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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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search coming coming up in a live report. fourteen years old, gunned down on the street. latest violence in kensington claims teen's life leaves another teen in the hospital. police are looking for right now. it wasn't alcohol, that is the message from tiger wood, to his fans after being arrested on dui, what he says, led to this arrest. bryce. >> harper will go out. now we have a fight. >> bryce harper, you know him, love him. harper's hey makers, the nationals star likely facing suspension after charging the mound in san francisco yesterday. how does it compare to the all
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time great baseball fights? how about some great phillies fights? do you remember some? do you remember any of those. hi everybody. >> all i see is hair flying. >> it was a big hair day, we have jason hair werth running behind him. baseball players love their hair. so who got in the best punch. we will break it down. good day it is tuesday may 30th, it is tamara's birthday. >> the one you. >> should have married. >> yes. >> the one that got away. >> that is right. >> send her a message. >> i will send her a text today, probably. >> then maybe you shouldn't. >> not this early. >> water in the bridge, toothpaste, tube, horse, barn. >> moving on, moving on to sue >> looking ahead. >> not that we have the best number ever, and some measly five out of 10 because we have more damp, dreary weather, it is drills, fog, cloud, and bus stop buddy with jacket on as
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we head back to school. we made him work yesterday too he had something similar on. now for foggy spots to the north and west of us pottstown , allentown, mount pocono, lancaster, visibility good at the airport in philadelphia right new but we are watching some showers, to our south, as we zoom in, we will see from sussex county, delaware all the way down to the del marva peninsula and couple thunderstorms there. that is where you are headed, that is what you have to encounter. we are socked in with cloud here in olde city and we have 57 degrees with 7-mile an hour wind out of the east and relative humidity at 83 percent. other temperatures in the 50's as well, mostly in the mid to upper 50's, heading to a high of around 70 degrees, if we get any sunshine, thunderstorms could pop up anytime but can't rule it out bob kill toy day with that high of 70 degrees. >> come on, 6:02. good morning.
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everybody is heading back this morning. here's i-95 southbound, at girard avenue coming into downtown philadelphia live look here at 42 freeway extra volume folks coming back from the beach to the office this morning as we always see after a busy holiday weekend down the shore this guy here pulled over off to the side, it looks like he is tightening up his cargo here ramps from creek road to head south on the 42 freeway, gang down in delaware middletown delaware route one northbound an accident near the biddles toll plaza from delaware beach, jersey beach or poconos, a lot of extra volume, especially if you have a home at vacation spots, stayed over extra night and came home right in the beach from the morning. wissohickon avenue block at roberts avenue. 6:03. lets get back to breaking news from the tacony section of the city. >> police are looking for two suspects who shot a 7-eleven
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worker. what have you learned in tacony. >> violent armed robbery police still here at the scene at 7-eleven. you can see they are inside piecing this together. they have one person in custody but two people involved. 7-eleven is here in the 6900 block of torresdale empty at four when two robbers hit it. one stayed outside as a look out, covered from head to toe in a duffle bag. suspect walked into the store was wearing all black, half mask to cover his face. he announced a robbery asked both employees inside to empty out their register. first employee did just that. when second employee had trouble getting it opened suspect became annoyed, shot the employee in the arm. hearing gunshot the look out then came inside, ordering his accomplish to throw money in the bag and they took off running down diston street, police, k-9 dogs called here to the scene, person of interest in custody after officers found him on top of the building but we have no more information about who that person is and if he was
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involved in all of this. so no arrests have been made but police still here on the scene coming out of the 7-eleven store just now trying to piece together exactly what happened. i'm sure mike and alex, is there probably surveillance video inside that store. >> i'm sure, that will help to figure out what happened. >> almost every 7-eleven has one. lets get to kensington, this morning a 14 year-old is dead and another teen is in the hospital and shooter is on the run. >> jenny what do you know at the round house. >> reporter: at this point we don't know why bullets were flying on this small block, in the kensington neighborhood last night at this point no arrests, made police don't have a motive. philadelphia police say a gunman opened fire on the 2,000 block of east orleans street last night around 9:30, a 14 year-old boy shot in the neck, back, multiple times, and a 16 user old was struck in the shoulder, both teens transported to st. christopher's hospital, shortly thereafter, the 14 year-old died from his injuries, the second victim we
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are told, is in stable condition. again, at this point police are searching for shooter. you can see detectives on the scene looking for evidence, multiple police officers on the scene last night and we are hoping to get an update later this morning, mike and alex. >> we will check back with you jurors will continue to deliberations in the david creato murder trial. today jury will review testimony from the county detective and a cell phone expert. >> um-hmm. >> thursday jurors watched creato's interrogation video for a third time. it was recorded on the same day his son bond an's body was found in october 2015. they also listened for a third time to the 911 call which creato reported his three-year old son was missing. tiger wood speaking out this morning a day after ago rested on suspicion of dui. >> he has made front page of just been page in america, that is for sure. he said he wasn't drinking alcohol. tiger said he had an
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unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. so, he was arrested at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. that was, yesterday morning in mall beach county, florida. tiger was in jail for about four hours before being released, police culled release a full arrest report later this morning. last month, tiger had his fourth back surgery since 2014 he wrote on his web site last wednesday that he has not felt so good in years. he said he felt instant relief after the surgery and then, that happened. we will have more on his statement and apology to fans coming up in a little bit. that got us thinking, celebrity mug shots, he will to have add that mug shot to a list of celebrity mug shots from over the years. in fact, in northern liberties , i think it is fishtown there is a deli called and diner called the mug shot cafe. you ever been in there. >> in it is peoples, go there
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all night long. >> covered in mug shots. >> wallpaper is all mug shots. >> yes. >> remind me of lindsey lohan 's mug shot from july of 2010. i think one of the prettiest, mug shots, ever. >> it is so orange jump suit. >> it is the new black. >> yes. >> i don't think tiger is not that good. >> no, we will go downhill from there, probably ending up at the bottom which is james brown or nick nolte and you be the judge. >> remember guy that became famous, after his mug shot jeremy meets. >> he was in the news last week, i think he was in cannes at some party. >> living life new. pushing, shoving threats of gun violence all on the floor of the texas state house alex you know this state very >> we will show you what led to these lawmakers getting out of control, while in session, look at that, boom.
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>> is that your dad? >> no. and then pretty much another fight this one big time on the field, in the diamond. >> mixture of fists, helmets and hair, bryce harper land a few punches after charging mound in san francisco, what he says happened three years ago, that led to this moment. one of the war in history. >> what is he trying to do with that.
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one lawmakers claims that his life was threatened so he called ice. >> so camera rolling as emotions boil over in austin, yesterday. protesters, they are angry over a bill that ban sanctuary cities, they fill capitol rotunda, they are up above so you cannot see them in this video. that is when a republican law maker claims called u.s. immigration and customs on those protesters. >> wow. >> look at that. >> he wanted protesters deported. >> they are all in each others face.
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>> man. >> it is a nice building. >> oh, beautiful. >> in austin. >> austin, texas. >> beautiful location. >> i have been all the way to the top part of the capitol like up in the tip. >> have you ever punched anybody out. >> no. >> have i ever punched anybody >> not in that building not ever. >> not ever. >> no. >> i saw. >> i am a lover, mike, not a fighter. what a beautiful thing to say, a 6:12 now. battery bandit. i don't mean this kind of battery we're talk fights all morning. battery bandit. local police on the look out for repeat crook where they say he stole more than, $100,000 in truck batteries, and tools from local businesses. new evidence released in the deadly manchester bombing why police want people to see this photo of the alleged attacker. we just got the keys to our new house!
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we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house!
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yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. it is 6:15. oh, it is desserted on the wildwood boardwalk right now, probably wasn't as crowded as it should be, because weather was less than ideal, but folks had fun, this was our skee ball kind of day back in the day. we got an unsettled workweek, we have damp, cool day to day, it will be warmer by wednesday
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but really there is pretty much every day this week we will predict at least a chance of the shower. north of us, west of us, that is where fog is right now, lancaster, pottstown, allentown, mount pocono, socked in that will slow you down. okay right now, visibility temperatures remaining in the 50's, upper 50's in philadelphia down in wildwood, at 58 degrees, around 50 in foggy mount pocono this morning with our easterly wind , keeping us cloudy, we will get on shore flow all that moisture from the atlantic ocean. so we will stay cloudy for most of the day and as far as rain is concern, we will see some starting to move in the southern part of the delaware, down through the del marva peninsula there, even thunderstorms popping up and seaford delaware we have a downpour right now. as we look ahead we will see chance of the shower popping up later in the day today and then, maybe a break overnight and then later on in the day on wednesday, that would be a
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cold front but we will get close to 80 tomorrow before that cold front comes through so lets put all that together in your seven day, forecast, and 70 degrees today, close to 80 tomorrow, thinks your best weather day of the week and it is thursday, no, not the weekend but it is iffy i should say with at lee a chance of the rain 50/50 on saturday and sunday, with temperatures in the 70's bet day but you can get your forecast on the radio tune into 101.1 moore fm. >> more coming at you. 6:17. good morning, first day back after the holiday, always crazy, we will see folks coming back from the shore right from the beach, right in the office, here's a live look at freeway, off to the shoulder, look out postal truck, this is creek road ramp heading on to 42. schuylkill expressway starting to see volume from city avenue , in toward downtown back from the poconos, after
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the weekend as sue mentioned, watch out for fog from quakertown through lansdale and, of course, we have construction zone there 422 looking good, down into delaware, route one northbound an accidented at biddles toll plaza where anyone coming back from the delaware beaches and water crews out wissohickon blocked at roberts avenue they will be out for rest of the day and one more day for this third street closure, right around the corner here in front of the american revolution museum, third street blocked walnut to chestnut so any of the kid coming for a class trip today will get a nice little education on detour through olde city but one more day we should be opened by evening rush hour. back to you. >> i have to detour around that, and you too every day, quite a anything to detour from chestnut to walnut, i have to go to fourth to second >> you detour even though you are walking. >> yes, yes. >> you are a trooper. >> thanks, bob. >> there are still sidewalks.
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>> but i do it for the city and for you. >> yes. >> former panama dictator general manual noriega is dead , noriega underwent an operation after suffering a hemorrhage following brain surgery, the one time, u.s. alley, was ousted as panama's dictator during an american invasion in 1989. that was ordered by president bush, bush 41. noriega later served 17 years sentence in the united states on drug and, well, money laundering charges. he was 83 years old. 6:19. isis has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that exploded in central baghdad. the explosion killed 13 people and injured 24 hours. officials say it remotely detonated explosives left inside the parked car outside of the popular popularize cream shop. it came a few days after holy
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month of ramadan where muslim fast. families break their fast and baghdad ease restaurant and cafes quickly fill up. um, um, um. british police releasing a new photo of the manchester suicide bomber hoping people will come forward with information. is there the photo, it shows suspected bomber, with a blue suitcase, do you see that there, rolling suitcase there, police say suitcase was in the used in the attack but he is believed to have wheeled it around a two locations in manchester. police are scouring nearly 13,000 hours of closed circuit tv recordings, throughout the city, and their search for clues. jury selection begins today in the trial of the minnesota police officer who shot and killed philando castille, police officer yanes is facing manslaughter charges after he used unreasonable
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force during a routine traffic stop back in july. castille was shot after he told the officer he was armed, but he had a carry permit. castille's girlfriend and her young daughter were also in the car, at the time, video of the aftermath streamed live on facebook across the nation. yanes defense teams claimed the officer thought his life was in danger when he feared castille was reaching for his gun. back to work at novacare complex not just for everybody else in town, otas resumed for eagles and big question today is will fletcher cox be there for week two. >> boy, if he is not, the heat will turn up on fletcher. did anybody win lottery on saturday? no. power ball is what over 400 million then. 302 million. on wednesday.
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good morning i'm sean bell , phillies and marlins playing for the battle of the war, both teams are at the bottom of the nl east and both
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looking to get out of the basement. in the bottom of the sixth phillies down two-one derek de trick with the two run bomb. hellickson went six innings, and phillies lose four-one. they have the war record in all of baseball. to the stanley cup finals game one penguins and predators, tied at three late in the third nashville loses the puck it is jake witt and comes up and scores, penguin would later add an empty netter. pittsburgh takes game 15-three tiger wood continues to spiral out of control, yesterday morning wood was arrested, while driving under the influence, wood came out with the statement that said it was not alcohol-related, he said it was an unexpected reaction to a prescribed medication. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> 6:25. >> we will have more on that tiger wood story and what he had to say bit. eagles will be back on the practice field later today for
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second round of the organized team activities or otas. voluntary practices started last week but the defensive tackle fletcher cox was most notable name who did not show up. there was talk, what is going on with cox, is what happening there are reports that cox is now back in philadelphia and expected to be at otas this week. defensive coordinator jim schwartz will hold a press conference this morning and i'm sure he will be asked that question. is what up with cox, man. >> is what up with cox. he has been seen in town. >> according to reports, yes. >> according to reports. >> have you sign him. >> not according to my reports >> doesn't mean he is not here though. >> true. >> i guess we will find out in a couple hours. >> yes. >> so lets get back to this fight. what are people talking about more, the bad flip of the helmet, really good hair on all these peoples head. look at bryce harper's hair. >> or actual fighting. >> and then a couple good
6:27 am
punches landed from both guys. do you know that this fight, which is pretty goodies based on something that happened three years ago between those two dudes, three years ago, how long do you hold a grudge. >> i'm not sure. >> i can get over something pretty quickly. >> three to six months. >> he didn't get over it. >> three years, waiting for that moment to get him back. dang. 6:27. lets check with lauren for a shooting at a 7-eleven. >> that is right, alex early morning armed robbery turns violent inside 7-eleven stories closed and police are searching for two suspects we will tell but more what happened after the break.
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shots fired, employees hurt and two gunman are on the loose, we are live at that 7-eleven with an update that happened an hour ago. tiger wood in trouble with the law his statement to his fans after being charged with dui, and spending about four hours in jail. and saying good bye to a philadelphia favorite, little pete's the moment they closed their doors for good last night but there is still time to say good bye, is there a party happening to celebrate nearly 40 years in business. nape hood stapel. >> what are you doing.
6:31 am
>> i'm doing what the owner did last night. >> okay. >> i walked by there at 2:30 in the morning. >> you must have had a night. >> i did. >> i took photos and we will show tonight a moment. >> the place has been stripped clean. >> already. >> yes. >> when i was there yesterday they were stealing menus, forks, knives, place mats. >> people wanted momentoes. >> they have another location it seems like they would want that. >> well, they don't have it anymore. walls are bear, sue. >> this is just people that took stuff before they left. >> yes. >> wow. >> all right. >> well, souvenirs, maybe your umbrella for today, and you needed some yesterday, probably a little bit today. drizzle and fog with bus stop buddy, the fog was to the north of us, but the temperatures are in the 50's, and we have rain down in delaware, lower two counties of delaware, mostly sussex county, thunderstorms popping up on the the del marva peninsula, so for us, we are socked in with cloud, again,
6:32 am
57 degrees, right now, very humid outside and we're expecting included cover the entire day. could get a pop up thunderstorm toward evening. high temperature only 70 degrees, normal high 78. we will tell you when things do warm up in a few, bob kelly >> good morning, everybody. 6:32, on tuesday morning, folks coming right back from the beach right in the office, first day back after holidays, it is crazy, back to work, school, live look at the freeway, pockets working your way in toward philadelphia, schuylkill expressway jammed up, already from the boulevard into downtown and then south on 495, for the gang through wilmington today, watch for detours, delay right here near edgemore road, coming back from say delaware beach, middletown delaware, route one northbound accident near biddl es toll plaza, they will be doing paving again today along city avenue from lancaster over to bryn mawr
6:33 am
avenue and water crew out on wissohickon avenue blocked at roberts and blue route, excuse me, northeast extension, watch out for fog for the gang coming back from the poconos between quakertown, lansdale and starting to see delays east on 422 into king of prussia, mike and alex, back to you. lets get to breaking news out of the tacony section of the city. >> police are looking for two suspects shot at 7-eleven, about an hour and 15 minutes ago. lauren johnson got there quickly in tacony. >> reporter: hi there mike, slight inconvenience for customers while this was a crime scene but of course, bigger scare for two employees inside was 4:00 a.m. when two men decided it was perfect time to commit an armed robbery. one stayed outside as look out while others walk inside. he ordered them to empty registers. one had trouble getting it opened when the robber got frustrated and shot man in the arm. we could see bullet hole in the ceiling of the store. that is when look out came inside they threw money in the
6:34 am
duffle bag and then just took off running. >> other employee was ordered to open up the register. he opened up the register. did he cooperate. gave male money from that register and male with the gun ordered him to open up other register which he could not and because he could not, the male with the gun i guess got frustrated and fired at the employee. the employee was hit in his right upper arm area one time and then they stopped the male , who was right now is a person of interest, they found him on top of the roof of the building. >> and we can tell thaw police did leave the scene here, they did take someone with him put in the back of the car for questioning, that person was in the handcuffed. the store was closed temporarily but police are searching for two suspects who were involved in a violent armed robbery at around 4:00 o'clock at this 7-eleven on torresdale avenue, mike and alex. >> thank you for that. a 14 year-old boy is dead
6:35 am
in the double shooting in kensington, another teen, 16, in the hospital, shooter, on the loose. >> jenny joyce is giving us info on the search for that shooter, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. no update as of yet, police say no arrests have been made as they continue to investigate. what we know is a gunman opened fire on the 2,000 block of east orleans street around 9:30. a 14 year-old boy was shot in the neck and back multiple times, a 16 year-old was struck in the shoulder. both teens were transported to st. christopher's hospital. soon thereafter a 14 year-old died from his injuries. second victim in stable condition, why the shooter was in this area and pulled trigger on a couple teens is still unclear. police are continuing to investigate as you saw in that video. detectives were on the scene, going through evidence, unclear whether there was surveillance cameras in that area, mike and alex. >> let us know, thank you.
6:36 am
jury selection begins this morning in the sex assault trial of five two-year old lee kaplan do you remember that guy? facing dozens of charges for allegedly sexually assaulting several young girls. police found 11 girls from age six to 10, living with this guy in feasterville, bucks county. one of them, who is only 14 at the time was gifted to him by an amish couple who says that kaplan helped them with money. he then fathered two children with this young woman. jury selection begins at 9:00 o'clock this morning in bucks county. tiger woodies speaking out this morning a day after ago rested on suspicion of dui. >> um-hmm. >> wood released a statement saying alcohol was not involved though. >> karen hepp, i guess this would be easy to figure out if they just gave him a drug test or, you know, breathalizer.
6:37 am
>> i'm sure they did. >> initially he refused it. there is conflicting reports of what happened but i think it was refuse. wood said what happened was un expect reaction to prescribed medications and didn't realize mixture of those medications which he is prescribed, had affect him so strongly. that is his story. he is one of the majors 14 time, major golfer, arrested at 3:00 a.m. yesterday arrested in palm beach county, jupiter florida. police put throughout mug shot and he looks disheveled following the arrest. he was in jail for four hours before being released. police have not said much about his arrest or yes was initially pulled over, they could be release ago lieutenant more about that within later in the day, maybe even some video. yesterday, wood put out this statement explaining to the fans what happened and apologize willing for his actions writing i would like to apologize to my family, friend and fans. i expect more from myself too. i will do everything in my power to ensure that never happens again.
6:38 am
last month, he had his fourth back surgery since 2014 and he wrote on the when site last week that he had not felt as good as he has felt in years. he wants to come back to golfing once again. >> well, now his mug shot, which is on papers all around the world as a matter of fact certainly in this country, added to the list of celebrity mug shots. all right. probably one of the most famous in the world is nick n olte, wow. >> yeah. >> that is something. >> it is hard to top that mug shot, man. >> but we will try. >> do you see they wanted to show off his shirt because they zoomed out. tiger woodies up close. >> if you have that shirt on i think do you want to showcase the shirt when are a police officer or not. >> get your monies worth. >> we have a major battery theft ring in philadelphia, or delaware county. >> it has police looking for a suspect targeting a dozen local businesses, nearly a hundred you this dollars worth
6:39 am
of truck batteries and other tools were lifted from paving contracting trucks in eddystone and chester. thefts happened last week and police say they were all done by the same person. suspect was driving a large gold colored chevy suv. all by one guy. wow. a lot of damage done. okay. philadelphia dining stapel, we try to say good bye to throughout the show yesterday. it has finally shut its doors at 9:00 p.m. last night. >> the metro has it, the inky has it, all of the tv stations in town had it. well, the door finally closed last night. this is a little sad. here we go. >> ♪ >> man, it was 9:00 o'clock last night. they goes, door to little pete
6:40 am
's, 17th and chancellor between walnut and locust closed after 39 years of business. the space is transforming into a 13 story hotel, later today the owners are throwing a block party, from 11 to 3:00 in the afternoon that would be right here at 17th and chancellor. them not shut down 17th but they will shut down chancellor street and they will have free greek food and plenty of music >> that is so nice they are doing that for all of the people that love little pete's and gone for years. >> i went by there about 8:45 last night a lot of people for that last little bite. >> was there a line still out the door. >> and then they sang the song at 2:30 don't ask me why i was out and bye took this picture through window. >> how did you get in. >> through the window, stripped yesterday there were pictures all over that wall. everything is gone.
6:41 am
souvenirs. souvenirs, they wanted souvenirs. >> you would think they would wait until today but my gosh that was quick. >> as people got up and left, they took anything that wasn't totally bolted down. >> thanks for the memories little pete. >> i don't think pete, john, and all the other people that are involved, cared. >> they know people want a piece of it. >> yes. >> so now question is where for especially big for late night folks, where will people go now. where can you go after 2:00 a.m. to get a good meal. >> i think maybe that mug shot diner, fishtown. >> i'm talking about in center city. >> that was the thing in center city, you could walk there. >> hold on tour pants. >> where was i read ago this article. where is the article that says the classic diner. >> welshing while you're looking for that and send us suggestions, mike, we were talking about mug shots, we
6:42 am
found your mug shot we will pull it up. >> doh. >> wow. >> my god. >> can you explain what did you do, oh, my gosh, what happened, was it a long night. >> that doesn't look anything like me. >> is that me. >> yes, in the face, honey, that does look like you. >> that is me. >> yes. >> yep, the cold soaries there >> that is you. >> those are my lips. >> certainly. >> your hair is different. >> here it is, here's the article. you are right. >> that was great. >> the last great downtown philly diner calls it a day after 39 years. sit last great? we have had so many diners close. >> there is one by max brenner 's the chocolate restaurant. >> on 15th. >> i have been there before. it has the word dog in the name. >> no that is a hamburger joint, that is little, big dog , blow out. >> let's open after 2:00 a.m.
6:43 am
that is the thing. where do people go out because that is where they would go to eat. where are they go to go go. >> is ihop after 2:00. >> yes. >> only time i have been there is late in the night. bryce harper loses his cool, chucks his helmet, nationals star facing suspensions after charges yesterday. how does it compare to some of the best baseball brawls of all time we will play some of them for you. we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you.
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i love you too.
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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6:46 on a tuesday morning, first day back to work and school for everybody. come on, time to make some doughnuts eastbound 422 heavy from collegeville into kop backing up in to downtown, vine street expressway, heavy working over to the schuylkill , ramps for 30th street station, speaking of 30th street amtrak rail project between wilmington and claymont leaving 20 minute delays for morning and evening rush hours on the wilmington regional rail line. high water along the brooklawn circle, combination of the rain we had over the weekend and how we are hitting high tide. w are blocked in front of the diner at route 130 and route 47, south into wilmington today, and 495 southbound, the ramps to edgemore road and gang in middletown delaware route one north bound an accident just pennsylvania bid dles toll plaza first day
6:47 am
for work and school sueby has it. in 15 seconds 6:47. reason we are seeing cloud cover the past couple of daises because this stationary front is, well, stationary. it is not moving. it is staying just to the south of us now. it may move up a little bit which will mean a warmer day tomorrow, but a lot of instability in the weather, eventually wednesday night, a cold front comes through, and that is what will give us a decent day on thursday. it may end up being the best weather day of the week, fog, in lancaster, pottstown, allentown, mount pocono, it seems to be okay south and east of the city but we have an easterly flow of wind, temperatures in the cool 50's to get you started on your back to school and workday
6:48 am
today. 9-mile an hour wind but coming e that keeps us cloudy and tend to keep us cool as well with that we call it on shore flow but there is a weather system to the south with rain, moving into sussex and kent counties in delaware and thunderstorms to the south of that so we will keep an eye on that. it looks like ocean city maryland and delaware beach will get some rain this morning, is there seaford delaware where they have been having isolated downpour. temperatures as we go through rest of the day may hit 70, 71 n top of the shower and thunderstorm especially toward evening, as one system of many comes through. we will get warmer tomorrow but we will have a chance ovulate day thunderstorms. nice day on thursday. gets iffy friday unfortunately saturday, sunday cooling off in the mid 70's on sunday. so, outdoor plans for the
6:49 am
weekend, and, make sure you have plan b, that is best thing to do. a lot of graduation part thinks week. >> and roots picnic this weekend. >> yes, i got plan b, c and d. >> good idea. >> you might neat e. >> if i get to f, i'm not good so you say we are looking for a diner in center city to take a place of little pete. >> one opened late night after 2:00 a.m. to get good food. someone just called the station and said midtown three >> one on, i know this, 18th street. >> eighteenth street. >> there was one that closed. >> there was one at 12th and sansom, that closed. this is still opened, midtown three. >> that is another option. if you know anyplace where people can go and gather. >> yes. >> please tweet us. >> please do. world of journalism sports journalism especially has lost a legend, sportswriter and broadcaster frank deforward died at his home in florida. this is day before yesterday on sunday afternoon.
6:50 am
>> he was best known for his work as sports illustrated he was 78 years old. he contributed to npr for nearly 40 years. former president obama as you can see here with national humans medal in 2013 saying at the time that the deford change the way we think of sports. >> i know he was a contributor on bryant gumbell's show, in his later years. lets get back to the fight in san francisco. the hair was flying, fist where is flying, helmets were flying, see the washington nationals, they are big star right field their bryce harper guy he thinks he is pretty cool. gets fired up here because he got drilled with a hundred mile an hour face ball. by the way the pitcher hunter strict land he waste no time charging mound, bryce throws his helmet and fists fly. the pitcher get in a good punch bryce get him back right
6:51 am
there. when he throws the helmet was he just trying to toss the helmet away or trying to throw it at pitcher. >> here's my belief i think he was so mad that he is trying to throw the helmet at pitcher it gets away from him. just ran away from him. you ever throw something real hard. >> you ever try to throw a piece of paper, not bald up, just a piece of paper. >> this never works. >> this is great video. >> oh, yeah. >> he just try to throw it. >> i don't know that i have ever tried to throw a piece of paper. >> if you are mad and just like, see, look at that. >> oh, that is really bad. >> no matter how hard you try.
6:52 am
>> not only a baseball but in television news as well, people settle their difference s with fights. >> yes. >> yes. >> end being a sentence in the prep situation. >> it just never works out. >> that is why you have to ball it up. >> the house was completely de steroid. >> throw it. >> it happened at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. redundant. >> neighbors are on edge, what does that even mean. >> he was such a quiet man. >> mom and baby are doing just fine. >> we have to go to break. >> just do it live. >> we will do it live.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
five minutes before seven. >> iconic rocky statue at art museum will be off limits, for two weeks, starting to day. >> we're used to it, the draft blocked it for a month. city officials are closking that area near art museum for repairs, park and rec says it is making improvements that include replacing, paving and perimeter protections, whatever that means. rocky statue was closed -- i already said that.
6:56 am
anyway they will put better stairs in there maybe some new shrubbery, some landscaping. >> that would be nice. >> it will take a couple weeks you won't be able to take pictures up close for two weeks. >> his home is getting a make over. >> i think it business time. >> if you came to philly and wanted to see rocky statue. >> you ever see the dude over there who take a picture of you next to the statue. >> yes. >> get everybody in and make you stand in the line. >> yes, it is probably not good. >> for them they get money. >> trying to make a buck. later on good day would you swallow a glass of worms if it meant you will get rid of your allergy. >> what is this fear factor? but it is worth it. one of the war allergy seasons in 20 or 30 years. would you swallow a glass full of worms, that is a actually way to help with your allergies. plus we have to get back to 7-eleven in tacony.
6:57 am
>> reporter: hi there mike frightening moments for two employees inside 7-eleven, when someone comes in with a gun starts shooting we will tell what i happened.
6:58 am
it's time, america. there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy but there's grit inside of you.
6:59 am
and if you need extra motivation the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. bullets begin to fly at
7:00 am
him. fourteen years old and gunned down on the streets of philadelphia gun violence in kensington, claims a young life, that leaves another teen , hospitalized, and the latest on the hunt for the shooter. eyes of the tiger, they are blurry. he was once on top of the world. >> but now another fall from grace, the golfing great, is charged with dui, but he says, he never had a drink that night. his explanation this morning. is your money safe? a recent hack at a popular restaurant chain targets dozens of stores in our area, the steps you need to take right now if you think your information could have been compromised in the chipotle data breach. fists, helmets, hair flying in san francisco. >>


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