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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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♪ now give me the light ♪ now give me the light ♪ i want a little fire ♪ now give me the light ♪ i want a little fire ♪ now give me the light ♪ i want a little fire ♪ now give me the light ♪ now give me the light ♪ bun up the dance ♪ bun up the dance ♪ bun up the dance ♪ bun up the dance ♪ bun up the dance ♪ 1, 2, 3, bu-bu-bun up ♪ the dance [cheers and applause] >> cat: head on over here. okay, nigel, what did you think? >> nigel: i thought you had an interesting routine. some urban feel along with the basic samba.
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so and it was performed well. it was strong, sharp, lovely smiles on your faces but i didn't really feel a spark between you. i didn't feel the flirtatious, sassy. i said you were the couple to beat last week. you have to keep that standard every week because i can't say the same this week. it felt a bit like a damp rocket. nothing took off for me this week. i'm sorry. >> cat: vanessa. >> vanessa: i can say i've never taken a samba class and i know you have not done samba. it was very impressive that you did what you did. that's not easy. i think you faked it until you made it. i could tell you didn't get all of your connections but you played it out. i wouldn't mind seeing a little more fire in you. i want to see you get a little
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angry and i want to see flames in your eyes. i know you have that passion because you're such an amazing performer, but i want to see you leave it out there a little mor more. >> cat: flames in the eyes. >> mary: it's not easy being at the top, taylor. not easy at all. but i will tell you one thing. in the ballroom world, we consider samba the most technically challenging dance we have. people around the world know that to be the truth. was it up to a high technical standard, no. it wasn't really. you had some bright moments where you had a fabulous stationary samba role that's incredibly difficult. it looked easy to everybody else i'm sure but i'm telling you i know how difficult that was. i'm sure it's not very easy dancing in those ballroom shoes. and to keep your weight to the
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inside edges but you did a brilliant job as far as doing that. can you do more in the future? you bet. the transference of weight in the dance is incredibly tough. i thought you performed great. i agreed with nigel, could you have had more chemistry, yes. i think a little bit more. for the first time out of the gate, well done. >> cat: if you stay another week, can you find more chemistry? >> absolutely. >> 100%. i feel it. >> cat: the where, america. it's in your hands. vote online at or use the fox now app. please put your hands together for robert and taylor.
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those issues have been killing her all day. now, who's ready for another solo? anybody, anybody? ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for dassy. >> ♪ work ♪ work ♪ work, work, work ♪ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ♪ i saw it flashing ♪ at the hill, y'all ♪ i saw it flashing ♪ at the hill, y'all ♪ work, work, work ♪ i saw it flashing ♪ at the hill, y'all [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> cat: welcome back to "so you think you can dance." your results are coming up. we'll find out how you voted very soon. now it's time for another solo. it's lex. >> ♪ fire when the strobe ♪ hits you
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♪ think that's it, brian? ♪ yes ♪ bet you're looking for ♪ something new ♪ staring off across the room ♪ bet i'm a trendsetter too [cheers and applause] >> cat: i don't know how he does it. he is incredible. lex, everybody. let's hear it for lex. next, two ballroom dancers are about to show us what they can do. contemporary choreography. let's see what happened in rehearsals with jenna and kiki. >> performance is a new life for me. >> i was so proud of you.
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i am so excited to be doing contemporary this week. contemporary comes from a more emotional place. >> i want this week to be something very powerful. i would like to show a different side of myself. >> i am excited to see what you can do. >> this piece is about the moment you see someone and that becomes intoxicating. >> like a really great glass of wine. something you just have to have. >> i think i can tap into the romantic side of it. a little wine tasting. >> she is not a bottle of wine. >> i am going to take a sip. >> i am shocked, blown away. >> heels together. >> not the most flexible person. but he's not letting that hold him back. >> mandy wants us to go above
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and beyond every single time we do it. >> bats about 60%. 54%. solid 42. 50.5. >> i think it's going to take work. >> like a 98. >> i know we can reach 100%. >> it would be great if we did that on some of the other moves. ♪ >> ♪ the first time ♪ ever i saw your face ♪ i felt the earth ♪ move in my hands
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♪ like the trembling heart ♪ of a captive bird ♪ the first time ever ♪ i saw your face ♪ your face [cheers and applause]
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>> cat: i love your reaction more than anything. may i present to you your glasses. you're welcome. is that better? can you see everybody in the front row and their smiling faces? hello, hello. vanessa. >> vanessa: it's amazing. i have the good goals. i'm like a little girl. mandy moore, you are a genius. >> cat: 98%. >> vanessa: kiki and jenna, your chemistry is absolutely insane.
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it's so radiant and it's like a tangible thing. i can touch it. it's so beautiful, so incredible. what you did was so special, i didn't expect to get emotional but i did. everything, it was so beautiful. i loved it. >> cat: mary. >> mary: vanessa, i have to agree with everything you said. holy smokes. kiki, you found yourself and lost yourself all in the same piece. it was really something to watc watch. we were masculine. you are tender. you were loving. i knew that you would be a phenomenal partner without a doubt. but i did not know you had that in you. i always tell reporters all the time that the best part of the show for me is watching people have a magical moment. and that was absolutely one of those times, and you don't have them very often in your career. that was amazing.
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that was the best. i just want to finish. that was the best ballroom dancer doing contemporary, that i've ever seen on this show. >> cat: that is a statement. >> nigel: jenna, i get into trouble sometimes online. you were fabulous. thank you so much. it's your energy that kiki has to feed off. kiki, i am still in shock from last week and your hip-hop. mandy has lifted your contemporary to a different height. a couple weeks ago, you were rubbish at both of those and you have incredibly grown, and that's what this show does. puts you with incredible dancers, incredible choreographers, and look what
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happens to you. you were a starch night, a star -- you were a star tonight. >> i kind of blacked out in a couple moments. >> nigel: got to ask, did you really kiss her at the end of that routine? i think you did. oh. choreography, wasn't it? we best leave it, i think. >> cat: we are going to give people the number to text. go to for all the information.
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there's a limit of 20 votes per method. they are so darling. let's hear it for jenna and kiki. and now, can the rest of the contestants please join us? really good. okay, it's time. time for some results. after last week's vote, the bottom three in danger tonight are... dassy. step forward, please. sydney. period and mark. okay, there you have it, one of
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>> cat: welcome back to the show. before the break, we revealed the bottom three dancers. dassy, sydney, mark. nigel. >> nigel: mark, step forward. when it was announced you were in the bottom three, did you hear the girls in the audience go "no." you better come down and join them. [cheering] >> cat: you are not going home this week. well done. >> nigel: so that leaves dassy
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and sydney. this is never an easy situation, especially with the top ten because we don't really get to know you enough before we have to vote. however, that's the situation we're in this evening, and there is one thing, cat, that makes it slightly easier tonight and that was you announcing that there is a tour this year. so we know although we are losing one of these young ladies this evening, we are going to see them on that tour. okay. [applause] sydney, step forward. sydney, you really showed us last week something very special, which is why the two ladies voted for you last week and you were kept in the show. unfortunately tonight, we are going to say good night to you. and see you on the tour.
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dassy, congratulations, you are staying with us. >> cat: while done, dassy. congratulations. sydney, you have done an amazing job in the time you've been her here. let's take a look at some of those amazing moments. >> dance is my escape, and it's something i rely on daily to keep me going. >> you are like the she devil up there. so much fun to watch. >> you are like a kitten sometimes and i want you to be a lion because i know you can be. >> cat: here is sydney. they went sydney, you are slightly under my radar. i didn't remember you. after tonight's performance, i will never forget you, darling.
10:26 pm
>> there was a freedom about the way he moved that was just gorgeous. >> "so you think you can dance" pushed me beyond my limits. i've grown so much as a dancer but also as a person. i feel like i can do anything now. >> cat: ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together one more time for sydney. remember, you've got to vote. for this week only, voting will be open for two full days. here is a recap of tonight's performances. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> cat: this woman is amazing, right? so amazing. one more time for sydney. thanks for watching. we will see you next week.
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♪ >> right now breaking news. >> i concluded that the security threats we face in afghanistan and the broader region are immense. >> nearly 16 years of war now an up flux of troops headed overseas. ♪ a whole lot of build up and now the total eclipse is but a memory. are you ready for the next one? >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ >> we begin tonight with breaking news. president trump talking just a short time ago the commander in chief says the u.s. must continue fighting in afghanist afghanistan. >> he believes if america got out everyone knows what would
10:30 pm
happen. thank you very much for joining us tonight. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. president trump admitting that his original instinct was to withdrawal. >> but he said the security threats are just too great. >> our troops will fight to win. we will fight to win. if now on, victory will have a clear definition. attacking our enemies, obliterating isis, crushing al-qaida. preventing the taliban from ta taking over afghanistan, and stopping mass terror attacks against america before they emerge. >> president trump did not offer specifics about what the afghanistan policy would entail. u.s. officials say ahead of of the speech approximately 4,000 new troops would be headed to afghanistan. >> so let's take a look at troop levels in afghanistan sips the us first sent troops there in 2001. now in november of that year, 1300 troops arrived in
10:31 pm
afghanistan. president bush sent them after the september11th terror attacks to zero in on those behind the violence. in 2009, as fighting became more intense the level rose to 50,000 troops. in 2011 which special ops teams killed osama bin laden 100,000 troops were in afghanistan during the obama administration n2016 president obama announced 8400 took place would stay the there. right now in camden county, an infuriating crime at a chinese restaurant a woman gets away with cash but it's not a weapon that's got people talking, it's her accomplice. police say she used a child to help her steel. >> yeah a whole lot of folks are very upset. that this could be a mom teaching her little boy how to commit a crime. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson live at camden county police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: this is a wild one. it is unclear right now how this woman and child might be related but what is clear is that this
10:32 pm
child is too young to probably know exactly what he's doing. tonight police say they are following leads that can help them identify this woman. but if you know anything that could help them they would still like to hear from you. >> this is the woman caught on camera doing a disgusting thing. before we show you, get a good look at her while i set up what's happening. the owners of the store say she ordered two shrimp bowls here at new hong kong restaurant then left while her order was being prepared. meanwhile, he went to another room if the back of the store with her family. >> my mom thinks something is suspicious. so, yeah, there's like a probl problem. so she check the camera. >> 11-year-old jenny says her mother noticed a bag of money they kept behind the enclosed counter missing and the woman hadn't come back to pick up her order. watch surveillance video show the woman come back in the store with a child and while no one is behind the counter, police say she tells the little boy to control through the opening of the glass window and get the money. notice his arm sticking out as he goes in.
10:33 pm
>> she sat the baby like on the counter and then the baby crawled through the son crawled through. hopped down and got the money. went outside to check what's in the bag. and then after she checked all the money she -- the family just left. >> police have concealed the child' face he's so young he likely doesn't understand what he's doing. >> little boy and he was about five or six years old? >> yeah. >> the family says nothing like this ever happened. they've never been robbed in the six years they've been here on cheh street in camden. it makes them uneasy. >> we're upset and we're also like scared that if this happened again it's going to be very dangerous for us. >> reporter: very sad that they have to feel like this they're just running a business trying to make money. also very sad for that little boy involved. the video also reportedly shows that there were at least three other children waiting outside with that woman. lucy? >> so she left three children alone as well.
10:34 pm
all right, shawnette wilson. thank you much. a day people have been waiting for some for years has come and has gone. the solar eclipse now but a memory. here in philadelphia, on the left we saw a partial solar eclipse. still quite a sight. in the middle washington, d.c. you can see the shadow on the white house itself as the moon moved in front of the sun. in oregon totality parts of the state plunged into darkness and check this out. this is time lapse showing the eclipse's progression across the sky of atlanta. the moon blocked out the majority of sun there. from our fox 29 studios in old city we actually got a really cool show as well. >> we d unfortunately some of us saw blood conclude color. when we didn't it was cool sight to be seen. we put a special filter on our camera got amazing shoes of the moon moving across the sun. fox 29 employees took the chance to go out and take a look. president trump and the first family also taking some time to look skyward the president and first lady donned their glass to check out the sun.
10:35 pm
cameras caught this moment the president looking up with his bear eye something doctors said was not good. shouldn't do. >> yeah. >> not good at all. let's go ahead and take a look at some more live video not sure what we'll look at though but a lot of folks i know down the shore today we're having all kinds of fun. on the left the live shots. on the right all of the fun that was going on there. our joyce evans was in the middle of it all. >> i'm excited. i'm ready to see it. >> reporter: glenn yannis of limerick, pa had lots of company on the peach in ocean city. >> this is so cool. >> reporter: right? >> this is unbelievable. >> very neat. >> reporter: not everybody had the iso certified solar glasses. so we let them borrow our solar shield for a peek. >> oh, my god. that's insane. >> look up, look up. >> wow. >> reporter: young ones, many expected better special effects. >> that's not what i expected. >> reporter: after all the
10:36 pm
weeks of warnings, we saw even more people viewing the eclipse just plain wrong. >> are you taking a picture of the sun? >> yes. i am. >> reporter: where are your protective glasses? >> they're in the mail. >> reporter: really hugh duffy. >> i won't do it. >> don't do it. you don't have glasses but you just couldn't help it. >> i couldn't help myself new york city. >> reporter: before he ruins his eyes and his phone camera, we shared the shield. >> oh, wow. look at that. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: we saw one contraption that had a pair of welding glasses taped to two pairs of those very dark glasses you get at the eye doctor. he wasn't proud enough to show those to us or let a take a picture of them. what now? what do you do with these? throw them in a drawer somewhere. maybe you'll find them in seven years fort next solar eclipse. in ocean city, joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> and that one will be total in pennsylvania by the way. all right. no doubt a number of folks humming total eclipse of the heart -- of the sun, total
10:37 pm
eclipse of the sun. '80s bonnie tyler hit but a few thousand people got to actually hear her sink that song during the actual eclipse. >> ♪ >> fox 29 viewer brandon mcnulty sent us this video from royal caribbean owe say i didn't say of the seas cruise ship. tyler edited down the song to two minutes and 40 seconds the exact length of this year's eclipse at that point in the nation. billboard magazine says last week the song saw 500 thee% spike in digital download sales g for bonnie rate cashin cashinn right there. the international space station. look towards the top of the screen. you can see a darkened spot, all right. thats is the eclipse right there. by the way business an lifts say today's eclipse cost american companies $694 million in lot of
10:38 pm
productivity which happens to be the powerball jackpot. from workers going outside to check it out. >> breaking news out of brewery town right now a man shot in the mouth. skyfox was over the scene on the 1200 block of north 30th treatment the police say the 24-year-old man was hit just before 9:30. the victim was taken to hahnemann hospital in critical condition. so far there have been no arrests. dwelling right now controversy continues over the statue of former philadelphia mayor frank rizzo. protesters took to the streets once again at the sight in center city. they wanted to come down. but people who want it to stay put had a rally their own planned today. instead they'll have meeting with mayor jim kenney. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the statue tonight in center city. dave? >> reporter: well, iain, some city leaders took a step forward in calling for public conversation about what to do with this statue. but the protests today was perhaps another reminder that the city to some may not be acting fast enough.
10:39 pm
>> protesters who want the frank rizzo statue gone for the municipal services building in center tee rallied in front of it again with a thick blue line of police officers and barricades between them. their rally came just key city council member teamed up with civil rights groups to demanding a dialogue to figure out the future of the statue. >> i think the recall daal was necessary. >> reporter: executive director of immigrant rights organization joined forces with council woman at large helen gym calling for a public discussion designed to move the statue somewhere else. >> we should not be idolizing people who destroyed thousands of people's lives, and i think that rizzo's history really speaks for himself. >> reporter: the anti statue demonstrators say rizzo was a race lift who's policies were harmful to african-american. his former secretary tells fox 29 rizzo defended blacks.
10:40 pm
a group of italian philly residents were to rally outside the statue today but canceled in favor of a meeting with mayor kenny. >> i don't know what at this point what the right thing is to do for everybody. it won't be the rye thing for everybody in the end. but i cannot put police resources on a statue, you know, when i have crime in service about. >> added police and barricades around the rizzo statue now perhaps until cooler heads prevail. >> police build up is gone at this late hour. now, meantime that group of italian residents that wants the statue to stay, they say they'll issue a release to the media tomorrow regarding their coming meeting with the mayor. >> what's wrong with this picture? take look at that flagpole. that's not right. that's up cytoside down american flag. so what's going on? dave? >> reporter: bill cosby has a new defense team but what kind of impact will are that have on his case. i'll have a live report from
10:41 pm
norristown coming u lucy. >> thank you, dave. fox 29 news at 10:00 just getting started.
10:42 pm
♪ bill cosby will be back in court tomorrow you don't won't see a familiar face by his side he'll have new counsel. three new lawyers one of michael jack upon's attorney. let's goat tout dave schratwieser live outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain, some already calling this the dream team of lawyers with tom messerau, michael jackson's former attorney leading the pack here. they make their debut in court
10:43 pm
here tomorrow morning much the question is, what kind of impact will they have on this case? when bill cosby returns to the montgomery county courthouse for retrial on sexual assault charges, he'll do it with a new legal team. spearheaded by celebrity attorney tom messerau. michael jackson's former lawyer. >> why does he need this big of a team, this quote unquote dream team to defend himself against something he claims was consensual and misunderstanding? >> messerau will join kathleen bliss from nevada and sam silver from philadelphia. they replace noted trial attorney brian mcmonagle and angela aguso. both bowed out after the jury failed to reach a verdict back in june. >> brian spa spectacular lawyer. i'm sure they're getting great lawyers but none of them are no better than brian. >> fred tecce says this case will once again present some challenge for da kevin steele. >> i think he lived up to his promise. i think this is a tough case for
10:44 pm
the commonwealth, and i would -- i would have come to a different conclusion if i was in his spot. >> tecce believes the testimony of alleged victim andrea constand will again prove crucial. >> we have a woman whose testimony dates have changed, to be consistent with the phone records and so that's a tough, tough thing to get by for the prosecution. >> reporter: second trial is tentatively set to start november 6th. the new defense team will have to deal with a jury brought in from outside montgomery county. >> you need somebody who understands that. understands these people and understand how they process and filter information which is what juries do. >> reporter: tecce believes this new defense team may ask for delay in the start of the trial perhaps a month possibly two months. by the way, the cost of the last trial to taxpayers, $220,000. back to you. >> all right. thank you, dave. sending a political message or just plain vandalism? the chester county school district says someone is using a school
10:45 pm
flagpole to send a distress signal the fly was flying upside down. >> nuts got the attention of police. fox 29's chris o'connell has the story from coatesville. >> reporter: for at least most of today, no one here at scott middle school in coatesville even knew that their own american flag was flying upside down it wasn't until a local veteran noticed it and brought it to our attention that it was finally taken down. now police are involved. >> it offended me very deeply. >> reporter: army veteran james jackson says he was stunned when he saw the american flag flying upside down outside of scott middle school in coatesville. his former school. >> it hurt me as a veteran seeing the flag upside down. um, knowing that it means state of distress. >> reporter: jackson took these pictures and sent them to fox 29. just minutes after we started making phone calls custodian is seen lowering the upside down flag. the school district tells us
10:46 pm
someone broke in to the flag's lock box over the weekend. but no one even noticed until we brought it to their attention. >> we're under the assumption that someone, um, broke the box this weekend, lowered the flag and then hung it upside down and raised it back up. >> reporter: school administrators are now looking at two surveillance cameras that may have captured whoever did this. according to the us flag code, the american flag should only be flown upside down in times of extreme danger to life or property. it's also used as a sign of protest. but whoever did this for whatever reason jackson who served for this flag says it's a sad sign of the times. >> so people just doing whatever they want and, um, they don't find nothing sacred any more. >> chris o'connell reporting live there. skyfox over netter provence township, police are investigate a murder suicide. a shooting on the 900 block of south prof depths road at about
10:47 pm
1:15 this afternoon had police responding and finding one person dead. second person later died at the hospital. police have not not released any names. it was called hell on earth and it was right here in philadelphia. now it's clean and there's another problem. ♪
10:48 pm
countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by
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and for nurses. let's get it, nurses. ♪ the cleanup from october of 2012 super storm sandy is still not over and after all these
10:50 pm
years new jersey finally getting a chunk of money to help with it. feds are giving the state almost five and a half million dollars. the fema grant will reimburse the state for the removal of silt and silt that clogged upstate maintained waterways. >> a lot of progress being made in kensington the fair hill sections. it's now been three weeks since the city began that massive cleanup operation along the conrail track bed. >> while residents say they've seen a huge difference, they're still looking at big obstacles that go hand in hand with the her row with epp dem nick. >> yards from the heroin gulch a young woman appears to be struggling. asked if she's okay she said she's just tired. wilson vargas a father of two says these scenes are common but there's improve many. >> it's much better. you have people running around they don't have nowhere to go. eye it's getting better. i see improve many hopefully it
10:51 pm
will get better throughout the years now. >> reporter: it's been three weeks since the city and conrail descend flood hell on earth to clear the gulch. the change is dramatic. gone is the under brush, tires and trash. the gulch is largely cleared a fence rings some of the proper property. row kell santiago sits at the corner of water and gurney in pure amazement. >> it's awesome. i really am starting to like it now, because it's not too much overdoses no more. you don't see females getting pregnant no more. it's actually getting better. >> reporter: city claims it has cleared 250 tons of trash and offered medical and social services to scores of the vulnerable. but all is not well. >> punched me in the face, um, on the street at night tight time. >> reporter: she says her ugly black eye came from an assault thursday. law breaking has moved. that's all. >> there was criminal activity that went on down there. but just as there is up here. so i mean, you just pushed it up
10:52 pm
here is all did you. >> reporter: some residents agree the addicted have moved aunt and overpass along emerald street is make shift camp emer emerged. raul perez looking out at the gulch sees hope. >> what do you make of all of this? >> i think it's a good change for the community, because it's going to cut down on crime back there. there was a lot of murders and stick ups in there. >> in late afternoon update the city removed a thousand tons of trash from the gulch with steve tons of tires. this while the battle against her row wip rages on. in kensington, jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> fatal problem. bald eagles our national bird are getting sick and they're dying much it's happening right here in our area. >> and maybe you're excited about the eclipse but were you this excited? philadelphia police like you've never seen them before. ♪
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10:56 pm
new concern for wildlife after growing amount of bird deaths in recent weeks right now officials are becaming led poisoning. they say bald eagles are dying in pennsylvania. >> five of them that we know in just the past two weeks. fox 29's brad sat tip explains. >> reporter: hard to look at a bald eagle suffering from lead poisoning. across the country birds are being brought in to wildlife rehab centers with high lead symptoms and many will die. we know of at least five cases in pennsylvania in just the past two weeks. and those who are just bunk among the birds caught and taken in. here's one of them. this eagle didn't make it. >> is this a surprise? >> no, this has been problem for many years. >> reporter: lisa smith the executive director of tri-state bird rescue and research in newark, delaware. they've seen ten birds this year with lead poisoning, half of them bald eagles only two could be nursed back to health recent he'sed. rehabilitators say these deaths are preventible. >> hunter that is use lead ammunition may not be able to
10:57 pm
retrieve what they have shot, um, or they mayfield dress the animal and leave the gut pile in the wild. maybe thinking that they're helping to feed the wildlife but all of that contains fragments of lead ammunition when eagles or other birds of prey feed on the carcass that's right ingestiningesting the lead and w levels can cause collisions in flight. in eagles seem to be one of the most sensitive but we have seen it in other birds like red tailed hawks and vultures. we also see it in water powell. >> reporter: ingesting it from fish that may have been in contact with lead fishing guy like a sinker. tri-state treats 75 birds of the year. it's those rue recovery stories that keeps lisa going. >> when we can sort of right that wrong and get the bird back out into the wild it's almost a great day. >> with hunning season around the corner those rehab centers are pleading with hunters to use non-led ammunition. but if your bullets are lead,
10:58 pm
don't leave a carcass in view where a bird could get to it. in the studio, brad sattin fox 29 news. you may be soaking in the after glow of witnessing history today. the great solar eclipse 2017 has come and gone. people are talking about it and sharing their picks on social media as they retire those hard to come by glasses. >> many got to watch it across the country. including right here in philadelphia. bruce gordon caught up with those who took part in a once in lifetime experience. >> reporter: eclipse fans arrived at the independence sea part port museum just afternoon to stake out their spot. >> it's amazing. i had no idea it would bring this level of enthusiasm and this many people to the buildi building. it's just great. >> reporter: early birds packed picnic lunche lunches ank advantage of on site bar as they awaited mother nature's show. >> glasses and beer and wine. >> don't need more than that. >> right, right.
10:59 pm
>> just after 1:20 p.m. the moon made its move. clipping the right most edge of the glowing osh that is our sun. >> pretty cool? >> it's amazing. >> reporter: wearing special glasses designed to block eclipse as a partial orange ball in front of a jet black background the loud oohed and ahhed. >> with the glasses you can see the sun perfectly round. the perfectly round yellow sun. no light shining around it and you can see the curve of the moon slowly coming across. >> where is the moon coming in from? >> that way. coming from here to there. >> reporter: the kids were kept busy learning how to build homemade eclipse viewers. and during intermittent cloudiness they played games. but when the brightness returned, so, too, did the excitement. >> one understands why, you kn know, ancient societies used to get really spooked by this. >> reporter: are you getting spooked? >> not in the least, no. no. >> reporter: moments after the
11:00 pm
height of the eclipse around 2:50 p.m., clouds rolled in for good and things ended early. but the crowd went home happy with its once in a lifetime experience. >> hey, it's part of the story of life. it's changing. it's nature, it's light, it's dark. i won't say good -- >> it was a heck of a show. >> heck of a show, yes. >> reporter: after those warnings about the possibility of serious eye damage from watching the eclipse with the naked eye, today's cloud cover at least around here made it possible to do exactly that. but check out the crescent sun with your naked peepers, without harm. on pennsylvania lanning i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> as you can imagine a cross the country politicians and celebrities also watch the historic eclipse sample of the social media posts right here. let's take look. lady gaga showed off her eclipse vibes first lady melania trump tweeted exciting to watch the total eclipse with potus and former president


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