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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> the frank rizzo statue has a neighbor now, so, see it, it is a pick! what do you think? what's the message being portrayed here? and then, listen to this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> helping out hurricane victims, all of hollywood came out, how the stairs came out to raise money for people impacted by hurricane harvey and hurricane irma.
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>> ayala, phils, wait a second. not so fast. every back in the dugout. pick up the bubble gum and tobacco. do they do tobacco any more? anyway there is was premature celebration. the marathons, the phillies win in a walk-out -- walk off, not that play, no, this celebration ended up being meaningless. did you stay to up watch the whole thing? early this morning. when it ended. >> that's awkward, the game not over? >> no it, didn't. celebration interruptus. good morning, it is wednesday, september the 13th, 2017. >> and it is going to be a special wednesday, because sue, she is out at the mayfair diner this morning, for this week's hope on wheels event. >> good morning, yes, they let me out of the building today, and i'm so excited because we're at the place everybody knows, in northeast philadelphia, mayfair diner there you see the iconic sign
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see couple of minute after 6:00. we're getting ready for sunrise here, partnering with hyundai, for hope on wheels. >> the eights get to your forecast starting with the number of the day. seven out every ten, gorgeous weather pattern that we've had for days and days, about to change that's to what's left of irma. bus stop buddy with the just in case umbrella today. might see shower or two in the morning, afternoon, but be widely scattered, temperatures in the 60s wacking outside the door. light jacket not bad idea. here is a look at the radar, certain of what used to be in irma, the tennessee valley but because so huge, getting some rain in our area from that right now high temperature
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today, of 77 degrees. so, limited sunshine, today, but we're unlimited with the welcoming of you, here at the mayfair diner in northeast philadelphia, bob kelly, very excited to meet lots and lots of folks, because you know, as well as i do, this is such a popular breakfast spot there is morning. >> you know it, and great northeast, spent many of late night early mornings up there at the old mayfair diner, morning, to king of prussia. live look at 202, just off of the schuylkill expressway, justice able tractor-trailer got cleared out of there, otherwise downtown starting to see delays coming out of the city on the schuylkill. north on 95, right near the betsy ross bridge watch for disable off to the shoulder here again on the northbound side head up into mayfair, in from new jersey no problems at all up and over the ben any toward philadelphia. kind of quiet at the moment. for the gang over here 42 freeway again just starting to see delays headed into the
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walt whitman bridge. all of the bridges look fine, mass transit looking good. >> all right, let's get people stirred up. it is wednesday, not much going on. >> already stirred up. >> oh, they are. >> as the city continues to debate what we should do with the frank rizzo statue, down by city hall, a cultural arts program, is sparking controversy, with its latest installation of a sculpture. if you're looking at the frank rizzo statue just off to the right. >> facing it, look a little bit past it, off to the right, you'll see something. and you also see lauren johnson. >> she is a work of art herself. >> masterpiece. >> aren't you sweet? mike, oh, al innings, thank you guys. so listen, the artist will be in philadelphia this weekend to talk more about it, his creation is there off in the distance as you said. 800 pounds, afro pick, 19 70s black power movement, sculpture part of city-wide arts and history project, with
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temporary art installations in ten locations created by 20 different artists there is titled all power for all the people right here on the thomas payne plaza steps away from the famous frank rizzo statue, that has stirred up controversy, in recent weeks. now our cameras, caught someone defacing the bronze monument in the cover of dark. now, the city discussing and debating on whether or not to keep or remove the controversial statue. and that discussion is the actual focus of the monument lab, through art, they hope to answer the question, what is appropriate monument for the city of philadelphia? and each artist hopes to answer that question, this pick, created by frank willis thomas, is a new york based artist with philadelphia ties, his effort to tackle topics like community, strength and racial oppression. jane goal end the executive director of the mural arts program says the range depth and breaths of their ideas will have major impact on the city, at a time when it is more important than to ever have conversations about how we want to be represented in
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public space. so, certainly, everyone has an opinion about the program. this installment specifically and the artist and several others will be here this weekend, at city hall, 1:00 saturday so people can come to voice their opinions loud and clear. >> well, can you be loud and clear on social media? >> you certainly can. people voicing their opinions. yesterday i ended up posting this on my instagram, facebook, twitter, here are some of the responses, why not a black panther? this is the most racist thing i've ever seen. all power to all the people maker is owe sense. i think a statue of wilson goode, the first black mayor in philadelphia means equality, not a pick. how many white people use picks? things like this is why racism still exists in america. >> so, yes, certainly lots of opinions another one, from miracle round, this on twitter. i love. >> this she put heart next to t so we will be getting ooh
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retire rations all morning. >> if you want to see more details, alex holley on tv or facebook. you might get your comment put on tv because certainly, i mean, artist as n if you look on the artist twitter page, he says it is the goal to start a conversation. >> people are talking. >> that's what art is. but didn't he say that he had many choices, put up the clothespin, could put it up at belmont plateau, but i think the arts program decided to put it down thereby frank rizzo. >> create some conversation. >> because the monopoly pieces, maybe they didn't want to put it next to the monopoly piece. >> what's the point there? >> what's the point putting next to frank riz snow. >> because he was a controversial figure. >> well, yes, but you mean to tell me the city decided to put -- you really think that's why they did it? >> to create conversation. >> all right. >> and we're talking about it let's call jane and ask her, she watches the show.
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hi, jane. >> is that a response, how people feel about frank rizzo? >> i would imagine that's why it was put right next to frank rizzo. >> elizabeth welling ton of wrote article saying if this is supposed to be the response, she does not a grow with it at all. >> i mean, all power to the people was a slogan from the black panthers. frank rizzo, you know how he dealt with, that stripped them naked put them up against the wall. >> the towering statue the pick 8 feet tall, off to the back, off to the side. >> conversation starter. let us know what you think. >> okay. >> i can't think this hard at 6:08. >> well, we are going to, we will be talking about it all morning, probably being talked about all day, next couple of days. 08:00. funeral will be held today for the man shot to death in front every his two year old daughter in spring garden, 38 year old girard was shot thursday during robbery near his home. police say he was gunned down by 16 year old marvin roberts. >> his 21 year old brother has also been charged. he's being head in ne new jersey
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and his service will be held this thursday at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> local mother picking up her son from school now facing some serious charges, what she dropped on school grounds, that landed her in jail. oh, no. >> but first, when you propose to someone, it is supposed to be a magical moment, right? not for this guy. the shocking ends to this marriage proposal. yikes! >> she falls offer the bridge. he falls offer the bridge. well ...
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>> parents in delaware county are in disbelief after woman dropped drugs near kindergarten playground. >> it happened while she was picking up her son from school. oops. >> upper darby police say, that 29 year old delinda williams there she is from philadelphia dropped dozen every packets every phentinol in a parking lot. she was there, picking up her five year old son from saint bernadette every lords school. police tell us it can be 50 to 100 times stronger, than heroin. >> scar toy think that someone would be in a school zone with all of that stuff, or just wacking around on the streets in general. >> it would be catostrophic event if a child had even opened it, and a group of children had sniffed the stuff or it had it got into the air, so, i mean, it is a very, very dangerous situation. >> williams facing drug charges along with recklessly endangering the welfare of children. she with a zero was released
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on $25,000 bail. you can only imagine what the parent must feel to have phentinol near their kids. >> all right, so, let's talk about the phillies. did you stay up for the whole thing? oh, okay. i didn't either. it is a wild walk off win for the phillies. but wasn't on this play. bottom of the ninth. no it, wasn't over. the celebration in the bottom of the ninth was for naught. they went into extra innings. we'll explain. >> and please, join us here at fourth and market, this friday, our fox 29 salutes the military show is going to be happening, shutting down the block, friday, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. here in old city. if you come, please bring picture of your loved one who served. we want to make sure we honor them.
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>> i'm going to blow your minds a little bit this is why we love the mayfair diner, watching us, on tv. so, on tv, and showing the tv, where they're watching us on tv, and it is just kind of tv to infinity. i'm getting a headache from that, but here for hope on wheels with hyundai, going to be raising money for the
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children's hospital of philadelphia. so really all we need is you, and we hope you'll stop by, and maybe be able to help us out a little bit. as we look at this, the combination of sunrise this morning, let's check some of the temperatures, throughout the region, i think a jacket is a good idea this morning, but nothing more than that. most of our temperatures to the north and west in the 50's, 56 degrees in philadelphia, looking at radar, you see some rain down at the baltimore washington area this morning, some that far could sneak up into our area, so looking at the feature cast, i would say it is a good idea to just grab the umbrella, maybe the raincoat with a hood. just so tough with you in case you encounter one o one of those showers, sometime during the day today. >> would look at the planner for today, in the city high temperature every 77 degrees, we will see some limited sunshine, but few are possible, same for down the shore, and you're definately going to feel the humidity
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increasing, 76 degrees, at shore points, lehigh valley, 73, mostly cloudy skies with just few showers here and there. >> throughout the day today, of core bringing the seven day forecast, hopefully meeting you here at the mayfair diner, frandford avenue, and you know what we call it, bob kelly, the great northeast! >> you got to say it, the great northeast! good morning, 6:17. stop by, say hi to sue. frankford avenue just off of cottman avenue. accident on the schuylkill expressway, it is westbound, approaching king of prussia, and the delay begins back here, near the conshohocken interchange headed into 476. two vehicles involved here, one is an s.u.v., which is actually on it sides, you can see that, right there, you see the tires facing you, here the other vehicle, struck off to the shoulder here, bottom line, only one lane west on
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the schuylkill approaching king of prussia. so, that's going to take you little extra time getting out to kop. good morning to south jersey. the head lights coming in towards the city on the freeway, working your way up toward the walt whitman bridge, delays, from pretty much the black horse pike, on in toward philadelphia. and then north on 95, had the disable right near the betsy ross bridge interchange. but if you are coming southbound, out of the northeast, into downtown philly, even the school buses are rolling here. starting to see delays from cottman avenue on in. mass transit, off to good start with no delays. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you. it is 6:18 now. >> the us department of justice will not bring federa charges against six police officers, involved in the arrest and in custody death of freddie gray. state prosecutors charged officers after gray's neck broke in the back of a police transport wagon, this was back in april of 2015. three officers were acquitted at trial. baltimore state's attorney, later dropped the remaining state cases. five of those officers face
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internal disciplinary hearings, scheduled to begin on october 30th. >> well, champion for gay and lesbian rights has died. >> yes, was 88 years old, man, did she make an impact. edith windsor passed away yesterday at her home up in manhattan. she helped pave the way for gay marriage nationwide. when she won that historic case in 2013 that laid the grounds work for legalizing same sex marriage. now, she is survived by her second wife, who she married, just last year. >> 6:19. the topic of healthcare is back up for discussion in washington. both parties are expected to unveil new healthcare plans today. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders is set tonight deuce alleges lakes that would expand medicare into a universal health insurance program. sanders wants to expand medicare coverage from just elderly patients to all americans. at least 15 democratic
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senators back his proposal. >> and here we go again. president trump will soon be hitting the road to sell his new plan on tax reform, last night the president met with a bipartisan group of senators, they had dinner together, including our senator, here in pennsylvania, pat toomey, to discuss this plan, the president will soon launch a cross country blitz, visiting 13 states in seven weeks. thirteen states, seven weeks. so nice, they'll do it twice. while you'll be seeing double when the lakers honor kobe brian, lower merion's own kobe bryant this upcoming season. >> this is a first. >> it is. it is number eight. number 24. speaking of numbers, you want to see something? >> yes. >> there you go.
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from the pennsylvania lottery. and 9s in a line has progressive top prizes. you could win fast. faster than this? (slurping) fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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>> eagles reportedly had little tension behind the scenes between doug peter and and jim swartz, yes, ma'am, swartz basically shut all of those rumors down. >> i'm very comfortable with
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my relationship with doug pederson, i know he's comfortable in his relationship with me. i work extremely hard to execute, the defense, the way that he's outlined it for me. i can be brash. check. i can be in your face. check. it is the only way i know how to coach defense. >> the lake remembers retiring kobe bryant's jersey this year, but it was a decision on whether you retire eight or 24. well, guess what? they're retiring both. both those numbers rid inning lust, one had three championships, the others had two. congratulations to the black mamba. >> indians 19 game wing streak, a lot of that is because of cory, he pitched complete game shut out with eight strikeouts, yesterday, the indians got two to zip. their 20th win in a row. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> i think kobe bryant's number at lower merion high school is retired, too, i think it is 33 then. i think played under 24, but also 33. >> good three numbers retired?
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>> in 100 years there won't be any numbers left. you'll have like i'm number 5900. running into the fields. anyway, yesterday at this exact moment, i brought up picture of tom lowden, one of our management guys here, he told me years ago, 16 years ago, if you go to sporting trent, darn, stay to the end. we brought up the fact the dodgers and the giants the other night played until 2:00 in the morning, pacific time, because they had a rain delay of about three and a half hours, and it was stupid. but they want it cram these games in, because it is the end of the year. so people stayed, they have a beautiful stadium. looks like a forest. anyway. >> it does. >> that was thunderstorm in the san francisco area. not far from the stadium. >> there you go. there is the stadium. >> they played, they had to go ahead and play the game, it took seven hours to complete, so it was 2:30 a.m. when everybody got to leave if you stayed to the end. >> imagine if you are a fan like team lowden is a fan, you stayed until the end, man, look at these temperatures of
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people who were there, but were this he really there, because they were sleeping. >> knocked out. oh, wow. >> we put it to the test last night, in south philly. it happened to us now. okay? they tried -- they tried their best to beat. that will go to the bottom of the ninth inning, phillies have runners on base, and look at this, okay? phillies score. now, the winning run, is coming in. here we go. we ends this thing, and we can all go home. they celebrate. the umps review it, they say he was out by oh, a forearm. >> oh, gosh. >> so then they go into extra innings. >> so the marlins would lead in the top of the tenth. oh, no, we screwed it up, the phillies will lose, no. reese hoskins, ties it up then
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in the bottom of the tenth. now you got to stay a little longer. it is getting chilly. do you stay? >> kaboom. kaboom. phillies win. phillies win. bottom of the 15th. >> so how long did the game last then? >> five hours. >> five hours? >> not seven. but five hours. and it was about, well, after midnight, well past midnight. >> we have to look and see if any pictures come out of people in the stands. >> i see a few, mostly blue seats, kids stayed, dad stayed, see, there go. steve keel i would have stayed. >> oh, for sure. >> yes, hey, steve? >> reporter: well, some staying power, and maybe a lawsuit, that the district of philadelphia is facing, and we have a sports story, too, and the umpire in our case may and judge eventually.
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♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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>> sixty-three the school district every philadelphia, is facing a lawsuit. why one recent grad is calling out the way the district handles its athletic teams. plus this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> oh, it was wonderful, whom i wood helping hurricane victims, how some of the world's biggest stars came together to raise money impacted by hurricane harvey and had your came irma. >> who sang that song originally, answer me in just a second. what else? >> well, we finally know what all of the buzzing was about. >> why scientists say we were invaded by bugs, this week, and why it may happen again. >> well, ya it is mating season. now, i heard that those were flying ants. >> we talked to bug guy. >> somebody tell that you in your ear? >> i knew it, i thought were you going to ask me. >> oh, good stuff. >> yes. >> that was a long time ago. >> you know i love my oldies. >> back in the 60s, hey, good day everybody, wednesday, september the 13th, 2017. sue serio at the mayfair diner. hey, sue. >> yes, here for hope on
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wheels. where fox 29 partners with hyundai to raise money for children's hop of philadelphia. and we will talk about all of the hand print on the car here, as we go through the morning, seeing, sunrise out here, but look on radar, because there are a couple of showers headed our way. our beautiful weather pat certain about to come to an end. thanks to the renmant of irma. 77 degrees, our high temperature today. and then tonight mostly cloudy, stray shower, chance of stray shower, renmant of irma, showers around, maybe quarter town half inch, when all is said and done, uncomfortable humidity as the day goes by, and watch out at the shore, rough surf, we will mention hurricane jose, very quickly, because a lot of folks are talking about this on the internet. luckily, the path of this storm, which is a category one, at the moment, is expected to keep it off shore. so that's a good thing. let's talk about temperatures for today. seventy-eight, 78 degrees today, 80 tomorrow, some
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sunshine, friday for military day, oh, the pressure is on it, looks like we will see some clouds, but hopefully no showers. high of 82, and it looks good, headed into the weekend, with sunshine and highs in the 80s each day. so that's your weather authority forecast. we will have frankford avenue, in fact, toss to bob kelly i thought of doing your traffic report. that's very busy, look, they have the electric buses, here on frankford avenue. covered of looks like a trolley bob kelly because it has the overhead wire there. but tells me it is an electric bus, isn't that cool? >> look at you, very observe and the. that's the old 56 bus there, that takes the student to and from -- from the frankford transportation center. philly pretzel factory right across the street, bring back bag on your way. live look, gang, the westbound schuylkill schuylkill, accident approaching king of prussia. one of the two vehicles overturned, getting put up on the flatbed there. but, we are back up from pretty much approaching conshohocken, as you can see here, all the way out, to the scenes.
6:34 am
so again, westbound, on the schuylkill expressway, jam up approaching belmont, come to halt again approaching 476. sliding on over to south jersey, north on 295, an accident, route 44 there, on the freeway starting to see some delays working your way off 55, head in the toward philadelphia. as you can see here, closer you get toward the city we get all bunched up, then 95 south heavy cottman in through downtown, mass transit so far so good. mike and alex back to you. >> 6:34 now on this wednesday. >> funeral will be held today, for the man shot to death in front every his two year old daughter, in spring garden. thirty-eight year old girard was shot thursday during a robbery near his home. police say he was gunned down, by 16 year old marvin roberts. his 21 year old brother has also been charged. he's being held in new jersey, his service will be held this morning at the cathedral basilica of saint peter and paul.
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>> coming up 35:00. the school district of philadelphia is facing a federal class action lawsuit. >> this is interesting. some female lacrosse players are claiming that they've been discriminated. this gets little complicatedment break it down for us. >> well, specifically, right now, just one player, a 2017 strawberry mansion high school graduate, black female, the face right now, the class action lawsuit, for lots of girls, likely, to join, who play what they call the traditional white sports of lacrosse and field hockey. her name is nadir mccrea, weaver video of her in action here, and in the suit, says, when those sports were first introduced at her school back in 2015, she fell in love with the new sport and experienced because of the sport much improved grades. for the first time in her life saw path to college but in her senior year saw that path cut
6:36 am
off when not able to claim her division one scholarship to the university of hartford because the philadelphia school district keeps girls of color from playing anyone but other mostly black high schools. >> it made me feel that like we weren't good enough to play lacrosse because we were discouraged so many times from not playing. and like not being noticed for like the great potential that we have, even though probably weren't great, didn't get the long time training that other female lacrosse players got. i feel like we were still good enough to be able to play. >> we face many obstacles. games canceled, buses canceled, playing the same teams over and over again, which i then deem the negro league based upon only playing girls of color, the three teams that were in the public league defemation we were participating in. >> the key people are cultured to think that these girls don't have these real opportunities won't be able to
6:37 am
handle these kinds of opportunity, therefore, don't put the effort into supporting these girls in taking advantage every these opportunities. that is in effect racial discrimination. >> no surprise, school district obviously disagrees, put out a statementment one of the core values as a district is increasing opportunity in the classroom and on the playing field for all of our student regardless every race or gender. we work every day to ensure equity across the district in that every child is given the opportunity to succeed. and last year, it point out, they had more than 250 female student athletes participating in 20 of our school teams and field hockey and girls lacrosse, and bee continue to promote all sports within the philadelphia public league. so, this one will be decided in the courts it looks like, don't be surprised if nadira gets joined by a lot of other girls who feel the same way. alex, mike? >> interesting, she will be in our studio in just a little bit, thanks, steve.
6:38 am
>> if this city continues -- as philadelphia continues to debate whether we should move the frank rizzo statue or not, the city culture arts program installed a new piece of art right next to the statue. >> i have to clarify, from what i've been reading this was not in direct response to the discussions about the frank rizzo statue that happened about a month ago, after charlottesville, when there were some rallies, protests in that city surrounding monument, this, i hear, was already in the works. it was dream up about a year ago. so, the hope is to explore the question, what is an appropriate monument for the city of philadelphia? welshing the artist here, used a pick to depict his feelings and answers to that question. the artist says the pick exists today as many things to many people, for some, it is a political emblem, and for other, it is a signature of collective identity. some still wear it now, as an
6:39 am
adornment like phillies own quest, see him in some pictures all the time, if you don't know who he is, he is one half of grammy award running group the roots, right out of philadelphia. and an instagram post, the artist write it is an honor to have my work all power to all people 2017 in the city where my parent met. he goes onto encourage his followers to get to philly before november when this exhibit ends. but it won't end before it stirs up a lot of controversy, and maybe some conversations. that is the point of it all. the artist says his design is intend today highlight ideas related to communities, strength, perseverance un, resistance to oppression, exhibit protected by some barriers on all sides, maybe to avoid the same vandalism the rizzo statue saw when emotions flared up here about a month ago, and since that happened, philadelphia police officer had been keeping 24 hour guard of the monument, this morning, we've not seen one yet, but is it important to note, mike and alex, you know those calls of the community, to decide whether
6:40 am
the statue stays or goes, they asked people to send in entries and explain what they want to happen. that ends on friday, and then the arts commission will decide in about a month, yes, what happens with the future of frank rizzo. >> then the pick will end up in florida, permanent location. >> so just visiting for right now. >> so the paper today an article about it, cultural arts program, did decide to put it down by the rizzo statue on purpose. >> yes. so laura is talking about the fact the artist didn't have frank rizzo in mind. >> no. >> because it has been in the works for awhile, but the mural arts founder said she hopes all power to all people the name of the statue provides a counter balance to the rizzo statue and will hopefully open a dialogue between them. so were you right, mike, sound like -- >> she could have put anywhere. >> it was intentional. >> to create conversation, which is happening. >> it certainly is. so, let's see some of the comment you guys have been
6:41 am
doing. >> i think it is awful sends angry message, discuss me to the core of my being. and my first thought it was it is a great piece of art, i was wondering who the artist was. >> so, so many people had been weighing in. you can continue to weigh in, go to my instagram, alex holley tv or on facebook, taking some of the comment, and it is starting a conversation, in fact, someone just tweeted me, charlie brown said i think it is a great way to start one. >> charlie on. >> that's his name on twitter. >> oh, okay. >> the artist from new york though. >> lives up in new york. >> said, look, he had not been thinking about it, no where in his mind when he was working ton. >> long before the decision, the confederate statues, all of that. >> and the son of two noted philadelphia natives. >> yes, he has works all over the worm, at the gugenhaim in new york, whitney in new york,
6:42 am
out in los angeles, anyway, very talented. >> supposed to be a magic moment. but not for that guy. >> not at all. >> will you marry me? there is a gigantic oops coming. ♪
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politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier.
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>> bitter weight homecoming, from the those coming home to this aftermath of irma, recovery effort continue, to ramp up as 9 million are still without electricity, 5 million of them in florida alone. officials are warning residents, gasoline, water, cell service, spotty at best, with some businesses just starting to open back to the public, the storm was responsible for 55 deaths, 12 of those in florida. >> and well some big names came together to raise money for hurricane relief. >> last night, right? talking about oprah was there, jamie foxx, usher, blake sheldon, i can't list them all, be here all day. >> some of the great parts of it were the collaborations, because different singers were coming together that wouldn't ordinarily coming together. >> like your blake sheldon and usher, right? >> ♪ >> ♪
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> stand by me ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so they hd live shows from, what, los angeles, new york, nashville, aired on about every tv station, performances like that one, taped tributes, taped messages from so many stars, even got to watch the celebrities, you know how they do it, in the background, picking up the phones, talking to people. >> oh, yes. >> and so the thon initially raised around $14 million. >> oh, it will be more than that. once they count it all. >> there is oprah with cher. >> with cher. now, beyonce wasn't there, so she sent in the tape? >> yes, sent in recorded message. so did will smith, he sent in a recorded message, wearing sixers hat. >> oh, good. >> drake, there are other celebrities? we'll play some of those as the morning goes along here. but, we have your local
6:47 am
weather. right after this. >> sunrise official just few moment ago, northeast philadelphia, let's get right to the current temperature and check 65 degrees in philadelphia, calm winds, and things are looking good. but, the weather pattern is about it change, high pressure that's been our wonderful weather maker for days and days is moving off shore, and that allows the remnants of irma to come in. now, the center of the storm is in the tennessee valley. but we are expect to go see some showers from that. nothing in the area just yet. so, temperatures, 50's to the north of us, about 57 in pottstown, 60 in reading, and then, to the south of us,
6:48 am
little bit milder. so, that rain will continue on and off throughout the day, it is looking good for us right now, but expecting most of us to have high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s today, you'll see some sunshine like you are right now, but then the clouds will take over, might get stray shower or two. and that is the deal. and then we head into the 80s, and we stay therefore the weekends, for military day on friday. cross your fingers, so far it is looking like it may be cloudy, but it probably won't rain. we will refine that forecast for you tomorrow. so as we toss it over to bob kelly, want to remind you of last week, when all of the folks showed up when were you in media, remember, this? and they all traced their hands prints? so we still have those thin we'll make room, get more hands prints there is week we have washable markers, so all set. >> see, sue, i want to see a lot of ink marks on your hand,
6:49 am
last week i went home austin said to me, were you playing at markers today at work? i had markers all over my hand. stop up to see sue at this mayfair diner great northeast, westbound schuylkill only the left lane open approaching 202. look at the skidmarks from the accident here. this guy went up a couple of hundred feet, one car flipped over, so three cars involved altogether. bottom line right now, leaving the city westbound, jammo condition she out to king of prussia. that's leaving town. that's on the westbound side. also, have our normal eastbound delays working into center city, northbound in toward philadelphia, right at route 544, causing delay along a five, accident along 295, northbound, working your way up approaching exit 21. don't have any rain yet. roads still little dry. things little tricky as we move through the day, as sue just mentioned, south on 95, heavy from cottman avenue, down through girard.
6:50 am
mike and alex back over to you. >> here we go, bob, marriage proposal. try to think it through as the guy, you want it to be just right. >> yes. do you guys really take lot of time. really? >> no, actually we talk about it with our friends, you get it all ready to go, rarely works out. >> okay? >> and the 15 times i've tried it. >> fifteen, interesting. >> this dude, he goes i got the perfect spot. it is a wooden bridge here. over a lake coin -- kind of important. >> dropped the ring? >> it went through the slit. >> oh, oh, oh,. >> hey. >> oh! >> oh, those are people -- they're trying to find it. >> trying to find t his friends. it is not so much a lake, but looks casino every like a little stream. >> still? >> they never found it. >> oh, no! >> yes. so she said absolutely not, if you can't even pull off a wedding proposal, i'm not
6:51 am
marrying you, you dirty filthy - >> now what? i don't know how this works. did you propose 15 times, if you have insurance, do you get another one? >> did you get the insurance? >> here is the thing, a lot of guys i know don't -- what i do is before i leave the jewelry store, or whom ever i am buying it from on the corner. >> right? >> back alley somewhere, you get the insurance before you leave the store. >> yes. >> okay? >> and then would you get your money back, or get another ring. >> okay? >> i don't know. >> so should be fine? >> ryan; there any audio we cannily from the bridge, have you heard? >> i'm sure there is. >> we'll have to double check that for you. >> okay. >> all right, he'll get back to you on that. >> that might be good. i would love to hear what she says. >> she says something. >> you can see her talking. >> like i would love to know how you would react, let's hear.
6:52 am
>> they don't react much. the world's dullest couple. >> is that audio from it? >> man, what have you been saying? beep beep beep beep beep beep. >> no. that's how you think i would react? >> you can be persnikity. >> would you be understanding of this clutz? >> yes, how can you not be understanding that far? >> i know some women who wouldn't be. >> so you so me what my reaction would be? >> like ... what's with this guy? god, i'm not going to march think do you have us -- dufus. >> that's what you would be thinking. but you would be very kind. >> i would be oh, no, i would be freaking out, i would be in the water looking for. >> not with your hair. >> i would be up to my neck. >> i can't, my hair. >> i would feel it with my toast, something, see if i can get it that way. >> we have to follow them, see
6:53 am
what they do about it. >> after 15 times, is it even special any more. is it lou teen? script? >> no, i've recycled the rings. >> wow. >> you should give coaching lessons on how to -- >> you can't use the same ring. because then it is up in pictures and women will go no, i had that one, i had that one. i'm kidding. i've not done that. >> and you're kid being me being persnikity. >> we finally know what all of the buzzing was, this was one of our top stories yesterday, because we thought it was funny. why scientists say we were invaded by so many bugs, now, they were out again last night, did you see that? there were bugs out again last night. >> i missed again? >> what are these? what are they?
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> we now we know what all of the bugs, were i thought they were nats, but too darn big to be nats. turns out the swarms we were feeling here in the delaware valley, last night, but specially night before last, they were flying ants. they're flying ants. the academy of natural scient cents saying the swarm of these kinds of ants is common
6:57 am
in the fall. they're mating. they're having sex while flying around your face. >> you know what mating means, thanks. >> and the weather conditions, last night, the night before last, especially, quite favorable for romance. >> awe. in the mood for love. >> yes, when it is hot and sticky. it is possible this could happen again with different species in the coming weeks. >> oh, like what kind? next, the locusts? >> human. >> well, cuddling season is coming up. >> that's where you dump people? >> no, you get with people. it is about to get a little cooler. until you fine someone, you cuff them for the winter, so you have someone to spend the winter with, long cold nights. >> that's why they call it cuffing? >> yes. >> you put a hand cuff on them? >> not literally, you cuff them. >> weird. >> are you into that? >> like you haven't done that. >> what? what is wrong with you? not voluntarily.
6:58 am
that's why i was late one day, i couldn't get it off my bed. we're going to start the 7:00 hour. >> and we will be better, i promise. >> we will be better the next hour, and ryan our producer just quit.
6:59 am
when only the best will do... tempur-pedic delivers. tempur material provides up to twice as much pressure relieving power, so you wake up feeling like a champion. savings end soon! through september 17th, save up to $500 on select adjustable sets.
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>> this is good day philadelphia. >> shocker in the courtroom. >> i'm discussed by what happened. >> the criminal case against


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