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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 26, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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4:00 a.m. and we have breaking news happening. we know dozens have been rush to the hospital, after a very, very bad accident, it happened on the new jersey turnpike. jenny? good morning karen that is right i'm live at cooper hospital where at least nine people have been brought after that nasty crash on the turnpike and we will have a live report coming up next. and thinks triple team coverage bob will be hitting on than that as well, first we had problems with fraternities at penn state, and now drexel, a fraternity there just been suspended, for, five years, we will explain why and what happened. just less than a day after he body slammed a reporter, that was caught on audio that
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montana congressal candidate with ties to our area, gets a huge win. we will tell you what happened. all right. good day everybody, we made it it is friday. hi there, guys. >> how are you. >> holiday weekend. >> we're excited about that but there is always a fly in the ointment. hopefully we will get rain out of the way. we have traffic trouble. we will get to that in a second. we will start with the weather >> we will start with your forecast and look at those storms that came through last night. first to day will be a seven out of 10. that is better then yesterday. we had left over showers around and breezy out there as you can see, 60 degrees with 8-0 percent relative humidity. sunrise time 5:38. planning out your day there will be cloud cover but some sunshine break go through as well. seventy-five or 76 degrease and breezy throughout the afternoon, and here's current radar, you can see, bulk of the low pressure system that came through yesterday moved up toward new england but we will get wrap around moisture and there are still a few
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showers moving through, but as we zoom into the lasso owe that didn't work out. well, anyway, we had thunderstorms, coming through last night and it was pretty severe and caused flash flooding as well. possibly, contributing to the accident on the turnpike last night, karen. lets talk about that accident right now lets get right over with bob kelly because he can go out to what happened at the scene. we have live reporters, we have steve keeley out there, we have jenny joyce out there but if we didn't get a check you can explain where this is and what we know right now. >> exactly. here's the deal. southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike between exits number three, which is the black horse pike, and then exit number two, which is route 322. so on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike, again , a tractor trailer, and a charter bus collided, around midnight or so right around the same time we had those heavier storms coming through. now, it looks like there is
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one lane of traffic, getting through, right now. however, this is an active situation, it will change as morning goes on, for anyone getting ready to leave, step outside the door right now, would i consider using 295, that will be your best bet. you can take 295 from exit number four which is mount laurel pick that up along any of the towns here 295 will keep you going south and avoid whatever, scenario is going to take place here on the new jersey turnpike. i do know they will have to close it all together, in order to upright any of the overturned vehicles, they are still investigating it, there is still a lot of crews out there but at lee one lane opened at the moment. northbound is good. this could not come at a war time giving holiday weekend overnight and it is friday, folks will be on the move as we move through the day and through this interchange here, you know, folks are using the freeway to get down to the shore. so the alternate of 295, kind of puts you inside to the
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shore traffic if this continues, through to the rest of our morning rush hour. on top of that. all that rain from last night, there is flooding, every where , and i came in, this morning, i'll tell but that in a second, 130 and 322 on the new jersey side of the commodore barry bridge, flooded out under water. southbound lanes of route 55, closed at route 47, and a pedestrian accident investigation from the overnight, i came in on the martin luther king drive to avoid an accident on the schuylkill there is like five spots where it is flooded out. i mean, log flum style coming in here so just be careful venturing out the front door we will check jam cams and keep you covered throughout the morning, karen, back to you. let's continue right now, lets get to the passengers, all those people injured, they have gone over to the hospital , lets get out to jenny joyce over at cooper in camden where those victims have been taken, jenny, good morning, what do we know.
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>> reporter: good morning, karen. nine patients have been brought here to cooper university hospital. while we don't know exact conditions we know these are more serious patients here, brought here, a short time ago , again, exact conditions,& injuries not yet known right now. state police tell us that emergency responders wanted to even medivac'd patient toss get people to the hospital quickly but ended up not flying because of the weather. they were transported here by ambulance, more than 30 people were transported to several area hospitals, including in expirea in woodbury, kennedy memorial hospital at two locations, crozer-chester medical center, among others. patients at inspire, we know had mostly bumps and blueses. back here live, cooper university hospital sees some of the more serious patients. at least nine people were brought thereafter the accident. conditions unknown. more than 30 people were injured in this accident, total, karen? >> all right, jenny, thank you we will stay on top of this
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all morning long. it is coming up at 4:06. a fraternity at drexel already under investigation for sexual assault, claims it is now in trouble for a different reason and has been suspended for five years. epps son was already on interim suspension for three separate section aisle salt at that frat house this occurred through april through may 18th university says five years suspension was, linked to alcohol violations and not connected to that, investigation. drexel university spokesperson told the philadelphia inquirer the school has also placed a second fraternity, lambdaki alpha following allegations of hazing and alcohol violations. it is quieter for people in swede bureau, new jersey after a gas leak forced evacuation of the entire area half mile long there was a railcar filled with 30,000 gallons at the highly flammable pro powe lean, which started to lean around 10:00 o'clock yesterday morning on the unit block of
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osprey court. a failure caused the leak that went on for hours before the hazmat crew where is able to cap that. the leak forced evacuation of 2,000, people, caused widespread power outages, and a hundred businesses, a day care center all had to shut down. >> they didn't tell us what kind of gas leak it was, at first, so when we came out and saw white gas leaking from the tank, we were concerned about what it was. first, the initial was to shelter in place, be in to stand outside, within five minutes they came, a change in plans and everybody will evacuate. >> two rail yard workers were sent to crozer medical center in chester for chemical burns and both are expected to recover. officials say rain helped matters and there were no air quality issues. 4:07. lets get back to that breaking news of that major accident happening right now on the new jersey turnpike. we have steve keeley out their life at the scene, truck and bus, they crashed into each
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other. steve, what do we know and what do you see. >> reporter: all right. well, the good news is that you heard from jenny, nobody seriously hurt, we got word from the state police it was minor injuries. or good news is what you are looking at that the turnpike headed southbound and bob mentioned, a very busy day, and i drive this on the way into work, it is busy 24 hours a day some reason and a lot of times it is only to lanes in south jersey. you see bus and tow truck. i counted 13 vehicles on this side of the overpass. through see tour bus which they got righted. i was told through an e-mail from a police officer early on that had overturned. greg will follow me and we will walk across this country road called ogden station road overpass and you will see the tractor trailer that i was told around 1:00 a.m. had been they got that straightened out that is on a tow truck. you can see why that right lane is block for a good
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length of time, bus and tractor trailer, went quite a distance past that bus before it finally stopped. they have both vehicles involved in this crash, on tow trucks but for some reason they are still over there they will to have shut this down. bob, you know that, they will to have shut this down to get these vehicles out and get tow trucks straightened out and on the road and it will be slow going behind all of those vehicles. it will be a complete shut down again southbound eventually when they want these vehicles out. maybe they will do it at the same time but we will be standing here and let you know when that happens, so, that is the scene here, it could have been so much worse. it sounded so much worse with 50 people being reported hurt, from the get go, but, what a month it has been for bus accidents and sad news, almost a daily basis for these buses and school buses and that tour bus down in maryland that started it all with the local school kid on it, karen you are right, that is the truth, people still in the hospital from both of those other bus accidents involving children g
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news here the injuries are not major. coming up on 4:10. developing right now, victory at the polls for the republican congressional candidate accused of body slamming a reporter. greg gianforte who has ties to our area, over came that last minute assault charge to win, montana's special election. we have played the audio of that scuffle, yesterday right here on good day. >> there were other witnesses "fox news" crew whose saw the whole thing as well. well, they is, he played football for upper merion high school here for a time. he has been sited with misdemeanor assault during his victory speech last night the 56 year-old apologized for the incident. >> i made a miss take.
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i took an action that i can't take back and i'm not proud of what happened. i should not have responded in the way that i did. for that i'm sorry. >> now, interestingly when that had already, that incident happened many voters had already cast their ballots , before the assault, his win, deals democrats a setback in their bid to gain a red state ahead of the midterm electionness 2018. 4:11. getting around on september, ride that to the games, no matter what you use it for you'll be paying more and not too distant future why taking subways and buses, el will be more expensive for all riders, transit news there, bob. good morning, everybody. we will be singing on the way to cape may here as we go southbound on the freeway, big day for big push heading to the shore and lets go outside to a live look as we update this accident on the new jersey turnpike as we look
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live, on the southbound side, in south jersey, how is this going to impact your trip to the shore? plus the forecast, for the holiday weekend we will have details when we come right back.
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welcome back taking a live look at wilmington, delaware. we're coming up at 4:15 on the beginning of this holiday
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weekend we hope whatever you have planned or whatever you will do whether it is down the shore, up the mountains, your friend backyard, swimming pool around the way that you have a wonderful weekend. lets get a check of the forecast because that is what we all want to know, sue. >> this is a tough one i have to tell but we will look back before ahead and this is 12 hour loop of the last 12 hours look at this line of thunderstorms coming through say between eight and midnight last night. it was a lot of rain, thunder, lightening, woke a lot of us up, including my dog, and very , very loud and we will zoom in on the area of where that accident took place, and there is 322 and the turnpike, and we see that they got their share of heavy rain and is there a look at that lightening and thunder as it came through around 10:30, when it hit that area last night around about. now we are back to right now and bulk of all that has moved up to our north east but we are still seeing rain in the area. some of it north and east of
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philadelphia up toward allentown area, down toward buckingham in bucks county and south of the line from say bensalem down through lumberton in new jersey and at the new jersey shore we just saw an area of rain, move off the coast, so it is on its way out. 60 degrees, in mount pocono. sixty-one in wildwood. wind are going to pick up a little bit today as that storm exits and high pressure tries to build in. seventy-seven is where we should be for an average hyle we will get there eventually but we weren't there yesterday with 68 degrees. we will go through weekend with you and i guess, if we had, to summarize tonight one word it would be unsettled, not perfect but not a wash out 76 degrees today. tomorrow mostly sunny, 78 but could be a sure late in the day. sunday there could be a shore late in the day. there is a greater likelihood
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we should get up to 78 degrees on monday but there is still that chance of a shower, warming up, by tuesday, when everybody is getting back to reality and don't forget your forecast is available on the radio, every day, on 101.1 more fm, bob kelly. >> hey sueguy good morning everybody. 4:17. the scene of the accident we have been telling but between bus and tractor trailer is right here at ogden station road, just south of route 45, and almost, you know, approaching exit number two, which is route 322. lets go outside to our live camera. steve keeley's news van on the scene. this is tractor trail their was involve in the accident. again, first report this morning was that the tractor trailer was jackknifed and that the tour bus that was involved was off the roadway and overturn. i did see a picture early this morning of the bus overturned. it looks like they have
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upright that had bus and pulling it out of the grass but we're again on the ogden station road overpass and there is the scene, the emergency vehicles and these guys here are heading southbound, down toward exit number two which is route 322 and there is one lane opened. that gives you an idea of the scene. lets come back to the maps. if you are getting ready to head outside the front door not sure whether they will close this down at all through rest of the morning, 295 would be your best alternate and then again it is just south of the freeway and approaching route 322 as the accident scene. now, all of that heavy rain and those thunder boomers last night leaving flooding every where, some spots and we will find them, by accident this morning, route 130, 322, under water, just got word that the brookelawn circle is flooded out, southbound lanes of route 55 for gang heading down to the shore early this morning and use 55, it is closed at
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route 47 as police investigate an overnight accident there. your best bet maybe jumping off here and using 49 or you staying with 47, you know, from the get go. martin luther king drive about five different spots where there is full water all across all of the lanes like a log flum coming in this morning. be careful. get crews out and clean out drains. a lot of that is scenario, drains got to get cleaned out from that heavier rain that we received all in a few short period of time last night. here's a live look at 95 near airport philly international hat ground stops throughout the day yesterday, i would definitely check with the airline before you head to the airport, airports opened, the plane being here could be another scenario if it was stuck in the ground stop last night, karen, back to you. the hunt is on for gunman who killed a man just tossing a football with kid outside. our dave schratwieser says senseless murder has a whole
4:20 am
community still searching for answers. >> oh, nice, wonderful kid. we necessity him for more than 15 years. >> reporter: candles lined front porch thursday where benjamin drains lived after he was gunned down in this alley just around the corner tuesday night while tossing a football around with young kid. >> unidentified shooter wearing a gray hoodie blue sweat pants walked past him, turned around and basically executed him. >> reporter: in front of the kid in front of the kid, yes. >> reporter: a memorial to drains, who friend called bj went up at second and nedrow where he collapsed after being shot nine times in the alley across the street good guy all the way around the board. i cannot say nothing bad about him. he was just a good kid. >> never been in trouble a day in his life. we really don't know what this is about. >> reporter: captain clark says the execution style murder was caught on nearby surveillance cameras. he said the boys tossing the
4:21 am
football with drains ran for their lives, when the gun man opened fire. >> you could see their initial response is they jumped and they run, and actually, back in the corner hoping they don't get shot. >> reporter: clark says drains worked for cities water department his father who passed away several years ago was a philadelphia police officer, he also has other relatives, on the police force >> why do you have to do something like that to a kid like that. he don't bother nobody. >> no respect for human life and these individual that are doing this we have to do our best to get them off the street. >> reporter: no one else was injured in the gunfire but police do say that the gunman stood over victim and fired into him on the ground at point blank range. >> there is a $20,000 reward for being offered in this case at the homicide unit, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. 4:21. more clues into what led to that deadly plane crash near teterboro airport in northern, new jersey. federal investigators say the
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jet appeared to turn late turn the runway before it crashed in that industrial area earlier this month. two crew members on board died the small plane had taken off from philadelphia. septa riders, sorry, you will to have pay some more, they have just approved a fare increase and thinks all across the board, one way quick trips will be a quarter more to $2.15. monthly passes going up by five bucks to $96, all of the changes will begin july 1st, septa says it is to help with every day expenses, and for complete list of the changes visit us on fox you have probably gotten one of those fish, scam, even if calls if not once a week. well, that may be changing. there is one carrier trying to crackdown on those calls, and, we will let you know what they are doing. steve keeley, what is the latest out where you are. >> reporter: look at our live picture they are towing bus away right beneath your shot here and i'm looking at this bus from a different angle
4:23 am
from you are and the back of it is smashed in, so that tells me that tractor trailer hit that tour bus, from behind , and that is what pushed it over on to its side and where luggage compartment is, maybe greg has a shot of it now too heavy damage by the engine compartment underneath bus which tells you that is where impact was, maybe the bus was stopped on the side of the road. maybe it had been broken down, i'm just wondering because it was hit from behind like that and you are wand fairing that bus was going the speed limit on the new jersey turnpike at 65 miles an hour it wouldn't have that much damage on it. so they have put the tour bus, you can see on the other side of the under pass. it is right behind the tractor trailer that had been, in the accident with it, and so that is what they are doing just as i suspected they would do in my first live shot they are putting them together so they can toe them out together so they don't to have shut this turnpike down two times.
4:24 am
they will get these things off the road together once the tractor trailer is set to go and i can look at the front of the tractor trailer and i can see toe crew they have it lifted up on the front and as soon as they get it secured to the big tow truck you can bet now that the busies able to move and as soon as tractor trailer is able to move they will get these vehicles up and out so they can get both lanes of the new jersey turnpike reopened, long before sunrise. we will keep you up to date, so good news on the traffic front, bob kelly, and we will let you know as things develop
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we have more developments, lets get tout breaking news steve keeley. karen just as i predicted they are towing them both doing and getting them out of here long before sunrise. so flashing lights you see ahead, two big tow trucks one taking a tractor trailer from performance food group that was the name on the back end of it, that obviously rear ended a tour bus full of at least 50 people, and the back end of that bus, the back driver's end of that bus with heavy damage, that got pushed on its side. it is amazing people were not hurt more seriously. we don't know if the bus was stopped but it is being towed away right now. until they get all of the debris off the road they will clean it up, make sure it is safe, they will reopen both lanes momentarily but there is good traffic news and good
4:28 am
news nobody was seriously hurt , i'm amazed when i see that because speed limit is 656789 people drive faster then that in the middle of the night but they are clearing this accident, good work by crews and police and fire department, everybody involved down here in deep south jersey between exits two and three southbound on the new jersey turnpike.
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good morning welcome back. we have breaking news developing situation we have a bus and truck accident? steve, what is the latest. >> reporter: well, they are getting rest of the road crews off there were toe vehicles that weren't towing bus drivers and these guys were helping get the vehicles off the road so they just left. you can see flashing lights in the distance and, still some road and crews on the side, so still one lane on the opened, but they will get it all opened soon, karen. >> that is good news, steve. we will have more on. that good morning, bob kelly, thomas drayton has the day off and we have water all over the road. >> thomas is getting ready for barbecue at his house, later today. >> it was on a plane, out of here. >> so you are would the man of the weekend. you have some good news for us >> it is not a bad weekend. it is certainly not going to
4:32 am
be hot and it will be un settled but not a wash out. go ahead, make your plans. so that is short answer to the weekend. lets get to today. seven out of 10. buddy has rain gear on for right now, phillies cap they finally won one, yesterday but you only need this rain gear early. we are looking over thunderstorms that came through last night in particular, the ones between nine and midnight because that úwas an area of strong thunderstorms and it is natural to wonder if that contributed to the accident, on the new jersey turnpike. we will talk about that i guess, we will find out, the estimated cause of that at some point in time but the system is on its way out but we are still seeing showers around this morning, certainly nothing like what we saw last night, and then it is just damp here in olde city, breezy 60 degrees, southeasterly wind at 10 miles an hour. plan on cloud cover, some sunshine, at least it will be milder then yesterday with a high temperature of 76 degrees
4:33 am
we will go through the rest of the weekend and give you shore cast as well, bob kelly, coming up. >> 4:33. good morning. updating breaking news from the overnight when i first got the alert waking up this morning, it sound add lot worse then it actually turned out to be. lets go outside tie live look at the scene, of the new jersey turnpike, and this is a live look, headlights, coming toward us, they are southbound , approaching exit number two, which is route 322 , where earlier this morning you can see dirt, debris, of what appears to be a tractor trailer rear ending a tour bus on the southbound side approaching exit number two which is route 322 they have just towed everything out as we just saw steve take it live when it happened and we only have one lane opened at the moment. you can see cones here. at lee we have one lane opened on the southbound side, and i don't see any reason why, they won't get that other lane
4:34 am
opened up at some point, during the morning rush hour, again you hear tractor trailer , tour bus, overturned, you think the war, it actually has turned out better. we do have injuries. we will get more on that in a moment. lets go to the maps, the scene , southbound new jersey turnpike right at ogden station road overpass which is right here near route 45, so it is south of the 42 freeway and right before you get to route 322, only one lane gets through, if you want to play it safe and avoid the whole mess 295 is the way to go, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thanks. lets get back out there and get the very latest. we have team coverag of the breaking news, this accident with the bus and the truck, that is a live picture of the scene, we have got steve keeley out there, we have jenny joyce out there at the hospital on the injuries, lets first start with steve keeley because that is where developments have been happening, steve. >> reporter: look out how fast you see guy picking up orange
4:35 am
cones shutting down right lane , he is getting protection there you can see a state trooper leaving but they have protection so that guy doesn't get hit by any of the vehicles is there a vehicle way back out and police flashing lights , even in the north bound lanes, but, so we have got just down to two vehicles, big yellow arrow in the back of that truck that you cannot see telling people please don't rear end us we are trying to get these cones pick up and maybe stay here live if they can re-open these road in time. somebody at station is not paying attention and calling my phone while on television. they are going in reverse and we will give you a look at the road we're on and give you a sign that we have got it all cleared on this side. we have one vehicle over here. in just a matter of seconds both lanes of the new jersey turnpike will be reopened, so that is great news and bob, i will let you know, instantly when these last three vehicles are out i will text you and
4:36 am
let you know both south bun lanes are opened but it should happened, probably before jenny joyce report is over, guys. >> steve, thanks very much, good news, clearing there that is happening at the scene of the accident, to hopefully some good news from the hospital scene, lets get out to jenny joyce with that part of the story, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, karen. short time ago i walk over to the hospital entrance and that is typically where we will find maybe family members who are here waiting for patients and it is very quiet inside. while we do know nine people were brought here in pretty serious condition, that is according to state police we don't know much about these people, who they are, where they are from, how severely their injuries could be. we don't know if they are local or if family members have been net filed yet. we are told that these patients have more serious injuries, exact conditions aren't known. these are some of the more than 30 people injured in the turnpike crash, some were taken to inspirea woodbury
4:37 am
with bumps and bruises, kennedy memorial hospitals at two locations and crozer-chester medical center among others. according to state police nine people were transported here for treatment. we don't have exact conditions right now, karen. >> all right, jenny. i'm sure we will get them over course of the morning. thanks very much. 4:37. jury deliberations will be continuing, tuesday, in the trial of that south jersey father charged with killing his own little bye just three years old. yesterday jurors in the david create he trial list toned secret recording of a conversation that father had with the boy's mother about a month after investigators found brendan's body. mom asked if the door to the apartment the night their son disappeared had been locked. creato admitted the door was broken. prosecutors admit all they have is circumstantial evidence, creato has maintained that brand animus have just wondered out of his haddon township home back in october of 2015. right new police identified pilot killed in the
4:38 am
helicopter crash, that happened in new castle delaware, police say it was 37 year-old michael movie friday franklinville, new jersey. he was only one on board when that chopper went down in the drainage ditch yesterday. it happened behind a post office on quigley boulevard at around noon time. >> sounded like propellers weren't working like it was struggling. i looked up, i seen it go straight down, you know, the last inute. >> i'm still shaking. there is a life there that is gone. >> you can see that wreckage n 1 on the ground was hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out what did go wrong. if you are traveling this weekend for the memorial day weekend you will have a lot of company out there on the road. state officialness pennsylvania expect american 2 million people will be on the turnpike over the weekend, officials say busiest time for travel is today, this afternoon and also on monday night, coming home, to make
4:39 am
things go smoother the turnpike will be suspending maintenance work and opening all lanes this morning, all the way through tuesday, evening. and as folks make their way to the shore forget away there will be changes coming to the wildwood beaches. we will explain.
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home security video showing a garage door lifting that toddler right off the ground. bracelet had gotten stuck in the door and she's just two years old not heavy enough to pull the door back down. that is baby-sitter, mom was in the home when this all happened but baby-sitter was, broke that bracelet and got her down just in time. >> it got stuck in the garage door. the nanny was there, right there, she actually held her and lifted her up with the garage and then realized she is standing close to the top. >> so that baby-sitter did manage to get the charm un stuck, little girl was not hurt. she certainly has a story. that can happen with your own kid, ride enough and in the big enough to pull it back down. 4:42. we are losing out our bragging rights, hit in the gut, we dropped a top national spot, and phoenix is moving on up, as we have been burned aside, we will explain.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning, 4:45. good news all southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike are opened from that early morning , tractor trailer bus accident we have been talking about. so good news for commuters, the turnpike is good to go, for the morning rush hour. outside we will go to a live look at quick opening here of the tacony palmyra bridge, all traffic stopped on both side, betsy way to go. we are also dealing with heavier rain from the
4:46 am
overnight leaving flooding every where so just be careful we are trailblazers, we are first won out of the gate for morning rush hour. we will find water, down branches and trash cans by accident here this morning. north on the northeast extension and accident near quakertown, flooding in south jersey route 130 and 322, brooklawn circle flooded out in south jersey route 130 as well, route 55 southbound for gang maybe heading down to the shore, our buddies preston and steve setting up down there at keenans in wildwood southbound lanes of 55 are closed at route 47, an overnight accident, they are investigating that this morning, 551 of your shortcuts instead of the expressway so stick with 47 and not 55 this morning. martin luther king drive is like a log flum i use that to come in the city and about five spots along the way with what the's cross all of the lanes, i mean, huge, puddles,
4:47 am
so we will call it flooding, ponding, puddles, whatever you want to call it be ready for morning rush hour, because all that heavy rain that came down in such a fast period of time still out there we are on the way to sing, alalberts or cozy morley version on the way to cape may big push to the shore after lunchtime between noon and two when we will see that volume pop heading down to the sea shore. what is forecast like for holiday weekend? sueby has tonight 15. lots to tell but. it is here, pretty much, it doesn't look perfect or a wash out. i know, that is sounding like a cop out but is there a slight chance of the late shower on saturday, cooler day
4:48 am
with mostly cloudy skies on sunday, thunderstorm popping up late in the day and that rain could linger into monday but there is still sunshine in the forecast for each day as far as the shore is concerned, jersey shore delaware beaches, saturday definitely best day of the weekend pick day of the weekend sunday scattered showers possible in the evening, and a few showers, with your sunshine on monday. again, not perfect but go make your plans. we wanted to show you thunderstorms from last night war through philadelphia area between nine and midnight and it was loud. as bob kelly mentioned a lot of debris on the road from the wind and flash flooding, right now low pressure system has moved to the northe but we are still getting wrap around moisture to the north of us, a couple rain pockets in mount pocono, and down through bucks county, and here through burlington county as well as
4:49 am
the trenton area some showers and rain just moved off the jersey shore. as far as future cast is concerned, today maybe a sprinkle in the afternoon cloud and sunshine. tomorrow, a chance of the pop up thunderstorm late in the day and that is new addition to the forecast and then on sunday possibility of some rain moving through as well. 60 degrees here in philadelphia, upper 50's about every where else, a couple degrees, warmer and breezy throughout the day and average high of 77 we will get there sometime during the weekend, 68 is all we managed yesterday no, sir as much sun as we thought. seventy-six today. seventy-eight tomorrow. little cooler on sunday with those showers, lasting into monday but sunshine in the afternoon, on memorial day with a high of 78, looks perfect for tuesday, after the weekend is over, and wednesday , thursday, as well, so, again, go ahead and make your plans for the holiday
4:50 am
weekend. >> it will be more than wonderful. we're off a lot of fun for most people that are and we will have some sun out there, hoagie fest, so many things happening. when there is that sun you need new sun screen and it will be so easy to get now because city is putting in sun screen dispensers across the area you'll find at least six across the city, right new we have them at city hall, kelly drive, great location and starting sunday this is wonderful right at ballpark out there for phillies game to help prevent skin cancer. speaking of the ballpark you know who thought of this whole thing? phillies great hall of famer mike schmidt came up with this idea. also heading down to the wildwood, no smoking is allowed. officials have just voted to ban smoking on the boardwalk. it doesn't go into effect until next year but they would like to you please start now. officially go into effect january 1st but they will ask people to stop smoking this year because officials are concerned about possible fires
4:51 am
and also secondhand smoke. all right philadelphia, another city has just stole our thunder we are no longer fifth largest city when it comes to population. we used to be fourth. now we have been bumped phoenix has moved up. here's what hank's got to say. >> reporter: hey, can you tell me thousand get to phoenix, arizona from here. >> it is hank, u.s. census reported yesterday that philadelphia is now the sixth largest city, we used to be the fifth. phoenix is now larger. phoenix. my take is, this is absolutely unacceptable, where is your competitive spirit. >> first of all people need to quit leaving town. second we have to recruit. move to philadelphia. >> why would i do that. >> reporter: we need more people. i'm doing my part. i came here to the art museum to convince foreign tourist to move here.
4:52 am
don't laugh. it is working. >> move to philadelphia my pleasure. >> really. >> that was easy. >> reporter: now we're rolling , next step, population explosion. we can have one if it weren't for condom kingdom on south street. >> thinks your fault. i mean people have sex as they like too and as good a time as they can have. >> reporter: that is crazy. we pretend you didn't see. that think outside the box, what we need is a land grab, we will take camden, pennsauken, cherry cherry hill from new jersey, bang. eighteen seer he thousand new people. we need one more person in philadelphia, i will load you up and bring over the bridge with me, all right. ruby lee simmons has been rocking ninth and pine in camden for decade where he grew up, where his friend come see him but nobody is moving across the river. >> no, sir. >> reporter: how come. >> too many people. >> reporter: david rose says social services are better in
4:53 am
camden so he is better. >> social services really helps you out there when i was in philadelphia, more people, it is harder to actually connect here it is more opened >> reporter: phoenix geographically is five times bigger than philly which has second most dense population in new york after u.s. all things being the same if philly were phoenix side on the map we would have like 11 million people. i'm hank, that is my take. you know how your hair tangles the minute you wash it?
4:54 am
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it is 4:56. sunnies rising. we have had a lot of rain overnight. sue will tell us about that. the pop group fifth harmony will be in philadelphia tonight. let's listen. >> ♪ >> they will be at the mann tonight. i love them. they are behind the songs work from home, worth it, all in my head they will be at the mann in fairmount park at 7:00. hopefully it will dry out more for them. they got their start on the show x factor and about right now they are fourth harmony, i think one of the members left. we are also following
4:57 am
breaking news this morning we have had a charter bus and a truck collide. it happened in new jersey. they have been working very quickly on this one, we do have live reports from the hospital, and number of people taken there and they are clearing this scene we will be right back after all that.
4:58 am
4:59 am
right now on "good day philadelphia" breaking news, this morning we have had dozens of people rush to the
5:00 am
hospital after an accident on the new jersey turnpike. we've got steve keeley out there and jenny joyce at the hospital. >> reporter: good morning karen. we are hearing nine people have been transported to cooper hospital. i spoke with three of the victims hoffa lot of questions in addition to relatively minor injuries. they don't have any of their belongings and they are wondering how they will continue, to try to get to their destination. we will share those stories next, karen. thanks, jenny. first it was penn state, now drexel had fraternity they are suspended there for five years we will explain, the allegations there. how about this he won, less than 24 hours after he was caught on sound, body slamming a reporter that congressional candidate from montana with ties to our area gets the big win. we will explain what all happened there. good day on this friday, tgif we have made it through another one that boardwalk empty right now, ocean city


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