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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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♪ >> a seven year old girl found in a basement, plastic bag over her head? she is in critical condition. cops are looking for her older brother and we're live in olney. >> direct flights from fill toy iceland, the inaugural flight from fill toy iceland was yesterday. that's weird. >> the mayor is coming, the mayor is coming. >> what does it mean? a late night tweet by our president, has the internet in a frenzy. the nieninen websites inspired by this presidential typo, and all i can say is, good morning, and covfefe.
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>> i think it is fee fee. >> or fay-fay? >> but what was he trying to say in this was trending across the worlds. >> let's take some guesses. >> maybe wanted coffee and he needed cough me? >> when did this happen at midnight, six hours later and already a thousand memes out there. we'll go through some of them. >> if you have any ideas what trump was trying to say? >> covfefe, oh, may the three; the last day of may, 2013. >> it doesn't feel like the last day of. >> i what is it? >> still 2017. >> what did you say? >> 2013. >> 2013. >> what? how are you back -- >> four more years, four more years. >> you're not the only one with the fog this morning, we have literal fog out there today. and a seven out of ten, improvement from yesterday.
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but boss stop buddy you can see him barely. temperatures 50's, 60s, got the just in case umbrella. >> we have a little bit every rain down in southern delaware, we've been watching no rain here, but still on the damp side. >> 62 degrees currently, we go get some sun, enough to take us to 08 degrees, later with the cold front we could get few pop up thunderstorms. that's your wednesday outlook. talk about the first day of june and beyond. >> june and beyond. 6:02. good morning, everybody. >> thick fog causing for poor visible rolling out of the driveway. fog in the bathroom, fog outside, on the roadways, here's a live look at the freeway, headlights on this morning, gang, make sure lights are on, probably use
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the wipers intermittently from the mist caused by the fog. fock speed down to 45 on the new jersey turnpike from exit one, delaware memorial bridge up through central new jersey to toward the george washington and i wouldn't be surprised if we see delay or two starting to pop any minute now, down at philadelphia international airport. again, all because of the fog. mass transit off to good start. mike and alex back over to you. >> bizarre story here. discovers her seven year old daughter in the basement of her home with a plastic bag over her head? >> and now, well, jenny has the details. >> yes, mike and alex, so, one house and two investigations that are currently underway as you mentioned stolen vehicle, and a seven year old girl found unconscious, now, in critical condition for that reason, both north detective, and the special victims unit
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are investigating. police say between 1:00 and 2:00 this morning the mother inside of this house, here on the 5500 block of north american street, reached out to police, saying, that her 18 year old son stole hermit sue bushy suv. officer responded they asked her for vehicle registration, she went back inside the home to get those document, and once she went to the basement, that is when she found her seven year old daughter unconscious with a bag over her head. she carried her daughter out of the house, screaming, officers on scene, immediately, jumped into action, and did what they could to revive the child before she got to the hospital. >> immediately grabbed the seven year old child, who was unresponsive, he started doing cpr outside on the front steps. the officer was by himself. and called for back up, while continuing to do cpr. when the back up arrived, the officer got into the police car with the back up officer and they drove the child to einstein hospital.
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>> and continued doing cpr. >> officers recovered the stolen car a couple of blocks away, third and champ plows street, found crashed into several parked cars on the block, the 18 year olson accused of taking offer with the vehicle has not been found, at this point, police say, they don't know if there is a link, between that family member who took the car, and the unconscious seven year old police tell us when they went down to the basement where the child was found, they found several plastic bags, all over the floor. >> i asked police if that was her bedroom, because there is a bed down there, but no it is not her bedroom, she was down there, unclear why she was down there, who did that to her, whether or not it was child's play or if there was foul play involved. >> and why have so many plastic grounds on the grounds? >> and why is the 18 year old on the -- not around. >> thank you, jenny. 6:05, almost 6:06. >> the celebration is now
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over. because philadelphia ace inaugural flight of iceland air got off to a kind of rocky start. >> so you got urine -- inaugural flight. >> see the cake? goo but the full cake make gets on, so they take off, then lauren, when they landed, gosh, i've never been to iceland, but it sure look like boston to me? they did not lands in iceland. they took off philadelphia international airport about 8:35 last night. and it was supposed to be a celebratory inaugural flight, mayor kenney on board that flight, head today iceland, part of the excitement along
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with others, then something happened. website flight aware. com shows the plane makes an unexpected turn around 10:45 then show it being diverted to logan international in boston. plane landed 12:34 amount. iceland air says it was a technical issue that cause that flight to be rerouted. in a statement from the mayor's office, lauren says philadelphia airport regrets significant inconvenience, this has cause you had all every those on board. we and iceland air are committed to doing all we can to ensure future travelers have a smooth travel experience, on this new route, this is obviously very out of the ordinary. >> there was big party ahead of the flight, plane welcomed with water cannon salute, took officials from identification land all around the city to give them tour of philadelphia. the ceo of iceland air said philadelphia will strengthen ththe airlines presence, and better service passengers with faster travel times, to
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europe, and easy connections through philadelphia, and we have learned, mike anal he can, that a new flight has been arrange from the boston. it will take off today, at 4:30 p.m. >> where is it going to lands? >> in iceland. >> always wanted to go to iceland. >> me too. >> i'm so excited. i would like to piece that cake. made the front page of both the fold and the iny. >> it looks like sweet tee, but i bet not. probably philadelphia bakery. >> a lot of people going to iceland. >> a lot of people g just not our mayor. just kidding. >> the northern lines. >> only to us would this happen. >> i know. >> hopefully up and running today, 6:08. we do have some developing news out of afghanistan. massive explosion has rocked a diplomatic area of the capitol of kobul. it happened at the peak of rush hour.
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say it is a suicide car bombing, afghan officials say 80 people have been killed. and as many as 400 other wounded. the german embassy the foreign ministry and the presidential palace are all located in that particular area. >> man accused of deadly stabbing at a train in portland, screaming out in court. yes says he killed the man who tried to stop him from harrass ago muslim girl. >> uniting from man chester, ariana grande returning to the city less than two weeks after a deadly bombing at one of her shows. and she won't be alone. the stars were coming together for a big benefit concert.
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>> trump has now tweeted. >> everyone trying to figure out what cough fee fee means, now he's asking you, who can figure out the true meaning of it? >> that's good way to turn it around when you made a mistak mistake. >> auto correct gets you every time. >> i auto corrected about 4:30 this morning. >> i tied in covfefe, and you
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mow what came out? confederate. he was trying to type in coverage. >> there is no f in coverage? >> i don't know. >> you know what i'm saying? those phones they'll get you. >> despite the constant negative press coverage, you would think. it came up cough fee fee. >> do you think so tired, so busy came from overseas maybe he fell asleep mid tweet? >> so con, no, fefe. >> fefe. or fay fay, fay? or fee fee. >> let's start working on that, give me words for each one of those, all right?
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>> what about fake news? >> oh, ya, okay, we'll work on it. >> can only verify fake emails, fake emails. i don't know. >> but will he tweet about cathy grief snip could you believe yesterday what happened? comedian cathy griffin, she apologized, but is it too late? you know we're talking about that gruesome photo that has already cost her an endorsement. >> we do have picture of her with the sever head, right? >> we're teasing, so we'll slow it when we come back.
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>> the parkway there, sun, will eventually come out, and we'll also get some thunderstorms with a cold front, tomorrow, we will be about as close to perfect as we can get. not so perfect weekends ahead, unfortunately, now, let's look at the foggy situation, we're down to mile and a half visibility, at philadelphia international airport. so call ahead to see if your flight will be delayed because of fog, three quarters after mile in wilmington, it is foggy, in atlantic city, up in trenton, we've been having fog all morning long, that could slow you down, temperatures, some in the 60s this morning, little milder than yesterday. we didn't get the radiational
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cooling overnight. so, we're in the 60s instead of the 50's, in the city this morning. bye we could get to 80 by the ends of the day, with the chance of pop up thunderstorms later on with cold front. now just cools us off little bit tomorrow. tomorrow looks great. high of 78. oh, rhyme that. at 08 degrees on friday. now, saturday's forecast has improved, sunday's has not, chance of shower, and high of 74 degrees, and remember, when you get in the car, tune your radio to 101.1 more p.m. get all of the music and stuff, but most importantly your forecast from the weather authority. >> weather from sue and little bit of music, good morning, everybody. >> accident being tractor-trailer on the vine expressway right before 34th street here keep in mind all this week tonight about 10:30 to about 5:00 tomorrow, the vine expressway will be closed, in both directions, so they can demolish that 18
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street overpass, a live look coming in the opposite side of the vine, and an example of the fog that we're dealing with here, really thick at time, and 45-mile per hour speed restriction on the new jersey turnpike, from exit one, up through central jersey, all the way into the george washington bridge. amtrak's rail project, running with delays for the wilmington line of about 20 minutes during the morning rush hour. first train out of the gaeton the warminster line running with delays, sue mentioned with the fog, the poor visibility, don't be surprised if we see delays on arrivals and departures start to pop up here, at philadelphia international airport. mike and alex back over to you. >> bob, kelly, 6:18. well, a self proclaimed white supremecist accused of faithly stabbing two men friday says hissings was all about free speech.
6:19 am
>> accused every threatening 16 year old girl and her muslim friends on a train. and then, fatally stabbing two men, as they tried to defend the girls. christian is facing several charges, two of which car a possible death penalty. he's due back in court on june . >> ridiculous. 6:19. >> police are expected to release video later today of the traffic stop involving tiger woods. >> i guess he did take breathalyzer necessary. >> he did, it came out zero. learning new details about his arrest, that's one every them, police say woods asleep at the wheel, pulled off to the side of six lane roadway. the engine of his car was running, and right blinker was flashing. the police report states that woods had slurred speech, and trouble keeping his eyes open. woods blames reaction to prescription drugs, and the wake of his fourth back surgery last month. he will be arraigned next month. >> but the breathalyzer like alex said, he had not been drinking. >> but they said that he did fail though some of the sobriety tests as far as like walk nag straight line, saying the alphabet backward, almost ashamed to admit i don't know
6:20 am
if i could do that soberment doing the alphabet backward? it would take me a minute. >> zyxuw -- >> see? you have to go back? >> tsr. >> oh, gosh. >> opmnop -- no, no. q -- >> q. >> oh, q, i missed q. >> see, that's what i'm saying. sorry, q. you never meet people that can do that, they sing it backward and forward? >> less than two weeks after the deadly terrorist attack, she'll play a charity concert, coming up on sunday, alongside some big miley cyrus said she'll be there, justin bieber, cold play, katy perry, usher, bun of of other people. concert hones honors the 22 people at the bombing at ariana grande's concert was it last monday. proceeds from the show will go to an emergency funds for those impacted by the bombing.
6:21 am
>> you have to admire her strength. like she is willing to do this. just two weeks after this happened. >> i know. >> report she's very traumatized by it, she wants to make sure she does something. that's wonderful she doing that. >> let's get back to this tweet that happened about six hours and 20 minutes ago, by the president of the united state. the last word, despite the constant negative press coverage, what he means to say. >> or did he mean to say that? you never know. could have been something else. >> really? >> coalition, i don't know. >> what about, so trying to come up with a acronym. can only verify flynn e-mail, flynn e-mail. see that would be timely. >> it would be timely. always timely. so the internet is having a field day with this, we'll show you some of the hilarious response. >> here is his new one, few minutes ago, who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe. enjoy. so he's making a game of it, at least, six hours later. >> sense every humor. >> yes.
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>> the phillies can't wait to get out of the month of may. lost every series in the month, including, one against the marlins, the second worse team in baseball.
6:25 am
and ba bad news for velasquez, second inning, he strained his right elbow. velasquez would lever the game, afterward he said it was a minor injury. couple of batters later, welshing there is the ceasar hernandez with the badder a, run would score, on this play, and the phils will go onto lose seven to two, they lost every series in a month of may. and bryce harper suspended four games by major league baseball after charging the mound, throwing punches at hunter strickland hit him with 98-mile per hour fastball. only suspended, and fletcher cox, missed the first week of voluntary work out. he said, he was with his family. he wasn't going to be therefore week one. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> practically skipping. happy to be back. >> that is a technique isn't it? they skip. it is part of practice.
6:26 am
>> oh, you mean literally? >> he was literally skipping. yes, he skipped the first week. but now he's skipping. >> joy he will embiid back on basketball court yesterday giving free lessons to some kids about trusting the process. watch this. >> that looks like south philly. in fact oh! >> and in your face. >> wow. >> yes, so, do you know this playground everybody? is that the one over by the gino's and pat's? somebody's got to know this playground. i want to know where it is, driving by. saw them playing. got out. said let's shoot some hoops. how cool would that be if you're a kid? >> not cool if you get it slam off your hand. >> that's true. >> you know people say you're not supposed to give, you're supposed to play tough even
6:27 am
against kids. >> even against kids? >> yes. >> poor little kid. probably never going to be able to live that down. >> some day he will and better basketball player because that far moment in south philly yesterday. >> jenny joyce on weird story out of olney. >> yes, mike and alex, one home, two investigations, underway, a stolen vehicle and a seven year old girl found unconscious, now in critical condition, and it is unclear if one has anything to do with the other. we will have a full report on both investigations, coming up.
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>> a mother's 911 call about her son stealing her car leads to unexpected find. who she fawn unconscious, in her basement. direct flights from fill toy iceland. boy, that sounds good. well, the very first flight from philly to iceland was yesterday. that's weird. iceland looks like boston to me. the mayor's coming, the mayor's come, well, no he wasn't. he had to land in boston instead of iceland. >> and cough fee fee all -- covfefe all day. the latest tweet, not before the internet has a field day with it, and we are getting some people trying to figure out if it is an acronym. >> yes. >> what would it be? >> give me one. >> can only verify -- verify fake emails from everyone. >> one of our viewers? >> from leslie g.
6:31 am
then tie brian says can only verify fake emails, fake events. >> that's not bad either. >> okay, good day everybody, wednesday the may the 31, what are you going to do the last day of may, 2017. >> i'm glad the first day in what all week even though it is only wednesday that we aren't having rain. >> here is the thing, sue. creators of the show, have changed the name to it is never sun any fill. >> i hasn't been lately. we can't rule out a stray shower or two today. >> oh, stop it. >> no kidding. there is the just in case umbrella for bus stop buddy. temperatures in the 50's, 60s, we have areas of fog, that's really the big weather issue this morning, with philadelphia international airport down to one and a half miles visibility, three quarters after mile wilmington, we've got fog in millville, dover, trenton, everywhere this morning. we also have some thunderstorms we've been watching, the rest of the city, hasn't made it into our area, and the rain in southern delaware has gone away. so still little damp out
6:32 am
there, 62 degrees, but we expect to head to a high later on close to 80. so, even though we can't rule out a pop up shower or thunderstorm, we also expect sunshine, for today, maybe not until after lunchtime, but it will be here, and we will talk about the first day of june, and john, in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> sounds good, sue, 6:32, on a wednesday morning. live look here, the vine street expressway, and the tractor-trailer accident, it is just off of the schuylkill expressway, so really causing delays for folks coming out every south philly trying to get on to the vine. s in that right lane, right before 24th street. here is a example of the fog, socked in here, on the 42 freeway, make sure your headlights are on, and that fine mist creating just little light slippery road surface out there, especially on the on and off ramps. 45 miles per hour on the new jersey turnpike because of the fog. south on 95, socked in from cottman, all the way into girard, with fog. 422, also, fogged in from oaks
6:33 am
into king of prussia. that amtrak rail project, rolling with 20 minute delays on the wilmington line. septa also has some minor delays out of the gaeton the warminster and the paoli thorndale line. back over to you. >> thank you, bob. >> overnight in olney. mother calls police about her stolen car leading them to investigate another case that's involving her daughter. >> and listen to what this case is. jenny joyce in olney, give us the details. >> good morning, maybe and alex, we have seven year old in critical condition found by her mother this morning kind of in a nuke situation. the mom report today police that her vehicle was stolen, here in the olney section sit when back inside the home because police needed her car registration, she went back into the balesment of her home and she found her seven year old daughter unconscious with a bag over her head. she carried her daughter out of the house screaming. officers on scene performed
6:34 am
cpr on the child out front, and transported her in a police vehicle to einstein. so police tell us there is a lot to figure out on this one, several plastic bags on the basement floor where the child was found, but at this point they can't say for sure if it was foul play or family member who reportedly stole mom's car believed to be the 18 year old son was involved, for this was an accident. >> westbound not certain if the person who took the car had anything to do with the seven year old. , with the bag over her head, not certain if there was any foul play at all, it is a possibility due to the fact we found so many plastic bags in the basement where we found her that children, they do unusual things sometimes, seven year old girl, she may have put the plastic bag over her head t could be an accident, or it could be foul play. we want to determine the truth and exactly what happened to her. our number one concern is that
6:35 am
she survives this incident. >> officers recovered the stolen car couple of blocks away at third and champ post streets, found crashed several cars on the block, family member, 18 year olson, accused of taking off with the vehicle has not yet been found. police say bunch of distraut family members showed up at the scene after they heard what happened. they're back at the police station talking with detective as police try to sort out all of the details figure out what took place here overnight, mike and alex. >> all right, jenny. >> philadelphia's inaugural flight of iceland air ran into some problems last night. >> the flight were our mayor on it had to be divert in the it first flight. somewhat embarrassing, lauren, at the airport. >> yes. mike, it was so much excitement, and then so much disappointment, all here at the airport yesterday, around 8:35 p.m. when this flight was set to take off. the good news, everyone is
6:36 am
safer in boston this mornin, after the flight was diverted. so the plane came into philly airport yesterday, to a very wet welcome with a water cannon salute, officials from iceland were welcome by mayor jim kenney, toured the city before they left. headed, and they all thought, well, check out the flight aware map. see the plane took off, 8:30 last night, then flight 828 makes a big u-turn, it doesn't come back to philadelphia, instead, it lands at logan international airport in boston around 12:30 a.m. lauren communications direct or for mayor kenney red a statement in part philadelphia airport regrets the significant inconvenience this has caused all those on board, doing all we can to ensure future travelers have smooth travel experience on this new route this is very out of the ordinary. says technical issues to blame for the diversion but promise the flight will be back up and running 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. mike and alex.
6:37 am
>> and this time -- >> technical issues. >> and this time they're going to orlando. no. >> it is like the bow-wow challenge or something. >> so, again, i really want to go, and i want to go this week toned iceland. list thing.ed to go, bucket- >> seriously in my plans. >> now our viewers are just silly. they're going if you're going to have a cake with a plane on it, should the plane be going down? should it be going up? >> interesting angle. >> have it going up? >> about but if you do have it coming down maybe little picture of boston right here? >> we joke. >> gentlemen, actually one of the viewers did send thaws. so shout outs to michael bathe i. ya, he said that's not a good look. that's true. if you were about to go on the plane? >> our guy. >> no, i don't think our michael bathe i. no, not ours.
6:38 am
>> no. >> white, that man black. >> well, what would you do if you were walking out of the plane? would you like some cake? like a plane going like there. >> no, probably not. >> okay. so i shouldn't have pick orlando, because there was report after man, well, he caused chaos last night at orlando international airport. check this out. >> no, no. stay away. stay away. go out. >> come inside now. >> authorities believe 26 year old michael wayne petgrew was attempting to die by suicide by cop. they pointed what looked like real gun at officers, and at himself, and crisis negotiator was able to get him to surrender without any shots being fired. petgrew, former marine, now being held for mental evaluation but also faces aggravated assault charges. yes, it was a fake gun. 6:38. well, camden county jury deciddeciding the fate of david creato is having trouble reaching averred.
6:39 am
prosecutors say creato killed his three year old son, brandon, to save his relationship with his then girlfriends. well, yesterday jurors asked to see snap chat logs of creato's logging into his girlfriends' account. they also asked to hear the recording of police telling him in a interrogation room, that his little boy was dead. police found brendan's body in a wooded area of haddon township, this is in october of 2015, creato's lawyer says the boy must have just wandered off in the middle of the night. >> a $20,000 reward is being offered for answers in the murder of a 14 year old boy in kensington, we told but this first yesterday. tiemere frazier gun down 2,000 block east orland street frankford avenue monday night. police say loan gunman walk up to the block on east orland, stepped between two parked cars, and fired six or seven shots, wounding tiehere's 16 year old friends and striking
6:40 am
tiemere in the back. the teen was just two weeks away from graduating from the eighth grade. >> i'm living in my worse nightmare. if anybody ever wanted to see me hurt, it was well accomplished. >> never been in trouble a day in his life with the law. so it is hard to imagine that he was the target. but we don't know. >> tiemere was a good kid, you know, he was doing his thing with his boxing. he wasn't a street kid. >> oh, it is so sad. police say they don't even have a motive for this crime. and they're hoping anyone with information will come forward and help figure it out. >> yes, all right, two weeks. >> senseless violence. check this out. look at the front page of the daily news now. that's margate, from over the holiday weekend. look at that crowd. officials in margate are urging parent to get a better handle on their teenagers. >> this was after a rowdy memorial day weekend, see the
6:41 am
cover, police arrested 12 people for alcohol, marijuana and fighting, and all were under the age of 20. the arrest came after 300 teens broke out in a brawl on the washington avenue beach. police say teens congregated at the wawa there, hard to enforce curfew laws. offers hers to call a nearby didn't to assist with saturday's chaos, margate's mayor says the lack of respect just has to stop. >> now, this is nothing new. but it is really reaching a head now. >> now they're fed up? >> yes. the president has corrected his tweet now. this happened about 20 minute ago. but now is challenging to you figur out what he meant about seven hours ago, midnight. the hilarious memes, well, some are funny, made out of trump's mistake. we'll play some of those for you, show them anyway. >> and how much would you pay
6:42 am
for this dress? >> wait a minute. that's an upside down dress? >> uh-huh. you won't believe how much this is going to cost. >> hold on. that's a pair of jeans cut up and upside down? >> yep. >> how much? >> it is called style, mike, that's called style. >> it is? i see they sewed in a new crotch.
6:43 am
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fast play. play fast. win instantly. >> good morning, 6:44, live look at the benny example of
6:45 am
the fog barely see mid-span here. so most in a fog to begin with for the morning, driving through it this morning, make sure your headlights are on, the wipers are on, already back up here, on the schuylkill expressway westbound from leaving center city. the boulevard out toward belmont, just got official word, yep, flight delays at philadelphia international airport. as i thought. because of the fog, so do check with the airline, whether you're going to boston or iceland or anywhere, incoming and outgoing flights will be impacted by the fog this morning. 45-mile per hour speed restrictions, on the new jersey turnpike, from exit one all the way up through central new jersey in toward the george washington bridge. south on 95, about 25 minute trip into the city. also, delays starting to pop on 422, because of the fog. how long will the fog hang around? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
>> 6:45, fog is the issue, delays at philadelphia international airport. mile and a half visible is what we're down to, and even less than that in millville, dover, trenton's not look that great, neither is lancaster, so, watch out, take your time this morning. 62 degrees right now in philadelphia. fifty-four mount pocono. sixty-three dover. 61 degrees in wildwood. we had a lot of cloud cover overnight. didn't get too much radiational cooling. out to the west of us around pottsville, just leaving harrisburg, line every thunderstorms there. they seem to be dissipating a bit. but we will keep an eye on, that and for the marge mal risk of severe thunderstorms later this afternoon, when a cold front comes through. but before that happens, we may get to 80 degrees today. seventy-eight is the normal high for the first day of june. and we should be right there, that's why we're giving it a ten out of ten tomorrow. looks great. 80 degrees with late day thunderstorms friday.
6:47 am
saturday's forecast improving. sunday's is not. so may end up being a half and half kind of weekend, guys. >> oh, saturday is clear? >> that's all i care about. >> so many graduations, the roots picnic. >> roots! >> and this makes me so happy. >> i think it looks like a great week, 80s, 70s, ya. let's talk about one of my favorite people on earth. olivia newton john. >> she is wonderful, isn't she? she revealed she is battling breast cancer again. two weeks ago, she postponed her con so setter tour because every back pain. doctors have since discovered she has cancer that's spread to the base of her spine. >> oh, no. >> a publicist says olivia newton john will undergo radiation therapy hopes to return to the stage later this year. she first battled breast cancer back in 1992. >> so for it to come back, oh, that's horrible. so we wish her the best. >> yes. >> and we hope she get back on that stage. >> i have a fairly good olivia newton john story. personal story that i won't do now, but later on in the show.
6:48 am
>> oh. >> why do you tees us? >> well, it is what i do. >> so let's get back to the president's tweet at midnight. the twitter world, twitter verse, is a twitter about this. >> thomas drayton, you have some more of the hilarious responses, to covfefe. >> how do you say it? some say conference, others say covfefe, anyway you want to at this point. the tweet came in shortly after midnight, and well here is what it said. despite the negative press, covfefe, nothing more, clearly a typo here, it was meant to say coverage. the tweet was up long enough to get the ball rollin on the memes in the hashtags. by the way the president just tweeted this. who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? enjoy. so here some of the funny memes. this person wrote: your word is covfefe to which the kids responds may i have the country of origin.
6:49 am
use it in a sentence perhaps? apparently a noun this morning mealing the feeling to be glad you're both awake and feeding twitter and wishing you'd already gone to bed. >> ask your doctor if covfefe is right for you. jimmy kimmel got in on this watcher makes me sad is that i know i'll never write anything funnier than the hashtag covfefe. 10,000 re tweet, 10,000 likes, in 20 minute, my friends. >> in 20 minutes. >> you know what's sad? people had to google it to see if it was an actual word. >> oh, i did that. when i saw it, oh, my gosh? i went to the dictionary. >> what's it come up? >> nothing came up. >> put it in google. >> it is not a word. >> you know it will be by the end of the year. >> merium webster will put that in. >> make an ac tree miami out of this. so, you at home, are trying to fill this in. can we get a slot of this
6:50 am
thing again? so the covfefe. >> what's this? >> that's the phone number for our control room that i sent positive mayor kenney and i didn't want everybody to see that. you know what, we should do that, it will drive ryan crazy in the control room. so somebody says come over vladmeere for exciting fun evening. god, what's wrong with you people? >> that's from michelle. >> misch del that. congratulations. all right, cathy given, you know, i've always likes cathy. a periods her in comedy club in philly so often. but she had to apologize for that dumb, she said was a mistake, but is it too late? will this affect her career? the company that she represents has already suspended its campaign, its ad campaign with her, first of all, the company she represents is pretty fun toy begin with. >> yes. >> but that thing she did yesterday, not funny.
6:51 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> now, i'd go see this. lauryn hill and nas? they're ready to rule worlds.
6:54 am
the singer and rapper have announce add joint north american tour, coming to the bb&t pavilian in camden, tickets go on sale by the way this friday. now -- >> wait a minute. >> what? >> it says hand balance buress, too. oh, the stands up comic who caused the whole cosby controversy to cool back up. >> does he know where camden is? just a matter of -- >> ya. >> feet from philly. >> hum. >> interesting. >> so quickly i'll say on pace here, but i had an interesting oh, my god i'm getting olds moment the other night. i was going, ya, i have a roberta flack story i want to tell to one of my friends, you know, she sang killing me softly, and this woman looks at me and, what, no, that was lauryn hill.
6:55 am
>> ♪ killing me softly ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> anyway, that's roberta flack, who sang the original. >> that's casino every like how people feel about whitney houston, and i'll always love you. >> yes. >> yes, people like no, no, no, she bass not the first person to sing that, don't you mention whitney houston in that song. people get all worked up. >> that's right. >> anyway, it was roberta flack. i'll tell you my roberta flack story later. >> but does it counts that did you it if someone else did it and now more popular than when you did it? does that make sense. >> oh, is it more popular by laureny? >> not talking about that specifically, i'm saying in general. doesn't that stink, if you do something first, then someone young comes in years later and does it and all of the people think she did it originally. >> oh, that would irritate the heck out of me. a lot of times, ya. >> she bet r be getting the money for it, roberta. >> otherwise, get some flack for that. >> she's get some flack for that. >> you're on fire this week.
6:56 am
>> there you go, every time.& every time i say something clever you always says you're on fire. that's so offensive to me. >> why is that offensive? >> like i never say anything clever. >> see i don't jump top that conclusion. >> like you win, you have to act like you've won before. it is only exciting if you never win. >> why did espn -- >> i know what you are trying to do. >> saying you're on fire is a compliment, that you're on your game. >> look at your face. you know what you're talking about. >> my cold sore will pop here. >> like pinocchio. >> did espn photo shop tiger woods mugshot? why would they do that? there is the original. show you what espn did yesterday afternoon. fore. hey, lauren? >> good morning, guys. so it started with excitement. and ends with disappointment. the iceland air inaugural flit from here in philadelphia, lands in boston.
6:57 am
but what happened? we'll explain coming up after the braining. are allergies holding you back?
6:58 am
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>> is a mother calls 911 saying her car was stowe end, then find another incident, her daughter unconscious in the basement with a bag over her head.
7:00 am
>> go home and try again. that's the message from a judge to a camden county jury after they say they cannot reach averred in the david creato murder case. what it could mean for the outcome of the trial. >> iceland, looks a lot like boston. you get a chance to take one ticket, see the wonderful sites of iceland. >> mayor kensy not wacking up in iceland as planned this morning. the inaugural flight from philly to iceland does not make it past boston. we'll tell you why. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a heart breaking announcement from olivia newton john. her breast cancer has returned after 25 years. >> and all i can say this morning is covfefe, what's that mean? president trump's late


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