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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 23, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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horrible scene, developing right now on "good day philadelphia", terror strikes at an ariana grande cons inert britain. we know 22 people are dead this morning, dozens more hurt after a suicide bombing, create wills chaos and panic. plus, also, another developing story a man reportedly beaten and abduct in east falls, police are trying to figure out why and who he may be. also ahead this morning picking a jury several jurors are seated in the bill cosby sexual assault trial, ahead what we can expect for day number two. and fighting for freedom, locked up for decade for murder he did not commit,
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could this be a day a local man finally gets justice. certainly lots to talk b great to have you with us, good morning i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp good morning. >> good morning. >> bob kelly getting us around this morning. >> little bit of fog this morning. >> lots of patches this morning. >> yes, good morning, sue. >> little bit of both, literal and figurative fog this morning but i think we will have a little bit of a better day. won't be complete deluge of rain we had yesterday some places got 3 inches of rain yesterday. seven out of 10 in your weather by numbers and lots of fog out there this morning. lets talk about allentown with the mile and a half, even less in reading and lancaster. not too bad at philly international but millville, new jersey two and a half miles. watch for that if you go to continue to develop, throughout the morning, little bit haze any olde city, 61 degrees. sunrise time 5:39 this morning , checking some of the suburbs, kutztown could be 54. lancaster 55. west chester at 59.
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bear delaware 59. so is williamstown, new jersey and in, wood land it is 59 degrees. so we will head to a high of, probably in the lower 70's, we could see a few showers by the end of the day, southwest area with a chance of rain. we will sort that out in a few bob kelly, is what going on right now. >> good morning. as we mentioned we could solve fog out there so be ready for that and i know you'll find, construction crews every where here's one of the spots, westbound schuylkill expressway, right at the university city interchange, only one lane opened, light volume at least for the moment , accident south on the northeast extension, between lansdale, and mid county. so for gang leaving quakertown , lansdale heading down in toward mid county looking at one of the lanes blocked this morning. hot bed of construction here on 202 and route one with lane blockages repaving that area couple work zones here on i-95 find crews working northbound
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between kerlin and 476, keep that in mind trying to get to the airport early this morning and then another work crew approaching, between the stadium area and approaching, the walt whitman bridge. they all should be out there until 5:30 or so. amtrak says they are doing a rail project, therefore, wilmington line could experience 20 minute delays this morning but as we start our tuesday morning mass transit across the board, we're running with to delays. no. >> following that scene right there, panic and chaos at an ariana grande concert in manchester. we know this morning 22 people are dead, dozens more injured in an apparent suicide bombing , you see the kay uses right there on the right of your screen. our lauren johnson joining us this morning, still a very
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developing story, lauren. >> reporter: just finding out that tour has been cancelled but police are treating the blast an act of terrorism until we know otherwise. the call came in at 10:30 p.m. as an explosion at manchester arena at end of the ariana grande concert. venue was packed with families and young people out enjoying pop star's dangerous woman tour. more than 240 calls came into the greater manchester police department this morning forensic investigators are working to find out if the attacker had accomplices and if he was acting as part of the larger network. we do know the attacker died in that explosion and authorities believe he carried an improvised explosive device police say they are conducting a complex, wide ranging investigation. >> my thoughts are very much with those that have been injured, and lost their lives and their loved ones at this terrible time. this is clearly a very concerning time for everyone. we are doing all that we can working with local and national agencies to support
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those affected. as we gather information about what happened. >> pop star, who was not injured tweeted hours later broken from the bottom of my hearty am so, so sorry. i don't have word. she has since suspended her tour in the wake of the bombing. coming up we will hear from a witness near the box office when that explosion ran out, he calls last night the war experience ever we will hear his account of what happened in those terrifying moments, thomas. >> once again 22 lives lost this morning, thank you. our coverage of the deadly explosion at ariana grande concert continues throughout the morning and on line at fox it is 405:67:89 closing arguments are set for today in the david creato murder trial south jersey man is accused of killing his own son only three years old back in 2015. that little boy's body was found in the woodyard of cooper river park. lets get right out to steve keeley who joins us now that is trial moves ahead, steve. >> well, this trial has had lots of days off and lots of days since the last day of
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testimony, so the jury, for sure, individually at least in their own mind has had time to muscle this case over before they begin deliberating as a group and as a whole and that could be still, a couple days away because we will have closing arguments and then what is called the judge's charge to the jury instructing them on the laws. you can bet in his closing argument today creato's lawyer will surely remind jury here that they never heard or saw 1 iotto of direct evidence or testimony that david creato killed his little son. the prosecutor gets to go last , and talk to the jury right before they go into deliberations and judge's arguments and they will probably for sure admit the case is circumstantial but point out this fact, karen and thomas that the lack of obvious signs of injury the little boys body isn't a sign that their father -- his fat der not kill him but a sign that almost directly points to the father's guilt saying
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there is no other way this boy could have died other than being suffocated with a pillow or bag over his head and that shows, that it happened probably at the house and the fact that the little boy's socks were cleaned where he was found by cooper river a half to three-quarters of a mile to his house shows he didn't walk there or get there on his own but somebody placed him there and that somebody the prosecution will admit or argue is his father, guys. >> details in this trial have been troubling to listen to steve keeley, thank you. 4:07. it is day two of jury selection in the trial of the comedian bill cosby. three women and two men were selected yesterday from the bits purge area cosby's defense team are hoping to find an impartial jury. total of 12 jurors and six alternates will be chose friend allegheny county about actual trial will be held in montgomery county. cosby ace cues of sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2004. his attorney says that despite the stress of the proceedings the comedian is in good
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spirits. >> he is holding up fine, looking forward to it, he appreciates all that has been done by the people of pittsburgh and allegheny county to make this happen and we are looking forward to getting to trial. >> the trial is scheduled to begin june 5th, it is expected to last about two weeks. it is 4:08. police are investigating an reported abduction, beating, carjacking of the man in the east falls section of the city this all allegedly happened last night in the 2,000 block of robert avenue right here near fox street there was a witness who sees this unfold with two vehicles. he said a man in one vehicle gets out and he is beaten, dragged, to a nearby, brown minivan and then thrown inside at some point a guy gets out of the same van and gets in the victim's car and they both drive away. >> we don't know if this was as a result of an auto accident that turned into a road rage incident. we're not sure at this time. >> detectives took a statemet from that witness, the only description they have of the suspect that he is very call 6-e
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shirt and black pants. expect increased patrols today in juniata park neighborhood. police say some kid got out of control yesterday and knocked an officer to the ground. two brawls broke out near erie torresdale station on the market frankford line. an office shore tried to break it up was hurt. an officer was taken to the hospital to be check out. the same teenagers took a baton from another office shore stepped into help, and that ended with the arrest of three teens. more than 20 years in prison for murder he did not commit. >> now the man you where to see is about to walk free, thanks to a witness, who just wouldn't give up. and bear warning, nap time is over, they are waking up, and there are foxes out there as well. so we have all kind of critters out there. that is in some neighborhood so can't bear it we will explain and see what some of you are saying. bob kelly, good morning. >> that is a pretty skinny bear.
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4:09. we will go for a ride west on the schuylkill expressway, construction near the university interchange, come on opened up that front door and say good morning to the cathedral of saints peter and paul as we look live downtown to the parkway, sueby has your tuesday forecast when we come right back. p://>[a5df]
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welcome back, we will look live at reading, there is a lot of fog just waking up, heading out so be advised, driving with your high beams low. no high beams. >> blinking 20 times. seeing things right? yeah, it is foggy. sue will update new a moment. bob will help you get around. 4:13. do you ride septa? expect more delays. >> over next couple weeks amtrak repairs will make some septa trains late. so work on line line will affect the others. repairs started yesterday. this is riding wilmington, newark regional rail line, through july 2nd you can expect delays. crews are repairing 14,000 rail ties and tracks, officials say trains may operate 20 minutes later then normal and saturday what they will do is run buses, dart buses will be taking the place of the trains between claymont , and wilmington. in a head up heading down the shore it looks like towns end inlet bridge won't reopened in time for memorial day weekend. bridge connects avalon, sea isle city. we are hearing it could stay
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closed another few weeks. engineers found cracks last month and it has been shut down, ever since. you know, i think we suspected that might happen maybe by fourth of july, sue. >> we will keep our fingers crossed, but we would rather have the bridge be in good shape then be safe, however long it takes, right. 61 degrees in philadelphia right now, mild side here but only 49 in mount pocono. 55 degrees in lancaster. fifty-nine in dover. we have got wind coming out of the north and kind of bringing in a little bit of ocean moisture and all that moisture in the air it is causing some fog, in pottstown, reading, reduced visibility in lancaster, it looks like allentown around trenton area wilmington, delaware, this probably will be a situation that goats worse before it gets better, and we will eventually see the fog, burn off today, right now just some cloud around, no precipitation in the area, but when we widen
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out this picture and looking down to the carolinas and beyond that in georgia we will see, that there is more, rain on the way, moving toward the northe so when does it arrive? it could, we cannot rule out a shower today but we could see a little bit of sunshine and then we will look at tuesday night into wednesday, tonight rain rolling through in the morning, and probably, ending by afternoon, and then thursday, we will see the possibility of some heavy rain and that will come later on in the day. so, again at lee a chance of rain every single day through thursday, and we will see what happens with the weekend. it looks like we are a roller coaster ride that keeps going down. yesterday we got to a high of 66 degrees w enough sunshine we will have mostly cloudy skies but we expect to make it in the mid 70's today and tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms on thursday, maybe lingering into friday morning, and then sunshine, returns on friday afternoon and now we have holiday weekend here and it looks like
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a bit of the warm up as we head into saturday and sunday. maybe a chance of the shower on sunday but we will have a time to fix that as well. your forecast available all morning long after you get in the cartoon your radio to more fm, 101.1. >> i like how you say that that we have time to fix. that get your toolbox out. >> like we have anything to do with that. >> good morning, everybody. 4:16 on a tuesday. we're looking live south on the freeway, truck heading down toward the shore area where we will see folks heading this weekend with memorial day weekend. headlights coming in toward the city though kind of light volume, they are out here working, a lot of work crews trying to get a lot of projects to the next phase before we take a break for memorial day weekend. we are looking live at the blue route 476 approaching mid county interchange, everybody pushed off to the right, 18th street, bridge, now over vine street expressway closed. all that traffic being pushed on to 16th street that whole
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art museum parkway area just a hot mess, with the construction zone. they are also still working this morning on the westbound schuylkill expressway, and right at the university city interchange, so the right lane is block, and light volume at lee for the moment and then down here in chester county heading south on 202 this new traffic pattern, really causing big delays approaching the 30 bypass, so expect delays through the morning and road are still damp, wet from all that rain we had yesterday and accident southbound on the northeast extension just south of the lansdale interchange. mass transit, no reported delays. oh, my gosh. >> update on that breaking news here at 4:17. at this hour 22 people dead, several children, dozen more injured at terrorist bombing
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in the ariana grande concert happening in manchester. it happened around 10:30 last night. outside manchester arena as grande was ending the concert. twenty-three year-old singer was in his ter i cans after that attack, grande we know scheduled to perform in london later this week has decided to put her entire european tour on hold. some 400 officers have been deployed overnight to help with this investigation, we will keep you updated throughout the morning here. 4:18. happening today, imagine getting locked up for decade for a murder you truly did not commit. there is a man from philadelphia who says that has been his reality as our brad sattan believes today supporters believe he can finally receive some justice. > put your faith in god and kept saying everything will be okay. >> reporter: hard to imagine how hazel thomas must feel her sonnies on the verge of leaving prison after 24 years about to be freed for a murder did not commit, it was in 1990 at sixth and lehigh where a man was shot and killed inside
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his car during a robbery. ron smith, a temple university student back then, happened to be driving by and saw everything. >> a gentlemen came out of the car in front of me and went up to the car in front of him and shot somebody, through the window. >> reporter: three years later sean and his brother were charged, convicted based on the shaky testimony of two men who fingered them for the crime in exchange for leniency for crimes that they committed attorney james sigoresky a former police officer teamed up with the pennsylvania innocence project and immediately saw holes in the story. >> he said there is no evidence against me other than what these two people said. i said it is a murder conviction there must be some physical or scientific evidence but there wasn't. >> reporter: sean thomas was arrested nate before accused of trying to steel a met or cycle. when murder occurred next morning sean was with his mother at youth detention center off ben franklin parkway but somehow record verifying that disappeared and ron smith the witness his
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version was different and he was never asked to testify. >> i was told that my testimony wasn't consistent with other witnesses and i wouldn't be needed. i would think that a person that was the eyewitness, in an alert to the police would not be discount that had quickly. >> they informed a picture of how this murder happened and they were sticking to that and they didn't seem to want to hear anything else, to interfere with that. >> reporter: one of the men later recanted the story. at request of the pennsylvania innocence project the philadelphia's d.a. conviction revisit unit reopened the case last fall and tuesday expected to ask a judge for sean's release. james figuresky spent 900 hours investigating this case pro bono. how are you feeling? >> i feel great. we are all happy. >> reporter: no one happier then mom. >> it makes me feel real good. real, real good. i finally have him back. >> reporter: brad sattan fox 29 news. sources are telling us there was a woman killed in
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the fire in north philadelphia , initially we report that had she may have been pregnant. well, it turns out police say she was not pregnant, the 35 year-old had been told she was expecting. we do know for a fact she died sunday morning after a fire in susquehanna avenue. medical examiner's office has not determined what killed her she was dead before the fire started or not? it is conducting toxicology tests to gain more answers. philadelphia police released surveillance video of the gunman wanted for shooting a teen back in april. police are looking for the guy on the bike, take a look cops say a 17 year-old boy was walking on the 2900 block of floor street in brewerytown when all of a sudden he heard gunshots. he was injured after a bullet hit him right in the knee. hair raising controversy, we will show you pictures, two girls making some national headlines. >> so the question is their hair distracting ? take a look , why it got them attention and even, banned
4:22 am
from the prom, but first here's sean bell. coming up in sports in a minute phillies taking on the best team in the national league, see if they could come back, home, and get back on track, coming up next in sports.
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phillies back at home after a tough road trip. they have lost 17 out of their last 21 games and last night did not get any better. taking on the colorado rockies , best team in the
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national league, and in the third the rockies charlie blackman with the double bringing home two runs and fill boys lose eight-one. pete mackanin still trying to look at this team in the positive light. when you think bit, if you look at it, just scores we lost one to nothing yesterday, didn't hit to day was four-one that is within striking distance. we just could not put anything together. i think we're playing competitively but we are falling short offensively. to the nhl playoffs peter laviolette, getting it done for nashville, game six, against the ducks tied at three, colton, with the one timer, he had a hat trick, on the night, predator win four- three advance to go their first stanley cup finals. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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we heard the biggest explosion and it was literally about 20 meters from where we were standing and everyone started panicking. >> chaos and panic, parents desperate to find missing
4:29 am
children this morning after that suicide bombing happened at a concert in ariana grande cons inert england. also ahead, sucker punched outside a 7-eleven victim right there has cerebral palsy , what the suspect in this video did moments before he swung. many people will be thinking of heading down the shore for big holiday weekend, so we want to enjoy it but there are some things you will no longer be able to do on several beaches. keep in mind the tram car please. >> watch the tram car, watch, watch, watch the tram car please. >> thank you, bob. >> worse than fog or that sound. >> very good. >> get you a full-time job on that one. good morning, everybody. lets get a check of traffic in a moment but first sue serio. >> before the weekend we have a few more rainy days to live through. today won't be as bad as yesterday with rainfall, anyway, seven out of 10 in
4:30 am
your weather by the numbers but we have some fog this morning. bus stop buddy, he had some rain gear but not the whole group like yesterday and holding salt water taffies, it is national taffy day, lets check that visibility. it looks like fog any reading, lancaster, dover, delaware, pottstown, pennsylvania and then reduced visibility in trenton and wilmington as well we can see haze in olde city but we have enough breeze that it is not too foggy, airport visibility is 6 miles. we have 61 degrees. sunrise time at 5:39, unlike yesterday we have possibility of seeing sunshine today but we also have a chance of showers, 53 in lancaster, 54 allentown, up to the north 50 in hazelton, over to new jersey with atlantic city at 62. dover delaware 59 degrees, rehoboth 62. you can see the rain coming back but not here right now so we had, 66 degrees, yesterday
4:31 am
after a perfect sunday. it was an imperfect monday. and today with mostly cloudy skies, and little bit of sunshine we have 74 degrees with a few showers possible. we will head in the holiday weekend with our seven day >> good morning. 4:31. we are dealing with poor visibility because of the fog and work crew is still out here along i-95. this ace live look at i-95 work crews between kerlin and walt whitman bridge, a couple different spots along the way heading north up toward the airport area. live lot bennie no problems, crystal clear here but patchy fog depending where you begin your trip for this tuesday morning. accident southbound on the northeast extension just south of the lansdale interchange between lansdale and mid county. probably dealing with some fog in that area as well. again, patches of fog on i-95, not sure if that will impact any flights in or out of philadelphia but we have work crews both at kerlin street
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northbound and also approaching the walt whitman bridge, in toward fail on i-95 work crew west on the schuylkill right at university avenue interchange, only left lane, getting on by. mass transit running with no reported delays. oh, my god. >> that is moment it happened, 22 people lost their lives, dozens more injured in the terrorist bombing according to officials at that ariana grande concert that happened in england. now people are scrambling to find missing children on social media lets get to lauren johnson with the very latest on this, karen. >> teenage dreams, and then chaos, as people searched for loved won scattered after the blast. thousands of ariana grande fans are packed inside at rena for dangerous women tour as
4:33 am
just the show ended a loud explosion, on manchester arena web site. incident took place outside venue in a public place. this morning is it being treated as a terrorist attack until authorities find out more. one witness chris palisade left a little early to try to beat the rush. he noticed lobby of the arena filled with waiting parents, picking up youngsters when he heard that first explosion. >> so, trying to beat the rush , we come out a few minutes early, we came just out where the box office is situated in the arena and then go in the train station. as we get to the top of the steps we heard the biggest explosion, and it was literally about 20 meet ertz from where we were standing and everyone started panicking we initially thought it was a terrorist attack because that is just what you think because of what is going on. we ran down the stairs, and started to head for the door
4:34 am
before we got to the door we hesitated because in the past what we have seen didn't always have it happen so we stopped, and then as we stopped we got children to leave the tunnel. people were screaming, shouting. it was the war experience ever >> pauley says if he left 30 seconds later things would have ended differently for him he does not remember seeing security inside or outside the arena he remembers getting his ticket and walking in. president trump just arrived in bethlehem for meeting with the palestinian president there. there are reports that he expressed his sorrow at loss of life in the manchester bombing at the quote of evil losers in life. karen. speaking publicly there so we will have sound from that coming up in a matter of moments. this attack has spark a whole long night of parents desperately searching for children and people trying to find loved won. there is a #missing in manchester right now as people are trying to find children calling different hospitals,
4:35 am
public transportation, was shut down right after this attack. taxis even offered to give stranded people free ride home and this right now has the whole world wondering about safety, in our country as well , specifically at areas where large crowd gather like concert venues. our department of home land security says there is in specific credible threat involved with using venueness this country but may experience increased security around any public places, and events. >> we know ariana grande was quite shaken up following that explosion. ariana's manager scooter brawn , also justin beiber's manager, tweeted our hearts were broken. word cannot express our zorro for victims and families harmed in this senseless attack. we mourn lives of the children and loved won taken by this cowardly act. our coverage of this explosion, will continue, throughout the morning, and on line at fox time right now 4:35. attorneys from both side will present closing arguments today in the creato murder
4:36 am
trial. david creato is accused of killing his three-year old son back in 2015. our steve keeley live outside camden county haul off justice with the very latest on this one, steve. >> reporter: what a high profile legal quagmire of the case this has been from the get go and winding down now with the jury possibly getting the chance to start deliberations late this afternoon if not for sure tomorrow and that is the part we do not get to sianni hear publicly but will be either what sets this father free from the camden county jail here right next door to the courthouse for the first time since january of last year where he has been lock up because he could not make bail or send him off to a hard state prison and send this case continuing into a long appeals battle for sure. closing arguments are when lawyers on both side, usually highlight the key testimony or evidence the jury has already seen and heard but in this case creato's lawyer will remind them that they didn't see or hear anything that shows or proves brandon creato was killed by his father.
4:37 am
prosecution will argue there is in one else, in other way this little boy ended up more than a half mile from his dad 's apartment where he was last seen and in the water by cooper river. he was, his dad was last one with him, he or she or she will argue that he is the only one that could have suffocated him somehow, in that apartment , and then left him in a spot where father often hung out and knew real well, even in the dark, thomas and karen. >> thank you so much there steve, we will follow developments. police in west chester charged a man they say mocked, and then assaulted a man, with cerebral palsy. a 29 year-old suspect had no idea that it was all caught on video this happened on may tenth at 7-eleven on south high street in west chester, police say barry baker mocked victim then was walking by and then punched him in the face. baker ran away when police approached him. there is a picture of him. >> the defendant, he is a
4:38 am
coward, he is a bully, i cannot say enough bad things about him. victim showed a lot of dignity here and restraint. hard enough to have something like cerebral palsy but to have someone pick on you because of it is outrage news this day and time. >> he is 29, too old to be doing something like this facing simple assault and related charges and preliminary hearing is scheduled for next tuesday. it was quite an operation out of an apartment in wilmington, delaware, police say a 37 year-old guy shayne brown had a thousand bags of heroin and other drugs, thousandsness cash and gun all in his apartment on the court apartments. brown was busted friday after a month long investigation. we have got an important warning for parents who specifically of young babies juice warning don't give to it your babies. >> why doctors say you should wait but for how long? we will have that coming up.
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4:41. o.j. simpson will be up for parole come july. >> he is 69. he has spend a decade of the five three-year sentence at a nevada correctional facility. he was imprisoned on robbery conviction you may remember for stealing his own stuff, if he receives parole, he could walk freon october 1st. there is a school, up in massachusetts and suspended its ban on hair extensions following outrage from the public. >> so at issue, school decision to punish two sisters
4:42 am
for wearing braided extensions dozens of people showed up at a protest outside a board meet to go support those girls. the policy ban what it calls distracting styles, including hair, more than 2 inches high as well as unnatural hair colors, shapes, size, hair extensions but on friday the state attorney general's office told the school the policy was unlawful. and then sunday might school board voted to suspend the policy for the remainder of the year. 4:42 is the time. >> we are following breaking news. lets get right to it. >> we know 22 people who their lives, so many dozens more injured during an explosion, that happened at a concert in england that was packed, so is what the singer ariana grande did concerning her tour following the deadly explosion , and what we are learning, about that suicide bomber that is suspected in this case. more when we come back.
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president trump offering pray ers for people of manchester this morning during a stop on his overseas trip in bethlehem. we do know 22 people are dead including several children, dozens more injured in the terrorist bombing at an ariana grande concert. >> authorities believe there was a man who detonated an improvised explosive device, i ed, he was killed in that explosion, ariana grande was scheduled to perform in london later this week. she decided to suspend her entire european tour, the department of home land
4:46 am
security hearsays it is closely monitoring that situation and says that there is no indication that we have any threats involving music venues in this country. following this one very closely. 4:46. let's check your morning traffic with bob. >> hey good morning everybody. 4:46 as you mentioned, a live look at the schuylkill expressway, still working westbound only one lane opened , right here at university, from maybe another half an hour or so, down into center city from northeast philadelphia, no problems or delays at all, i-95 looking quiet but we are dealing with some patchy fog, depending upon where you begin your trip , stepping out front door this morning, in east norriton a fire location in new hope or reynold road with local detour s an accident south on the northeast extension just south of the lansdale so traveling from say quakertown lansdale heading down to mid county you'll run into a delay they are still working on a couple spots on i-95 they are wrapping it up 95 northbound
4:47 am
near kerlin, so keep that in mind heading toward the airport but there is another crew north on i-95 right here near walt whitman bridge, again, i-95 has been hot bed of construction getting it done overnight which goodies and loving cooler temperatures as well. coming from new jersey, in problems over walt whitman, ben franklin there is that construction crew i showed you there at university and then, of course, 18th street bridge over vine street expressway remains closed to vehicle traffic as part of that parkway reconstruction, mass transit at the moment looking good with no delays, is what our forecast like for rest of the tuesday? sueby has tonight 15. temperatures are a smidge milder then yesterday, but depend where you are.
4:48 am
sixty in philadelphia. sixty-three lancaster and allentown. sixty-three wildwood. forty-nine in mount pocono. but we are watching fog roll in and it has in many places, lancaster, reading, pottstown, allentown, trenton, reduced visibility, pretty foggy in dover. we are at 6 miles visibility at philly international. we will see if that gets worse we have breezes out there but that may prevent fog from forming in someplaces, a few cloud around this morning, and in addition to the fog, and yeah, more rain, on the way, our system from yesterday has stalled off shore so we expect a low pressure system moving up along this system, and the stationary front, and then it could give us some showers today. there are showers in the forecast, you might see a few peaks of sunshine today, tomorrow morning looks like it may be raining when we get started but dry in the afternoon, and then, thursday, that is the day when we expect rain and possibly lots of it, especially toward the end of the day and wouldn't it be
4:49 am
nice if we could get that be the end of it for the holiday weekend. we're working on it. seventy-six is our normal high of course with the heat wave we are way above normal right there over weekend but only 66 for a high yesterday. so today we expect to get in the zero seven's with cloud cover, and we should get that phillies game in tonight, 76 degrees, they played last night so they will play tonight. seventy-six tomorrow with some rain leading to sunshine and showers and thunderstorms possible on thursday, clearing out on friday, warming up a little bit over weekend and then by memorial day, cloudy skies, maybe, the chance of a shower. but like we said earlier we will work on it, still a few days way. >> just fine, sue. >> we know that one. >> people thinking of going down to wildwood taking a live picture right new of that boardwalk an early morning person out there who appears to be jogging. >> yes, that is dedication right there. >> i know. >> get it,. >> all right. >> spoking on the wildwood
4:50 am
boardwalk could be a thing of the past. is there a bill to ban smoking on the boardwalk and heading to vote for fill city council. >> what does this mean? the law would go in effect next summer and apply to all 38 blocks of the boardwalk in both wildwood and north wildwood, smoking on the beach , would still aloud. it appears hibernation for those big guys, bear sightings are popping up in certain areas. >> so they wanted to warn folks official bear warnings, right? >> ♪ >> it is hank, and here in upper makefield people are calling the police saying they have seen a bear, roaming around up here with all of the critters i have seen up here today my take there probably ought to be. >> i haven't caught a fish yet >> reporter: brady was getting by the but big old snapping turtles were not trout he had in mind and had in the seen any bears. >> i have never seen any,
4:51 am
bears around here since i have been here but i wouldn't be surprised if there is or aren't a few. >> reporter: apparently there are judging from police reports upper makefield said calls came in about a bear roaming around jericho golf course. i went looking for a bear because, hey you never know, i was only in town a couple minutes when i saw a fox just right out in the open. >> red foxes, red foxes, yeah. >> reporter: mark anderson was fishing too. have you ever seen a bear. >> i have not seen a bear but i see turkey, deer, and foxes. >> reporter: foxes are one thing but bears are another and town is in the taking any chances. upper makefield web site tells those who might see a bear to steer clear, keep your distance and call police, usual stuff. karl slacks has farmed in this area most of his life. >> i can believe that. there has been instances with sightings around here but i never seen anything. >> reporter: long time hunter kevin beetle said bears are lazy they like sweets, easy
4:52 am
meal so they absolutely will ransack your garbage this like to be fat not lean so, lay around and it is perfect for them. they love it. >> reporter: just like turkey i saw working on a piece of meat in the field or fox or deer i saw on the canal, dennis cutter develop escape. it is their house these animals and one of the nice things up butter makefield is there still room for everybody , even bears apparently. so if you see one, give him his space and call police. i'm hank and that is my take. my sweetheart's gone sayonara.
4:53 am
this scarf all that's left to rememb... what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. prone jar shatterst livthe olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. ageless.
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welcome back at 4:55. we are taking a lot beach right now, ocean city, new jersey that boardwalk will be packed come certainly this weekend. maybe you will be down there and whatever you do we hope you have a good holiday weekend. we have some important news right now. >> warning for parents, american academy of pediatrics is changing its recommendation s on giving young children juice. >> this is really interesting. it is a big change. children under one should not be given any juice, doctors say that there is no nutrition al value for them, and while toddlers that are older, one to four, they should not get too much but they can have 4-ounces of juice a day. these new recommendations are meant to cut down on cavities affecting babies now and
4:56 am
rising obesity rates in children because of the juice is packed with sugar. you know the screech there , football returning to south philadelphia today as eagles will hit the field for organized team activities or as we call them otas. >> work outs will be first time owe even if and defense can practice against one another but there won't be any hitting here. it is first time we will look at eagles new players like alshon jeffery and first time draft pick derrick barnett this round will run through thursday. the work outs are voluntary. 4:56. we want to get back to the breaking news because we're learning new developments, every matter of moments in this one they are all coming in after that ariana grande concert. >> and steve keeley following a very emotional trial, if you will, steve, good morning. >> reporter: new development in the creato case comes today and maybe final day, closing arguments, judge's
4:57 am
instructions and then jury deliberations.
4:58 am
4:59 am
right now on good day philadelphia, terror strikes an ariana grande cons inert britain, 22 people are dead, dozens more hurt after a suicide bombing, creating
5:00 am
chaos and panic. plus a developing story, a imagine, watching someone beaten, and then abducted. it all happened in east falls according to a witness who talked to police and now they are trying to figure out why. picking a jury several men and women are seated in bill cosby's sexual assault trial, ahead what we can expect for day number two. fighting for freedom, an innocent man locked up for decade for a murder he did not commit, could this finally be the day he walks out and gets justice. >> great to be here on this tuesday morning, karen, good morning, it is 5:00 o'clock. karen hepp good morning. i'm thomas drayton. >> good morning to all of just waking up at this hour. we have a lot of news. we want to get out the door and check on our weather and for that we will get over to sue serio. >> we will lot at number for the day which is higher then yesterday. we still have showers in the forecast but number's seven instead of the five. rain gear, yeah, some with bus stop buddy, and big old piece of taffy because it


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