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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  July 31, 2017 4:00am-4:59am EDT

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very good morning happening right now on "good day philadelphia" breaking news overnight a teenage girl is shot in the chest and now search is on for her shooter. we will have very latest in a live report. plus, wanted for murder, man in the red sweat shirt right there is wanted for a deadly shooting on the main line, what police say he did just before the attack. and, talk about a bad day at the ballpark for new jersey governor chris christie, how a simple food break turns into a heated 101 with the fan. walk away, governor. we will have more coming up in a moment. hopefully you had a great weekend. i'm thomas dray done. bob kill gi morning. >> monday, back at it. >> karen hepp is off all week long. hopefully having a good vacation. sue serio, good morning to you
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>> microphone in place, all ready to go. >> check, check, check. >> worth the wait? the number of the day. >> all right. >> it is going toby 10. did you feel how cool it was. >> felt good. >> clear skies, northerly breezes which means, low humidity. lets talk about the temperature. 66 degrees in philadelphia right now. sunrise time is 5:59. almost 6:00 o'clock sunrise. so we've got 52 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-eight in pottstown. even down in wildwood we are starting out with 58 degrees. so it is on the cool side and that means sunshine, all day, now it will be hotter, but not too humid today, so enjoy 88 degrees, and your sunset time of 8:15, we will talk about the rest of the week and whether the 90's are returns, just ahead. hopefully you had a good weekend, bob kelly. >> good weekend, yeah. caught some baseball, caught
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the emoji movie and swimming all kind of good stuff. good morning, it is 4:01. live look at tacony palmyra bridge in the middle of the opening. it was set for 3:55. getting ready to step outside right now maybe grab the jumbo coffee, or head for the betsy ross bridge, we have had frequent openings, the pennsylvania couple weeks on the tacony palmyra as they are river. otherwise in philadelphia kind of quiet, lots of construction expressway, the paving crews have been out all weekend long and they are morni. here's a live look at the westbound schuki opened, from city line, pretty much all the way out thocken. same deal on the in bound, eastbound side so we are looking at just one between 476, and city avenue, on the schuylkill in both directions. again, hopefully they will be out by five or 5:30. we had an accident on the eastbound schuylkill right in the tunnels at passyunk avenue
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we have a tow truck there on the scene and a nasty crash up here, between kutztown and allentown, a closing of routes 222 as you work your way in to the northeast extension. so from kutztown to allentown your best bet i78, we will get you into the turnpike and northeast extension. thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. following breaking news right now on this monday morning a 17 year-old girl shot in the chest in the feltonville section of the city. this morning police are searching for her shooter. our steve keeley in feltonville with the very latest for us, steve? >> reporter: it is a couple shooters they are looking for, and the good news is that this 17 year-old girl is okay, she's in stable condition, and you can see down this street, b street, it lead right into roosevelt boulevard at this time of the day. we should see some traffic. but there is a light right there but that sign you see in the middle of the street there , that is roosevelt boulevard, so, real close to
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the boulevard and we will go left here and it happened in this corner home, which is split into two apartments and doors are wide opened. you can see up the steps, police likely waiting for a search warrant to go in there. they thought they had these two shooters boor cadeed in there so they were surrounding this house, for the last couple of hours. this happened all just before midnight and there is a lot of bullet shells found in the street here in front of the house and they thought these two guys may have taken off in a silver chevy i am pal a so first thing they were in there they took it safely and then they realized no one was inside the house, so maybe two hispanic males and chevy impala and obviously armed and what the shooting was over, who knows and we don't know if this 17 year-old happened to be outside at the wrong time but we're told by our colleagues at breaking news network that the off-duty police officer got her in his car and got her to the hospital and that is why she's doing pretty good. so within police officer will
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tell you to the next that you're never off-duty as a police officer, always on duty and we have one, on duty now guarding the scene. most of the investigators here tell us raced over to the murder on indiana avenue knew you'll report about later, thomas but this scene here clear other than this officer guarding the scene until they can get back here with the marking to see if they can find any evidence about who shot this, gun off and why. >> of course, we have a number of incident to tell but this morning. that right there being one of them. 4:05. more breaking news in the fair hill section. man is dead after being shot in the head. shooting happened at west indiana avenue knew and north fourth street at 1:30 this morning. officers have not identified victim who appears to be in his 20's. they have also made no arrests a fire breaks out in millville, new jersey damaging several businesses, it all started at 1:00 this morning ate strip mall in the 1700 block ofe main street. the fire is now under control and thankfully, no injuries
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are being reported. a developing story, a man wanted for a fatal shooting in delaware county may be responsible for a shooting just a few miles away in philadelphia. that shooter remains at large this morning. lets get to lauren johnson in the narberth police department with more, good morning to you , lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you, thomas, police say it started with an argument and ended with gunshots and narberth police are trying continue on investigate and they are also using the help of philadelphia police, trying to track the shooters steps on saturday before this deadly shooting. lets get a good look at the man police say is responsible for killing 29 year-old john lee. police say an hour before that killing that man, fired shots at two people at seventh seventh and cherwood in overbrook park. one witness told us that the suspect fired more than a dozen shots after he was confronted about wearing they say he took off in a great volvo and apparently he made his weighed to haverford road where lee was just leaving a pizza shop on foot. witnesses say they argued and
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then gunshots rang out. lee was dead outside an apartment building where his friend lived. >> very bizarre, just can't believe it actually happened here, you know, you hear about these kind of things in the city all the time but not here on the main line. i heard it was over in overbrook where he was random ly shooting at people and somehow he ended up over here. i don't really know, why orle ss just so bizarre. hopefully police are on top of things and we will continue to live our lives. >> reporter: police are on top of things, apparently suspect took lee's cell phone and they were able to get a hit from it 30 minutes after the shooting near 40th and market. people are still on edge. police are saying they hope release being those surveillance on saturday will give someone a good look and identify a man responsible for shooting and killing a 29 year-old man. >> understand a major concern there. lauren, thank you. clean upset to begin on what some are calling heroin haven
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a stretch of train tracks that runs through kensington littered with needles and trash. spokesperson for conrail say they will begin clean up, known as camp. known to host drug dealers, home less people, drug users, which why is the city and railway signed a deal where conrail will clean up the area removing needles and repair fencing. in exchange the city will provide police protection and hall off the trash. if you use nj transit's atlantic city rail line you might to have plan for another way to commute this morning, on friday, garbage truck hit the rail bridge east of the pennsauken transit center. nj transit says they have to suspend services between philadelphia and cherry hill as they make those repairs. substitute bus services will be in effect. we will have details on fox 29 .com if you want to check it out. 4:08. to a developing story there may be more tensions between u.s. and russia. congress stepped in and
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proposed sanction as begins russia last week. well, now president putin has responded and announcing that 755 u.s. diplomats and staff ers in his country must now leave. the house and senate voted almost unanimously to slap new sanctions on russia for its interference in last years' lex. a bill, president trump is expected to sign. >> president made it very clear that very soon he will sign the sanctions, but at the same time as we make our intentions clear that we expect russian behavior to change. >> meanwhile incoming trump chief of staff john kelly is expect to start his new job, today. uncertain future of health care creates a standoff between congressional leaders in the white house. president trump is taking a hard line with congress, he is threatening to not only skip payments to insure companies but cut health care benefits for lawmakers if they don't get a deal done. g.o.p. leaders say it would be
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a mistake not to work with democrats to simply fix the health care system instead of trying to repeal it. senator susan collins was one of the three republicans to vote against the skinny bill on friday. >> what we need to do is to go through the normal process, identify the problems, have hearing, hear from the experts , hear from all of the stake holders and produce a series of bills to fix the very real flaws in the affordable care act. >> over the next few weeks the senate is scheduled to remain in town, there is no word on how hard mitch mcconnell will continue to push for repeal on the health care plan or if he plans to move on to the next item on the g.o.p. agenda. meantime president trump says u.s. will take further action against north korea following its latest missle launch. u.s. defense officials say they are prepared to use wrapped, lethal and overwhelming force if necessary, against north korea
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u.s. military ran some of their own missle test this is week, including an alaska based defense system that can detect and intercept a rocket. this morning the training mission is in response to north korea's recent ballistics missle launches which show that the u.s. main line is in range of the nuclear weapons. chalk it up to just another bad day at the ballpark for new jersey governor chris christe. this time he is confronting a chicago cubs fan in milwaukee who heckled him. >> unaudible. >> what did he say to you. >> secret service right there. >> what did he say. >> big shot. >> that was the end of the confrontation, as you can see, christie gets up and cubs fans face all while holding a bowl of nachos. he came back from the snack bar. just a few weeks ago christie was booed after catching a foul ball at a new york mets
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game. not again, philadelphia on another list, coming up here on "good day philadelphia" not only is it not a good thing but it is also costing you some big bucks. we will tell you straight ahead. plus welcome to margate lake. no, in the a good thing. why some neighbors are saying we told you so to state officials. bob kelly, good morning. good morning, we have the closure of route 222 between kutztown and allentown this morning, all because of a serious accident. we will check the rest of the jam cams and we will say good morning to the ben franklin parkway as we are waking up, still working on the schuylkill. sue has double digits, when we come right back.
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all mostly quiet here, time is 4:15. reading, good morning to you as we look live. sue, we really saw a mixture of everything over weekend, rain, heat, humidity and now cooler temperatures. >> that is right, yesterday's sunshine, skies stayed clear and when we have clear skies this early in the morning, pretty much count on sunshine during the day and that is why this forecast for today is pretty easy. we don't see any precipitation around. we're not expecting any later on. we will take you down to florida we are watching this low pressure system here off west coast of florida brings lots of rain to tampa and other parts of the peninsula,
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and we're watching that for possible tropical development, is there decent chance that could happen, and just refresher because we have not had any activity for a while, next name on the list is don. we have had arlene, brett and cindy. we will see what happens with that. in the meantime walking out the door right now almost sweater weather to the north of us with 58 in pottstown. fifty-nine in allentown. fifty-two in mount pocono. sixty-two in lancaster. sixty-one in trenton. head down the shore we are in the 50's in atlantic city and wildwood and we are expect ago this sea breeze. see arrows the wind direction and that is showing breeze blowing on shore, ocean water temperature 73 degrees. it should be nice day if this is your vacation week at the shore. 66 degrees there with 6 miles an hour wind but not too much breeze at all, in most places this morning. let's recap that week even. average high 87, right where we were on friday, it was cooler, with all those cloud
4:17 am
and some rain, especially in the morning on saturday or soaking rain friday into saturday as predicted and then 83 degrees was our high yesterday. today we will expect to get warmer with a high of 88 but not too much humidity. by tomorrow we're in the 90's. we could hit 90 on wednesday, and if we see somehow make it to 90 today or thursday we could string together a little old heat wave there but by week end it looks like we're back in the lower 80's. do you remember our partnership bob kill which 101.1 more fm. >> got you covered, sueby. good morning on a monday. we are off to a good start. but if you use the atlantic city rail line, we will be using buses itrains. here's the deal as we mentioned earlier a truck hit friday, so right now, crews say at lee another the atlantic city rail line philadelphia's 30thbusts street station and cherry hill , new jersey. so allow some extra time if
4:18 am
yo typically between knows two points. patco, r jersey transit buses are cross honoring the tickets and new jersey transit has the whole scoop and details on their web site at now keep in mind shuttle buses until five on market frankford and broad street subway, your normal overnight set up here in philadelphia. they are still paving on the schuylkill expressway, boy, they have a lot done over the weekend. basically right now only one lane opened in both directions here's a live look at this truck heading westbound on the schuylkill past our camera at city ave. so between city avenue and conshohocken down to only one lane and it is a whole slew of cones from that whole stretch there. again, they are allowing asphalt to dry, guys are out there with the paving equipment. just be careful coming east or west on the schuylkill expressway. for the gang in allentown route 222 is closed on the eastbound side all traffic
4:19 am
forced off here, at route 100, your best bet this morning, trying to get from kutztown into allentown is to use i78, that will get you in the northeast extension, in allentown, thomas, back over to you. 4:19. montana congressman caught on tape body slamming a reporter willful fill his sentence by working with the non-profit. greg gianforte, upper merion native, says he will work off his sentence by volunteering for an organization, that builds custom wheelchairs for children. he was ordered to perform 40 hours of community service for attack guardian reporter ben jacobs. gianforte must complete 20 hours of anger management counseling. neighbors in margate, new jersey are demanding change, about a project worth 10s of millions of dollars that the community has taken to court. of course weekend rainfall flooded a dune area in the region and that is exactly what experts representing the community warned would happened. our own joyce evans breaks it
4:20 am
down from margate. >> reporter: you've got one of the best oceanfront properties , on one of the best beaches inside south jersey until the rains came, and you ended up with a lake front property between you and the ocean. >> we don't need this. >> reporter: not exactly the body of water vacationing beach goers came to margate to weighed through. >> it totally sucks, entire street of douglas avenue is a flood. i come up here to visit once a summer. it is a disaster. >> reporter: it was part of the plan for what the tore collect here to protect beaches and homeowners after the disastrous flooding of super storm sandy. just wasn't expected to rise this high and stan, for this long, without draining. >> it started at 15 and now it is down to 12 inches. it has gone down 2 inches over that period of time. >> as people walk their dogs on the beach, it has dog feces , seeingal feces, debris not a place to be walking
4:21 am
through it is not safe. >> we have got handicapped people living on the street how can they get through it. >> reporter: surfers say ocean conditions are just as nasty as the so-called, lake christie, referencing the new jersey governor, of course. >> you can see it you said. >> you can see it when you walk up to the beach, right there on the sand, all of the sand is real black. >> reporter: no swimming signs were just put up by local authorities. >> it is not physically possible for life guard to watch from the other side of the dunes. they don't have manpower to police this area and make sure kid are safe. thinks a huge public safety hazard not justin convenience. >> we are hoping that they stop the construction of the dunes and reevaluate their plans because no one was willing to admit that the conditions that currently exist would ever happen. >> reporter: neighbors expect to be communicating with that judge first thing. joyce evans, fox 29 news. we should point out fox 29 has reached out to the u.s. army core of engineers and new jersey state officials and we
4:22 am
are still awaiting a response. speaking of the beach parking wars isn't something just forecaster, the likes, some people will take to get prime real estate on the beach you know what we're talking about. putting up big umbrellas, tents, blankets, so forth, we will break that down coming up but first here's sean bell. >> coming up next in sports in the minute phillies came through all weekend long. see who showed up big time in the bottom of the ninth yesterday, next in sports.
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good morning i'm sean bell after wrapping up their first week of training camp eagles had an opened practice to let all of the fans in on the fun. they held it at link and they made sure to show love to the military. they shook hand, signed autographs and wore special uniforms. a lot of eyes will be on lane johnson. johnson knows he has something to prove after being suspended 10 games last season. >> i still have a chip on my shoulder. i have a i haven't been to the pro bowl yet. i feel like this day and validaa player unless you have those ac working and keep grinding with my teammates. gals came through in a clutch. bottom of the ninth tied at one off, game winning, hit to beat this . they are starting to do some things. they have won four in a row.
4:26 am
that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. coming up at 4:30 we are following breaking news this morning a teenage girl is shot in feltonville. and now the hunt for the shooter. we will have the lateness a live report.
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a teen is rushed to the hospital after being shot and the shooter still on the loose we will have breaking news in a live report. also developing right now a hunt for a killer what police say that suspect right there in the red hoodie did moments before main line murder. and finally, some good news for a teenager missing since october of last year. finally at home. great to have you with us here at 4:29 on this monday. i'm thomas drayton, bob kelly. >> were you shopping on there. >> i was, i was, amazon had another great deal. >> good morning. >> have a good weekend. >> great weekend. it was fun. it goes so fast though. >> you know it. >> especially in the summertime with the longer days. but i think if you have vacation this week you are starting out fabulous.
4:30 am
>> well, we don't. >> that is right. >> but for those who do. >> yes, speaking of karen. ten out of 10 in weather by numbers today and it looks good and on the cool side with most of the temperatures in the 60's, some in the 50's. bus stop buddy has sun screen because with weather like what we're having today pool side is a great place to be or outdoors and rooting for phillies. they have a day game. they are going for five in a row. we have got clear skies. nothing on radar. 66 degrees our current temperature, sunrise time not until 5:59, 59 is our temperature in allentown. fifty-two in mount pocono, and reading, and trenton have 61 degrees. sixty-four in ocean city and 61 in rehoboth beach. plan on plenty of bright sunshine all day, a high temperature of 88 degrees. very warm afternoon but not excessively humid. sunset time 8:15. this is a fabulous weather day but will it last? we will talk about it in the
4:31 am
seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> what is cool about the phillies game is is that right after the game kid get a chance to run bases. >> awesome. >> looking for a game to take kid down there today would be it, kid run bases, mom and dad , just the kid, dad, all right. no problems in or out of center city philadelphia. at lee no closure but a nice smooth ride awaits you. they have been working all weekend long and paving the schuylkill expressway, on the overnight. here's a live look for those heading westbound out of town, is there only one lane opened at the moment between city ave and conshohocken. they will be out until 5:30 so both directions between conshohocken and city line, down to only one lane, with the work crews and again they will be out there all week long. closure for gang up here in allentown. it is stretch of 222 closed between kutztown and allentown so eastbound side of 100, you're pushed off on to 100,
4:32 am
best bet, i78, if you are trying to get east in toward not extension. again, dealing with the accident on that stretch of the roadway, up there near allentown. the atlantic cityusing shuttle n philadelphia and cherry hill because of the truck that whacked in the overpass over rew jersey transit buses are all cross honoring tickets so be prepared for delays, if you us between philadelphia and cherry hill. the trains cherry hill and head east down toward the shore. both market subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. mass transit off to a good start. back to you. a bullet shoots right through window of the home in feltonville striking a 17 year-old girl in theolice are searching for the suspects, steve keeley is on the scene with the very latest for us this steve. yes, they thought they had him barricaded in this corner
4:33 am
apartment house, split where the doors is wide openght still. this is where swat team went in after sitting outside midnight when shooting happened. you can see this house, it i con alley next to it. you can see a police officer guarding it rig just keeping the crime scene guard and llep, because they are probably coming back in with the search warrant. they don't want people going thr wide opened. we are a door away from a couple of corner opened until at midnight, and intended target as we always report it is unintended people getting hit by gunfire that isws shooting at each other where they had two reports of the gunman, or we could have had two guys shoot something one that managed to get away. there is no blood on thek
4:34 am
like any other people got shot and we're told by folks at thatn off-duty officer rush the 17 year-old to st. christopher's. th story because we're told from police that the girls reported to be stable which is goodng shn the chest we're told but that could be a grazed wound as whole lot worse. just to the right, right past rustcummis roosevelt boulevard f video and come back live picture as i show roosevelt boulevard to describe it. going by. that is another reason bullets go way past what you are ould have been way worse with so much traffic at the will see what develops to but right now police have no idea where these two grom. they had a report of the silver chevy impala but there are huned city as well, thomas. >> this is when we need your viewers to come forward give poa call, steve, thank you.
4:35 am
we're following more break ing news in t man is fatally shot. he was found shot in the wt indw and north fourth street at 4:30 officers have not identified the victim but appears to be in his 20's no arrests have been made. fire breaks out in millville, new jersey damaging several businesses, it started around 1:00 o'clock this morning at a strip mall on the 1700 block ofe main street. the fire is now under control and thankfully, no injuries have been reported. a developing news story we are following here at 4:30 a man wanted in a deadly shooting on the main line could be the trigger man behind another shooting a short distance away. police released this picture hoping to get him off of the streets. lets get to lauren johnson at narberth police department with more on this this morning , lauren. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. police released those images on saturday hoping someone would recognize him and narberth police working with philadelphia police they say he is same man shooting earlier in the day. so who is he?
4:36 am
police showed him in this still shot wearing a red hoodie, white t-shirt and has facial hair. he was identified by witnesses in overbrook park, they say that the man was there on saturday afternoon, police report that he fired a dozen or so shots after an argument over loitering outside of a home, he left there in a gray volvo, that wasn't his last heated exchange. he encountered 29 year-old joseph lee leaving a pizza shop. there were war of word between the two men and then two loud noises. one man who called 911 remembers hearing the pop. >> there were two shots fired within a half second. it sounded like a fire cracker but that is because you don't expect to hear two shots like. that my initial reaction was who is setting off fire works. but, yeah, that sounded like gunshots. so, i kind of had one of those moments do you run toward or away, i have got an eight
4:37 am
month-old inside, so i went halfway, and that is when, you know, i placed the call to 911 >> reporter: police tracked the victim's phone to 40th and market street not long after the shooting at this point. police do not believe they know each other but they do think many people know this man. they need public's help in finding him and questioning him, about that deadly shooting. thomas. >> really good images, hopefully someone will come forward. 4:37. a 24 year-old woman is still missing after disappearing in the ocean early yesterday morning at point pleasant beach, new jersey. police say susana orcovea and thomas both jumped in the water at 2:00 in the morning. the within was able to swim back to water. now to the rescue off water off the avalon beach this comes from karen hepp who tells us that the beach patrol , some on jet skis spotted a missing swimmer and
4:38 am
brought them in yesterday and that person walk away safely. talk about a big sigh of relief this morning, bristol township teen who had been missing since october of last year has been found. bristol township police thanked everyone who sent in their tips and spread word about her, being missing no further details are being reported this morning. incredible video of a fiery plane crash on a busy highway so what happened to the people inside? do you see right there the fireball? we will tell you exactly right after the break. i love you, basement guest bathroom.
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welcome back. good morning. investigations are underway in the deaths of two toddlers, both left in hot cars in feign knicks two separate incidents n1 of the cases a seven month-old was left at his grandparent's car for hours and then in another part of the feign things weekend a man came out of church to find his one year-old not breathing. it is believed the child had been left in the car in triple digit temperatures for at least two hours. police are urging parents to stay alert. >> just take time to actually look, examine the vehicle so baby not forgotten. >> i don't know what people are thinking nowadays. i feel sorry for the family but god, that is a shame. >> child safety advocates are working to get legislation pass todd prevent these tragedies. is there is a bill that would require car make tours build sensors for back seats and alarm would notify driver that
4:42 am
someone is still in the car after the vehicle is turned off. wow. >> that is sound of civil unrest in venezuela four policeman were injured in that explosion yesterday as part of the growing violence protest against the government. venezuela is right now voting in an assembly to rewrite the country's constitution. we are hearing at lee three people died in that violence. take a look at this video of the airplane crash landing just south of los angeles. it happened last month. video just now being released. do you see fireball a small twin engine plane slammed right on to the freeway near john wayne international airport. video from a second camera shows the mushroom cloud of black smoke, amazingly, the pilot and his wife survived that crash thanks in part to an off-duty fire captain who happened to be right there and pulled them out. couple is now out of the hospital but facing a lengthy
4:43 am
recovery. time right now 4:42. no show again? many people asking is what up with allen iverson after he didn't show up for a basketball game in dallas? does the answer, have an answer for this one? do you really use head & shoulders?
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when you make a pb&j with smucker's, that's the difference between ordinary everyday and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. 4:45. get ready south philadelphia we have one lane, operation here on columbus boulevard, southbound, columbus boulevard , right at catherine
4:46 am
street. water crew is still working to repair a water main break, so through the day, both rush hours heading south which eventually backs traffic up too on i-95. keep that in mind, hello to maple shade, new jersey route 73 no problems or delays at all, coming back from the shore on this early morning we're in good shape on the atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway they are still work together northeast extension we have a crew near lansdale interchange and that closure, again from an overnight accident all eastbound lanes at 222, heading in to allentown are closed. you can see the scene here they are pushing everybody off on to 100 so go north on 100 and pick up i78. so from the get go from kutztown trying to head over east into will allentown, use i78 to reconnect you with the northeast extension. otherwise turnpike itself is not bad, looking good between philadelphia over to valley forge, no problems on the blue route heading down toward the
4:47 am
airport, but atlantic city rail line using shuttle buses between philadelphia's 30th street station and cherry hill , trains will originate in cherry hill and head east down toward the shore because of a truck that hit the rail rorrer overpass on friday this could be a couple weeks here for repair work both patco, river line and all buses are cross honoring tickets while that construction project is underway. what is forecast looking like if you are standing outside waiting for that bus? sueby has tonight 15. phillies going for four in a row today, or was it four in a row yesterday? anyway they are hoping for another win. it is an afternoon game, and as bob told you earlier after
4:48 am
the game kid get to run the bases. it will be a sun screen kind of a day though out in that sun all game long. about 85 degrees at the start. we have a low pressure system that we are watching for tropical development, otherwise high pressure still on the shore, so that is why we expect decent humidity today meaning not too high and really no storm systems just yet in fact rest of the day to day in the future cast we cannot find cloud cover and then we will see some popping up in the overnight hours, and we've got tomorrow where we expect another bright, beautiful day but it will hit around 90 degrees on tuesday. it is in the until late in the day we will have pop ups possible on tuesday with the heat and more humidity but it is wednesday that we expect system to come through and bring us some showers here and there it won't be a wash out but probably half and half on wednesday. 66 degrees. plenty of places in the 50's this morning. fifty-two up in the mountains. fifty-eight in pottstown.
4:49 am
56 degrees in millville, new jersey. calm wind for the most part 6 miles an hour in philadelphia yesterday we got to a delightful high of 83 in philadelphia. seventy-four in atlantic city where we had a sea breeze. allentown 85. reading 82. today upper 80's and tomorrow 90. ninety on wednesday as well. once we get in the humidity we will get those chances of pop up showers and thunderstorms pretty much every afternoon but by first weekend of august because you know august starts tomorrow we will have highs in the low 80's once again. >> wow, is that tomorrow. >> august is tomorrow, i know. >> where is the year going, sue. >> yeah. >> 4:49. this next story i'm sure has happened to a lot of you, lug yourself over dunes on the beach and look out for place to drop your towels, umbrella and guess what we have no room thanks to those beach spreaders do you know what we're talking about here. here's hank flynn to break it down to see if you too are a
4:50 am
beach spreader. >> reporter: awesome, confront sea gulls and you have some shade. perfect. >> perfect. >> reporter: are you a beach spreader, you know how are who brings 20 tons of crap with you to the beach every weekend my take is, it is all right, don't let anybody tell you how to have fun. first minimalist, i don't bring much to the beach because i don't like lugging it. i'm not alone in stone harbor. >> i'm bringing stuff and it stinks, so when it is just me i just need a couple things. >> i like to walk so i keep it as simple as possible. we're down here with the grand kid we have more things but no tents. >> reporter: then middle ground pat and his daughter faith, seems like a lot at first. >> umbrellas, food, drinks, we need chairs.
4:51 am
>> we bring three umbrellas and seven to 10 chairs. >> reporter: then realize packing for friend and family on the way so it is for everybody. then maximum bake are family and they come 30 or 40 strong with their own volleyball court, shelter, food, chairs, you name i had. >> we bring our coolers, you got to have that because we need food and drink, yeah. of course, there is alcohol. >> no alcohol allowed on the beach. >> no. >> reporter: christine is matriarch and they have been coming to stone harbor for 50 years. great grandson graham was on the scene as just a baby. graham is a deal breaker. you cannot show up to the beach without plenty on have baby stuff. you parents necessity this. but how much is too much? couple towns on lbi passed ordinance banning shelters as has rehoboth, delaware this year. stone harbor does ant loud alcohol, fires, picnic, and people get to hoy's five and dime for beach stuff.
4:52 am
>> they come up with two umbrellas, three beach chairs it happens every year. we will get totals up to 400 some dollars. >> reporter: all nair game, everybody wants to have fun. so let courtesy be your guide. not your backyard. your share of public space so act like it you bring a little or lot a, consider people around you, you will be fine, i'm hank and that is my take. let's talk burr monday think morning. it can be one of the life's greatest financial debates do you rent or buy your home? one new report tips the scale to buying in philadelphia that report ranks philadelphia as one of the war places in the u.s. to rent. the financial web site, wallet ranks philadelphia a 128 out of the 150 cities examined, but metrics were based on the market, afford built and quality of the life. the best place to rent,
4:53 am
scottsdale, arizona, and the war, cleveland, ohio. all right. she's -- cheese cake lovers re joyce one more day to snag your favorite dessert and for cheap, we will explain in about two minutes, good morning. if you like cinnamon toast crunch then you'll love strawberry... french toast... and new apple cinnamon toast crunch. from our crazy delicious family to yours. crave those crazy squares 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you
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4:56 am
it will shape up to be a beautiful day but don't take my word sue will have your forecast in just a moment. we need some answers from the answer this morning, allen iverson last night for his, team's big three game in dallas, he was a no show but it is not clear why. league said they had no advanced warning and they are now launching an investigation to gather the facts. once they have what they need they will make an informed official statement. iverson, of course is a player and coach for three's company in the big three league and many of you know iverson sat out when the team played in philadelphia on july 16th. he said he had to sit out based on advice from his doctor. we will see what the latest reason is, hopefully later today. well to day is your last chance to get some cheese cake for little cash, cheese cake factory offering dine in guest s any slice of cheese cake for half of the price. you can try factory's new flavors, celebration cheese cake that features different layers of the cake as well as
4:57 am
strawberry, vanilla and chocolate muse. so free around lunchtime let me know. we're working on several big stories this morning. let's start with steve. >> reporter: well, thomas we have been reporting for last few months on terrible wave of violence against children and women and we have a combination of the two in this scene here where a 17 year-old girl got hit by a bullet just before midnight. keep your hair strong against hot styling tools...
4:58 am
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we have breaking news overnight a teenage girl is shot in the chest, now search is on for her shooter, we will have the lateness a live report. also ahead this morning, wanted for murder, man you see right there in the red sweat shirt is wanted for deadly shooting on the main line what police say he did, just before the attack. a bad day at the ballpark for new jersey governor chris christie, how a simple food run turns into a heated one on one with a fan. struggle's real on this monday morning. great to have you with us, it is 5:00 o'clock. i'm thomas drayton. karen hepp has the week off. very good morning live on the parkway on friday we saw heavy rains that turned into a humid hot day and then cooler. i'm exited to see is what next , sue serio. >> transition paid off yesterday with a beautiful day and we will continue that weather. even though it is warmer. it is 10 out of 10 because we won't have


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