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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  September 20, 2017 5:00am-5:57am EDT

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>> we have the 5:00 update, maria still very ladies and gentlemen storm, has gone down to category four storm as it is closing in on puerto rico, of course dealing with jose, down the shore, as well. >> and this: rising in mexico, people mount desperate search this morning, to find those misng earthquake. >> it is so disappointing it, has happened again. more discovered on one of our college campuses. >> also ahead here on "good day" philadelphia, he plays defense, but chris long is on offense to help his hometown, donating his salary, for six games. he's putting his mon mouth is.
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>> so nice to see. where, good wednesday morning to you, very, very busy night, lots every breaking news that's happening, new stuff coming in all over the place. >> we do have at, l allentown, g to you. let's get a check on your traffic and weather. scott williams in for sue to talk about. folk just on the 5:00 advisory just came in on hurricaine maria, about 50 miles south and east, right now, of san juan puerto rico t has weakens a bit. now down to category four hurricane with maximum sustained winds, at 155 miles per hour, but we put tracker on that, and you can see, it is about 50 milesn an, that cenf circulation, but look at this outer eye wall, already lashing the rico with hurricane force sustained winds, already toward san juan, looking at wind over tropical storm force. so here is the latest as of the top of the hour. 155 miles per hour sustained winds, category four hurricane, movement to the northwest, at about 10 miles per hour.
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so impacting puerto rico, really pretty much the entire day today, then continues on off to the north and west, then eventually more toward the north, as we move toward the upcoming weekend, into early next week. so that means, more dangerous rip current, and beach errosion, so take a look right now, the current wind gust, san juan, seeing winds gust to 70 miles per hour, right now, even higher once we move toward the eastern part of puerto rico. and look at this bull's eye, talking hurricane force sustained winds, over 74 miles per hour, or greater, impacting much of puerto rico throughout the entire day nd power outages, take a look at the forecast for us. 85 degrees, the high today. 87 degrees on thursday. so, heating up, asarves, for yod then the upcoming weekend, temperatures stay above morning. >> good morning, it is heating up, the crews are picking up
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the cones, we are good to go construction, no problems on the schuylkill into or out of the city. tmaning good on 95 for theot into downtown off to good start there. water main break though in norristown. washington and ford withrough py at least the morning rush hour. expect delays because of tropical storm jose heading it way into new yk so, if you are going to be flying today, whether or not you're g boston will have domino effect on air travel not only here in country. new jersey turnpike southbound accident at exit 8a northbound gaper delay. a lot of police activity there. and hello to the shaders, wednesday morning sneak peak here along route 73, fellowship road, no problems or delays there. and mass transit, looking good. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, we want to get right to the breaking news, we are getting this word in righ policd two more people in connection with the subway attacks that
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happened in london during the busy morning rush hour. that now bridges the number of suspects to five. someone taken into custody last evening, then this morning now reported just within the last couple every minute that they've taken into custody 48 year old man and 30 year old man, those arrest a london, of course you remember, that bombing happened in the middle of the rush. they hadsubways there. thirty people were injured by was put into a bucket which only partially exploded when thaty op of the breaking news and bring you all of the latest :0ve4, we're track too long storms you're about to see it on the right. tropical storm jose, right atla. and then there is hurricane maria this morning. it is barreling toward san juan at this hour, it is very powerful storm. >> and we also have of course the tropical creating all kind f problems in our area.
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>> people along the flooding, high winds, major beach errosion. we are already seeing t liver fm north wildwood this morning.ste? >> see me run out of the waves. ause id at the water's edge so lose the signal of the show, want to get close to this do you know or what was a do you know. so, scott keeps talking about beach errosn, inch know. no beach any more to erode. where i ams was about 30 feet under a do you know. so, not only is here, which went way out there, the d too. the cliff that chris fox is up on, is what little is left of the do you know. and do you have wonder if that will survive the next two. the fence is down. now i'm chris turn this way. that gives you some kinds of sense of the depth. this isn't even the deepest part. he's on a trail. i'm going to walk down here. that's about 25 feet above my
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head. there is fence down here. there is so much debris on the ground here. there is rocks. there is fence. there is wood. next several days, and the no lifeguards on, people are saying surface, people hey, i can take a dip. that will be the craziest with these hurricanes not leaving any time soon. so i wout all. and all of the lifeguards will be gone for sure in a lot of spot, official summer over after tomorrow. so big water, and we advise against it. we have the irish festival here. you don't ever gwen drinking, and then driving into the ocean nearby, because there are bars right o here. so trecherous. look at this. i don't know if you can see this. this is a concrete and rocks, now exposed. this is what i am talking about. so if you were in theco up here soon, because the high tide is
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coming up. if you went in here because step on there is trip over this, or you hit your head on this, when a trouble. so we're showing you the dangers still and what's to comt here and sigh seat see. watch where you're go into the s weekends despite how hot and humid it may be and inviting it may look. >> always good vision, yesterday early we saw some people in the water and they strong we're great swimmers. after whim err -- swimmer you are, it is not worth the risk.r, our friends in puerto rico bracing for impact this downgraded, as scott williams told us to category four storm, but still 155-mile per hour winds, should make landfall sometime this morning. officials say maria could hit with force so violent not seen in generations, warning resident to evacuate saying
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otherwise you're going to die. neighborhoods have been cleared out, family seeking shelter. >> you can hear the screens, quite scene of destruction there, so many people rightly very, very afraid, we had massive earthquake that rocked the center of city. we toll is continuing to climb as , 248 em we know have lost their lives, 22 of those victims were at a school so we know some of the children are children, the force of this mag. >> and obviously with all of the people dealing with this quake, there is a of theme our here have connections, ties, loved ones, who live there in that area. and some are having hard time reaching them. let's get right to lauren johnson at the mexican consolate with the latest,
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lauren? >> worried sickbay their loved one, with thesive power outage making it tough to get in touch with them. so the mexican consolate probably fielding lot every morning, but watch this video, captured from a cell phone. on luger watches fra distance as building chances into smoke, and then the camera is shut off. many e images flooding social media sites in the hours after the deadly afternoon quake, the mexican feraat more than 3400 soldiers were deployed to assist in the country's extreme e buildings crumbled into mounds of rubble as panic people ran out into the streets, hoping to avoid disaster, damaged hospital, even having to evacuate patients to other facilities, cy neighborhood, there are reports that rescue crews were
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heard cheering after pulling a woman to safety, those same crews would then quiet the crowds in hopes of hearing cries for help. >> earthquake, mexico. >> horrible, frighteningly horrible, i think for me it surpassed the violence from the last earthquake >> unfortunately, i saw it collapse. thinking there are children inside, it was regretable, in the way it collapsed, was very shocking. >> many people describe the quake as being violent making it difficult to stand and walk and almost impossible to find their balance, imagine all of that while trying to run to safety, in a video message the mexican president urging people to stay calm, saying the focus at this point is rescue effort to get those people who are trappreas, and of course, to treat those, underwent earthquake drills, and doing those in honor of
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the anniversary of 1985 nearly 10,000 people, little did they know, karen, thomas, they would be using som those tactics, and teachings later in the day. >> really gives you chills. just lndki not knowing, strong wait on words as we mentioned earlier. lauren, thank you, it is 51:12 more incidentsacial slurs discovered at cab rena university. comes days after student video here, but found slur written on her dormatory door. go away too with a racial slur beneath it was found, as wase. so the second incident occurred in the same freshman dorm as removed the doors that were tagged with the slurs. last night, you see right there, student met with sc radn, some told us the attacks have left them. >> i'm outraged by it, i fee rie
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women who experienced this, they were definitely targeted. >> our top priority right now is making student feel safe. and they have their questions answered. >> student we spoke with say they want a full investigation by the universitping who ever is is caught quickly forecast. >> watching tropical storm jose right now, maximum sustained winds at 65 miles per hour, movement to the northeast 8 miles per hour it, will set up shop, just out to ln bands, moving toward boston, nan together later today, iill y sunny skies for philadelphia, and also, down the shore. watching those high tides, between eight and 9:00 a.m., for some more problem, but look at the temperatures, heating up, low to mid 80s, later on this afternoon. with a about those roads on this hump day? bob kelly has the latest.
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>> hey, scotty, good morning, hello delco live look at i-95, 5:12, no problems come from wilmington up through the commodore barry on up toward philadelphia international airport. hello quakertown, northeast extension, southbound from q town to lansdale. some left over construction, skies will be out of thereby 6:00 or so. hello camden new jersey, live look at the airport circle bny. all of the bridges looking good, ben franklin, walt whitmant the moment. construction on the schuylkill, put the cones in th and open for rush hour. mass transit off fingers crosses morning. >> i know so many people have been talking about this case, just couple of weeks into school. one of the local campuses. >> itte how did he die? last hours no long area
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>> mixed reaction this morning, following tough talk from president trump at the united nations. the president addressed the general assembly for the first time during his 40 minute speech, president trump delivered america first message and urged countries to come together to combat global threats. one of the threats, north korea, the president is demand
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that communist leader kim jong un give up his nuclear program or else walk out before president trump started speaking. >> the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defends itself for it allies we will have no choice but to totally destroyed korea rocket man is on suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> also slammed the government's, called the iran nuclear deal an embarrassment, to the u.s. israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu called the speech bold. while sweden foreign minister felt it was too harsh. said never felt better about the chances passing. senator lindsay gram made the a mountment yesterday, after republicans met behind closed doors on capitol hill, how much, stopped short of showing
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whether the gop has the votes to pass the measure. >> before the democrat's ability to filibuster legislation, kicks in. >> top stories right now, around and dangerous, how police are describe ago bank robber on the loose in montgomery county, we do have some surveillance pictures of him, there he is. he's hit three banks in the past five weeks, most recent highs yesterday at the bb&t in ft. washington fbi and police will would like to get him off the streets for bong robberies and mort whales, and in blue bell. >> teachers still on strike this morning, kids don't have classes, district canceled classes for third straight day. teachers walking the picket lines, student already have the day off tomorrow for the jewish holiday of rash hashana, begins tonight at sundown. teachers without a contract since january. health insurance, and who pays for what, are the main sticking points. >> no charges will be filed in connection with the death after lafayette college student, you see right there
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behind me. freshman mccrea williams died from a fall last week. >> nineteen year old had been drinking on the friday and sunday before his death and his friends even tried to get him help. >> i don't have any evidence that these kids new he was in serious trouble and just let him sit in his room because they were afraid to call. to the contrary. number every student kept checking on him, bringing him food, water and he sort of told them to get lost. >> even though no criminal charges will be filed, still unclear whether any student will face disciplinary actions, from lafayette college in connection with williams' death. >> a lot of bad news today, let's bring you bright spot. one of the eagles, great guy, chris long, giving back to his hometown. plans to donate his checks for the first six games of the year to funds scholarships for students in charlottesville. he says this donation is his way of fighting back against that unite the right rally that i occurred in his hometown charlottesville in
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august. he is defensive ends, really outspoken in the wake of what happened. he said the scholarships are meant to promote equality through education. >> i always wished as a student i took school more seriously, and i think that a lot of that was luxury of knowing i always had the opportunity to learn and get the education i wanted for me me,. >> great guy putting his money where his mouth is. >> great to have you with us just joining us this wednesday, it is 5:20, headed out, what can we expect, school william, good morning >> temperatures pretty muggy and mild. >> continues it churn out it sea, have the coastal flood warnings continuing today. the next high tied to note between 8:00 a.m., and 9:00 a.m. temperature wise, right now, lehigh valley, 70 degrees.
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>> new castle county right now, temperatures in the low 70s, low 70s as well, down the shore. north and west, right now, doylestown, bucks county, 69 degrees, west chester, chester county upper 60s, so temperatures above average, looking at low to mid 80s, partly sunny skies, and it will stay breezy with winds out of the north. take a look at ultimate doppler, san juan puerto rico right now, reporting winds, gusting close to 80 miles per hour. the storm center of circulation about 50 miles, away from san juan. but look at this eye wall, as it continues to barrel toward the eastern part of puerto rico with the winds. once again, gusting at times over 100 miles per hour. category four hurricane right now movement north and west, north of hispaniola by tomorrow, into friday, and then you can see it moves farther to the north during the upcoming weekends and early next week. winds right now, this is new information, take a look at
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this, san juan puerto rico northerly winds, gusting to 91, miles per hour, with that hurricane, expecting hurricane force sustained winds, pretty much the entire day, around san juan puerto rico. that weather authority seven day forecast, showing you, it is partly sunny today, temperatures top out around 85 y for your thursday. >> sounds good, scotty. don't forget, you catch the forecast all morning long on our more 101fm. scotty has your forecast there, as well. of course with tropical storm jose, rolling into new york and boston, it will cause air travel delays. >> northeast philly looking good, head south in toward downtown philly. for the gang down in chester county, no problems coming north on 95, the blue route there looking good, as we roll
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>> i'm sean bell, phils starting four rookies in the line up, basically trying to figure out what they have in their young guns, no question, what they actually have in hoskins, that guy is a gem, hoskins, cominge
5:26 am
again, in the seventh, bases loaded, tie game, hoskins with a bases clearing double. he had an another robust day, two for three, with four rbi's, th the phils fills went onto win six to two, the eagles are actually sticking with isaac, he got abused against the chiefs, but dolphins, still believes in him, still thinks he can get the job done. >> when youget beat, once or twa game, you don't like it. but literally everybody who suits up, and goes out there and plays, if that happens over f becomes a problem, you evaluate it. when it happens in one game, okay, take note of it, but conf, working g hard, we believe in our guys. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> thanks, sean. we've got 91-mile per hour winds right now that are smacking puerto rico. >> inch. ever so slowly about 50 miles from san juan, an update, scott williams? >> unbelievable th w
5:27 am
landfall, toward sections of eastern puerto rico, and you can see, abo from san juan, winds already gusting over 90 miles per hour, the latest onar from jose over the next several days coming up. live look right now at the airport, we will be right back, here is a look at your lottery.
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>> hurricaine maria now category four storm, and it is smacking puerto rico, right now, with hurricane force winds. we have tropical storm jose, chopping up our beaches down the shore. >> we also have this here at 5:30. the search for sure vie ores, rescue workers across mexico city and race against time to find those trapped un the rubble. after a massive earthquake there. >> let's give awe bright spot on this wednesday morning. little tiny kitten stuck in a car. stuck in the grill. that's not the good part. the good part is the puurr-avoiding cattastrofhy. >> who are you? i love it. >> i'm karen help-and little corny but i can't help it. let's go over to scott williams. >> absolutely, a lot going on, karen, thomas. tropical storm here say, 56-mile per hour winds,
5:31 am
movement to the northeast, at about 8 miles per hour, it is churning up the waters, eating away at the delaware beaches, and also, the jersey shore. and that will be the case really over the next several days. we will sit and spin and really not move anywhere. you can see, as we go in time, through saturday, it is still meandering, out in the open waters of the atlantic basin. so the coastal flood warning continues for parts of south jersey, the delaware beaches, the next high tide cycle, between eight and 9:00 a.m. breezy conditions right now. winds out of the north, 16 miles per hour, sustained in atlantic city, 13-mile per hour winds out of the north in philadelphia. it is muggy, as well. look at the humidity, right now, 100% in dover. 84% in atlantic city, 71% in allentown, those temperatures already pretty warm for this time of year. seventy trenton. seventy dover. 70 degrees right now in the lehigh valley. we zoom in north and west. west chester, 69 degrees, 69 in doylestown bucks county. high temperatures later on
5:32 am
this afternoon, in the low to mid 80s. that's above average for this time of year. we should top outright around 77 degrees. take a look at hurricane maria, about 50 miles away from san juan puerto rico. you can see the rain bands, just lashing sections of puerto rico, power outages, damage, we zoom in little closer, and here is the outer eye wall, right now, moving toward sections of eastern puerto rico nearing landfall later on this morning, so watching for that. the seven day forecast, showing temperatures heat up over the next several days. 87 degrees by tomorrow. bob kelly? >> scotty, good morning, everybody, 5:32, actually off to pretty good start. starting to seat beginning of the morning return hour. you can see, folks rolling down the boulevard, the delays popping up in yellow, at all of the busy intersection, south on 95, sole volume starting to hit the brakes there at girard. accident on the new jersey turnpike, southbound lanes at exit 8a jamesburg, but there is northbound gaper delay to look out for. water main break in
5:33 am
norristown, washington and ford with some local detours. schuylkill expressway, they pick up the cones, no construction left over. but lanes are still little uneven there, so working your way from conshy, in toward belmont avenue, be careful when you go to change lanes, but otherwise, just some normal volume as you work your way in toward downtown. philly international, expect delays, tropical storm jose, hitting new york and boston, scotty just showed us, that's going to have domino effect on air travel here in philly, throughout the day. mass transit though looking good. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. so right now of our coast. and it has been just eating up our beaches down the shore in new jersey. also, in already seeing tons of beach errosion, on some of the biggest beaches as well, let's getwhere steve keeley is. it is stunning how much errosion is happening right now, steve? >> reporter: well, we've run out of beach, run out of do you know where we are at jfk.
5:34 am
>> i'm not sitting on this rock trying to look cool. the water now coming up around us. see the water marks, so i'll ginger will he jumpe while the water is going back there, i'll show you where we r there is the gazebo where everybody was hanging out, see nobody hanging out now, off limit. you can see twhere i was sittins coming up and around. so what happens, there i compro. because it is built on concrete foundation. now you see sand which left of e do you know. i can cut this away. this is concrete. andoocrete now jet out. kind of like what the coyote used to fall off of when chase being the road runner, right? get a sense. the sand is missing completely. like a cave through here now right? you have got these rocks exposed. wasn't to bright going under there, i realize, pipes, remember, they shut the water off here yet, got blue pipe,
5:35 am
black pipe. water pipes run along here where the beach shower was where the cone is, they figure the shower will give, and it appears it may there is fence already left of the fence. now, where chris is standing up there, look, he's on the sidewalk right next to the street, right next to the beachfront hotels and things and the homes. so that shows you how far the ocean has come up. and with that hurricane making a loop de loop out there, and churning and churning like a washing machine, how much more da do here? and what's next? fther i walk, the higher it gets, as a fall-off. so this is not a place to sightsee in the dark without bright lights. it is 25 feet, as i walk. so i walk out of the shot, wrap it up there. you can get a sense of scale, of where i am when i leave the shot, walk around the corner here, so i see you guys at 6:00 from damaged do you knd. >> very good perspective, jose
5:36 am
just spinning and spinning, so they'll be going through this for little time her you. let's talk about hurricane maria here, residents in puerto rico, they're bracing for impact. they're feeling it right now with the high winds. maria has been downgraded toe, t get a to twisted here though. still 155 miles per hour winds, it should make landfall sometime this morning. scott's tracking this one, very closely, in fact, officials say maria could hit with a seen in generations. residents, they're being told, i know, an island, you really can't go whole lot to get inland seek shelter, and they're 5:36. also following breaking news this morning. >> look at that, an earthquake, really large powerful devastating earthquake that was deadly hit in mexico city.
5:37 am
capitol thereoll now climbed nearly 250 people. unfortunately they're expect that to rise, so people here are desperate to find out with their loved ones back at home. out to the mexican consolate where lauren johnson is, lauren? >> hey karen. news of the quake spread quickly on social media yesterday afternoon in the moments after it happened. and surely, the phones lit up here at the mexican consolate in philadelphia, as people tried to find out more ones,. >> running for safety, and cover, much ofhe yesterday, was at two primary schools, where children were trapped inside, many of them were carried out on stretchers, covered in dirt and debris, but there are still many unaccounted for at ta
5:38 am
video speech that's the focus, search andle trapped, and provig medical attention for those whof injuries, many hospitals to evacuate, to other buildog those structures simply crumble, and the description every tryingou r many people, hard to stand up, nearly impossible to balance. and violent shakes making it very scary to even move. tuesday's magnitude, 7.1 quake struck on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 quake that killed thousands of people. and just hours before, mexico we participating in evacuation drills, and little did karen, ty would have to put those practices into effect just new hours later. >> what an odd coincidence, lauren, thank you. >> certainly prayers with them. it is 5:38. let's get a check onmportantly,s national pepperoni pizza day. >> that's correct. pepperoni kids. yes. so we are looking live at the
5:39 am
turnpike connector course, thatw jersey, with pennsylvania. let's go outside. and say good morning to rehoboth beach. as we are waking up to a little cruising, with smokey, traffic jams on a wednesday morning. scotty has got your forecast when we come right back.
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>> good flues for new jersey drivers, gas tax, will not go up next month. >> isn't that a relief. >> we got wallopped last year, huge, went up for the first time in 28 years raising money, for roads, bridge improvement, so they'll have the rules on this one, so not going to be raising our gas tax for this year. the state treasurer can adjust the tack, the rate up or down, every single year, but won't happen this year. there go. we will be right back.
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>> off ramp what would be the expressway coming into center city, casino every sitting in the left lane there. so, just be careful, hopefully the next couple every minute or so, we get penndot arrow crew, or police officer on the scene before this turns into an accident. but, again, that's south 95. coming into the city, morning to the benny. flag getting a work out here with the wind, no problems at all, up and over the bridge, into the downtown skyline, all lit up for this morning. now, scotty will come up in a second, show us where tropical storm jose is hitting, i'm going to gave you a hint. new york and boston, expect delays on all flight centered around the two big airport, when you mention new york airports. that will have domino effect on air travel here, in philadelphia, and quite frankly, across the country today. so just be prepared, if you have a flight in hand, headed to the airport. no problems on the schuylkill expressway. yes, we got some normal volume
5:46 am
working your way into downtown, but really nothing out of the ordinary. south on the new jersey turnpike, there is an accident, at exit number 8a. jamesburg. it is causing a northbound gaper delay. otherwise buses, trains, trolleys, all off to good start. scotty has got the forecast in 15 seconds. >> looking at tropical trouble, not only hurricane maria but jose to monitor. look at this buzz saw of hurricane right now. you can see, it is making a bee line right toward sections of puerto rico, that eye wall is closing in on the eastern hurricane force winds outwards from the center, 06 miles tropical storm force winds, outwards from the center about 150 miles. san juan has already had winds
5:47 am
gusting over 90 miles per hour, so as we zoom in, here is san juan, and you can see, the eastern most part of puerto rico, and there s that eye. it is moving like a buzz saw right toward second shops of puerto rico. ultimate doppler lit up, as women, look at the feeder bands, spirals across puerto rico right now from west to east. and you can see, that center of circulation, that pin hole eye, that we talk about, it is approaching land right now. so, making landfall, later on this morning, for sections of puerto rico as category for hurricane, 155-mile per how sustained winds, movement to the northwest, at 10 miles per hour. then, north of hispaniola for the latter part of the week, then out into the open waters of the atlantic basin, continuing to churn up the waters, and eat away at the delaware beaches, and the jersey shore, in addition to jose. maria will maximum sustained winds, hurricane force, you can see, pretty much the entire day, going right over
5:48 am
puerto rico, causing a lot of devestation, and power outages. tropical storm jose continues to churn right now, almost 200 . and you can see, its movement to the north and east at 8 miles per hour it, will just sit and spin, through the upcoming weekends, and once again causing beach errosion and also dangerous rip current. eight a degrees, the high temperature today. as we move toward tonight, temperatures in the upper 60s, guys, back over to you. >> 5:48, press trump meets with moraled worlds leaders today part of the united nations general assembly. >> but everyone talking about that speech yesterday. let's get right down to washington and doug luzader s reaction, and how that is playing here and abroad. doug? >> good morning, yes. you know, big stage for the president, speaking of the united nations general assembly, first time he's done, that not surprisingly, he called out specific countries by name including syria, venezuela and specially north korea.
5:49 am
really threatening to more or less attack north korea if they continue along this path. so very tough words. i think trump supporters saw this as a strong powerful message to send to this world body on the other hands, trump's critics think this was casino every dark message, and a little bit too bella coast, but there it is, you know, the president will continue meeting with world leaders today to drive home some of these points. he clearly sees a role for the united nations, had been some question about that during the campaign. but he thinks that there should be more bang for the buck given how much money the united states, in particular, pays to the un each year. >> also called out iran, very unhappy with what he had to say about them. >> well, he's calling out the iran and the iran nuclear deal. which has been called by the administration an embarrassment, obviously negotiated at the obama administration, israel very critical of this, as well, on
5:50 am
the other hands it does have its supporters, and iran is saying that if you start making changes to that deal, the whole deal goes away. so, it really becomes a question of howie negative was that nuclear deal. is it actually preventing iran from pursuing nuclear technology. >> we will be watching closely. domestically here what's the latest because we like to get a two for one with you. what's the approach to to pursue obamacare. >> gaining momentum against republicans, this is another effort to repeal, little under the radar because every everything going on with the un. but slowly moving forward here. and republicans may be just a voter two away. now, this is not a full scale repeal of obamacare. but would irradically change the way that it structured, tan would get rid of the individual mandate to purchase health insurance. >> saying they made some progress overnight, we'll see, doug, check back with you later this morning. >> 5:50, more headlight right now, taking a look at top stories happening today. suspect convicted of sexually
5:51 am
assaulting those six young girls, who were originally from the amish country from the same family, well, he will be sentenced today. he is 52 years old, lee donald kaplan, he will be sentenced in bucks county on multiple counts every child rape and statutory sexual assault and other charges, authority say the girls parent good their oldest daughter to him because he had helped them financially. the girl, that he impregnated twice was 14 the first time, prosecutors say the victims considered themselves to be his wives. >> more top stories. the suspect accused of shooting two african-american men last week in baton rouge is now charged with murder. twenty-three year old kenneth gleason, arrested and now being charged with two count every first degree murder, police believe shootings were racially motivated according to investigators, gleason fired from his car then walk up to the victims, as they were lying on the ground, and fired again multiple times. gleason is also linked to third shooting, he is accused of firing at the house of african-american family in his neighborhood. good news, nobody injured in
5:52 am
that shooting. >> 5:51, five college football players face criminal charges in a reported hazing incident that went too far. the players at wheaton college in illinois are charged with aggravated battery, mobbings, and unlawful restraint. one of their teammates says that in march of 2016 the players duck tamed his hands and feet and then attempted to sexually assault him before dumping him in a park. one player is in custody, the rest are expected to turn themselves in. >> all right, there is a house in central florida, that is, well, you can see, it has oh, there goes. that's watching it in action. man, do you know they have a problem with sinkholes down in florida, so the family noticed the beginning of the problem, they got out, smart, they had roped it off, called the first responders out there, then just swallowed up their house becomes 25 feet deep. still growing. many same family lived in the home since 1969, just had re mod tells five years ago, so difficult situation certainly for them. >> explain that one.
5:53 am
geico, can i help you? >> oh, lord. >> my home no longer. thankfully no one injured. 5:53. so, we asked you earlier what we should call this cat. that's a cat in the grill after car. and they needed to try to get it out. snow was actually a police car. you can see, they succeeded. that's good news, woodbury new jersey, so they called some experts over there, one of the car dealerships, they got the kitten out. if you know someone that would like to adopt this pet, guck to the gloucester county animal shelter, one of the recommendations for a name? radiator. isn't that cute? >> i like it, keep them coming. it is 5:53, let's take you up to the poconos this morning. very good morning if you are just waking up on this wednesday. time to get going. we are coming back in about two minute. facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: in honor of recovery month, we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible. christie: the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow.
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>> blank 56:00. ladies, you want to be happy where you work? you may want to work over at wegmans, popular grocery store chain landed number seven spot on this year's list of best workplaces for women. >> companies and lysed which included ethical leadership, respectful workplaces, interactions, diversity, and female representation. wegmans was joined by delta
5:57 am
airlines, marriott international, and into it in the top ten. coming up ahead on good day philadelphia at 6:00 big news for basketball fans, the new court design we told but yesterday is not the only thing that sixers fans can look forward to this season. oh, no. we've got whole lot more. plus, also, we're continuing to track the very latest look, what's happened to our dunes, down the shore. we have live report on that, what's happening with maria, and all around this world, we will be right back. tim & charlie, 4th graders.
5:58 am
3rd graders these days. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. what's next? welcome to the future tim. new ez open gogurt. kids never had it so easy. in this home we make breakfast. sometimes messes! but always masterpieces... together. what matters most is made at home.
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>> do you know the way to sand jose? apparently big time and jose is sucking our sand out to sea, delaware and jersey sands is disappearing, right before our eyes. we'll take you down the shore. >> 7.1 magnitude quake in mexico. the death toll is well over 200 now. a report from overnight. >> then the recovery effort are underway, as we're dealing with another hurricane, hurricane maria, barreling through the atlantic, getting ready to hit puerto rico. the storm downgrade today category four, but expected to be extremely strong still and have lot of effect puerto rico hasn't seen a direct hit like this ever. >> no. good day everybody, it is september the 20th.
6:01 am
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