asked to see two knew i phones so the employee directed him to the tethered display phones but he wasn't having it and claimed racism. >> he tried to pull the racist card on her. did you put them away because of my skin color? no, it's not even that. she's like i'm not even supposed to have them out. >> at that point another employee handed the you go two knew i phones right in their boxes and then he took off. police say he pull the same stunt at another phone store. and in the atlanta suburbs police are on the hunt for a woman who went for a test drive at a new car dealership and she never came back. woman came to a small dealership
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on wednesday, said she saw a vehicle online for sale. >> she said she quickly was jumping at the opportunity. they let her test drive the car. the employee who took her to the car said he got a copy of her driver's license and after some small talk he he is cored the woman to the 2005 chrysler pacifica. then after quite a bit of time passed since the woman left with the car the employee said he definitely new something was little bit sketchy here. >> average test drive is about 15 minutes. after an hour and i look around the lot and i didn't see the vehicle she actually came in. let me call the number and make sure she's okay. >> i called the false number. >> this is the dealership's first problem like this since they opened five years ago it plans on adjusting their test driving policy. a father's heartbreak wiping away tears knowing he will never ever see his son again. murdered months ago. what this dad wants, though, is
5:27 pm
simple. answers. >> he's a teen for a passion for wrestling but he's going blind. how his parents are hoping to raise the money needed to help him see again. scott? >> chris, today is the last day of our first heat wave of the year. 90s in philly but 50'ss in buffalo. when to expect cooler air next.
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the type of confidence to suddenly switch to an english accent for no reason whatsoever. yep... . at carmax, it's all about confidence. nothing but net. nailed it! or should i say, nailed it gov'nor. you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip. ♪ welcome back. as we take live look at the ben franklin parkway. pretty night out there. it's official. we had our first heat wave of
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2017. but sadly it's about to come to an end. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in just a few minutes. aspiring hiphop dancer gunned down on the streets of philadelphia. nine months later, this case still remains unsolved. >> the young man's father is heart sick and he's angry. our bruce gordon with the parent's story. >> i talk to him. i pray. >> reporter: the 39 he built to his murdered son greets anthony robinson when he enters his living room each and every morning. >> because i'm not going to forget him. it's my job to make sure that, um, whoever did this to him, whoever was involved with harming my son they're brought to justice. >> reporter: 21-year-old nysier bellamy was gunned down last august 20th at g and hilton. nine months later no arrest and little apparent progress in the case. nasir's murder seems tock killing his father a little bit at a time. >> i struggle. i have good days and bad days. some days i cry all day.
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some days, you know, i get ang angry. if my phone rings after a certain time of night i start shakshaking. robinson says the lack of closure leaves him feel haunted like he's living in nightmare from which he cannot awake ken. >> i'm on a bus. i'm looking at everybody on the bus wondering did you hurt my son. >> i'm suspicious of everybody. i trust no one. >> reporter: nasir was an aspiring hiphop dancer. he made money performing in subways or at clubs. but he was also a dad with a 81-year-old son an newborn at the time of his murder. this is gave von now nine months old. he'll never know his father. >> i don't want to see another parent in this pain that i'm in feeling right now. i'm not wish this on anyone. >> reporter: ribboreport. >> he's hit the streets gather information and past it on to police investigators. has not heard back from cops since last october. >> what do you want from the police department?
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>> um, acknowledgment. that he mattered. >> robinson says philadelphia police have told him a security camera actually captured the murder as it took place. he says he could not bear to watch it and that it has not been released to the public in highly edited form. we asked police about robinson's claims. spokesman would only say that the murder of nysier bellamy remains an active investigation. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. it is a jam packed weekend in philadelphia with all kinds of big events going on all over the city. so, yes, you can expect some road closures. road closures are already in effect for the stotesbury cup regatta which kicked off this morning on the schuylkill river. thousands of rowers are in town for the world's largest high school rowing competition. kelly drive closed between strawberry mansion and fountain green drives and it will remain closed until tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clock. hot and steamy two words to describe today's weather.
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today let's take live look at wildwood. this might be a good place to be. the past to you days would have been good beach weather but scott williams says it could be a lot cooler and he's got all the details in 15 seconds. >> temperatures dropping doctors toy creek for the upcoming weekend but, yes, it is offici official. our first heat wave of the year. philadelphia so far 93 degrees. allentown 89. trenton has made it up to 90. look at atlantic city. 93 degrees so far is the high temperature. these folks have the right idea here on the beach right now. it is cooler with that sea breeze. but still 90 in trenton. minute degrees right now in millville. 90 degrees in dover. upper 80s in pottstown. 90 in reading. we'll go into parts of south
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jersey right now. 91 in camden. 91 in bordentown but look at the 70s right now down the shore. 76 at the boardwalk. 77 degrees currently for sea isle city. so as we talk about the upcoming weekend, yes, we are talking temperatures only in the upper 60s. saturday the expected high temperature 68 degrees. 67 on sunday. parly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. and it will be breezy with winds more off the ocean. ultimate doppler right now, we are tracking a couple of those spotty downpours right now as we move into sections of delaware, new castle county this is now moving into kent county approaching the dover area. some thunderstorm activity but nothing currently is severe just a lot of brief heavy rainfall associated with this moving to the south and east at about 40 miles per hour. one little isolated cell now popping up that will kind of move tour the beach haven area we'll watch for that, but otherwise, most of us should
5:35 pm
stay dry and those temperatures will be dropping this evening as that cold front continues to head through the area. we'll go hour by hour look at future cast. you can see a couple of hit or miss showers kind of dotting the map over the next several hours. otherwise, for tomorrow, we're cloudy. we are cooler. there member an early morning sprinkle but otherwise, once again, temperatures for tomorrow back to reality if not even below average with those high temperatures only in the 60s. so for tonight, 60 degrees. that early storm chance. then cooling off. winds are going shift more out of the north and that will usher in the cooler air. lots of events taking place for the upcoming weekend. take look at run down. the italian market festival there we're looking kind of cloudy. temperatures topping out upper 60s to near 70. the rittenhouse row spring festival whether will will be kind of cloudy, cool and breezy for that. preakness at the piazza. alex holley will be over there. temperatures are going to be in
5:36 pm
the upper 60s. go hour by hour, as we watch the clock by 10:00 a.m. upper 50s for tomorrow then once again kind of stuck in the mid to upper 60s for high temperatures tomorrow. the seven day forecast showing you as we move toward next week, showers to kick things off. wednesday, thursday a little unsettled. temperatures more seasonal. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. the ringling brothers circus is coming to an end. how you can watch the final performance. plus, as the weather gets warmer people start heading to the pool, a new warning tonight about what may be lurking in the water. plus -- i'm bruce gordon i'm not sure i'm dressed for it but i'm heading to the senior prom. >> ♪ >> reporter: i mean senior prom. living live to the fullest no matter what the calendar says. the story straight ahead.
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♪ a nice turn out today in south philadelphia for people looking for a job. philadelphia councilman kenyata johnson hosted this job fair at the vare rec center. job seekers got to brows more
5:40 pm
than 50 companies and they also got to practice their interviewing skills. after nearly 150 years the big top is coming down on the greatest show on earth. this is your very last chance to see the ringling brother and barn null bailey circus the show is closing up shop this weekend with a final performance in the suburbs of new york city. one of its traveling circuses performed for the last time earlier this month. the final ringling brothers barnum and bailey show will be broadcast live on facebook for the entire world to see. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is taking a moment to remember the days when he was accepted to college. >> yay! >> what. i got accepted. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> all right! yes! >> now that's more of row act. he posted this video on thursd thursday. his dad took it the day he was accepted to harvard. zuckerberg didn't graduate with
5:41 pm
the class of 2006 he left harvard once facebook took off. but that change is next week when he's schedule to speak at harvard's commencement license receive an honorary degree. he'll never go anywhere. he's a teen with passion for wrestling but he's going blind. how his parents are hoping to raise the money needed to help their son see again. medical marijuana is becoming more and more common place for people but what about your pets? veterinarians weigh in. sean? >> follow me on this one, chris. villanova hoops grads that wore a little something special under their cap and gown this afternoon. feel good friday edition coming up in sports.
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today the chester county sheriffs office held its second ever graduation ceremony for k9s and their partners. the team's represented specialties in the areas of narcotics and explosives. two of the k9s were from ridley township. one for septa and two others will remain in the chester county sheriff's office and one sheriff's deputy also received certification to be a k9 train trainer. congratulations. a local teen's passion is wrestling. but he's going blind. a j.lo could only read and watch tv on i-pad because it can blow up the size of what he actually reads. >> but there is help out there. fox 29's shawnette wilson talked to the perkasie teen about technology that could actually help him see. the problem is, the cost. >> reporter: 13 year old andrew low aj is what he likes to be called is like many teens. he enjoys watching at that time v, playing card games and he likes sports. >> i dropped in on him this
5:46 pm
wrestling club where he goes during the off season when he's not wrestling for his school team. he revealed to me why over the past two years he's developed a passion for wrestling. >> it's pretty much the one sport i can do close up sport. >> reporter: aj's eyesight is the reason he's limited in many areas not just sports. his mom julie explains. >> just being able to say hi to pebble walking down the hall. by the time he can probably recognize your face you're already walking by him. stepped him in the kitchen to fine bananas and he'll in there five minutes looking around. >> reporter: aj has a disease. a kind of juvenile macular degeneration. it's progressive and will eventually completely take away his central vision and there's no cure. greg low says his son was diagnosed three years ago. >> imagine not being able to see anything in the center of your vision where you have just blank spots or scratchy film over everything you see. looking through a lace a lace curtain how difficult that must be. >> reporter: there's hope through e site.
5:47 pm
a device that give some sight to certain people who are legally blind. >> i can read it. this video of e site rep allowing aj to try it out. his mother gets emotional tal talking about the moment they realize it worked for him. >> my husband was sitting across the table and andrew saw greg an smile crossed his face. i can see you dad he said. so, yeah -- sorry. >> it's okay. it's your little boy. >> surprising that i could actually see my parents face which i haven't seen in like four years. and it was very nice. i could actually read some books. >> reporter: donation fund has been set up to help aj get pair of the e sight glasses. so far about $5,000 has been raised. but it's going cost about $15,000 for him to get a pair f you'd like to help this awesome kid go to to to find out how. shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. in your health this evening, a warning about swimming pools as we head into the summer season. the cdc says a parasite is on the rise at pools and water
5:48 pm
parks. it is known as crypto. that doesn't sound good. the cases have at least doubled in the past two years. this parasite can cause symptoms like diarrhea, sometimes vomiting. health officials say do not swallow water in swimming pools and if you have any of these symptoms avoid swimming altogether. well if you're frustrated because you've tried everything to lose weight and you just can't, this may be why. new study finds weight loss can be tied to the time you eat not just what you're consuming. researchers found that people who consume the same amount of calories every day but ate less at night and more during the day were more successful at losing weight. a 100-year-old medical treatment could help women with fertility issues get pregnant. that's according to a new study publish in the new england journal of medicine. more than a thousand women had their tubes flushed with either poppy seed or oil or water. researchers found successful pregnancies occurred win six months for nearly 40% of the
5:49 pm
women in the oil group and 29% of those in the water group. as medical marijuana becomes legal in more states across the country some people say it could also help relieve pain in pets. fox's tie steal spoke with some veterinarians about the debate. >> reporter: wiggles is one happy dog. the six-year-old pup is active and loves to play at the dog park. but three years ago, his owner becky thought those days were gone. >> had a of when he was about three years ago he was in a lot of pain. he'd wake up in the middle of the night crying when he tried to move. >> he was diagnose with hip dysplasia. a vet described him two drugs for the pain when he accidenta accidentally ate an bottle of opiates and rush to the emergency room she treated to treat him with a more holistic case. wiggles is now medical marijuana patient. >> i've been working here for almost eight years. so i've seen it help people and i realized most of the studies we have on cannabis for
5:50 pm
arthritis or any type of ailment is done on animals. >> reporter: becky is the assistant manager at can any care a medical marijuana dispensary is in sacramento she's scene a huge improve many in wiggles after she started giving him a few drops of olive oil up fused with pot. >> dr. jill says even a small amount of cannabis can help pets. but legally she can't even recommend it to her patients. vets are regulated by the federal government not the sta state. wiggles may benefit from marijuana, it's still illegal substance under the dea's guidelines. >> so we're getting into this battle here of it's legal in the state but illegal federally. >> dr. christina brad bury works at vista veterinarian specialists in sacramento. they see several dogs every week who have eaten marijuana edibles in the form of a chocolate pot brownie that's a deadly combination. >> chocolate is toxic for dogs as well. so that can also cause problems with the heart. they both can cause problems
5:51 pm
with the heart and i think that would be one of the things to worry about. >> reporter: while products might help dogs like wiggles the doctor warns eating pot with thc could make dogs experience more pain not less. >> they're kind of stagger around like they're -- it look like they're drunk. they're dribbling urine. >> as for pet owners, treatment could come at a steep price. dr. brad bury says caring for dog overdosing on marijuana could cost upwards of a thousand dollars. two teachers from an atlanta area middle school will not be returning next year after a teenaged girl with adhd received a school award for most likely to not pay attention. the eighth grader came home with the award her mother says she learned her daughter was initially voted as most likely to ask a question that has already been answered. category she also finds very inappropriate. >> you guys are calling me when you're having problems with her in school. when you're having problems with her not paying attention or not
5:52 pm
getting it and then you give her an award for it. why call me to discipline her but yet you turn around and give her an it ward for it? >> the school district says it does not condone anything that would cause any student embarrassment. update now on story we brought you last night on fox 29 news at 5:00. a texas man taking his date to court over a movie ticket. he has now dropped that lawsuit. brandon vesa m ar taking the woman to court for $17.31 after he claimed she was teching during the entire movie. we were told the woman has paid him back and has apologized. so he has dropped the suit. what a casa nova. >> yeah. a true ping-pong master isn't letting his age slow him down. what he's trying to do at 70 years old. an big honor for one local shore town. what wildwood crest was just name. and all around the region,
5:53 pm
it is prom season. but one senior prom and its guests will truly bring a smile to your face. >> she made national headlines saying tata to her tatas. local woman is winning the hearts of millions around the country all while battling breast cancer. we talked to andy on "good day philadelphia" saturday morning at 7:00 a.m.
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♪ a true ping-pong master isn't letting his age slow him down. in fact, he's aiming to become a world champion. of course, he admits he can't keep up with some of those younger players out there. >> that's why he'll compete in the national senior games. fox's gina silva introduces us to the 70-year-old table tennis phenom. >> reporter: he's fast and focused. he has aggressive spin shot that stumps the competition. hero that's what his friends call him is getting ready for the 2017 national senior games in birmingham, alabama. but at the age of 70, he says -- >> as i get older and, you know, the moving getting slower.
5:58 pm
and sometimes it's hard to chase the ball. >> reporter: not so sure we believe that. just look at him. he's determine to win. hero says the game of table tennis is not just physical. it's also mental with a twist of sneakiness. >> sneaky is good word york, as i get older i got to get more tricks. [ laughter ] >> reporter: like making the opponent thinks he's serving in one direction while going the opposite. >> that's one of the tricks. think the tactics, how i can beat opponents. >> reporter: hero has beaten many opponents through the years. and he's preparing to bring back the gold for this year's senior games. >> what message do you want the viewers to get from your story? >> you know, never give up. you just pursue whatever you want to do. you can do it. you can accomplish your goal. report roar gina silva, fox ne news. he makes it look easy,
5:59 pm
doesn't gentlemen. >> i can totally beat him. > yeah, right. >> it's beer pong, right? >> isn't that what that is? >> no. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, it is official. we are in a heat wave. three straight days of temperatures in the 90s. but worry in for rude awakening. a big cool down is on the way. and a developing story, a baby hit not once but twice by a car and the driver took off. what witnesses saw moments before the car sped away. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a live look at the center city skyline as we start fox 29 news at 6:00 o'clock. we are in the midst of a heat wave. >> we sure are as we move to trenton those temperatures are going to tumble over the next 12 hours. it could feel 20 degrees cooler
6:00 pm
tomorrow morning. hard to believe. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. hopefully you've enjoyed this early taste of summer. these folks at spruce street on pennsylvania lanning certainly did. doesn't that look good? >> yes. >> great day to relax on hammock. meteorologist scott williams joining us. scott, were you down on there enjoying that hammock? was that you. >> not today. but i tell you it is going to be cooler for the upcoming weekend it really going to be shock to the system. high temperature today 93 degrees. making that heat wave official. but take look at ultimate doppler. we have this cold front moving through. it will drop the temperatures drastically come tomorrow morning. but a long and out ahead of the a few pop up showers and thunderstorms. non severe at the moment. wet we have moderate rain moving through sections every salem county just outside of dover as we kind of zoom in. you can see that thunderstorm now moving into the delaware bay bridgeton looking at some


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