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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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super-soaker, it will be a wet one. grab your boots, and your sturdy umbrella. the heavy rain is here. sue's tracking the forecast and bob, is a very watchful eye on the roads. >> and speaking of water water everywhere, we've got whole lot of it on the street in old city shutting down a road right there. live report on what you need to know to get around. >> i just want to thank all of the people who have come to see my shows. >> you may be thanking the fans, but bill cosby's defense team is crying foul this morning. accusing prosecutors, of trying to keep african-americans off the jury, in a sex assault case. >> and two words, pretty
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universally despise in the our city, parking and tickets, didn't you get one? one minute after the time is up? >> this is not a good time to talk about this. i did the other day, one minute over. >> so here is the thing. people who write those tickets, they're giving us the inside scoop on how you can avoid them. so secrets to not getting particular. >> the how about just gig us a break, little grace period, right? 10:01, got the ticket. great to have you with us this thursday morning, i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp. we can see it is wet out there, flags that are very windy sue, it is raining now, won't for the whole weekend. >> not at all. in fact, it is not going to be wash out by any means, not perfect, but not a wash out. we will talk about that, in detail, coming up. a five out of ten today. bus stop buddy the full rain gear. >> in a few cases few heavy downpours, we zoom in, we see
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part of cumberland county, salem county getting the worse as well as southern new castle county delaware, all of the heavy rain headed our way. already wet here in philadelphia. and we got to get ready for more. 56 degrees in the city right now, with 15-mile per hour breezes it is blowing a lot of us around, temperatures mid 50's, pretty much everywhere, up ear's in a few places now if we get sunshine could peak out, could get up to 72 degrees, but also have the possibility of some pop up thunderstorms, by the end of the day. so, bob kill, i hope we don't have too many problems this morning, with this rain? >> you know what? i think just going to have to take it easy, just factor in, it will take you longer to get there, some extra wiggle room. here is a live look at the 42 freeway, getting heavy downpour right now, so not only for the drivers, but also for the kids that are going to have to stand out on the bus corner coming up shortly. here is a little throw back for you. the aramingo diner sign for
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throw back thursday at allegheny lehigh. look at the left of your screen, really what i want to show you. again, you step out the front door, in the middle of a heavy downpour right now. and again, that's going to lead to ponding on the roadways, some puddles along the way. water main break, third street, blocked, this morning, walnut to chestnut. jenny joyce will have more on that, in a moment, but it is going to send everybody on a detour, even the school kids, that are coming down for a fieldtrip to the museum of the american revolution, 757 bus on detour, there as well, accident on the roosevelt boulevard, northbound at tyson in the inner drive. and we got overturned tractor-trailer on route 55, that's northbound, right at route 47, in south jersey. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> all right, bob, thank you so much. we have this problem that's developing right now. we got a water main break, and shutting down a pretty busy intersection, let's get right out to jenny joyce to explain where it is and what's going on. hey, jenny? >> good morning, karen. so as bob mentioned the
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american revolution museum right behind me, this is a busy area, through old city, a lot of people coming through, obviously, a tourist area. but, also, school kids, who are finishing out the school year, coming to the american revolution museum, could get the impact by this detour here today because of the water main break that happened yesterday afternoon, so taking a live look, we are on third street, between chestnut and walnut. the actual source of the water main is covered by several planning of wood here. but you can see, the road is torn apart. while the actual water main has been repaired, crews are still investigating, at this point, we don't know what caused this water main break, but the damage spans the winds of both lanes here, third street, about ten to 15 feet long. so, you can see the mess that's left hine. so until further notice, third street, again, will be closed between chestnut and walnut. so, if you need to make your way through south hill this
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morning you should take fifth street. and if you do ride public transportation, you could check septa's website, because they're posting information, about detours, karen, thomas? >> of course the rain, not helping the process, jenny joyce, in old city this morning, jenny, thank you. 50:00, a the fate of david creato hangs in the balance. jurors enter third day of deliberations in his murder trial. at the asked to review key pieces of evidence for a second time yesterday. our steve keeley, at the camden county courthouse with more key pieces of evidence that could make a difference. >> yes, just 20 minutes of deliberate that first day, then only three hours yesterday, when everybody thought they would get a full day in. and stopped at three hours, because they wanted to re-hear the evidence in the jury did not see and hear david creato on the witness stands, you'll remember, he and his lawyer decided to not have him testify in his owe dean fence, the jersey always told, in every case, when somebody doesn't take the stand? their own defense not to let that influence them, not holds it against the defendant. in this case, though, the jury does get to see and hear
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creato in three other ways. stop the deliberations at 2:00 n yesterday, asking to see and hear those recorded creato statements, emotions, and reactions again. and the one that took most of the rest of the day, was creato in that interrogation room? during the still ongoing search for brendan, after bunch of questions a detective tells creato that brendan has been found dead at cooper river is the the reaction a real and raw emotion or an awful acting job? >> oh, no, no, no, no, no. >> he was found -- >> no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no, don't tell me this. >> i'm sorry, sir.
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>> my best friends, i love him so much. what happened? what happened? >> that's what we're trying to find out right now, okay? >> well, the prosecutor in her closing argument pointed out that creato's crying and grieving lasts just five minute after being told his son is dead. besides this video, the jury also heard the 911 call that creato made to report his son missing which the prosecutor said creato sounds odd, and karen, tonight, what they didn't get to and the jury's third request, first thing this morning, detective set up and recorded, brendan's mother creato's former girlfriends, then it will be back to deliberations and maybe those three conversations with creato, with a 911 operator, with detective, and with his former girlfriends, will convince who ever had a question, and maybe, maybe, have averred today.
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>> bill doing bye thanking the people of allegany county, moments after the jury had been selected, and seated in the sexual assault trial, in court yesterday. >> exclusively african-americans after black woman was dismissed by prosecutors. jury right now made up of four white women, one black woman, single black man:ment will be traveling our area montgomery county where the trial will be heard. it will all start on june 5th. cosby, who is not spoken very much in public, had a message for some supporters, as he was leaving the courthouse. >> i want to thank all of the people who have seen my shows, whenever i appeared, heinz hall, and thank you all. >> we will put witnesses on the stand, we're confident in
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the case that we have, and look forward to getting in it in the jury's hands. >> cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting recall university employee andrea con stands at his home back in 2,004. >> we were following this as breaking news last night on the "fox 29 news" at 10:00 and 11:00. and this morning a suspect is in custody after an armed robbery in media. >> swat team called in to surround the building. they helped search for the suspect, once again the suspect in custody. no one was injured. a woman is attack, at wilmington park in broad daylight. police say, it is the second time in a matter of months. it happened tuesday at the park on south park drive, northwest street. police say the 22 year old woman was walking on the path around 3:00. she was attacked. the man grabbed then robbed her. thankfully, someone jumped in to help the woman. but the man got away. joggers we spoke with are very
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concerned, usually pretty safe area, only here, i mean,. >> not a lot of people around that time, i can see that happening. right now not a lot of people walking around, but come at noon you might be the only person on the trail. >> this is the same park where police say a man tried to rape a 28 year old woman, who went for a run back in february. she fought off the attacker, who robbed her, before running off. >> now, let's go to chester county where counselors at addiction facility in east brandywine have died, from a drug overdose. sign how bad the epidemic is, it was their patients who found them at the freedom ridge recovery house sunday afternoon, two died in their bedrooms, they over ever dozed on heroin, phentinol. drugs and needle sitting rid there in the open. police say six client were living there at the time.
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>> it is so bad even the people who are counselors, trying to treat people, keep them from relapse g into addiction, are subject themselves to relapse g into addiction and dying,. >> the counselor had control over the medicine cabinet in the house, investigators say they think they bought the drugs on the street to celebrate a birthday. >> british police have arrested a seventh person with the manchester arena bombing. authority in britain, libya, conducting raids to find anyone holes may have played a role in the terror attack. officials believe the alleged bomber, salman abedi likely part of larger network possibly the same one linked tore pace and brussels attacks n this morning, we have new video of the attacker before the deadly blast. sky news, hearing these freeze frames from surveillance video at shop in center in manchester. they say it shows salman a bed which blue back pack, possibly the one he used to carry out the bombing it, killed 22 people including eight year
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old girl and a police officer. it wounded more than 100. the attacker's father and his two brother are all in custody. authorities say his younger brother has confessed to knowing all the details about the plan. >> i think it is very clear, that this is a network that we are investigating, and as i said it, continues at a pace, this extensive investigation is going on, and activity taking place across greater manchester as we speak. >> in the wake of the terrorist bombing, ariana grande has reportedly offered to cover the funeral cost of the victims. >> a lot of us don't get a lot of sleep on this shift, but what it could mean for your heart. >> boom boom. >> bob kelly, good morning. >> 5:12, good morning, watch for some thunder boomers coming in later on this afternoon, but for the morning rush hour, we're got some heavy rain, certainly will make a police for all of the construction zones. come on, let's go outside. we open up the front door and gave you a example, as we say
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good morning, there is sit hall in the background, good morning center city. sue has your holiday forecast when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the sun coming up, let's look at old city. normally at this hour seeing little brightness to the sky, but not with this many clouds over our heads, sue?
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>> it will be gloomy start to the day, plenty of rain, few breaks in the action here and, there that's why we say it is on and off. off and on. but, you see, once we get, we have little dry slot here, but you see much more coming our way, we've got low pressure system, warmfront, all kinds of things going on. what it means for you, you'll need the rain gear, even as far north as the pocono mountains, and the lehigh valley, which kind of got a break yesterday, from what we had coming through. here's philadelphia, we've got steady rain, look at the heavy rain starting to move from south to north through part every cumberland, bucks county, looks like they're getting the worse at the moment, all coming northwards, coastal flood advisory for tonight. ocean high tide, between 7:45 and 8:45 roughly, tell dare way, to midnight, possibility of coastal flooding at times of high tide along with what could be more than an inch. of rain.
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at marginal risk of severe weather today. could have pop up thunderstorm specially likely in the afternoon, thunder, lightning, possible, new rain estimates, out for today, we could get as much as 2 inches, by the time all is said and done. doesn't that sound like fun? but if we can get most of the heavy rain out of the way before the weekend starts, perhaps that is a good thing. so, we're in the 50's right now, 50 in mount pocono. the ocean water temperatures, way up to 61 degrees, still cold, if you're planning to take a dip this weekend. fifty-six in lancaster, 57 degrees in dover. as we look ahead to the holiday weekend still promoting saturday, couldn't think of the word, promoting saturday as the best weekends weather day. sunday most of the daytime hours are okay. at night, showers, thunderstorms, lagging into the early part of memorial day itself, 77 degrees, saturday, 75 sunday, and on monday, it will get close to 80 degrees. depending on how much sunshine we get.
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so 72 is our high for today. going beyond the weekend, not sex he is recall hot, seasonable we'll call it, calling the weather shots on 101.1 p.m. all morning long, along with your music of course, bob kelly? >> the question, memorial day, i can wear my white shoes then, starting on monday? >> totally. >> my white pattern letters. >> can't wait to see them. >> get them all shine up and ready to go. example what it looks like today. right out here, cool, quiet shot. just muggy, though, you have the talcony palmyra bridge here, the betsy ross in the background, heavy rain, coming down, 202, county line road, live look here, if you look real close, perfect shot, because you got the car headlight right there, just as i wanted it, you can see the rain, coming down at good clip there. kind of sideways at you as well, just one of the yucky days to pull the covers up and over your head. but hey, suppan grilled cheese day. that's what i'm having for lunch overturned
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tractor-trailer, 55 northbound, right at route 47 there in south jersey, phillies will be playing some baseball ought doors, 1:05, bring your rain jacket, maybe rain delay. maybe not though. i have to check with sue, we have the thunder boomers coming later this afternoon. but keep in mind, concert across the river later tonight, too, in camden at the devon horse show opens up later today, along lancaster avenue. amtrak, kicked in rail project, so that's leaving us with 20 minute delays on the wilmington line. during the morning and evening rush hour, water main break, third street blocked walnut to chestnut, 57 bus on a detour. >> no car is safe at one philadelphia neighborhood, after not one, not two, but 25 car break-in's in the past week in pens port. no rhyme or reason as to why. >> we put brad sat on on this one. he said people there have
5:20 am
really haded it. >> moo roommate's car has been broke mean, her boyfriend's car was broken into. >> last week, seven cars. >> maggie and homer here go for their walk each morning, their owner isn't counting stems but counting break-in's. >> at least three cars, a minimum, every morning. >> pens port section aren't exactly doing the happy dance these days, they say, car break-in's and vandalism the past few weeks have been out of control worse than years. >> matt woke to up side window shattered on mother day. >> i know nine or ten, sure of. >> one hot spot, particularly where there are no homes facing the street. police reporting 25 break-in's in the third police district, of them, three arrests including the guy mike randolph caught in the act. >> saw this strange guy walking out here, jig egg the
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car doors. >> moments later the thief was sitting inside his neighbor's car. >> went across the street, got few neighbor guys. we went over, basically barricaded the guy in the car and called the cops. >> both locked and unlocked cars had been targeted. >> my window had been smashed in. of course r it was down pouring rain. my bag had been stolen out of, there just my work bag, stethoscope, work papers. >> worth a $100, plus 300-dollar window repair. police have stepped up patrols, theft from a car isn't exactly the crime of the century, but if it ever happened to you, you know that feeling of being violated. >> not a good feeling, especially when it happens on your own street. >> brad sat end, "fox 29 news." >> not good feeling at all. time 5:21, the search continues this morning for the driver responsible for hitting a teen in the lehigh valley. sixteen year old nicholas vague a, still recovering after being struck by a car while riding his bike three weeks ago, he said he was on the sidewalk at the intersection of rot and sumner when a woman cut through a
5:22 am
parking lot, waived for him to go ahead, then hit the gas. nicholas and his mom can't believe anyone could run down a child and just leave the scene. >> i fell toll grounds, i guess the front of my wheel caught on to the car, and the car took the bike, it took me, this whole side of my body went down into the ground. my head banged across the grounds. >> who help. they didn't call. they didn't do anything. i was furious. i was beyond angry. >> don't really have good description here, but according to nicholas the driver was blonde and had two children in the car. police cannot confirm the hit-and-run vehicle, only saying it was a silver sedan. anyone with information, of course, you're urged to contact allentown police. >> we want to show you a guy walking down the street, got pretty big tv. fifty-inch tv walking down the sidewalk, of course, yes it, does not belong to him. police say he just stole it, along with another guy right on the 3100 block of frankford avenue. he also got a which with some
5:23 am
jewelry. now, police are hoping this video can help you identify him, and get him off the street. >> there is a police offers nerve new jersey who has earned himself the title the deer whisperer, following amazing rescue of little fawn that was trapped in a storm great. take a look at his gentle touch. >> it is actually crying like a little baby. fawn so cute. the officer's name is tim, from the woodbridge police department. he release that fawn back into the woods, hopefully, to finds the mommy. this is the officer's third rescue after distressed deer in just this year. he's also assisted in the rescue of 22 other animals, including ducklings, and kittens, he's my new favorite person. >> never know what your day will hold. time now 5:23, on this thursday morning. >> let's give you something good on this morning, little rainy. we'll give you highlight.
5:24 am
how about a crab fries pass? >> while your drive to the shore this weekend might just be toll-free. there is a connection. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back, 5:26, r ever, you may have noticed shopping on line has gotten little more expensive for people living in pennsylvania. >> way fair, really reasonable, have great stuff right there. well, they're joining growing
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number of on line companies, that will now collect sales tax, and give it back to the state of pennsylvania. so it will cost us all more. you may have in the dollars because it already started on may 1st, they've been charging the 6% sales tax, for people here and this is expected to add millions of dollars into the state covers, joining on lou line sites like amazon, who now charge sales tax to pennsylvania. >> in your health this morning, you know not getting enough sleep can put you at risk for all sorts of health issues. >> there is another reason to make sure that you get enough of your z's, because researchers from stanford studied americans who were already at risk of heart disease, and here's what they found if you sleepless than six hours a night you're twice as likely to die from heart disease, or stroke. now, this is most apparent in people if you already have high blood pressure and diabetes. >> all right, we got a scoop for you. no more parking tickets? oh, listen. >> maybe. so the same people who write those tickets about to teach you thousand avoid them.
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>> oh, but you know there is a catch. you have to go to class. >> what? >> ya. >> oh. >> show up at least.
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>> pretty picture, and drenching rain today. we take a look at cape may. memorial day weekends, we look at a flag at half staff. sue serio will break down the forecast whatever we can expect. >> also ahead this morning, main line restaurant raided, what police say a bartender, that guy right there, was serving up during his working hours. >> good day to everybody, join us right now, thank you so much for waking up. we've got lots of news to get to on this morning, one of the big stories every course the wetter. >> that's right. sue is partially smiling, so that's partially good forecas forecast? >> in my how the. >> we'll take it. >> you know bus stop buddy smiles every day. he loves the rain, because he can jut jump in the puddles. for the rest every us, kind of a pain. wear your rain gear, you should be okay. because it is just going to be that kind of day. now, you see few dry slots, delaware, when we are looking at the rain moving through the area, but there is more coming, even if you're getting break in the action, and that heavy stuff as we've been watching for the last half hour or so, getting closer,
5:32 am
closer to philadelphia. it is in across the river in new jersey right now. but plenty of rain here. 56 degrees, with 12-mile per hour winds. so the chilly breezes make it feel even more yucky out there. sunrise time is official, in a few minutes, at 5:38. don't look for any sunshine. it is 56 degrees, in lancaster, we go further north, 50 in mount pocono, and up in hazleton. down to the south of us, it is 55, in atlantic city, mid 50's in cape may. upper 50's in rehoboth beach. so 71, 72, for our high temperature today, on and off showers, scattered thunderstorms, as well. specially likely in the afternoon. we may get that phillies game in, i don't know if we want to the way they've been doing lately. let's be optimistic. anyway, see if we can get the game in today. tonight down to 59 degrees with more showers and possible thunderstorms. bob kelly, let's think positive. >> positive, exactly, we will get through it together. yucky start, accidents on a lot of the ramps.
5:33 am
woodhaven ramp. eastbound ramp on south i95. police on the scene, molk we're seeing here from the flares. so, that caught my eye there. only one lane coming off of woodhaven road to go south, on i-95. here is a live look, curbside, the 42 freeway, again, just heavy downpour blanketing our area right now, that's quickly ponding on the road surface. and of course, it is tough to see the lane markers, in a lot of the construction zones. speaking of water, yesterday's water main break leaving us for the closure of third street this morning. walnut, over to chestnut, right there in old city. it is right at the corner of the museum of american revolution. so, if you are coming with the kids down for class trip today, into old city, give yourselves some extra time. everybody's got to go on a detour, including the route 57 bus, third street, the odd number street, run northbound. so, use fifth, or seventh, to avoid getting stuck in that
5:34 am
detour. here some video from the news van, on the scene here, again, this started out as a sinkhole. the neighbors called in, hey, looks like there are this is a sinkhole created in the street. got out there, dug it up, realized one of the old pipes in old city gave up. that will turned into a repair job. what we're looking at here, is what's left. they made the repairs, they're waiting for the streets department to come back, and finalize the surface and repave it later on today. so that's the deal here in old city, as we come back to the maps there, again, third street blocked, from walnut to chestnutment on the boulevard, northbound, accident at tyson. in the inner drive overturned tractor-trailer north on 55, at route 47. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. it is 5:34 right now. jurors back in court for day three of the deliberations in the murder trial of david creato. steve keeley outside the courthouse with what we are expecting today. steve? >> well the jury didn't even
5:35 am
get to three hours in deliberations yesterday, not even close to a full day of deliberating, because around 2:00, as soon as they come back from lunch, they want to see and hear some trial evidence again. and even though crow ate owe did not testify, they did get the scene here, sign whatever occurred three different ways, and they wanted to see and hear all three again. so, they listened to the 911 call first. and then, secondly, they see the video, made by detectives, in their interrogation room. and that is when they tell him, his son's been found dead. now, they new t they hid that from him, as they asked him few questions beforehand. but after his initial emotional outburst, you hear creato's follow up questions back to the detectives, and the jury likes to want to try and see if they're phony questions that creato already new the answers to because he killed his son and left him at cooper river. >> he was found by the cooper river. >> oh, god.
5:36 am
>> we're trying to find out. >> oh, my god. >> i'm so sorry. >> what do i do? >> i'm sorry. >> i'm so sorry. >> no. where did they find him? >> just -- i was just out there. >> well, it's been almost a full month since that video was played during the trial into evidence. that was way back on april 26th. so obviously it wasn't fresh in their minds, first thing today, the jury will re-hear their third request, that's the phonecall that creato was on with his exgirlfriends and brendan's mother that police had set up and were secretly recordingment soap, we'll hear that conversation first thingment then, it is back to deliberations, and good thing they're inside not outside in this pouring, driving rain, outside the camden county courthouse, guys. >> that's the truth. we do feel sorry for you.
5:37 am
get back inside the news van, thank you, steve. 5:36. man from norristown un arrest for a hit-and-run involving a school bus. that injured some students, more than dozen in some or at least one still in the hospital. we showed you the store when it happened last week, the bus crashed, flipped onto its side. >> this all happened on route 30, east lamppeter. one boy still in the hospital. officers say here's what happenedment the driver caused the collision and then left. then he was driving on suspended license. james irving the third being held on $100,000 bail. >> time now 5:37. police say they caught bartender at popular main line restaurant serving up a whole lot more than beer and mixed drinks. investigators allege 31 year old, right, there was selling cocaine and pot right outside the restaurant during business hours. sources say the investigation started during a recent car stop in radnor. drugs and other evidence led police right to the bartender. an undercover officer then
5:38 am
made controlled purchases from the bartender during his work shift. >> cocaine in a establishment as well recalls dollars as esti a through the back door, and that's unacceptable, tan puts the public at risk it, puts your co-workers at risk. >> a seconds employee was take never for questioning. police say the investigation is ongoing. >> one of the brothers who pleaded guilty in the murder of autumn pasquale is on the wrong side of the law again, in trouble once again. now, 12 year old autumn pasquale, little girl disappeared from her home in clayton, new jersey back in 2012, then her body was found a couple every days late near recycling bin. win, dall tai robinson pleaded guilty to obstruction in the case, walked out of press none 2013, sources tell fox 29. police arrested dante, now 21, monday, for a home invasion in sicklerville, camden county. his brother justin still serving time for aggravated manslaughter, in connection with her death. >> time now just about 5:39. many say the show must go on. the stars who are and aren't
5:39 am
planning to perform this weekend, just days after the terror attack at a concert in man chest they are. >> interesting, what would you do? katy perry, sean end end dez, lourdes, but first sean bell. >> coming up next in sports in a minute. phillies pitched eight great innings yesterday. the problem is, they needed to pitch a knife. how it all blew upcoming up in sports.
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>> the phils have only won four games the entire month of may. they lost eight out of their last nine, and each series, just keeps getting worse. and not even babies want to watch the phils right now, taking on the rockies in the thirds, everything just blew up. carlos gonzalez right there gets ahold of one. that thing is gone. three run shot, the phils gave up seven runs in the third. they went onto lose, seven to two, afterwards, pete mccann on trying to stay positive. >> long season, these things sometimes happen. i remember, at lan at that time first half last year, was terrible. and they had a real good second half. and i believe that we need to get something going. >> this right here the play of the day in baseball last night, yankees royals, the first batter of the game, deep shot to centerfield. marks great catch, crashes into the wall, had a concussion, and a neck strain. he left the game. yankees still won. that's sports in a minute.
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i'm sean bell. (vo) this memorial day
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at enterprise car sales... experience great customer service and get more for your trade, may twenty-fourth through thirtieth and let enterprise car sales flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle.
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>> 5:45, if you ever spent any time in philadelphia, you know the struggle to finds a parking spot is real. >> circle, circle to find something, i got one, i got one it, right? then you come back, your car is towed? well, we got some help for you. >> so the philadelphia parking some of the frustrations,se- here's hank to break it all
5:46 am
down for us. >> how much did it cost? >> $250. >> $266. >> one of the biggest hustles i can actually say it, makes sense, it doesn't make sense. >> hey, it is hank the philadelphia parking authority is having a workshop next mint to try to teach people like you and me how not to get parking tickets. well, down here at the impounds lot, a lot of people trying to get their cars back. my take is maybe the ppa ought to listen to them. >> i understand what they're trying to do but the most assnine thing. >> announced june 1017, workshop for people who get parking tickets or finds parking signs confusing or have trouble parallel parking and so for the. >> i can see them making it mandatory. >> i know i had avoided ticket. i need to be more cautious. >> other people weren't so
5:47 am
chipper. tori mullen has multiple sclerosis, her car got towed for ac little bit outside the lines of the handicap space she was park in. >> like you know how they have like the signs, we were a few inches by that sign, whatever, just enough to be oh, you parked further, you were supposed to. >> so they towed your car? >> then they towed my car. >> she adds when you ride a scooter, getting a cab isn't quite assisi. angela smith, park this morning, paid the meter and still got towed. >> every time i come to philadelphia, i get a ticket. because the signs are very confusing. >> one woman told me she was towed dropping off her daughter at the emergency room. the tow truck allegedly tore off her bumper, she filled out a complaint, and broke down on the steering wheel. one tow truck driver told me it was illegal to park there. >> no it is not. don't try to intimidate me.
5:48 am
>> should they have few err ticket? e-mail to register, we have link on but in the meantime, maybe better for the ppa to slow down, and stop ticketing and towing cars as a source of revenue. it is backward prioritizing, and it is hurtful to plenty of good people every day. i'm hank and that's my take. >> good morning, everybody. 5:48. if you could only just stay right where you are, pull the blankets over your head, and think of the suppan grilled cheese for lunch today. bridge opening, talcony pal my, a traffic stopped on both sides, betsy ross in the background, you can barely see it, so combination of the poor visibility, the heavy rain, and we've had number every accidents already. here's one for you, this is the ramp from woodhaven road to go south on 95, we've got heavy downpour up and down
5:49 am
i-95 corridor. and look out at the construction zones, especially i-95, route 202, those drainage greats are right there, in the travel lanes. so, all of this rain is coming right in that same lane that you're in, trying to get to that drain. and anyone who uses that 95 work zone, you know exactly what i'm talking about, down the shore this weekend, going to be rough, the townsend inlet bridge will not be open for the memorial day weekends. that's going to be tough for the gang that want to go back and forth between sea isle and avalon. you'll have to go back to route nine, or the garden state parkway, speaking of the parkway, northbound, an accident just north of the atlantic city expressway. couple every outdoor events on this rainy thursday. phillies going to play some baseball at 1:05. also outdoor concert later on tonight, mumford and sons over there at clock 30, the camden waterfront. so we have to keep an eye on sue's forecast. rain today, maybe we can squeeze in a phillies game, but then i think some thunder boomers coming our way for
5:50 am
that afternoon rush hour. the whole scoop on the forecast, coming up in 15 seconds. >> ben mentioned the phillies game, starts 1:00 #, a good chan every rain delay, with the colorado rockies, but they still could get the game in, showers, will be around, make sure you have your poncho, and make sure you're dressed warm enough. because it will stay on the cool side, 63 degrees, when the game begins, but here's a look at what's headed our way. and what's already here rain, more rain, few breaks in the action inbetween, now, allentown, we still see some rain there, but parts of berks county, getting a break.
5:51 am
' cross the river, heavy rain clayton, new jersey, so even when you get a break, don't worry, rain will come back, we could get as much as 2 inches every rain by the time the dame is through. some of it possibly lingering into tomorrow morning. temperatures not 50's, easterly breezes, cloudy, when it is not raining, and getting windy, 18-mile per hour winds, out of the east this morning. so, we look ahead to the memorial day weekends. still look like saturday the best day of the weekends, 77 degrees, mostly sunny skies. most of sunday, the rain will wait until the ends of the day, into monday morning,3 memorial day, chance of showers, pop up thunderstorm, high of 78 degrees for monday. it look like 72 for today, and on and off showers, and possible thunder boomer for us
5:52 am
this afternoon, beyond the weekends looks like it is staying pretty seasonable, nothing excessively hot like we had one week ago when, thomas, karen, we were in the middle of the heatwave. remember that? >> we do. >> just a week ago. >> it will come back again, thank you, sue. huge music festival in glands is expected to go on as planned. >> you can see the stars singing and still perform interesting. katy perry, lourdes, sean menendez, chain smokers, will not bow down to terrorists or bow out. they confirmed they'll be on the stage saturday and sunday, big weaken, 50,000 people are expected to go to the concert, that is raising some major security concerns. "tmz" reporting, those artists are working with the venue to ramp up security. >> still deeply troubled by the event, arianna has offered to pay for the funerals to those who lost their lives. she reached out to the victims of the families.
5:53 am
she is scheduled to resume her european tour in paris on june . >> some are saying it was more like wrestle mania than a political event over in montana. you see a reporter claims he was body slammed by a congressional candidate during interview. reporter's name ben jacobs, asking a question about healthcare. we don't have video, but we do have the audio, and we will show you the candidate, take a listen. >> i'm sick and tired every you guys, the last guys who came here you did the same thing. >> get the hell out of here. the last guy did the same thing. you're with the guardian? >> yes, and you just broke my glasses. >> the last guy did the same thing. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> well, there were witnesses, fox news reporters were, there at least three of them, they saw this whole thing. there is the candidate, greg,
5:54 am
republican, he's been charged with assault and this is all being investigated. >> stay with us being time now, as we walk toward the clock, 5:54. always beautiful look in the poconos here. sue's going to have your updated forecast, how long will this rain stick around? stay about us. >> stay with us. to that customability.
5:55 am
you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
5:56 am
>> if you're headed do you know the shore could you get a break on tolls, what's become an annual tradition, chickie's
5:57 am
and pete's' will be picking up the tab, part of the atlantic city expressway for holiday shore travelers. the 3-dollar toll will be waived for eastbound traffic at the egg harbor toll plaza between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. the memorial day weekends toll free event is part of promotion to launch the un official start of the shore summer tourism season. all right, time now, just click over to 5:57. if you're waking up, it will be a wet one. but for how long? sue serio is tracking your holiday weekends forecast, and mike and alex, will join in you about two minute. good day philadelphia, continues, good morning. my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique... and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at
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wewe got the keys!ys to our new house! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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6:00 am
>> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> oh, come on. common. at least tomorrow's friday. look at this. and it is going to be heavy rain again today. the sun will come out. i don't know about tomorrow. but don't bet your bottom dollar at all. what about the weekends? >> i just want to thank all of the people who have come to see my shows. >> that's from yesterday. >> thankful bill cosby, addresses his fans in pittsburgh, just after jury selection wraps up. why his lawyers, though, are not happy with the final make up of the injury. >> i thank you everybody. >> i'm sick and tired every you guys. the last guys did the same thing. >> whoa. get


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