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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> and game two of the pre-season, but this one's at home. the eagles take on the bills tonight at the linc. what we should be watching for when the birds take the field. >> it is a battle of the he can's. >> that's what the daily news is calling it, yes. >> ron darby will be playing for the eagles. didn't he just get traded few days ago. are you all right? okay, let's move onto sue. >> sue? >> all right, i have got some lose inning ers in my hurst, hang on, we just got to get through this forecast, poor alex. it is a eight out of ten today in weather by the numbers, we have black cat appreciation day. there you go. meow. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, talk a little more in depth about that, because sometimes people say oh, it is bad luck. but black cat are good, just as good as any other cat. 71 degrees in philadelphia, 6:15 your sunrise time. we have nothing on radar, so let's get right to the forecast. mostly clear this morning, sunrise is not until 6:15. as we said, so mostly sunny
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eventually, high around 86, 88 s 7:54. so not bad for thursday. friday a different story. we will talk about the weekend and eclipse day in your seven day forecast which is coming up. let's take a look at traffic. we start off with the schuylkill expressway eastbound, at 6:01. not as much fog as we saw yesterday. everybody moving along okay. right around spring garden, boathouse row. looking at i59 at cottman avenue. southbound is on the right-hand side of your screen, and everybody moving into the city, so far so good. concert at the man center tonight. for the performing arts. it is lala land, will shot movie lal will land, and the orchestra will play the oscar winning, 7:30 tonight, little extra traffic around there this evening. >> let's see lala land or watch the eagles? >> or dinner en blanc, there are so many options. >> i know, the choices.
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>> oh, geez. >> you sound thrilled. you know you're judging. >> oh, i'm judging the event. i'm thrilled. but i have my, you know, i can get my tv now on my phone. >> true. >> so i can watch the game while judging. look at the front page of the paper, a lot of people out there last night. >> and people kept asking me, they were like we hear all of these helicopters going around the city, waist going on, because they were trying to get shots of the sea of people walking down broad street. >> he can actually right. sea of people filling broad street. and side streets in center city philadelphia. thousands turned out for last night's philly is charlottesville rally. that's what they were calling it. organized by a group called power. demonstrators say they're determine for the hate over the weekends. >> the community coming together, is what it is all about. i mean, we all need to stand up together. >> i'm jewish, so i'm proud to
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gather the synogogue. and walk to city hall, in solidarity, all of these good people. >> well, rally organizers tell us, their goal to stand up for equality, lgbtq issues, and mat that's under score institutional racism in the community. >> and as the debate grows over monument here in philadelphia, so does the police presence. so, jenny joyce, is in center sit, you see it here, police officers early this morning, well there is might have been last night, i think is video from last night. >> still out there right now. hey, jenny? >> good morning, guys. yes, numbers have conditioned recalled little bit since out here, you can still see, about dozen police officers, just hanging out, keeping watch, here, at the frank rizzo statue, as things remain heated, they didn't want any trouble out here last night, things were okay, but there were calls to remove the monument. >> this statue represent homophobia, pull it down.
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>> a lot of people joined in the march to rally against hate. many used this as an opportunity to continue the fight to remove the frank rizzo statue. which was egged two nights ago. people who want it removed argue that rizzo was a racist, and should not stand boldly, in the 9-foot bronze statue promptly placed on public property, right across from city hall. but also, coming out of the woodwork, people who want the monument, of the former philly player to stay put. a petition on has reached more than 16,000 signatures, in a little over a day, daily news columnist, is it stu, wrote interesting editorial on the controversy, saying, that he knew frank rizzo, he didn't always agree with the mayor's bold blunt ways, but argues riz hoe a lot of black supporters, people who appreciated his tough anti-drug, anti-gang approach. so a police captain out hearsays they will there will like lib be officers monitoring the monument until decision about its future is made. and, until things settle down
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a little bitment mike and alex. >> yes, have you seen a petition for the other side? >> yes, there are petitions for both sides. and i was towelly doing a little search. these petitions have been ongoing, as the debate has been ongoing for years. so, i even found one from last august. so, who knows when there will actually be a final decision made on whether or not to remove this statue. >> but one of those petitions, not sure he can actually whether it started, but has more than 16,000 signature. >> that's the one, yes, to keep it up. >> to keep it up. >> i was wondering what the numbers are on the petition to take down. >> i see. >> you know what i mean? >> we did do pole on our facebook page, we'll show the result, but overwhelmingly it appears. >> to keep it up. >> keep it up, yes. 6:05. >> we have breaking news out of cobbs creek. on duty police officer's cruiser hit a parked car. it happened just after midnight on the 5100 block of baltimore avenue. the officer was taken to presbyterian with minor
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injuries. >> and, the delaware county man, charged with fatally shooting a 18 year old woman during road rage end count is her set to appear in court today. >> a preliminary hearing in this case will get underway, couple of hours, well, probably four hours from now, sabina on this story. sabina? >> good morning, guys, that's right, at 9:00 this morning, that preliminary hearing is going to be held for 28 year old david desper, charged with the first degree murder, of 18 year old bianca roberson. let's go to her photo. who can forget this beautiful smiling young woman, we've spoken with her family many time, her family was even on good day, shortly after her funeral. now, prosecutors say, bianca just ready to about head over to college, this year, they say that she was shot and killed, when david desper engage in the road rage incident that happened just week before july 4th, as the two tried to merge lanes on the end of route 100 in west goshen. let's go to his photo.
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again, this is desper. authorities say he shot her once in the head, before speeding off, and dumping his red pick-up truck, seen in this next piece every video we have, surveillance video, that's parked, a massive manhunt. authorities say they had thousands of tips coming in, from across the country. media coverage of course intensified, law enforcement closing in, that's when prosecutors say desper turned himself in via his attorney, again, that preliminary hearing starting at 9:00 today here at west chester district court. he has been held without bail, of course, no bail on that first degree murder charge. bianca's family is expected to be in court as well. again, as i mention, they've been very outspoken about this case, her father telling me bianca such bright, beautiful young woman, her whole life ahead of her, all cut short. we'll be here at the hearing, and bring it to you guys, back to you. >> emotional morning when the dad came in to our studio, and talk about his daughter, bianca. >> and she was a daddy's girl.
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>> just senseless. maybe we should have started the show with this. >> are you ready? this could be a big medical breakthrough. there is a test that could detect cancer way before the symptoms begin. how about that? >> and a break in the case? it has been 12 years since natalie holloway went missing in aruba. what her father is now revealing about a shocking discovery.
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>> run with the winds at my back. >> makes you run faster. >> makes sense. >> runners come together in montgomery county for solidarity run. >> that's right. they continued out by the dozens, yesterday, to take back norristown farm park. >> it was held for 19 year old woman sexually assaulted while jogging in the park about two weeks ago. running groups from different areas like phoenixville, berwyn, and south jersey, they came out to show support for the victim. the community is also sending a message to the woman's attacker. >> let people know that, man,
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woman, anyone. we're if the going to tolerate that. >> that's great. impressive. >> and there is a $10,000 reward for information that will crack and close the case. >> okay. >> so which philadelphia sports team has the most satisfied fans? are you guys going to the game tonight? >> uh-huh. >> the eagles? well, let's see. there is a new list out, and the answer may surprise you. >> okay, so what's you're asking is what is the most satisfying sports experience at each one of these teams? >> so when go to a game, which one leaves you the most satisfied, after you lever the game and you're going home. >> wow. let me see. >> sixers, flyers, phillies, eagles, the union? >> i'm glad we put the union in there. that's interesting. okay. >> oh, they're a sport team in fill. >> i i know. >> chester. >> great venue. >> i don't know! so will you have an answer? >> i will. >> okay. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> southeast breeze, not much of one. probably perspire little bit, hopefully watch them win, even though it doesn't count. nothing on radar, so let's look ahead to the fought your cast, looks like today will be
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pretty good. maybe stray shower to the south of us. but here's game time. and it is according to future cast, looking pretty good for that. then, the rain rolls in overnight, and looks like on and off throughout the day. we will have a rounds come through in late morning, and then another round of showers and thunderstorms come through right around evening return hour. that should be be rocking and rolling, on a friday night. then it does look like things will clear out nicely for saturday, couple every things, try to come in on sunday, not going to make t looks like we're okay. little bit of fog in millville, atlantic city this morning, reduced visibility in lancaster, but nothing like the fog that was so widespread yesterday. 71 degrees, walking out the door in philadelphia, 67 atlantic sit, trenton, 66, 64 allentown, if you're in wilmington, morning, 67 degrees. nobody made it to 90 yesterday. but we got close in philadelphia with high of 89. upper 80s today. and 87 tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms around. hot over the weekend, especially saturday, up to 89 degrees. still, warm on sunday, looks
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like 88, for eclipse day on monday, and looking for mostly sunny skies, as well. while you can see the sun until the moon comes in, obscures it for a little while. that's the phenomenon we're antis patting monday. remember 101.1 more fm. forecast available there on the radio after you get in the car, because sometimes we know, you forget. >> all right, let's take a look at traffic. first, a look at i59 northbound, at girard avenue. everybody moving along just fine this morning. added volume headed into the city. a look at the ben franklin bridge from new jersey, into philadelphia, lot of room for you out there. and game time as we mentioned, 7:00 is the pre-season game with the bills. >> and weaver to figure out where dinner en blanc is. >> well, it is a secret. >> i know. >> hopefully not down by the stadium. probably not.
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>> that would be a lot. >> this is really surprising. at 6:17. have the remains of natalie holloway finally found 12 years after suspicious disappearance in aruba? her father is awaiting the dna results of bones that were found. the remains were uncovered behind a home after a tip from a friend of the main suspect, remember this guy, jordan van der sloot. the 18 year old alabama girl, natalie, disappeared while on graduation trip in 2005, that dominated the news for about two years. >> 6:17. president trump is dealing with more fall-out this morning, after his off the cuff remarks during monday press conference. >> it is spark ago heated debate from people all over the country, including, some with his own administration, karen. >> yes, people that were there to help him out. so after all of these business leaders on his advisory
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council start today jump ship, first one, then another, then another. up to eight. then they had decided to disbands, senator sent out a tweet saying he decided to ends em. >> this here is his tweet. rather than putting the manufacturing council and strategy forum, amending bolt, thank you all. pressure was mounting as more of the ceo were quitting his panels, and condemning the president's controversial comments. so, the last two on the list were 3m's, and also denise morrison of campbell soup, marking the seventh and the eighth leaders to resign from the council since monday. then they had met and decide that they were just going to disband according to sources. campbell suit right there in camden new jersey. president trump and the ceo's were not able to see eye to eye. this is a little about the of taking your bat anibal and going home at this point. is that trump wanted to have these people in place to help advise and in terms of bringing back a resuscitate g manufacturing in the united state, and increasingly what he was starting to find here
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is that these independent ceo's were truly what independent ceo's and they and trump did not share the same values. >> their companies values. so the first one to start it off person from our area the head of merck ceo ken frazier originally from north philadelphia, grew up here, he was the first to say: i cannot take these comments, and i'm going to resign the council. he was the only black member of the manufacturing council. so, he was the one that started it all off. now they're all disbanded, guys. >> and of course he's from north philadelphia. charlottesville, remembering woman killed in the protest over the weekend. the mother of heather heyer urged people to honor her daughter by making a difference. >> i think the reason, is because we know that what what she did is achievable.
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we don't all have to die. we don't all have to sacrifice our lives. they tried to kill my child, to shut her up. well, guess what? you just magnified her. >> a thousand people gathered at a memorial for heyer. many people wore purple, her favorite color. also speaking heather's father who had to fight back tears. >> i love my daughter. as i look out on you guys, you love her, too. >> the funerals for the two state troop heres died while monitoring the protests are scheduled for this friday, and saturday. >> well, an urgent search is underway after a military helicopter goes down in the waters off of hawaii. >> on board, five soldiers who remain missing, the blackhawk helicopter crashed during training mission tuesday night. crews are concentrating their search 2 miles off the island of awahu where they found part
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of the fuselage and helmet. authorities are asking anyone who finds debris along the shore to immediately contact them, the search began immediately after communications were lost. >> okay. strong pitching, and pretty good fielding actually the strength of two local teams playing today, in the little league world series. when and where you can catch them in action. this is big.
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>> eagles getting ready for second pre sees son game. most of the start letters probably play only for quarter. it will be a packed at the linc, 30,000 came out for the open practice, though, the place should be pack for the first pre-season game at home. the players can't wait to see the fans. >> specking them to be loud. honestly. so for pre-season game, never really know what to expect. but this is philly. they're hungry. they're ready for it. so i expect, i expect it to be rocking even though it is just pre-season. >> to the phillies and the padres, fourth inning, padres with a delayed double steel, check this out, and the phils saw for it, run comes in, right here, to score. the phils lose this one,
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three-zip, get swept by the padres. nationals and angel, catch the check out. michael taylor with the range and lays out for the catch. superman style. great catch by taylor. but, the nationals lose three to two, that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> did you notice that san diego padre dude?& he stole second, third, and home. in the same little series. >> wow. >> that's rare. >> that's something. >> plays. man, we stink. >> the little league world series kicks off in williamsport today. this is one of my favorite events of the year. >> and a team from jackson, new jersey going to be playing ball. the whole brooke little league is representing the mid-atlantic region. they'll play the little league team from connecticut. game start at 3:00. >> so the winner then advances to the second round, that will be on sunday. >> so basically this is, remember at one point, it was a new jersey team versus the philly team. >> yes. >> or pennsylvania, and then delaware had a team in there,
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too. mid-atlantic region. >> of course they're playing. >> but new jersey won. >> yes. >> so rooting for new jersey now. >> i should know this. where he can actually is jackson? >> six flags is in jackson. >> so would people in jackson be watching a philadelphia tv station or new york? >> well, they're in mercer county. so perhaps they k i'm not sure about that. >> well, let's just ask. >> are you watching us right now? let us know. >> yes, if you're in jackson. >> i'm going to jackson ♪ remember that song? >> yes. going to jackson. >> that was, i think, johnny cash, yes, the little duet they did. >> don't call me sue. wait a minute, you're sue. >> don't get me started. we have beautiful sunrise on the way. but things are going to be a lot different tomorrow. are you ready for some friday rain? we've got that coming up, and then increase in humidity, as well. we'll get the forecast for in you just a few minute, sabina? >> sue, the suspect in a
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deadly road rage killing of a 18 year old girl will be in court face-to-face with her family this morning. we are going to have the very latest coming up. stay with us after the break. so i want my glasses to be unique... my girlfriend loves artists.
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>> thousands hit the streets, showing support. why they say enough is enough. >> all right.
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police protection at the frank rizzo statue. why some of philly's fine rest standing guard at this city landmark. >> and game two of the pre-season at home. the eagles take on the bills tonight at the lidge. with a we should be watching for when the birds take the field, and who we should be watching for. we'll see some familiar faces come back. jordan matthews, probably at least be around. >> he'll be walking around, won't be playing, and then ron darby from the bills is playing for us now. >> good day everybody, it is august the 17th -- so it is 8.17.17. >> shah supposed to be verbal? >> you know the ears that ends in seven, the stock market normally goes down? >> why is that? >> i don't know. >> you would think lucky? >> i don't know. >> this goes all the way back to the early 19 hundreds. well, not good note, sure. >> fun fact. >> making me nervous now, all right. well, look, here is a bright
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spot of the day. literal bright spot. it is the sun. now, remember, on monday, the moon is going to take over, just for little while. but we will get to that later. let's talk about bus stop buddy, and his cat stormy. it is black cat appreciation day, often these are the last ones left in the shelter. that will bad luck thing, it is just not true. temperatures in the 60s, and 70s, so if you have a black cat, how about this? send us a picture on twitter, and let us see if you have a black cat in your family. because they're not bad luck. they're good. 71 degrees. northeasterly wind, 5 miles an hour, 75% relative humidity, that's not too bad. but i think dew point will rise throughout the day today. and for most every us, we will see increase in clouds, get into the upper 80s, sunset time is at 7:54. so that's a look at your forecast for today. the seven day forecast, which of course includes a week sends coming up. we will take a look at route 42, creek road, starting to pick up in volume.
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headed into the city on the left side of your screen, and we have a problem with patco. between philadelphia and lindenwold. there is a delay, there, on the emergency schedule, due to de-railed work equipment. don't want that to happen on a thursday morning. travel times, if you are headed on the schuylkill, westbound, from city avenue, out to the blue route, that's 12 minute trip. fifty-five northbound, from 322, to the route 42 freeway, it will take you nine minutes, right now. >> the violence in virginia results in a show of unity here in philadelphia. look at this. thousands of people making their voices heard, last night, at the philly charlottesville rally. see all of the people gathered there together. along broad street. the demonstrators say determine the stands up to hate and intolerance. >> so that active any center city, plus where some of the
6:33 am
conversation haves been happening over the past couple of days, prompted philadelphia police to increase their presence, especially, in the thomas pavilion plaza. >> because that's where the frank rizzo statue is. how many cops are out there now, jenny? >> oh, about dozen, mike and alex. there were definitely more here, last night, and even through the early morning hours, it will be interesting to see what happens here. because there have been a lot of people physically showing up, pushing for the statue to be taken down, these last couple of days. but then there have also been thousands of people, on social media, strongly suggesting it should stay put. >> this statue represent homophobia. take it down. >> this was the scene last night, thousands of people marched and rallied against hate. many use in the as an opportunity to continue the fight to remove the frank rizzo statue, which sits right across the street from city hall. it was egged two night ago, people, who wanted it removed, argue that rizzo was not nice to all races, and in today's world should not score such a
6:34 am
prominent place in center city. >> i think it should really put -- take it down, not completely, but take it down, put it where he was most known for, and that was municipal building know police department. yes, right there. and that will be everything be fine. >> frank rizzo was not -- did not like african-american people in my opinion. i was young. i remember everything he did. and and he did a lot of things for the police. so put the statue in front of the police administration building. why is he the only mayor with a statue erect today him? there were other mayors in this sit that i did other things for everybody. >> but also coming out of the woodwork, people who want the monument of the former philly fire stay put. a petition on has reached more than 16,000 signatures, in a little over a day, so mike, there is also a petition to remove the statue
6:35 am
on an organization for and that has 2700, again, that's a petition to make sure that the statue does come down, that's 2700 signed signature there. >> keep it up at this point, okay, keep voting all day lon long. >> people will keep sharing their opinions. >> >> facebook. >> facebook. >> so fox 29 on facebook. >> facebook. >> parks delaware county man charged with fatally shooting 18 year old woman during road rage end count is her set to appear in court today. >> a preliminary hearing in the case will get underway at 9:00 sack even in front of the courthouse, sabina? >> i remember we had spoke win bianca roberson's father
6:36 am
shortly after the murder of his daughter. >> he remembered her begging for the car, a new driver, timid driver. so the family has a lot of questions surrounding the circumstances of her alleged road rage death. let's go to photo of bianca that her family had given to us, again, police calling this road rage killing. they say the 18 year old was shot in the head, as she tried to merge lanes, off route 100 in west goshen. about a week before july 4th. next, let's go to a photo, of her accused killer, 28 year old david desper, of treanor, delaware county. prosecutors say. >> single car crash before they determined that bianca had, in fact, been shot. now let's go to surveillance footage taken shortly after the incident, shows red truck
6:37 am
leaving the scene. >> strange i have say police randomly killed her, vest per eventually three days later turned himself in, via attorney to authorities, he has been charged with first and third degree murder, now, back here live, again, that preliminary hearing starting around 9:00 this morning, here, at district court. again, desper charged with first degree murder, so he has been held without bail, since he was first taken into custody. and again, we know that bianca's family will be here in court, coming face-to-face for the first time we believe with her accused killer. bianca, mike and alex, would have started college in the next couple of weeks in florida. unfortunately, her life was tragically cut so short, guys, back to you. >> yes, she is going to jacksonville? >> and actually talking about setting up scholarship in her name, they know she would have been successful had she been able to go. >> 6:37. well the eagles take on the bills tonight, at the linc.
6:38 am
>> we finally get to see alsean jefferies. and ron dashis our new guy for the eagles. >> see him hit the field. see what he is about. >> yea. >> plus this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ she is lead ago fabulous life, isn't me? >> yes, she s we're just weeks away from the release of her new albumn. yes, the message that she has for america. we're going to explain, she will be in the studio in the 9:00 hour. >> you know, she performs tonight at the del. there is so much going on. >> i know. how do we choose? >> eagles, den dinner end belong, sheila e at the del. >> lala land,.
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>> i'm making a sandwich at my house. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares.
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>> g cobb standing over there, at the big radio station, with aton. hey, guys! >> so. >> how are you doing? >> what up? aton, i start with you, what are you looking for? al sean is on my radar.
6:42 am
>> yes. i think he's on everybody's radar, mike. he needs to play, at least, just to have all of these fans concerns about his health kind of rest assured, i also want to see the connection that he has with carson wentz. it would be nice to see the new addition at cornerback, as well, and ronald darby. al sean jeffrey for me where we start and end. >> when you say it would be nice to see, aren't we expect to go see ronald darby hit the field tonight? >> i spec him to look good. he knows these receivers. really, the receivers for the bills are about as bad as the receivers we had last year playing for the eagles. >> ouch. >> not a lot there. but the thing i want to see, blount, big blount, they got from the patriots, i want to see him running the football tonight, establish that running game, because they're going to need a running game if they're going to have a good season. >> by the way, give me the
6:43 am
running backs. who is one, two, three, g? >> well, ya, mike, right now you got blount. he's the number one running back, i probably would say wendell smallwood is number two, and then of course you got darren sproles, he's the guy, probably going to be the most productive, can't use him so much because he's so small, and he's the guy for third down, going to watch a lot of passes, humphrey is the young guy who i don't know how he's going to do. he has to start hanging on to the ball. can't be fumbling the football like he's been if the first game. >> don't we also want to see big things from nelson agholor, especially since now he's pretty much all we have returning? >> speaking every hanging on to the ball. >> yes. >> i think everybody wants to see him catch the football. and that's accurate, yes. but, at the same time, i don't want his refs out there at the expense of somebody else. we have to slot position that is open now, because jordan matthews isn't here. so the g's point, you can put darren sproles. uncle put humphrey, you can
6:44 am
put zach ertz out there. i don't want to force nelson agholor to be happy so he can catch a couple of passes. >> we definitely need him to step up though. somebody has to step up in >> humphreys, sproles, ertz. >> oh, earth. >> you mention -- >> you're right, ertz. >> you mention, gordan matthews, g, he won't play at all. >> won't play at all. he has this chipped bone on his sternum. so we're not going to see any of him. he'll be stand willing on the side lines, tell you what, they'll be some wonderful hug hugs. >> shaky, did you see what he tweeted out? yesterday, i believe? he says just lands it back home. philly, the lover will always be strong. >> ya. it is pre-season, love though, so it is more kind of like though you see your ex after like five, six years. it is not really like after, you know, a month or two.
6:45 am
(laughing). >> you agree, gare? >> shady, ya, shady, he'll come in, he'll have a good time. see, he will rye i the best time for the guys that are the starters. because they know they're if the going to play much. so most of the time they're just there telling jokes on the side line, looking at the fans, and having a good time. really a lot of times you have your best time as a football player during the pre pre-season when you know you're not going to play. >> now do you look up into the stands and try to find good looking women? >> mike? >> oh, how did you know that? >> you can't knock the hustle, mike. >> exactly what's going on. >> guys talk about women during the middle of the game in the biggest game they go, hey, man, did you see that girl in that front row? >> ya? >> no. >> i can't talk about this now. i got a police play coming up. >> see? ya. >> thanks, guys. >> men. >> thanks. >> you guys, thank you. have a great day.
6:46 am
>> seem like it would be easier at basketball game. the front row, they get the floor seats. >> sure. >> you have a better view that way. >> much easier. but it is easier to oggle the fans when you have a helmet on. >> but then do you have look back, look up, they'll know you're looking because it is so high. >> true. >> you can't be slick with it. >> listen, it is not easy to be a creep. >> it is 6:46. are you ready with traffic? >> but you're diligent. >> every darn day. >> we have a problem with patco this morning, i believe skyfox over this incident where a derailed work equipment happened so hard to fell but it is off the rales, and causing whole lot of problems for folks trying to take patco this morning, so between philadelphia and lindenwold, there is a delay, on the emergency schedule because of this derailed work equipment. so trains are running as locals in both directions. single tracking around ferry
6:47 am
avenue and broadway stations, northbound, girard avenue. sun glare an issue, another concert, bbvt pavilion, jimmy buffet, all of the har the heads will be there, concerts start at 8:00. look for a lot of extra volume around the bb&t pavilion tonight. returning with the forecast in 15 seconds. >> 6:47. one more like at gerth, because, it is well off shore, bit of problem with rip current. a lot of activity in the atlantic. watching for the possibility
6:48 am
of perhaps three more tropical cyclones, next couple of names on the list, are harvey, irma, jose. see any of that happens over the next couple of days. no rain to show you on radar. there is a system just to our south. maybe later on this afternoon maybe down in delaware, or maybe at the shore, we might see little shower or two not until tomorrow, in the morning, another in time for the evening rush friday. that should be an adventure, possibility of some pockets of heavy rain, maybe some thunder and lightning. but it, does look like things will clear up for saturday. and for sunday, go ahead, make the weekend plans, millville, had a lot of fog earlier atlantic city, lancaster reduced visible, nothing like the fog we saw yesterday. 71 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty-seven wilmington. fifty-four mount pocono.
6:49 am
that's where it is sweater weather this morning, so seven day forecast pretty warm. close to 90 by saturday. and sunday should be sunny, high of 87. i think you'll be okay, but it will be sticky, muggy during the eagles game tonight. now eclipse day closer monday. high temperature every 88, staying in the mid to upper 80s, throughout tuesday and wednesday of next week, still looking good for the big day monday eclipse day. >> well, from the big day to big break through, hopefully. >> researchers say they've take answer big step toward developing a test that can find cancer long before symptoms even show up. researchers at johns hopkins university say a blood test detected majority of cancer in people with four of the biggest killers of the disease. so that's breast cancer, colon cancer, lung, ovarian cancer. scientists have discovered that dying tumor cells release small pieces of dna into the bloodstream. and researchers say the test is a long way from being used to screen for cancer, but the
6:50 am
study shows that there is a way to get there. the findings were reported in the journal science translation medicine. so it is promising research? promising, it will still take a while. now, to the importance of early detection when it comes to cancer. community advocates zeroing in where women are vulnerable and lease likely to get screenings. >> so they set up mobile mammogram, screening unit, in east falls. the pop up station is right at the neighborhood supermarket. thanks to shoprite. fox chase cancer center and health advocacy groups, dozen every women took advantage of the free exam yesterday, for many women it was their very first time getting a mammogram. >> i've lost my father, my grandmother, and four aunts, to cancer, and i guess i just kind of in my mind felt like i didn't even want to know if that was the case. >> it wasn't a big deal, was it? >> it wasn't. it wasn't. >> you just heard from denise giles, she is 52 years old,
6:51 am
she now vows that she will never miss her annual mammogram from now on, and she is telling every woman she knows to go get tested. >> okay. >> i would love to know if they're back out there today or where that mobile unit will be. >> so people can know and take advantage, yes. >> we will try to figure that out, put it on our website >> so the eclipse is one, two, three, four days away. >> well, if you count today it is five. right? >> should we count today? >> yes, let's count today. >> it is the beginning. are you going to go out and into your yard and use your glasses, you know, your special glasses and watch it? >> i warrant to find somebody with a rooftop and go up on the rooftop. >> now, why, on a rooftop? you just want to be feet closer? >> yes, i want to be, feel like i'm up, high up. >> what about perch yourself on the steeple every christ church? >> that would be interesting. >> painful but interesting. anyway, we have some superstitions.
6:52 am
superstitions about an eclipse. coming up. dude, you were right, these wait...what? the gold fish, man! you said i should buy some. no! i said you should buy gold fish, the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery... with top prizes of $25,000. ooohh.... are there really...? 25,000 of them? yeah. want more changes to win? go to and enter your non-winning tickets
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6:55 am
>> ♪ >> how about that hair? that could block out sun. >> total eclipse of the heart, because of the eclipse, and by the way, it is bonnie tyler. and that song from 1983. >> so, guess what? >> what? >> she will be singing this song, during the total eclipse. >> nice! >> how well they came up with the idea, they have total eclipse crewsment and they book her to be singing right when the eclipse is happening. >> yep. and right in the path of totality, and, yes, so you'll get good view of the solar eclipse, get a good look while looking up at the sun. >> so they'll be out in the atlantic, so it will happen about 9:00. well, anyway. >> so here's what we should do. >> what? >> the good day philadelphia mighty -- good day players.
6:56 am
>> mighty ducks what? >> not everyone can go on royal caribbean for the eclipse. >> i'll dress up like the earth. one every us can be, you know, the moon. >> okay? who is going to sing? we need to have her. >> i can sing. >> can you? >> ♪ total eclipse. >> oh, here we go. >> johnny mathis, sammy davis. >> ♪ total eclipse. >> no now, when you imitate sammy davis, why do you do this? was he known? >> he gave the peace sign a lot. >> while he sang? i feel like i don't -- >> i'll finds footage. >> show me footage of sammy davis, jr. doing there is and i will leave you alone. >> total eclipse of the up. >> and he had another eye. >> i know, well, this is the good eye. >> i'm just saying, looks like one was closed the whole time. he got that work out. oh, so many issues here. i love sammy davis, jr. >> i know, awed statue of sammy davis, jr. in your house growing up. >> my childhood home.
6:57 am
>> did it look like this? >> no it, did not. >> a lot of rings, necklaces, stuff like that. >> okay. so here is the question of the morning, for you. when you would go -- >> sue is dying right now. >> so whether you go to a philadelphia sporting event. which is the most satisfying experience? there is a survey out. and i apologize already. i didn't put the survey together. but the philadelphia soul was not part of the survey. so ron judge war ski, don't yell at me. >> here is jenny. >> good morning, guys, should it stay, should it go? talking about the frank rizzo statue, a lot of police officers were here, overnight, now not so much. but the barricades remain. with a threat of vandalism. as a lot of people are calling for the removal of this monument. we will be right back.
6:58 am
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this is good day philadelphia. passion and democracy. >> we have to resist. we have to stay well. we have to fight it. >> thousands of people pack broad street, marching to show support after the violence in virginia. the powerful message they want to share as they stand with charlottesville. >> the rizzo debate rages on. the frank rizzo statue is surrounded by police this morning. after calls to take it down. >> the memorials aren't just


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