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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  August 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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probably need the sunscreen, 93% relative humidity, sunrise time now not until 6:15, another milestone, as our days keep getting shorter. sixty-three lancaster, 63 allentown, little further to the north, it is 59 degrees in hazleton. and 66 over in west chester. ocean city, new jersey, at 72 degrees. so, with plenty of sunshine, starting off, we see increasing clouds, by the end of the day. we get to probably about 88 degrees. and it is already starting to get dark by 8:00 now. at least the twilight time. but get ready for muggy night. maybe some rain tomorrow. so we will have that in the forecast for you, along with the other seven days, other six days, including the weaken. that's all coming up. but it is time to check traffic on your thursday morning, as we do get closer to the weekend. start off with a look at the ben franklin bridge, on the new jersey side, and hardly a car going across the bridge at this point. so, that's pretty good. we look at route 422,
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westbound, between route 23, trooper road, chester county. right lane still blocked with construction, that should be pick up pretty soon. concert tonight, at the man center, for the performing arts. this is the symphony performing the sounds track from lala land. it is 73 so they'll show the movie, guys, also play the sounds track, live. with our own symphony. >> i love when they do that. oh, how exciting. all right, maybe we'll do that. 5:34:01 the time. >> sea of people filling broad street in center city philadelphia. >> hundreds turning out last night, you can see, it is packed right there. this is called the philly is charlottesville rally. it was organized by group called power. the demonstrators say, they're determined to stands up to that hate, that happened over the weekend. our community coming together is what it is all about. i mean, we all need to stand up together. >> i'm jewish, so i'm proud to gather at the synogogue and walk to city hall in solidarity, all of these good
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people. >> organizers say the goal is to stands up for equality, and lgbtq issues, matters that under score institution until racism in our community. >> and developing right now, with the protests, the whole conversation about statues, what we honor, has been discussed across our country. we're discussing it right now with a particular statue in our city, the frank rizzo statue. police are now guarding it. let's get right to jenny joyce with the latest on. that will oh, i can see them behind you, jen. >> i good morning, karen, so the statue was egged two nights ago, now police are standing guard as things remain heated. police hanging out here, they were actually more police officers, probably, about two dozen more police officers, in hour ago, police don't want any trouble out here. last night, things were okay, but calls to remove the monument got louder. >> is that statue represent anti-blackness it, represent
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homophobe ya, tearing down. >> hundreds of people joined in the march to rally against hate. many used this as an opportunity to continue the fight to remove the rizzo statue which was egged, people want it remove say rizzo was a racist, should not stands boldsly in the 9-foot bronze statue on public property across from city hall, but also coming out are the people who want the monument of the former philly mayor to stay put. a petition on has reached more than 16,000 signatures, in a little over a day, daily news columnist wrote editorial on the controversy saying he did not always agree with the mayor's bold blunt waste, but argues, that rizzo had a lot of black appreciated his tough anti-drug, anti-gang approach. so back out here live as you can see, philadelphia police officers, probably, about dozen or so, just hanging out, with some barricades around the statue, philly police captain, on scene, tells me that they'll stay out here,
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depending won a decision comes, whether or not to keep the statue, or to remove the statue, but again, as things remain heated, police are standing guard. karen, thomas? >> all right, jenny, thank you. so this is a similar debate that's happening all across our country. it is good to have this discussion, have some self reflection, there is number of cities and towns now trying to figure out what to do with their confederate statues. some are already coming down. it happened in baltimore. where officials quietly removed all of its confederate statues overnight, on wednesday. the mayor says, due to the tense political climate, that she decided they were security threat, and she didn't want to have anything that would be inflammatory. in new york, a long standing plaque dedicate today robert e lee also removed yesterday. north carolina removing confederate statues would require an act that far legislature. >> meanwhile in charlottesville family and friends are remembering the woman killed in the protest over the weekend. heather higher's mother urged people to honor who are daughter by mack ago difference. >> and i think the reason that what happened to heather has
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struck a cord is because we know that what she did is an achievable. we don't all have to die. we don't all have to sacrifice our lives. they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what? you just magnified her. >> a thousand people you see right there gathered at a memorial for heather, a very emotional evening, many wore purple, which was heather's favorite colorment the funerals for the two straight troopers who died while monitoring the protests will be held on friday and saturday. >> president trump now shutting down two business council's after mass exodus of the ceo's, the president made the announcement on twitter saying rather than putting pressure on the business people of manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum are ending both. one of the groups who decided to do it before he even did that. move comes after several top he can he can i have who jumped ship following controversial comment about the violence in
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charlottesville. >> 3m's, marked the seventh and the eighth leaders to resign from the council since monday. of course campbell soup located right in our area in camden, new jersey. time now 5:06. turning to other news this morning, a preliminary hearing for the man charged with fatally shooting a 18 year old woman during a road rage encounter, is set to get under nay west chester. our czar even a kuriakose outside the courthouse this morning, good morning to you, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. and good morning to you, karen. well, after i spoke with bianca roberson's family shortly after she was murdered, her father told me that she had begged him to buy her her beloved green chevy malibu, and that she had just recently gotten her license. he described her as a timid driver. so the family has a lot of questions surrounding the circumstances of her death. and they're hoping to get some answers to that as this trial into her alleged murderer continues. let's go to a photo of bianca.
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this is a photo provided to us by her family there is beautiful young woman, police say she was killed in a road rage shooting, they say, the 18 year old was shot in the head, as she tried to merge lanes off route 100 in west goshen, about a week before july 4th. and now, let's go to photo of her alleged killer. twenty-eight year old david desper of treanor, delaware county. prosecutors say he shot bianca once in the head, before speeding off. first, responders at the scene, believe they were responding to a single car crash before it was determined that bianca had actually been murdered. surveillance footage that we will bring up for you now shows a red pick-up truck leaving the scene of that shooting. that sparked a national manhunt for the stranger who police say was behind the wheel, and who allegedly randomly killed her. now, desper eventually turned himself in, via an attorney, days after the shooting. he has been charged with first and third degree murder. back here live, again, that preliminary hearing is being held here at 9:00 this
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morning, at district court, in west chester. the original preliminary hearing was actually scheduled for last month. but we are told the defense attorney had requested it be push back. desper has actually been held of course in custody. no bail of course on that first degree murder charge. and again, we are told, bianca's family will be in court, as well, she would have gun college, thomas, karen, until the next couple of weeks. >> sure to be another emotional morning, thank you. time 5:08. former catholic school teacher convicted every child rape has been released from pennsylvania prison early, a mid questions about his accusers truthfulness. fifty-four year old bernard shero was released yesterday, after a judge throughout his conviction. court document show the testimony of the man who claimed shero and two priests molested him when he was an alter boy in the 1990's, may have been fabricated. particular a look, so many runners coming together in ponlt gum are you county for solidarity run. they turn out by the dozen tone take back norristown farm
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park. you may remember something happened there. nineteen year old woman sexually assaulted while jogging in the park two weeks ago. running groups from different areas, phoenixville, berwyn, south jersey, all coming outment look at the good turn out there, to show for the victim saying we don't want to make that happen here. we want our park safe for everyone including kids, sending message to that attacker. >> look around. this is love. we win. we win. >> let people know that. man, woman, anyone. we're not going to toll raid that. >> well, if you know who did this, there is a lot of monday throughout to find who, $10,000 reward for information that can help lead to the arrest of that person. coming up next on good day philadelphia: a gunman opens fire. >> we will show you the chilling video, it is captured here, why police are hoping that it helps track down the suspect. >> and also, there is a picture, we'll show you more, really close call, you're about to see. see the car on the left?
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it almost hits a little girl. see the girl? stops just in the nick of time. camera catches the whole thing, and police caught that driver. >> let's get check on the traffic it morning, sue serio, good morning to you. >> all right, good, you know what we can do? >> we will be right back, stay with us. some use equipment to be at their best. and some use it to sleep their best. the beautyrest black hybrid provides exceptional support and unique conforming feel. exclusively at mattress firm.
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put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what a calming scene here this morning at 5:13. trenton, good morning to you. how is the day shaping up? sue serio, let's get a check on the forecast. >> i just want to hear that song more. it sound great. you know what, if you haven't gotten on board yet for what's happening this coming monday, it is a solar eclipse. this is the path of the full eclipse, 100%. we'll be in kind of the 79.9, 08% range on monday, afternoon. so this casino every times it out for you. maximum eclipse, 2:43 in the afternoon, going with the exact 79.9% what we'll see here if philadelphia, rounds it up to 80. we will be at about 87 degrees
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whether this is all happening right in the middle of the day. but this is what you got to -- don't look at the sun. this could be dangerous. and we've been trying to warn, you, but we know feel are getting on board late. don't use regular sunglasses don't have sufficient protection, even one every host pin hole boxes like we tried to make during another fabulous edition every pin this. that's on our website if you want to take a look at. that will look, one rogue shower south of washington dc all that's going on on radar. one place we can find decent fog, atlantic city, nothing like yesterday, when everybody had some fog. it is 71 degrees in philadelphia. seventy in wildwood. fifty-seven cool, comfortable, in mount pocono. your average high now down to 85 degrees, beef ' got shorter days and we've got the middle of august now, as we get closer to fall. so that's the average. but yesterday, we went well above average, and we expect to, for most of the seven day forecast, 88 today, i think
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probably stay dry throughout the eagles game tonight. chance of shower but chance increases through the day friday. clouds to sunshine saturday. hot on sunday. eclipse day, looks like, we won't see too many clouds, so far so good, and staying in the upper 80s, or at least the mid to upper 80s, on tuesday and wednesday of next week. remember, our radio partner is 101.1 more fm. so if you forgot today's forecast we'll have it for you on the radio, and all of that good music while driving to work, too. 5:15 is the time. let's check traffic. start off with construction in the neighborhood. in society hill, queen village, southbound columbus boulevard, from catherine to queen, it is only going to be down to one lane through august 30th, because of an earlier sinkhole in the roadway. it will take a lot of time to repair this. you see the scene right now is fine. but, boy, you try to driver down there in the middle of the day, those water and sewer repairs are really going to slow you down. so think about another way
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that's where you want to go. now, a look at route 42 freeway in new jersey, creek road, shows increased volume. but everybody moving along just fine. than concert once again we tell you about it, the man center for the performing arts tonight, it is lala lands, the philadelphia chamber orchestra that will play the sound track, everything starts at 7:30, so look for increased traffic around the man in the fairmount park area around then. tomorrow, karen? >> sue, thanks for the heads up. time 5:16. philadelphia police have released new video of nicetown homicide that took place back in march in hopes of identifying the suspect. so, two men right here were walking on the 1900 block of roberts avenue toward green street, this was on march 19, whether a mask suspect came around the corner, holding a gun, surveillance video captures the very moment the gunman opens fire on one of the men. the victim taken to the hospital, but he later died from his injuries. police say the suspect, take another look here, fled north on green street. in a silver mini-van. they say if you recognize,
5:17 am
know anything, give them a call. >> let's keep it in philadelphia. police searching foreperson who gunned down a man in his car, killed him, skyfox over the corner every 20th and toronto. that's where police say someone shot a 38 year old man in the head. when they found him, he was sitting in the driver seat of that red chevy crews with the radio still on. did he later die at temple hospital. and there are two people in custody charged with double stabbing, it happened at a pleasantville convenience store earlier this month. fifty-four year old theodore figueroa, 17 year old right there, both face charges. several charges. police say the teenagers also facing charges along with a third guy, brandon figueroa, for assaulting a gas station attendant. we'll try to skip out on a bill back in july. >> and the hunt on for two people who robbed south philadelphia wawa back in july. police tell thus all went down around 10:30, at the store in columbus boulevard, one of the men walk into the store's office, pointed a gun at employees, then demanded money. he took off, after hopping into the passenger side of a
5:18 am
waiting car. >> and a woman who was critically injured, when an air cannon exploded during one of the pumpkin launching, happened in our area, taking lou legal action, making federal case out of it suing the organizers and participants as well as state officials and the discovery channel's parent company. the woman was manage ago camera crew last year, for tv special for discovery science channel. when she was injured, because a trap door blew off of a cannon. she claimed she was left with some permanent injuries. >> new jersey postal worker and three other men are being charged in a $100,000 money order fraud. federal prosecutors say mark saunders, allegedly, stole money order printing machine, along with 180 blank money orders. two men from philadelphia, anthony bell, and andre sit end, as well as eugene bowen from tennessee, are also facing charges. multiple cars, banked up after a driver slammed right into them. this is in the city's pens port section. neighbors watched in disbelief, as this all went
5:19 am
down. it happened right before 7:00 last night. on the 300 block of mifflin street. the good news, no one was hurt, but it is unclear why the driver lost control. >> 5:19. it is back to school time. which means you'll see the school buses back out on the roads again, in the lehigh county, there is one district that hopes to stop drivers from going past the buses. we have to do this every time of year. because people still do it. >> so as dawn timoney reports, the allentown school board is buying new technology, to catch those drivers. >> reporter: it is hard to forget this close call. student just inches from being hit last year, as she tries to get on her bus in allentown. the incident recorded on a camera, inside her bus. >> it is something that, unfortunately, hams more often than not. >> cars just wizzing by, school buses, that have their blinking lights on, and stop signs out with no regard for the children getting on and off the buses. >> i think many times people are trying to beat the bus, essentially, like would you
5:20 am
beat a red light. and they're not stopping for the school buses. >> the park lands school district has cameras inside all its buses. but, is now going one step further, to catch these culprits. it is installing an additional three dozen cameras on the outside, on the stop arms every it buses, that bridges the toll al to 50 buses, with the high tech surveillance systems. >> you need to have real good clear cameras to pick up license plates numbers, people's faces on the video. >> images on these new cameras are crystal clear. see how sharp the start arm camera on the left is compared to the video on the right from a camera inside the bus, shot through the windshield. >> i have kids on these buses myself. i'm -- my children go to park lands, you want to make sure that you're giving people the peace every minds that their children will be safe. >> the assistant director of every school services says bus that is travel in high traffic areas, were problem spots, being equipped with the stop arm cameras, district bus driver, simply radio in the
5:21 am
incidents, the surveillance video pulled, and sent on to the police. >> there is no secret when the bus stops at 8:00 in the morning or 4:00 in the afternoon, children are either getting on or off. please stop. very simple? if you're caught on camera and convicted the penalties are stiff, $250 fine. sixty day license suspension and five points on your driving records. in allentown, dawn timoney, "fox 29 news." it is not worth t you got to stop. those little kids passing by. 5:21, here is a question for you. are you a late night snack err? >> raiding the fridge? how about this? coming up: why the time of when you eat could put you at risk for a sunburn? get outta here. >> ♪
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>> welcome back, 5:24. >> now facebook rolling out two new features to help you celebrate. start a fundraiser directly on your facebook page to encourage your friends to donate to a cause you care about, not necessarily yourself. users will also be able to create personalized video to share with friends on their birthdays. facebook says 45 million people share facebook wishes
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every day. >> you can get a little bit of this there, there, there. what we're saying, trading their food all next month? >> here is the deal. shake shack, lending its smoke shack burying tow pizzeria vetri, which will serve the smoke shack, will sends its marinara sauce, mozarella, to shake shack, will convert its fried chicken sandwich into a chicken parm. >> oh. >> sounds so good, doesn't it? >> i know. speaking of snacking, you might want to think twice before eating a midnight snack if you plan on sunday bathing, the very next day. >> so researchers are saying that the time you eat can cause to you get sunburned. here's what they d they studied mice, they found that eating at irregular times during the day, may disrupt the potency of the enzyme in your skin. that's the enzyme that protect us against those tall violet race of the sun. lack of protection of the sun put you at greater risk, even long-term effect like skin cancer. say more tests on humans still
5:26 am
need to be conductedded. >> researchers are announcing major development in cancer research. >> this could be huge. they say maybe a very, very big step toward creating a test that can tell people if they've cancer long before they have any of those symptoms. >> researchers at johns hopkins university say a blood test detected majority of cancers with four of the large, breast, colon, lung, ovarian cancer. scientists have discovered that tumor cells release small pieces of their dna right into the bloodstream. researchers say now the test is a long way from being used to screen for cancer, but, the study shows a way to get there. the findings were reported in the journal science, translation medicine. >> i rode it all the time. 5:26. a big honor for one of our hometown center in coming up here at 5:30, how mtv is paying tribute to pink. >> great performer, she doesn't care what anyone things. >> she does her own thing, she has her own mind, and her lyrics.
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>> breaking overnight, an application officer, cruiser, there it is, crashes into a parked car. we're going to have the latest on that. >> great to have you with us this thursday morning, it is 5:29. 71 degrees in the city. it will warm up just little
5:30 am
bit today. not as warm as yesterday. giving too much away, aren'ty? thomas drayton with karen hepp. >> good morning, my air-conditioning broke upstairs. hot yesterday, smidge every relief. not as warm as yesterday? >> i think little more humid break out the fans. if you need to. >> this morning, stormy the cat, oh, black cat appreciation day. temperatures are in the 70s, and 60s, this morning, in philadelphia, it is 71 degrees. look at the humidity, 93% there. sunrise is not until 6:15, as the days continue to get a little bit shorter. checking some temperatures around the region, we have 70 degrees in dover, delaware, 63, getting started this morning, trenton at 67. ocean city, new jersey, 72, 75 in cape may. and rehoboth beach at
5:31 am
72 degrees. it is nothing going on on radar at the moment. but by the end of the day, you'll see increase clouds, mostly sunny for the balance of the day. probably up to 88 degrees, little more humid, and then, as we go through the night, into tomorrow, there is an increased chance of shower or thunderstorm we will talk all about that the rest of the weekend eclipse day, oh, so much going on. pica look at traffic, vine street expressway, of course overnight construction is gone, and volume is picking up. society hill, we have this big construction project, down there in columbus boulevard. it is in queen village. and it is from catharine street to queen street. and this is going on until the end of the month. august 30th, is when they're supposed to finish this project, what they're doing, water and sewer repairs from the big giant sinkhole, that had appeared there. and let me tell you, it is a mess, during the middle of the day, when you're trying to get
5:32 am
down columbus boulevard. everyboy merge into the one lane. so avoid that if you can later in the day. it is okay right now. >> another concert tonight. jimmy buffet, 8:00 over there in camden, there will be a lot of volume. as all of the parrot heads head to camden, new jersey. >> my goodness, 5:32. we do want to get right to the breaking news from cobbs creek. a police officer, their cruiser, hit a park car. we think the officer was on duty. we know it happened just after midnight on the 5100 block every baltimore avenue. that officer was taken to presbyterian hospital, with some minor injuries. >> let's get to the developing story that we're following right now. >> the violence of virginia results in a show of unity here if philadelphia, hundreds making their voices heard during last night's philly is charlottesville rally. demonstrators say they're determined to stands up to hate and intolerance.
5:33 am
now the active any center city prompts philadelphia police to increase their presence this morning. they're standing guard at the statue of former mayor frank rizzo which was hit by vandals again. jenny joyce in center city this morning, jenny? >> good morning, thomas, there are about dozen police officers, out here, by the frank rizzo statue right now, right across the street from city hall b an hour ago, there were two, three times as many police officers, out here, making sure that things remain peaceful during last night's philly is charlottesville rally, people gathered, and chanted, for the monument's removal. >> this statue represent homophobe ya, tearing it down. >> hundreds every people joined in the march to rally against hate. many also use this as an opportunity to continue to fight to remove the frank rizzo statue, which was egged two nights ago. people who want it remove argue rizzo was a racist and should not stand boldly in a 9-y placed on public property
5:34 am
right across from city hall. also coming out of the woodwork, people who want the monument of the former phillie mayor to stay put. petition on has reached more than 16,000 signatures, in a little over a day. daily news columnist, stu, had interesting things to say in a editorial on the controversy, he explained that he did not always agree with the mayor's bold, blunt ways, but argue he had a lot of black supporters, as well, people who appreciated his tough anti-drug, anti-gang approach. as mayor, among rizzo's many project, was the philadelphia african-american museum, and in 1975, he pushed for legislation to protect gays. police captain out hearsays that there likely be officers monitoring the monument, until a decision about it future is made. and, until things settle down a little bit. thomas, karen? >> strong opinions on both sides, jenny joyce this morning, jenny, thank you. would do want to know what you think, should official take down the frank rizzo statue?
5:35 am
thousands have voiced your opinion on our facebook page, overwhelmingly our facebook followers say the statue should stay put. >> 5:35, first public sculpture honoring an african-american next month, the statue will be placed on the apron of city hall. was an activist, champion for sit ill rights fighting for desegregation of philadelphia's horse-drawn street cars in 1867 and the right to vote. he was murdered on election day in 1871 at the age of 32, by a man who sought to suppress black votes. his sculpture will be presented on september 26th. >> happening today. a preliminary hearing for the guy who shot this woman in a weird road rage encounter. out to sabina kuriakose with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning, you say 18 year old bianca roberson had so much to live for. >> this morning her accused
5:36 am
killer 28 year old david desper will be in court for that preliminary hearing. he's charged with that horrific and random act that& prosecutors say took the life of this young woman. let's go to her photo now. of course, who can forget this smiling, young lady, she had just graduated from high school. she would have been starting college in a few weeks, had dreams of ac f.b.i. agent. they say this is suspect, going to his photo, david desper, they allege he killed her in cold blood as two strangers merged lanes, on the ends of route 100 in west goshen. about a week before july 4th. and as we go to surveillance video, authorities say, desper shot roberson once in the head before speeding off and dumping his red pick-up truck, seen in the surveillance video, that sparked a massive manhunt for this stranger. desper later turned himself in, via his attorney, as media coverage intensified, and law enforcement closed in. they got thousands of tips from across the country.
5:37 am
and desper has been in custody since he was charged with first and third agree murder back here live his preliminary hearing again set for 9:00 this morning, we're told bianca's family will be in court as well. we'll bring you the latest, back to you. >> the philadelphia school district lawn clinic a pilot program aimed at improving and expanding behavioral health services in nearly two dozen schools. the program will place social workers in 22 public schools across the city along with school behavioral consultants, specialists, mayor ken any attendance, see in a moment. says the new program great resource for students who see and experience traumatic things that happen on city streets every single day. philadelphia soul getting some star power. the celebrity lending his voice to help promote the hometown team. >> voice may be the secret on that one of the first here's
5:38 am
sean bell. >> coming up in sports in a minute, the eagles with their second pre-season game tonight. hear what the guys expect to see from the bills. that's coming up next in sports.
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell. eagles getting ready for second pre-season game tonight taking on the bills. most of the start letters probably only play for about a quarter. enough to try to smooth some things out. carson, will get his first live action, with al sean
5:41 am
jeffrey. doug pederson what he expect out of this game. >> coach: i want to see execute better. i want to see us take care of the football better. i felt like we were little sloppy and lost in the second half, with some of the turn-overs, and you know, i thought our first aoun to its start the game the way they did came out ready to go. >> to the phillies and padres, fourth inning, padres, delay double steel and the phils fall for it, a run comes in, right here, slides in, gets the plate. the phils lose three to zip. they get swept by the padres, to the nationals and angels, check it out. michael taylor with the rage. lays out for this catch. superman style. great catch. but the nationals lose three to two, that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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>> excited about this one, the philadelphia soul headed to the arena bowl once again. >> and the team's owner john bon jovi pumping up the fans with the new video on twitter. >> soul fans. it is show time. soul fans, it is go time. this is what you work for. this is what we expect. nothing but championships. we got one. we got two. you want one of these? come and get it. the soul are back in the arena bowl. go get them, soul. soul fans -- they're defending the title of course, mention how many times keep winning, and winning, and winning, championship game september for august 26f they win their
5:45 am
third league championship. >> good luck. is it all about the luck on the roads this morning, sue serio? >> right. we still have some construction out there, tomorrow, starting to get little busier. but so far so good out here, 422 westbound, at route 23. right lane is blocked, still, because of construction, and it does look like they're backing up little bit there. that's on the left-hand side of your screen, that westbound side thereof 422. so maybe want to leave little early. there is a look at the ben franklin bridge, we got it for you right now, and more volume, but everybody's moving along okay, as they head from new jersey, in to philadelphia. how about getting from here to there? well, if you are taking the city avenue to the blue route, that is only a eight minute trip for you at this hour. and route 55 northbound, 322 to 42, will take you nine minutes. we've got 15 seconds, until your forecast.
5:46 am
>> all right, starting offer with a look at some of your weather headlines this morning, very clear, very clear, beautiful here, as we look at the parkway this morning. it is humidity that will be on the rice today. it wasn't too bad yesterday, was it, even though close to 09 degrees. late week storms, well, that would be tomorrow. because that's the last day of the work week. and it looks like it will stay pretty hot through eclipse day. so, let's get into little detail. first we want to take one more look at gert, the hurricane now strength ends to category two, pretty far away, off the nova scotia coast this morning. so that will ease up on us, but we have a lot more to watch in the tropics, the atlantic ocean starting to fire up, some waters get warmer. so we have a chance for possibly three more storms to form. we'll keep you posted. meantime, we've reduced the risk of rip currents from high to moderate. but still, good idea to only
5:47 am
swim when lifeguards are on duty this week. we have one little rogue area of showers, south of washington, d.c., in maryland, and we have pretty good visibility, throughout the area. little bit of fog in lancaster county. and around atlantic city, it is casino every foggy, as well. but not as bad as yesterday. sixty-three in lancaster where it is foggy, 69 in atlantic city where it is foggy, and here in philadelphia, not bad at all, high of -- with current temperature of 71, the average high is 85 degrees. eighty-nine, yes, we were well above average yesterday. we stay that way through the weekends, and beyond. with 88 today, stormy, but still in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow, 89 on saturday, lingering clouds, maybe a shower in the morning. looking less and less likely, rest of the weekends looks good. eclipse day monday. we should not have too many clouds for that. stays pretty hot tuesday. and wednesday of next week. so remember you can only look that the eclipse with those glasses, i feel like we can't
5:48 am
remind you enough. >> well, good advice, sue, we do appreciate it. >> 5:48. manchester arena in glands set to reopen with memorial concert next month. >> it will be honoring all of the victims of deadly terror attack that happened in may and killed 22 people after the ariana grande concert. >> meanwhile the families will receive the money from the we love manchester emergency funds, so far relatives of the victims have been able to claim over $90,000. trustees also announcing the family members are eligible for another $232,000. the one love manchester concert raised more than $18 million for the funds. chris brown opening up about his tomorrow you will too us relationship with former girlfriends rihanna. >> part of new documentary. he does get very candid about what he says happened. twenty-eight year old now details the night he war as he is -- arrested for physically assaulting re ann, a he said the violence happened after he confessed with a fling with a woman which he worked with and previous will he denied. he was in the car, sentenced
5:49 am
to five years probation after the domestic counselling, chris brown welcome to my life will be available on i tune and google play. >> update on tom cruise and his failed movie stunt. learning the five year old actor broke his hang during that rooftop jump. this was on the set of mission impossible six. production has been halted, and it could be halted for up to three months while he recovers. the director says, still going to make the release date which is set for next july. >> don't tell me what happened. another game of thrones episode has leaked, but this time, is hbo's fault, the sixth episode of the hit show was circulating right now on the internet. now, even though it doesn't supposed to air until sunday. red it users did some digging and they learned that hbo brands dollars streaming service over in europe accidentally aired the show for an hour, before they removed it, now, this is the second time a game of thrones episode has leak this season. the last time, it was for episode four. >> talk about a big oops. time 5:49. as you're waking up, probably real tired, thinking, gee, i
5:50 am
wonder, who the richest people in the world are. let's talk about the highest paid actresses right now. >> they don't make as money as the menace usual, but we start with the list. meal a coon he is comes in fifth, $15 million, pretty busy, currently working on sequel to bad moms, the first was hysterical. also has steady gig of course as the vowing of mag on family guy. >> fourth, melissa mccarthy $18 million, of course, she continues to crank out those films including the upcoming life of the party. >> now, jennifer laurence normally tops the list. but she has dropped down to third with 24 million. that's about half of what she made last year. hasn't been at the top since 2014. >> real close, jennifer aniston, look at this, 25 million, aside from movies, she continues to rake in millions in royalties from friends. she also has endorsements from emirates airlines, smart water and after vino. >> who takes the top spot? the one who took the top spot with the oscar, emma stone collecting 26 million. thanks to the amazing
5:51 am
performance in l.a. la land. the big winner and in the finances as well, she tops everyone else on the list for women. all right, let's talk about right now, a license to kill. james bond, daniel craig, says, he is going to come back, he has renewed for the next bond movie. >> you know craig has been non-commit al about the role ever since fencer g the last money -- movie. he apparently signed on for the 25th bond film. doesn't have atilt l or even a plot. scheduled to hit theatres in 2,019. pink already big winner of the mtv video music awards. >> getting major honor at this year's show. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i love her. one of my favorite songs by her. she of course originally from doylestown. she is the recipient of the michael jackson video vanguard award, which recognizes artist who is have had an impact on pop culture through their music, videos, and fashion.
5:52 am
pink will also perform at the show, which will happen at the forum, in l.a., on august 27th. past recipients, madonna, guns n' roses, justin timberlake, all-star cast. >> good day philadelphia continues, right after this. stay with us, good morning to you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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5:55 am
>> more than one-bands are coming, the largest outdoor fest in north america, and it runs all weekend long. by the way happening today, it will be a night in white for some diner in philadelphia, dinner en blanc returns to philadelphia. it will be an evening filled with food, wine, fashion, and music. guesses of course dress in the white in head to tow. location it will be revealed shortly before the event. past locations in philadelphia, have included logan circle, avenue of the arts, and the navy yard. letts' talk about the little league, team from jackson, new jersey will be playing ball today. the home brooke little league
5:56 am
is representing the mid-atlantic legion, they'll play the little league team from fairfield, connecticut. the game start at 3:00 and the winner advances to the second rounds sunday morning. >> happening right now, on good day philadelphia, standing guards, the frank rizzo statue, after calls to take it down. >> also ahead the birds getting ready to bat it will out, pre-season game in the next hour, good day philadelphia continues in about two minute. good morning.
5:57 am
victory. it happens at the wall. and after eight hours of glorious sleep. the beautyrest black hybrid provides personalized back support. available exclusively at mattress firm.
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5:59 am
>> last night, showing support after the violence in virginia. >> many say, now is definitely the time to speak up. >> and the rizzo debate rages on. the frank rizzo statue surrounded by police this morning, after calls to take it down. >> should it stay or should it go? >> and remember this, natalie holloway. a break in the case? it has been 12 years since she went missing in aruba, what her father said as he reveals a shocking development.
6:00 am
>> and game two of the pre-season, but this one's at home. the eagles take on the bills tonight at the linc. what we should be watching for when the birds take the field. >> it is a battle of the he can's. >> that's what the daily news is calling it, yes. >> ron darby will be playing for the eagles. didn't he just get traded few days ago. are you all right? okay, let's move onto sue. >> sue? >> all right, i have got some lose inning ers in my hurst, hang on, we just got to get through this forecast, poor alex. it is a eight out of ten today in weather by the numbers, we have black cat appreciation day. there you go. meow. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, talk a little more in depth about that, because sometimes people say oh, it is bad luck. but black cat are good, just as good as any other cat. 71 degrees in philadelphia, 6:15 your sunrise time. we have nothing on radar, so let's get right to the forecast. mostly clear this morning, sunrise is not until 6:15. as we said, so mostly sunny


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