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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 25, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> oh, come on. common. at least tomorrow's friday. look at this. and it is going to be heavy rain again today. the sun will come out. i don't know about tomorrow. but don't bet your bottom dollar at all. what about the weekends? >> i just want to thank all of the people who have come to see my shows. >> that's from yesterday. >> thankful bill cosby, addresses his fans in pittsburgh, just after jury selection wraps up. why his lawyers, though, are not happy with the final make up of the injury. >> i thank you everybody. >> i'm sick and tired every you guys. the last guys did the same thing. >> whoa. get out.
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tempers fly on the special election, reporter says he was body slammed, got his glasses broken, by one of the candidate. what witnesses say led to that take-down. good day everybody. it is, you know, politics can be rough. >> they can be. but, i mean, rough housing, really? >> you're on fire already, it is only 6:01,. >> sue, what's this mean if if i make any kind of come-back, oh, you're on fire, as if you don't expect it from me. is this surprising? >> not this early. not this early, sue. >> just getting started, ya. so, yes, stay with us. you don't know what's going to happen next. oh, we have five out of ten. i can tell you what's going to happen with the weather. and bus stop buddy, with your wardrobe suggestion, rain gear again today. this time, though, the rain is not going to ends through, like, like it did yesterday, as soon as the morning was through. i'll get this out. i promise you. it will be raining on and off all day, and it is raining
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right flu, few heavy downpours throughout the area, we will look at that more closely coming up see how yucky it is here in old city. the sun roast moments ago, at 5:38. 56 degrees, our current temperature, casino every breezy, as well. sixty by lunch time. and if we get some sunshine, inbetween rain, rain rounds, we will get up to 72 degrees. so we'll see how that goes, but, of course, it is a rainy day being bob kelliment folks not having a good time of it out there on the roads at all. >> not at all. not having good time. and not having good start here for couple of folks. live look at the blue route, 476, northbound, one car spin-out. kissing the barriers here. this is right at the broomall interchange. accident on the vine expressway, westbound, approaching the schuylkill expressway. and an accident for the shaders, route 73, northbound, just north of 295, accident, tractor-trailer, pulled down the light polls. so that's going to impact everybody for the morning. accident pa turnpike, westbound at norristown.
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and what turned out to be a water main break from yesterday, shutting us down, let's roll video from the news van, folks on the block called and said hey, we see sinkhole here on third street. they went out, realized it was a water main, that was leaking, and it basically erroded the grounds underneath. they worked on it all night long. we come back to our maps, third street blocked, walnut to chestnut. it is right in front of the museum of the american revolution. so shall everybody that's coming into town for the class trips today, grab an extra snack for that bus ride. route 57, septa bus, also on a detour. mike and alex back over to you. >> thanks, bob, we will check back with you. 03:00, suspect in custody after armed robbery in media. it happened around 9:45, last night, just before our 10:00 news, matter of fact, the vvs along baltimore avenue. a swat team was called in, to surround the building, and police choppers, help search for the suspect, nobody was injured. so, i'll try to figure out what exactly happened here
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last night, and give you more results of what went down, and the result of what went down. >> 6:04. the fate of david creato hangs in the balance. as jurors, third day of deliberate races in his murder trial. >> some people didn't think it would go three. but they asked to review key pieces of evidence, for a second time yesterday, steve, in camden county at the courthouse. >> yes. probably because they hadn't heard that incident in a month. first played april 26. so, even though we're in the thirds day of deliberations, 20 minutes on day one, just three hours yesterday, before they came back, after lunch. and wanted to re-hear all of this evidence. they couldn't get through all of it, because hearing him testify in his owe dean if he fence, they wanted to re-hear him in the way they played recorded conversations during the trial. so they come back from lunch being back to the courtroom, and the longest of the three is the video of when detectives had creato in their interrogation room sitting at small table facing the police camera above. it is during that
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question-and-answer session a detective tells him his three year old son brendan had been found dead by cooper river. creato cries and yells out. so the question that one juror, or maybe more had, was it bad act acting or real emotion. they also relist toned his 911 call reporting his son missing, and again, that question is likely how on he is or dishonest does he sounds in that phonecall to the jury? one other request, will do first thing this morning, the recorded phonecall that brendan's mother the estranged exgirlfriends of creato, made with the detective. so that's going to be played first thing this morning. then it is back to the interrogation or the deliberation room and see if they could come to some kind after agreement on day three. guys? >> thank you very much, steve. more on that. we have some news out of manchester we'll get to in just a second here, but his at 6:05, thank you, steve. gorp haste been seated now in the cosby trial. >> so from the pittsburgh area, that's where it is happening, it it is made up of
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four white women, six white men, one black woman, and a single black man. >> now, they're all going to travel to montgomery county for the trial. thethey'll be see questions seqn montgomery county, starting june 5th, cosby not spoken much had a message, spoke yesterday, for supporters, as he left the courthouse. >> and in closing, i just want to thank all of the people who have come to see my shows whenever i appeared, and thank you all. >> we will put witnesses on the stand, we're confident in the case we have, and look forward to getting it in the jury's hands. >> in court yesterday, cosby's lead attorney said the prosecution was systematically excluding african-americans after a black woman was dismissed. accused of drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee at his elkins park home.
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>> i'm so glad our jury expert is back today with us in the studio. breaking news, just talking about out of manchester, glands, officers and soldiers are responding to incident at a college. this alert just came in to us, we are working to get more information, of course, we will bring it to you as soon as we get that to the news room. that news comes after british police have arrested eight more people, and are searching a new site in man chester, suspended -- suspected. they believe the alleged bomber, was likely part of wider network, attacker's father and his two brothers were also arrested. >> two counselors at addiction facility are dead. the cause of death, drug overdose. >> these were the counselors in charge every helping other addict. they were working to help people overcome addictions, but tragically, they logs their own battle. jenny joyce, chester, jenny?
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>> good morning, mike and alex. that is sad story out here, you know, we hear how bad the heroin epidemic is, then you hear a story like this, still your jaw drops, mike as you said, counselors, at drug rehab home die of overdose. live here at the chester county da's offers which is investigating this now. police say that they were called to the freedom ridge recovery house in west brandywine township sunday afternoon around 1:30, to find two counselors working here to help others recover from drug addiction, dead in their bedrooms from overdosing on heroin and phentinol. used needles and drugs were found, six clients said to live in the home with the counselors. according to a source, all were drug tested, after the bod wrist discovered, the clients are clean, they are the ones who tried to use narcan on their counselors to save their lives but it didn't work. >> these homes are not regular late dollars in the state every pennsylvania, after this
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case it is likely there will be call for greater oversight. district attorney tom hogan pushing for regulations in these facilities. the coronor reporting 37 overdose deaths in this county alone, mike and alex. >> unreal. >> thirty-seven? >> talking about it for years. it is an epidemic, a lot of times it start with the opioids prescribed, matter of fact. 6:09. >> a special election takes a wild turn in montana. >> wow. >> listen to this. >> looking for video, congressional can date right there accused of body slamming a reporter on the eve of the election. this is election day out there in montana. what witnesses say led to that fight. >> car went boom. everything was black. >> teen recounting the moment he was dragged by a car. while he was riding his bike.
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what he says the hit-and-run driver said to him, as she fled the scene.
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>> 6:11, the search continues for the driver responsible for hitting teenager in the lehigh val. >> i 16 year old nicholas vague a still recovering after being struck by a car while riding his bike, than was three weeks ago. vaguest said he was on the sidewalk at the intersection of rot and sumner when a woman cut through a parking lot, waited for him to go ahead but
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then hit the gas. nicholas and his mom just can't believe anyone would run down a child and then just lever him. >> the car took me, and then this is when my whole side of my body went down into the grounds. my head -- >> i want justice. i want her to be found. it is not fair that she left a 16 year old child in the street, hurt. >> nicholas says the woman who hit him said: i'm sorry, before taking off. says she has blondes hair, and there were two children in the car. anyone with information is asked to contact allentown police. >> what did she say? >> i'm sore. >> i sorry? >> and then left. >> sorry. >> new jersey police officer makes adorable rescue, but nothing he hasn't seen before. why this cop has earned the nickname the deer whisperer. >> he went into the sewer.
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now, will they get the game in, day game for the phillies and the rockies today? maybe they'll win this one. 63 degrees, game time. showers will be around. it will be cloudy, cool, otherwise, 63 degrees, might see few peaks of sunshine, there could be rain delay, but they may get the game in. because we'll have some breaks in the action, but it is going to rain on and off all day, we have the possibility with warmfront coming through of some thunderstorms, later on, in the afternoon. so, around doylestown, seeing some steady to heavy rain, around gloucester township new jersey, around abington, pennsylvania, and here in philadelphia it is just kind of yucky. and there is middle township, down in cape may county, where they're getting ready for the crowds this weekend. coastal flood advisory in effect for this evening. high tide, along the ocean, between 7:45 and 8:45 tonight. so there could be some tidal floodingment and a marginal risk of some severe thunderstorms, later on in the afternoon, so, let's get you through the holiday weekends, 72 today, upper 70s tomorrow
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and saturday, mid 70s on sunday, it is the sunday into monday time period, where we could get some showers, and there is a chance of a thunderstorm, on memorial day. tune into 101.1, more fm, then bob kelly, both hands on the wheel. >> you got it, put that coffee cup down. >> raining out there. >> here is a live look route 202. you got the heavy downpour, you got the ponding in the intersections, just one of those yucky thursday mornings. here satisfaction ample of the freeway coming in from new jersey again, be careful, all of the construction zones, like i-95, 202, as this heavy rain comes down, it is all heading for the drainage great, which on 95, is right there, in that lane that you're traveling in, as well. an accident, west on the vine st. expressway. right before you get to the schuylkill. that's causing a delays from broad street on back. we're shut down on route 73,
6:18 am
in maple shade, mt. laurel. the northbound side, heading in toward philadelphia just past 295, took down a pole and telephone wires, all of the northbound lanes are closed, heading in toward the talcony palmyra bridge. use church road, maybe route 70 as alternate the accident west on the pa turnpike near norristown, right around the block here, water main break from yeserday, third street, remains closed from walnut to chestnut. and the key here, is anybody that's coming in for class trip today, with the kids, to see the museum of american revolution, that's right there on the corner. so the school bus going to have to go around the block, and that's going to create gridlock on top of the normal gridlock we have here in old city. plus, septa's 57 butts is -- bus is on due to up, as well. >> well, also an outrage, because that's my neighborhood. detour walking home. >> i may have to go down fourth. >> it did cause a lot of back
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up yesterday. >> this little -- >> back up on the walk home? >> back that thing up. all right, 6:19. well, president trump is in brussels right now meeting with nato allies. the group is expected to discuss a variety of issues including the surge of isis -- isis in after began stand. will we send more troops? they'll actually discuss that. that meeting comes this weekend, a look at what health insurance could cost americans, under the revised gop healthcare plan, according to the cbo, you know what this is, congressional budget office, bunch of accountant look into this stuff. 23 million few err americans will be insured under the american healthcare act. the plan would cut $120 billion from the deficit over the next decade. that's primarily because of cuts to medicaid. most democrats are opposed to the plan, while some republicans are also doubting the report's accuracy. >> unless you're a healthy
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millionaire, trump care is a nightmare. >> just because a group of auditors down the block says they think this is what's going to happen it, doesn't make it so. these are people with bias, just like you and me. >> remember his town hall from last week? the analysis also found that over time, it would become increasingly difficult for people with pre-existing conditions to purchase affordable coverage. that's according to the cbo. >> well, we will still stay with the political stories, but this one little more wrestle mania. this is at a political event, claims that he was body slammed, by congressional candidate. >> it started when reporter ben jacobs, from the guardian, over, there across the pond, asked a question about the american healthcare act. >> only audio. >> it is only audio, yes. he has his phone and he goes into the candidate's face, and the candidate did not like
6:21 am
that. >> let me talk to you about that later. >> just curious. >> yes i'm sick and tired every you guys. the last guy that came in here you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. the last guy did the same thing. you're from the guardian? >> yes, you just broke my glasses. >> the last guy did the same thing. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> the candidate, the republican candidate, he's been sited when myths demeanor assaults in this case. >> oh, yes, the reporter called the cops. >> sure did. he said that he would. >> so we're trying to see if we can get video of it, but just hearing it, sounds very aggress disbelief woman i worked with for years, alicia, who works for fox based out of denver. sh waist in the room she said the candidate grabbed the reporter by the throat and through him to the grounds. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes, yes, got pretty bad. can it get any worse? the phillies with another lackluster performance at home.
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they've lost 20 out of their last 24, and the worse record in all of baseball, why their manager says it is not yet time to panic yet. even though the season's basically over.
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell. yesterday phillies manager pete mackanin said if you can't take the pressure then you need to go. looks like a lot of guys are about to go. the phils got rocked in the thirds inning, by the rockies. and not even babies want to watch what was going on. but, charlie blackmon had himself a day, single up the middle, blackmon has nine rbi's in the series so far. the phils gave up seven runs, in the thirds, they went ton lose seven to two, after the game pete mackanin still trying to stay positive. >> i remember atlanta was terrible. they had real good second half. and i believe that we just need to get it going, and we're going to put something together. i believe that.
6:26 am
>> that the taking on the mariners yesterday. and anthony, with the three run bomb. washington wins five to one. that's sport in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> i believe that the rockies have scored 23 runs in three game. sue, game today? >> afternoon game today, 1:00. if they get it in. now, that could happen. maybe that will turn their luck around. regardless you need to be ready for rain, will we get it out of the way in time for the holiday weekend? we will let you know in the forecast coming up. jenny? >> chester county district's attorney offers, drug recovery home after two counselors, who work there, to help people kick their addict were found dead. the story next.
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>> manchester, more arrests made as authorities are investigating a possible terror network. plus, we're learning more about those who were kid in the attack. >> live shot from manchester, it is a college campus there, they're on the perimeter of the college campus, but is that active scene what we're hearing, seeing police dogs being run in there. everybody on high alert, in manchester, especially, but all over england, matter of fact. now, listen to this.
6:30 am
>> he's deceased. >> no, no, no, no. >> wow, camden county father's fate is back in a jury's hands. >> that's him. why jurors wanted to see this video for a second time, as they decide on averred. now, the police officers, the detective, have told him that his son is dead. and you've heard what he said. no, no, no, no, no. all right. >> experiencing freedom for the first time, if in more than two decades. shaw thomas joins us later, what's next after serving 24 years for a crime he did not commit. think of all of the things that he's missed. >> my gosh, since 1993, i'll tell you what he says he missed for breakfast, and it is breakfast time, he says, i miss grits. so what do we do on good day philadelphia, we're cooking up some grits. >> and if you would like some grits, come on by. how do you like your grits, creamy?
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>> i like them creamy with a lot of butter sometimes some cheese. >> oh, ya. >> what about you? >> cheese and but ther. >> yes? >> almost like it is soup. >> you know some people put sugar in their grits. no? >> no. >> okay. hope sean likes them. good day everybody it is thursday may the 25th, 2017. >> sue, this weather, i just, like i said, i keep telling myself, as long as it is going to be sunny during the weekend, i'm cool with this. >> all right, well, you better get used to it, because yuck. it is icky. let's get to the nitty-gritty all right, i was trying to go with the segway, all right, maybe too late. rain gear again today. with bus stop buddy, cloudy, showers, cloudy, when it is not showering. you see, here from radar, there is a break in the action, every once in a while, but also more rain on the way. so, this is going to be with us for the most part. throughout the day. we have pop up thunderstorms possible this afternoon. so, the heff yes rain moving through philadelphia right now, it is like we say in the wintertime, it is pretty good
6:32 am
clip. it is raining out there. 56 degrees, with 15-mile per hour breezes, so it is not only rainy, it is windy enough, that occasionally, could blow your umbrella an inside out. scattered showers throughout the day. isolated thunderstorms could pop up. possibility of us getting to 72 degrees, they could get the phillies game in, it is a day game. so, bob kelly, that's just going to make for more traffic troubles on i-95. >> yes, whenever weaver these afternoon games, always get that, you know, that push there around lunchtime, then bamm, instant traffic, instant traffic jam, when the game is over. here is a live look, 20th street coming out of south philly headed for the schuylkill. again, a lot of accident this morning, not just because of the rain, because loft accidents have occurred on either the on or the off ramp, some of the curves like thereon 26th street. here is a yucky shot, of the freeway, just an example of the heavy downpour, the spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you. if you can delay your trip, certainly do it, or certainly put extra time on the clock, westbound on the vine st.
6:33 am
expressway, an accident approaching the schuylkill expressway here. for the shaders, we're shut down on 73.& route 73, northbound, here is a picture from our new jersey dot camera between 295 and there is 38, you got the moorestown mall there, would be off to your right, accident, took down the entire telephone pole and wires, so there is no access from say cherry hill into maple shade. trying to get to the betsy ross or the talcony palmyra bridge. you'll have to use church road or route 70 near the cherry hill mall, to kind of work your way around that delay in south jersey. and an accident, west on the turnpike, near norristown. mike and alex back over to you. >> let's punch up live shot from manchester, about 200 miles northwest of london, manchester glands, that's a live look there, at police situation. now, earlier reports came in that officers and soldiers were responding to an incident at a college campus. so i'm not sure which college campus this is but it does look like things are wrapping
6:34 am
up. whatever you heard from our sister network sky news. >> sky news, just tweeted out about four minute ago that the incident is now over. so we don't have the details or anything, they're just saying that the greater manchester police have announced that the incident at the college is over. >> and it does look like they're packing up and leaving the campus area and leaving the crime tape. meanwhile learning more about those two people who killed, who were killed in the attack. that will was back on monday, of course, at the night club, the arena, where ariana grande was performing. >> thomas has the latest on though details, thomas? >> you hear the names, see the faces even more heart breaking. manchester police say they're confident all of the victims killed in the attack have now been identified. the final three victims identified were 29 year old martin had of stock port, attending the concert with a friend. jane taylor, 50 year old school receptionist has gone, had gone to the venue to pick up her friend's daughters. this 14 year old, nel jones,
6:35 am
high school student attended with friends, also confirm one of the victim was a police officer on duty at the time. >> very sadly, i can confirm that one of the victims is a serving police officer, but g their family wishes i will make no further comment at this stage. >> ariana grande has reportedly offered to cover the funeral costs of the 22 victims, also reportedly she reached out to many of the families, last night you see there dozen gathered in manchester square for multi fate vigil to pay tribute to the victims. we're also learning that queen elizabeth has just arrived at manchester children's hospital, meeting with several of the victims there. now, as for the investigation, mike and alex, police have arrested two more people, they're searching new site in manchester it, bridges the total arrested this morning to eight people. officials believe the alleged bomber, salman abedi was likely part of wider network. the attacker's father and his two brothers are all in
6:36 am
custody, reportedly his younger brother confessed to authority that he knew about the attack. >> okay, and maybe one of the brothers even helped him make the bomb. thomas, thank you, 6:36. as you know with the opioid situation in our area, heroin empidemic our area, all of these recovery sent remembers springing you can, addiction centers springing up around the delaware val. >> i but we've learned now that couple of counselors at one addiction center, they were working to help others overcome addiction, but tragically they lost their own bat. >> yes, two counselors at the addiction facility, where jen is he, died from a drug overdose. jenny? >> yes, mike and alex, we're live at the chester county district attorney's offers. so this is the agency that's now investigating the two deaths. and what we are learning is that these types of recovery homes are not regulated in this state of pennsylvania. so now the da is pushing for greater oversight, as this agency is investigating, these two deaths. police say that they were called to the freedom ridge
6:37 am
recovery house in west brandywine township sunday afternoon around 1:30 to find two counselors work interesting to help other recover from drug addiction, dead in their bedrooms from overdosing on heroin and fit follow, used needles and drugs were found inside the bedrooms, six clients are set to live in the home with the counselors, according to a source, all were drug tested after the bodies were discovered and the clients are clean. they are the ones who tried to use narcan on their counselors to save their lives but it didn't work. our jeff cole spoke with the man believed to be the co-owner of this recovery house, who spoke briefly before closing the door and ordering our cameras off the property. >> well, it is a tragedy of addiction. and this is, you know, this is what happens with addiction. >> but these were counselors. how could counselors -- the da indicated -- >> i have no comment at this time. it is a tragedy after diction,
6:38 am
thank you. >> real quickly so the district attorney says they were counselors. >> the two overdoses were the two counselors at the facility. it was two counselors at a drug addiction facility who had overdosed and died on heroin and phentinol. and the individuals who found them were actually the residents at this drug treatment facility. >> law enforcement officials say the heroin baggies that were found had superman and danger logos, with a skull print on them. the chester county district attorney's offers this morning, warning anyone who come across bags like that to stay away. >> this heroin is believed to be laced with phentinol, and the d.a. says anyone who takes it will likely die from it. mike and alex. >> that's for sure. we've had that situation right here in philadelphia. >> very sad. >> okay, jenny. well, jurors are back in court this morning a couple of hours for what will be day three of deliberations in the murder trial of david creato. >> so, steve keeley at the
6:39 am
camden county courthouse with more. could it wrap up today? we'll have to see. steve? >> yes. they haven't really deliberated too long. not even three and a half hours yet. because this trial had so many weird schedules, like only going tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, it has been a month since they heard creato's voice when it was entered into evidence, back on april the 26th. so they need to re-hear it as they got in deliberations. so since they didn't get to see and hear him, take the witness stands in his own defense, they do want to rehear him on recorded videos and recordings made by detective in a phonecall and that 911 call that he initially made that was played again in court yesterday. >> he had and pajamas. >> okay, and you didn't hear anything or see anything or nothing like that? >> no. i just woke up, and he wasn't -- i don't know if he
6:40 am
wandered out or what happened. the -- was lock. i guess he unlock it and left. >> well, what you saw in our opening at 6:30 this morning, was part of the almost one hour video made when detective had him in a interrogation room, and they told him that his son had been found dead at cooper river. and so the jury obviously wanted to see that again, as well. and obvious the question is, in at least one juror's mine, was it a bad acting job or was that real raw emotion? and you saw it, you can decide for yourself, even though you're not on the jury. the thirds thing they never got to yesterday. mike, they have a call between him and brendan's mother, his excess training dollars girlfriends, that was recorded by detectives, as they listened in, as well. so that's going to get played first thing this morning. then, back to deliberations, at least getting into the fourth hour of deliberating this case. >> okay, i didn't know about that call.
6:41 am
that's interesting. thank you, steve, 6:40. >> one of the brothers who pleaded guilty in the at up pasquale case is on the wrong side of the law again. twelve year old autumn disappeared from her clayton new jersey home in 2012. her body was found in recycling bin few days later. dante robinson pleaded guilty to obstruction in the case, and walk out every prison in 2013. sources tell fox 29, police arrested dante, who will be 21, or now two; turned 21 on monday, for home invasion in sicklerville. his brother, justin, still serving time for aggravated manslaughter in autumn's death. >> well, police say they caught a bartender at a popular main line restaurant serving up a whole lot more than beer and mixed drinks. investigators allege 31 year old edson, was selling cocaine and pot right outside estia restaurant, you know the place, during business hours, sources say the investigation
6:42 am
started during a recent car stop in radnor. drugs and other evidence led the police to the bartender. and undercover officer then made controlled purchases from the bartender during his work shift. a second employee was also taken in for questioning. >> a new jersey police officer makes an adorable rescue, oh, deer. it is nothing this guy hasn't done before. why he, has earned the nickname, the deer whisperer. he'll go into the sewer to get a deer, a dough, a female deer. >> we love when this happens. free pason your way to the shore this weekend. how you can have your toll paid for at one of the expressway toll plazas. >> free are, ya.
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>> actually right behind this tree here, so it is kind of tough to see the crash scene. but i'm being told it is eastbound, so, that's going to cause a delay coming off of 95, trying to get to the commodore barry, headed up and over into new jersey. coming in from new jersey, on the 42 freeway, just a yucky mess. one of those bad morning rush hours, wherever one's going to be late for the office.
6:46 am
676, the vine expressway, an accident right near the schuylkill. we're shut down in maple shade. route 73, northbound, all lanes are closed between 295 and route 38 for the shaders here, an accident, took down a telephone pole and the wires, so that's across the roadway. so all northbound lanes heading toward philly and that talcony palmyra shutdown at the moment. your best bet, church road, will get you over to haddonfield, and work your way in through cherry hill, accident west on the turnpike right near norristown. and that water main break from yesterday, has third street blocked, here in old city between walnut and chestnut, rough getting around old city to begin, with right there at the corner of museum of american revolution. all of the kids coming in for the class trips today, are going to have to navigate through that detour, they'll be dipping into their lunch bags for the smacks, and septa's routes 57 buses on detour, and if you are watching us down the shore, the parkway northbound, an accident, just north of the a.c. expressway. a lot of folks headed to the
6:47 am
shore, for the memorial day weekend, what's the forecast like? sue has it in 15 seconds. >> what's happening right now, as we have several rounds of rain, coming through, it looks like it is raining up in allentown around the reading area, berks county, seeing some rain. tredyffrin township, chester county, few other neighborhoods getting some of the heavier rain around parkside. then across the river in haddon, new jersey, here in philadelphia, it is raining a lot, umbrellas up everywhere, and pittsgrove, new jersey, bridgeton, millville, also seeing steady rain this morning, so after a day of rain, tonight, there is a coastal flood advisory in
6:48 am
effect, time of high tide, which will be between 7:45 and 8:45 for ocean front. and a little later, along the bay, marginal risk of severe thunderstorms this afternoon, could happen, get thunderstorm, may not be severe, but watch out. if that is the case. we could get about 2 inches every rain by the time all is said and done today. and that rain could linger into tomorrow morning. fifty's, temperature, as you walk out the door, and it is on the windy side as well. rain, thunderstorms all day, but it gets better tomorrow. by the afternoon, and looks like saturday is still the best weather day of the weekend. and most of sunday, should be dry, looks like a late shower that could linger into monday morning. so holiday weekends guys not perfect. but certainly not a wash out. >> certainly not. >> certainly. >> as you know, police officers are trying to help us out all. >> yes, but they also talk about animals, too, one officer nerve new jersey ender himself the title the deer whisperer. i think that's pretty cool.
6:49 am
karen, what did he do? >> oh, he just helps all kinds of animals. he's like a doctor do little kind of character. he does it time and again. so they got a call about a little fawn it, fell into a sewer drain, listen to the little fawn crying. (crying). >> how cute is that? i love this. sounds like a baby. that's officer tim, from the woodbridge police department, did not think twice, but getting right down and dirt any that sewer, then he release that little fawn back into the woods nearby. hopefully to find mommy. now this is the third time that's rescued a distressed deer, just this year. so, back in december, he helped get a buck, that was and the letters got stuck in a soccer net, there he is, cutting the buck's and the letters out of the soccer net, then similar thing happened to another one, last april, so he's also assisting in the rescue of 22 other animals,
6:50 am
including ducklings, and my favorite officer right now, so we have to have him on the show. >> well, woodbridge up in north jersey. we'll pride car service. >> we'll drive. he is helping animals. have to put little ducklings in need of rescue, come on down. >> man if i was an animal i would stay clear of this guy. >> i got this around your nec neck. >> so cynical today. >> does it counseled when a comedian laughs at his own jokes? >> normally when they laugh at
6:51 am
their own jokes, it is not funny. it is so high brow nobody else gets it. >> oh, that's like what i used to say, so funny i forgot to laugh. >> okay, free pass, on your way to the shore. down the shore. how you can have your toll paid for, alex holley, she will be standing at the team plaza. putting coins in for you. >> i am? >> well, maybe not.
6:52 am
6:53 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky,
6:54 am
telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> did has become a tradition, one i like. so, tomorrow, we head down the shore, a lot of us will, chickie's and pete's will be picking up the tab on part of the atlantic city expressway for holiday shore travelers. the 3-dollar toll will be waived. forget it. for eastbound traffic at the egg harbor toll plaza, and only for little bit. but between 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow afternoon. the memorial day weekend toll-free event is part of the promotion to launch the unofficial start of the shore's summer tourism season. >> where are they, bob, egg harbor? >> on the boardwalk, wildwood. >> okay.
6:55 am
>> boardwalk. >> that's all i know. >> hey, yesterday afternoon, guess hine cited me to be on radio? >> who. >> i like to be on radio, especially when i have a giant cold sore. >> works better. >> helps. >> you have a face -- >> some lips fo radio today. anyway. >> that's lip service. >> so nice. again, on fire. >> here we go. >> by tomorrow. >> needy say anything? >> my gosh, alex made a comment. >> i like the powder blue dress, real nice. >> we were debating, looks kind of white on tv but it is powder blue. >> so i went over to 20th and market, part of the 97.5 fanatic radio all-star radiothon basically. it was for charity. >> you're so animated. look at you, you talk with your hands, look at that, you don't do that when you're doing the news. >> to tell you the trudy toll them all the cameras rolling so pretend like you're thinking everything i say is fun. >> i oh. >> that's fun. >> i yes. >> we can see your lip from here too.
6:56 am
>> yes. like a head light on my lip. look at the size of the crowd. >> yes, red light. >> i draw a massive crowd. so, pagano mark, 20th and market, so, we raised money for the american association for cancer research. they were on like 24 hours. >> twenty-four hours? >> on and on, well, i don't know, it was all day. >> a lot longer. we know all about, you know, 20 hour broadcast don't we. twenty straight april fools day last year? >> he survived. hey, okay, it is four minute before 7:00. on this thursday morning. this rainy morning. >> well, more arrests in connection with the deadly bombing in manchester overnight. police working to break up alleged terror network, why british authorities are upset with the us. >> and there is steve in camden. >> well, mike, to give you an idea how bad it is raining outside, you heard bob and sue talk about ponding on the roads. look, we have river running
6:57 am
down the sidewalk here in front of the camden county courthouse. we are covering day three of jury deliberations, in the high profile creato case. [vo] the grille is distinctive. but it's usually seen from the rear. the all-new audi q5 is here. you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip.
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6:59 am
p://>[a5df] intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here. >> brake up what could be a broader network of terrorists. and why there seems to be a
7:00 am
growing fen sean between the united states, and british authorities. >> i just want to thank all of the people who have come to see my shows. >> the jury now pick. but still, bill cosby's attorneys are not happy. >> why they're upset with the final make up of that jury, and how this could impact the trial. >> a special election out west takes a wild turn. >> a report is her rolling as he says -- why one of the candidates on the eve of the election. what witnesses say spark the violence and altercation. and, you know his story by now. he has a taste of freedom. he spent 24 years in prison for a crime did he not commit. and now that he's out, he says, all i


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