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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  May 27, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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>> struck down in the street a deadly start to the holiday weekend and police searching for the driver that killed a woman and evidence detectives hope will led lead to the suspect. >> it was a life that barely began and now it's over. what took the life of a 6 week old child and what police are calling a suspicious ababy death. >> and three letters that make most in philly craneth, ppa. >> every time i come to philadelphia i get a ticket. >> how the parking authority is trying to help you avoid that blue and white ticket on the car. >> one of hollywood funniest couples is calling it quits. what they're saying about the split. >> "good day" everyone, saturday, may 27, 20127 we
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have the morning off started. >> i can't talk. >> picked up where we left off last weekend that's what it is. >> we're talking shawn said he would go to jail for a million dollars i was like what? no. >> couple mil. >> and then thinks dave sha shapel is funniest ever. >> and we're like ew. >> we have a lynn divided. >> and my dress is trying to fly away. >> yes, looks good though you look good in red. >> trying to wear red and be festive. >> weather what's it going to be like i have friends in town what is this place. >> a little bit of everything it's not going to be a washout but also it's not going to be chilly, either, talking about seasonable temperatures later today and in fact, we have sunshine to start across the area. weather by the numbers on a scale of 1 to 10 what about a 7 for saturday so. here's the bottom line. comfortable temperatures not completely dry.
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but not a washout either. don't cancel any plans keep an eye to the sky. we'll talk about why in a few moments. right now ultimate doppler mostly sunny start out there. comfortably cool and temperatures not bad. off to the west look at this little disturbance. we have clouds and showers right now around the pittsburgh area and this system is moving right in our direction. so that's what we're monitoring for the chance of those showers later on this afternoon. and current conditions rights now. 62 degrees at the airport. winds out of northwest 9 miles an hour. down the shore, sunshine, you can see folks already out and about enjoying holiday weeken weekend. and so let's talk about today and tomorrow. we'll go 30% chance for those showers moving through later today. 74 for the high temperature. then tomorrow only a 20% chance. a little cooler temperatures tomorrow. low 70s. we'll talk about more rain for
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monday coming up. over to you. >> scott u. thank you so much. breaking news the search is on for vehicle and driver that hit a killed a woman in bristol route 13 overnight, let's get to jennaphr joyce live at the scene bristol with the latest on the investigation. good morning, jennie. >> good morning, lauren, police are asking for the public's help this this. they have witnesses they're talking to. they're asking if you're out and i about saturday morning and see a car with tresh front end damage consider reporting to police. bristol borough shows she were dispatched around midnight and a bomb believed to be 50 years old was struck and killed by hit-and-run driver. police say she was walking in the crosswalk when a driver traveling southbound on route 13 hit her and kept going. witnesses described the vehicle dark colored mini van possibly nissan and it's believed the vehicle is now missing passenger side
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headlight. it would make it easier if the driver turned 4eu78self in and the victim's family it would be solved either way but. >> anybody who possibly saw this video or knows of a vehicle in the area with fresh damage contact the bristol borough police department. >> however one way or the other we'll have a anesthesia lution to this. >> a lot of people talk to say route 13 is dangerous road and accident prone. it's unclear if the driver had the green light on pedestrian had the right aof way. they're asking businesses along route 13 that have cameras to come forward. maybe cameras captured a piece of evidence that can have solid evidence in the case. >> breaking today a septa
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police other collides with another car broad and butler hunting park. there was minor damage to the vehicles and officer and other driver are not hurt. >> to a developing story two parents in southwest philadelphia being questioned by police after a newborn suddenly died.0 block of willow avenueday and after the children's hospital of the death of a 6 weeke tell fox 29 the parents found the nose, rushed him to mercy fitzgerald and air-lifted to chop where he was pronounced dead. reported baby having internal bleading on braipingz, lungs blunt force trauma to the head. neighbors are in shock. >> only the lord kno charge hd and the child's death remains under investigation. >> a philadelphia family in dese a loved one's final resting
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place. iris roman says a five point star was spray painted inch as way from her mother's head stone green hont in feltonville. family members took picture and contacted cemetery management asking about security and the cemetery said it appears to be isolated incident. >> happening today president trump kicking off final day of first trip aboard meeting with group of african-american nate turz they will diskos economy and migration issues and climate change. a top white house official says the g 7 summit forced president trump to rethink his position on climate change. he said the president learned a lot about the problem during his nine day trip and yesterday he was spotted chatting with german chancellor before the session began and spoke of the threat positioned by north korea nuclear ambitious. >> it's a big problem, world problem and it will be solved at some point. it will be solved.
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you can bet on that. >> president trump ill asking returning to washington d.c. a little later tonight. >> there are new reports coming out about jared kushner son-in-law of president trump. according to "washington post" he spoke about possibly setting up secret and secure communications channel between trump's transition team and kremlin. he proposed it trump tower in december. it suggested using russian diplomatic facilities in the united states for the communications link. and president jimmy carter former national secure i can advisor is remembered this morning. he passed away last night and is said to have helped breakdown barriers between west, china and soviet union and 89-year-old helped carter smooth over tensions between egyptian and israeli leaders. now to the latest on the deadly manchester bombing. british police arrest a 44-year-old man and police are
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not saying why he was arrested but he's one of nine people held for questioning. suicide bomber killed 223 people and injured dozens more minutes after ariana grande's concert ended and she walked off the stage. grande making an announcement saying she will return for a benefit concert to raise money for victims and families on a message on social media and praised phones to response to incident and said she'll have details of the benefit concert is as soon as everything is confirmed. >> a 5-year-old had serious questions for her mother. >> where did he go so where do we have to ask now and why did he leave? >> cute confusion causing this video to go viral. and nothing is worse than missing your meter by minutes. how the ppa is trying to help awe void getting ticketed.
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but, first, weekend wendy. >> weekend wendy has so many events this weekend. this is one of them. that's why we have the fountain here long wood gardens debuts their two year project of refurbishing main town tan guard as, 1700 jets and streams were 175 feet in the air a sight to be hold and this is debut weekend summer long wood gardens it runs through september 30. they have fireworks sometimes and it's just a beautiful sight. whenever you do this weekend. if weekend wendy and me have a whenever you do this weekend. if weekend wendy and me have a good time.
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>> 7:12 this morning accuweather has officially kicked off the memorial day weekend by dropping look at this 5,000 beach balls on to the boardwalk. in addition to sea of beach balls there will be live music. games, drink specials, giveaways the entire event host bid casino hotel the fourth year there's about a massive, massive beach ball party on the boardwalk. scott i'll tell you this scrolling through social media everyone down the shore except us we're holding down the for the. >> we need to head down the ac expressway immediately following the store. pretty nice though. live look there along the parkway. sunshine to start. clouds roll in later today and
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yes we have threat of few p paving showers but it won't be a washout and don't cancel any plans. as we look at holiday weekend forecast we're talking about sun giving way to clouds and a few showers, 30% chance for today, 74 is the high temperature. tomorrow, low 70s. but tomorrow should stay dry for most part and as we move towards monday morning particular a 50% chance for showers and temperatures climb into the upper 70s. we're dry. a lot of sunshine. off west look at the cloud and look at the showers moving out of pittsburgh headed rights in our direction. it wod be weighed veed cover by noon mostly cloudy, spotty showers. most of it could mace us to the south. that's a trend we're watching on several computer models and for tonight, dry, tomorrow once again looks like mainly dry day.
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look at tomorrow night to monday morning we're watching rainfall move through the area. if this times out nicely we could see most of the rain fall monday morning. that's something to continue to watch right now. upper 50s millville and 37 pottstown and 60 accuweather at the airport and zoom intors the shore points. boardwalk, sea isle city 66 in north wildwood and temperatures chilly 60 right now. bottom line upper 60s for today a 30% chance for late shower done the shore. 66 degrees for sunday. and monday temperatures upper 60s. best chance ever rainfall monday looking like first part of the day. >> and pocono mountains 66 with a high temperature today. 30% chance for passing shower showers. and mid 60s tomorrow. 67 degrees monday. weather authority 7 day
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forecast showing you once again some of those showers. keep umbrella on standby and bottom line don't cancel outdoor plans. 80 by tuesday and upper 70s lauren for rest of next week. >> i like that we'll take it scott thank you sox. 7:15. legal troubles continue for this man accuse of mocking and bunching a man with cerebral palsy. the incident scene on surveillance camera. 29-year-old barry baker has a bench warrant for violet lat lateing parole and failing to appear for separate domestic relations matter. he's already charged with simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct from the convenience store tech. >> philadelphia police headquarters will move to a new location in center city, how this is costing our city more than just the price of moving boxes, only until philly. >> i'm bruce gordon it looks
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like it would be closed broad and calohill. philly police commissioner ross was lavish in his praise for the new location. he noted big white tower on north broad the landmark since the 18920s was spacious enough to contain lots of police functions that were spread across the city. new hq will replace the around house 7 and race by 20-20 that's the good news. >> this being philadelphia there must also be bad nusz a complaint or question. >> what was the nutter corporation thinking number tower is everything they insured the building was not far more spaishious and more convene.
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police, officers and top brash, suspended disproportional amount of time at the criminal courts building and city hall across the street. broad and kol owe hill is convene to both and fifth and market convene do neither. they spent roughly 50 bill don't to rerenovation them. will not recoup all of that money. >> the folks that do buy and sell properties for a living they're clear the factor in sex full sights. location, location, location, >> 46 and market never made sense and now they've corrected course and gotten it right. all it cost is millions in taxpayer money. all it cost is millions in taxpayer money. only in philly. okay, so who likes getting parking tickets? nobody, right? >> no. >> the city is listening to collective gripes and they want to help. >> are they? do they really want to help? >> that's what i said.
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>> get the meter up back if i want to help. >> i agree with you on that. philadelphia parking authority planning to host a workshop called street parking 10 1 a workshop avoiding marking tickets. mid june class hild june 17, 7th and market ppa headquarters workshop meant for people who are either confused by parking signs. who hate to parallel park. or you want to learn more about parking saferly in the city of philadelphia. you can leave the workshop? how many days? >> are you kidding me i told you the story about getting booted. >> you've been booted. >> yes, probably three or four times. i have not been booted in a long time i've been keeping up with my -- what i have. >> i stochd driving into the city i uber or lyft. i don't have time to wonder and watch the crossclaim. every morning five minutes to
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eight meters. hit the meters. >> they need to fix the meters and second things that comes to my mind if you can't read the street signs and struggle to parallel park i don't know if you should drive in the city. >> i'll defend the people who can't read the street signs. it's confusing. first of all you don't need six signs on one pole in front of a spot. i can't -- is it handicapped, loading zone, can we park here monday through friday, sunday the rules are different it's too much. >> i got you that's different you're right. >> let this be simple. another city you can park here or can't. it's not like monday through friday from 4207 but then -- it's too confusing. >> i have other things i could list 100 things bri hit a workshop at ppa story. i understand it's a good thing you want to help out the community. no way. >> i'm high fiveing them for doing it i love it's called parking 101. >> will you going to go. >> i might i should. so i can raise my hand and add questions why do you have 19 signs on one block, why?
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i don't get it. >> 7:19 do you think the workshop will eliminate the number of ticket he gets. shawn says he would not go. >> these people are going to the workshop. >> i might go i could be a guest speaker. >> i have ticketed and towed. >> speak from experience. >> hello. >> later in the show. summer at the shore. not just for us regular people. celebrities bringing talents where you can get tickets to seat biggest names in enters takenment and headlining in ac. but, first, our good friend chip kelly is he our good friend he's headed back to college, sort of. shawn bra w the former's eagles' coach will be this upcoming season the former's eagles' coach will be this upcoming season first winning lottery numbers. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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>> so back in the finals. >> back in the finals. >> third straight year. >> warriors and cavs. first time in nba history these two teams met for three straight years in nba finals. >> who is winning this year. >> lebron again. >> bron, bron. >> best man on the court that's for sure. >> sticking with the phillie phillies. phillies have not won a series in last eight attempt. you have to go back to april 27 the last timing they came out on top in series. the team is struggling to score runs. so because of that last night
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the phils took on the reds citizens bank park and it was bark at the park day translation bring your dog to the game. i figured let's look at the pups instead of the game. >> diamond mr. invite. >> kelly and her boyfriend brought duffy as you can see duffy was hungry took a piece of phanatic. come on kelly feed your dog. second i love dogs that have their own instagram page this is fishtown petunia boston terrier red for the game. >> like golden doodle this is lola pukis. >> look at that phase. >> liz and her dad by the name of kylee. >> amazing nights for all parents and pups and another ruff loss. >> see what i did there. >> i like that. >> come on. >> trouble, trouble.
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>> stock apps for any athletes no matter the rumor being moved out of town throughout the trade be it one thing they pay no attention to the rumors. most of the time i don't believe you. brings us to eagles center jason kelce for the last few months and maybe few weeks in the last season heard the rumors and tried not to awill you them to impact him. kelsey entering 7th season with the eagles gave an answer why he can't pay attention to set trade talks. >> i try not to worry about i it. that stuff that is all so far out of my control at this point. you know, i think all i can do is just worry about trying to get better so when i get out there i can go out and play well. because at the end of the da dayfy play well when i get my chances that will be the best for me and the team. >> he got rid of the hope toy tail. >> interesting summer for kelsey. >> former eagles' coach chip kelly, our boy, headed back to
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college, college, college. >> really? >> that's my ill right there it announced kelly will serve as college foot wall analyst for epspn. and will help on some of her nfl sunday broadcasts as well. and finally when 7' 2", weigh in 325 pounds and play basketball for a living i believe your feet took a pounding. why show them off. ask shaquille o'neal the game was a blowout they show diese diesel's dogs size 22 and boy are those things barking where is the s that thing where his big toe is supposed to be what is that. >> i think i saw that size 2 22. >> oh, my lord. >> i thought shawn bell had big feet he wears a 15. >> he does he has a box.
7:27 am
>> of sneakers upstairs. >> i saw that. >> of 15. those are rough matter of fact his wife september a message shaq's feet are twending on twitter, really? >> no. >> i have dogs not like that. >> you have to keep your dogs tight shaq you make a lot of money. >> those look rough. >> rough. >> ick. >> i was trying to see if people were talking about wan wanting to go to jail for a million dollars. we started talking about that because you talked about chip kelly paying money to leave jobs. if someone paid me a million i would leave a job bit wouldn't go to jail. >> where did i get that twis twisted thought. >> maybe your coffee has not dmikd yet. >> chip is making money. >> headed to splitsville, why ben stiller and his boo calling it quits after two decades of marriage. and one family fighting for freedom for a prisoner a judge admits is innocent. next the shocking reason this man is still behind bars.
7:28 am
but first jennie joyce on breaking news this morning, hi, jennie. >> good morning, lauren, bristol burrow police are looking for the hit-and-run driver believed to be a 5 50-year-old we're live with a driver believed to be a 5 50-year-old we're live with a full report coming up next.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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beautyrest black. police say two people were stabbed to death after they confront aid man shouting racial slurs at two muslim women aix third is injured in the ordeal and expected to be okay. attack comes as muslims begin holy month of ramadan. >> and two dodd leshz found dead after the mother told police they locked themselves inside a car. mother called officers said her 2-year-old daughter and 1 16-month-old sop took off and when she found them on the property she broke the car wind toe to get to them it was too late. the temperature outside that day was 96 degrees. >> a morgan boy at dover air force base in delaware under fire after allegedly letting inspectors look at the body of famed astronaut john glen. glen was first to orbit the earth and oldest person to fly into space. he died in december at the age of 95. his family asked the air force to care for his remains until his burial.
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>> welcome back you're watching "good day" weekend i'm lauren johnson and scott has the forecast. it's a mixed bag, scott i have a rooftop party to go to today and i'm scared it will rain. >> it may be a hit or miss shower but still go to that. things are not looking bad as we talk about the holiday weekend. comfortable temperatures. not completely dry. not a washout either as we look at ultimate doppler it's beautiful on this saturday morning. mostly sunny right now. and but just off to the west take a look at the clouds. and also, a few showers. so this is the disturbance that we're watching tmo of those showers a little later wet and once again it won't be and thess now. down the shore temperatures are a backyard later today.and n
7:33 am
a h o temperatures in the low t that 30% chance forhe ou.t part tomorrow low. >> thank you so much. news this morning police in bristol looking for driver responsible for hitting and killing a woman and taking off. the hit-and-run happening midnight route 13. let's get to jennaphr jennaphr joyce live at the scene. >> good morning, lauren, police are asking for the public's help and asking people to pay attention to this report and if you're out and about this holiday weekend to pay attention to surroundings. if you see a vehicle with fresh front end damage consider calling bristol burrow police. they were dispatched here to the scene route 13 and beaver street midnight. they confirmed a woman
7:34 am
believed to be 50 years old was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. he was walking in the crosswalk when a driver traveling southbound on true 13 hit her and kept owe ongoing. witnesses described the vehicle as a dark colored mini van possibly nissan. it's believed the vehicle is now missing a passenger side headlight. bristol burrow police officers are checking area surveillance and business as long route 13 that have cameras to come forward to police and see if they captured anything that will provide clues in the case. the chief of police says it will make everything easier for everyone ft. driver involved turned himself in. it would provide closure to the victim's family and either way, this case will be solved and again he's asking for public help. if you're out and see a vehicle, mini van, possibly nissan with front end damage call bristol borough police. >> thanks for the update after spending 24 years in jail a local man innocent
7:35 am
finally free. as his story turned for the better, there are many still locked up for crimes they say they did not commit. bill anderson spoke to one of those men and his wife hoping for the same vindication for goodness sake. terrence louis served nearly 20 years of life sentence for second degree murder. it's not a surprise that like many in jail he says he did not doe it. in his case a federal judge and several witnesses actually agree that he did not. so why is he still in jail? >> i'm not a leming and that i have evident to prove i'm innocent. i've already proved before a federal judge i am in fact, innocent. >> i saw the document from a federal judge that indicates that after reviewing his case she believes evident points to the fact that he was not present and did not participate in the 1996 murde murder. >> there's no words to describe you know the disgust
7:36 am
and disappointment and heartache. >> terrence was not accused shooter but convicted of being on scene of robbery that wept back. only witness against him was admitted crack user high at the time. over years it became clear his then attorney never spoke to other witness have now come forward who say terrence was not there and even though federal courts agree untimely appeals and procedural issues they keep him in jail. >> the facts that got you convicted goes to show, you know, i mean that you're not guilty. however, being though your attorney had dropped the ball you still get short end of stick. >> 20 years in jail for a crime he always said he didn't xlit and i still ask terrence is anything encouraging the first words out of his mouth, you should speak to my wife. >> i never doubt he was going to come home. i just didn't know when.
7:37 am
i would see the doors are on eping and there's light at the end of the tunnel. >> patti lewis stands by terrence unconditionally which is more amazing when you find out she married her then friend after he received his life sentence. >> because i loved him and i believed in him and believed he didn't do it. >> attorneys tell me they believe terrence will be free either through review of the next da and new witnesses that came forward and clemency from the governor and the process could take months or even years. even so, patti has no regrets standing by terrence. >> i actually would do it again if hi the chance i would honestly. >> tuesday we covered a man released after 24 years and terrence and haddie hope we won't forget others that need it up sport. for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> more "good day" straight ahead. have you stheen video a
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5-year-old girl had serious questions for her mother. look at her. the cute confusion causing look at her. the cute confusion causing this video to go viral.
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what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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>> i'm not telling to you wait♪ >> shawn saw his name in the rundown we'll talk about him later in the show. >> who is this.
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>> we had to crank up his music as we look live cape may. look how beautiful that shot is. >> people have great weather this weekend. >> it looks g like i said there may be a passing shower. but it's not going to be a washout. >> i like that. >> you have seen this video? i saw it on social media. her name is taylor 5 years old getting a lot of attention because she asked her mom a question about president trump and how he made it to the whitehouse and where exactly is barack obama. >> where did barack obama go but why do we have another president? why did he go? where did he go? so why do we have the president we have now at the same spot he was? and why did he leave it anywa anyway? >> because the president can only serve two terms, four -- >> how come hillary did not get to be the president? and why is she loser? and what are they even
7:42 am
supposed to be whipping? >> they get to be the president of the united states. >> but how do they get to do that and how do they win? >> everybody in the country has an opportunity to vote like you voted for the chocolate chip cookie or other cookie. >> i voted at school i voted for the pizza. >> i'm sorry. >> get it right, mom. >> so did i. >> no, i voted for the pizza. >> first of all how informed is she for a 5-year-old. >> right? >> she's going to run for office one gay. >> hats off to mom and dad for keeping her in the loop. she knew hillary and donald trump and barack obama. >> i don't know if that's a good thing though. >> but as a five year old she's informed. >> absolutely. >> we don't have to talk politics she knows names. >> yeah. >> of the important people in the country. >> she should know more about my little pony than worry about politics i understand what you're saying she's up on
7:43 am
things. >> who is driving a car. >> mama. >> if you go back to the video and the way it looked i don't know if it's mirror. >> maybe it's on one of those whatever the things are called. >> that's what's going through my mind. >> worried about the mom driving. >> and celebrities partiesing at the shore where you get tickets to see biggest names at the shore where you get tickets to see biggest names in entertainment headlining in we just got the keys to our new house!
7:44 am
we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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>> and the weather this weekend has everybody getting ready to celebrate memorial day. >> it's looking pretty good. live look there at rehoboth beach. delaware beaches, jersey shore. what to expect today. it looks g as we talk about the forecast it my be hit or miss afternoon popup shower and sunday, dry for the most part and overnight shower to monday. few showers and also some thunderstorms. as we focused in on ultimate doppler, dry, quiet now, lot of sunshine. off west thicker clouds and also rainfall. some of that will move in our direction. we'll go hour by hour timing it out and cloud cover it's on the increase as we move to say 5:00 looking at some of that rainfall. but it looks like trends most ever it south. some of us it might stay dry for the entire weekend.
7:47 am
depending how things play out. sunday, mainly dry. watch what happens overnight sunday into monday. watching another round of rainfall with the warm front. then in the afternoon there may be scattered thunderstorms to move through. temperatures right now 57 allentown and 57 pottstown and 62 philadelphia. mid 60s now in wildwood and also sections of cape may. looking good with those temperatures in the low to mid 60s already for the boardwalk. weather authority, 7 day forecast, temperatures, 74 degrees for today. as we move towards next week upper 70s to right around 80. back over to you. >> all right. thank you so much. after 17 years of marriage ben stiller and wife christine taylor calling it quits she got married in 2000 and met onset of tv pilot called heave vision and jack and they released a statement saying our priority will continue to be raising children as def oatesed parents and closest of
7:48 am
friends. >> hey you know someone who ages like fine wine look at this guy. same thng could be said about dwayne the rock johnson. this throw back yearbook photo was circulating all over social media and everyone is commenting on it he was 16 at the time. >> what. >> some saying he looked 35 in the picture. and then he's aging backwards. he's 45 now. he's in that new "baywatch" movie in theetsers. >> he's a monster. >> he's huge. >> i mets him so long ago. >> did you? >> yes. he's man -- he's nice. >> accuweather, proving to be one of the hottest attraction attractions. >> huge stars headlining whitney is sharing big names. i like who we are starting off two a's ashane and august. > how do you not knoww augus august. >> i know shante. >> i know the kids. >> i'm interviewing him
7:49 am
tonight i'm excited about tha that. >> good for you. >> not until 1 a.m. >> you have a long day. >> please, tell me about it it will be a long day today. there's so much going on in accuweather it's not even funny but. >> yeah, i was going to say august and ashane showing up. >> last night at the pool after dark and daylight party tonight with cruella. >> they're having it at just after dark. >> we have comedian kevin james and lisa lamponelli at borgata same time. pick one or the other. >> options. >> who would you pick. >> i think lisa i think i would she had a little foul mouth i like that. >> a little edgy. >> aaron lewis at tropicana and this weekend in inaugural 2017 accuweather boxing hall of fame. you have guys heard about this sglet no. >> amazing three day weekend
7:50 am
that started last night with kickoff party at the claridge hotel. today and tonight is the red carpet and tomorrow is award ceremony. we have mike sigh ton and michael spieth john king all until town and rodney jerk ins so many big names in town for the boxing weekend. >> very cool. >> that's impressive you. >> caught one nick canyon last weekend right. >> he followed her on twitte twitter. >> i saw the pictures. >> was he cool guy. >> very nice, very nice guy. i didn't know he was djing i thought he was doing the party. >> he was djing. >> cool. >> nice. >> i know he was busting it out doing a great job. >> and there's always a lot going on and good restaurants in accuweather and as we talked about before jose garcis new restaurant and just opened up at borgata. >> i have reservations next
7:51 am
month. >> when you work weekends you have to ran in out sdmri can't wait. he's my favorite chef. >> on the chew. >> yes. exactly. >> my mom saw a billboard for mother's day she was like take me. >> to accuweather. >> yes. >> to ac. >> that's a trip, though. >> they have new harrah coas coastal craft kitchen brunches surprised and niro's ceasars is best bren. i love that so good. compareably capricio at resorts and that's just food and there's a lot of events and things going on in the night life. we have i don't know kiss kiss a go go. and chris rock coming so in june there's a huge lineup of enter tapers in june, chris rock, chris, deanne warwick, all june events going on. >> ac is popping. >> plus shoprite l gext pa happening in galloway and two people from the voice it's a
7:52 am
lot of independent artists when they go on tour they volunteer in the town they're touring in volunteering at the rescue mission june 1 through 3. there's a lot going on in accuweather. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> on top of it. >> follow her what's your twitter handle. >>@go to whit my on social media guys. >> thank you so much. >> franklin institute late east traction will make your head spin. we put the mirror maids head spin. we put the mirror maids through the test. good morning i'm dr. mike i have amazingly good news new study looking at over 800,000 patients found no connection between use of viagra and melanoma. that had come out earlier than study disproved it. so guys, wear suncreen and take your vie agency ra. for all of us smart phones were a god send. i have to tell you many of us are addicted. new studies have indicated
7:53 am
that this could be an addiction just like any other addiction. if you find yourself constantly on the phone, or family members telling you not to use t. you may be addicted. get off the phone. >> do you have a young child that suffer from anxiety and stress? well having a dog nearby my actually reduce that anxiety. a new study found that dogs, when kids were presenting in front of other people, are doing math problems were found to have lower cortisol levels and less stress. so get a dog. i'm dr. mike have a great so get a dog. i'm dr. mike have a great weekend
7:54 am
introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv,
7:55 am
hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at
7:56 am
♪ i'm like a bird, i never fly away♪ >> all right. a local teen passion for cheerleader to return. now looking to compete in olympics. jr. reporter juliana from villanova here to explain. good morning. >> good morning, this 1 17-year-old is breaking records and inspiring little girls all over the country. >> the high school jr. was introduced to weight lifting after cheerleading coach recognized her immatchable strength and determination after several weeks of training recognized she not only has the gift but power to change public perception of what most would classify as male dominated reports. >> stereotypes can be broken by more girl getting involved
7:57 am
in it or everyone else looking at it not as a male dominant sport and more universal sport for everyone. >> sophie acoachs pivotal training in southampton encouraged her to compete in both sports despite the discipline and time needed for each. >> what's similar about the two sports you know what you wanted to do and have to be dedicated to both sides. you have to train really, really hard you have could be consistent in training and love what you want to do. if you do not lover you it won't be good at it and it will not be the same i think all women should definitely get involved with more because it makes you feel better and makes you look better too. >> the records that sophie abreaks each time she competes are not the only things shattered. each someday she takes the competition with bedazzled shoes she breaks down the stereotype surrounding female lifters. >> love it and she wants to be a doctor. >> she's honor roll student in addition to cheerleading and weight lifting she's amazing. >> thanks you for introducing
7:58 am
us to her. >> absolutely. >> finding the right swimsuit could be difficult. why these two moms are going virling for simply letting it all hang out. >> stay with us.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. struck down in the street a deadly start to the holiday weekend police searching for a driver that killed a woman and the evidence detectives are hoping will lead to the suspect. >> and are you in the market for new appliances. now or should you wait until later. what memorial day means for the sales this weekend. >> and from the household item that may treat allergies to the best ways to sti hydrated without a sich water. summer tips to keep entire family happy and safe. "good day" everyone saturday may 27, 2017 we'reed in middle of holiday weekend. >> yeah. >> a lot of people offer friday and monday in the four day weekend. >> yeah. >> or take all of next week
8:01 am
off. >> right it's making a long weekend. >> for the most part -- yeah i think. labor day i was trying to sneak that friday off get that four day weekend. >> see people are making it -- i understand though. >> don't go back to work until june, june 1 next thursday how about that? >> tate rest of the month off. >> i have love for teachers and i thought i would love to have that gig. because they get the summers off they deserve it and earn it all that. >> absolutely. >> but they get that nice long vacation during the summertime. >> some schools year round. >> they have a lot going on during the year. >> you ain't lying about that. >> so the weather forecast. everyone wants to know what is up with the rainfall chances. well, don't panic. don't cancel any plans. we have sunshine right no now. there will be some clouds moving in later today. and yes, we do have the threat of a few passing showers. so, the bottom line weather by the numbers scale of 1 to 10 today looking good we give it a 7. comfortable temperatures not completely dry and not a washout either for holiday
8:02 am
weekend. look at ultimate doppler over the next few hours and clear. sunny start. lehigh valley and poconos down the shore. looking beautiful here on this saturday. but, just offer to the west some thicker clouds and also we're looking at a few showers with the disturbance that will move in our general direction later on today. fem turz have been pretty comfortable. mid 60s right now and winds out of the north, northwest at 13 and folks enjoying shore right now. and riding the bicycles and walking and weather picture perfect here on the saturday morning down the shore. so the bottom line we're looking at clouds and increasing and hit or miss shower and 74 degrees today. 71 degrees for your sunday and sunday looks dry. pretty much area wide. we'll talk about more rain sunday night into monday lauren all coming up with the 7 day. >> all right. thank you so much. >> 8:02 this morning let's get to breaking news we're following out of bristol, bucks yountsy a woman dead after being struck and killed during an overnight
8:03 am
hit-and-run. this happening along route 13 and beaver dam road around midnight. police looking for a dar dark-colored mini van possibly nissan with front end damage. >> i've seen the public's health and anybody possibly that saw this vehicle other knows ever eye vehicle in the area where fresh damage to contact bristol burrow employment it's a tragic event and people make mistakes however one way or the other we'll have a resolution to this. >> the victim was r50 years old and police hoping nearby surveillance will help lead them to the vehicle. >> also breaking a septa police vehicle collides with another car and it happened around 2:00 broad and butler hunting park and there was minor damage to the vehicles and the officer and other driver are not hurt. >> now to a developing story. it was a life that had just started now police are trying to figure out how it ended a baby boy just six weeks old was bleeding from the nose and hours later he was dead for answers. our
8:04 am
this heartbreaking story. >> i j in this a child. it's child lost. >> dr. as crime scene 5800 blf willows avenue ic say a 6 his m
8:05 am
>> a federal jam tossed out life sentence for one of the men convicted in d.c. snip area tack. lee boyd malvo sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2002 he was 17 years old when he and john mohammed used a rifle to shoot month more than a donz people. mohamad was executed in 2009 for years they argued the client was too young to be sentenced to life in prison without parole. a federal district court judge agreed over turning sentence and his case is sent back to circuit court to issue a new sentence. >> happening today president itemp kicking off final day of first trip aboard meeting with group of african-american leaders and they will discuss global economy and migration issues and climate change.
8:06 am
top white house officials say g 7 summit forced president to rethink his position on climate change and president said a lot about the problem about the nine day trip and yesterday the president was spotted chatting with the german chancellor before it began. >> and hillary clinton returns to her alma pat matter and does not hold back. former secretary of state delivered a firey commencement address as wellesie college yesterday and during the speech joked about how she coped with losing presidential election with walks in the woods and a little chardonnay. clinton made a not so subtle reference to the current president by talking about feeling on campus when richard nixon was president. >> we were theorists about the past presidential electio election. of a man's whose presidency
8:07 am
would end in disgrace for obstruction of justice. >> clip ton delivered the student commencement address 48 years ago when he graduated from the all- women's school. people are talking this morning as they always do. not just about first lady mel ania trump's fashion but shocking amount it costs did you hear about this? >> i did. >> she looked stunning floral dolche and cabana jacket she wore it in italy. that jacket, $51,000 and sold out and clutch, little purse similar to jacket. we don't know how much that set her back. 51 grand for that floral jacket. floral is n i have a couple jackets but they deposit cost $51 gs. >> and rick real flowers. >> that's a lot of money. >> i have no problem with -- i know there's some publications that had problems with michelle obama and what
8:08 am
she wore throughout the course of barack's presidency and flipping the script going now you have to call out mel ania and say what's she's wearing is. >> i have no problem if you have the money and you can afford it wear it. >> maybe she can help me with this dress this flip here do you see that, see that it's laying down and. >> you have to get the steamer or something steamer or. >> tape. >> mel ania help. >>fy wore her jacket i could cover it up and wouldn't know. >> 51 k. >> that's a car. >> that's a car she's wearing there. >> that's a lot it's a student loan payment for some people. >> yeah. >> you cannot get many uses out of that though. >> once you wear it once everyone knows. >> that's true. >> couple of mothers praised for apparently saying what everyone else was thinking. you have to hear their hilarious rant about swimsuit season. first are you in the market for new appliances. is memorial day the best time to buy or should you wait. dan the money man is here with to buy or should you wait. dan the money man is here with help.
8:09 am
weekend wenty has so many events this weekend this is one of them and that's why we have the fountain here. long wood gardens debuts their two year project of refurbis refurbishing their gardens more than 17 jets and streams were 175 fight in the air it's a sight to be hold and this is debut weekend long wood gardens. summer of spec takeal runs through september 30 you can check it out all summer long and fireworks sometimes and it's a beautiful sight. wavr you do this weekend from weekend wendy and me have a wavr you do this weekend from weekend wendy and me have a good time
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> yeah, 8:12 on this holiday weekend saturday morning. skolt is unofficial start of summer. >> looking good a nice breeze and temperatures comfortable as well. we will see few more clouds moving in later today and few hit and miss showers. but not a washout. certainly don't cancel any plans. temperatures right now mid 60 60s. winds out of north, northwest
8:13 am
13 miles an hour and jersey shore, delaware beaches, there might be a hit or miss afternoon early evening shower moving through and then sunda sunday, mainly dry, looks like overnight shower sunday night into your monday morning and then another chance for storms monday average. that's what we're watching over the next several days. dry, quiet. a lot of sunshine and across the area looking good and south jersey, delaware, north and west, lehigh valley, poconos and look at the disturbance off west. thicker clouds and yes, showers. and some of the trends showing that this will move through maryland and maybe clip parts of delaware. so once again it's going to be a hit or miss afternoon showe shower. as we go hour by hour 2 p.m. watching and once again maybe a couple of showers moving through the area and 5, 6:00 that chance moves down the shore. and so that certainly is something we'll watch for today. and tomorrow, looks mainly dry. but, we will see a good deal of cloud cover for your
8:14 am
sunday. and then sunday night into monday we're watching the threat for showers and early monday morning we have a dry break and we have that threat for a few popup showers and thunderstorms monday afternoon. temperatures rights now 64 millville and 64 accuweather and low 60s for allentown. down the shore rights now we have 67 degrees in wildwood and 64 for the boardwalk and 65 for sea aisle city. backyard barbecues looking good. clouds on the increase. and hit or miss shower temperatures by 3:00, 72 and 74 degrees later on for your high temperature looking at clouds and passing shower. >> temperatures mid to upper 60s in the entire holiday weekend and best chance for rainfall on monday as we dry out tuesday upper 70s wednesday and too much of next
8:15 am
week back over to you. >> scott i heard you have questions. you should come over to the couch if you want answers unofficial start to summer marking some of the best sales of the year. dan is drowning in ads rights. our money guy dan ricado has more about what to buy and what to shoot for. >> they were shooting questions when you walked in. >> back when dinosaurs roamed the earth of course they're on your phone now. >> i like these though. >> some people still use them newspapers in case don't know. so here's the thing. retail has a weird seasonality to it and this is tough time for retailers. they ramp up deals around memorial day to get a bigger piece of your purse. >> historically there's things you want to folk fork us on buying this memorial day weekend and other things you want to wait on. >> let's start with what shawn says his wife yelled out i need a new grill. >> wait until labor day. not so much now. for new mansion in
8:16 am
conshohocken that you got i know that you want a refrigerated wine cooler don't you. now is the time. 40% off home appliances. >> really? >> places like best buy, sears, home depot, best buy is 40% off. this is agood time for home appliances. >> wine cooler is a good ide idea. >> as much as shawn drinks why not let's do that. >> you want to finish out your spring wardrobe. >> yes, i do you see this dress won't work right. >> it looks pretty darn good actually. >> you're sweet. >> spring apparel and swim suits that bikini good time to buy. banana republic 40% off and target 50% off bikini this weekend. >> when you say apparel does that counseled for handbags and me and kelly say we want a new handbag. >> kind you want never go on sale. >> no they don't. >> very true. >> very true. >> that old lumpy thing you're sleeping on not partner
8:17 am
but mattress, scotty wants one of these. mem or day day is best time traditionally to score a deal on mattress. check out local mattress deals check outgrew upon april. a lot of mattress deals are local. check out groupon it's a free april you may find a pretty good deal on mattress up to 7 75% off choice to where you liver. >> dan i'll admit i have not replaced the mattress yet i bought four new pillows with fathers in them and i've been sleeping like a baby. >> you have to have a good mattress. >> i do. >> think of all the time you spend in bed. >> yes. >> have to have a good mattress. >> pillows top it all off. >> daughter number two got a mattress at wayfair. >> i love wayfair. >> now is time of year to score on that mattress and finally you procrastinators if you have not booked summer vacation yet shawn you can get a pretty good deal lauren., travel osty, sxedia running good package
8:18 am
deals and deals on hotels especially if flexible with dates. it's not too late to get a good deal. check out app retail me not. we talked about this before on "good day" this is good one 23 million use ers retail me not a free app. >> so awesome. >> no it will comparison shop for you so you don't have to look through all the ads it will do it for you once you put in what you're looking fo for. >> and they also have a location services if you walk into a banana republic it will alert you there's a 30% off coupon or something like that. >> based on gps it will tell you where you are and what deals are right around you. it's like big brother actually but cool. >> scary but cool. >> what if you're in the business for new car? you say okay. >> let's wait on that. if you can get a few more months out of that old gilope you get a better deal september. anything back to school related and electronics relate the wait another month or so on those.
8:19 am
>> what about interest free financing. >> be careful here's the deal you see ads interest free financing on new mattress right? >> yes. >> fine print it's in there and no one reads the fine print it says this if you dpopt payoff within a certain period of time you willow interest and it's a high rate of interest all the way back to day one. >> whoa. >> what? >> that deal on that new mattress you all of a sudden looks less attractive. if you get one of those deals i don't like them please make sure you pay it off within the time period. >> we don't like that but we love you. >> thanks for coming. >> lot of love going on. >> memorial day weekend those that served one% of the population are in armed forces that's it and they're protec protecting us and we give them a shout-out. >> hats off to them. >> here are winning lottery numbers good luck to you and stay with us we'll be right numbers good luck to you and stay with us we'll be right back
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
hey everybody i'm jen frederick and it's mama log i'm in the garden long wood garden and this weekend the main fountains open it up if you have kids and thinking about the season you may be worried about -- we talked about this moms kids they want to get dirty and get in the garden and you have a couple of plants, vegetables that you think may be easier to try. >> uh-huh. >> we begin with this guy.
8:23 am
what is this. >> sweet potato. >> okay. >> when you buy sweet potato this is likely how they come. these will all be called slits. basically if you pull them out this is mini sweet potato and when you plant it in a bed these leaves will run they'll vine across and these will pop grate and multiply and if you come back end of season and dig them up you'll have a nice bunch of sweet potatoes. >> these i won't see until early fall. what's number one thing we do wrong as we do veggie gardens. >> choosing wrong plant for location and nowing how much season you have and drainage. just knowing what's going to go where. >> so greens things lining that are a little more tolerant of lower light. if you don't have full sun you might not be able to get away with things like tomatoes and peppers that really want a lot of energy to produce fruits. >> i love. it i'll do some stuff you'll be proud of me i'll report
8:24 am
back to you. >> okay. >> and this is tim i'm jen frederick this is mama log and we cannot wait to see your gardens which undoubtedly will look like this. >> and this week's in focus our photo journalist bill ror shows us how a not so local average girl uses music to create her own path. >> mastering musical instrument can open door to world of possibilities for ariana those possibilities are realized before the age of 11 with fast fingers and gentle foot on pedal she works on chopin's waltz. >> she would do sounds and do something with motion of hand and beats. >> ariana's parents gina and jim learned she had a talent for reading. >> rebecca of sunny brook
8:25 am
farm. >> we used to read first chapter to her every night and she would want us to start at beginning one night we stopped reading and she said the rest of the chapter. >> completely. >> completely. >> like word for word. >> memory. >> by the age of three she was reading chapter books late into the night. >> i usually get caught. my parents hear me wandering around my mom finding a book to read or see light from my flashlight i can be very snea sneaky. >> she is finishing up her ninth grade year with eye academy a private online school. four years ahead of schedule. >> it gives me flexibility so i can spend most of my day practicing and i can do sox today's work tomorrow. >> ariana to say she's busy would be an under statement and recently asked to play at
8:26 am
carnegie hall. >> she far exceeds average 1 10-year-old and nevers are like everyone else? my hands shook throughout the entire piece and the second i did something that was bordering on being wrong i was like [ gasp ]. >> yeah? >> yeah i ended up doing okay. >> doing okay for your not so average ninth grader. in medford, bill anderson. >> and 8:26 for the household item that may treat aerial juries to the best ways to stay hydrated you don't have to pickp a glass of water. summer items to keep your to pickp a glass of water. summer items to keep your entire family happy and safe
8:27 am
8:28 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
8:29 am
>> 8:29 breaks news british airways cancelled all flights from heathrow. it's due to an it failure. the carrier is apologizing for the global system outage and said it was working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. of course, we'll stay on top of that and bring you updates throughout the day. breaking closer to home out of bristol, bucks county officers say a woman is dead after hit and killed in aan overnight run this happening route 13 and beaver dam road midnight. police are looking for dark colored mini van possibly nissan with front end damage. >> i have seen public's health and anybody that possibly saw this vehicle or
8:30 am
knows of the vehicle in the area with fresh damage to contact the bristol burrow police department and it's tragic event and people make mistakes however one way or the other we'll have a resolution to this. >> the victim 50 years old police are hoping nearby surveillance will help them lead to the vehicle. thank four staying us with on "good day" weekend. scott is the man with your weather headlines. >> it looks pretty g lauren, i mean we're talking about comfortable temperature. not completely dry. it's not going to be a washout i'mer for holiday weekend. we'll talk a bit about the shower chances later on today. and it is a gorgeous start out there. we have a lot of sunshine down the shore pretty comfortable. and along the i-95 corridor north and west look going in the lehigh valley and also the poconos and caveat though we're looking at clouds. and yes, a few showers. and disturbance moving from the western part of pennsylvania right towards our area later on today. as we take a look at high res
8:31 am
future cast you can see we'll go hour by hour watching this move to harrisburg by 11:00. moving towards parts of lehigh valley north and west by say 1, 2:00 some light showers will kind of pass through the philadelphia area. 2, 3:00 down the shore looking at some of those showers as we move towards the afternoon. but, a quick hit of rain not everyone will see. it and as we focus on those temperatures, 65 degrees already at the airport. hey, what about a tee time lit later this afternoon forecast looks g hit or miss shower. temperatures in the low 70s for high temperatures this afternoon. fox 29 ian page is somewhere on a golf course about now. as we look at holiday weekend forecast we're talking about clouds rolling in later on this afternoon and hit or miss shower and temperatures 74 degrees and today. tomorrow, paringtly sunny, low 70s and memorial day looks like showers in the morning and we get a break and then another chance in the afternoon. back over to you. >> scott touched on it all.
8:32 am
you can be at beach cookout or golfing. either are way you're outside. maureen mc than is here can quick tips to keep loved ones happy and healthy this season. if you head outside maureen it could be dangerous for those suffering for allergies. we with allergies know it started up early. if you have pollen allergies you need to start medicine end of march or april 1. >> that early. >> especially this year we were finding a lot of symptoms and typically if poleen is your big problem you can take those medicine through the end of june and often safely get
8:33 am
off them. >> really? >> okay so early as march did you hear that. >> i never had aerial juries until honestly last year and all of a suddenen something happened i was sick. >> does that happen a lot. >> the longer you live in philadelphia they say you can actually end up developing allergies. >> really? >> yeah. >> one thing i always heard i tried it, it didn't help me eat a spoon full of organic raw honey helps. do you find that helps or is that a urban myth. >> honestly that's a new concept to me i was reading about it in preparation for this it's pass it naming and i plan to look into it. >> now f you are over 2 years old honey is totally safe. it's pretty good tasting and if it would be helpful, i think why not? i would certainly give it a try. >> i put tractor-trailer in my tea every morning i don't notice divrmtion in allergies i'm still kneesing and watering eyes. >> being outside a lot of people have issues with suncreen. let's talk about this one.
8:34 am
some groups are saying daily dose we've been told for spf is not working and maybe it is working and what do we do with suncreen. >> well i think that literature has come out to support that these mineral based screens are more effective and you don't have the side effects and by more effective i mean they protect against uva raises and uvb raise. >> when you say mineral based that's natural ingredient. >> yes titanium and zinc oxide containing screens. if you read ingredient but we won't talk about brands but titanium zinc oxide are tried and true protections. >> what number do we need. i leak at myself and say i don't burn i'm fine. >> i'm a 30 type of guy. >> i use 30, too, sometimes i feel like i need more. >> well i think at the minimum anyone should use 30 because to really apply enough to get the true benefit of 30 sometimes we're really getting a 15 level.
8:35 am
so i think for most part you would be pretty safe with at least 30. and for people whoa are propensity to burn they should go with 50. >> when we say 30 you apply every 30 minute? >> no. >> okay. >> i think that the most frequently i would say you need to apply is about every two hours. >> oh, >> unless you're doing a lot of sweating or swimming. but, every 30 minutes. >> and i saw mayor kenney and mike schmidt teamed up and now there's going to be suntan dispensers around the city. >> that's nice and proactive. >> suntan lotion. >> good looking out by them. >> like that. >> especially for us baldyes. >> you need to wear caps. >> and wear your hat. >> don't forget about taking vitamin d in the season we use a lot of sun block. >> i always talk about that. living in philadelphia so many are deficient because we're inside so much right. >> if you have sun block ton blocks natural reaction of aggravation of vitamin d in
8:36 am
skin. >> got you. >> good stuff. >> let's talk about staying hydrated a lot of people think summertime we're at cookouts and have a lot of different foods. >> lots of coronas. >> that's not the way to stay hydrated. let's talk fruits and veggies what are good ones. >> well you know celery is terrific has a lot of water in it healthy snack and watermelon is identified as a wonderful food. coconut water. yoing urts are good. >> strawberries good? >> strawberries are wonderful food right as the article says without strawberry short cake strawberries by themselves taste delicious. >> what i always hear let us iceberg let us tell me there's no health benefits and kail and arugula. >> iceberg let us is fine for water. if you want more for it butter cup let us spinach or romaine is under valued food. >> since we're talking about
8:37 am
fruity want to bring this up. i'm extremely dispointed in how much work you have to put in to cutting mango and how much you get portion. >> one of these things troubling me these days. it's my favorite fruit. >> mango. >> i can't get enough. >> first i dipped into it. >> too peppery for me. >> peppery it's so sweet. >> yeah. >> but takes so much you cut it up and gets a little bit. >> well i know some of the gourmet stores sell these cut up and prepped for it. >> a price to pay though. doc thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> she knows. >> she's a specialist. >> everyone loves to be a winner especially on price is right. watch the local grad overwelmed with joy when he set the plinko record. >> perfect indoor adventure this holida weekend. jennie joyce where are you now? >> yeah, good morning, lauren, so we're figuring out pattern patterns, shapes, math, science, we're doing it here
8:38 am
at the franklin institute in a cool way. coming up we'll take you through a mirror maze. i did go in a couple feet i hit several walls it's scairy and fun. hit several walls it's scairy and fun. i'll show it to you next.
8:39 am
my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique... and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at
8:40 am
>> british police arelingts a 44-year-old man they're not saying exactly why he's arres arrested but he's one of nine.
8:41 am
killed to 22 people and injured dozens more minutes after ariana grande let of the stage and she said she will return to england for a benefit concert to raise money for the victims and families. a dover air force base in delaware under fire after letting inspectors look at body of john glen. glen was first american to orbit the earth and oldest person to fly into space. he died in december at the age of 95 his family asked air force to care for his remains until his burial. >> everyone likes to be a winner right. >> oh, yeah. >> sxshlingly on the price is right. for a recent penn state grad he became overwhelmed with joy when he set the planko record. >> that's rights on the end. good luck. >> 30,000. >> oh, my god. >> 30,000. >> oh, my god [ screaming ]. >> yes, meet ryan he won 315
8:42 am
0 he was amped up from the minute his name was called to come down the audience loved him look at that. they were chanting his name. social media lit up. he's 23 years old and guess what he'll do with 31 grand he's responsible he's paying off student loans at penn state. >> good for him. >> plonko one of the original og games of all times in the in the graphic 45 years for price is right. ultimate one of the most ultimate shows when you're sick like. >> remember those growing newspaper high school and being sick and watching that. >> i used to watch with my grandmother all the time. >> finding the right swimsuit i'm in the struggle now it's soard. these two moms are gore viral. >> letting it all hang out. perfect indoor adventure this holiday weekend. jennie joyce be careful where
8:43 am
you walk. >> yeah lauren we're here at the franklin institute do you have a cold compress. we're in the mayor or made here open today. we're trying to make our way to middle to show you a fun exhibit. to middle to show you a fun exhibit. we'll be rights
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> everybody love me. everybody love me teach me how
8:46 am
to dougy♪ you. >> don't remember that. >> show me how to dugy. >> scott, show me how to dou dougy. >> show me. >> you show me. i don't remember. >> i don't remember either. >> come on. >> i don't remember. >> come on. >> yeah. >> there it is. there it is. >> there it is. >> yeah. >> let's focus on this forecast jersey shore, delaware beaches, hit or miss shower later this afternoon. we're looking at overnight shower into your sunday night into monday and then looks like monday scattered shower or thunderstorm. ultimate doppler dry. lot of sunshine. great start to saturday. but off to the west we're looking at clouds. we're looking at showers. and some of that will clip a part of our area by this afternoon. we'll go hour by hour timing out the day and backyard barbecues and looking good you might have a mit or miss shower. by 11:00 harrisburg area watching disturbance and you can see it moves through.
8:47 am
it weakens not a lot of coverage out of the system. so once again a quick-hitting shower and don't cancel plans and it's not going to be a washout. those temperatures pretty comfortable right now. mid 60s dover. 65 philadelphia, low 60s north and west and we'll zoom in down the shore along the boardwalk in ac it's 66 degrees. look at this, 66. sea isle. 66 cape may point. water temperatures still chilly at 60. that backyard barbecue forecast increasing clouds. maybe a hit or miss shower once again don't cancel any plans as we move towards next week. temperatures upper 70s for the most part. guys back to you. >> hey your boy here asked siri how do i dugy. >> how do i dugy siri she did it's a hip-hop dance generally performed by movie one's body in a shimmy style and moving hands at or near their hair. >> the franklin institute new
8:48 am
exhibition mirror maze numbers in nature. fun way for the whole family to enjoy math. jennaphr joyce has could be careful where she steps because she could walk into a wall. >> yeah lauren here's a wall there's a wall every wra tricky, tricky but a lot of fun and it makes you realize there are shapes and patterns in everything that we see and every single day i'm joined by president and ceo larry dubinsky i think something happen epz here look it's another exhibit inside a mystery phase. what can people come here and do and see and learn. >> this is a really excellent educational and fun exhibition that comes to at the franklin institute this summer. 1700 square into the mirror maze talking about and showing how symmetry and geometric patterns work. and you're going to get lost in here. and then you'll find surpries throughout. some artifacts and quizzes and something here, for instance, you'll learn about cubes and
8:49 am
how they work and what's great about the exhibit not just mirror maze but outside you learn how in nature in our body mathematics is everywher everywhere. why fraco the mirror maze clearly the highlight here and surrounding this mirror maze you will find great scixs to learn about math. >> this sounds like great exhibit for all parents having children at home saying mommy never have to use this math why is math important? i'm not doing math homework. well yes you are. come here and figure out why. >> that's exactly right people are afraid of math and they should not be. one of the things we do at franklin institute we do as well as anybody is science and math are fun and anyone can learn and important how they work in everyday lives. this exhibit makes you look at everything around you in a much different way. and how math affects that. >> okay.
8:50 am
so photographer here we have michael leftwitch if we try to walk through the maze dollar larry come with me i was walking with larry and you're like is he here and over there when he to reach out and touch hand to know we're live people here. if it gets crowded is there a mass number of people that are allowed in here. >> we're absolutely controlling the number in here and there's ways you can cry for help and people will help you. and what's great you will be here exploring. you can spend ten to 15 minutes to try to get out this maze here. because the lights and number of mirrors in here the patter patterns continue to kind of move and you'll see different things. and again, it's exciting for both young and old to try to make it through the maze. >> it's fun. there are a bunch of different paths and where we we were we were talking to the organizer saying you may not find your way out or this central area depend on which way you go or which way you try to go.
8:51 am
but, anyway this mirror maze exhibit onens today:30. today 9:30 and runs through summer and $a great summer exhibit. great place toss be the franklin institute in philadelphia. >> if you deposit go to the shore come to the franklin institute. >> they're coming my nieces at the end of july that will be the perfect place. >> i would feed to use that help. >> help. >> i need a flag like in a corn maze. >> candice played the dugy right own so shawn started thinking how do you do it i forgot i said candice remember when kevin hart came on the show and taughtal exing holly how to dugy. remember we like to pull out the archives remember that video. who is that? >> everybody dugy. >> that's kevin. >> and that's alex. >> shimmying. >> dance off. >> everybody dugy♪ ♪ >> now put your hands yeah, yeah. >> really? >> he's doing the bernie.
8:52 am
>> look♪ ♪ >> i had not seen the head. >> she just did that. ♪ >> now you got it shawn. >> i think so. >> if you can't learn from kevin hart how to dugy. >> i'm watching alex more than kevin hart so you know. >> that's what my boy scott will tell you tighten up. >> tighten up my guy. >> couple mom's praised for apparently saying what everyone was hi thinking. we're on a rant this morning talking about this. swimsuit season it's hardest things to do. scott says i didn't know they were so expensive. shawn said kelly had to try on a million before the honeymoo honeymoon. the struggle is real folks. honeymoon. the struggle is real folks. stay with us
8:53 am
what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop? what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> moms what everybody is saying about web suits behind the sires i mom so hard they're excited to take kids to the beach but less than pumped about suiting up. >> what's with these cutouts is it whole idea of keep everything in. so it looks like you're pressing something against a tennis racket. >> i hate everything about this. >> hey everybody what's up i'm here for teacher's conference. my kid is acting out i can't
8:56 am
imagine why. >> truth about swim suits i don't care until ten minutes bri have to put it on and then oh, many should have done crunches or something. >> so funny. >> moms complaints men have to way easier when it comes to functional swim wear and tell other moms forget about the pressure have fun. what will you say. >> this is funny. >> moms so hard is youtube channel i have to check that out and second of all it is not easy for guys out there we go through the same. >> we didn't say easy easier than women. >> well i took it as being easy. >> easier. >> and i think easier when you find trunks come on how tough can that be. >> tee shirts. >> tee shirts. >> tank tops. >> you leave a tank top on. >> you cannot wear a tee shirt to the beach to the pool because people would look at you like why are you wearing a tee shirt what are you hiding. >> bare all. >> i feel those pains what throws girls are saying i should have done crunches or pushups all that there's a lot of pressure to look good this time of year.
8:57 am
>> it is. >> and now like sun out skin out everywhere and people looking at back, arms, legs, everything you're judged on. >> have to tighten up. >> that's when you say it scott, scott says it all the time quietly tighten up. >> got to get the razors out my wife will be back there tightening up my back. you have toy can't reach it. >> you know that's true. >> i have probably two months worth of hair on my legs i'm waiting to tighten it up. >> they all make fun of me. >> tighten up that forecast we want no rain today so we enjoy cookouts. >> it's not a washout there. more clouds moving through and couple hit or miss showers later this afternoon and otherwise looking pretty good. 74 today. 71 sunday. memorial day morning clouds and showers. then it looks like another chance in the afternoon and warmer 77 degrees. so just enjoy. >> what do you think i should make for the cookout today. >> something light, like a salad or somthing. >> i may bring you leftovers tomorrow.
8:58 am
>> do that? >> okay have a great saturday, >> do that? >> okay have a great saturday, everyone, see you tomorrow.
8:59 am
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