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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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they're having trouble reaching averred. also: hey, everybody, it is me, cathy griffin. i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i moved the line. then i cross it. i went way too far. >> comedian cathy griffin apologizing, the gruesome photo that has her saying i'm sorry this morning. >> and more for words, coming up it is 5:00 on this wednesday. slowly getting to the weekend. great to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton. >> the whole team, a loft fog that's socking us in. doesn't look too bad on the parkway, but depends where you are, you could be driving in and out of it? >> in, out, allow yourself plenty of time. not a morning where you want to be running late. it is seven out of ten. we do see some improvement later on, we can barely see bus stop buddy. he is a a little bit of fog obscuring him today. he's got the just in case umbrella, temperatures are in the 50's, 60s as we get
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started this morning, and visibility is not great in a lot of places. wilmington, dover, millville, trenton, it is kind of foggy up in the mountains, we have 6 e airport. and that's what we are talking about, those numbers will change next time we look at them. so as far as rain is concerned, we have little bit in southern delaware, north and west every us, weaver some thunderstorm activity that we're watching, to see if it makes it here, and again, sussex county, delaware, they got the first rain yesterday. we all ended up with some at some point on tuesday. 62 degrees right now, with calm winds, and that helps the fog to form. and other temperatures are in the 50's, and 60s, as we mentioned, in hazleton, it is 56, west chester, 61, same in millville, and cape may. we didn't have -- we had so much cloud cover overnight we didn't have a lot of radiational cooling. so it is zero six to start in rehoboth beach. looks like we'll get to 80 degrees, maybe some sunshine, at least by the ends of the day, but we could also
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get some pop up thunderstorms, sunset time is 8: 23, bob kelly, long, long days. >> long, long days, get your chores done there, good morning, it is wednesday, hump day. looking live downtown philly. if you look close, you can see the headlight of the cars coming off of the vine street expressway. so poor visibility, but at least the vine is open. it had been closed overnight, as part of the demolition of the 18th street overpass. they'll close it again later tonight into this time tomorrow. but at least we're open for the morning rush hour. they're still working out on the blue route, right near mid-county. again, poor visibility all around the area because of the fog, and there is still a lot of construction crews in the middle of packing things up. so just be careful. work mid-span on the burlington bristol, they say until 5:00. so cut them a break. few minute behind. speed restrictions up and down the entire stretch of the new jersey turnpike, from exit one through central new jersey, also, all the way up through the george washington bridge, because of fog. septa's first train out of the warminster line running with
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some delays. working north on 95 at kurland, and then as you just heard sue mention some poor visibility, because of the fog at philadelphia international airport. so that could cause some delays for those first early flights getting out of the gate at philadelphia international airport. again, just check ahead. be careful, north on 95, a brand new traffic pattern in the girard avenue construction zone, but otherwise, again, speeds, lower than normal, because of the fog. karen, thomas, back to you. >> bob, thank you, we are beginning with breaking news right now, a mother had called police to report that her car had been stolen. then they discovered her very young daughter had been seriously injured. let's get right out to the scene in olney with jenny joyce and what we know. jenny? >> reporter: karen, we have two investigations underway right now. we have stolen car investigation and seven year old girl found unconscious for that reason. both north detectives and the special victims unit are investigating. police say between 1:00 and 2:00 this morning, the mother inside this home reached out
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to police saying a family member, believed to be her 18 year old son, stole hermit sue bushy suv. officers responded here to the 5500 block of north american street. and asked for the woman's vehicle registration. she went back inside the home to get those documents. she went into the basement, and that's when she found her seven year old daughter unconscious with a bag over her head. she carried her daughter out of the house, screaming, officers on scene immediately jumped into action, and did what they could to revive this child before she got to the hospital. >> the officer immediately grabbed the seven year old child, who was unresponsive, and he started doing cpr right outside on the front stems. the officer was by himself. and called for back up, while continuing to do cpr. when the back up arrived, the officer got into the police car, with a back up officer, and they drove the child to einstein hospital, the entire time, the officer continued doing cpr.
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>> officers recovered the stolen car, a couple of blocks away at third and champ plows street, found crashed into several parked vehicles, on the block, and that 18 year old son accused of taking off with the car has not been found, and at this point, police say, they don't know if there is a link between that family member and the unconscious seven year old, police tell us, when they went down to the basement which is where that child is found, they found several plastic bags all over the room. karen, thomas? >> so trouble story, more to come on this one, jenny joyce, thank you. 5:05. jurors in the murder trial of david creato are at an impasse. they told the judge they're having trouble reaching averred in the case. lauren johnson at the courthouse in camden where jurors, they'll be back at it today. lauren? >> reporter: hey, good morning, thomas. yep, they're stuck on something, what exactly that is we don't know. they'll be back here at 9:00 this morning, and this delay could be good for david creato's defense team, not so good for prosecutors who have a circumstantial murder case against the father. yesterday the jury sent note to the judge saying they could
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not agree on verdict, judge john kelly ordered them back today. the note came after looking at the interrogation video for the fifth time. they watched the video tuesday, that, after being on break monday for the holiday, and friday, because many jurors had some previous engagements last week, they saw it three different times. it obviously is not bringing them any closer to a decision. but the judge is saying, please, let's try hard again. >> at this stage in the proceedings my advice would be to, again, listen to the charge that i'll give you again. we have reached the end of the day. so i'm going ask you to return tomorrow morning after i give this charge to you, to make an effort, if you cannot -- if you can reach averred, do so. however, if you cannot, then report that to me. >> creato facing murder charges in the death of his three year old son, brendan, from the beginning, david told authority his son wandered away from his haddon township home after he put the toddler
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down for bed. prosecutors claim, though, he killed his son because his then girlfriend did not like children. she did testify during the trial, saying, she didn't like when the boy was around, but she never said she wanted him dead. again, the judge asking the jury return here to the camden county justice complex at 9:00 y really hard to reach that verdict in the trial that started last month. karen, thomas? >> lauren johnson this morning, thank you. more to come, as well. opening statements begin this morning in the trial after bucks county man accused of sexually assaulting six young sisters. lee kaplan right there facing long list of charges, after police found 11 girls, ages six, to 18, living in his feasterville home last june. prosecutors say kaplan, assaulted six every them, including one who he impregnated twice. authorities say the parent that far girl gave her to kaplan after he helped them financially. >> $20,000 reward now being offered for information that leads to the arrest after killer of a 14 year old boy, this happened in kensington,
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we told but it yesterday on good day. tie mere frazier killed monday night, on the 2,000 block of east orleans street right near frank for avenue. police say there was loan gunman who walk up the street, stepped two between cars, shooting six, seven shots, killing tiemere and wounding his friend. he was a good kid (weeks from graduating eighth grade. >> i'm living in my worse nightmare f anybody ever wanted to see me hurt, it was well accomplished. >> he never been in trouble a day in his life with the law. so it is hard to imagine he was the target but we don't know. >> tiemere was a good kid, doing his thing with his boxing, he wasn't a street kid. >> look at that. picture, face cut down, police say they don't have motive for this, hoping if anyone has any information to please come forward. >> time now just about 5:09. violent brawl spills into the street of newark, delaware. and this morning, police are hoping cell phone video can help them crack the case. our shawnette wilson has more.
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>> violent video going viral for all the wrong reasons, a fight spills out onto north chapel hill street newark outside after house party. >> just fighting, just fighting. >> i showed the video to patricia hill. she was out with her granddaughter aniah tuesday evening. >> discusting. it is awful the way our kids are fighting each other today. >> police released the video hoping to identify those involved. investigators say the suspects weren't allowed at the party, so they left and came back with more people, and began to attack other. it happened around 2:30 the morning of may 21st. >> it is bad. i mean, it is something that shouldn't be. >> kevin hopkins is concerned, seeing the video. >> just so many things affect the young people to do wrong things, you know, from tv, to the music, can't discipline your kids no more like you used to. it is just hard. i mean, other kids, listen to
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other kids more so than they do the parent today. >> police haven't said the age range at the people at the party or the suspect, but hill says preventing violence like this start with the young people. >> takes a village to raise one child. and it really does. and a lot of the parent, doesn't get involved with their children. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news." >> things have calmed down in roxborough this morning, but last night a hazmat situation had folks in the quiet neighborhood on high alert. philadelphia police say they were notified around 7:00 last night, about a suspicious object in a vacant home on the 200 block every roxborough avenue. someone reported seeing a bucket of chemicals with a timer attached to it. neighbors feared it might be a methamphetamine lab, but police say it turned out to be different kind of lab set up by a student for some sort of experiment, and the timer was actually a thermometer. the device, well, you can imagine, neighbors, they were worried. >> i saw tons every fire engines, bunch of cop cars came streaming by, buses stopped, can't go on their
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path, people sitting on their phones on the buses probably been there two hours or so, yes, just chaos, really police caution tape for blocks. >> police checked the chemicals. they say they were not explosive. investigators trying to find the person who put them there in the first place. well the celebration over the inaugural flight from philadelphia up to iceland got off to an inch auspicious start because the flight which had our mayor and the mayor of iceland on it never got there, never got, there ended up in boston. supposed to be going there late last night. put it down 11:00 in the boston, haven't released the reason, all part of cultural exchange to have mayor kenney on board, airline will be flying four flights through the fall, and the mayor said his city has become very popular. >> we have a small sit which everything a city needs, if you like good food or go out for drinks or something, but then you can be on a top of a glaser, or down in a
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geothermal pool, or up in a mountains, just an hour or two. >> you get a chance to take one -- >> also, people going therefore bachelor parties, quick get away, become real popular. so our philadelphia delegation spent the night in boston, the airport put out statement saying that they were regretting the significant inconvenience. >> oh, those glare err bachelor parties. >> ice hotels. 5:12. something a lot of people are talking about this morning, in fact, the cover of all of the newspapers saying cathy griffin, she is out of her head. >> well, there she is right there. in fact, this morning, she is saying i'm sorry. why will she feature an anti-trump photo, a lot of people not happy about this one. >> and also, asleep at the wheel. what police are saying really happened when they pulled over golfer tiger woods. bob kelly? >> good morning, are you up yet? the burlington bristol bridge is up. all traffic all stopped for an opening right now. use the connector bridge as the alternate. come on, open up the front
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door. we can barely see you. but we can see the light at wilmington, delaware, some thick fog as we kick off our wednesday. sue has the rest of the forecast, and i'll check the jam cams when we come right back.
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>> good morning, waking to up a lot of fog this morning.
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it will clear out. it will be a nice day. sue serio has you covered with the forecast right now, sue? >> lot of fog out there this morning, especially, at the shore. so, if you are there, and you're going to take your morning walk on the boardwalk, you might need your goloshes this morning, some of your weather headlines for today, sun, maybe some thunderstorms, at some point today, but a perfect thursday is in store. as close as we can get to perfect. not so perfect weekends ahead. we will tell you about it in the seven day forecast, but let's get you ready for the fog. no dense fog advisory in effect. we don't quite meet the criteria of the national weather service for, that but plenty every places like lancaster, dover, wilmington, millville, a loft places where we will see fog, 6 miles visibility right now at the airport, we'll tell you if it get any worse and starts time pact flights. 62 degrees if recalled if, 55 mount pocono, 61 in wildwood. sixty-two in lancaster. and, radar, with our satellite
5:17 am
picture, along with it, does show a lot of cloud cover, of course fog doesn't show up on radar, but thunderstorms do. and you see some that are starting to move toward the pocono mountains and maybe the lehigh valley. we still have some areas of rain in sussex county, delaware. a look ahead at the future cast, shows possibility of a pop up shower this morning through the area, then some sunshine this afternoon. right before a cold front comes through. so, with the increased sunshine, instability, we could have few pop up thunderstorms most likely north and west of the city, but we can't rule one out in philadelphia either late in the day. then that will make way for a better thursday. marginal risk of severe thunderstorms, late in the day for the area that is colored green there. so keep an eye to the sky. later on if your kids have a little league game, or something like that, just watch out for that. 08 degrees today. 79 degrees tomorrow. chance every late day thunderstorms on friday, as we usher in a decent saturday, looks like maybe we even have a showers in the morning, but
5:18 am
mostly sunny in the afternoon, high of 82, clouds, shower, or thunderstorm, possible, on sunday, and a chance of showers monday and tuesday of next week. remember your forecast is available not only on tv, but on the radio, too, bob kelly, 101.1, more p.m. >> you make so easy for all of us. good morning, everybody. it is five, yes, what am i looking at here? 5:18. there you go. i believe there would be the burlington bristol bridge in the background there in the middle of an opening, scheduled for 5:10. so still up in the air, again, traffic stopped on both sides of the river. we got the foghorns going like crazy this morning. again, really thick fog as you step out the front door and you see the mist that's on the roadway, just little slipperiness just to make it treacherous this morning, just be careful. we got a lot of and steek else this morning, you've got the
5:19 am
fog, packing up of the construction crews, working up here near mid-county for most the night. i mentioned the burlington bristol bridge traffic stopped for an opening. youths the turnpike connector bridge or the talcony palmyra. speed restrictions up and down the new jersey turnpike, because of the fog, 45 miles a lawyer from the delaware memorial bridge all the way up through central new jersey, in toward the george washington bridge, watch for that fog, to possibly cause delays on arrivals and departures this morning down at philadelphia international airport. so check with the airline to play it safe. septa respect first treanor two out of the gate for the warminster line running with minor delay. then keep in mind the amtrak rail project on the wilmington line leaving septa with 20 minute delays possible during the morning and afternoon rush hour, along the wilmington line. karen and tomorrow back over to you. >> bob, thanks forgetting us around. time 5:19. breaking news out of afghanistan. massive explosion has rocked diplomatic area of the capitol kobul. happened at the peak of the rush hour, and officials are saying it is a suicide car
5:20 am
bombing. afghan officials say 64 people have been killed, as many as 300 other wounded. the german embassy the foreign ministry, and presidential palace, are located in that area. >> president trump making another unprecedented move by giving world leaders his personal phone number. the associated press says the president has been giving out his cell phone number to other leaders for them to call. that's not a normal move by a president, because of security concerns. the only lead here has used the number to call the president has been canadian prime minister justin trued owe. >> president trump's personal lawyer now caught in the cross hairs of the ongoing probe into russia. michael cohen is considered to be everyone president's closest confidant. cohen reportedly rejected requests for cooperation, in the congressional investigation into russian effort to influence the election. meanwhile, president trump senior advisor, and son-in-law, jared kushner,
5:21 am
says he's eager to cooperate with investigators, regarding him allegedly setting up back channel communications with russia. >> i think that's that assumes a lot. i would just say mr. kushner's attorney has said that mr. kushner's volunteered to share with congress what he knows about these meetings. >> also, a staff shake-up coming a mid the allegation the of russian meddling. white house communications director mike dubkey announced he's stepping down for personal reasons. >> 5:21, cathy griffin the comedian, apologizing for a picture that showed her holding the head of our president. we blurred this picture because it is offensive. "tmz" release philadelphia all part of photo shoot with a photographer, his name is tyler shields, even now, she is saying, it is a big mistake. >> i went way too far. the image is too disturbing, i understand how it offer end people, it wasn't funny. i get it. i've made a lot of mistakes in my career. i'll continue. i ask your forgiveness.
5:22 am
>> "tmz" reached out to the president's oldest son, donald trump, jr., who called the picture discusting, but not surprising, this is the left today. they consider this acceptable. but former first daughter chelsey clinton is also very outraged as well. she tweeted this is wrong, nothing fun toy joke from the president. this is the one from chelsey clinton. we also showed you the lottery numbers for good measure. >> what a scene here. reports of an arm man caused chaos at orlando international airport last night. authorities believe 26 year old michael wayne petgrew attempt to go commit suicide. they say he pointed a look like real gun at officers and at himself. crisis negotiator was brought in, able to get petgrew to surrender without shots being fired. petgrew, former marine, being held for mental evaluation, but also faces aggravated assault charges.
5:23 am
you call it terrorism, i call it patriotism. you hear me? die. >> a different case here, defiant suspect in court facing a judge for murder charges. jeremy joseph christian is accused every fatally stabbing two men and wounding another on a train in portland, oregon over the weekend. the men were defend too long women who were being after -- harrassed when hate speech because one of the ladies was wearing a him and. >> they fired the police offers here shot and killed 12 year old in cleveland two years ago, tamire rice shot to death by officer timothy low man he was fired, the officer, didn't disclose another department forced him out before he got that job in cleveland. his partner, was suspended for ten days, for violating rules because he drove way too close, video shows crews skidding to shop just feet from the child, low man shot and killed tamear back in november of 2014. prosecutors did not indict the
5:24 am
officers. >> happening today, they're expected to release the police body cam video later today, of that traffic stop involving golfer tiger woods. and also learning new details about his arrest, police say woods was asleep at the wheel, pulled off the side of six lane road, engine every his car was still running, and his right blinker still flash being. they say woods had slurred speech, had trouble keeping his eyes open, he blames reaction to prescription drugs in the wake every his fourth back surgery he had last month, he will be arraigned coming up next month, they did not find any alcohol in his system. >> time now 5:24. we will get a check on weather and traffic in just an employment first check lottery numbers.
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>> good morning, lawn mower injuries, occurring too often. >> don't put your hands in a lawn mower. >> keep the kids away. >> yes. >> that's our advice for the
5:28 am
morning. >> all right. there is some breaking news about a star, major star, certainly from greece, an american icon. >> yes, we'll update you on olivia newton john coming up in just a moment. what she has to stay. -- what she has to say. stay with us.
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>> breaking news right now, family tragedy, stolen car, then little girl found with a plastic bag over her head. police are on the scene and so are we. >> this morning, the jury with the creato murder trial say they are having trouble reaching a verdicts. father accused of killing his young boy. >> a cancer battle for olivia newton john revealing after two decades she is once again battling this disease. >> i'm sure, great to have you with us on this beautiful day, look at wild works all of the fun happening down there. great to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp, right over to sue for a check of the werth. we do have a lot of fog there and just about everywhere. >> fun in the fog. 50's, 60s, are our temperatures outside this morning, so bus stop buddy, just in case umbrella, every day, right? and a sweatshirt for the bus stop wait this morning.
5:32 am
yes, we have areas of fog out there. visibility, is pretty poor in wilmington, millville, lancaster, trenton, philly international, 6 miles visibility, could be worse, we'll keep an eye on it, as far as rain is concerned, there is little area in sussex county delaware, been there the for last hour, hour and a half. here if philadelphia, no rain, 62 degrees, calm winds, and sunrise time at 5:35. >> i think this is the day we'll see some sunshine, cold front coming through, also the possibility of pop up thunderstorms, not everybody will get one, but you know what we say bob kelly out at the little league game, keep an eye to the sky. >> you got it for all of the little league t ballers out there, 5:32, live look at i95678 come on, time to make the donut, headlights are headed southbound out of northeast philadelphia, through the construction zone. we got the thick fog in port richmond here, of course little bit of a mist on the road surface, as the school
5:33 am
buses, three cheers for the bus drivers there go on bid. curbside on the freeway in new jersey, again, thick fog, everywhere, as you step out the front door, this morning. so be ready for some reduced speeds, burlington bristol bridge slow on both sides of the river from earlier opening, just few moments ago, speed restrictions, because of the fog, the entire stretch of the new jersey turnpike, from exit one all the way up through central jersey into the george washington bridge. look for possible delays at philadelphia international airport this morning, and the visibility, leaving fog leaving poor visibility for arrivals and departures, just checked with the airline to play it safe. and the first train out of the gaeton the warminster line running with minor delays. karen, thomas being back to you. >> 5:33, right to top stories this morning. police remain on the scene of the breaking news out of olney. mother calls police about her stolen car leading them to investigate another case involving her daughter. jenny joyce in olney on the scene with more on this one,
5:34 am
jenny, good morning. >> good morning, thomas. so the mother who reported both incidents is now at einstein medical center, with her seven year old daughter, who remains in critical condition. police tell us between 1:00 and 2:00 this morning, the mother reached out to police, saying, that her 18 year old son stole hermit sue bushy suv from her home on the 5500 block of north american street. officers responded, and asked for the woman's vehicle, registration, she went back inside the home to get those document, she went into the basement, and that's when she found her seven year old daughter, unconscious, with a bag over her head. she carried her daughter out of the home, screaming, according to police, who say that there were officers on scene, performing cpr on the child on the front lawn. then she was transported in a police vehicle, to einstein, police tell us that there is a lot to figure out on this one. there were several plastic bags found on the floor of the basement where the child was found, but at this point they can't for sure if there was foul play, if the family
5:35 am
member who stole mom's car is involved or if this was a child's play accident. >> we're not certain if the person who took the car had anything to do with the seven year old, with the plastic bag over her head, and we're not certain if there was any foul play at all. it is a possibility due to the fact we found so many plastic bags where we found her that children think do unusual things, the seven year old could have put the bag over her head, it could be an accident it, could be foul play. we want to determine exactly the truth, and exactly what happened to her. number one concern is that she survives this incident. >> officers recovered the stolen car couple of blocks away at third and champ plows streets, found crashed into several parked cars on the block, that 18 year old son, accused of taking off with the vehicle has not yet been found. police say a bunch of distraut family members who came to the scene after hearing what
5:36 am
happened went with police back to northeast detectives, to talk with them, asly try to figure out exactly what happened here, karen, thomas? >> very busy night, i know you'll be digging more on this one, thank you, jenny joyce. >> 5:36. what does covfefe mean? unusual word, probably miss spelling that appeared in a trump tweet overnight. >> well, a lot of people are talking about this one right now. let's get right down to washington doug luzader, we start on that one, that's what's blog up the internet. good morning. >> unfortunately i have the wrong tweet up, but confefe, i don't know what thens, maybe miss typing the word coverage? it is just kind of odd twitter renmant that came out at midnight overnight. and it casino every demonstrate the role the twitter plays in this presidency. really trending on line right now, nobody knows exactly what it means. but it comes as the white house is apparently going through something after staff
5:37 am
shake up in terms of communication. there has long been talk about sean spicer, perhaps, leaving as well. although, he seems to survive all of this speculation. so, we're not clear how far down the chain this goes but again the communications director is going to be replaced. >> i know there has been a lot of rumbling. talk about it earlier here on the program, doug, the president, unprecedented, handing out cell phone number to world leaders saying give me a ring. >> yes. he gave it to it, the associated press is reporting this, gave it to the leaders of canada, mexico, france, you know, diplomatically, this is a big deal, because generally communications are kind of funneled through the state department, or at least foreign policy advisors, in this instance, he's asking for direct phonecalls sometimes. and at least one world leader has literally called him up. and that's justin trudeau, the prime minister of canada. we don't know what that
5:38 am
conversation entailed, but there are folks out there apparently with the president's cell phone number. >> also with the whole shake up with the staff, also saw some familiar faces from the campaign that were cited there at the white house. what do you make of all of that? >> cory, among other, apparently visited on monday night, so i think there is a lot of speculation right now about not just who is going, but who is comingment and is trump going to rely on some old hands to kinds of shake things up internally, in the west wing. we don't know. i mean, he may simply be meeting with him in a advisory capacity, nevertheless this kind of shuffling of faces, has led to a lot of speculation. >> all right, more to come. confefe the world of the year, all of the kids will be using it, you know it is coming. >> thank you, doug, we appreciate it the. >> 5:38. coming up on good day, why neighbors are upset about a new playground coming to their neighborhood. first, here's sean bell. >> coming up in sport in a minute, the phillies can't wait to get out of the month
5:39 am
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>> good morning, eagles in their second week of voluntary workouts, a bun of guys were not at the nova care complex. jason peters, vinnie, benny curry among others. fletcher cox was back, missed the first week of ota's got flack for it, said he was with his family and it was something the coaches already
5:42 am
new about. but the $100 million man is back at the facilities and all is forgiven. back, second inning, strained his right elbow. velasquez would have to leave the game afterwards. he said it was a minor injury. in the third inning, the marlins, juan carlos, doing what he does, two run shock to right. the phils lose seven-two, they lost every series in the month of may and bryce harper suspended, after charging the mound, and throwing a punch or two at hunter strickland, in with 98-mile per hour fastball, strickland, only suspended six games. >> that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell.
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5:45 am
>> 5:45, most are in a fog to begin with this time of the day, but this morning, driving through it, and we can barely make out the back of the art museum here, the skyline is invisible, and the thick fog, this morning, really setting us back here. so just be careful, headlights on. your wipe letters have to be on once or twice, because fine mist out there causing for slippery spots. no major problems there on the schuylkill, it has gotten little thicker here in new jersey, live look at the 42 freeway, so again, hit and miss, depending upon where you begin and ends your trip. the fog kind of sifting in and out here, throughout our area, 45 miles an hour on the new
5:46 am
jersey turnpike, from exit one, all the way up through central new jersey, in toward exit 18, which is the george washington bridge. fog probably leaving with us philly international this morning, so do check with the airline, south on 495, roll through wilmington watch for construction there at edgemore road. i just checked with the airport, officially everything okay. but, any minute now we will start to see some scattered delays, because of the fog, so, again, check with the airline to play it safe. then just be careful in all of the work zones, bad enough they shuffle the par years around, we now have poor visibility with the fog to go along with it, one example right here along 202 between route 30 all the way down to boot road. when is the fog going to roll on out? sue is rolling in in 15 seconds.
5:47 am
>> couple every weather systems nearby, affecting the less than perfect forecast that we have for today. although it is improved from yesterday, we've got this stationary front that's been around, like close to us, just to the south for couple every days, it is supposed to dissipate, and then later on, after we get to around 80 degrees, this cold front will come through. but there is disturbance ahead of it that we are watching, as well. i know, it is a complicated, but fog is out there this morning. just like yesterday, we have a lot of moisture in the air. unlike yesterday, the fog is affecting us a lot more places including philadelphia international airport, where visibility is now down to 2 miles. and plenty of other places where you're going to encounter some fog in the morning, so slow down, take your time, that was redundant, want it? anyway, 62 degrees in philadelphia, wilmington, 61 in wildwood, 55 degrees in mount pocono. as we get started this morning, these are the thunderstorms we're talking about, north and west of the city with the disturbance ahead of the storm. there is harrisburg getting
5:48 am
that one small cluster of thunder and lightning, then just some light showers in southern delaware. so we're at marginal risk later on, after we get to around 80 degrees of some thunderstorms popping up later in the day for us today, there is 80, there is 78 for tomorrow. about as close to perfect as we can get, for weather for tomorrow. right at average, and then 80 degrees before we get some thunderstorms late in the day on friday. several front coming through, including one on sunday, but so far it is looking a lot better, for saturday, than sunday, we'll keep you posted, thomas, karen? >> you know you will. thank you, sue. all right, 5:48. violent brawl, spilling on to the street of newark, delaware, right now, police are hoping that some phone video can help them crack the case. take a lock at this one. shawnette wilson has the story. >> violent video going viral for all of the wrong reasons, fight spills out onto north chapel hill street in newark outside after house party. >> just fighting, just fighting. >> i showed the video to
5:49 am
patricia hill, out with her granddaughter aniah tuesday evening. >> discusting, awful, the way our kids are fighting, each other today. >> police released the video homing to identify those involved. investigators say, the suspects weren't allowed at the party, so they left, and came back to more people and began to attack other. it happened around 2:30 the morning of may 21st. >> it is bad. i mean something that shouldn't be. >> kevin hopkins concerned seeing the video. >> just so many things that affect the young people to do wrong things. you know? from tv, to the music, can't discipline your kids no more like you used to. it is just hard. i mean, other kids listen to other kids more so than the parent today. >> police haven't said the age range of the people at the party or the suspect, but hill says, preventing violence like this starts with the young people. >> takes a village to raise one child. and it really does.
5:50 am
and a lot of the parent, doesn't get involved with their children. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news." once again if you know anything you know what to do, give police a call. 5:50. new jersey governor chris christie has a plan to make the state capitol of trenton safer. he announce add program that will allow the city to demolish hundreds of abandoned or vacant properties. city officials say those properties are a magnet for crime. the plan will also add 150 surveillance cameras, all around the city. >> 5:50. usually a playgrounds, great thing for community, people cheer, one in south fill that i has some neighbors upset, though. they say they're all for having a place for the kids to play but worried they could get some after dark, over at the elementary school at sixth e concerned. >> the problem is, there is no one to take care of t there is no one to watch it. there is no panel to say who is going to lock the gate. who will unlock the gate. when it is open, when it is not open. there is no security.
5:51 am
>> we know we will have it lock up at night. nothing good happens between 10:00 at night and 6:00 in the morning on the playground. >> so the school district knows. that will so we'll make sure that this place is safe. >> so the city says it will form a task force to determine the hours of operation. and who should be called if there is a problem, and who will open and close the playground. it should be open in about a month, just in time for summer. >> 5:51, ariana grande returning to manchester less than two weeks after deadly terrorist attack at her concert l play charity concert on sunday along with artery cents that include justin peelle err -- bieber, cold play, proceeds from the show will go to emergency for those impacted by the bombing. city manchester and the british red cross is behind the funds. >> 551:67:89 we do have bit of sad news to report. up a date really about actress and singer olivia newton john, she said she will have to postpone some of her concert dates because her cancer has
5:52 am
come back. >> she was originally scheduled for a series of shows in both the us and canada, but postponed the first half of the tour because of back pain. the back pain turned out to be cans their spread to her pelvis. john will undergo radiation therapy and hopes to return to the stage later this year. this is the second round every cancer treatment for the star. she battled and beat breast cancer back in 1992. we hish her the best. >> it was cancer that killed this woman. an autopsy confirming the cause of death for aaron moran, hand i days star died from complications from stage four cancer, just 59 years old, found unresponsive at her home in april. no illegal narcotics were found in her system. her co-star, scott baio, come under a lot of fire after insinuating her death may possibly have been the result of drugs. >> a lot of people talking about sketchy doing. new installation down on wall street, getting crowded down there, they have three statues. >> this after the fearless
5:53 am
girl statue got a controversial four legged visitor yesterday. so there is the statue of the girl, but then you see to the right of your screen, an artist installed a dog statue that appeared to be urinating on the fearless girl's leg. he's calling his work sketchy dog. the artist says he created the statue as solidarity for the creator of wall street's charging bull statue. says the fearless girl has nothing to do with feminism, and it is basically a publicity stunt. eventually took the dog statue down after about three hours. >> i got a tall tail for you. a long reason to visit an area, look at these two giraffes, so cute. new additions coming to one of our zoo's that we'll explain where and when you can check them out. are allergies holding you back?
5:54 am
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>> check on your weather forecast coming up in just a moment. 5:56. >> bb&t pavilian with a mural, live lakes and the lundy, honoring children's hospital of philadelphia. and the best part here, the hospital's patients pavement dollars that mural themselves. did an amazing job there, so if you get a chance check it out. >> all right, there are two new adorable reasons to heads to the elmwood zoo in montgomery county.
5:57 am
meet gerald, these guess are the new resident of the zoo's giraffe exhibit. workers say the two, still getting a justed, their little shy right now, but they're healthy and ready for your visit. all right, 5:57. a family tragedy a mom called, stolen car, another investigation, than one, involving her daughter. we will take you liver to the scene, in just a moment. >> also ahead on good day philadelphia, the inaugural flight from philadelphia to iceland. or the other way around, diverted and mayor on board, what went wrong that caused him to spend the night in boston. good day philadelphia continues in about two minute. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
♪ >> a seven year old girl found in a basement, plastic bag over her head? she is in critical condition. cops are looking for her older brother and we're live in olney. >> direct flights from fill toy iceland, the inaugural flight from fill toy iceland was yesterday. that's weird. >> the mayor is coming, the mayor is coming. >> what does it mean? a late night tweet by our president, has the internet in a frenzy. the nieninen websites inspired by this presidential typo, and all i can say is, good morning,


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