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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. more than 30 people returned to the hospital after this huge accident. things are better now but the commute is still affected. another college fraternity is making headlines a drexel frat under investigation for sexual assault claims, it is now in trouble for a different reasons why the school has suspended epsilon for five years >> charged with assault, win an election, in 24 hours. less than 24 hours after body
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slamming, a reporter a montana congressional candidate, with ties to our area, wins. >> tommy joseph the batter and he lines one in the right center field base hit, saunders around third heading for home and the ball is kicked by blackman and phillies have won a ballgame. they won by a final score of two-one as tommy joseph. >> what did tom say about the tommy? the shocker, the phillies won a game. >> look at how excited they are. tommy joseph playing role of hero helping phillies to a much, much needed win. >> extra innings in the rain, oh, thank goodness. good day everybody it is friday, may the 26th, 2017. >> it is friday before holiday weekend. >> three day weekend. don't take tight shots, because it is worse. >> i cannot see it on this side. >> just keep going to sue and bob. >> sue and bob, sue and bob.
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>> yes, we are starting our day with a higher number then yesterday. that is better in the holiday weekend. it is seven out of 10. yeah, phillies did win yesterday. bus stop buddy has just in case umbrella for rest of the morning but we have generally mostly cloudy skies, off to a cool start but milder then it was yesterday, all that rain, thunderstorms, all that is gone, for the most part, but you go up to the lehigh valley , pocono mountains there are still a few left over showers and it is damp but sunnies finally burning through those cloud, we are at 59 degrees in philadelphia with a 7-mile an hour breeze out of the west and we are anticipating sunshine today, mixed with cloud throughout the afternoon, yesterday we never got out of the 60's to day 76 degrees, dough that bode well for rest of the holiday weekend? we will tell you coming right up but bob kelly, first we have to get through this morning what a mess. >> still got off to a bad start with the bus and tractor trailer accident.
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more in a moment. here's an accident north on i-95 right at 420 right before you get to the airport, so we're jammed up northbound but here comes the sun popping up with sun glare and then drying up wet road and puddles that are left for the big storms last night. live look at i-95 in delco water in the center median same deal we will find on the major roadways, any spot that typically flood is flooded this morning. head together shore early this morning southbound lanes of 55 close add the route 47 an accident investigation from last night, the normal flooding spots over here in south jersey route 130 at 322, flooded out on the brooklyn circle and martin luther king drive is like log flum ride on the boardwalk this morning, about five separate spots, flooding all across from one end to the other, combination of the heavy rain, drains clogged so just be careful on the drives and those normal spots that typically flood when we get heavy rain.
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delays out of the gaeton three of the regional rails, mike and alex, back over to you. we will get back to what you were talking about earlier , bob because jenny joyce live outside cooper hospital where victims were taken, jenny, what is your update. >> reporter: good morning, alex. we did talk to of the nine victims transported to trooper , they were treated and release budd issue is they have no place to go a loft these people tell us that their luggage was left on the bus, and they don't have their wallets, they don't have money to go anywhere else and they are trying to track down their luggage, and these people tell us that it was a panda new york bus that they boarded last night around 10:00 o'clock, and it left lower manhattan and expected to arrive in charlotte north carolina around 9:00 o'clock this morning when it was hit from behind wye a tractor trailer and it flipped on to its side. one woman wand a davis of manhattan said she was in route to visit her daughter and grandchildren down south. she explains the moments
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following the crash. >> the bus just flipped, everybody, money just went up in the air, miss. it just, at this rate i can't. >> take us through, immediately everybody started screaming. >> everybody was screaming. i was stuck in the chair. the chair broken up. once it flipped i went in it. i sat in the third row. it was over. i am in the state of shock. my back, my neck, everything. it is just too much. now nobody is trying to help to us take to us our destiny. really? this is just crazy. >> reporter: mike and alex, i exchanged numbers with that woman and she keeps talking did you find anything else. we don't know what we're supposed to do. i called the panda new york bus company multiple times. i keep getting disconnect and have not been able to speak to somebody there. state police tell me that bus was transported to the woolwich town center so people could retrieve their belongings but for those transported to local hospital who have no money, many don't
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have their identifications, wondering what they are supposed to do now. >> that is tough. can i co late all of the material and find out which hospital the patient is in. that is a mess. all right. police have identified pilot killed in the helicopter crash in delaware. >> police say 37 year-old michael nerve friday franklinville, new jersey was the only one on board when chopper went down in a drainage ditch. it happened by by the powe office on quigley boulevard around noon time yesterday. >> it sounded like propellers weren't moving, struggling and i looked up and seen it like going straight down at the last minute. >> it was terrible. >> i'm still shaking. it was a life there, that is gone. >> no one on the ground was hurt, investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what went wrong and cause that had crash. >> not much left of the helicopter for sure. also breaking, a three
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two-year old man is in critical condition after a shooting in cobbs creek. investigators say he was shot twice in the stomach around is 11:30 last night at 15th and monday trees. he was taken to penn presbyterian medical center. police don't have a motive or suspects at this time. fraternity at drexel university already under investigation for sexual assault claims it is now in trouble for a different reason and has been suspended for five years, epsilon the teks, already on, interim suspension for three reported sexual assaults at the fraternity house. the police said they occurred at end of april through may 18th. university says five-year suspension was alcohol violations, and has not been connect to the other investigation. drexel university spokeswoman tells the philadelphia inquirer that the school also placed on a second fraternity lamda alpha on interim
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suspension following allegations of hazing and more alcohol violations. it is much more quiet for folks in swede bureau, new jersey. >> yes, much different scene yesterday after a gas leak forced evacuation of about a half a mile area. >> a railcar filled with 30,000 gallons of highly flammable, propolean started leaking around the unit block of osprey court. valve stem failure caused the leak. it went on for five hours before hazmat crew where is able to finally cap it. leak forced evacuation of nearly 2,000 people and caused widespread power outages. nearly a hundred businesses and day care center had to shut down. >> they didn't tell us what kind of a gas leak it was at first. when we came out and saw like the white gas leaking from the tank we were concerned about what it was. >> first the initial was to shelter in place, and standing outside within five minutes they came, change in plans, everybody will evacuate. >> rail yard workers were sent to crozer medical center in
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chester for chemical burns. both are expected to be okay. officials tell us that the rain helped matters and there are no air quality issues. good thing for the rain. fighting hate in montgomery county how racism meant to pull apart communities is actually bringing them together. and votes are in after being accused of body slamming a reporter, greg gianforte has won montana's special election , but he did issue an apology last night hear what he had to say.
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kk flier that turns out on the driveways of some homes in , mapel glenn, earlier this month. the president was held inside ambler church, of the brothere n because of the rain, that is why they stayed inside dozens of communities came together, to unify in their message that hatred won't be tolerated in their community. >> one flier on one person's house, one broken window, one swastika, one person in a hood is enough to bring us out. >> it just showing that there is unity. we're not going back. that we're going forward. >> they are not going back
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good for them. event was held at wissohickon face community association which hopes to organize, other events like it. 6:12. as police raid continue throughout england we are learning more about the bomber , and the networks he may be connected to, the latest information that has officials now expanding their search.
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6:15. sun reflecting from the puddles of the rain on the boardwalk in ocean city, new jersey and this person getting his morning walk in. he doesn't even know we're watching right now look at how brilliant? what time do i check in my hotel i can't wait. it will be a great day. now, lets talk about the weekend, first, here in town if you are staying, having a barbecue 78 degrees tomorrow. seventy-three sunday. seventy-eight memorial day. there is at least a chance of the shower each and every day but sunday into monies greatest chance of some showers and thunderstorms, heading to the shore, all right, well, close to 70 degrees tomorrow, cooler on sunday, high in the mid 60's and 75 on monday, moderate risk, ocean water temperature 60 degrees, chance of shower sunday into monday morning.
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phillies, play a night game again tonight new opponent, cincinnati red. 73 degrees, breezy, cool, it looks like a nice at the ballpark. maybe we can start a winning streak instead of what we just had. look at these thunderstorms from last night. worst between nine and 11:00 p.m., really nasty, loud for a while but now most of that has moved to our north and to our east. we had wrap around moisture to the north of us in the mountains, lehigh valley but that is certainly not a big deal and we should be fine, maybe a pop up rest of the day , tomorrow slight chance of the late day thunderstorm or shower but greater chance is sunday night this to early monday morning but we are hoping to get rid of everything by the time we have barbecue scheduled for monday. 59 degrees in philadelphia. fifty's every where else for the most part and 7 miles an hour wind.
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today 76. we already went through weekend 80 on tuesday, upper 70's on wednesday and once you get in your car tune that radio to 101.1fm, more fm and you'll get more, the music and weather forecast from yours truly. >> more, more, more. >> i can get for a smore. >> here's an example of the flooding all over the area. this is off ramp from the blue route 476, saint david of villanova look at this guy going through there it doesn't look high at some point but you get a couple cars going back and back abe it looks like the log flum. these guys just get to the traffic light and making a right this scene here repeated all throughout the area especially on both kelly and martin luther king drive. lets see see if guy sips through here. there was a big truck that just splashed everybody. yes. when come around too there is
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sun glare wow, look at this one, open just like the planes landing. >> no wake. >> no wake zone. >> this guy will give it a good splash. >> there we go. >> there is an example what we are dealing with from all that rain. sun's popping up, live look, looking good coming into downtown. we will be singing on the way to cape may from 12 to 2:00 is when we see volume start to pop for folks that will head down the shore, i necessity our jen fred, she's already on the way. she's going down there to keenan's, is there a line out front to get into the preston and steve show. there we go, look at it. we have more folks, more folks in line at keenans then on the schuylkill expressway right now. >> wow. >> keenans in wildwood, look at that crowd, getting into our preston and steve show, that is broadcasting live from down there. look at them, ready to go. now, that is what it looks
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like when they go in. would i love to get a shot at 10:00 o'clock when they are coming out. >> no, you wouldn't. >> i doubt they will leave at 10. >> no, 10:00 p.m. news, we should have the same cameras there. >> there they are, ready to go our buddies kicking it off in wildwood, new jersey. >> you know what i love about that we do this every year, that is a sign that summer is here. >> um-hmm. >> even though summer is not here yet. >> unofficial start. >> it is, yeah. >> i'll take it. >> so, charged with assault, one day, win a congressional seat the next. >> victory, yep for the republican congressional candidates. >> yep. >> accused of body slamming a reporter. >> greg gianforte is his name, who actually has ties to our area we will tell but in a second. over came last minute assault charge to win montana's special election. there is, of course, audio of the scuffle which we aired on good day yesterday, here it is >> sick and tired of you guys,
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last guy that came in did the same thing. last guy did the same thing. are you with the guardian. >> yes, you just broke my glasses. >> last guy did the same thing >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> apparently, the now, congressional leader grab the reporter by throat and threw him to the ground. by the way, he played football for upper merion high school. he was sited with miss demean 's salt charges. during his victory speech last night, he did apologize. >> i made a miss take and i took an action that i can't take back and i'm not proud of what happened. i should not have respond in the way that i did and for that i'm sorry. >> because montana is so rural and big state 23rds of the
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vote had been cast before the assault happened, so he wins. a setback in their bid to gain a red state toe hold the democrats said we thought we had a chance there but they did not ahead of the 2018 midterm elections they thought they might pick up a seat there in monday tan a it did not happen. republicans won. >> in his apology during the whole thing, some people were laughing, others were saying we have forgiven you, i think for the locals it seemed like, they are passed that. on the national scale because this story had such traction that is why they apologized they don't seem to be bothered by it. >> there were a lot of people that said they were not upset about it. they would support him no matter what. >> they felt like the person wasn't supposed to be in there >> i saw a report on cnn, every now and then i check out cnn, one of the reporters said when he walk up to cover the story, some guy said, be careful, just be careful. >> he was warned.
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>> be careful there. >> it is not good folks we have to keep our hand off each other. defending champions are heading back to the stanley cup, oh, barf, the winning goal. how great is this. game seven in hockey is already fantastic. with the right to get to the stanley cup and then initial to overtime, second overtime. penguins. type 2 diabetes, listen up. we're not professional athletes. but that doesn't mean we're giving up. i'm in this for me. for me. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. lowering a1c by up to 1.2 points. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling,
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after getting blown out in the first three games against the rockies, they finally got back into the winning column. they started off with great defense. rookies trying to get down a bunt. look at that, pat mshack with the presence of mind to get it to first. then this thing with the extra innings. and then in the 11th tommy joseph with the game winning rbi single. phillies win two-one breaking a five game losing streak. >> you know what, let me enjoy this. we will discuss that tomorrow, okay. let me smile for a while. >> every day, having
6:26 am
conversations with matt, making sure that we stick to the things that work for me and try to build on every day and make sure that i have got a good idea on the scouting report. >> to the nba playoffs game five calves/celtics this thing was never in doubt lebron james doing everything with the dunk right here. calves win 135-102. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. stick your finger down your throat. >> it is not flyers. >> no, pittsburgh penguins are heading back to the stanley cup finals, chris coons beat craig anderson, up in the second overtime to give the defending champion a three-two victory over ottawa senators. it was a game seven. always fun, exciting. eastern conference finals. coons scored twice his first two of the playoffs. justin schultz added other goal, matt murray stopped 28 shots but penguins are, i
6:27 am
don't know why we are showing the celebration of the senators but anyway first team since detroit red wings in 19978 to win back to back titles they will host western conference champion nashville predators in game one on monday night. he shoots, he scores. i'm not sure why we are not showing the game winning score in the second overtime. we're pretending ottawa senators won. that might make you feel better. so just in your head, on the was, and senators, and war possible match up in history. >> i'm kidding. we do not have the picture of the two people next to us, and it is time for weather with sue serio. >> just a little tease of what is to come, we will give you the forecast and shore cast but we got rid of the rain, for now, but what about the weekend we will let you know coming up.
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new jersey turnpike is back opened but investigation is ongoing into this morning's accident. more than 30 people rushed to the local hospital after a tractor trailer crashed in the chart arer bus.
6:31 am
>> a huge pay out for a woman who lost half of her body in the salvation armored collapse in, fact, most ever in state history, 95 million-dollar. good day, everybody it is a friday and last time i check it was may 26th. >> that is true. >> also last time i check, i have been listening to sue, we are one day closer to seeing some sun, hopefully this weekend. >> i saw blue skies last night at about 8:30. >> it came after an intense rain storm. >> wow. >> i was over, trying to go outside, look at this guy, i was hiding under parking garage and this guy was braving it. that is one way to not get wet >> cover yourself completely. >> it was so intense even if you had an umbrella you were still getting wet. >> what did you say, in the control room? you did, okay. so i was at, 15th and walnut. no 16th and walnut going to a star bucks before i had a meeting. now listen, crank up the sound
6:32 am
that is not just rain. that is hail. >> oh, hail. >> did you hear it, alex. >> yes. >> do you hear it. >> i hear it. >> it was bad for a little bit there. >> is this when were you trying to get over to morgan's pier. >> it was worse then this maybe because i had to run out in it. i had to put my hair up, i had a hoodie on and then an umbrella. what did you have under the rain cap. >> hair and curlers. >> i had been outside, it was raining. >> that is why your hair looks so beautiful this morning. >> yes. >> seriously. >> the hail was about this big , it was pea size budd still hail. >> remember we were going to do a candy scale, and pea sized, baseball sized, skittl es, recess pieces size.
6:33 am
>> thank you. >> off to a cool start this morning but we are seeing some sunshine right now with bus stop buddy, just in case umbrella for a few showers left over but bulk of the weather drama we had is gone just a couple of left overs to the north of us, we cannot rule out a shower for later on and then there will be a mix of sun and cloud throughout day. right now 59 degrees and we are heading to a high temperature of, 76. we never got out of the 60's yesterday. that is an improvement. breezy throughout the day and, of course, we have a forecast to pass for the holiday weekend, not only here and all that is coming up in just a few, bob kelly, what you do you got. >> what a difference 12 hours can make here we have sun glare and a accident, all ready eastbound on the 30 322, coming around the curve- we have wicked sun glare. only that far right lane opened up as we head eastbound
6:34 am
, live look, things drying out from that rain we had last night but we are still dealing with flooding on airport road down in wilmington, flooding spots in south jersey route 130 at 322, flooded out in the brooklawn circle. patco high speed line running a special schedule today, monies holiday i'm not sure why we are running a special schedule today but martin luther king drive we have five different spots all flooded out. same deal with the kelly drive it is passable but be ready for log flum as you ride in and out of town and not just on the drives but any spot that typically flood out you will be seeing that this morning, if the drains are clogged in the intersections here in olde city. make sure do you some puddle jumping. if you go to the shore make sure the townsend inlet bridge is not going to be opened for this memorial day weekend so your normal travel between sea isle and avalon up and down the ocean drive you will to have go back inland to route nine or garden state parkway, mike and alex, back over to
6:35 am
you. a major crash in woolwich township new jersey involving a tractor trailer and a charter bus earlier this morning. >> horrible. dozens of people are hurt, and jenny joyce, what are you hearing right now. >> reporter: good morning, we have not talked to four of the nine patients, to brought to cooper standing right over there across the street. they tell us they are stranded they don't know where to go next. they don't have their luggage, wallets or personal belongings and they are in the really sure where to go from here because they are not from here they say that they were riding on a camden, new york bus that left lower manhattan around 10 expect to go arrive in charlotte north carolina around 9:00 o'clock in the morning when hit from behind by a tractor trailer and flipped on to it side. these are some of the more than 30 people who were injured in the turnpike crash. some were taken to inspirea in woodbury with bumps and bruises. kennedy memorial hospital at two different locations and crozer-chester medical sent's
6:36 am
monk others. one patient here at cooper, wand a davis, she's from manhattan. she said she was heading to visit her daughter and grandchildren down south and she said, the crash. >> and, they had chair broken up, i was in it. i sat in the third row. it was over. i'm in a state of shock. my back, my neck, my everything. just too much. now nobody trying to help us to take us to our destiny? really. just crazy. >> now we have no way home, period. they got our money, everything luggage stim on the bus, credit card, everything, they are saying they are in the helping us, leaving us in the middle of no where. >> reporter: these victims are now trying to track down the bus, so they can retrieve their belongings. i'm also trying to help them do that. i talked to one of those victims and he tells me he has taken panda new york bus on multiple occasions and he has had several problems. every time he goes, that is
6:37 am
last time i will take this bus he continues to take it because he said the price good and admits you get what you pay for. in this situation, jab we are still waiting to hear from the bus company. i have called panda bus multiple times. i have not gotten through. those people across the street tell me they have in the gotten through either, mike and alex. >> do you think they left the luggage, money, jewelry, just flying all around the bus. >> they did, yes. it is unclear. i have talk to the towing company and he told me, that the bus was taken to the dunkin' donuts in swede bureau they said yes, we still have a bus here in front of our property, and flashing lights, and, tell those people hey if you can get an uber, taxi, head there, and try to get your belongings and who knows how long bus will stay there. >> if the stuff is still on the bus.
6:38 am
>> right. >> sure does. >> in the city you north familiar with. >> they are all from new york city going down to charlotte. all right. 6:38. a huge pay out for a woman who lost half her body in the salvation army collapse. >> it is largest ever in our state, close to 96 million-dollar. >> maria's award is part of the 227 million-dollar settlement with survivors, and families of those who died. it ended a 17 week civil trial for 19 plaintiffs over building collapse on to a salvation army thrift shop at 22nd and market. she was buried under the ruble for 13 hours. seven people died in the tragedy and 12 others were injury. her attorney andy stern will join us next hour to talk about what this means. the largest award ever given in the state of pennsylvania. >> she was a regular customer of that store and then she who both of her legs. she will need care the rest of her life. she got a third of the 227
6:39 am
million-dollar. >> as you can see, very emotional. >> yes. >> 6:39. >> an arrest warrant is out foreman charged in the sickening attack at 7-eleven, in west chester. chester county d.a.'s says warrant for barry baker is for probation and parole violation after he failed to show up for court on thursday. >> geese. >> but you remember we showed you this video accused of mock ing a man with cerebral palsy and punching him. if you know where he is, police want to you call him. >> i think aloft people would like to know where he is. wanted, investigators in philadelphia just released this video, police say the guy there shoved a bunch of over the counter medicationness to his coat last month. at the family dollar store along the 4500 block of frankford avenue, and then police say he pulled out a knife against another work shore tried to stop him, he took off, on a blue mountain
6:40 am
bike. jurors deciding the fate of the south jersey dad accused of killing his little boy will to have wait until next week to continue their deliberations. yeah, this has gone on longer then some people thought. that is when the panel is allowed to continue to decide what will happen to david creato. yesterday jurors listened to a secret recording of conversations that he had, with his son's mother, a month after authorities found brendon's body. mom asked if the door to his apartment, the night that their three-year old disappeared, was locked this guy doesn't know he is being recorded on this phone call. creato says the door was broken, in the realize ago this she was recording the whole conversation. prosecutors admit all they have is circumstantial evidence, creato has maintained, little brendon must have wondered off of his haddon township home, in
6:41 am
october 2015 in the middle of the night and somehow ended up in that park. we shall see. they will continue monday. 6:41. british police say they have resumed sharing intelligence about the manchester bombing with the you had. >> britain stopped exchanging information after details of the investigation, and the crime scene photos appeared in the media here in the united states. meantime we are learning more about what may have motivated this bomber. >> and also where he was trained. karen, you have the very latest. >> latest they have been having raid all this morning as well. they have up to nine arrests right now, this is a very complicated network that has been supporting this attack. they do not think he act add loan. newly obtained video we showed bomber salman abedi doing one of the most mundane things, video from last july, manchester police are carrying out these more raid, and his father and his brother have also been taken in, they have been questioned. >> i want to reassure people
6:42 am
that the arrest that we have made are significant and initial search of premises has revealed items that we believe are very important to the investigation. these searches will take several days, to complete. >> that is the theme there at the ariana grande concert when it all happened and 22 people lost their lives. they do not believe he act add loan. they think did he have help as well. 22-year old suspect in connection with this case, they are still 20 victims in the hospital right now in critical condition. bomber's sister said he was angry about air strikes on syria and driven to extremism by seeing a friend stabbed death. he had been in libya a number of days before the attack happened. reports that he had spoke when his mother shortly before this occurred. isis has claim responsibility for the attack. >> karen, you probably can't answer this but where did they get footage of him taking out trash from last year is that a neighbor was he under
6:43 am
surveillance. >> they have cameras in england, one of the places that has it all over the place , and looking at barber shops, and that looks like surveillance video. >> i thought it looks like cell phone camera, like somebody holding a camera, but not horizontally but vertical cally we will see. levar ball you know the name is at it again. he turned a potentially sexist remark into a t-shirt. but the reporter he dis respected is standing her ground. christine leahy's perfect response to stay in yo lane. we just got the keys to our new house!
6:44 am
we got the keys! ahhh! wooo!
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this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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good morning, everybody here's a live look, sun glare, accident, eastbound on the 30 bypass right here near 322, we went from the heavy thunder boomer last night, flooding, to wicked sun glare for ride in this morning. hopefully that sun will dry everything out quickly for morning rush hour, drying it out on i-95, not bad at all to
6:47 am
day we will see unusual traffic patterns, folks started the holiday weekend, they will take a half day and move in or out of town. septa running with minor delays on the first few trains out of the gay. patco high speed line running with the special schedule. heading to the shore on the way to cape may we will start to sing along between 12 and two when we will see increased volume, flash bag friday let me take you back, to the wildwood boardwalk, one year ago. lets take a listen. >> watch the tram car. >> watch the jammo please, watch the jammo please, watch the jammo please, watch the jammo please. >> my girlfriend, the most famous voice on the boardwalk, she said watch the tram car. we will hear that a million times between now and monday, down on the boardwalk, but if you are traveling from wildwood, up and down the shore towns this weekend, the
6:48 am
townsend inlet bridge is still closed. it will not than opened for vehicle traffic. we will work your way back to route nine in the garden state parkway, forecast for this holiday weekend, sue has tonight 15 seconds lots to pass along to you including a little bit of low fog in the pocono mountains this morning. it makes a pretty picture? hopefully we will have a good time no matter what the weather this weekend, it is not perfect but it won't be a wash out, so that is sort of the summary, hopefully your cook out will get just fine whether it is today, tomorrow, or sunday, or even monday, we have the warmest days of saturday and monday, sunday is cooler because of the cloud cover, and then now it looks like sunday might be the dry day. we have a slight chance of the
6:49 am
shower late in the day on saturday now and then sunday night into monday morning the possibility of some showers. just be prepared for all that. jersey shore, delaware beaches , it still looks like saturday best day. few scattered showers late, late, late on sunday into monday when we have a few showers but it will be cooler, you will remember this weekend too. a jacket and sweat shirt for when you are at boardwalk at night and jacket at ballpark tonight will start off the game with the cincinnati red at 7:05 with 73 degrees, it will get cooler as the evening gets by and maybe, look at these thunderstorms that came through last night lighting up radar and so dramatic and then out of here and then we have branches and leaves all over the ground, from that all of the rain has moved far to our north, so today, 76 degrees with emerging sunshine. we are back to reality on
6:50 am
tuesday. 80 degrees. it will go quickly, guys. >> i'm sure it will. >> sixers fans, alex and i have a question for you would you be okay with, alonzo ball playing for sixers. he is actually considering to come work out for sixers ahead of the draft next month. he is one of the draft topics of course. concern is how well alonzo would mesh with sixers forward ben simmons. both are dominant play makers. sources say they believe ball, and simmons, could work well together a final decision will be made, once ball's agent is mighting with the sixers general manager. and, in the draft and that is june between the second. >> this is big. >> this is huge. >> now the reason i brought that up because people think magic johnson who will pick the second pick for the lakers , sometimes like to shake things up and frighten people and shock people with the pick.
6:51 am
they think, alonzo wants to play for lakers. will he do something crazy and pick josh jackson out of kansas leaving ball available. >> what i'm wondering, does his dad has anything to do witt. levar ball, can you imagine, in philadelphia, that would be a fiery combination you know what i'm saying. >> you take a licenses owe you get levar, in yo face. >> can you imagine, it would be exciting. >> yes. >> i think it is good. >> philly doesn't like them to talk to them any kind of way. if you were to do something crazy, philly will respond. >> can you say lindros speaking of dad. "fox sports" reporter christine leahy i watch her all the time is trying to turn a negative into a positive. she and guest levar ball, dad of alonzo ball, got into a heated exchange on heard, colin's radio show, but it is
6:52 am
also on tv as well. so, she asked how many pairs of his sons expensive shoes have actually been sold. they sell for $500 a piece and again he has never played in the nba yet. >> he is a known guy. >> he is known. >> so she also suggested he may want to market his products to women who are big spenders and that is when shouting started. >> like i said, there is different amounts. >> how many. >> stay in your yo lane i'm just curious. >> it is not disrespectful. >> i mean, horribly dis respectful stay in yo lane just be quiet, i'm talking to colin. the two continued for several minutes with levar, never turning his back to look at her, and instead. >> that happened a little bit ago. >> yes. >> people were talking about
6:53 am
that. >> probably a week ago. >> so now this is a new development. >> levar chooses to capitalize at the opportunity, making these t-shirts as you just saw thereafter his quote stay in y o lane. they sell for $50. this guy is a heck of a market er. >> he is all about that making money, we saw that, and in response, she fired back on twitter, but with positivity. she's asking her follow tours donate to girls inc. in order to inspire girls to be strong, smart, bold, direct service and advocacy. girls inc. works to break down gender, economic and social barriers. >> i will try that at 9:00 o'clock, don't tell karen when she makes a comment during 9:00 o'clock, i will say stay in yo lane. >> why yo lane. >> stay in yo lane. >> you say yo fun. >> i say yo. >> say it again. >> stay in yo lane it is like yo. >> it is kansas coming out.
6:54 am
>> just drop it. >> stay in your lane, i'm say it like a white guy. stay in your lane. >> no one can say it like you. >> stay in yo lane. >> yes, in your lane. >> lets go back to my lane. >> not to say that. >> it is on the curb and it has bad lines. >> yeah. >> stay in your lane. we had a news director who would say that, pick a lane and stay in it. >> um-hmm. >> do you remember him, were you here. >> i don't think i was here for him you would have loved him. >> i was here for make sure you own your world and being responsible and accepting that responsibility. >> he is still here. >> oh, that is right. >> i was than the talking down on it. >> i love that. >> we're owning our world right now. >> totally. >> how would you react if you just won the old time record for plinko on the price is
6:55 am
right. meet the winner next. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
6:56 am
6:57 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. and if we could see the first, spurt, on a friday
6:58 am
morning, that would make me happy. >> good luck. with the big storm and hail we have traffic lights they're not work because of electrical problems. i would think this runs on electricity. so, do you know if you go by the logan circle, logan fountain what time does it go on. will we see the first one. >> it will happen in the commercial break. >> our lovely producer said she doesn't care and wants to go to break.
6:59 am
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