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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 29, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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night long. >> and about this time it is lee amount of people in there. >> good day it is may 29th, 2017 but i will be over there at two hours live if you want to come and say hello and tell me your memory of little pete 's. by the way, we just asked one time for pictures of people hoff given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, our freedom, maybe a loved one of yours and you have been sending them in. you might want to put one upright now, as a matter of fact. rest in peace cameron thomas, a sergeant. >> so, this is navy seal kyle milliken and you might remember his story, he is a navy seal, paid ultimate price but when it comes to sergeant thomas he was killed earlier this year fighting isis in afghanistan. >> that was first picture we had up there. >> yes, hopefully we will get more information on kyle, because i remember his story.
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>> i agree. >> tell us about your loved won. >> at the top, just about an hour ago i said first person to send in a person of blue skies today we will give them a shout out. and smarty pants people who watch our show, tamara said, she didn't say when or where. >> that is a good one. nothing you can say to that. >> is that your house. >> that is my summer home, down in florida. my bedroom is that spire. >> mike alogo. >> that is fake news. >> let's get to the number of the day. people go to the seven. rain we saw overnight and even still seeing a little bit this morning will be moving out, and we have got some cloud and a few showers around right now , not a wash out for today, says bus stop budd which his american flag, and you see a few little places where we
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have a lit built of rain and then some thunderstorms just about to enter harrisburg. we will see if they hold together, and come to visit us , cloudy right now 60 degrees in philadelphia with 9 miles an hour breeze out of thee. checking a couple other temperatures lancaster 59. fifty in mount pocono. some of the shore points has lots of folks down the shore. sea isle city at 60. cape may .59. ocean water temperature at 62 degrees. as we look ahead to the rest of the memorial day we are looking at mostly cloudy skies , some sun, peeking through especially later in the day and a high temperature of 70 degrees. that is your weather, lets check traffic and we look to the vine street expressway just before ben franklin bridge and i-95 that area right there hardly any cloud. road drying out, that is good. we don't know the situation with this accident on the
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schuylkill but it is eastbound just past montgomery drive. they have moved everything to the shoulder. police are still on the scene though. vehicle left roadway and went in the wood and then we have i-95 accident in delaware county just pennsylvania route 320 providence avenue exit there police are on the scene, southbound side of i-95 and that accident too has been moved to the shoulder, and memorial day parade to tell but in port richmond 9:00 a.m. until noon, begins right there at richmond street and juniata , and a lot of folks been doing that parade for many, many years today in port richmond. >> well, yeah it starts at 9:00. >> that is what it says there. >> maybe we should get a camera over there if we have any. >> we're thin. >> it is a little thin here on a holiday. >> people have the day off. >> hold on, we have a new information about chris, the metal detector. and, it is picking up rapidly
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now. >> in the same spot. whatever that is. it is a good spot. it goodies to have a hobby. i have actually, in my mind i can see myself doing this when i get retired. >> i don't think you have the patient. >> some would say that. jenny, do you think you have patient force that. >> reporter: i don't think that is in your future. i have to tell you, asking chris if he ever found love on the beach and he said he never found love. i wanted to know more and i had more questions, i was feeling bad, but anyway, i'm glad we found out who chris is and mike and alex i will now introduce to you our new friend paul, paul out for a morning stroll on the boardwalk. paul, you live in florida now. retiring in florida but up here for summer to spend time with family. >> come back to see kid and
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grand kid. he is a retired federal agent, he work at sixth and arch. >> yes. >> keeping us safe. >> yes. >> we kept you pretty safe, collected tax money too. >> tell us about the weekend not the greatest memorial day weekend but what have you been up to. >> we get out, we put the boat in the water yesterday. that is always an event, get four grand kid and aunts, uncles we put the boat in the water. hopefully it starts this year it started. take a little ride. my grandson jumped in the water and we had to go get him immediately because the water is freezing, too cold. dinner at home, couple drinks with friend in the neighborhood and then that is all you could do this weekend you don't always need sunshine for the shore. >> it would be nice to have it but you do the best without it >> reporter: so you are now, florida in the winter, jersey shore in the summer. >> yes.
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>> and two months up here. >> reporter: nothing like jersey shore, right. >> there is nothing like florida. >> he lives in naples. he loves naples. >> florida is pretty nice. >> you don't get days like this in florida. >> paul, thanks very much. i will let you continue walking, appreciate it. and take care. mike and alex, we have chris, we have got paul, throw era sign. and we will be on it. >> combine the two you have a great basketball player by the name of chris paul. >> this is true. >> yes. >> you know what your sunshine in that man's day, jenny, that is all he need. >> reporter: thank you, mike. very nice man too. >> i love you. >> pretty cool. >> she's lonely. 7:06. battleship new jersey will honor military heroes with the ceremony at 10:00 a.m. battleship will be opened for tours running until 5:00 p.m.
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>> you and have taken a tour of that very ship. >> we have. i know you can spend the night there and that is an experience. >> um-hmm. >> this morning then at 8:00 o'clock, local high school students will place 648 flags in front of the philadelphia vietnam veterans memorial, the display kicks off annual memorial day observance which starts at 12 there 30, this after noon. >> other events are the southampton township memorial day parade which begins at 8:00 a.m. annual media memorial day parade, that begins at 10:00 a.m. and lower merion parade begins at 10:30. find a full list of events on our web site at fox and then folks head to penns landing, a lot of them out there yesterday to enjoy first ever what they called the waterfront day, on the delaware river, we're really trying to get more events on this river i'm telling you. look at that pop up, rooftop
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beer garden, on the spirit of philadelphia, isn't that cool? nice day. >> very cool. >> i have never been on spirit of philadelphia. >> what? >> i think i went to a cocktail party once. >> i hear they have great parties. >> very good parties. you know day ended with a free concert by united states air force band and fire works you saw them. >> i was on the patriot harbor lines with the liberty, captain walt took us on it and we saw fire works. >> you flew in the river, and looked straight up at fire works. >> um-hmm. >> then in d.c. they had thousands of motorcyclist take part in rolling thunder ride for freedom. event is held in honor of prisoners of war and service members missing in action. traveling across the country to participate in this annual event. it started in the pentagon and continued at lincoln memorial where an official program was
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held. >> ♪ yesterday, pbs presented thei concert from the west lawn of the capitol. it is an american tradition honoring military service and sacrifice of all of the countries men and women in uniform. >> really nice. all right. lets get back to home here, man, rough weekend. >> especially in kensington after someone shot hain killed two siblings. this is just after 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning, the bodies of the 54 year-old florence tina and her 49 year-old brother were found inside row home that they shared on east clear field street, police say they were both shot in the head no arrests have been made and weapons recovered. the investigation ongoing. for second weekend in a row philadelphia fire fighters battling deadly fires, early yesterday morning house fire
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claiming the lives of a nine year-old and a seven year-old, and their five two-year old grandmother. along north sixth street right where it intersects next to west berk. fire fighters made a daring rescue attempt and carried a nine year-old girl out of the burning building, she later died at hahnemann hospital. two other bodies were found on the third floor of the home. >> all right. it was fleet week up in new york and a navy seal member has died after his parachute did not open properly, during this demonstration over hudson river. >> this is video of, well, now we are showing you video of the hudson river but is there video of the piece of the parachute falling to the ground. navy seal cut himself loose and splashed in the water. it happened in jersey city across the river from new york city. man who died was a member of the elite navy parachute team called the leap frogs.
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authorities have not yet identified him and right now police are investigating why that par should malfunctioned. after president trump's first official trip overseas, there he is, the footage right there. >> that i was talking about earlier. >> thinks part of the parachute someone took video falling to the ground there. >> he cut himself loose, you know, hoping to cut himself loose at the last possible second where wow survive, falling in the hudson river but the impact was just too much and then parachute float ed in to jersey city. horrible. president trump is back, a crucial alley, might be losing faith in the partnership with the united states. i'm talking about germane angela merkel shared word that reverb rated around the world. >> listen to what she had to say. she said her country could no longer completely depend on the united states as a reliable partner, we have come to this.
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it comes after a tense meeting with president trump, and the group of seven, the g7 summit in italy, the president refused to pledge support for the paris climate accord, he says he will decide next week, he is not sure about climate change, that is what he says. other six nation as greed on the deal that aims to slow climate change. well, james comey will get his say, the former fbi director is expect to testify on capitol hill sometime this week, maybe as early as tomorrow. >> the exact date has not been set but as doug luzader reports from washington anticipation is running high. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: this may be he said, he said, we know that president trump and his now former fbi director james come y did have private meetings, even dinner together at the white house and as come before the senate intelligence committee to say what he knows. >> we need to have director comey testify in full, open
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session before the u.s. senate so we can ask hard questions, i mean this whole russia thing there are a number of things we failed to get right in the way we analyzed them. >> reporter: critical question did trump ask comey to drop investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and kremlin. president says no, but if it happened, did comey refusal lead to his firing? recent "fox news" poll says a clear majority of the registered voters 60 percent think that president got rid of comey because the investigation was harming him and comey may have an edge on public perception. 45 percent of voters have, confidence, in the president, verse 79 percent for fbi. on the other hand there was this exchange with comey on may third when asked about the potential interference. >> is the attorney general or senior officials at department of justice opposes a specific investigation, can they, halt that fbi investigation?
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>> yes. >> has it happened. >> not in my experience. it would be a big deal, to tell the fbi to stop doing something that, without a appropriate purpose. >> reporter: bigger issue for comey may involve his predecessor at fbi robert muhler now special counsel investigating the russia issue it looks like comey will speak to him before he talks to congress. in washington, doug luzader, "fox news". >> all right, doug. 7:14. congressional democrats are demanding to hear from top white house advisor jared kushner about his dealings with the key russian diplomate washington post is report ago this before president trump took office, kushner made a proposal to a russian am was dor to set up a secret communications channel between transition team and kremlin. lawyers for kushner says he is willing to talk to investigators and has always been willing. ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you
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can do for your country. >> today would have been president kennedy's 100 birthday. u.s. postal service will celebrate his life, legacy by dedicating a new jfk postage stamp in massachusetts. in a ceremony this afternoon wreath laying is also planned to honor the 35th president of the united states at his grave site at arlington national cemetery. he would have been 100. wow. a lot of specials all over television i saw over the weekend. >> that is for sure. >> good man. here's sue. >> 7:15. this is your forecast, for today, get it. whether you are golfing or not this is how it will be. we think maybe a shower or two , coming up, 8:00 o'clock t time, mostly cloudy, 66 degrees. definitely on the cool side and by 3:00 p.m. we will reach
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our high, and we should see, some sunshine, sorry, it is crackling there my microphone. but you know, hopefully you can still hear what we are saying because we still have rain in the area we will go up to mount pocono around allentown one heavy downpour headed toward allentown. delaware county upper chichester and chester and media we have got light rain, lets get this out of the way before the parade starts at 10:00 o'clock and future cast ... >> okay. >> whose microphone sit, sit me. >> it is sue. >> sue. >> owe kay. >> should we do weather for her, traffic. >> is it the thing behind you or the clip on it. >> you don't have a necklace on. >> that is why i'm confused. >> here just use my mike.. >> okay, go. >> we have talkede
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degrees with a little >> let's just go to the seven day and cut t smell all right. >> do i need a mint. mt if you want would. >> zeroseventy-three tomorrow. we are kind of uet we could have thunderstorms and then go back t weekend. you said >> yes, yes. >> i wiutll s traffic too. >> do you want to do it use my . >> if you do your morning. >> we have an accident, borde wish everybody would just take it easy out there this morning. this is route 130 southbound at farnsworth avenue all lanes are blocked because of a fuel spill involved with that accident. now we will go back to the schuylkill police are still on the scene of this accident
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eastbound just past montgomery drive accident itself is on the shoulde, just watch there , i-95 in delaware county lets take a look hazy, a few rain drops on radar there and it is raining in delaware county and chad in chadds ford baltimore pike at dickinson drive. we have wet roth roadways this morning, guys and i have two microphones i'm juggling. just take it easy. e kay. >> good plan. >> did you see this, i necessity were you watching yesterday, scary moments at yesterday's indianapolis 500, a crash send a car airborne, and split in two. my goodness. >> wow. >> so, he was the pole setter, scott dixon slammed into the car, of jay howard, and went in the air, hitting this safety fence. collision with the fence, i don't know why i'm telling you this you are looking at it. amazingly both drivers were able to walk away, from this
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crash. both were checked out by medical personnel in the in field and they are both okay. >> do you want to see it. >> my goodness. >> wow. >> hard to believe. >> glad they did but they walk away unharm. >> yeah good for them. >> as for who won first time ever jap need drive. >> sato won the raise. first japanese driver. congrats to him he drank the big bottle of milk, and then boom, winner of the indy 500. >> listen to those screams. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. earlier this week or last week we introduced you to the new jersey police office shore has become known as the deer whisperer. he got that name because i has rescued so many deer and other animals this one out of the sewer. he is now going to be in our studio, so if you have any
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animals that need whispering on, he will do it. hopefully he has bathed. >> hopefully. >> lets take a live look at little pete's iconic diner, closing may 29th. >> that advertise day. >> at 9:00 p.m. >> starting to get full in there. >> um-hmm. >> mike will head over there to give it a proper good bye. >> i will set where i normally sit where lauren johnson is sitting right there at the back of her head. i always sit at the end, is there only 1200 square feet. been around for 40 years, alex holley. i will have my last egg, last piece of bacon, my last pancake, my last meal. >> we get the idea. >> hi there little boy.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy...
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vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours. our friend monte g loves watching the show we love having as part of our show every day. would i like to say happy memorial day to my first brother ernest tron anderson, was in the army, but now rest
7:24 am
in peace to my brother. that is what we want to do please continue to share loved won of the family members given the ultimate sacrifice to honor them and thank them and remember them. >> you should always use the # , that way we will get it on the air. >> fox 29 good day. >> yes. >> okay. >> so, in 90 minutes, i will be arriving at little pete's, now, it is an eatery that has been at 17th and chancellor just off rittenhouse square for mainly 40 years. people have been weighing in. my gosh i will miss it, all that kind of stuff. we have some comments that were sent to our instagram pages. here we go. our crew loved little pete's, we have been hanging there since young adults. what are we go to go do, so many great memories, one thing for sure every time we say
7:25 am
little pete's we will forever burst out in tears laughing. a lot of good times, normally in the middle of the night. >> another good comment read i lived around the corner there for eight years. many nights ended with a stop there for cheese fries and chocolate milk shake before lending home, it will be missed that comment fridays our former director here, pat o'neill, he was in there all the time, lauren. hi there, lauren. >> hello, mike and alex. it is an emotional day. i caught up with my friend, reach here. twenty years ago, 1997, he walk up to this counter right here, talked to my friend lenny, asked her for a job. they sent him straight back to the kitchen. he had to make a salad and club sandwich. you got the job. you have been there ever since >> yes. >> how do you feel. >> i feel happy, i feel sad, i mean all mixed up. i don't know how i feel right now. when i go home and in the coming back to work next week
7:26 am
i we will feel sad. >> so many familiar faces on this side of the bar that you see all the time, does it make you sad thaw might in the come back here and see them. >> those people i see every single night, not every single night but every week two or three times, i whim not see them anymore. i take their number, i will take their working place and stop by there. say hello. that is all i can do. >> i heard you all exchanged numbers to find a new meeting spot. when i say what is next you? said you will relax, soak it all in, but one thing did you do was down load uber driver app. >> i down load uber driver so i will drive uber as a part-time job. >> you have to make way with things. congratulations. i know it is a sad day but we are not saying good bye but we will satisfaction see you later. that is what they are telling me. everyone is waiting for to you come down here.
7:27 am
i'm holding awe seat at the horse show. door's opened. >> hi, guys. >> pretty good. >> thank. >> where are you from. >> england. >> look at you. >> from europe. >> what are you getting breakfast. >> my first time customer here >> it is last day. >> stop it, you have been here you have never been here. >> get in while you can. i cannot hang around. >> i see something political or not. >> we are not talking pol tickets. >> no, no i'm here all the time. >> i know. >> you will be missed. >> a lot of commotion. >> they are coming. >> joe danker, couple things in the control room can you spin the camera around. by the way while he does that,
7:28 am
progress i guess. they will put up a hyat hotel, called hyat excentric, hotel so in place of that at seventh iron and chancellor there will be a hyat this is where we are looking for. that can you imagine 17th and chancellor will look lake that in three to five years. >> yeah. >> parking garage. >> parking garage they will eat that, cross from the warwick hotel. >> you know this at 17th in between warwick and locust. that thing will go up there. >> fancy. >> we have a lot of hotels and high rise apartment buildings. >> we do. >> we keep having these events , bringing into your wrist many and draft and everything else. >> hopefully we will get that back. >> keith, can you move in an area where we can actually see you because that camera doesn't spin 360 anymore. that is keith.
7:29 am
just standing in front of one of these. >> yes. >> that guy got kicked out of little pete's at least once. our news director pat o'neill, it was his fault that he got kicked out. >> he dared me to take food off other plates. >> you took food off other peoples plates. >> and then got thrown out. >> were you eating off other people. >> this is typical. give us your little pete's story. normally it end badly. see you over there at 9:00. seventeenth and chancellor.
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yes, we make buddy work on holidays heading to one of the many parade throughout the area. we need especially this morning just in case umbrella it is cool on it there as well we are seeing showers, watching thunderstorms enter harrisburg. and, a close call, meanwhile cloud persist, it is 60 degrees with 9-mile an hour breezes out of the east and another temperatures that are in the upper 50's to around 60 , if you are going to take that morning walk, probably wear a sweater, sweat shirt because it is 59 in sea isle city. we expect mostly cloudy skies, peak of sunshine in the
7:33 am
afternoon and that should get to us 70 or more if we get more sun, seven day, coming up in just a few minutes, time, 7:33. time to check traffic on your holiday morning, and unfortunately we have a few accidented, bordentown township route 30 southbound at farnsworth avenue all lanes block because of a fuel spill with that accident. avoid that if you can, there is a memorial day parade, in port richmond 9:00 a.m. until noon it is expect to run begins at richmond street, and juniata. and an accident with an injury at little egg harbor, near the new jersey shore, garden state parkway approaching tuckerton vehicle went off red way, we have some vehicles, police are on the scene and new castle airport road at the creek, road is closed because of flooding, your alternate there down in delaware is, basin road, mike and alex. >> people on twitter wondering
7:34 am
what happened to chris, metal detector guy? all right. we will check out ocean city for you at 7:34 exactly. >> jenny joyce is there. >> is he gone? we are looking. trying to focus our camera here. is that greg's camera. no, it is our -- >> shrivers candy is where this camera is located. >> is he still out there. >> i don't see it, do you see it. >> do you see lamp post in between first two and now it is here, right here. >> this camera. right here, and it is not a streaming camera. it interest represent is it self. >> it is internet based so it takes snapshots. >> do you see him. >> he is in the sand dune.
7:35 am
>> i don't know better check with jenny. >> jenny's right there and she can look across and see. >> jenny. >> he is now the star of "good day philadelphia". i have good news to report. i have a couple friend, dale and lindy here, they saw our reports, they saw i was lenly out here. >> we met phil at the bike store and we are here in ocean city. we love just ocean city. >> they have been coming down here for years but you bought a house two weeks ago. >> yes, we did. we're homeowners in ocean city with the mortgage company. >> so your first memorial day weekend down the shore how has it been. >> wonderful, absolutely. weather has been shaky but it has been great. we have had nice day. >> clearly making friend, you met bill at the bike store. >> we have friend we just love
7:36 am
ocean city. it is america's family resort. >> who are you down here with do you have children. >> no, just us. >> grand kid are coming in a couple weeks and she has grandchildren. we are looking forward to ocean city. >> we're montgomery county people, we're both from the norristown area and now live in limerick. >> you saw our little chip with our friend, on the beach, what do you make of. that he is committed to finding coins, it is raining, dark, he has been out there for hours. >> i think he was chris, but yeah, we watched him and we love 29. we always watch 29. i'm serious, mike, sue, we just think 29 is great. >> thank you so much. >> mike and sue, you get a shout out, alex too. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> it is mike, sue, you, you, you, you. >> you love that too much. >> you holley, holley.
7:37 am
>> yes. >> new girl. >> that new girl. >> you. >> i was at a barbecue and they are like where is mike. you didn't bring mike? just you, that is it. >> well, that is not enough. >> it is a cursed chair. >> i want to say thank you, to not people in the control room , but mel, who says hey mike you got something on your jacket, it looks like make up. >> it is always make up. >> can you zoom out, joe. where is it? that thing. >> you have a lot of stuff. >> people say you have a lot of stuff willing on. >> yes. >> look at that. >> that is just dandruff. >> this could be coffee, i did have some spillage. >> this is really a bad looking. >> there is white.
7:38 am
>> were you painting a room over weekend. >> i don't know. >> here's the difference, mel, he always has stains. it is camouflage. >> they don't even mention it anymore. >> doctor mike asked me for some samples, you know, medical samples, i just give him this jacket, it has everything on it. >> all kind of dna. >> dna. >> it is my dna jacket. >> hi. >> i'm dedicating this week, to doughnuts and lingerie. >> what? >> it is all you need to get through life as far as i'm concerned, doughnuts and lingerie, if there is one guy that will help it is dan, our financial guy. >> dan's the many see he brought in doughnuts. i hesitate to see the lingerie oh, my god. there is pants. we just got the keys to our new house!
7:39 am
we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry
7:40 am
do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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7:42 am
jim bunking dies, and the philadelphia phillies, jim was most known for this game right here. >> perfect game. >> perfect game. , it was against the mets on fathers day june 21st, 1964. at that point it was only seventh perfect game in major league baseball history. so after his playing days, were over, jim turned to politics where he was elected to the house of representatives, in 1986 and a kentucky state senator, in 1998. >> yes. >> he was elected six times. >> six times to the u.s. house >> yes. >> and then won first of two terms in the u.s. senate in 1998. >> retired about seven years ago. >> he was only national baseball hall of fame tore serve in politics. >> yes. >> certainly only one to have pitched a perfect game. >> yes. >> he was 85 years old.
7:43 am
legend here in philadelphia. >> we will be right back.
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7:45 am
only a few of us outside on the road this morning maybe head together grocery store to get barbecue supplies, who knows, but anyway, not too crowded a i-95 near cottman avenue. rememb holiday schedule today bhiet
7:46 am
new jersey transit, bus weekend schedule,nd trains will operate on a today, for the holiday, rn? will we get rid of it? we wil 15. we've got barbecues set to go and just need weather to cooperate. folks coming over at noon it will be mostly cloudy. we could see a peak or two of sunshine. mostly cloudy at 3:00, and a little more sunshine toward the end of the day and we could get to 70 or above, but first we have to get rid of this rain, because as we zoom in we will see it is raining in bucks, montgomery counties,
7:47 am
little bit in delco, let's zoom into allentown, and heavy downpours have moved into that area, abe then we will check beach haven, barnegat and they have got showers as well. we have 60 degrees in the city fifty in mount pocono. ocean water temperature 62. with those wind coming from the east, it brings in that ocean moisture and that will keep us cloudy for a lot of the day, 7 miles an hour wind in philadelphia right now. at lee 70. if we get more sunshine maybe warmer, 73 with cloud, showers and maybe even pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon on tuesday, wednesday, increasing cloud with a cool front so we will give 82 then. seventy's on thursday. eighty on friday. back to the zero seven's, over the weekend. mike and alex. >> hey sue thank you for that. >> i like when danry cot owe comes n he does this a couple times a year. he tells us what we're supposed to buy in certain months of the year. >> get the best deals. >> yes. >> since we are getting ready
7:48 am
for june you will tell us what we should hold on to wait to buy things. >> smart shoppers know what to buy and also, when to buy it, right. retail has a seasonty. june great month for certain things and in the so much for other things. lets talk about the things that are good. you are waiting for the semi annual, that is twice a year, yes. the semi annual victoria secret sale only happens twice a year. up to 70 percent off at victoria seer receipt during month of june. >> is there gayy in there. >> share that on tv. >> what did you buy. >> o kay. >> roll back. >> wow. >> that is in the for me. >> no, don't wear those. >> hold on. >> you don't want to wear those. >> do they sell anything for men at victoria secret. >> thinks fruit of the looms. >> no, wrong bad. >> those are yours. >> mike, i know you love doughnuts. >> i love licensing ray and doughnuts this is working out
7:49 am
great. they are a great sponsor. national doughnut day is june 2nd this week. it is coming up. get a free doughnut. >> i have to say i'm a fan of the white and pinkized doughnuts. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> who need a new lap top? >> i always do. >> yes. >> apple, very rarely puts their things on sale but during the month of june you can score, a sale, a deal on a hospital top from apple, anywhere between $10,200 off depending. they do it a couple times a now is the time, if you need that new apple lap top june is moth for you. >> does it come with wind decks to get my fingerprints off these screens. >> thanks for that. >> and they won't do, i'm afraid to buy something because they might have a better sale closer to august. >> this is apple's back to school lap top sale in june. >> yes. >> watch this. >> yes. >> here we go.
7:50 am
>> yes. >> gross. >> oh, yeah. >> my god. >> that is our dna all over the screen. >> it is either from the lingerie or doughnuts. >> this will only get better. >> here we go. >> i know mike loves outdoor activities. >> yoga. >> outdoor activities and any sports equipment, good time to buy that is june, new yoga math, eight bucks at wal-mart good deal. dixon, ll bean have big sales for outdoor gear and sports equipment. finally. >> lingerie, going to dick's sporting goods. >> yoga matt. >> oh, my god. >> and mike and i have to finish our summer wardrobe so if you into summer wardrobe big sales on apparel in june. banana republic 40 percent off >> yes. >> now is the time to hit the stores in june for that sum's parallel wardrobe, right after june they will start putting fall clothes in the store.
7:51 am
>> really. >> yes. >> i'm not ready for that. >> yes. >> so lets complete summer wardrobe, stay away from model year in september, and anything back to school wait until back to school sales, come july, right for those kid back to school. >> except for the apple lap tops. >> and then finally tv, electronics, not a good time in june. wait until the fall on that stuff. >> okay. >> what do you think. >> how is that doughnut. >> i must tell you, i really, dunkin' donuts makes a good doughnut. >> yes. >> the iced won. >> we are glad they are our sponsors. >> alex has to wash her hand after touching those boxer shorts. >> it is smelling like roccato >> thanks, dan. >> all right. >> might want 7:51. he is a new jersey police office shore also has a way with animals. the man who has earned the
7:52 am
nickname deer whisperer joins us next hour of good day to talk about his amaze being rescues in the next hour. >> i'm looking at him right now. and then, one hour from now, i will be joining. >> oh, no. >> engaged. >> my goodness. >> their hand are that close, just hold hand. >> yes, love has, sparked at little pete's. people have gotten engaged and met there. later on got married. blank
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
there is a person looking for chris the metal detector guy and they will wait around for him to come back.
7:56 am
>> more people coming out on the beach. it is coming alive. >> do you think that is a life guard? i don't know. >> wouldn't they be red. >> they wear red shorts. >> i don't know. >> just people walking around checking out the day. >> yes. >> i don't care what the weather is i like the beach. >> are you ready to meet this guy that we introduced you to earlier this week. >> we have been talking bit. >> yes. >> police officer from new jersey has earned himself the title deer whisperer after his rescue of a faun that became trapped in the storm drain. here it is. >> that is officer tim, of the woodbridge police department. this is his third rescue of the distressed deer in just over a year, but not just deer >> oh, no,. >> that pennsylvania december he helped out a buck, antlers got caught up in this netting
7:57 am
here, soccer net, similar situation happened in another buck, last april, officer may jack has also been rescue of 22 other animals, ducks, kittens, racoons, officer good to have you here. >> good to meet you. >> what is it about you. >> i don't know, they just come to me, i don't what it is it is just a coincidence. >> is it. >> it is not a coincidence. >> more than 20 animals. >> as police officers we's called upon to do all kind of things. so really horrible things, sometimes. is there car accidents, domestics, i responded to 9,111th wave of the new jersey police officers. we do have a chance to do something fun me being an animal lover, of course, i will do. that i see the job come in. >> lets go back to that little deer. >> that was the other day. >> how does it get down that drain. >> you know when you play baseball and ball goes down and game over. same way and fell down in the sewer.
7:58 am
look, i get it, everybody says you should let wilderness take care of its own mother nature. unless momma deer was opening up that sewer great it will not happen. >> did you just let him runaway. >> i was holding tonight my hand, now what do i do. but, some people around there was saying that the mother was wondering around looking for it. we walk over to the wood where we saw a couple deer which we were assuming was their mom and let it go, ran off in the wood. we're assuming a happy ending you air great guy. >> thank you tell me about the racoon story. >> racoon story is a good one. >> this was 10 years ago. it was midnight. 3:00 in the morning. there is nothing good at 3:00 in the morning. you get a call that there is a racoon in the house. every car shows up because is there nothing going on. what he walk in the house, there is these three gray haired old ladies watching golden girls and they point to the kitchen. sure enough i walk in there and there is a giant racoon on the top of the refrigerator.
7:59 am
this should be no problem. we have a pole. >> yes. >> so i go get that and as i get it, and i'm walking up to it. i get about 5 feet away, another ra tune start to hiss. i'm the guy at this point. now we have feet up and now it is, it is mean. but i cannot retreat. >> no, you have three women. >> what willie do. >> i go to stand up. >> don't stand up. >> do what you need to do. >> a slip this over the net and pull it tight and now it is like a democrat on of hell. >> give me the box. it is is going north, south,e and west and i swing it around and eight cops run out front door, three old latest running out of the front door. >> i put it down, i run this way, oiled ladies this way, cops the other way.
8:00 am
>> but it all ended well too. >> so what happened to the racoon. >> it ran away. >> it ran away. >> yes. >> now jody harris, the booker , who found you, up in north jersey and booked you. >> yes. >> she's a lovely woman have you met her. >> i have not met her but we correspond through e-mails. >> are you a single guy. >> yes. you have two kid. >> yes, do i a son and daughter. >> beautiful. >> they are lovely. >> yes. >> do do they love animals. >> my whole family does, my dad, my sisters, my three sisters. >> do you have any pets or just too busy. >> big, beautiful, 20-pound great dane. >> i brought you a deer too. >> you got the underwear before so you are good. >> appreciate that. >> so cute. >> it was underwear he wore in >> yes. >> good to see you, man.
8:01 am
>> thanks very much. >> you need a television show. >> you do. >> doesn't he. >> it would be good to have a reality show to see your rescues and everything. >> you are officer majack. >> officer dolittle. >> he is one vowel away from a sayjack. >> that is true. >> hang around jody should be in about 10 minutes. >> thank you very much. >> she's outside right now. >> look at her, she's woman with the hat on. >> and she knew were you doing this. >> she is adorable. >> and she's very efficient, organizing people out there. >> yes. >> she's good cook. >> love connection on memorial day. >> thank you. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you for what you do. >> monday here we go, it is may 29th. memorial day a time to honor men and women of the
8:02 am
military who died serving this nation. >> my husband is a veteran, 22 years. >> as we remember their sacrifice today, a group of local vets are hoping to build a new memorial right here in philadelphia. but weather might not be ideal but not stopping people from enjoying the unofficial start of summer. spring's moving flaw but will the holiday be a wash out. you have until 9:00 o'clock tonight, to get to one of the rittenhouse square's oldest diners, i know it is on 17th, but a fond farewell to little pete's at 17th and chancellor. i'm their life at 9:00. come on, we will have one last pancake. >> we have had some good times in there at little pete's. the sign out front says little pete's but sign on the awning said little pete, apostrophe s
8:03 am
>> yes. >> it is pete and it is his place. >> owner's name is pete. >> it is pete and his brother, john, pete and john. they came here in the 70's from greece and in 78 they opened up little pete's. >> that is right. >> what was i go go to say. >> it is time for weather with sue. it had to be more than that. >> i hope so because this rain is making me nervous. i want to go outside. >> we have a grilling segment out there in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> yes. >> talking about meats frozen and mike's going to little pete you can barbecue or grill frozen meat. >> not just to do it but it is preferred. >> that is not true. >> it helps with flavor. >> those are fancy chefs. >> i have never heard of that in my life. >> aim not kidding you. alex knows. >> yes. >> i have learned. >> that why is we called in the experts. >> anyway lets go to bus stop buddy because even though is
8:04 am
there no school he is working. couple showers around but it is not a wash out all day, i promise this rain will end eventually but we have a few more round of showers to get through before we can say that is happening. we have a shower here, we have thunderstorms headed toward pottsville and allentown still getting some rain so we will keep an eye on. that damp, dreer any olde city 59 degrees, and, we're heading to a high later on of around 80. we have got 62 or so throughout the rest of the morning, cloud stubborn today but we will see some sunshine here and there, high temperature of 70 degrees, on this memorial day. time to check traffic route 42 near creek road check on how folks are doing there read is still damp, no traffic at all, so plenty of room for you, an accident bordentown township at route 130 southbound this happened at farnsworth avenue all lanes are still blocked there because of the fuel spill that they have to clean
8:05 am
up, so, you will want to avoid that at all cost. memorial day parade in media, it will run until 2:00 in the afternoon. they know how to do parade in media delaware county. it will be a good one. septa norristown high speed lines we have delays up to 15 minutes because they are having crew issues. keep that in mind if you are taking norristown high speed line this morning. >> thank you. how can you get to an ocean city by the way, sue if you don't have a car. can you take -- >> ask a friendy guess you have to go to atlantic city by train and then take it to ocean city. >> a bus, greyhound. >> yes. >> it would be a crazy uber. >> call a friend. >> yes. >> jenny joyce is our friend, she's in ocean city right now, people are starting to gather but not around her but they
8:06 am
are gathering. >> reporter: no, we have some friend. mike, you could come down by way of bike, that that is always an option. >> i'm big with bikers. >> yes. this is kim and her son aidan from chester springs. they are here. they have brought a family picture. put that up on the screen. every sunday memorial day weekend they have a family reunion called the wagner family reunion. more than 50 people all gathered to talk about ocean city being a family town. you guys take advantage of that. >> yes, we do. i have been coming down here my entire life. my mommies youngest of four sisters and it is wagner family reunion. my mommies judy. her one sister is joy who has a place at 18th and wesley. we don't all fit there anymore then she has two other sisters nancy and ruth and all of those cousins come down and my cousins are all grown with children and all of them come
8:07 am
down. we have a massive family reunion here every single year we love it. >> you guys saw our reports. you figured would you come and share that story with us. thanks for doing that. so what happened last night? what happened at this party, last night. >> we broke into teams and we had challengings and some of them were like catching food in your mouth, hopping, holding a egg just a bunch more fun games like that. >> how cool is that? i love hearing stories like to he when we are playing these games i grew up with thaw don't hear kid playing as many games anymore. have the weather been, has it dampened the mood at all. >> maybe a little it, we weren't able to go to the beach as much as we would have like but we still rode the ride, walk the boardwalk. >> you got that family time, thanks for sharing that with us, mike and alex, back to you
8:08 am
>> it will still be a great time. >> maybe get on twitter and tell us what board games do you play when it is raining, when you are down the shore. >> i love phase 10. >> phase 10. >> it is fun have you played it before. >> no. >> have you ever heard of it. >> no. >> is what phase 10. >> phase 10 like phase, and 10 , number 10. >> maybe i will. >> it is more of the card game >> we have candy land, uno, the monopoly. >> yes. >> picksry. >> that goodies. >> what are you playing in case it rains all day. i will tell you what i will do in a half an hour i will go to little pete's at 17th and chancellor. that is a live shot. people are hugging. your people hugging and crying inside a diner this is the last day of this place.
8:09 am
wrecking ball will crush it, put up a big hotel, at 17th and chancellor, so that is the hotel they will put up. it is a hyat, so we will get there for my last pancake at 9:00. if you want to meet and chat about this i'll see through. >> why don't you get some eggs too. >> i'll get some eggs. >> on my instagram over weekend, cindy glazer says, she probably likes the dough tonight, glazer, date aid greek cook who work there back in the 80's. wonder how that worked out for her. >> she put a smiling face it worked out well. >> it was okay. >> another one. >> my uncle has work there for the past 30 years. >> he must be tired. >> wonder if he is there today >> we should meet him. >> a lot of follow thanks used to work there are coming back because then is there a big block party i will tell with you once i get there at 9:00. >> a little reunion. next hour we will discuss this prince william is getting
8:10 am
raw and real on the cover of g q magazine. >> i like that head line. >> a prince in his prime. >> it said prince william is getting raw and real on the cover what is raw and real about that. >> maybe article that is raw and real. you know, what did you expect with no clothes on. >> i thought he would be shirt less he is a prince he will not do that. >> he is on the cover but the article is raw and real. >> i'm assuming. >> yes. >> i haven't read it myself but it looks good, british gq. nice serious photo. >> plus we are looking at your pictures of your loved won. >> remembering sacrifices that they have made, our servicemen and women today. how a group of local veterans hoping to build a memorial right here in philadelphia. where? we will tell you. >> it business time for this memorial that is for sure.
8:11 am
8:12 am
true radiance comes from within. new radiant toothpaste by colgate optic white. whitens teeth both inside and out. for a radiant, whiter smile. be radiant by colgate optic white.
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♪ not a lot of traffic but if the weather stays this glummy i predict early exodus from the shore. keep that in mind. we are looking at rain drops, splattered camera showing you vine street expressway just
8:14 am
before the ben franklin bridge and not too many cars on the road right there. port richmond memorial day parade is today, approximately 9:00 a.m., they will get started until about noon time. richmond street and juniata where they step off and septa norristown high speed line we're experiencing delays up to 15 minutes due to crew issues this morning. and, another reminder we told but this earlier, thinks in delaware new castle airport roth at creek road is closed because of flooding, and basin road is your alternate. we will talk about the rain and how long it will last in 15. i think you'll get a decent beach day in but don't expect sunshine and it will
8:15 am
not be hot. maybe mid 60's right there with an easterly breeze so that on shore flow. thunderstorms are starting to get close to berks county this morning as we look at ultimate doppler radar and is there still some rain in the lehigh valley, we have got a few light showers here in philadelphia and the then the wind starting to pick up as well. it looks like we have stopped the rain at jersey shore but that on shore flow is keeping it cloudy. fifty-nine in the city. sixty in atlantic city, 50 in mount pocono and 9 miles an hour wind out of the west. we will get more sunshine, cloud, showers and possible pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon and tomorrow, up in the 80's on wednesday but will not stay there, a cool front wednesday night means, high in the 70's on thursday and another cold front on friday night, means high in the 70's both day of next week even, alex and mike. >> thanks, sue.
8:16 am
>> as we remember sacrifices made by servicemen and women today a group of local veterans are hoping to build a memorial right here in philadelphia it is, to honor those who in iraq and afghanistan while supporting the global war on terror. >> first of all thank you all, for your service. >> thank you. >> perfect day to have you here. >> yes. >> round of applause. >> i don't want to mess up anybody nape, rank, serial number with that lets start with you is what your name. >> brian lennox u.s. army veteran. >> where have you served. >> in iraq in 2004. >> paul fisher of you had marines, veteran of iraq and afghanistan. >> dave henderson veteran on u.s. army. >> we will introduce everybody else. lets talk about this memorial. so this would be a memorial to , people who served in afghanistan, and in iraq. >> you got it, mike. the global war on terror has a few countries that it operates in but 288 service members, you know, basically served and
8:17 am
didn't make it back home were from iraq and afghanistan. >> all from the state of pennsylvania. >> 288. >> yes, that is correct. >> i think really unique thing too is this was continuing on right now, and so not only to, you know, memorialize that had we who in the state of pennsylvania but once that continue to serve our country. >> is there a big battle right now, i don't know if you can punch up a live shot but we have seen a lot of smoke, explosions near mosul and iraq happening right now. some of our service members are involved in that, albeit on a lesser level then it was over the last 10 years or so but where will this memorial be in philadelphia. >> the plan is to have it co located with the korean war memorial and vietnam war memorials which is down in olde city, society hill, near penns landing. >> and this is a good place we are showing video from past ceremonies and that is why you want to have it there because it is a place people go to
8:18 am
travel to and see. >> yes. >> where are we in the process >> we have councilman mark squilla he is on board with us and we are in the infant stage of getting designs together. there will be an announcement calling for designs to be submitted shortly. >> do you have any idea what ter's looking for as far as designs. >> we have ideas but we would like families to basically also to contribute and have input as well. >> well, this is a in brainer to me. >> that is what we're hoping to. >> is there any opposition. >> i think it is just a matter of fund raising, i mean the support we have got, so far since we started has been, really strong, and both from the local government here in philadelphia, and pennsylvania , and just raising fund. >> how do we contribute. >> go to the web site on the
8:19 am
screen right now and also, look us up and come to some of the events we're having. we have a program selling t-shirts which will proceed of which will go to the memorial. >> let's move one of you out in front here. >> come here. >> you stand there. >> right in the center. >> and how many are the t-shirts. >> twenty dollars. >> yes. >> there you go. >> hold on. >> they can be purchased on www dot our history >> that is separate. >> yes, proceed will go toward this foundation, and this memorial. >> okay. >> what is wrong with this picture. >> they cannot even see me behind you. >> good lord. >> this is a memorial, we have to have your name. >> my name is david saunders staff secretary, u.s. army. >> where are you from. >> philadelphia pennsylvania, northeast. >> how about this guy right
8:20 am
here. >> daniel mangold northeast philadelphia slow everything down, so we get some shots here. >> slowly, move over to you. and you are. >> jeaninecuran in the navy where are you from. >> delaware county. >> delco. >> yes. >> where did you go to high school. contacted my park. >> you. >> sergeant timothy williams you had marine core. >> hooray. >> yes. >> okay. >> corporal robert shipper, served in you had marine core. >> thank you for your service. >> here we go. >> andrew hall u.s. army. >> nice beard going there. >> thank you. >> where are you from. >> northeast fail. >> you are. >> northeast philadelphia. >> yes. >> representing. >> very nice. >> thank you. this sound like a wonderful thing. we hepp this will inspire to you help to get this money because how much are you hoping to raise. >> at lee $250,000 to make sure we can make an a pope
8:21 am
eighth fitting memorial. >> 288 lives over the past six years in pennsylvania. >> people should realize this is for the entire state. >> so our good day viewers are very helpful so get on the horn right now. why not do it today on memorial day. >> i'm sure web site will be on our web site as well so we have an easy way to donate. >> that is fox >> yes. >> okay. i'm heading out, are you ready for this? i will go to little pete's. any of you have been to little pete's. >> a lot of hand are raised. >> look out, we all have story , i'll tell you a few of mine to 17th and chancellor at 9:00 at little pete, they will close tonight at 9:00, live shot right there serving the last pancakes, eggs, whatever. >> but first social media consumes you which apps mentally drains you, is there one out there that does that
8:22 am
researchers say one is, it is really bad, is it twitter, facebook, snap chat, instagram >> all i can say alex holley is, you will be mentally ill soon. prestige creams not living up to the hype?
8:23 am
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now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in 1/2 the time
8:25 am
lauren johnson is at little pete. there is a guy over there waiting to talk to you. he has a picture of me, with him. >> what is wrong with that. >> trouble is it is a picture taken in the middle of the night, a few years ago. >> oh, okay. >> we all have those pictures. i have a picture of little pete in the middle of the night i should send to you guys. >> we will make it part of the segment. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> alex holley 3:00 o'clock in the morning at little pete. speaking of alex, you are on instagram a lot.
8:26 am
>> am i? >> yes. >> yes. >> i enjoy instagram, yes. i love instagram stories do i that all the time. if you would like to follow me alex holley tv i would love to are your friend on instagram. >> you have beautiful little stories at end of the every day. >> i like to show cool things i have done. >> that is how i put myself to sleep. >> you watch them. >> and then i fall to sleep. >> they make you fall to sleep >> not that they are boring, anyway, you're in trouble. >> why. >> you are in trouble, because you might be mentally ill, in the next five years. not that is anything to laugh about and not thaw are not that far from it right now but there is researchers in the uk asking users of instagram, facebook, snap chat, you tube, and twitter, how those apps have affect their health. their anxiety levels, their sleep pattern, their body
8:27 am
image and their sense of identity. scientists say alex holley instagram is the worst. instagram produced the most negative feelings among participants. why? >> likely because it is all photos. >> yes. >> that is purpose of instagram. >> yes, this, this, this we see all day licensing on the gram. one response say instagram makes girls, woman, feel like their bodies are not good enough because most posted pictures are heavily filtered and everybody just looks great >> i disagree. you can filter on other social media sites beside instagram, you can filter on facebook, snap chat, twitter. >> what you are telling me every pictures i ever see of you on social media has been doctored in some way. >> no. >> i'm just saying why pick on instagram all of them they can filter. >> see she's defensive about
8:28 am
her instagram. >> i drive instagram and if that will happen. i try not to pay attention. just like everything in life take witt a grain of salt. people post on instagram they are posting best moments of their live. you don't powe i have a horrible day. >> i have instagram envy. >> do you. >> sometimes i do. >> of who. >> of everybody else life, living so much better then i am they want to you think that >> and facebook they want to you think. that how come nobody ever post s i'm a miserable human ning. >> sometimes people say that. >> i i just barred if on my own shoes. i have been to the caribbean. >> that is your personal friend, real life friend you share that information with. >> yes. >> i don't know. it is interesting. >> social media. >> just be careful. >> okay. >> if you would like to follow me. >> alex holley tv. >> yes, exactly. >> one thing i have fun, i try to be funny. >> you have a great life.
8:29 am
>> funny momentsy don't know about that. >> funny moments. >> you have enjoyed that. >> i have laughed out loud. >> at your self. >> at myself. >> what else can i do but laugh. >> because, the alternative, tears. you will not believe, that this place exists in the city of philadelphia, well, just outside the city limits. how many times have you driven by these apartments up on the hill, in bala cynwyd presidential city, they have completely gutted this joint, all of the build bugs that is not the big deal. the pool area, is going to blow your mind. after the break. ♪
8:30 am
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next hour of good day finding the right bathing suit can be difficult. why these two moms are getting a tension for letting it all
8:33 am
hang out like a break out. >> brick house. >> brick house. >> yes. >> mighty, mighty. >> yes, letting it all hang out. i'm so glad you could see our faces. >> that is horrifying. >> that is a live shot right there. there is a woman from paterson , new jersey. >> get here mike jerrick. >> get here mike jerrick, now. >> good lord. >> well, i just cancelled my trip to little pete's. in, just kidding. i am going over there at 9:00 to meet up with you. she's considered the mayor of little pete's. >> yes. >> she has been there so long she screamser name when you walk in. >> the mayor means business. >> like if you walk in, alex holley and she knows what you want to eat and stuff like that. >> my gosh. >> just say thank you to the people that joined instagram. >> yes, i got new followers, so hello, everybody, buckle because it will be a ride when
8:34 am
you follow me on instagram. >> are you jealous. >> i'm a little jealous because i was way ahead when you first got here to philly on instagram. >> i am going to tell you where i am are we go to go do this. >> it is fine. >> this is why you are behind you cannot even figure out how to pull it. >> why don't you just shut... >> wow. >> that wasn't nice. >> it wasn't nice, a pol guys. i'm at 40,000 followers. >> that is good, that is a lot , 40,000. >> what are you. >> look ought rounding up, you have 39.3. >> that is 40. >> i bet you are at 60 or 70. >> is what your instagram name >> you will trick me in to doing something. >> would i never do that somebody just said if you can survive working with me you will never be insane. >> or maybe i already am. >> if you don't have a handle, i do on instagram, and i'm
8:35 am
sure i would have you follow me. >> alex holley tv, okay. >> that is hard to remember. >> holley. >> maybe you saw it graphi cally on the screen, it is mike jerrick, that is my instagram. >> will we have a competition. >> if i can get to 50,000 by the end of the today that would be great. >> look at stuffy post. >> just begging. >> we both are. >> we will see you at little pete's in a little bit. >> how will the ride be, would i like to have perfect weather >> sue serio fox 29, sue serio fox 29, sue serio no spaces just sue serio fox 29, serio. >> what did you say? oh, yeah, allergy is because asked me about. sneeze index. that is one advantage of having some rain around tree pollen and grass pollen, has gone down to medium levels and that is what we predict through thursday of this week. little shower around right now but not a wash out today,
8:36 am
hopefully by barbecue time all this will be out of here, buddy does have a sweat shirt on because it is on the cool side this morning. temperatures in the upper 50's to 60, well, is there thunderstorms moving through pottsville right now, will they hold together in the hit the lehigh valley. they will probably will. a few left over showers in philadelphia but we are in the process of getting rid of them we can't get rid of these stubborn cloud. 93 percent relative humidity and easterly wind at nine. reminder why we have a holiday today, to honor those who have given their lives for our country. 07 degrees if we get enough sunshine with mostly cloudy skies. 8:36 is the time. lets check traffic, if there is any, out there this morning we will start off with this look at ben franklin bridge and nice to see on a monday, that there aren't too many cars, but of course, it is a holiday, and we also have wet road out there so take it
8:37 am
slowly. route one between lancaster avenue and bryn mawr avenue is there construction from now until 3:00 this afternoon the right lane is block right at that busy part of the city line avenue. an accident in blue bell just came in royal oak drive at stenton avenue and they are accident, at farnsworth avenue all lanes blocked as they clean up a fuel spill in that area mike and alex, this morning. >> a couple things. >> okay. >> really, still pushing for more people. >> yeah. >> 39-pint three. i would like to get well over 40 by end of the show today. >> you have high demand. >> you are 20,000 people ahead of me. >> i powe more than. >> you post constantly. >> silly things. >> i give inside look at my life. if you want to know my business. >> you should know her
8:38 am
business. >> and you are much more prettier. >> that is not it. >> it has something to do with thaty don't think so. >> i'm hideous. >> i know what you are doing, i necessity what you are doing , trying to make you pity him to get more followers. >> pity gram. >> #pity. >> but then everybody follows you then i won't have any followers. >> okay. >> what are you looking at. >> we put up a graphic that says little pete's block party is today, it is tomorrow. block party tomorrow, party tomorrow. >> i'm going over there at 9:00 o'clock today, and i'll tell but the block party for tomorrow but to takey like how i say party. >> party. >> not the thing you use, but there is a party, hello everybody. >> ever wonder what we would be like, listen to this seriously, is this time for segment ortiz. >> segment. >> how many times have you
8:39 am
driven wye schuylkill expressway and you see those buildings up in bala cynwyd up on the hill. they have been there since the 50's, right. they completely renovated them but i bet you did not know there is an oasis up on that hill. do you want to see this. >> yes. >> on a hill. >> a huge pool. it is an oasis. >> okay. >> presidential suites. folks have been driving by these buildings since the early 1950's just off of 76, and bala. bala. presidential city, has been an around forever look at views of the sit of philadelphia but you know what these buildings used to be a run down, until about two years ago when this guy took over. hey there mike. >> of post brothers yes. >> what have you done. >> so we have completely gut renovated them. >> how many bedrooms. >> this is a two bedroom, two
8:40 am
and a half bat, we have three bedroom and well as one bedroom. >> each apartment we are getting more empty nesters, moving from the main line, professional athletes and people want value and space and finishes but in this apartment we have cut down windows all the way to the floor so is there beautiful light, floor to ceiling windows. living areas like you see, you get, beautiful build in roller shade. windows are, tilt and turn which are super high efficiency. there is not much like it in the united states. but they both tilt in, vent lakes in bad weather or they turn in, and you cannot fall out. so your master suite has 270- degree views. >> that is a closet. >> it is a dressing room, there is no closet only
8:41 am
dressing rooms. >> different. >> i never had a closet with a view. >> nice. >> it will change your life. >> reason i wore shorts and i'm dressed down is because i have heard about this jewel of this complex. >> the one thing extra that is part of your rent that cost nothing extra for and something we call the pool of love. >> let's go. >> oh, my goodness. are we still in philadelphia. >> we are? >> this is the play pool, lounging pool and lap pool, is there private cabanas all along in the north and west side, hot tubs in the far west >> are we in philadelphia. >> we are in philadelphia at presidential city apartments. >> i just want to make sure. >> it is an oasis in the middle of philadelphia. >> who knew was here.
8:42 am
>> are we in philadelhia. >> let me show you your google maps. >> this is not vegas. >> we are still in philadelphia. >> it looks like a vegas pool. >> everybody is so nice looking too. >> yesy asked him, you knew i was coming here with a camera. did you hire models. i'm not kidding. he said no. those are humans that live there. >> fish. >> remember last week when someone gave me something with the address and it says ph20, said what is that. what does that mean. she goes, penthousey was like oh, okay. clearly i don't know anything about that life. >> haven't you been in buildings that said ph at the top button. >> i have never been on that level so to me i don't pay attention. >> do you think they were testing the water of their ph levels. >> exactly. >> if i have never been there how am i supposed to know. >> some day you will live in
8:43 am
your own penthouse. >> speaking of my instagram big brother, says mike, i follow you bolt on instagram. mike, you need to step up your game. get more followers. alex is easy on the eyes. 's grease with me. >> poor angel says i only have 35 followers but, you know. >> but, what. >> size doesn't matter. >> on instagram. >> that your rule for life. >> i said it every day. >> i got to go. >> really. >> it is time to go. >> i will go over to little pete's on 17th between walnut and locust. >> you can either join mike there or you can stay by tv and still watch, it will be fun, you will done. that we will be grilling. we are having a party too. it will be fun both places.
8:44 am
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beautiful shot. >> yes. >> and, it is supposed to stop and deal with cloud. >> i'm okay with the cloudy days but here's is what coming up on good day. are you grilling today. well, husband and wife chef time, and, best burger and they let us in. secret grilling techniques of john's public, with the most juicy, best tasting burger out there today. >> yes.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
all right. time to start getting the grill fired up. it is your fox 29 grill cast, and coming up around noon you will still be mostly cloudy might see a few peaks of sunshine mid to upper 60's through 3:00 and depending how much sun we will get a high of
8:51 am
around 70 degrees. we have already fired up the grill here at fourth and market, alex holley outside, and i bet it smells good out there. >> it does, and it sound good, sue. i'm just so happy right now. so we have the husband and wife team right here, chef ben , and chef liz, good morning to bolt of you. >> good morning. >> how are you guys. >> so john henry's pub. >> we are ardmore right off of cricket avenue like two blocks off have lancaster. >> i want to talk burgers this morning. you guys got named best burger by whom. >> by main line and readers choice. >> wow. >> okay. that is pretty big. how long have you been making burgers. >> i have been cooking in restaurant since 15, so 19 years. >> did you both find love in the kitchen. >> no, we did not. >> no. >> okay. >> kitchen came later. >> it did, we just both came from kitchen backgrounds and we met and we started doing it together. >> lets talk about it.
8:52 am
what is secret looking at these burgers, they are big, juicy how do you keep them big >> the thicker it is, it helps and seer the outside as fast as you can an let the rest cook slowly. >> how do you make sure you are searing outside. >> when you go outside go over high, hottest part of the grill, give it about a minor so, and then give it each side and then pull it off and let it slow cook, the rest of the way. >> what kind of burgers do you have here. >> we have our signature jhp burger what is that. >> that is john henry pub burger. >> of course. >> we have hot sweet pepper relish, we have a grilled onion. >> yes. >> is this relish here. >> yes. >> what initial to that. >> about 20 different. >> is it a secret. >> it is hot peppers, sweet peppers, onion, vinegar, seasonings. >> okay. >> you have chile sauce and
8:53 am
then what. >> and then, we do a sunnyside up egg and apple with smoked bacon. >> people at home trying to recreate your best burger here what else do they need to know seer outside first. is what a good common mistake people usually do. >> usually, turning theberg are too much times or pushing downy push down. >> as soon as you push down that juice will go out and never get that back. >> how many times should we flip it then. >> only flip it once only won. >> if you want char you go 90- degree turn halfway through and flip it over once, and that way your burger he hits all side of the grill so it cooks evenly. >> good to know. >> they are telling me we have to wrap up but do we have one cut. i can have a lit built of it. >> i got to try best burger
8:54 am
here. >> is this a salad? we need salad. have a little bit of health ness. >> coconut salad. >> is that mack and cheese. >> homemade mack and cheese and on the other side homemade bake beans we just started to do them. >> where are baked beans. >> yes. >> with the crust. >> how willie eat this burger and i'm wearing white pants. >> look at that. my goodness. >> mike, i will eat this burger, are you over there. are you opened. >> they are. >> head out to ardmore but you are at little pete's right now >> not yet, of course because i'm not super man but yeah, feed your face there and come join me at little pete's we're in the van now. let me switch over can you sigh anything?
8:55 am
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