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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 30, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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him. fourteen years old and gunned down on the streets of philadelphia gun violence in kensington, claims a young life, that leaves another teen , hospitalized, and the latest on the hunt for the shooter. eyes of the tiger, they are blurry. he was once on top of the world. >> but now another fall from grace, the golfing great, is charged with dui, but he says, he never had a drink that night. his explanation this morning. is your money safe? a recent hack at a popular restaurant chain targets dozens of stores in our area, the steps you need to take right now if you think your information could have been compromised in the chipotle data breach. fists, helmets, hair flying in san francisco. >> harper will go out, and now
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we have a beef. >> bryce harper loses his cool , charges the mound, and the three-year old drama, he said, led to the fight. >> alex holley, when she loses her cool she throws paper, that is what we have learned this morning: >> come on. >> that is how we are behind the scenes. >> and that run exhausted me. i have to get seriously to the gym. >> where did you get that bat. >> it dented the floor. >> we may have who an intern. >> good day, everybody. it is tuesday, may 30th, 2017. here we go now for the summer, right. band-aid is off, it is summertime. >> unofficial start. >> but it doesn't feel like summer. >> kid still have a couple weeks of school. >> so, no summer.
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>> well, for me. >> what sit all for. >> why did we do it then. >> why, why? >> then, you know what it wasn't really summer yesterday and it is not going to be today, it is a five out of 10, stays cloudy, damp with bus stop buddy, sweat shirt on as he helped back to school, mostly cloudy skies and have that umbrella nearby you could need it. it is fog any pottstown, it ace lieutenant more fog any mount pocono and lancaster isn't looking that great either but everybody place we are already. we have rain in the southern part of the delaware moving in from that system to the south, some of that could be headed to cape may county. we will keep an eye on it but we are socked in the cloud right now and current temperature of 57 degrees, heading to a high of around zero seven with mostly cloudy skies and couple thunderstorms popping up, mostly late in the day sunset time 8:22. that is your forecast for back to reality, bob kelly. >> you got it, back to work,
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school for everybody. >> 7:02. we have a couple problems here first of all on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound an accident right here near fort washington interchange, that will cause delays, beginning around philadelphia, coming back from the shore this morning, extra volume then normal and we have an accident northbound on the 42 freeway, as we approach route 41. extra volume plus the accident will cause delays getting into philadelphia. the closer, pockets on the way anybody with a beach house or house up in the poconos, you stay the extra day and come right back from the vacation home right in the office. live look at the blue route between the schuylkill and i-95. ninety-five a half an hour into downtown and delays 422 and oaks and some left over flooding, a combination of the rain and now high tied as brooklawn circle blocked in south jersey. mike and alex, back to you. we have been updating you on this breaking news in the tacony section of the city. >> police are looking for two
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guys who shot a 7-eleven worker. lauren has been working on this out of tacony, there she is. >> reporter: what a scare for these two employees doing their job when two people who were plotting a robbery showed up far from the friendly customers that they usually see here around an hour after the robbery. manager on duty was trying to clean up the mess left behind by the bad guys. surveillance cameras inside and outside convenience store. manager could not release that to us, he said but we note is what appears to be a bullet hole in the ceiling from the gunshot fired inside the store when the suspect became frustrated when them plea could not get the cash drawer opened fast enough. it was that moment when look out who was waiting outside came inside, his friend threw machine toy him to stuff inside a duffle bag before they took off. bad news is cameras are posted every where here. >> cameras inside the store capture the whole robbery from beginning to end.
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another male was dressed all in black in a black hoodie and pants and had half mask on his face, totally black and he had the gun. he entered the store. other male with the blue hoodie stayed the look out and he walked into the employees put his gun out, stuck up to him. >> shortly after this robbery police were called, they arrived with k-9 dogs and they were able to find a man the roof of the nearby building that person being called a person of interest but police say they are searching for two people. after a hectic morning here, mike and alex, things are back to normal. >> all right, lauren. gunfire erupts in the streets of the kensington killing a 14 year-old boy, another teen a 16 year-old is in the hospital. the shooter remains at large. >> jenny joyce on this from the round house, there she is.
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>> reporter: good morning. we had our crews at the scene last night and we saw detectives who were searching the area looking for evidence in this case and now we are here at headquarters awaiting an update, no arrests made and at this point police also have no motive. philadelphia police say a gunman opened fire at east orleans street last night around 9:30, a small street in kensington, a 14 year-old boy was shot in the neck, back multiple times a 16 year-old was struck in the shoulder. both teens were trans port todd st. christopher's hospital. shortly thereafter the 14 year-old died from his injuries. second victim we are told is in stable condition, so again at this point we don't necessity who the shooter is or yes was on this block or what motive he had for this type of the shooting or whether or not victims were the intended target, mike and alex. >> a lot to figure out. 7:06 on this tuesday. jurors will continue deliberations in the david creato murder trial. today jury will review
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testimony from a county detective and cell phone expert. thursday jurors watched creato 's interrogation video for a third time, it was recorded on the same day his son brendan's body was found, in october of 2015. they also listened for a third time to a 911 call which creato recorded his three-year old son missing. navy has identified the navy seal who who his life during a fleet week parachuting accident that we told but yesterday. remington peters, they is here , fell to his death sunday after his parachute failed to open during a demonstration over the hudson river. this video showing the other, and, and and, elite parachute team called the leap frogs and cause of the parachute malfunction is under investigation, he was 27 years old. >> just horrible. tiger woodies speak out this morning, a day after being arrested on suspicion of dui. tiger released a statement
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saying alcohol was not involved but rather was a quote unexpect reaction to prescribed medication. >> so karen, i necessity with his fourth back surgery, it happened about five weeks ago. >> it just happened but he had been feeling better then he had been in years. wanting to get back into playing golf. he was feeling good bit. that was a statement he was talked about next wednesday but he is talking about being embarrassed and apologize to go friend, family. full arrest report could be released later today and we could get more information& there is body cam footage, whatever should be coming out later today. we do know wood himself released a statement wow like to apologize, with all of the heart to his family friend and fans. i expect more from myself too. i will do inferring my power to ensure that this never happens again. he is won major 14 times and arrested at 3:00 a.m. yesterday near his home in palm beach county, florida, jupiter. that is what everybody is talking about.
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has gone all around the internet looking disheveled, there and not at the height of his fame. so it is very interesting change there. he was in the jail for four hours before he was released on his own recognizance and last month when he did have that back surgery he has had since 2014. he thought he was feeling better, coming back but people talking about what is happening and i think tmz is reporting that he had refused a breathalizer with follow-up and see what trans fired. it got us thinking, for sure all of the famous celebrity mug shots, and now he has one. it is not horrible compared to others. o.j. simpson's mug shot do you remember that? pretty normal looking. >> yesy remember when time magazine was accused of darkening his skin. >> and he got arrested too. >> look he is smiling.
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>> he is pretty happy bit. >> robert downey junior. he was pretty happy too. hey, look at me i got arrested >> either way you lose, whether you are looking all serious or smiling. >> what are you laughing about >> you cannot win with a mug shot. >> it is a mug shot. >> true. >> but the war nick nolte but james brownies close we will show you his in a bit. president trump is standing by his son in law and senior advisor jared kushner following reports about secret communications with rush, president trump told new york times that quote unquote total confidence, i have total confidence in jared, and some members of congress, are calling for the president to fire jared kushner. >> after several news outlets reported he set up back channel communications with the kremlin. home land security director john kelly tried to defuse the tension calling it not that big of a deal.
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republican senator john mccain disagrees. >> my view of it is i don't like it. i just don't. i don't. i know that some administration officials are saying well, that is standard procedure. i don't think it is standard procedure prior to the inauguration of a president of the you had by someone who is not in the appointed position. >> there are reports kushner failed to disclose phone calls with the ambassador when's replied for security clearance kushner's attorney says he has no recollection of such calls. >> oh, really. all right. >> and later today u.s. military slated to care out dramatic test of the missle defense system. >> well, it comes just a day after north korea did it again , launched a missle, the messages from both countries are very clear. so doug luzader where will this test happen, do you know. >> reporter: they will launch, simulates what an icbm launch would look like. they will launch a missle from the marshall island in the
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pacific and knock it down with these interceptors based in california. it is pretty clear what they are trying to demonstrate here , trying to show north korea we have the ability to counter this kind of threat. the sound was deafening and implications were significant. north korea dictator kim jong unas his country test fired a missle what its range was well short of the you had it could put south cover reand u.s. forces in the region well within range and it is a provocation. >> the reality is that no president can except north korea getting ready to launch nuclear missiles, at u.s. base s, allies, or continental united states. we cannot accept that. >> reporter: u.s. can do and apparently will do today is carry out a test, launching a missle from the marshall island from the pacific. u.s. will then launch from vaningberg air force base in california to try to knock it
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down. it is not unlike challenge that north korea icbm could pose if north korea continues on this path. president trump meeting last week with japanese prime minister abe spoke of the threat. >> to be a big problem, world problem, and it will be solved , at some point, it will be solved. you can bet on that. >> reporter: from trump's perspective that solution may involve china leaning on its neighbor with the president tweeting just yesterday, north korea has shown great disrespect for their neighbor, chine by shooting off yet another ballistic missle but china is trying hard. >> reporter: china called of prod china there in to acting on the u.s. behalf to try to influence north korea. it is not clear whether china will want to do that or if they do that, whether north korea will, really respond. china has some sway over north korea but do they have enough to make a difference here? we just don't know. mike and alex.
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>> i guess, let us know how that test works out. doug, thank you. >> we will check back with you tomorrow. a warning new to check your bank statement if you went to the chipotle, between, well, any chipotle between march 24th and yap 18th and you paid way credit card. >> mal wear was used to steel customer information and more than 30 restaurants in our area were affected. so it could affect you. now we have tech expert anthony mongeluzzi in, and if you paid with a credit card you should be concerned. >> yes, more great pr for chipotle, right. >> oh, lord. >> simple as that. everybody is hack. >> basically here's the deal between dates mentioned 24th of march to april 18th, over 2200 stores across the country >> my god. >> got hit with this virus, m alwear and what it did was it went to the point of sales system, p.o. s system and as you swiped it, it read
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magnetic strips and date, your name, credit card number and expiration date and secret identifying code which basically would allow hack tours sell that information on the internet and duplicate your credit card. so, if you used the credit card, would i immediately sign up for credit monitoring services, number one because again, bad pr move from what i read in the statement they are not offering any credit cardamon forking which typically large companies or any co do once you are hacked. >> lets look at their statement, posted on their web site. >> they have removed mal wear and support law enforcement's investigation and they are working with the payment card networks so that the banks that issue payment card can be made aware and initiate heightened monitoring. that is what i'm wondering if you know your place, lot of people use their credit card wouldn't you have these systems set up so this won't happen. >> i won't bash chipotle but biggest co have been hacked, sony, u.s. government, irs in there. so nothing in this day and age is 100 percent safe but just
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the way that it goes, technology is moving so fast, but i would like to see a much better response from chipotle other than saying don't worry, get your free credit card report. >> they will not respond as long you miss pre announce their name, and said it six time. >> chip chipotle. >> french. >> yes. >> wi, wi. >> nothing like a french burrito. >> yes, i roof a french taco. >> yes. >> so is what difference between swiping and a chip. >> so the chip actually, it basically encrypts your data in a different way, and much safer. again 10 years from now we will look at the chip as outdated and old technology because hackers will duplicate that and find other ways. it is a cat and mouse game. i always joked back in the day with people with the old cable boxes shoot bullet, break it, make a new one and do that. >> there is just too much, too much information on the internet, too fast, too quick,
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and guess what, when the nsa or things like that get leaked , those hackers are all over it and they are finding new ways to exploit our systems. >> could you hack into our system here at fox. >> anything is hackable i would trust my guys to do it more than me. >> do you have people to do that we have a whole company that does that. >> hacking. >> here's one thing i will say mess of the time we are not actually technology we are hacking the people, social engineering, tricking folks. >> what do you want to know. >> why are you trying to hack us. >> i didn't try yet, i said yet. >> after that comment, on my pronouncing, i'm looking for you, mike, coming for you. >> you can't find any dirt on me. >> that is a good one. >> what was that. >> it will come down to just where they will start using our saliva i think, to make sure, you have to lick the cash register like at chipotle >> i don't know about that.
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>> that is my saliva. >> at airports they are going to start checking you with retina scan and your finger. >> yes. >> ant, thank you. >> pleasure, as always. >> sue. >> speaking of saliva, it is spitting out there a little bit this morning, just a little bit but mostly cloudy skies and unsettled workweek ahead with the damp, cool day to day, it will be warmer by wednesday, which is tomorrow. it will feel like tuesday if you had monday off, did you follow that? it is very foggy up in the mountains in pottstown, lancaster we have fog this morning. temperatures mostly in the 50 's, mid to upper 50's and wind coming out of the east which means we will stay pretty cloudy, for most of the day as far as rain is concerned we are looking at a little bit of southern delaware, couple heavy downpours here and there and we have seen some thunderstorms to the south of us this morning, can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm today, or tomorrow, and that will happen toward evening on wednesday and after we get to
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80 degrees, maybe or close to it. and then thursday looks like the best weather day of the your yard work save it for thursday i'm sure you will be working hard. >> get your yard work done on thursday. 7:19. problems on septa west trenton regional rail running with 15 minute delays this morning, westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, watch for an accident, right near fort washington interchange again impacting everybody leaving philadelphia, heading over toward king of prussia coming back from the shore, lot of folks, stayed at the shore an extra night coming right in the office and now we have a crash north on the freeway, right at route 41, right before the mourning there for 55. disabled on i-95 causing this backup southbound from approaching cottman avenue down toward bridge street and we are dealing with fog out there, we will go back here for a second, take a look barely see sky line in center city that is an example of the poor visibility that is sock ing us in probably, going
7:20 am
to lead to some delays at the airport throughout the morning no problems on the bennie as you work your way in to philadelphia, about 34 minutes there on that i-95 commute and slow go on 422 from oaks into 202. mike and alex, back to you. we have good news for your wallet, bob. >> why credit scores have reached a record high heading into the summer. >> maybe bad news for your wallet. >> and listen to this, i know your al-zawahiri geese are horrible this year. there is a new technique to ease your pain, involving insects, syringes and swallowing worms i know none of that sound good but don't you want relief? swallowing worms
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i have an assignment this morning for our viewers. be safe. but if you see that giant thing, some people it looks like an elephant with a nose ring it is a sculpture
7:24 am
installed along kelly drive near the girard avenue bridge. have you seen it? joggers, have you seen it? in your cars have you seen it? there is an article in the paper this morning about it. you see river here, and you got the city sky line and then this giant thing. that looks like a snake. >> it looks like a horse there a little bit. >> how are you doing folks, good to see you. >> this looks like the nose ring i had when they pierced my nose. that connects to the front thing here. it is big. >> very big. >> you know, lauren, have you seen it, they had tonight new york city i believe before it came here. >> i want to hear about the nose ring you had a nose ring. >> it was only for a day but i did have a silver nose ring, is that a turn on for you. >> yes, mike, yes it is. >> liar. >> he knows my so well. >> good morning.
7:25 am
>> do you have any piercings. >> just in my ears, i have five, one, two, three, four, five but i only use two. >> one up there from back in the day. >> she probably uses them all, on the weekend. >> when she gets wild with her husband. >> talk about credit scores. >> i put my earring in, so wild. well, 700 is the average, that is a record high, and they are going up because we learned from the financial crisis and bad stuff happened with the crisis, mortgage information closures, personal bankruptcy, those events typically take seven to 10 years to come off a credit report and that is starting to happen. other thing that is good risky& borrowers the ones that lenders don't want to lend to those numbers are coming down. so all this means is hey you want to redue your kitchen you will get a loan and this is great for the economy and expansion of it. >> it is good.
7:26 am
>> i haven't checked my credit score in a long time. >> are those commercials when they say from credit score are those legitimate. >> yes, trans union and equi facts, one free credit score a yeary can never get through levels. >> so time it correctly. >> one and 3a year. >> make sure you pick the right time of the year to do it. >> because i want to be at my best, my highest. >> yes. >> just go buy a new car or buy an apartment and they will check it and then you'll know. >> you know, i haven't owned a car since august of 1999, how about that. >> stopped, i mean owned or leased. >> nope, haven't had a car. >> you are a city guy good for you he told me, don't get a car. then i don't have one either, thanks to mike. >> but she wants a car and she has hated me ever since. >> it is freedom. >> it is freedom. >> just go when you want. >> you look great today,
7:27 am
lauren, as always. >> i'm wel rested i had five days off. >> my god, lucky you. >> okay. >> thanks, lauren. >> have you seen this dude? you know what a drone is i saw a drone over punch line philly the other day. >> inside. >> no, just outside. >> wait until you see it wasn't karen hepp droning on, look at this, there is a man riding, a drone. >> have you ever seen that. >> this is getting out of control, that looks dangerous. >> it probably is. he is riding a drone to deliver a ball that is great. jen, i want to see do you that some day. >> she's over in cherry hill. >> he doesn't have it here though. >> is that jared. >> you have no hair here though. >> okay. >> why do you have know hair here. >> we're on tv. >> hi, everyone. >> hi. >> we will be waxing jared
7:28 am
today. >> yes. >> what are you going to yell when she waxes you. >> katie perry. >> come on back, best dream spa and barber shops and we are cleaning your guy up or jared, mostly jared.
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welcome back. hopefully you had a great holiday weekend.
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weather played out how we said it would. it wasn't a wash out but far from perfect. drizzle and fog this morning. bus stop buddy has the umbrella you may need it later on. jacket this morning because temperatures in the 50's. we have fog out to the west of us and up in the mountains as well and we have rain down here in southern delaware, and it is starting to move a little bit closer to cape may county, in new jersey. we will see what happens. meanwhile we are socked in with fog, it is 57 degrees right now, we will get to around zero seven with mostly cloudy skies throughout the day and chance of thunderstorms, later on. heading out the door join us on the radio, all morning long , your forecast and the weather authority on 101.1 more fm, bob kelly. >> you got it, 7:31. more in the morning as we go live here to i-95 south more delays bumper to bumper from academy all the way into downtown an accident right here near bridge street and then look you can see low cloud here and barely make out high rise downtown. we are getting ready for
7:32 am
burlington bristol bridge opening up at 8:00. watch the clock as you grab your coffee and keys and heading out front door going through wilmington, south on 495 they will work on edgemore road with some lane restrictions, delays on septa 's west trenton line, already this morning, airport line looking good, the fog, not impacting air traffic at philly international and so that is good news and amtrak rail project between wilmington and claymont leaving 20 minute delays possible on the rush hour on the wilmington line, mike and alex, back to you. >> that is just great. tiger woodies speaking out this morning, a day after being arrested on suspicion of dui, driving under the influence, he says alcohol was not involved and he had an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications because of pain, from his back surgery so, arrested at 3:00 o'clock in the morning monday in palm beach, county florida. >> he was in jail for four hours before released.
7:33 am
police could release a full arrest report this morning. last month wood had his fourth back surgery since 2014. here's more on his statement. he says quote i understand severity of what i did and i take full responsibility for my actions but i want public to know that alcohol was not involved what happened was an unexpect reaction to prescribed medications. i didn't realize mix of medications had affected me so strongly. i would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friend and fans. i expect more from myself too. i will do everything in my power to ensure that this never happens again. i fully cooperated with law enforcement and would i like to personally thank the representatives of the jupiter police department and palm beach counties sheriff's office for their professional ism. >> ken rottweiler, it sound like somebody who has your job down in jupiter, florida may be helped someone with a statement to the police, and to the public. >> i agree, he is not taking full responsibility. a dui is dui whether it is
7:34 am
prescription drugs or alcohol f1 of your family members was killed as a result with someone with a dui does it make a difference if they were on oxycontin or vodka. so this is not an excuse. >> it was 3:00 o'clock in the morning. >> he wasn't let out to the police department until 11:00 o'clock in the morning. eight hours. he was in jail. when you get arrested for dui, i spend time in jail. >> i have a question, lets say you are pulled over, where ever jupiter, florida or philadelphia can i refuse to take a breathalizer test. >> you can but punishment is more severe. he refused a breathalizer which means he will lose his license for a year. >> why would anyone want to refuse this. >> because they may know they drank a lot of alcohol and their blood alcohol content would be way up and punishment would be ebb worse in some states. >> lesser of two evils. >> let me tell you something if he was taking prescription drugs why wow refuse breathalizer. that evaluates blood chill
7:35 am
content. if you took prescription drugs why would you refuse breathalizer. he refuse because you drank a lot. >> now, i believe you could pick up that type of drug that medication, with a urine test. >> true, you have to submit to the urine test. >> he didn't refuse that too. >> you cannery fuse that too. you cannery fuse them taking blood but again penalty is higher, if you do that: one of the big questions here, i don't think this was a legal defense. him coming out saying it wasn't alcohol it was prescription drugs. that is in the a legal defense that is an endorsement defense >> not that we see many of his commercials but he still does have sponsors. >> tiger wood made 45 million-dollar last year in endorsements. nike paid mess of that. nike, you remember rolling ball with the nike symbol hit by tiger wood. that is his commercial. nike no longer makes golf clubs they stopped making golf clubs in 2016. so now he is being sponsored by taylor made.
7:36 am
this is all about, his lawyer said you cannot say it was alcohol. you have to say prescription drugs. you had a fourth back operation. makes sense. we can spin it like. that it sound like spin. >> the back surgery is over a month ago wouldn't he have figure out how to take his medication by now. >> also when you take that medication if you are feeling altered you don't get behind the wheel. i don't care whether it is alcohol, prescription drugs, he is a grown up. >> he probably has money to order up a uber car. >> you would think. >> or a driver. >> make a call and get a uber. >> number one comment, hello, uber, now days it is not an excuse. >> it will come out where was he at 3:00 a.m., when he was arrested. >> well, you can do anything you want. >> if he was in the establishment drinking. the police say that they smelled alcohol. >> okay. >> so is there a problem. they could still arrest hid for dui, charge him and try him for dui if they want to but they have to put pieces of
7:37 am
the puts ill together like he was swerving, he smelled like alcohol, refused breathalizer all that plays a part. >> not a great mug shot either >> we have been looking back at bad celebrities. >> bad mug shot. >> do you remember amanda byn es, that was a few years ago. i swear we do. i'll take a drug test right now if we don't. not bad. >> not bad. >> tupac, pretty famous. >> yes. >> tupac, yeah, that is all right. >> well, tiger's career went downhill after that fight with his wife. >> is that a mug shot. >> that is a mug shot of the shark that jumped in a guy's boat in australia and he was drunk when he jumped in the boat. >> the shark was drunk. >> when he jumped the shark. >> when he jumped the shark and then taken downtown an then a mug shot of that shark. but the war of all time, james brown, he is in a tie
7:38 am
for war mug shot ever. james brown, tied with nick n olte. >> oh, that is bad. >> i think nick nolte is worse , he had hair flying. >> yes. >> at lee put your robe on, rest in peace. >> what about this one, mike jerrick's mug shot. >> that looks more like dennis bianchi our general manager, don't you. >> wow. >> do you still want to work here like seriously. >> no comment on me by the way >> talk about the big boss. >> do you still want to work here. >> i'll get back to you on that one. my attorney, will let you know ken good to see you. lets get back to this man, riding a drone i have never seen this in my life. we will tell you where that was, why that was, coming up. ♪ having a baby.
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goldvo: as a goldman sachshose companiepresident,legal activity helped destroy our economy... phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours. i need the phone that's where i happen to be...
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>> he floated 30 feet from the ground to deliver that ball and then, yeah. >> i love it. >> that is an entrance. >> that is great. >> so, now it is become a thing, no question, now that summer's here, jen's in cherry hill, talking mens grooming. >> i have to admit i'm thinking about 40 year-old virgin that scene. >> we're ready. >> we are thinking about that, i call it cherry thrill you have to, you know, we will have to wax him up next. been my dream for years and it is happening. colleen's here, her dream too. we will show you why you might want to do this as a guy and we will torture jared for sure
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donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes. murphy's trying to buy the election, paying off new jersey bosses. my name's john wisniewski, and i'm running for governor of new jersey. john wisniewski, the son of a millwright, who uncovered the bridgegate scandal and exposed chris christie's corruption. the choice -- insider wall street politics or main street, new jersey, values.
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good morning 7:45. live lot schuylkill expressway jammed up in both directions at city line and first day back after the holiday always crazy, everybody back to work, back to school, put about 40 minutes on the clock there burlington bristol watch the clock 15 minutes to go and then we are having a bridge opening expected at 8:00 this morning, best alternate would be that turnpike connector bridge. now brooklawn circle high water flooded out. i know we don't have any rain but we had rain yesterday through weekend, and high tide
7:46 am
and put that all together and brooklawn circle shut down at route 130 at 47. forty-seven minutes south on i-95 slow goe on 422. when will we see sun again? sueby has atin 15. fog is not as widespread but lancaster, driving around, in berks county, around reading and up in the higher elevations in the mountains it is pretty fog think morning. we have got temperatures in the 50's, mostly upper 50's but 49 in mount pocono, foggy and easterly wind means it stays cloudy we will get on shore flow off the atlantic ocean and we are watching some rain moving through southern delaware here at some of it
7:47 am
heading toward cape may in new jersey. it is raining heavily in bethenny beach and other ocean city the one in maryland. as we go through rest of the day we see possibility of the pop up shower, thunderstorm and we could get to 70, 72 degrees and then heading in to tonight we have a chance of the pop up thunder storm and guess what, tomorrow we also have a chance of the pop up thunderstorm probably later in the day after we get close to 80 degrees. best weather day of the week is thursday, still iffy as we head into the weekend, so for outdoor stuff guys, thursday is the day. >> really. >> it does look nice on thursday. >> i'm totally into thursday. 7:47. washington nationals star bryce harper, he thinks he is so cool he got drilled by a fast ball. this is bad blood from three years ago. more on that later. bryce comes out, attack the pitcher strict land, fight, fight, fight, who will get suspended? we will find out later today. how does that fight compare to
7:48 am
other won in major league baseball over the years. i remember one between blue jays and the rangers this just happened last may, oh, watch this. and then fists, jose batista1 to the face. >> do you start with the push or punch. >> we start with the pushing and there is grabbing and hugging in baseball fights but that one connected. >> he looks stunned. >> how about rangers, white socks from august of 93. >> noland ryan gets him in the head lock and starts swinging. wait for it. >> boom, boom, my goodness. he was 46 years old.
7:49 am
>> ventura was 26. >> yeah. >> they know how to fight in baseball. >> nothing like hockey, though >> true. >> 7:49. >> we know summer is weeks away but even though unofficial summer but it doesn't feel like it. so guys, i'm here to tell you, it is time to clean yourself up. i don't just mean shower but man scaping, and i know whatever you think of man scaping and waxing it makes you think of this scene from the 40 year virgin. >> oh, kelly clarkson. >> we will basically recreate this scene with our photographer jared. jared's on the table, jen doing honors. hi there, jen. >> i'm not doing it, colleen is doing it. we are here at salon and barber shop and dream spa and waxing in cherry hill. >> yes. >> jared, this is not only dream come true but for you as
7:50 am
well. >> i will change his life and he doesn't even know it. >> we talk about this in, some ways waxing for guys is easier in 2017. >> correct. >> how would that be. >> he is hairy too. >> you know, this is a soy based wax. >> real quick. >> it feels like a soy based wax. >> and starting with the neck. >> we are doing the neck not the back. >> he has thickness we have to apply some more pressure. >> he is not saying. >> look at that smoothness, i mean what is this. >> what is that. >> keep your head down. >> it is nothing. keep your head down. >> you say you are not surprised jared's taking it like a man because your 71 year-old father you wax him. >> my daddy keep him nice and
7:51 am
trim in his older age we do his nose hair, his ears and we do his brows. >> mike has had that done. >> nose has to be done nothing is worse then a hairy nose. >> a little bloodies normal. >> yes. >> a little blood. >> how long will he be hair free. >> at lee a month. >> perfect for summer season. >> why do you think guys are reluctant to get this done. >> it is fear based to be perfectly honest. >> why would there be anything to fear. >> he is taking it like a champ, lot this smoothness like a baby's bottom. >> sometimes guys don't wanting to all the way and you had one, right here and she had half brazilian and she said leave it. >> do you really want to leave it half done. i made her do the rest. she thanked me later. >> rest is so adorable.
7:52 am
>> i love his conditioned locked for sure. they are nice and soft. >> any interest in doing the whole back. >> just say no. >> let's go. >> i think just giving the neck will give him relief. >> you will in the see connection between his neck hair and back hair. >> it looks like a shirt. >> who wants all that? not me. >> or a sweater. >> it was connecting, let's be honest it was connecting we could have braided it, before all this. >> oh, man you know i love you >> i got it. >> and is it super hot or not. >> it is not bad. >> better than you thought it would be. >> much better. >> it is life changing. >> i did ask him if he wanted
7:53 am
to be layserd and he said no. >> that is an option, it only works on dark hair. he technically would work out great. >> will you put something on this. >> we will give him toner. >> breaking out is somewhat normal after a first wax. >> first one is war because as you keep up hair follicle will thin out so it will get finer and finer. >> we will see you next week. >> oh, wow. >> look at that no more connection. >> redness is normal. >> what, go. >> put a big j in his back you know what i mean. >> we don't want to tell him. >> i'll tell you what? >> what, what? >> by the way we are getting people on twit shore want this done, former governor ed rendell. >> ed rendell would like to
7:54 am
come in too. >> what about chewbacca. >> the more the more year. >> bring them in. >> i could use a trim myself >> nice. >> i just want to say. >> this is a dream. >> jared is a hero. >> yes. >> i had my nose and legs done but jared is a man. >> can we put that up with audio. jared was nice and quiet but mike. >> wait for it. >> conshohocken. >> wow. >> this why we do not give child birth a shot. >> leave that to us. >> yes. >> we have to take a break. now if you have allergies doctor mike's here and thinking about having you, consume a glass full of worms
7:55 am
to give you relief from your allergies will that work and would you do it. out. itens teeth botd for a radiant, whiter smile. be radiant by colgate optic white.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
and, you are runny know, horrible. >> okay. >> so what would you be willing to do if we told you, you could banish your allergy. >> would you swallow a glass full, a cup full of worms. this is worm therapy. >> apparently it also helps with coma. >> doctor mike this sound bogus to me. >> tails from the bizarre, okay. what they are doggies swallowing hook worms. do we have a picture? >> yes. >> you swallow it or apply it to your skin because they bureau through your skin, and then they set up shop in your small intestines and back in the day, everybody had worms,
7:59 am
but we now have, proper sanitation, because where do you get this? from contaminated soil from, poopy. >> from poop. >> what happens is you get the poop on the ground, and then the worms are there and then you get it in you and they spread to it other people. >> this is poop of dogs, cows, whatever. >> no, it is humans. >> well, hoist pooping out in the yard. >> well, back in the day they didn't have sanitation like they have right now. >> so we do now. >> so they poop, then worms come. >> the larvae. >> the larvae, you ingest it or it gets in through your skin and it burroughs through to your skin. it is a big problem or it was, now we have, solved that with good proper hygiene and sanitation. >> i'm confused i thought worms were supposed to help with us allergies. >> what happens is they reduce , if you have worms they cause inflammation, so they secrete chemicals that reduce
8:00 am
inflammation, in the body, and so they help with allergies, but, look, folks if you have eczema, we have wonderful treatments, forget bit. forget the worms. >> you said do they work? they work. >> they work. there is some data that suggest that they actually reduce inflammation, because of the chemicals but they can cause anemia, blood loss, protein loss, and are you doing this you better think it is, and, and,. >> where can i get a cup of worms. >> you can get them on the internet. >> and, from the amazon. >> yes. >> literally. >> yes. >> question. >> yes. >> i have always wanted to, i have been fascinated by tape worms my whole life. >> okay. >> what is a tape worm, how long can it get, and would it help me lose weight. >> well, it does help you lose
8:01 am
weight because it causes mal absorption and they have to eat as well. the problem is they can cause significant problems and gi problems and that is why, i have seen very long tape worms >> how long. >> a couple of feet. >> come out of the anus. >> i have never seen one crawl out, live. >> but you have seen them. >> at penn we have a whole specimen lab with all kind of tape worms, yeah. >> you do. >> yeah. >> i'm coming over to do a story, i'm fascinate by tape worms. >> really. >> were you affect by a tape worm. >> is that one. >> there you go. >> those little mouth and they suck on tour intestine lining and there they go. >> why do they call it tape. >> because they look like tape , they have segments. >> i won't be joining you for that segment. >> there is better ways to lose weight, better ways to treat it. >> i cannot stop eating sugar.
8:02 am
>> no worms. >> i believe in a no worm kind of environment. >> the warm has turned. >> i love you. >> i will be get are getting hate mail from warm people. >> good day, it is tuesday may 30th, 2017. shots fired inside of a 7-eleven in philadelphia, a mask man pulls a gun. while another keeps a look out , what a store employee turned to do, when the bullets started flying. hundreds of days away from home, and still smiling. six year-old victoria isn't letting a congenital joint disorder get in her way her mom brought her to philadelphia all the way from peru to get help. it worked. she's here with us to share her story. the power of make up, with you it is not exactly what it
8:03 am
seems, why, what is underneath the makeup, is making some people, upset. hear from the delivery room? beyonce reportedly wants blue ivy to be present for birth of the twins why she thinks it would be good for her daughter to be part of the experience. what about you? do you want your children in your delivery room. >> ♪ >> that is a great question for twit tore day or instagram , or courier pigeon or smoke signals. would you want your children, to be in the delivery room, to watch you give birth to another one of your child ren. >> it would be a lesson. >> yes. >> bird and the bees. >> austin just started asking, you know, from the belly, how did it get out. >> what did you say. >> ask your mother. >> ask your mother, i got to
8:04 am
go. >> of course. >> hi there, sue. >> we will take a break from this biology lesson to take a look at our number of the day, it is a five out of 10. kind of glummy, damp out there with bus stop buddy wearing a sweat shirt as he gets back to school today. drizzle a little bit out there , fog, just a little, have that umbrella nearby because you need it before the day is through. foggy spots to the north and west of us like lancaster, up in the mountains and we have been watching rain moving through, far to the south of us here in philadelphia, southern delaware and a little bit of rain spread nothing to cape may, it is very cloud any olde city with right now with 57 degrees and our high temperature should be around 70. now normal high for may the 30th is, 78. so, this says 67 degrees, we will see what happens. maybe we will get a peak of sunshine here and there bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. 8:05 on this tuesday morning
8:05 am
back to work and school for everybody, first day back is always crazy to begin work 422 , slow go from collegeville into kop, no sun glare here just yet this morning. backed up on the freeway combination of the normal morning volume and folks coming right back from the shore right in the office after that holiday weekend. same deal for gang coming from the poconos. we had an accident for folks coming back from the shore north on the freeway right here near route 41 right before the 55 construction zone. rain over weekend high tide this morning has brooklawn circle blocked between route 130 and route 47. travel times how long does it take to get from here to there forty-six minutes, 95 southbound an accident at girard avenue and even half an hour o the eastbound schuylkill expressway, mike and alex back to you. >> we have breaking news out of sorts in washington d.c. he quit. white house communications
8:06 am
director michael -- he resign. he handed in his resignation before president donald trump left for his, international trip earlier this month. working to get more information to this. please check our web site at fox for update. >> i wonder because with sean spicer so many people talking about what will happen with him? will he get? i wand fur there is a link something is going on because he does work in the communications department. >> they are connect for sure. >> interesting. >> we will keep you updated. maybe, i should quit and be press secretary in washington d.c. do you think i could do that job a press secretary you can do anything you put your mind too. >> would i have the patients. >> that is what i was thinking >> but it would be fantastic to see you stand up there and respond to all of the reporters question. >> and sean spicer, i could do
8:07 am
anything, right. >> i mean he is insulting them , shut up. what are you looking at? he still telling them to shut up. >> he did tell, i know highly respected journalist, quit shaking your head at me, april ryan was that it. i will check on it. i am supposed to have that information on the tip of my tongue. >> if you are press secretary you need facts, figures. >> i know it. >> did you watch that thing on jfk yesterday on cnn. >> i saw part of it. >> two hour special. >> centennial. >> he would have been 100 years old. >> i guess, can i say that is centennial, it is really not a celebration. >> yes. >> he would have been 100 years old. >> marking 100 years. >> yeah. >> yes. there was an armed robbery at a 7-eleven, i know it is not, that shocking, but a worker there at 7-eleven did
8:08 am
get shot. >> police are searching for two suspects. lauren's at the scene right now, lauren. >> good morning. scar for two employees working here this morning when two people plotting a robbery decided to show up. they weren't friendly customers. about an hour after the robbery the manager on duty was trying to clean up the mess left behind by the bad guys. surveillance cameras inside and outside convenient store here in the 6900 block of torresdale the manager telling us he could not release it to us. we noticed a bullet hole in the ceiling from the gunshot fired from inside the store when the suspect became frustrated and employee could not get the drawer opened fast enough. he shot that employee in the arm. it was that moment when the look out who was waiting outside came inside, tossed him a duffle bag and he stuffed the money inside and bet took off, they didn't realize though that cameras were posted up every where here. >> he opened up the register,
8:09 am
gave male money that register and then ordered him to open up the other register which he could not and because he could not the male with the gun i guess got frustrated and fired at the employee, the employee was hit, and in his right upper arm area, one time and then the shooter also fired another shot, into the ceiling of the store. both during the process of the robbery, look out, one with the hoodie threw in his duffle bag or school bag for the guy to put the money in. >> well, luckily no one was seriously injured in this shortly after the call came in they arrived with k-9 dogs and strangely they found a man on the roof of a nearby building, that person simply being called a person of interest, they say they are still searching for two suspects, the store here mike and alex has been reopened. >> okay. >> thanks for that. hopefully they will fine
8:10 am
suspects through that surveillance video which i'm sure will help. >> i mentioned earlier that i wanted to know if you have seen the big ring, big bling info from over there. that ace live shot. we have sent a camera crew to find the big bling, and can you give me some info on this? i believe this was in manhattan up in new york before it was installed here. it is not going to be here forever. what does it look like to you. now we have a head on shot here, kind of a 45-degree angle from the side some people say it looks like an elephant with a giant nose ring and from this angle an monkey or elephant. >> this arrived in sections, on flatbed trucks the morning of may 22nd and they have been working on it. this is same crew that put it together in new york city. >> it is on kelly drive, near girard avenue,.
8:11 am
>> when it was in new york it was ate 23rd and 26th street. >> quite visible from the kelly drive. >> it will be here in philadelphia for six months, you have six months to see this. >> okay. >> is what the artist name. >> it will be formally welcomed june 8th at a ceremony at 4:30 p.m. >> is what the artist. >> martin... i'm not fancy. >> what do you think that is made out of? sit wood. >> standing by. >> of course, not real gold fit is, i'm climbing up there inn getting a chunk of it. steel mesh. >> i like it. >> that seems like something would you take a picture of alex holley and put it on the ground. >> very cool. >> i like it. >> they say get it just right
8:12 am
time it glitters in the afternoon sun. >> can you put down that lower , i know what it is, thank you. >> thank you. >> look at that security fence that is no fence. >> it is like a puts will when they put it together. >> yes. >> big bling. >> it will return to the artist studio once completed and enjoy the time in philly. >> martin has a big studio if that will return to his studio , wow. >> i'm sure it will be in pieces. >> 40 feet high. hundreds of days away from home and still smiling six year-old victoria wares is not letting a congenital joint disorder get in her way her mom brought her from lima, peru to philadelphia, man it was worth it. it has work. is it possible for a child to walk again? i believe so because i just saw victoria walk in our
8:13 am
studio. all right. you got to come back. we have a cuteness alert here. are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel.
8:14 am
using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything. donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes.
8:15 am
murphy's trying to buy the election, paying off new jersey bosses. my name's john wisniewski, and i'm running for governor of new jersey. john wisniewski, the son of a millwright, who uncovered the bridgegate scandal and exposed chris christie's corruption. the choice -- insider wall street politics or main street, new jersey, values.
8:16 am
west trenton line and media elwyn regional rail line all running with delays this morning, downtown we go with delays cross town, vine expressway, on the right, heavy from broad street over through to the schuylkill expressway ande on 422, watch for delays from collegeville all the way into king of prussia coming back from the shore, folks like to stay down for that extra night coming right from the beach to the office northbound on the freeway heavy approaching route 41 where we had an earlier accident and that delay continues into the walt whitman bridge. forecast for your tuesday, sue has tonight 15. it is foggy to the north and west of us, lancaster,
8:17 am
pottstown, mount pocono, reading, with some fog this morning, rest of us is just, cloudy, it is 57 degrees in philadelphia, 49 in the mountains, 58 in wildwood as crowds go away for now and easterly wind of 9 miles an hour in philadelphia, keeping us cloudy and there is a little bit of rain in our viewing area it is southern delaware and rain on the eastern shore of maryland as well. not as in cape may. we expect to get in the zero seven's with a chance of pop up thunderstorms. so lets say around 07 degrees today. much warmer tomorrow but late day thunderstorms, sunny and nice on thursday, peak weather day of the week, still iffy heading in the week but it is only tuesday. we have time, mike and alex to work on that. >> welcome back. you know ronald mcdonald house was started in philadelphia. it is one of our prouder moments i'm telling you. >> it is, they do so much for families in need because when
8:18 am
you think bit, having a sick child it is all consuming of your time, cook your meals, sometimes a place to stay to be near the hospital. that is why they are so important. >> families can focus on treatment instead of worrying about where they will stay and how they are going to, pay the bills, where they will eaten when they come as far as peru. >> victoria wares was born with the congenital joint disorder that affect her legs curving them like a pretzel. her mother took her 10 month-old child and flew from lima to philadelphia where she met with doctors at shriner's hospital for children. she has spent nearly 500 days at ronald mcdonald house of south jersey, since 2011, victoria underwent numerous surgeries on her legs, hipps. she used a wheelchair and later brace toss get around until she did what many
8:19 am
thought was impossible. she learned to walk. vittoria you are the star of this segment, come on in. welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> hey. >> hello young lady. >> let me help you up. >> wonderful full. >> my goodness. >> do you want to sit next to alex. >> that is his brother, matteo hi there, mother, can i call you blankca and teddy thomas from ronald mcdonald house. so how long have you been in philadelphia or i guess you are living in new york city, you come down on the train, from lim, when did you move from lima, peru. >> six years ago, victoria needed treatment.
8:20 am
i went to peru, from new york and philadelphia, and i move, help me with my english. >> thank you. >> anything for your daughter. >> yes. >> so how many visits total teddy, has victoria had to make to the hospital. >> between 25 and 30 times they have come but all those 500 days they have stayed with us, while victoria goes to the hospital for surgery, physical therapy to learn how to walk. >> she's walking, amazing. >> you are cute. >> so what exactly did she have. >> you know how to say that in spanish. >> speaking spanish. >> i knew that. >> do you enjoy walking. >> do you enjoy walking.
8:21 am
>> yes, a lot. i walk a lot. >> yes. >> it helps you fight him because. >> no, he fights me. >> that is a brother/sister stuff. >> yes. >> matteo, so, you are not really fighting with victoria are you. >> no. >> yes. >> she's calling him out. >> i love that. >> look at that. sad face. >> put on a happy face. >> there is the happy face. >> so how much more will she have to do then, to me she looks so great. >> well, she has more surgery. i she need other surgery over the next year and. >> i have a plate in my leg,
8:22 am
because my other bone was broke and could not hold my leg on so they put the metal, the metal bone and that has to walk on the braces because my braces hold me up. >> so before the braces you could not stand? could you stand at all. >> no, i could not. i barely could stan. my legs were all the way up to my neck when i was born. >> matteo is showing. >> her legs were curled. >> like a pretzel. >> all the way up here. >> wow. >> funny when you say pretzel. >> you know philadelphia is men for its pretzel and now it is known for victoria. >> i have to say i like your braces on your shoes.
8:23 am
>> it is a cheetah color instead of the pink. >> and sparkles, is pink your favorite color. >> no, purple. >> she has a bow in her hair. >> purple is alex's favorite color too. >> yeah. >> so we're a like. >> so cute. >> will she wear braces for a long time. >> yes. >> for the rest of her life. >> probably. she needed braces, 24 hours, seven day. she sleep with the braces. >> yes. >> no. >> it is necessary, she cry, but it is necessary, she can sleep with the braces. >> you are supposed to sleep with the braces on. >> but you don't like it. >> i do like the braces to walk with but i get tired as the day goes on and on so i take off brace toes sleep.
8:24 am
>> yes. >> it feels good. >> lou good, lou handsome. >> look at that. >> you are very smart. you are a very pretty girl. >> what is that behind your ear. >> this thing let let me hear. it is very annoying, it lets me hear megan in the control room. she is talking in my ear. isn't that weird i can hear her in my little ear piece in my ear. >> why? >> that is what i ask every day, why do i to have listen to that would man. >> it is worse then having a brother named mattea. just kidding, mattea. very sweet you will do something very special, aren't you going to do a walk. >> yes. >> when is the 5k. >> june 10th in west deptford at river wind.
8:25 am
>> do you want me to walk now. >> if you want to, yeah, you cab go ahead. >> you make sure we're already >> i talk spanish too. >> you speak. >> come on. >> watch your step. >> hey mom, why did you come all the way to philadelphia did they not of this in lima peru in type of treatment. >> she's all right nicely done >> victoria is walking, this is the time, it is a miracle for me. >> and she's walking. >> it is a miracle for me, too >> this is it. >> yes,. >> now, it is.
8:26 am
>> and for me and everybody else. >> for the whole family, yes. >> after thinking she would never walk. >> no. >> my goodness. >> so you are walking, and you are doing a 5k, a walk. >> every doctor i saw says they didn't know what was going on with me so they said i would never walk but it turns out, i'm walking. >> yes. >> she's walking. >> she's walking. >> they they said you would never walk. >> can i talk about my friend at school. >> yeah, real quickly here. >> yes. >> she will have her own show soon. >> who is your best friend i have like three best friendy cannot even find one. >> will you be my friend. >> could alex be your friend.
8:27 am
>> my favorite friend in school is camille, madeline and afina. >> do you want to say hi to them. >> hi, camille, hi afina and hi, madeline. >> hi. >> all right, that is enough. >> all right. >> would you like to go meet at anything woman in my ear
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. stay tuned, we will see when she gets here. she will talk in our ear. >> i can see her producer some day, sue don't you think. >> she likes to take charge. >> it was fun to watch that. we have your allergy report here your sneeze index, we have tree pollen and grass pollen out there but with the weather we have had lately and we anticipate unfortunately in the future we do expect just medium levels of pollen, so it should not be as extreme as it has been. have the umbrella nearby we have drizzle and fog, this
8:31 am
morning and cloud cover. fog is mostly to the north and west of us, seems to be getting better but we are socked in with cloud and we have rain in the southern part of the viewing area in sussex county in delaware. right now 57 degrees with those easterly wind that is keeping us cloudy and we expect a high temperature today of around 70 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, pop up, showers and thunderstorms because bob kelly, you can never rule them out. >> 8:31. good morning on a tuesday morning getting back at it we have a truck fire northbound on the northeast extension just north of the lansdale interchange, causing delays, and delays on a few of septa's regional rail lines this morning. better late then never we have got that opening at burlington bristol bridge that was scheduled for 8:00, a half an hour late, maybe they stopped for coffee,e on 422 heavy from collegeville into king of prussia and folks coming back from the shore right in the office this morning, extra
8:32 am
heavy on the freeway heading in toward philadelphia, mike and alex, back to youy believe little victoria made her way in the control room. she wants to become a television pre dueser and talk in her ear. >> hi, mike. >> hi, victoria we will get mattea and mom to step back a little bit there. >> the camera. >> there, there we go. >> have her go back to megan where the light is. over here. >> well, she likes this new thing called walking. >> she sure does. >> she does all kind of walking. >> walking and talking, what do you want to us do next. >> toss to jen. >> okay. so here's the toss to jen. last night there was a big fight in baseball and this bryce harp's tacks the pitcher here, and now watch when he takes helmet off. oh, yeah, oh, yeah. look at how cool my hair looks >> he is got good hair. >> if you have good hair you
8:33 am
have to fight with your helmet off. >> jason werth comes in with his big mop of hair. look at my hair. >> look at that helmet throw, my hair, after i get hit. >> it is blowing so nicely in the wind he could do a shampoo commercial after this. >> jen, i want this hair, what is the latest style for men. >> good morning, sal. >> good morning. >> watching us on tv, good morning, guys. is there tons of styles. that big floppy look, looks good but not every guy can pull that off. >> no. >> so we are beginning here with this guy here good morning. >> good morning. >> what are you doing to him. >> as we are cleaning up, no one wants to see a hairy face on the beach. it is about facial grooming. you are seeing big beard that is were hot last year in the fall, winter. we are starting to see them cut down more. what we are doing on michael, we have preprepped his skin. trim his beard down tightly, and now we are using a straight edge and try to line this up.
8:34 am
i do not recommend doing this yourself at home, please come and see a professional for that. what we will do, we will begin , go in here and lightly using a straight razor. >> men of color think they can do whatever but they have a special challenge. >> they have an issue with in gun hair that can create razor bumps. you must prep that skin extremely well first. do not make it too short. it will grow back bad. >> give us a little bit of line. >> phone ringing they love us here. >> so what we are doing with mike is straight razor a beautiful line there. >> that looks good. >> like to keep his beard a bit thicker. it all goes by facial shape. we are trying to accent more facial, right where his cheekbones are. >> excellent, excellent. >> we will move over here. >> this is a good looking guy. >> excellent. >> this is robert, our model.
8:35 am
robert is a distinguish businessman in the area, owner of halo wellness center. we keep him very tight and clean. what makes a guy his age looking very modern is very cool under cut hair. you start to see it more un pigmented, so keeping it natural. >> keep it gray. >> ladies do love that. >> we went into his haircut we left his top longer in to a cool shape. >> very cool. >> this guy is an athletic. >> he has an athletic haircut. it is a tight fade, keeping in texture. we are seeing it more like 90 's again using a very good product, little bit fingertip fall, matt product, we will wipe tonight and start to see that texture start to pop up. it is piece ago this apart, nice, short, very good haircut >> you guys look good. very good. jared watching. you guys didn't to have get
8:36 am
anything waxed. thanks. >> you are a handsome gentlemen yourself. >> thank you, thank you guys. >> jen, i like this barbering thing just real close crop what if i did a anderson cooper where it is real close to my, where you see my skin underneath the hair. >> i don't think that is for you. >> why not? >> that is for anderson. you have your own style. >> i'm too fat in the face. >> that is what you are saying >> that is not what i am saying. >> victoria that is what she's saying. >> the power of make up, yeah, i want to ask you a question do you see this woman? what do you find wrong? what is controversy with this woman's facie don't see anything. >> hold on, apparently you didn't look at social media last night. people are upset
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
you know what we have to do now. >> make up artist on instagram , and this make up artist now is under fire, you may be thinking is what wrong? it looks like good make up to me. >> nice job it turns out she's white. >> o . >> white woman underneath that make up. >> um-hmm. >> so, this is make up artists , paintdatface. >> i'm in the sure. >> posted a disclaimer which said it wasn't a race change but one woman acknowledging and embracing and celebrating the beauty of another woman's culture. as pictures were posted the account was flooded accusing her of black face or just not want to go use a black model instead: me turned herself into someone of a different culture. it it is fascinating. i wonder how long that took. >> what are your thoughts on this. >> yeah. >> are you offended. >> i don't know what to think.
8:41 am
so think for me. >> things people do on the internet. >> all right. >> lets talk about kid in the delivery room. >> i have a question, let's pose another question, if you had kid, that are like blue ivy's age, would you want them to go into the delivery room and watch her sister or brother, come out of their mother. >> um-hmm. >> watch the delivery. >> a lot of questions. >> yeah. >> a lot of bananas.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
>> gorgeous they can bring the heat. they are known for spicy dishes. what you went to han dynasty not to eat but cook. they will put you in the kitchen. you have cooking classes? this is cooking class on another level. >> this is a great date night. >> yes, guess what i will tell you how much it will cost, you will be shocked. introducing colgate total advanced health mouthwash. just shake to activate its unique formula
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8:48. we have been watching some fog up in the mountains, and the turbulent atlantic ocean. off of atlantic city, pretty obvious where they got the name from. 8:48. here is the ocean, here is a preview of your weather headlines. we have an unsettled workweek on the way with weather kind of like what we have seen, where we could get some rain here and there but at least after a damp cool day to day it will be a little warmer by tomorrow. as we look the our temperatures right now everybody still mostly in the 50's. we have gotten up to 61 degrees in dover, delaware and 59 in wildwood, little bit of rain down to the south of us in sussex county, delaware, couple heavy downpours and some extending up into cape may county, 70 today, close to
8:49 am
80 tomorrow. 76 degrees on thursday, around 80 on friday, questions about the weekend and it is questionable, for the weekend with 50/50 chance of some thunderstorms on saturday and or sunday. that is your forecast. >> well, you know what we have to deal witt. you know what else, if you forgot that forecast 101.1 more fm we are on the radio, bob, all morning long. >> yes, that is where you can get more. >> much more. >> so, for this weeks alex around town i will take to you one of the hottest places to eat in town, literally han dynasty is men for bringing spices to food. going all the way up to 10 and more. >> yes. >> now you can go there to learn something. you have heard of cooking classes. you know movie fight club how intense that was. instead of fight club it is cooking club and this is a cooking class with a kick this week alex around town i'm not
8:50 am
going to your typical cooking class i'm going to a kung fu cooking class. you know han dynasty a lot of people eat here at second and chestnut. what i told you you can learn how to cook here. of these dishes are home cooking dishes in the restaurant dishes. >> i love this. >> there is a movie playing what is up with that. >> so, while we're making food and waiting for the food to be cook we're also watching kung fu movie. >> cooking and kungfu together >> yes. >> i need a partner for this. >> yes. >> so what are we make to go day. >> we're making authentic won tons. it is a lot different then americanized won tons, the skinnies much thinner, much more meat and much more flavor so, dump it all in there. >> yes. >> we're cooking for the family. >> okay.
8:51 am
>> pinch of salt. white pepper. that is, ginger juice. we will add some water, this just keeps it, juicy, while we cook it. >> yes. >> now we put it in the skin. you are holding it like with corners, here, and then you put a tiny bit like this and then you flip the skin over. >> yes. >> and then you have to push it underneath like that. this is the thick i part. you put water on one end so it sticks together. you are pulling and twisting at the same time. >> there is no way. >> that one is perfect. >> yes. >> and walla. >> we did that.
8:52 am
>> kind of. >> you helped. >> yours broke and we had to dot best we could. >> thanks so much. >> oh, my god. >> i can't get it. >> we only have another hour left in the show. >> see. >> so the best thing about this is that this class is free, completely free. >> oh, yeah. >> it is when can people sign up. >> we have a facebook page called hans kung fu cooking class. >> you are men for making things spicy. >> yes. >> that is this weeks alex around town, we survived hans kung fu cooking club. >> it was hot. >> so cool, it is free, completely free, and it happens last monday of every month. there is one tonight. we have to sign up in advance though and yesterday was memorial day and that is why it switched. here's facebook page, han's
8:53 am
kung fu cooking club, if you follow that he will send updates every month about what you will be cooking and how to sign up. is there a wait list. you got to get on this. >> yes. >> after you make the dish at han's dynasty they sell it and proceed go to charity. they have say if you want to make a donation because they pick a charity every month. >> going tonight and order mike and alex oral ex-and mike >> that is han. >> such a great restaurant. it is beautiful in there. nicely done, alex. >> thank you. >> really nice. >> heard about momma's boy are you a momma's boy and even a daddy's girl but do men really prefer their sons or their daughters. is there a new survey out, hmm , i have two daughters lets see. (gasp)
8:54 am
8:55 am
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i can't wait to see this. motown the musical, it is in philly, so, we have the young man who plays. >> look at stevey wonder. >> i love it. >> the young stevey wonder, young michael jackson young barry gordie. >> and we have a young marvin gaye, ladies. >> oh, yeah. >> um-hmm. >> and then, kid in the delivery room this is a debate this morning reportly beyonce wants blue ivy to be present for the birth of her twins right in the room with her. why she thinks it will be good to be part of the experience, do you agree? would you want your little kid in the room while you are giving birth. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat
8:58 am
you make together. ♪ ♪
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