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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  May 31, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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live from cinder city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. young life taken. he wasn't even out of middle school. tonight police are on the hunt for the person who shot and killed 14-year-old tymeer fraser. he was outside with a friend last night in kensington when someone started firing off rounds. i'm lucy noland. his mother mom. she wants answers and she's talking with our dave schratwieser live now at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, tymeer fraser's mother says he was a good kid. an excellent football player and avid boxer an big brother. she can't understand why anyone would want to murder her son. >> he was excellent. he was good at whatever he did. >> reporter: fraser says her 14-year-old son tymeer was the light of her life. a young man who lit up the room every time he walked in.
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>> my son's smile, his jokes and he was an excellent big brother to his younger siblings. >> reporter: gunned down to the 2,000 block of east orleans street monday night around 9:30. his mother spoke to fox 29 tuesday night before a vigil for her son. tymeer was a mentor to her three younger children. loved boxing and football he was finishing the eighth grade. >> he was supposed to graduate next month on the ninth. you know, going hoy school. he was going play football. >> reporter: police say a lone gunman block hoodie walked up the block stepped between two park cars wounding his 16-year-old friend and striking tymeer in the back. >> never been in trouble the day in the life with the law. it's hard to imagine he was the target. >> terrell evans helped build this memorial to tymeer on the spot where he was killed. >> this is a sad situation. like a young kid had doo over nothing and he had a bright future. >> we need a name.
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>> i know that i want justice for my kid. i want justice for my son. >> reporter: the 16-year-old who was wounded was interviewed here at the homicide unit this afternoon. no word on what came out of that interview. police are reviewing surveillance video. they do not have a motive for this murder but they do have a $20,000 reward. lucy? >> all right. thank you, dave. a mom ran into new jersey gas station and says this guy hopped in her car and took off. big problem, yeah. but the bigger problemwere you in her back seat she one-year-old. it happened today in vineland. police quickly found her car abandoned with her baby still in the back seat. not hurt. officers soon found arrested 31-year-old pedro martinez. he now faces carjacking and kidnapping charges. abandoned house in roxborough a bucket of chemicals with a timer. well, that led to a 911 call and hazmat on the scene tonight. turns out, though, nothing sinister there. all right dave kin kinchen is live at the scene. dave, we're very carry yous.
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what happened? >> reporter: that's the big question. there are a lot of questions police are trying to figure out they say some sort of experiment was taking place here but they say bottom line they found a bunch of chemicals that don't make much sense a little concerning. i'm not really sure too much about the details in terms who saw it and flag it down or anything but yeah the fact that we're seeing people in hazmat suits down here and, you know, the bomb squad. homeland security it's a little bit unnerving for sure. >> reporter: what's mcdermott walked up on the 200 block of roxborough avenue in roxborough after police were notified of what neighbors feared to be a meth lab on the second floor of this house. cops say it's not a meth lab but rather a clandestine lab set up by a student for some sort of experiment. it's still caused quite a raucus and normally quiet neighborhood. >> i saw tons of fire engines, a bunch of cop cay cars came streaming by, buses stopped that can't go on their path. people sitting on the buses probably been in there for two hours or so. just chaos really and police caution tape for blocks. >> reporter: police police
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tell fox 29 someone flagged down an after after seeing a bucket of chemicals with timer attached it to. a source says that timer turned out to be a thermometer. hazmat is now cleaning it all up. bottom line, cops say it's legal operation one leaving neighbors with lots of questions. >> again, police are still trying to figure out exactly what kind of experiment was taking place here. but fire officials say they did not do any evacuations. they did not transport anyone. they say no one was hurt. but still they're trying to answer questions tonight. back to you lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. on your radar chance of fog and storms. looking live at reading a little chilly out now but at least it's dry. not going to stay that way move likely. meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast at 11:00. it's hard for me to get words out at this point in time. mind you i like the rain and all of that but goodness gracious here we go again. >> enough is enough, isn't it it seems like may is like groundhog day. we keep reliving the same day over and over again and the
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reason why it's just that persistent easterly wind. the temperature 61. winds out of the east at 6 miles an hour. it's keeping that mist and fog over the region and keeping it damp. 61 in the city. 59 in trenton. 61 in millville not much different down the shore because that's where the wind is coming from. sea isle 60. the boardwalk in atlantic city 60. beach haven 60 degrees as well with the ocean at 61. ultimate doppler shows a few showers moving through baltimore and washington along the eastern shore near cecil county and moving toward delaware. so few spotty showers in delaware overnight especially new castle county. fox future cast shows hour by hour and late tonight through tomorrow we're just seeing mostly cloudy sky. but during the day tomorrow, few spotty showers here and there but the main event is in the afternoon with some thunderstorms. and then again during the late night hours way cold front that will be moving through. behind it much drier air we run the marginal risk of severe weather. north and west of philadelphia where we see this green there is a threat of some thunderstorms
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producing damaging winds and maybe even some small hail once again tomorrow afternoon. after that, in the wake of this front, bright sunshine for thursday. the best day of the week undoubtedly the temperature 80 degrees. fair weather high pressure. dry conditions. and that will set a trend a change in our pattern for the beginning of june. finally we dig out of this gloomy weather. 79 degrees your temperature for tomorrow morning clouds patchy fog and afternoon showers or storm on your seven day forecast from the weather authority. thursday looks great. friday looks good for the phils. mostly sunny, 82. saturday 82. and partly sunny. by sunday some sun. afternoon shower. 76. monday mostly cloudy 78. and by tuesday, mos mostly sunn, 72. thursday lucy a perfect ten. and that just starts a trend. so the better half of the weekend saturday at this point but definitely not a wash out. >> all right. i like that ten on thursday. it looks wonderful. thank you very much, kathy. police arrest add man armed with a gun at orlando
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international airport. witnesses say he took out the weapon in the rental car area this evening. and started screaming saying quote, you're going to need mental therapy aft this. police he never did fire off any rounds though. police do say the incident only minimally impacted airport operations but many nights are delayed. a house party a huge brawl and now lots of questions about what you're looking at right there. police are hoping someone will recognize the people going after each other outside a party in new castle county. fox 29's sean in it wilson joins us now from newark with the story. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, that video outrageous. more than a dozen people involved in this fight and tonight police want to know who they are. >> violent video going viral for all the wrong reasons. a fire spills out on to north chapel hill street in newark outside of a house party. >> just fighting. just fighting. >> i showed the video to patricia hill. she was out with her granddaughter tuesday evening.
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>> disgusting. it's awful. its the way orchids fighting each other today. report roar police released the video hoping to identify its those involve. investigators say the suspects weren't allowed at the party. so they left and came back with more people and began to attack others. it happened around 2:30 the morning of may 21. >> it's bad. >> yeah. >> i mean it's something that shouldn't be. >> reporter: kevin hopkins is concerned seeing the video. >> just so many things that, um, affects the young people to do wrong things, you know, from tv to the music, um, can't discipline your kids no more more like you used to. um, it's just hard. i mean other kids list stone other kids more so than they do their parents today. >> reporter: and police have not said how old they believe the suspects are. nor have they toll us whether anyone was hurt in the fight. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much shawnette. straight ahead the scenic destination that just got a whole lot easier to go to if
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you're leaving from philly. and here's hank. it's hank. a few days ago a couple of guys were established trying to help a woman in distress on transit train in portland, oregon. what does fill dollar in the same circumstance? hank's take coming you. >> two new adorable reasons to head to the elmwood zoo in montgomery counsel that's gerald and, and they are the newest residents in the zoo's giraffe exhibit and workers say the two are still getting add justed. they're a little shy. but apparently they're both healthy and happy.
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♪ new era of travel just touched down in philadelphia. the inaugural flight of iceland air land laned at philadelphia international airport. they're flying four nights to the fall. travel to iceland is booming these days. the mayor says his city is becoming major hub to lay over for travelers on the way to
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europe. >> we have a small city with everything a city needs. if you like good food or go out for drinks or something, but then you can be top of a glacier or down in geo thermal pool are up in mountain just an hour or two. >> i'm in. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was among one of the first to fly to ice land on the inaugural flight. philly is the 14th u.s. city the airline has put down roots in. in north philadelphia, fire investigators are still trying to figure out what started a fire that killed two children and their grandmother. 5284 old monique gellery and two grandchildren nine-year-old prudence and seven-year-old dean figueroa died over the holiday weeknd and monique's father has a near reach he showedd fox 29 a gas can up against a wall of the burke street home with two charred boards covering it. he says that he's worried someone set the fire which
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killed his daughter and great-grandchildren. >> i never seen this can't there before. i know it has liquid in it. i touched it like this. there's something in there. >> we ran his claims past the fire commissioner and showed him a picture of that gas can but he says it's far too early to say what started the deadly blaze. in oregon defiant man in court faced a judge on murder charges. >> you call a the terrorism. i call it patriotism. you hear me. die! >> authority say jeremy joseph christian fatally stabbed two people on the max train in portland oregon. two men police say he killed can defending two muslim girls who christian was harassing with hate speech. many witnesses say those men they are heroes. what would you do if you came face to face with an attacker? our hank flynn talked
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to philadelphians about what they would do when seconds and lives are at risk. here's his take. ♪ just you saying stop, no. could mean so much than you just sitting there and watching and they could get hurt. >> reporter: it's hank. this step system is a good deal it will take you where you want to go but people will get out of line and when they do, my take is, be a good citizen, step up and help out. but be careful. people are nuts. you want to bully somebody on a bus or a train. you best not do it around fatima hill. >> just simply i said hey, don't do that. she's an older lady. leave you alone. why you doing that. he just stopped. >> good samaritans like fatima are national news this week. >> we got christian or muslim. >> three men were stabbed. to fatally when they intervened with a man using racial slurs to abuse two teenaged girls reportedly muslims on a portland oregon light rail. alleged attacker was arrested and hit with aggravated murder
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charges. that doesn't mean philadelphia muslims like cassandra perry haven't had to put up with the same nonsense. >> i've been told i shouldp i should go back to my country which is funny because i was born in the united states. >> right. >> and in west philly. >> you've been told you shall go back to your country five blocks from where you were born. >> right. literally like around the corner. >> cassandra chalks it up to ignorance and moves on with her life. who steps up? >> thing get weird quick. situations get dicey. no one intervened a couple of week ago when a kid pulled a gun in a fight on septa train. but how can you blame them? septa sergeant michael wright says there's only one move. get your head down and make the call. >> you have someone that's produces a weapon or brandishes a weapon or the threat of physical harm we ask that you call 911 immediately so every police officer in the city can be notified and have a need response. >> try to move the victim away from the assailant use your phone to call cops not shoot
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video. people willing to step in and help like dory thompson. >> aren't you scared you'll get hurt? >> sometimes you got to take chances. >> just have faith everything will be all right. >> have to have faith. god is always there. >> ♪ >> now women in this story are a lot tougher than i am. when they say they'd step up to help you in a pinch i believe it for my part, i'm not making any promises. i don't know what i'd do in that situation. talk is cheap. but maybe people should just stop creating epp sane situations that require that kind of help. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ there you go. you see it you shoot our fresco users showing us what is going on around you. >> lucy everyone is okay after a house fire in burg top county. fire crews responded to the house on melbourne lane in willingboro just before 9:00 tonight. fire diss pat of patch says no one was taken to the hospital and only one house was affected. fresco user lion sending this video from lawrence
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township in mercer county. police say a woman was driving a car this afternoon on the 500 block of keith road when she dozed off and her car went into the creek. everyone in the car had to go to a local hospital to get check out but they're okay. the road has since reopen. so when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use that fresco app to sent it to our newsroom. lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. montgomery county hospital is getting upgrades translating into improved care for patients. ground-breaking today for lankenau medical center emergency department expansion it will triple the size of the emergency room. hospital officials say it is desperately needed and patients will get faster care. the new emergency room will open in the fall of 2019. to camden now the bb and t pavilion has brand new neural mural tonight. live nation and lundy law foundation together unveiled this wall honoring children's hospital of philadelphia. love the best part here. which is that the hospital's patients actually painterred the mural themselves.
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all right. so you were speaking of love, loving up on the baseball yesterday. >> listen i was. i love me some bryce harper yesterday he rush the mound through a bubble of punches but of course you can't actual dollar that. today major league baseball gave out the punishment and i totally disagree. i'll tell you
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♪ so what do you think? does punish many fit the crime? no says sean bell. when it comes to bryce harper. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ at for i was going talk about tiger woods. i'll wait. everyone likes to jump top conclusions but not this time. i'll wait for all the details actually come out. after blowing 0.0 in the breathalyzer he deserve it. he said it was a reaction to medication i'll give him that time. with that said let's talk about this fight. bryce harper was suspended four games for charging the mound and throwing a couple of punches at hunter strickland and strickland was only suspended sick games which is ridiculous because assure lever you don't play every game any way so depending on the circumstances he might only miss two appearances. baseball needed to something about this. they real dollar. pitchers get away with murder and baseball is a weapon getting hit by 98 miles per hour fast ball is much worse than getting
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hit by punch. much worse. what do you expect a player to do after a pitcher goes after him like that? he's defenseless in the batter's box. and he's basically target practice. so there's no way in the world stricklan should be suspended for what will end up being a frack of harper's suspension. lucy something needs to change if i get hit with hundred miles per hour fast ball i'm going to fight. >> yeah, i know you are. tell was. guess what, guys, ariana grande is returning to manchester less than two week after deadly terrorist attack at her concert play charity concert on sunday alongside enormous list of names just keeps growing. justin beiber, the biebs, cold play, katie perry, usher miley cyrus the list goes on on and. concert honors the 22 people killed in bombing at her concert last monday. proceeds from the show will go to emergency fund for those impacted by the bombin bombing y of manchester and british red cross is behind the fund. singer olivia newton john reveal she's battling breast cancer
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again. two week ago the singer postponed her concert tour because of back pain. doctors have since diss covered she has cancer spread to the base of her spine. publicist says newton john will undergo radiation therapy and hopes to return at the stage later this year. we are praying for her. she balanced breast cancer in 1992. i was a little kid when she was in greece, right. playing sandy. did you ever see grease i mean did you ever watch the movie. >> i never watch the whole thing. >> it's not black and white. >> just parts. >> it's actuall actually in fuln technicolor. >> i watch parts not the whole thing. >> i in fact have a sandy jacket here that i wear i got it in the price closet downstairs whenever it's cold i wear it it's a pinky tuscadero jack. nonetheless,. >> we won't quiz you thon. >> this is foreign on me. you're talking spanish right n now. >> war these strange words he's saying. >> let's go to fonzie. >> i know the fonz. >> hey.
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>> "good day philadelphia" 4:00 a.m. sue serio b
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>> breaking right now. police are investigating a pretty bizarre family drama. a mother calls police because her car has been stolen and then finds out there is another incident involving her young daughter. we have a live report. asked him to return tomorrow, if you can. >> also ahead this morning, on good day philadelphia, call it deliberation dilema the jury weighing the david creato murder trial signals they're having trouble reaching averred. >> hey everybody, it is me, cathy griffin. i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm comic. i cross the line. i move the line. then i cross t i went way too far. >> yes, she talki


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