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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  August 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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now, police make arrest, and it is someone close to home. >> scary story for those of how use ride sharing services, a night out ends with a dangerous ride for one woman, the latest on the investigation, plus, fireworks at the white house. >> this whole notion of well they could learn, you know, they have to learn english before they get to the united states, are we just going to bring in people from great britain, australia? >> jim, i can honestly say, i'm shocked at your statement, you think people from great britain and australia would only know english. >> the heated edges changes between trump administration and reporters there is time, things became personal over new proposed immigration bill. >> great to have you with us here on this thursday, as we look live, along the parkway. things are is the recalled right now after that wild day that we had yesterday with winds and rain. >> i don't know if you're olds enough to know what carbon
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copies are. >> oh, i'm old. i remember it. >> all right. >> tear off that paper. yes. >> carbon copy every yesterday. call it repeat of yesterday. we have temperature right now of 68 degrees, with a winds out of the southeast at 5 miles an hour. other temperatures, 64 in pottstown, write town. seen some fog around phoenixville, media has 66 degrees, at the moment. yesterday's high was 89, before the thunderstorms hit. probably would have reached 90 if that hadn't happened. but today, chance of the same thing occurring again, a high of 89, scattered thunderstorms, throughout the afternoon and evening. that takes care of your thursday. it is almost friday. >> 5:01, good morning, everybody, talking about the
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5:00. here is a example, good camera shot here, 422, out near route 29. collegeville, so again, if you are coming in from, say, pottstown, reading, royersford, working your way toward king of prussia, the fog is thick as pea soup as grandmom would say. but open up here on the vine, crews getting ready to open the eastbound lanes, westbound open. work crews opening it up for the morning rush hour, good news, too, all aboard the atlantic city rail line. train service restored between philly and cherry hill. what was supposed to be a two week repair project, turned out only to be couple of days, that's good news for commuters this in south jersey. here is a example of the fog along route 309. near the bethlehem pike, an accident, also in cherry hill, new jersey, route 70, watch for some work crews between haddonfield road and i-295, here is a example of the cherry hill mall there in the background, and again, the fog, just kind of laying over us here, as we get started on
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this thursday. and then in berlin, new jersey, downed wires, as a result of the storms last night. some work crews out along route 30, which is the white horse pike, right near franklin avenue, some fog, not as thick as royersford, still nonetheless watch for delays on i95. thomas, back over to you. >> as always thanks for the heads up. 5:03, philadelphia day care owner arranged on sexual assault charges, police say he abused two children on numerous occasions while they were in his car. steve keeley, joining us from the day care center more this morning, steve? this day care center just one door off south street, very busy starbucks, so a lot of people see the sign here, philly kids gym sprout, dunkin rounds used to own it, before moving over to medford lakes, and his wife obviously hoping that he get released on his own recognin sans, no go on
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that, she was sent home to go get his passport, and he has $200,000 total bail, 100,000 each for each of these five year old he is accused of raping here in this place a week ago tuesday july 25. and police say, they don't just have the little kids words for it, they've got physical evidence against him, and that's why they charged him with seven felonies. so, he's up at curram fromhold prison right now, she has to come back with his passport and $200,000 bail. if he's going to get released. meantime we're told this place is planning to open again today it, stayed open yesterday despite his high profile arrest at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> this all comes out of the blue. never anything. >> i don't believe any of these allegations and i think he'll be vindicate dollars, once the truth comes out. >> he conducted immediate forensic interviews at philadelphia children's alliance, both children disclose in the they were, indeed, sexually assaulted by the offender. >> my son has been going here
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for two and a half years, for two and a heave years i've been dropping him off here five days a week, also popping in here, random hours of the day. >> we went out to the location, the day care, execute search warrant, and processed the scene with crime scene unit. we did recover some physical evidence on location there. >> dunkin is a great guy, he loves kids, than is a great place, if you like family here. and it is all just a shame. >> when duncan rounds gets a lawyer, that guy should be one of hit witnesses, you heard both sides of the story, dave schratwieser get being a good job getting both sides of the story. >> this guy owned business for ten years, and no criminal past at all, at age 53. so you can see why a lot of the par rent either in shock or that parent certainly doesn't believe the charges, but you heard the detective say they don't just have the kids words for it, they've got some physical evidence. they would not detail what that is, but you can bet, and this kind of a crime, they're
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going to look for dna evidence, maybe some surveillance video, a lot of the place haves cameras, both inside and outside, and perhaps, heat, when people do this kind of stuff, thomas, we've seen this before, sometimes they videotape it themselves on their cell phones or in their own business. so, who knows what that evidence is. but you can bet, it is enough evidence where detectives were sure enough to bring some serious charges, then you see, some serious bail overnight at 1:00 a.m. when the arraignment happened $100,000, one boy, one girl. >> just the beginning whether it comes to these very serious allegations, steve keeley, thank you. 5:06. $10,000 reward to help solve sex assault case at norristown farm park. nineteen year old woman told police she was jogging through the park, when a man held her at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her. the victim transport today einstein medical center for treatment. >> police in south jersey
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arrest the husband after south jersey woman found dead in her pool. woolwich township back in june, norman long told investigators he found michelle his wife dead in their backyard pool. but investigators say long killed his wife insider their home and put her body in that pool. he drove to a restaurant, came back, pretended she drowned. >> he is accused of purposely or knowingly causing her death, specifically, using physical force to cause blunt force trauma to her neck and to her head. >> my mom cast definitely the best mom you could ever ask for. she did not de is her of this at all. >> long also charged with concealing evidence, investigators have not released a motive for the murder. >> police in philadelphia, and upper darby, are investigate after a woman claims she was abducted, and rob, by a lyft driver early yesterday morning. thirty-one year old brittany law told police, she used the app to get a ride home from center city, after night of drinking with her sister. she says a man with a accent
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arrived in a black four door sedan, law says the driver made several stops, before ditching her at a sunoco station on west chester pike in upper darby, and then robbing her. >> he then grabbed her phone, and grabbed her credit card, debit card. he then through her out of the car, drug her out of the car recalling and drove off. >> they're responsible adult. they go to the bars, don't want it drive, and they're being responsible. >> that's why they do it. >> and this is what the ends result was today. >> in a statement, lyft says they're cooperating with authorities. but that a search of their system could not confirm a lyft ride that matches the time, place, and vehicle described in the allegations. one person has died after an accident involving a motorcycle. it happened just after 9:00 last night, on kelly drive. the accident was one of two separate accidents at the intersection of kelly drive and brewery hill. no word as to what caused it.
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>> developing story we're following, police step up their hunt for suspected killer of a man on the main line, trying track down three people who may be able to help out in their case. jenny joyce at police headquarters with more for us, jenny, good morning. >> good morning, thomas. police are releasing these photos, trying to track down the suspect, derrick rollins of southwest philadelphia, several agencies are involved, looking for the 24 year old man accused in two shootings over the weekends. including the murder of 29 year old john lee of narberth, lee was walking along haverford road to a friends' killed, apparently stole the phone. half forwards township police released photos of three people who they believe may have witnessed these crimes, a boy on a bike, and a man and a woman walking along the sidewalk, earlier this week, police raided rollins' southwest philadelphia home while they didn't finds the fugitive, they did recover the
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vehicle, believed to be involved in both weekend shootings. we know the us marshall involved in the search for this man, we also know there is a reward in this case because police want this man in custody, thomas. >> we have the picture. we have his name. this is when we need the public to come forward and help out, jenny joyce this morning, thank you. 5:10. pete rose will no longer be induct into the phillies wall of fame. phillies say the team and rose came to that decision together. now, at the center of the controversy, allegations that rose had sex with an under aged girl there is was in the 70s. attorneattorney john dowd quotea friends of pete rose on the show on wcheam back in 2015. >> mike albertolini. toll us that the knot only ran bets but he ran young girl for him down at spring training, ages 12 to 14. isn't that lovely? so that's statutory rape every
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time do you that. >> that comment really, it just took the winds right out of me. there was no rebuttal. >> rose reportedly said in court document that he believed the girl was 16 at the time, which was the legal age of concert, in ohio. we'll have more on the story coming up later on good day philadelphia. >> the town of margate is resuming it court battle against the controversial do you know project. officials voted yesterday to seek a court order halting the work, heavy rains last week have created bacteria-filled ponds of standing water, right along the beach blocking access to the shore in several spot. margate officials and resident have tried tore years to block this project. the army corps on tuesday started pumping the water over the dunes as short-term fix, in much of the watt her been removed by mid-day yesterday. >> still to come here on "good day" philadelphia: do you like a glass every wine, possibly two at dinner? better stock up here. because you're about to pay more in pennsylvania. we will tell you why the price tag of some alcoholic
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beverages are on the rise. also, ahead, talk about drama at the white house. >> i just want to say -- >> engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country. >> jim, that's one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant, and foolish things you've ever said. for you that's still -- >> heated words over the latest immigration push from the white house. what happened when a reporter questioned a white house advisor? about the latest proposal bill? >> let's get a check on that traffic this thursday morning. >> good morning, everybody, we have overturned tractor-trailer. this is a live look at the trooper road onramp. to route 422, just outside of king of prussia. that's gone on here, let's check the next camera shot as we look live. wilmington, delaware, wacking up, nicole can you fry southampton says little bruno mars, gets me going with the traffic jam. what's what song get you up and around on a thursday morning? put it up on social media. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> sue has your forecast when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ah fast play games from the pennsylvania lottery are the newest way to play and win instantly. and they're super fast. faster than this?
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>> yesterday was definitely a while one, reading good morning to you. what can you spec in your forecast? sue will have that coming up in just a moment here at 5:15. want to tell but part of popular new jersey beach.
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it will be closed for a second day, this is north wildwood beach, it remains shutdown between second and fifth. crews need to stabilize the dunes in that block area, three-block area, and eliminate the current cliff condition. it is because of the recent storms it, took out so much beach, so they have to work to replentish it there, safety fences up to prohibit access. they hope the beach can reopen tomorrow. let's get back to that forecast that we were talking about, what can we expect today, sue? >> we can expect a day almost exactly like yesterday. so you made it through yesterday. and i think you will today, even if we get the pop up thunderstorms. one addition we didn't have too much of yesterday, the fog. and now it has gotten very fog any millville, pottstown, kind of socked in, so is allentown, looks like parts of chester county, seeing quite a bit of pea soup, not so bad at the moment, at philadelphia international airport, but we will keep an eye on that situation throughout the morning. temperatures are a little bit cooler than they were yesterday at this time. mostly everybody is in the 60
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60s, 58 mount pocono, little cooler but not much less humid. and, in other words, dew point only down a little bit. we're expecting to be in the oppressive range by the time the sun's out for couple of hours. high pressure in control, again, waiting in the wings, colds front will come through friday night into saturday. it will take our humidity away for couple of days. love the weather sunday the way it is playing out, so high pressure will move off shore today. let in more humidity than we had yesterday, because that far, pop up thunderstorms will be happening once again, as far as now is concerned, we've seen couple of pop ups, all throughout the state of pennsylvania, and rain that dis appears, one cluster every rain gone, some rain falling pretty heavily at the shore, around brigantine, atlantic city, and all of that has moved off shore.
5:18 am
watch out, pop up thunderstorm specially at pool or on the beach. get away, offer the beach, as soon as you hear it, it could happen at any time throughout the afternoon. even in the overnight hours thinking we could see a little action, as well, should start out with decent day maybe fog tomorrow morning, as well, depending how much rainfalls. then another day, with a high of 89. saturday, rain will linger into saturday morning, rain from the cold front friday night. but then we've got decent rest of the day saturday looking nice, with low humidity, on sunday, mid 80s, chance of shower, monday, and nice weather forecasted for tuesday and wednesday of next week, so get through another humid day, with the air-conditioning, in your car, and 101.1, more fm on the radio, bob kelly. >> keep the ai air onto preventa bad hair day.
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and bad day on the roadways here, already off to a bad start. overtured tractor-trailer, this is a live look, at the trooper road interchange, just off of route 422. so, this is route 363, trooper road, right here, the ramp to head east on 422. you can see the undercarriage of the tractor-trailer laying right here. so this all just happened a few moments ago, no word on any injuries, but i do see when we zoomed in, could you see the firefighters, putting down some of the oil dry obviously there is a spill along with it, so this ramp, will be out of commission here, for at least the morning rush hour, this is going to cause big delays in a area that already sees big delays, and usually, the first jams in our traffic cams. so here is the ramp. the onramp from trooper road to go east on 422 coming in towards king of prussia. if you're on 422, coming in say collegeville, royersford, it won't impact you, it is on the onramp from trooper road
5:20 am
right here to go east on 422, so from the neighborhood, you got two options, can either go to egypt road than will put you onto 422, or down here closer to valley forge king of prussia area eyes 23. so egypt road or route 23 your two best options instead of the trooper road ramp. that will will put extra volume and detours in the neighborhood. trooper road the reason they're expand willing the stretch because all of the extra volume in that neighborhood. >> no problems on mass transit. thomas, back to you. >> thank you, 520:67:89 record breaking success during two day gun buy back program in new jersey. 4,475 weapons off the street, 2100 came from camden, more rifles turned in than handguns. program was funded not by taxpayers but nearly $500,000 seized from criminals.
5:21 am
officials say new jersey has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, and officers, know what's at steak here. >> citizens get shot with all casino every guns. what we are doing, what we will continue to do, if we decide to do another one every these, without apologizing, is take every gun, that can fire a bullet, and hurt or kill someone. >> also in the hall right there, 129 assault weapons described by officials as weapons of war. thousands of new jobs could be coming to delaware soon, governor john carney signed a bill that modernizing the coastal zone act, means 14 legacy industrial site can now re-develop along the state's coastline. the governor says this will bring a ton of industry jobs back. one of the first developers to take part is a pennsylvania based real estate development firm called d2 management. >> this an opportunity for win-win, opportunity to redevelop and repurpose the sites and create jobs, and an opportunity in the process,
5:22 am
clean the sites up, and create a better, stronger, cleaner environment. >> president trump joins two republican leaders to endorse plans to overhaul immigration laws in the u.s. bill calls for merit based system that would significantly cut green cards over the next decade. >> to ben if the the american job market, rather than family ties. during yesterday's white house press briefing, one of the president's senior advisors right here, steven miller, got into a heated exchange with a reporter over the spirit of the proposed bill. >> the stout youth of liberty give me your tired, poor, huddled masses. it doesn't say anything about speaking english or being able to be a computer programer. >> right now, it is a requirement that it be naturalized do you have speak english. so the notion that speaking
5:23 am
english wouldn't and part of immigration systems would be actually very historical. secondly -- >> well the exchange grew more testy from there. listen. >> not know the difference between green card policy and i am graduation? are you really don't know that? >> he came to this country in 1962, right before the cuban missile crisis, and obtained a green card. >> this whole notion of well they could learn, they have to learn english before they get to the united states, are we just going to bring in people from great britain and australia. >> jim, i can honestly say, i'm shocked at your statement that you think that only people from great britain and australia would know english. actually it, reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree. >> as miller left the podium, he apologized to jim ocosta for quote things getting heated. >> 5:23. one of the worse part of travel, getting home after the vacation, or business trip, right, you got to get that ride back to your home.
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women, there is ride sharing company lyft. that says it has got a solution that will get you from the rates to the road and home. we'll explain.
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>> five. >> twenty-six. a degree is the goal, right? according to new report most student leave college with crushing debt.
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just how much depends on where you went to school. according to new study by wallet hub, graduates in ohio are the worse financial shape followed by mississippi followed by pennsylvania, delaware ranked 17th, new jersey came in at 32. researchers focused on student loan detective compared to grant and paid student work tuned. >> 5:27 here. go on vacation, after a week or so, you have to come back, right? you are sitting at the airport, maybe even the train station, you're wondering how am i going to get home? lyft teaming one amtrak to offer new service, customers can now use amtrak's app to access lyft to request a ride to or from the train station. lyft says it services reaches 97% of all amtrak users across the country, by the way, new lyft custom letters receive $5 off each of their first four rides by using the promo code
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amtrak lyft. >> 5:27. coming up at 5:30, why you will be treated to a delicious meal, but you won't be able to enjoy it with your significant other. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ discover card.
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>> a day care owner accused of the un think it be, why they believe there may be more victims. >> get ready for another wacky weather day. sue is tracking a forecast filled with those pop up storms. >> also, it was the confrontation that made headlines. new jersey governor chris christie going off on a cubs fan. what the governor is now saying he wishes he would have done during that heated moment. there is the clue. we have it circled on the screen. what he was caring, and what wanted to do with, well, what was in his hand. we'll tell you. 5:31, the parkway, good morning, as we wake up and get this day started, it is a thursday, and unfortunately, we have a repeat. >> thomas, didn't get rid of the humidity even with the thunder store, little cooler than it was yesterday, but we are going with another eight out of ten, just like we had yesterday. it is national watermellon day. bus stop buddy is in a little& bit after fog this morning, you see muggy the dog is here,
5:32 am
because it is sticky out there. and we've got some areas with some fog this morning, we will check those in just a little bit. we had few pop up thunderstorms, few pop up downpours, i should say, overnight. we have dry conditions in old city. visibility, 7 miles at the airport, keeping an eye on that with all of the fog. sunrise time 6:02, 68 degrees here, we have 58 in mount pocono, wildwood, with 67, up to the north, downingtown, yesterday was 89, where we expect to be today, once again, any time this afternoon, really any time, but specially likely this afternoon. pop up thunderstorms, and if you get one, likely, to be a heavy downpour, once again, so just eye on the sky, and then, eye on the road bob kelly, because you could get some puddles pretty quickly. >> maybe having an overturned tractor-trailer in the middle
5:33 am
there, good morning, everybody, 5:32, looking live at the trooper road interchange, of route 422. just outside of king of prussia, overturned tractor-trailer, laying on it sides, actually, the undercarriage of the tractor-trailer, here, so obviously the driver taking the curve little too fast here, trooper road, this is the onramp to go east on 422, so, it is all taking place right here, just outside of king of prussia, in upper merion. now what makes this difficult?& trooper road is one of the main onramps for everybody from the townships here. so you have trooper road, also, blocked, the whole stretch, preventing traffic from getting down to that ramp. pushing everybody off on the egypt road. so getting ready to head out the front door instead of trooper road, egypt road, or route 23, are your two best options, to get around that overturned tractor-trailer, that will be with us for most of the morning, thomas, back to you. >> thank you, 5:33, philadelphia day care owner has been arraigned on sexual
5:34 am
assault charges. police say he abused two children, on numerous occasions, while they were in his care. steve keeley joining us from the day care center this morning, with what we know, steve? >> reporter: yes, his name is duncan rounds, 53, lives in medford lakes, used to live close by to his day care business. what you can see just off philadelphia's very popular south street, right next to the starbucks at south and ninth. now, before he moved out to med toward lakes had been here for ten years running this place, his current place, curram fromhold prison, held on $200,000 total bail, 100,000 for each of his five year old victims after 1a arraignment on seven felonies of raping these two little kids, here, in his day care, a week ago tuesday, july 25th. and as you mentioned there, thomas, detective say, the assaults happened more than just once dave schratwieser talked to long time parents who told dave he pops in
5:35 am
unannounced constantly when his son forget things, never saw anything, just does not believe the charges, head of the special victims unit not only do they have forensic under oint views convinced this it happened, but has physical evidence. they would not reveal what they found here. rounds his wife now gathering his passport, hoping to get up the bail moneyment fan released, thomas, been told to stay away from his business, which stayed open here, after the charges were announced yesterday, thomas. >> yes, you know, investigators will be taking their time on this one very sensitive. steve keeley, steve, thank you. 5:35, police collect new evidence as they continue searching for the prime suspect, in a murder on the main line. also tracking down three people who may be able to help out in this case. jenny joyce joining us from police headquarters here in philadelphia. jenny? >> good morning, thomas. as the manhunt continues for derrick rollins, so, too, does the rewards money now up to record $7,500 for information that leads to arrest and conviction of rollins.
5:36 am
a 24 year old man from southwest philadelphia, accused in two shootings over the weekend, including the murder of 29 year old john lee of narberth. lee was apparently walking along haverford road to a friends' house when he was shot and killed his cell phone taken. police released three photos who believe may have been witnesses to the crime, a boy on a bike, and a man and woman walking along the sidewalk earth year this week, police raided rollins southwest philadelphia home they recovered the vehicles. they believe half forwards township police, philly police, the us marshall's offers all involved in this search for this man. haverford township police department, and the da's offers, now offering a $5,000 rewards, and according to the us marshals is increasing that by an additional $2,500 again for information that leads to arrest, and conviction of this
5:37 am
man being heavily sought after in the city of philadelphia. >> this one certainly expanding, hopefully the pressure will get to the suspect turn himself in. thank you. >> 5:37. president donald trump touting big milestone for wall street after the dow closed at a record high yesterday, but his relationship with the markets and businesses has been both up and down. doug luzader joining us from washington with more on that, as well, as this new immigration proposal, doug, good morning to you. >> businesses have certainly liked some things president trump has done, appreciate the fact a lot of regulation haves been paired back. on the other hand, they look at something, by and large, like this immigration plan. they've some concerns about the impact this may have on low wage labor. so, this is the result, really, of populous president. and how that at times can be beneficial to business, and at other times makes businesses somewhat uncomfortable. but, this immigration plan,
5:38 am
that the president really backed yesterday, would pair back legal immigration in this country, substantially, and change the way that we prioritize individuals coming into the country. merit-based system, really, putting the focus on a high skill labor, rather than low skill labor. than would have pretty big many pact on businesses. >> i'm sure he's getting a lot of push back. we saw it briefly among reporters yesterday during the briefing. >> reporter: yes. certainly, the white house did face some skepticism from reporters, i don't think the white house necessarily dislikes that. i mean, i think that's a pretty effective foil sometimes for the administration. the larger issues going to be congress, though, because democrats are by and large opposed to this plan, and republicans that sympethize with the chamber of congress, for instance, will be opposed to this. not clear really where this goes politically. but it is largely in keeping with some of the themes that the president outlined through the course of his campaign. >> we will talk more about the
5:39 am
financial aspect of t doug luzader in washington, see you later on good day. 5:39. a check on weather and traffic coming up this thursday morning in just a bit. stay with us.
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>> phillies made a quick decision son pete rose and made the light one. they'll not inch duck rose into the hall of fame. was expected to participate in the alumni weekend august 11 and 12, but after the rape allegations the phillies canceled the ceremony.
5:42 am
but the team did not rule out potentially inducting him in the future. rose released this statement saying while i'm truly honored that the phillies fans voted for me to be this year's wall of fame induct owe, i'm concerned that other matters will over shadow the good will associated with alumni weekend, and i agree with the decision not to participate. >> little training camp, look at that, jackson burying and, two year old son, he is a little kid that just got to chill with his father. he already has the pads on, ran around, got to have fun, will be little running back in the future. >> so cute. okay, that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> looked like a little bobble head. good morning, came may new jersey, i got a ticket to ride the rides down there, a traffic jam request by sunday i lee. what's a sign to get you going? we will get it on.
5:43 am
sue has your forecast when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> own a slap on the hand, right, only one gain, allen iverson suspended for skipping out in the game over the weekend, will sit out one game for being a no show. so the league slapped him with the punishment after revealed by "tmz" iverson was not even
5:46 am
in town for the dallas game, spotted at chicago area casino that night gambling until about 3:00, 4:00 a.m. iverson released a statement apologizing for his absence. >> caught on camera, he couldn't deny it, bob. >> that's right. 5:46. good morning, everybody, on 422, this is a live look, overturned tractor-trailer, the trooper road interchange, of route 422. you can see the undercarriage of the tractor-trailer here. and it will cause big delays for everybody trying to get to 422 from, say, upper merion. so, it is the trooper road onramp to head east on 422. police have also blocked trooper road itself from egypt all the way down to 422, again, preventing folks from getting down, and then turning around, and going all the way back. so, with trooper roadblock, you have two good options to get to the ramps from 422. you can either go egypt road, put you onto 422, or down
5:47 am
here, to route 23. so there are the two options to the trooper road closure, that will be with us for the rest of the morning rush hour. also, watch for fire location, here, along willow grove avenue, block, right near new bowl road, just outside of cheltenham, just off of the route 309 expressway, some problems from last night, downed wires blocking the eastbound side of route 30, which is the white horse pike, as you work off of franklin avenue, just off of route 73 here, so expect delays through berlin, but good news for atlantic city rail line commuters, the trains are rolling again, service restored between philly and cherry hill. and here is a example of the fog that is still with us, out along the bethlehem pike, so be careful this morning, how long is the fog going to hang around? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
5:48 am
>> humidity lingers for awhile, and fog lingering would lock in the pocono mountains, so early, early tee time, might not even be able to find your ball. more pop up thunderstorms in store for today, very sim floor what we saw yesterday, but improvement by the weekends. wait until you see the foggy, millville, pottstown, allentown, you have heard bob kelly talking about some fog out there in chester county, montgomery county as well. so maybe allow little extra time not to rush, 68 degrees in the city right now, 58 in the mountains, 67 wildwood, lancaster has 66, six an in reading as we get started. dew point not as high as yesterday, but expected to range above oppressive range.
5:49 am
so another day of high humidity. we had some pop up showers earlier, we have few in the western part of the state. it is possible at any time but not likely as much this morning, as later on in the day, so, we are going with 30% chance of rain today, tomorrow, saturday, zero, on sunday, told you, sunday was going to be good-bye 1:00 up to 77 degrees, already have chance of some of the thunderstorms popping up with the heavy downpours, in the mid to upper 80s by the end of the day, and even by 10:00 p.m., we still could see some of those heavy downpours, and then things probably in the 70s overnight, back into the upper 80s on friday, with again a chan of pop up storm. yesterday's high in philadelphia, was 89. with the sea breeze, atlantic city was 79 degrees, everybody else was in the mid to upper 80s, and we will be again today with pop up thunderstorms, hot, humid tomorrow, overnight friday, into saturday morning, when we expect a cold front to come through, that gives us some rain, and high of 83 maybe
5:50 am
some insurance returning in time for the weekend to be over on monday. so make your plans now for sunday, thomas. >> plans made. sue, thank you. 5:50. developing news out of new york one of the founding members, grand master flash; in police custody. rapper kid creole has been charged with murder, he is accused of stabbing a help less noon death in mid town. now, the 57 year old whose real name is net alien glover was arrested at his home in mount hope yesterday. according to police, glover got into a shouting match with the victim before stabbing him to death. >> 5:00 506r789 trending right now, different kind of dining event, strangers are gathering in small spaces to be wowed by a chef. there is a catch, however, when you go, you cannot sit down with your significant other. chris o'connell has more from wilmington, delaware, on this new trends.
5:51 am
cooking up some of the most unique meals you'll ever eat. they're cooking it all up from their own homes. >> cathy has eaten hundreds of meals in hundred cents of restaurant, but tonight paying somewhere to be somewhere she ' never been with people she's never met, including me. >> i live alone. i don't like going to restaurants alone. >> welcome to the new culinary trend of underground in-home superclubs. >> professional chefs like david moody are trading in traditional brick and mortar restaurant, for trendy pop up dinners, cooked at homes. >> this is what it would be. >> he held this one in his wilmington home guiding us through a meal inspired by southern india. dishes like simous puff, curry beef, with yogurt rice ...
5:52 am
>> people that dine out all the time, and just another outlet for them to venture out into. >> a website called feast leave has been called the culinary equivalent to air bnb. they makes pop up night after night ranging from 30 to 120 bucks a a head. >> there is more chefs than there are restaurants in some cities. so there is a lot of frustrated home cooks that really want to showcase what they're able to do. >> after a welcome drink, and meeting with the chef, we are breaking bread with complete strangers in david's dining room. >> so you actually look forward -- >> the only rule? i couldn't sit next to my wife. i sat next to kathy for dinner, the experience puts the focus not just on the food, but the people you eat it with. >> i would do it again. just for the social aspect of it. i like meeting people. >> they enter as strangers, leave as friends. >> right now the feastly app
5:53 am
only available in wilmington it, will go live in philly over the coming month, but the expectation for customers to have 40 to 50 pop up dinners to choose from every weekends n wilmington, chris o'connell, "fox 29 news." >> dinner date anyone? i'm up for it. that sounds cool. 5:53. love to make new friends. good day philadelphia continues in about two minute. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:54 am
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>> good morning, this video from three days ago, chris christie all up in the fan holding his nachos. now governor christie is saying more about this confrontation. he said he thought he hands philadelphia pretty well overall saying quote i didn't dumb the nachos on him or anything which certainly was an option. >> still ahead here on "good day" philadelphia, time just about 5:57. disturbing charges, a philadelphia day care owner, charged with sexually assaulting two young children, five years old, why some parents are defending him. keep it right here. good day philadelphia coming back in about two minute. stay with us.
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>> comes out, the vehicle gone, woman gone. >> woman is now safe after she said she was briefly kidnapped by somebody claiming to be a lyft driver. but the ride sharing company says we have no records that far pick up. >> and was he really at decline gambling after a no show? >> the big three has an answer for allen iverson. >> the chips stacked this high, caught on camera, he couldn't deny it, at a gambling table, that's why he wasn't at the game. got a slap on the hands. >> there are penalties. is it real a penalty considering what did he? we'll discuss. good morning to you, it is thursday, august 3rd, 2017. hi, thomas. thanks for allowing me. >> she said yes. she said why. and we're all glad you're


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