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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. shock and devastation in one north philadelphia community as neighbors light candles and remember the lives of three people a grandmother and two children killed in a weekend fire. the question remains tonight what started the deadly fire. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. firefighters say it's just too early to tell but one family member says he has a theory. he's been talking with our own jeff cole live now in north philadelphia with this developing story. jeff? >> reporter: we hit him late morning as we arrived here today, lucy. now this three people died. this is the second deadly fire in as many weekends in philadelphia. and as we said, we met a relative mourning over the loss avenue loved one who wanted to us see this morning something that he found. late morning and 80-year-old paul gellery mourning deaths of his 52-year-old daughter and two young great-grandchildren says he has something he wants us to
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see. >> he walks us to what looks like a gas can pressed against the wall of the charred north sixth street three story. >> i never seen this can there before. i know it has liquid in it. i touched it like this. there's something in there. >> reporter: gellery who lives just a few blocks away says he believes someone set the fire which broke out sunday morning before 5:00 killing his loved ones. he says, there was a fight in the street in front of front of the home the night before and fears there could be a link. >> i'm almost certain this was started. >> reporter: you think this was an arson fire? >> somebody set this fire. >> yeah. >> reporter: a small memorial has risen just feet from the front of the burned brick three-story while neighbors gather in disbelief. >> too much fire. everything was coming the fire was coming all out. every window report roar the mayor and fire commissioner tuesday afternoon urged
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residents to install smoke detects or call through 11 for a free one. they also handed them out near north sixth. we asked the fire commissioner about gellery's claims and showed him a picture of that gas can. >> the tragic fire that occurred 1800 block of north sixth street sunday morning it's still very very very early in the process. >> reporter: again, this building somewhat unstable the fire investigators haven't gone in it yet. now, again, we've shown the fire commissioner the picture of the can that we were shown today and we have described to him and his people where it sits on the property. it remains there tonight. live in north philly, i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. iain? >> jeff, thanks. happening now, jurors say they're having a tough time reaching a verdict in the case of south jersey father accused of killing his son. that's what they toll the judge late this afternoon in the david creato trial. the judge sent them home for the night and told them to come back tomorrow and try again. prosecutors say creato killed
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his three-year-old son brendan to save his relationship with his then girlfriend. police found brendan's body in wooded area of haddon township in october of 2015. the defense has argue the boy just wandered off. jury selection is now under way in the case against a bucks county man who prosecutors say sexually assault add group of young sisters. lee kaplan facing long list of charges after police found 11 girls ages six to 18 living in his feasterville home last june. prosecutors say kaplan assaulted six of those girls including one who he fathered two children with. authorities say the parents of that girl gave her to kaplan after he helped them financial financially. tonight we know the name of a 14-year-old gunned down in kensington. one of two teens shot when a gunman opened fire. police now say it was 14-year-old tymeer fraser who died after being shot multiple times along the 2,000 block of orleans street. around 9:30 last night. he died at the hospital.
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police found another victim, a 16-year-old boy, shot in the shoulder about two blocks away. he is in stable condition. new details on tiger woods dui rest or memorial day. woods blame prescription drugs. node alcohol in his system. woods was pulled over to the side of the road. the engine of his car was running his right blinker was flashing. the police report states that woods had slurred speech hadn't trouble keeping his eyes open. it says woods told officers he has prescriptions for four medications. now woods had a fourth back surgery last month and in a statement woods said in part -- i understand the severity of what i did and i take full responsibility for my actions. he set for arraignment in july. now joyce evans spoke to local pharmacist who says his arrest may have actually saved his life, joyce. >> reporter: lucy, that that is a great possibility and it could have been even worse had he not pulled over and passed out as police report. a local pharmacist told me close encounters like this taking
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strong drugs happen more often than we'll ever know. >> people forget did i take it or didn't i? i'll take one more. it really don't want to be in pain today. >> reporter: forgetting they took it or taking more because it wasn't working fast in you enough. pharmacist richard ost says it happens so often post surgery. more dangerous than patients are thinking about in the moment. >> drugs react differently in people. >> reporter: for many reasons he says and possibly on any given day when you're taking powerful opioid meds like vicodin. >> it wouldn't matter he ate that day, yes. what would have been more important how long has he been taking it. >> reporter: how much of it and how does it react with tour ricks, for example. an anti-inflammatory not approved in the united states. >> i think when you're a celebrity sometimes access is a little easier because there's always someone that will help you. >> reporter: he says the pressure to perform often pushes athletes and celebrities. we've seen it all before.
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sometimes ending badly. >> maybe he was lucky this time. >> i think so. i think he was very lucky. i think he was very lucky. he could have killed somebody. >> reporter: including himsel himself. >> including himself y. >> reporter: now, the pharmacist richard ost added that waking tiger up and forcing him to stand to walk around to move about even taking him through the process of arrest may have been the bev thing that could have happened to tiger woods in that moment. iain? >> joyce, thanks. well usual al playground is a good thing for the community, but construction on a long awaited playground project in south philadelphia has got some neighbors upset in the area. they're all for play ground for kids but some who live near they worry the $190,000 playground at sickth and carpenter will be unsafe and could at tract a criminal element. >> the problem there's no one to take care of it there's no one to watch it. there's no panel to say who will lock the gate, who will unlock
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the gate. when it's open, when it's not open. there's no security. >> we know we're going to have it locked up at night. nothing good happen tweens 10:0d 6:00 o'clock in the morning in playground so i think the city knows that. the school district knows that. so we'll make sure that this place is safe. >> the city says it will form a task force to determine the hours of operation. who should be called if there is a problem and who will open and close the play ground much it's expected to be open in just about a month. just in time for summer. just released phone video may help police in delaware track down the people in a really big brawl that broke out in newark. now take a look. police say this happened on may 22nd on north chapel street. police say the fight broke out after some folks weren't allowed into a house party f you recognize anyone here if it jogs any memories newark police would very much love to talk to you. we've got a new convenience for those who like to travel. philadelphia international is welcoming new direct international flights from iceland. the first flight lands this evening at 7:30 in the city.
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mayor kenney set to hop on the first flight back to iceland. he's going return this weekend. you know it's tough to be mayor. you get to travel and stuff. this is of course helps expand philadelphia's international reach and from what we understand, it's very well priced and wonderful launching off point to the rest of europe. well most of attention is recent days has been on president president trump's son-in-law the russia investigation is now expanding to include the president's personal lawyer. michael cohen who is considered to be one of president trump's closest confidants has now become the focus of the expanding congressional investigation into russian efforts to influence the 2016 campaign. cohen reportedly rejected congressional requests for cooperation into the investigation with a senate intelligence committee and in return granting blanket authority to issue subpoenas as it deems necessary. >> all right. let's get a check of your fox 29 wet authority now. as we take live look at ocean city on another cool, gray day.
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we say memorial day is that unofficial start to summer. but it doesn't feel like it out there. in the 50s. >> no. so let's get on over to meteorologist kathy orr who is almost wearing long sleeves. almost. >> almost. [ laughter ] >> i couldn't do it. >> i couldn't do it. >> it's a little cool out. >> you know what iain that's why we say almost. right? it's almost summer. we're trying to get there. but spring wants to pull us back in. you can see where we have the yellow out through central pa these are severe thunderstorm watches. these storms are packing a punch but real bile the time they make into philadelphia they'll pretty much fall apart. and that means we are going to be seeing some drier conditions cool temperatures and more rain coming tomorrow. i'll show you the pick of the week coming up. >> all right. sounds good, thank you kathy. even as crews build dunes to protect beaches some shore towns may still need a deal with serious flooding. and bruce? >> reporter: philly's iconic rock statue draws camera toting tourists from all over the world.
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>> he's there every day man who prime example that you can achieve anything. >> reporter: but now rocky's ring is a chain link fence. i'm bruce gordon and as always i'm ready to step in to help folks out whether they want it or not. the story straight ahead. volunteer work outs continue for the eagle and defensive leap is already under a microscope. defensive coordinator jim schwartz already has a message for the guys up front. that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ two week repair project landed a knock out blow to camera toting tourist looking for a photo in front of philadelphia's iconic rocky statue. of course, in april the rocky steps were fenced off while the nfl got ready for its big draft day stage. now the statue itself off limits. >> we asked bruce gordon to check it out and see if he could do something to help bring the situation into focus. live on the parkway with more. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, this
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is is a civic crisis no question about it. i ran into french tourists today standing around waiting in line to have their picture taken next to the statue. it all kind of came into focus for me. this is a great art museum here. but they've got great art museum the louvre. what no one else is a the italian stallion. >> i just literally came into philadelphia like one hour ago, and first thing i wanted to do was come here. >> reporter: costa dean among the last to have his picture taken beside the rocky statue for now. 22-year-old bulgarian working at the maryland shore this summer wouldn't have missed this for the world. >> it's just lifetime mission for me to make it here and able to take picture with sylvester stallone climb the stairs and all of that. >> reporter: rocky is getting rehab or more accurately the area around the statue is being upgraded. and so by midday workers were erecting fencin fencing a gut po two weeks or so. some of the last minute shutter bugs weren't quite sure why they
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were here. >> it's cool to be able to see something, upping, that most people are excited to see. so -- >> are you excited to see it? >> um, mildly. [ laughter ] >> reporter: my mid afternoon the fencing was complete. one of the most photographicked sites in philly was officially off limits. being the helpful sort i naturally stepped in to replace rocky to sub for sylvester. i was if you'll pardon the expression a knock out. >> where you from? >> brazil. >> this is how we treat our scottish visitors. this is from our friends in bill jump. admit it ladies do i like muscular than the one back there. >> there you go. >> much more handsome. >> as for costa dean as far as he's concerned no boxing ring for chain linked fence can couldn't taint rocky legend. >> bigger than life. he makes you -- motivates you. makes you try to achieve greatness. >> reporter: as you can see, in this life picture, the fence is about 6 feet tall. so it is still technically
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possible to get a shot of rocky over the next couple of weeks. just hold your camera up in the air but as for high-quality selfie, lucy, that is going to be a heck of a challenge. [ laughter ] >> persevere like rocky would have. >> you are doing great you'll be showing up in photo of the albums around the globe, bruce. >> do i have the abs for it. >> we couldn't tell. i trust you. >> good answer. >> i love it. you need to be there every day. you could actual dollar that as a side job. i'm just saying. >> reporter: you know lucy some people have six pack i've got the whole keg. >> you've got the keg? all right. well you go and enjoy that keg and have fun with the tourists. we'll talk to you soon. >> he's got a keg. [ laughter ] i have no gloves. >> you're not quite bruce gordon either. >> no. i'm definitely not. >> or the italian stallion. >> none of suss been down the shore recently. i wish i was able to have gone over the memorial day weekend a lot of residents are dealing with this. serious flooding from the back bay. they say the problem gets less attention more money than flooding along the owing. and while researchers are
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studying ways to protect neighbors from back bay flooding, easy solutions well they're few and far between. scientists say options include bulkhead building them of course elevating houses and restoring marshes. ♪ >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at reading on this tuesday a lot of people were back at work after that long kind of wet weekend some of us saw spotty showers today so what can we expect tonight and the rest of the week? meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. ♪ another cloudy day across the delaware valley and finally we see the light especially as june begins we'll get rid of a lot of this cloud cover we do have some showers moving into our northern and western subur suburbs. some watches to the west and most of this is just going to die down and become like some
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patchy rain during the evening period. right now it is cloudy in old city philadelphia. and we're looking at temperature of 62. temperatures not going too far overnight tonight witness clouds and that persistent on shore flow. today we added another day to the cloudy partly cloudy category. 28 days this month have been cloudy or partly cloudy look at this rain nearly 3-inches above normal in the rain category for the month. cooler temperatures for the month of may about half a degree below normal. it's usual month we're calling mace may gloom for sure. look at the clouds and the showers. overnight tonight, and then even during the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning is cloudy and then as front approaches, we see some showers and storms bubbling up with some breaks in the overcast. and then that moves out again. there is a risk of severe weather a marginal risk for some gusty winds possibly damaging winds and small hail this is especially north and west of philadelphia tomorrow afternoon. there could be a few. then in the wake of that cold
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front, high pressure builds in and this is the start of something much more pleasant as june begins on thursday. it's almost as if we flick a switch and we see brighter days ahead. temperatures in the 80s. which is right around normal for this time of year. so thursday starts a little bit of a different pattern. here's what to expect tonight, though, rain through the midnight hour. some spotty showers. not everyone will see the rain. it will be spotty. it will be cloudy. it will be damly and also area of fogs will develop. temperatures in the lower 60s. and on shore wind that persistent on shore wind from the ocean keeping it cool. keeping it cloudy southeasterly winds five to ten tonight. during the day tomorrow, look for high temperature of 79. some afternoon showers and storms possible. and then we break out of this rut. look at this. thursday june begins, it's 80. mostly sunny friday for the phils 82. saturday 82. then chance of afternoon showers or storms comes sunday and next monday and tuesday not perfect but, hey, it's pretty nice. mostly cloudy monday, 78.
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tuesday mostly sunny, 72. so looking good, guys, all eyes on thursday. that's the day. >> beautiful day. if big old double digit ten thing happening there. >> i wish i was off thursday. >> take personal day. >> yeah. >> it's too late. >> talk at the boss. >> i'm off monday. >> any way. >> it's may. >> we have football. >> good. >> and when football is here, that's all we talk about. >> there you go. >> football is king eagles are king, eagles going into week two of voluntary workouts and the big money guy is back. fletcher cox speaking on missing week one plus fletcher and the rest of the defensive line dictates where this team will go. the guys talk about what that group needs to do to be great. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ voluntary workouts for the eagles continue but they're a bunch of guys not there today. jason peters missing his second week in a row. vinnie curry, will he garrett blunt and much of other guys not there most of the players had legitimate excuses but fletcher cox he's back after missing last week. he said he was with family and the coach is already knew he would be missing week one. still when you're the 100 millan
6:25 pm
dollars guy people expect you to be there. people expect you to the leader. fletcher says that last week had lace woof egg all that matter social security he's here right now. >> i'm here today. i think that's all that matters. that's what's important f i wasn't here today maybe a lot of guise would question that but i'm here today. i walk around everybody knows i'm smiling. happy to go out on the field. back with the coaches and actually put a mel helmet on and chasing the football down. >> the rest of the defensive line are the keys to this defense the key to this entire team. with the exception of brandon graham they under performed last year. today defensive coordinator jim schwartz stressed that the guys up front need to not just get there but get sacks if this team is going to go anywhere. >> i've always told our defense that the engine that runs our defense is our defensive line and our pass rush. and we need to be consistent from week to week. we need to find ways to have guys be consistent. >> when you look at it each guy individually. we're very very talented up front. um, i think where we can take it
6:26 pm
to the next level when they learn how to rush together and, you know, almost unselfishly then i think they become a more productive group. >> to the phillies they take on the marlins tonight and the phils need to win their next two games if they want to win a series theirs first series in the month of may, and bryce harper the slugger, well, in more ways than one as you saw yesterday, is the leader in votes for all star game and guess what, no phils in site. yeah. there isn't going to be any phillies in site but there has to be one. who? i don't know because no one is really worthy. >> exactly. >> we'll see. aaron al tear maybe. >> may be, right. that's what happens when you got the worse record. >> looking to the future. >> big mountain to climb. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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he was asleep at the wheel. >> he had to be woken up by the cops. >> straight from the tiger woods police report. he had slurred speech. he didn't know where he was. then what went wrong. what we have learned about the 10-year-old boy who went flying off the ride at the water park. just 90 minutes after it opened. and white house mystery solved, what are those flashing red lights in the president's private quarters. then, exclusive, what's it like being married to america's most famous conspiracy theorist. >> i'm not putting up with it anymore. >> controversial radio host, alex jones. what his ex-wife is now


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