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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 25, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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ball spotted, kick is away and the kick is, good. >> wow. >> the eagles win. >> what? it is good. you got to be kidding me. jake elliott kicks a 61-yard field goal to win it. but that is not the only thing being talked about this morning. a united front nfl players take a stand on game day after president trump's harsh word in alabama. sense of security, gone, two armed men on the run after busting out on a woman's door and shooting at her dog.
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>> we heard them gasp being and we had to do something. >> gasping for air neighbors rushed to help a pilot after his plane crashes to the ground. >> were you at the link? man, was it hot. i didn't go to the game. >> it was hot, i was watching my kid play baseball, watching it on my phone, outside. >> that is the thing with weather, it is probaby hot all the over it was hot all over, sue serio. >> kind of was, yeah. look at sunrise over ocean city music pier in new jersey, this morning. looking good. this is not one where we have a lot of cloud in the sunrise. there is hardly a cloud in the sky this morning. so we have our number of day is a nine out of 10. we have bus stop buddy and his eagles gear, of course, temperatures in the 60's and zero seven's and it is muggy out there this morning. humidity will be up from yesterday. it was hot yesterday but now it is hot plus humid. 90 percent already, bad hair day with 69 degrees, we have maria spinning off georgia
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south carolina coast right now , and you can see hardly a cloud in the sky. we will go backup to 90 degrees, which is our high. the record was 92. we will get close to it, probably won't get to 92 degrees but you never know bob kelly, you can never rule out a new high temperature record or at lee a tie. >> a tiey want to win. we will go to that trouble to get hot today i want to win. we have some sun glare, 7:02. an accident north bound on the blue route 476, a trash truck, spilled fuel all over the roadway, northbound lanes of 476, right here near norristown interchange, vehicle fire up near the northeast extension the lehigh valley interchange, so watch for poor visibility, an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound right at girard avenue, right underneath the overpass by the zoo, and also an accident eastbound on the schuylkill, right as you come out of the king of prussia interchange as
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route 202, jammo for the gang leprechauns coming back from irish weekend down in north wildwood, stacked and packed from the black horse pike in toward walt whitman bridge. hey who has that old kevin kolb jersey in the closet. right here. that is who last wore number four. do you remember kevin kolb? >> yeah. >> that is good to go. we will get duct tape put elliott on the back and you have the hottest injuries any town. >> do you remember when kevin was the future, um. 7:03. wow, it was a nail biter in the end but eagles came out on top. >> so, so exciting. after blowing a two touchdown lead in the fourth quarter they came back in the final two minutes. so exciting right there. so, go ahead. >> what? >> well, right here toal shan jeffery where he takes us down the field. >> do you want to see the kick again. >> let's get to the kick. >> is that what you want karen >> it is. >> okay, listen.
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>> it is good, philadelphia wins it. >> it's good. it's g final score eagles 27, giants 24 after that come back one of the coolest pieces of video, was this, watch this one. i'll tell you who it is. >> that is the kicker parents. >> our baby, watch the dad do you see the emotion all over his face right there he is crying. >> and then, with your hat, i have to turn it backward and front ward i'm in the crying. >> wow. >> it brought tears to my eyes , and they shared it all over the internet. >> our kid just make nfl history the only rookie to kick it that long. >> it wasn't just the play on the field everybody that was talking about, what happened on the sidelines, players,
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coachers, team executives, jeffery liar, the owner, coming together for a protest during the national anthem. >> lets get out to lauren johnson with more on that and what people were saying, lauren. >> reporter: so, a lot of people asking question how do we ever get here with football and politics. it started last evening with colin kaepernick taking the knee during the national anthem. over the weekend the president had choice word for him abe any other players who chose to protest the anthem. on sunday the eagles found their way to respond. >> ♪ rockets red glare >> eagles players shoulder to shoulder arms linked along the sidelines through the national anthem and on the line team owner jeffery laurie standing with his players, and right in the sky. and malcolm smith, torey jenkin and ma'am come jenkins. some say it was good cause but bad venue.
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football stadiums are not the place for displays like this players have their right. the team supported their wish. >> you know, they single people out and make it about one of the couple people or group of people. i was happy we did it as a team. i backup those guys. they are putting their career out there. >> it was an organizational decision along with the players. it was a collaborative effort to stand united and i thought it was a great idea. everybody was on board with it just showed a great sign of unity, respect for our police officers of our city, first responders, fire, everybody in public service that we get a chance to show a sign of unity and it was great to see. >> reporter: that was head coach doug pederson. team owner jeffery laurie spoke out. he said i support them as they take their courage, character and commitment in to our communities to make them better or to call attention to injustice. he release that had statement saturday after the president's
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attack on players like malcolm jenkins who do publicly protest and, some fans are saying president has bigger fish to fry. why not worry about north cover re, health care, maybe helping hurricane victims and staying out of the game of football. karen and mike. >> all right. >> 7:07. we will debate this whole issue coming up. >> and, there was a a player, what exactly but it ends upland nothing a neighbor's front yard. >> ntsb is investigating this and so is jenny joyce in whitpain township, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike and karen. scene still roped off here, ntsb is expect out here later today. it is work of the neighbors rushing to the aid that is story here, seat belts were choking him, they have cut him loose and saved his life. authorities tell us that the crash happened yesterday just after 5:00 p.m. single person experimental aircraft, hit a tree in a front yard on meed road in whitpain township.
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this is only a mile from the end of the runway at winks field airport in blue bell. people living there noticed a plane flying low and when they heard the crash they ran to see what happened. they did not hesitate to render aid until medics arrived. >> we heard a sound and then found the pilot inside of the bush. the neighbor then realized that he had something around his neck, his strap. >> the guy didn't look good. brian went for his, to see if there was a pulse there and then goes get me scissors. brian held him up, cut the one and there was another one, we cut that out and then police and fire showed up. >> reporter: that man dave buck is executive vice-president of the phillies , he became one of the few heroes on the block yesterday, thanks to buck and others pilot is still alive and transported to penn presbyterian hospital for emergency treatment, officials could not tell if the plane
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hit the house here taking another live look here. there was one person inside at the time of the accident and that person was not hurt. so ntsb officials will be back out here later today, karen and mike. >> what a shocker, living in that neighborhood. 7:09. >> we are following a home invasion investigation in west philadelphia, there were two guys who burst in the home. the scene 5100 block of hoops street last evening. they kick in the back door. they shot at the dog. they took a cell phone. both the dog and woman who were inside that home were not injured. the two guys got away. also happening today, the teachers at tredyffrin east town education association, they are going to hit the picket lines before tonight's big school board meeting. they with like a new contract. thinks a informational picket that will happen at 6:30 outside conestoga high school. kid still have school today. this is just a picket. teachers have been working without a contract since july and they say the district has been very slow in negotiating.
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in other top stories here one person is dead and several others hurt after a mass gunman opened fire in inside of a church yesterday. >> thinks right outside nashville another horrifying situation, is there the suspect in this case, 25 year-old. his name is emmanuel samson. he was a member of that church at one point a number of years ago. he started shooting outside a church parking lot as people were leaving and then went inside. one victim who her life 39 year-old melanie smith, who was killed and other seniors were also hit. police say he went back in and started randomly shooting others. we want to show you this hero. he was a church usher, named robert caleb engle and he confronted the gun man that got in the fight. he stopped, and police got there. police are calling him a hero and his family says, no surprise to them at all.
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i say what if, because he had the gun pointed at him but i'm proud of him. >> he got injured. he is in the hospital. so is the suspect hoist being treated at the hospital. police do not know why samson, the suspect, target that had church. 7:11. president trump issued a new travel ban, that may up end the supreme court challenge to his earlier ban. >> so, this one targets some of the same countries but there are different won on the list. lets go down to washington and doug luzader and why his own actions may undue action that he did before, good morning to you. >> good morning, yeah, supreme court may ultimately to have sort all of this out here in washington. the old travel ban which if you are keeping score was second travel ban, actually expired yesterday, quickly replaced with this third one and this may face the same legal challenges. who gets in and who stays out at points of entry in the
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united states. president's new travel ban spans globe specifically targeting eight countries, some were part of the old ban, or new. >> the travel ban the tougher the better. >> reporter: president trump spoke briefly about the new pol soy his way back to washington yesterday. two key additions may prove to be north korea and some government travelers from venezuela, move to perhaps blunt criticism that the earlier policy illegally targeted muslims. >> this is third opportunity to do it right and instead of focusing on the religion of the countries that could be subject to a ban or extreme vetting he is focusing on which countries cooperated with the travel restrictions and which work with the white house to help this process get forward. >> reporter: president on twit ter said making america safe is my number one priority we will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet. but the legal challenges are likely to continue. the aclu which already sued
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the white house over earlier policies is unsuede, in a statement saying president trump's original sin of targeting muslims cannot be cured by throwing other countries on to his enemies list. white house meantime says that this was well thought out, they have spent months putting this new ban into effect, determining exactly which countries needed to be included and manner in which they are included here. they are clearly bracing, mike and karen for additional legal challenging. >> they will be coming soon, if not today. thanks, doug. see you tomorrow. 7:13. we had a big parade in our city. interesting the timing of this one. it is puerto rican heritage month. they had a great time. he they had colors, spirit, minds and buckets as they are out here asking for donations. all of the devastation back home in puerto rico after it got hit by the hurricane out there and they are trying to
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do all they can to help the folks they know and love at home. >> four days after hurricane maria which sue talked about pounded puerto rico authorities are starting to take a lot scope of this devastation, unbelievable, thomas. >> marching with a heavy heart , island still dealing with massive destruction in the wake of maria concern growing at this hour over a dam that is failing and starting to collapse. 70,000 people this morning who live nearby have been evacuated. in fact national weather service is warning that if the dam fails, flooding will be life threatening. the death toll at this hour from maria stands at 10. number is expected to rise as official from his remote towns check with the capitol. there are more than 15,000 people, currently in shelters and puerto rico remains without electricity and continues to struggle with communications. mike and karen, there are 1400 cell phone towers on the island. i should say 1600 towers on the island. fourteen of them have been
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wiped out. >> my gosh. >> 85 percent of the communications people here who marched in the parade said i still cannot get in touch with my loved won. >> i get tweets every morning, help marks help me. they really need water. no power, no water. horrible. 7:15 is the time. >> here's sueby. >> maria is still with us, considerably weaker then it was when it hit puerto rico but it is still a hurricane, in fact, it is still category one hurricane and it is looking like it will just brush by, north carolina and then take a hard right. we have got 80 miles an hour max sustain wind moving to the north right now at 7 miles an hour, you can see outer banks of the north carolina there 350 miles south see of cape hat cast. it will continue to spin, northward and then make that hard right, meaning it moves away from our shores but it doesn't mean we won't get
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influence,es special hi bed into thursday with the strong rip currents and the high surf but we have had reports or a lot of rescues on our beaches over the weekend especially in new jersey with the storm being as far away as it was. you still got to be careful. tropical storm watch in effect for outer banks and rest of the coast of north carolina and as far as our effect is it looks like just clouds, coming in tomorrow and wednesday, from that storm, and then a cold front which is partially responsible for pushing that storm out to sea. and it will probably give us rain on wednesday and we could use some by then, it will also cool us off and make it feel more like autumn is, around here, right now, at 69 degrees in philadelphia, we're n the lower 60's at the shore, 60 degrees in mount pocono. trenton they are 67 degrees, and, 90 is our high. eighty-five tomorrow. eighty-six on wednesday with extra cloud and then by friday
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, 74 degrees and close to 70 on saturday. this is when it will feel like autumn and then pull out your sweaters and feel like you are supposed to feel this time of the year. don't forget about 101 more fm our radio partner. get your forecast on the radio and on tv every single morning we will do this too? yes. >> and then this, on top of that. what do you say sue i'm trying to think of something to say. just use that #. we have a couple so far. >> so far. >> they are making it hard. i have to do flipping research what about the climate of the blah, blah, blah. >> let's kill this segment. >> i don't know if this will work out but i will do my best >> all right. >> excuse me back to my research on climate to go. back to you. >> stump the teacher.
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>> yeah, bob kelly. >> we will call it let's make it 7:18, exactly as we look live at the blue route 476 northbound an accident involving this truck, you have got a trash truck, you have got fuel on the roadway, northbound lanes of 476, approaching norristown, and this is norristown interchange here. so this will impact everybody leaving the schuylkill trying to get up toward mid county interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike. accident eastbound on the schuylkill right here near girard causing a backup from city line on in. double shot here we have got some sun glare on the northbound ramps from 202 and then a accident bam around the curve here on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. so jammed upcoming into the city, leaving the city also backed up on the vine expressway across town from broad street over through the schuylkill expressway. little haze out there as well as we roll out of the driveway and south on i-95 backed up from cottman avenue in through the betsy ross, interchange,
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bridges looking good and mass transit no delays, mike and karen back over to you. let me tell but prince hard hoy made an appearance in canada. he kick off opening of the invictus games a lot of people were there for this. so he participated in several events. it is where he met his love right now, including the presentation of the duke of he had even bureau's international gold award. the award honor young people who take on projects related to personal development and community, involvement, prince harry founded the games in 2014 to motivate wounded soldiers during their recovery >> how about that. >> we have a related story, because his girlfriend was there at the game. >> megan markel. >> but they sat five or six row from his each other so we wouldn't know they were dating >> well, they are trying. >> just sit together. >> it is a fish bowl. >> wal-mart taking home delivery one step further,
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putting groceries in your fridge for you why you are not home. >> i think it is great. if you are a busy person and take one more thing off my list, i need to do, thank you, wal-mart a lot have you are disagreeing and they are letting me know on twitter. >> everybody go to karen's home. >> only if you can do things like clean up, feed the pets, gig i pigs. >> do you know what day it is, it is one hit wonder day. >> ♪ >> that is a classic. >> can you tell me what that guy's name is. >> i should because we played it earlier but we don't know. >> karl douglas. >> karl douglas. >> are you sure. >> no. >> so, lot of people on twit ter are giving me examples >> look at those pants. >> favorite one hit wonder is. >> i got a couple, is what yours. >> i will play it for new a matter of minutes. fran grenier.
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new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians
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like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier. unloading groceries into
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her kitchen while she's not there. >> you can do chores, sure. >> wal-mart will do. that lauren, let us know, what is this? has this started yet. >> it is a test. it will start in silicone veil wal-mart's saying we get it, people hate food shopping or they don't want to make time to food shop and they hate unpacking. the food that they do buy f you which most people are okay with. >> yeah. >> you don't to have put ate way. imagine a world where you come home there work and get dinner started because everything is right there. yeah, but this is where, i have two problems with this story. so, deliveries deliveries the company bringing food tour door for wal-mart. august home is the smart home company that is providing the pass code and the cameras, so when you are not there, you can see workers coming into your front door, and into your kitchen and put everything away. problem, these are two problems. problem number one is, it is a
7:25 am
stranger, even if you can see what they are doing thinks your personal, private space. problem number two what if they put peanut butter in the wrong spot how will you find it. >> i think bigger problem is all of the cold food. i do delivery because i work and crazy and order same stuffy want to make sure my meats don't go bad. i need them to put me meats, milk and all those things in the refrigerator because we don't want to way that money. i don't think anybody is worried about the cereals. >> i have use key pad from giant, fresh direct, i will use amazon has great won, everyone will deliver i have used them but they drop it on me counter and turf put ate way. >> yes. >> if you are not home then my cold stuff would go bad. >> i don't. >> karen, you are in to this service. you will let this stranger wal-mart worker come into your home. >> yes, this is not that much
7:26 am
to steel. >> first personally met all morning to say that. so that is the first real me, wal-mart is on to something. some people will be into this. >> they are providing security camera when they are sitting in the barco lounger watching your television you can see them doing that eating my chips. >> your fantasy. >> pizza delivery guy. >> the other issue is. >> young strapping man. from wal-mart. >> in our case we work so early we leave the home first. so if you live with other people, a significant other, a child, and you forgot to tell them delivery person is coming today what if they leave stuff out. >> exactly. >> like money. >> she one time sold her how the and her husband didn't know and he was in his underwear when he answered the door. >> realtor came. thank you. >> wait, really. >> true story. >> i will tell you tomorrow. >> wal-mart is going not only one doing this if you have a w a in the first part of your business, wawa is also going
7:27 am
to start delivering. >> they won't put tonight your refrigerator but they will bring you a hoagie whatever you want, whatever is happening. >> they will chew your food for you. >> yes. >> stop. >> it is only for babies. >> no, no, birds do it. i'll chew your bagel right now >> who was actress that did that for her children's food, little babies. >> was it the girl from clue less. >> alycia silverstone. >> i used to know her. it is a great story.
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it is 7:30. nfl, some players, some owners , lashing out at president trump after profanity and name calling saying they should be fired. >> lets talk about relationship. wand. we cannot fix our significant other. so what are we moaning, groaning about. it is different if you are a man or a woman. but what we would change about our partners. >> yep, we found this research that says that there are six things that woman would change about their husband and four things i believe it was that men would change about their wife's. so start guessing on twitter what do you think was number the number one thing a woman would change about a woman and man would change about a woman
7:31 am
i guessed correctly. now, that is what they really want. >> yes. >> hi, sue. >> bus stop buddy is one person who never changes and we're glad. he is perpetually eight years old and will stay that way. we changed him a little bit because we have put phillies p on his shirt. of course, we know what happened with the eagles. so exciting. our hail mary field goal at the even. mild start to the day, sunshine out there. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. all you need is that short sleeve shirt. 69 degrees right now. 90 percent relative humidity. maria spinning off california coast. we have no cloud or rain from that storm, just yet, and i'll tell what you we're expecting coming up. we're expecting 90 today. hot and humid. record is 92. we could get kind of close. >> close, close, close. good morning everybody.
7:32 am
as we say hello to the accident, just clearing out of the way, three cheers for fire fighters there. this is northbound lanes of route one, right here near route 213 mapel avenue, just took care of the crash and things should start to move quicker now. thirty-eight minutes and two jelly doughnuts to make tonight to downtown. eastbound schuylkill heavy from king of prussia all the way into downtown. we have had a couple accidents , sun glare on the left there that is your sun glare coming out of the king of prussia, coming around the curve on the right there is an accident at route 202 interchange. we will slide on over to the blue route northbound a truck accident involving a trash truck and box truck at norristown interchange and that is causing big delays that begin around the schuylkill expressway and head north up to mid county interchange and fuel spill at lower state and bristol road, mike, back over to you. listen to this... >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when
7:33 am
somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that son of a bleep off the field out, he is fired >> well, nobody got fired it didn't seem like president trump speaking out against nfl players protesting during the national anthem on sundays. dozens of nfl sunday participating in a show of solidarity, some nfl players locked arms or refused to stand for the national anthem taking a knee, supporting the movement, colin kaepernick started i guess you can say protesting racial and social in justice. well, in chicago i noticed something interesting, offensive tackle alexandria villa nova stood call even though his teammates remained in the locker room. that was their decision. he was an armer ranger who served three tours, and awarded a bronze star for valor. he stood outside the tunnel,
7:34 am
with his hand over his heart. steelers coach mike tomlin also stepped out to stand during the national anthem. lets talk about this everybody has an opinion including chad, good to see you again. >> good morning. >> dom giordano a guy you know very, very well. good morning, dom. >> good morning to you mike. >> yesterday on social media, i was watching the game. some friends didn't want to watch. some folks said i'm not watching i'm boycotting the nfl because i don't think these players are patriotic. others people say i'm boycott the nfl because, trump said that players should be fired, for their first amendment right, free speech. so, who watched the game. is there so many people that said though weren't going to watch. i don't know if that came true or not. dom, we will start with you. it seemed like there were some protests, protesting the right to protest. >> well, exactly: i think
7:35 am
this is more important. people are saying why would president trump be engaged. first of all profanity is wrong. other than that, this is an issue that people care deeply about. what i think is happening with the nfl people here will watch the eagles but they may not watch the sunday or monday night game or as much of it because the numbers are down, and this is going to exacerbate this, around the edges with the nfl. now that the battle is joined here i don't think this is a losing political issue for the president, the losing part was the profanity. >> okay, so what about the players taking the knee what is your take on that. >> i don't think they ought to do that, mike. i call upon sports media to figure out what are they doing are they dealing with kaepernick who was ain't cop, malcolm jenkins does ant peer to be that way but what is exactly the issue f they take a knee but you have players seated during national anthem and you had, lesean mccoy who
7:36 am
played here with the eagles stretching out and moving all around during it. >> yeah. >> if you take a knee that could be done respectfully. issue is not first amendment. the issue is does the league as part of employment think this is okay and that is where i think the debate is. >> chad, what are we protesting at this point? are we siding with colin kaepernick? are we begins the president for his commentness alabama? >> i think there is several things here. let me first say that dom, i don't think colin kaepernick is anti cop. what he was doing was exercising his right to bring attention to this notion of some police officers killing black and brown people unarmed , and in our democracy, and getting off with immunity. secondly this question have patriotism is something we have to stop looking at patriotism through lens of the whiteness. patriotism means several things to several people. all of the individual who are engaged in this protest have that right but they have family members who served in
7:37 am
the armed services. they do respect police officers. we're talking about 1600, over 1600 players in the nfl and 200 protested yesterday. it is two fold in the sense some were supporting colin kaepernick and others were unified against the president of the united states. i wish some of these owners, general managers and coaches in the nfl would be vocal just like greg popowitch was. we keep talking about signs, symbols. we keep talking about national anthem and flag. we keep talking about these things but we are not talking about these brown and black bodies losing their lives by some police officers. >> who does term what is patriotic. >> i didn't call the players unpatriotic, mike. that is in the eye of the beholder. i will not go down that camp. i want to start with that. he have is anti cop. he was wearing pig socks. i believe he is not an articulate guy. did he this out of his to put it mildly and i just want to
7:38 am
know is that what players support. i agree with chad. we have talk before, with you mike about certain cases where police were wrong. they shut get severe punishment. i see kaepernick and message of the others thinks a narrative. this is what cops are doing. great number of them anyhow. there is no objective fact that. we ought to be debate ago this >> that is not what he is saying because he also stood out of new york city parole office, and provided suits for individual who were coming off of, coming out of prison and entering into society. one of the challenges is once again individual are saying flag and anthem mean one thing n theory, it should mean same thing in practice. we don't say anything when they will not stopped for national anthem. this notion of patriotism is veiled with racism. my dad for instance served in vietnam for two tours. he was a decorated veteran for 27 years in the arms services. when we raised up, when we grew up, he told us no to the
7:39 am
get into indoctrination. we never pledged allegiance to the flag. we never say anything about the national anthem. but we respect america. similar to martin luther king. >> i remember with the players staying in the locker room. >> if the players want to stay in the locker room that is fine. >> but they didn't. >> you saw jersey sales of this guy for pittsburgh steel hers played with the eagles they are number one on the steelers and they are out there. >> and he has that right but reality is, pay patriotism cannot be seen through the lens if you don't stand up to the national anthem and solute the flag you are not patriotic >> chad, isn't it, better then to get to the locker room stay in the locker room. i agree. >> no, i will not sensor their bodies they can do what they want to do. >> what you are doggies hijack ing this moment that other people feel is solid thankful half of the people that go to these events are in the concession stand. >> they are more ons too. when i go down the shore my wife is one of the most peaceful people in wildwood
7:40 am
they play at 11:00 o'clock every morning the national anthem. anybody who keeps walking is an idiot or whatever she gives them the stink eye or worse and she's not that type of the person. don't do it during national anthem. >> one owner or one general manager or one coach to speak out about black and brown bodies, in america, that are being killed by some police officer. >> just real quickly here, can we just play football what do you say to that, dom. >> i think that is what people are saying. they think this is inappropriate moment to do it during national anthem, and if athletes want to protest they have multiple vehicles, malcolm jenkins and guys like that are doing good stuff in the community. i agree with. >> he is putting up a fist and protesting. issue is colin kaepernick introduced injustice into everyone's pennsylvania time and that is what they are upset about. >> our fans, people that watch the show are weighing in too. real quickly here, just two examples of the tweets. sports fans should never conn down players that do not stand proud for their national anthem or their country, nfl should change the policy.
7:41 am
and, through go, what was the other one i had. i gave you two. do you have other one. you cannot put up one side without the other. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good quick break week right back. [rooster crow] honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions. this september, get one of three breakfast items free
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when you order with the chick-fil-a one app. watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing.
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maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
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it feels like summertime even though it is officially fall and runners and bikers out there we had a whole bunch here comes another biker. get ready. you can see rowers in the back and this guy coming around the curve. >> yes, coming around the curve, there you go at lee he has his helmet on there roars in the background good morning , 7:44. we have a problem in chalfont overturned tractor trailer, it was, carrying a thousand gallons of home heating fuel, and it is all in chalfont, at lower state road and bristol road, and, so major jam in this area, montgomery county, warrington, chalfont, horsham area, lower state and bristol road, the spot you want to avoid and of course kid will to have go on a detour on the school bus this morning. here's a live look at an
7:45 am
accident northbound lanes of the blue route, 476, approaching, mid county tolls, that one also with a fuel spill and half an hour here on the clock, eastbound on the schuylkill, slow from conshohocken through girard, and we have some sun glare on the ramps of 202 to the schuylkill and a accident. right here it looks like just finished wrapping up there officer getting in his car that ace live look there in king of prussia and then again that accident on the blue route causing big delays, for folks trying to get up to mid county. how long will sun hang out. sue has the answer in 15. 7:45. we have a phillies game in fact. their last six games of the season, starts tonight with the series against the nationals, still warm, coming off a high of 90 degrees.
7:46 am
eighty-six. humid night tonight. so yeah, kind of a bad hair day today, continuing into this evening. ninety today. eighty-five tomorrow. eighty-six on wednesday, and then it starts to feel a little bit more like fall as we get in the weekend. the high of 69 degrees on saturday. seventy-one on sunday. karen and mike. >> hey, it is, good. it is great. but the game was more about, just that, kick. right. lets break down this game. are eagles good?
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
ball's up, the kick is away and the kick is, good. >> wow. >> it goodies. the eagles win. >> yes, merill and mike, it was good. not just good, it was great. >> yes. >> but it was more than just that kick, wasn't it? it was more than just the kick matt lombard owe predict the score by, you missed it by one point and g. cobb is here, he also predicted an eagles win. this is what was promised by our coach. he was up and running. he went to the running game.
7:50 am
it was about 50/50, g. >> it was about 50/50 but big thing they got it going with all of the backs. lagarrette blount started things off with a blast up the middle. running over people like a machine, and then they got smallwood, he got involved. corry clement got in there and got some runs. >> he got a touchdown. >> they got that running game going to take pressure off of carson wentz. they had a balanced attack. it will help them going forward. they had confidence. they said that doug pederson told them look we are running the ball on these guys and they went out and they did it. >> would you agree, matt. >> i think yesterday was a defining moment for carson wentz in his career. lou back to last season. he was one and seven in one score games. yesterday afternoon it wasn't just drive with corry clement for touchdown. that tied the game. then he had another fourth quarter drive and that huge throw that 19-yard gain toal shan jeffery between two defenders, that is a throw
7:51 am
carson wentz had not made in the past. that is a moment he had not taken in the past. if he is a franchise quarterback yesterday was type of the game and yesterday's fourth quarter was type of fourth quarter that he need to put together consistently. he really showed me something yesterday. those final four quarter drives i think are type of the moves to elevate him as a franchise quarterback and puttying also in the position to be considered a legitimate team. >> i put some graphics together for this segment, and expensive graphics, okay. >> okay. >> do you see this 61-yard field goal. >> that is a long way. >> amazing. >> turn it upside down, it would be 19 percent of the people thought it would go through. no, 1.9 percent of the people in that stadium thought would it go through. gary, look in my eyes. >> there was no way i thought that would go through. >> i was surprised that they did that field goal there. he missed 53 yarder. he had plenty of lug. credit doug pederson for
7:52 am
having confidence to kick it. he thought he would be good from the 35-yard line, eagles kick 61 yarder from the 46. jake elliott basically said, i lobbied for the kick. i talked to doug pederson. he went over there, and he wanted that kick. >> the kid was just totally shocked. he thought he would get cut, if he didn't make that kick because he had missed the other won. chances are he would be looking for a job today if he hadn't made that kick. >> so now what happens when caleb sturgis gets well. >> i think elliott has to be kicker. he wasn't on this roster two weeks ago. he was a fifth round rookie. he had a rough start last week when andy reidized him and missed the field goal. missed one yesterday. came back hit the 30 yard and hit 61 yarder. it is tough in my opinion to let a kid go after making a kick like. that we will see what happens when sturgis gets healthy but you might have a competition.
7:53 am
>> real quick, if he doesn't kick that and go in the overtime and eagles lose, is what the headline, gary. >> they blow another one. >> doug pederson's foolish decisions on fourth down cost them. >> that fourth and eight wasn't the smartest move but he is one who put ball in the ground and pound that had ball i will give him credit for that. >> okay. >> is this team good. >> i think that defensive line and i think running game going now, this team is getting better and better. >> you have a balanced owe even if. front seven is one of the best in football. you are two and zero in division play. you have to be considered one of the favorites to win the nfce to go to the playoffs. >> they are heading to chargers where parking cost a hundred dollars per car. >> they have to get healthy. >> that is for sure. >> especially the safeties. back after two minutes. p://>[a5df]
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
this is my next car. i decided to buy a car. >> let's see it it is part car >> no. >> and it is a hot tub. >> oh, no. >> look at the leather. that has to ruin the seats. >> oh, please is that what you are thinking of. >> his name is column own furs , not firth. that is a bmw, folks, it is a hot tub. he has a leaf blower there that makes the bubbles. there is a barbecue grill in the trunk, astroturf on the exterior. so colin had to ride the car to keep water inside and re enforce the frame to deal with the extra weight of all of the water. sure, it is i am practice but who cares. the whole thing is sponsored by google. now look at that i like outside, astroturf on the outside. >> do you like that. >> yeah, for people with money to blow. most just dream of having a
7:58 am
bmw in the first place. >> and then ruin it with water going through air conditioning >> i have seen that koran jay leno's show on cnbc, jay leno 's garage. he drove one of those. so friday, i'm walking with jl, my trainer, yes, believe it or not, i have a trainer. >> yes. >> that is the news. >> so i meet her, and i go god i'm tired. i talk her into not going to the gym.& >> no, no. >> she said okay. >> that is her job. >> if you are not going to the gym we will go shopping. she drug me over to like under arm or. i blew a thousand dollars on exercis clothes that i will never use. anyway on the way over there i'm walking by that new comcast building. >> yes. >> and what sit 50 stories or something. >> yes. >> it is huge. they have a crane that sticks out of the top. they have this yellow basket and construction workers come
7:59 am
down. role this footage. two construction workers are in that thing. it is just a cage. it is coming down 50 stories. i shot this isn't that beautifully shot. >> i have my cell phone. >> we had to edit out my curse word. >> thanks for that perspective shot to come down the side. what are they using in lieu of the elevator. >> here's the thing. >> thanks. >> that was great shooting. >> yes. >> this is what i want. is there anyway i could ride in that thing. i'll sign all sorts of papers. i will not sue the construction company or nbc or comcast or whatever. i just want to ride in that sucker. fifty stories out in the cage. isn't that fun. >> no, that is not fun. >> you go with me. >> that is what, alex will be back tomorrow. >> that building will be 1200 feet.
8:00 am
>> that would be a ride, sue. good day, everybody it is monday, september 25th. now, that was some football drama. >> the kick is, good. the eagles win, over the giants, but with the pig skin came some politics, solidarity after president trump's controversial comments. >> wouldn't love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that son of a bleep off the field right now, he is out he is fired. >> what happened in stadium across the country when the flag was unfurled. not reaching, upset by conflicts with police during traffic stops a local woman comes up with a possible, brilliant solution. >> what is it that makes police officers nervous during traffic stops. you say reaching.
8:01 am
>> reporter: how concern for her own sons inspired her to promote understanding and safety. wawa at your front door if you are craving a short i but feeling lazy, you are in luck, you can get one without ever leaving your home. oh, baby kardashian/jenner clan getting bigger, inside dish about kylie jenner's pregnant i news. >> oh, no not another one. >> there is another kardashian who is the dad? he is rapper guy, travis. >> yes. >> what did you say. >> travis. >> i am so out of the loopy thought it was tyga. >> look at me i can have sex and get pregnant. >> wow. >> yes. >> lets go over to sue serio. >> i know her. >> we got to 90 degrees yesterday, we will go back to 90 today but today will be
8:02 am
more humid. sticky, bad hair day, nine instead of the 10 but still feels like summer. temperatures starting off in the 60's and zero seven's bus stop buddy, is all you need at bus stop for little won who have not gone just yet. 71 degrees in philadelphia with 90 percent relative humidity. not too much breeze out there. there is hurricane maria, we got 8:00 o'clock update. it has weakened but still a hurricane. we don't have any included from mallia rhea just yet. we will tell which that happened. the high for today is 92. that was setback in 1970. we will see if people get close to that this afternoon. regardless you will need air conditioning throughout the day-to-day. we will tell you when sweater weather returns coming up in just a few minutes on that seven day forecast. bob kelly, how sit looking. >> we've got some problems in chalfont we have a tractor trailer, involved in an accident that spilled about a thousand gallons of home
8:03 am
heating fuel right at a busy intersecion here, where chalfont and horsham all come together. lower state road, bristol road , and then county line road. that triangle right there, where north wales and warrington all kind of come together. expect some huge delays, and detours in and around of the neighborhood this morning. even school buses are on a de tour, south on i-95, stacked up approaching cottman into girard avenue. possible sun glare delays out there as well coming back from the shore, gang down there for a nice weekend or maybe irish weekend jammed up on the freeway and 55 all coming together to head toward walt whitman bridge. tonight and tomorrow night, they are closing the burlington bristol bridge to vehicle traffic from 9:00 tonight into 5:00 o'clock tomorrow. notice signs a blinking tacony palmyra or turnpike connection bridge would be the two best bets, mike and karen, back to you. we have to get to this chester county, police in
8:04 am
north coventry township are investigating a shooting and possible home invasion, it happened around 11:30 last night, at ash wood apartment on worth boulevard. details to come. and then a pilot, and, and officials say he got and who control and slammed in the tree, in somebody's front yard may have hit the house too. just missed the house, in whitpain township. >> we just taken off from the wings field, in case you don't know where that is, a small airport in the blue bell area, montgomery county, a quarter mile away. you can see with the daylight coming up the scene right there. the neighbors are amazing. they heard the crash. they ran out. they saw him in distress they were unable to untank that will pilot from his seat. he was taken to the hospital. ntsb will be investigating exactly what happened later today on that one, what the cause was. we may have another teachers strike. >> it could happen, lot of
8:05 am
different districts are discussing. they have contract negotiations. we are showing you what is happening at conestoga high school an te school district tredyffrin east town. they have a big board meeting tonight a head of the board meeting teachers will be picketing. this is not a strike now. kid do have school but teachers want to put everybody on notice that they are not happy that they are not further with the negotiations so picket will be at have 30:00 tonight outside high school, conestoga high school. teachers have not had a contract since july and they say the district ties slow to negotiate. >> do you want to see it again >> yes. >> do you want to see it again >> i can see it 40 more times. >> after blowing a two touchdown lead in the fourth quarter, the giants scored, the giants scored 21 points in five minutes. then we come back. we come back with the running game. it is nifty passing here. >> we only had time for two more plays anal shan gets it. >> one second left on the
8:06 am
clock, you just know way he will get it through. 61-yard and just squeezes in. >> jake elliott is the name that we have all learned. >> yes, but again in the prompter it is josh elliott. it is because our writers are all women and they think that this josh elliott guy, who i have met. >> very attractive man. >> yes he worked for a number of different networks. >> he cannot keep a job. he is married to thatly cho. >> they had a big scandal. >> she was married to somebody else. >> they started to work together. >> yes. >> get out of here. >> that is what happens when you are close like this. >> yeah, sure. >> anyway, now they are married he and liz. josh is very attractive. our writers keep putting josh in the prompter because they find him attractive. i say jake elliott is also fairly attractive. >> he is cute and talented now and basically the here's of
8:07 am
our entire city. he is only rook toy skier that long a field goal ever. >> what are you telling me it is a record for eagles, any rookie and one of the top seven for field goals in the entire history of the nfl, hoy about that. >> anyway, were that even happened, we were talking politics more than pig skin. >> a lot of political football , with the president, comments about step curry who was going to the white house and what football players should be doing and protests. then come sunday the entire nfl was taking some action. so lets talk about specifically what happened at the link because our players, it was interesting to go see our players and our coaches and teams owners all came together. >> it seems to me we have eaten up all of the stuff you were going to say, lauren so what do you got. >> reporter: here's what i will tell you. people say good idea, bad location out here at the link or eagles had their home opener yesterday some fans just say football not the time& or place to address race,
8:08 am
politics or injustice but team felt differently and responded in their own way. >> ♪ rockets red glare >> you see him there team owner jeffery lurie standing with his players arms locked a few players held their right fist in the eras those players the president targeted on friday in a speech, in alabama at a rally using very strong choice word for them saying owners should fire them but lu rie knows his players, talked to his players and supports their wishes to express themselves on and off outside the stadium mixed reviews from eagles fans some saying the president is polarizing and players have their rights, others who say football and politics should have never mixed. >> that was great, sign of unity. and, it is great that we're together as a team a lot of
8:09 am
self things going on. they need more unity today. to me, i think it was a good idea to do that. >> everybody is making a statement. trying to get people active and think about things other than football. what is going on in your country effectses you more than just football. >> it comes to unity. we're one nation. we are eagles fans, cowboys fans, giants fans, redskins fans we are all one nation and we should respect our nation. >> reporter: most stadiums on sunday morning fans wait todd see how players, teams would respond to the harsh criticism from the president when the flag was unveiled at the link. eagles and giants players joined arms in solidarity. michael kendricks left late so he was missing from the sidelines but we saw malcolm jenkins, torey smith and malcolm jenkins hold their fist high. the big question is where do we go from here mike and karen the president has spoken. the team, the players have responded. the fans are speaking out. but what change will we see in
8:10 am
the world now? that is what we have to ask ourselves. >> that is a huge question, lauren johnson, and you ask it of the wrong man. i don't know. >> at least we are having discussion. you know is what happening we are having a discussion and people feel uncomfortable having about race, politics and what it all means. >> interesting to go see what the ratings were for yesterday 's games. they say ratings are down in the nfl. we will see. >> so, students with puerto rico is that the name of the organization. >> no, university of pennsylvania there is a lot of students from all over different schools but specifically there that have ties to puerto rico they are from there and they are from there and we have to do something. they saw what happened with marie a they said lets how those people impacted. they have major fundraisers going on right now, pretty prout of them and their work. >> are they from the university of pennsylvania. the won we're talking to do, okay.
8:11 am
upset by conflicts was police, a local woman i just met her, comes up with a possible solution, how could her concern for her own son inspired her to promote understanding and safety. you will see her invention. she brought witt her.
8:12 am
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eagles didn't have the most, i don't know, is what more impressive, that, or that to win the game when you are behind, 19-15, penn state over iowa, on iowa's home field. that was impressive. impressive that was clutch. iowa going crazy. they are stunned. >> they are stunned. >> well, it is impressive. >> what do you think, bob. >> i think we have this fuel spill here, thinks in chalfont , chalfont, lower state road, just off of bristol road, a thousand gallons of home heating fuel all over the roadway here warrington, montgomery county. we will zoom in. it is that intersection where 152 lower state and county
8:15 am
line all come together, north wales, warrington, even the school busies on a due tore this morning. that is a hot mess with the clean up underway, there in chalfont. live lot the blue route they have just cleared out this accident northbound approaching mid county, eastbound on the schuylkill about 35 minutes on the clock we have got sun glare coming around your curve. also delays from girard into downtown, southbound i-95 we are heavy from cottman to girard. lots of sun glare. forecast for today, sue has got tonight 152nd. 8:00 o'clock update has maria weakening still a hurricane but barely with 75 miles an hour winds and may be a tropical storm before the end of the day as it moves into cooler waters. it is 335 miles south/southe
8:16 am
of cape hatteras in north carolina. through can see the storm and projected path which puts it away from frustrates but getting very close to north carolina by wednesday, especially, next week so they will feel tropical storm force wind for sure. tropical storm watch is already up for outer banks and rest of the north carolina coast most of it anyway. 71 degrees in philadelphia we're heading to 90 again today. we got to 90 yesterday but we will not have a heat wave because we will be in the 80's , cloud for maria will be around on tuesday and wednesday. and then by the weekend the last day of september, it is saturday and it will finally feel like fall with the high close to 70 degrees. mike and karen. >> all right, what happened during a traffic stop by police officers can mean the difference between life and death, for everyone, involved in the stop, the death of minnesota tourist philando
8:17 am
castille in 2016 spirit a local woman to act, she never wanted this type of thing to happen again. >> i have a firearm. >> don't reach for it. >> don't pull it out. >> don't pull it out. >> don't pull it out. don't move. >> don't pull it out, he wasn't is what the girlfriend said. it is hard to watch that overs found not guilty of all counts , having convinced the jury he was in fear for his life. he is no longer with that department. so what happens in this critical seconds. what do you reach for? what do you grab. we are seeing jackie carter joined by her husband wayne. you thought of a interesting idea. we are suggested by sergeant roger. thanks for all coming in. >> from coatsville. >> correct. >> wha is your relationship to coatsville.& >> i lived in coatsville for 52 years and we relocated to alexandria. >> okay.
8:18 am
>> what is the name of this thing that you have invented. >> it is called not reaching. samely not reaching. >> so you don't to have reach for registration, driver's license, nothing like that. >> which is normally in the glove box our wallet or whatever. >> yes. >> so what exactly sit, hold it still. >> it is a pouch that has a magnet to the back and magnet, that clips to your. on the driver's side air vent you have your license, registration and insurance card. it comes off. if a officer, not a cop, if an officer comes tour car window and ask for these documents, officer i'm not reaching here it is. >> sim idea. >> very simple. >> but brilliant at the same time. >> very brilliant. >> real quickly to you, have you ever been pulled over. >> yes, i was glad i had that because we just moved to virginia. i was in the d.c. area i was
8:19 am
lost. so i put my, i was pulled over put my address and gps. i forgot to turn my lights on. a cop got behind me and stopped me. i was able to produce my information and everything because i'm a little nervous because i'm in a new area. i was able to produce my information easily. he looked at my license, no problem, he was comfortable, i was and he let me move on. >> no ticket. >> no ticket. >> i got pulled over the other night and you do get, nervous. it is better to have it right there. >> sergeant from coatsville you think this is a great idea and your department started to use it. what is happening with that. >> jackie reached out to us a few months ago and no pun intended and asked that we take a look at this product. we have had a conversation. i have known jackie a number of years now and her husband. i said i will take a look at it. i spoke to other officers, got their input and said why not make ate veilable.
8:20 am
as an officer when we can see an operator's hands and the hands of those within the vehicle it is just better for everybody. we gave it a try. in a short period of time we have already distributed over 30, we have both come to our station and requested them. >> where can everybody else get them. >> we have a web site call www ww not reaching to the come. they can go on and we will send them out what we want to do is donate them to police departments. we are asking people to donate money so we can mass produce these and send them out. >> personally why is this so important to you. >> it all happened with my son , justin. he was in the military. they were coming back from wichita falls texas into dallas. four of them in a car. he calls me late at night and said mom, the cops stopped us. it is a dark road. he is nervous. i said you know what put your hands where they can see you,
8:21 am
see them, put the phone down and call me. for 10 minutes i'm constantly praying. he calls me, he is fine but that just started the process. then we we started to have other incidents i said to my husband i want one little thing that could help. i woke up one morning with he as high witness and said i got it, it is not reaching. >> not reaching. >> it is sad that we have come to this, but especially after african-american women are men to be scared to be pulled over maybe this will help, sergeant >> i hope so. it certainly started the conversation. there may be folks that don't want this in their car but at lee now they are thinking about possible consequence. i tell everybody the same thing i tell my kid follow the rules on the road, make good choices. if you are pulled over put your hand at 10 and two. listen to the officer's command and everybody gets to drive off safe. >> not that you want to blame
8:22 am
victim here, victims have to take control of the situation, by put ago this on their dashboard or their vent you know what i'm saying. >> you get a lot of people saying okay, that it came to this and okay, now that it is at this point, what can we do to make it better. that is what we're looking at. we are not blaming the cops, we are not blaming the drivers we are saying we can do right new to make it better. >> it is a great idea, simple solution easy that taste it right there at your fingertips and put hand there and say officer, take it yourself. i don't to have move. >> i don't know it takes all of the stuff out on it. a discussion has to be had in this country. people are concerned about having their stuff right there my husband and i. we take it, put tonight our, center console at night and put it back on. i put one on my side when i'm driving. >> it is like you have to train yourself just like
8:23 am
pitting your seat belt on. yes. >> they 9.99. however, i'm asking people to donate so that the police department will have them to give out for free. >> yes. >> sure does. >> yes, that is great. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> simple idea, it is great. >> thank you. think before you type. i wish i would have known. that two local sisters witness cyber bullying, one too many times so they got together to make a difference and now they are being recognized nationally, the big honor they just got.
8:24 am
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oand freedoms that we have and we enjoy today.s ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
8:26 am
we told you wal-mart may start to deliver food. >> um-hmm. >> wawa is partnering with grub hub, you know them to deliver hoagies, to your door. the service will be available at two philadelphia locations, and two philly suburbs. it includes, 21st and hamilton streets in fairmount, oh, i don't know about that one and
8:27 am
academy road and grant avenue in the north east but not that one thaw are looking at, wawa says that they plan to expand the service, to that one on broad street, and walnut in the near future. hey megan is it more than just hoagies or is that just it? >> i think it is anything at wawa. >> even better. >> yes. >> it is not just a sandwich. >> chile, that is great, i love that one. >> yes. >> i was at puerto rican day parade yesterday and so many people were saying on twitter, well, should we parade and then forget about the hurricane? no, we combine the two. then we ran into a group of university of pennsylvania students, they vowed to help those impacted by hurricane maria. how a simple idea to raise money is spread ago cross the country, thanks to them. philly strikes again i love it fran grenier.
8:28 am
new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet.
8:29 am
that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier. t comes to cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia.
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8:31 am
i can't wait for this segment we will do it at the top of the nine. >> what is it. >> we found a survey saying what would you change about your husband. >> i have a whole list. >> we asked wife's, well, and then we asked husband what would you change burr wife's. >> um-hmm. >> so we put together the information, and guess what you think is number one thing each one wanted to change about the other. >> i just took a look at this list and the men, number one, five, three all of the same thing and fyi. they are different word for the same darn thing. >> okay. >> and also, we're gearing up for another season of crime, chaos and pursuit of fame. we're talking empire season four premiere, thank goodness on wednesday. >> you know what? >> what. >> they have a new person on the show. >> i heard a rumor. >> it is rumor willis and her daddies in philadelphia for the next couple months. we will explain all that, sue well, they are filming a movie, they are sweating
8:32 am
outside last couple of days because it is a hot, humid weather pattern we are still in left over from the weekend and bus stop buddy, the little one still he going to the bus. short sleeve shirt is fine. we have eagles hat on, phillies won yesterday too. temperatures, just to start out are in the 60's and 70's. it is 71 in the city. 90 percent relative humidity. we are looking at sunshine. looking at maria off the carolina coast right now, whether we are going to get any effect from his that remains to be seen. just cloud over next couple of days but today bright sunshine the record for this date, record high is 92 degrees from 1970. we will come close with a high of 90. bob kelly, turn on the air conditioning. >> you got it. definitely need ac and clean up crew. this is a live look from our news van in chalfont where an accident involving this tractor trailer has spilled a thousand gallons of home heating fuel all over the roadway. what we're seeing here are the
8:33 am
guys trying to hook up the hoses to hand off load is what left of the tanker. it looks like he smack in the concrete divider. this is in chalfont at lower state road, right at bristol road, and again. they have a thousand gallons a lot of clean up underway. they have a hazmat crew on the scene. if we can come back to the maps to give you an idea right here warrington, montgomery county, chalfont, horsham, all impacted, right at that busy intersection where 152 county line and lower state all come together. so expect delays. i know school buses have you going on detour so kid could be late for class this morning as you roll through chalfont. mike and karen back over to you. yesterday before the eagles game i park myself at 22nd and ben franklin parkway because it was puerto rican day parade. kind of hot but a lot of people turned out. it was bitter sweet though.
8:34 am
we're trying to celebrate everybody was but then everybody haddon their mind maria the horrible hurricane that has devastated puerto rico. i mean they don't have power, there is hardly any water. >> they were saying clean up will take probably months not days. >> and it is a dam that is with to burst, 70,000 people back. so many people along the parade route yesterday said what can we do. they had buckets l taking monday. well, what can we do. well, three young people from puerto rico who go to penn stepped up. welcome, jose is here. andre a is here. is that okay. >> good. >> and gust taff owe is here as well. two juniors and a senior. >> yes. >> good morning, gang. >> you started something at penn that has spread to 75 campuses, colleges all around our country. >> basically go fund me trying to raise money for puerto rico >> exactly, yes. >> before you get into that did you grow up there.
8:35 am
>> yes, we all grew up in puerto rico. >> tell me burr family. >> they are fine, thank god. >> who are we talking about how many members of your family. >> my uncles, my parents, of course, my grandparents and all of the extended family what about you. >> basically everyone except my parents and sister who live in atlanta, georgia as of last year. >> so many other people. >> my cousin, his infant daughter and his wife who their whole how this he were missing for like two days. it was terrifying. >> how is communication going. how are you getting the word out. >> with the island communication is very rough. we are barely able to talk to them. it has been very difficult. >> tell us about your family. >> my mom's side mostly pretty much all of them are in puerto rico. i have been able to reach most of them. but there are a few in the san juan area those in the san juan area are easier to reach. >> basically easiest way to help them is money. >> yes.
8:36 am
>> instead of sending stuff down there, they need money. >> yes. >> where are you up to. >> we're up to $25,000. >> i think it just went to 26. >> close, we're only dollars away, so please, "good day philadelphia" viewers, go to this go fund me page. >> wow. >> do you have many people in your families that may leave given this tragedy. they said they cannot get any agriculture, there is no food, has your family talk about leaving or what will they do. >> we have heard from some of my family thinking that maybe they can leave. of course, no one wants to leave. no one wants to leave their home behind. but, conditions are getting so much more difficult, you know, it is not a question of choice >> it is hard to believe the video, i mean it is hard to recognize your country. >> yes, it is especially hard for us because we are seeing pictures of places we are used to go to. like our high school is
8:37 am
completely destroyed. it is just something that we cannot believe happened. >> puerto rico is already in a fiscal humanitarian and environmental crisis. that has been exacerbated by the hurricane. >> it is part of the u.s. we have got to help for sure. let's watch this, how do i get to the go fund me page again. >> just go to fund students with pr. >> students with pr. >> students with pr. >> lets try to watch this grow , we will keep an eye on that. >> it went over 26,000, nicely done. we will put a lincoln our web site so you can find it easily on fox and we will watch this continue to climb. it is helping our people. we have a huge community here 130,000 people from puerto rico. >> yes. >> here in the greater fail area we have lots of connections. >> we will keep an eye on it until 10:00 o'clock this morning, okay. >> let's go let's go. >> thank you all very much. >> thank you guys. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you started it and now it has spread to 75 campuses.
8:38 am
>> you know, jen has a pretty good gig out in los angeles. >> wait a minute. >> why is she with crusty the clown. >> i told her to blend in her blush, is that jen. we will explain this ey is facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: in honor of september being recovery month, we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible, but you need to know the signs. they can be hard to spot:
8:39 am
social withdrawal, financial problems, irritability. christie: if you see these signs occurring together or suddenly, you may have cause for concern. the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow. christie: call 844 reach nj or visit
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our jen fred is in los angeles this week and she was celebrating the 30th anniversary of the simpson's. >> all right. we're here at universal studios in hollywood. and one of the things we are doing out here is we are celebrating 30 years of the simpson and we really can't do that without the mayor of the springfield, crusty the clown. bart has been here. we have seen marge as well. one of the things we will do tonight is meet all of the actors that voice all of these
8:42 am
iconic characters. other thing we will do is eat some pizza and ride some ride. that is crusty land. it is all part of the fox's celebrating the show for every person who loves it. as you know kid love it. grown ups love it. comic book fans love it. its is an amazing iconic show. who knew that 30 years later, 30 seasons later, the simpson 's and everything craze that i they celebrate with still be going strong. you'll see more of my interviews later this week but for now i got some pizza to eat and ride to ride, see you guys. >> thanks, jen. pretty amazing. she has the best love. did you hear oh, baby kardashian clan is expanding again? so, who will be having another little baby now. that is a hint. we will break down pregnancy news.
8:43 am
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frenchmanor pocono mountains, getting ready for a warm day. not as hot as here but they will be in the 80's for today which is weird, for september. it is happening. hurricane maria is still a
8:46 am
hurricane but weakening. 75 miles an hour winds moving north at 7 miles an hour and then expect to move to the northe by about wednesday, it makes that right turn keeps ate way us from. we will still feel effects at the shore but high surf and dangerous rip currents. seventy-one in philadelphia, right now. sixty-six in the mountains. seventy in wilmington. seventy atlantic city. sixty-six to start your day in wildwood. ninety today. ninety yesterday. we are not expecting a heat wave because of some cloud, from maria, we will get in the mid 80's, tomorrow and wednesday, and then by thursday and especially on friday it starts to really feel like fall, saturday, is last day of september, and we will have a high close to 70 degrees, mike and karen. >> now, sue. >> yes. >> thanks, sue. >> you probably know this stuff. i'm out of the loop. i thought i was so in the loop with kardashians but this kylie jenner. >> she's the one with the
8:47 am
great lip stuff. >> she has a ton of money. she's 20 years old. now she's pregnant. see, i thought, hey carlos, this is why i love your show at 6:30, page six, all full of gossip. i need to watch this more closely. welcome to good day philadelphia kylie is 20. i still thought she was dating tyga. >> no, she has, they broke up in april but the bomb shell news that we wrote about on friday on page, she is , spreading it. she's been dating a new guy, travis scott who is a rapper. they started date nothing april. sources have confirmed to us she's at lee four months pregnant and she's starting a show. >> let me do my math. >> may, june, july where are we september. >> it is september. >> she got pregnant three or four weeks into this relation ship. >> if your mathis correct, it
8:48 am
appears show for sure but that is why it is so shocking because it is a new relationship. die will the first person that we necessity of of her dating in public was tyga, they were together a very long time. this new guy travis scott, she's pregnant. >> let me see if i got that right now, tyga has a child with blac chyna. >> yes, keeping up with the kardashian, yeah. >> has a child with blac chyna , who also has a -- >> and then rob. >> she started dating rob. she also has a child with rob. a lot to keep up with that family. >> well, they really don't have anything to do except, well, you know what i mean. >> here's the thing, sorry, i can't help you there but here's the thing, chris general, she's out at fashion week in milan and they asked her about the news that die will is pregnant.
8:49 am
she did in the deny it. she didn't confirm it. but usually if is there a rumor unsubstantiated kardashians are quick and will deny it. it is interest ago this this week is 10 year anniversary of their reality show too, but she did not deny that kyla is expecting. >> now, tell us about travis does he have a song that i know. >> well, travis, he is a rapper, one of the hottest wrappers out. he performs every where. he was initially linked to rihanna when he first came on the scene. rihanna would pop up at his shows. so that fueled rumors that they were dating and seeing each other but he is one of the hottest wrappers out, he and kylie. they have been seeing each other since, since april. >> yes. >> very public. >> yes. >> chris always said she wish she had more kid if they would make this much money. we have kylie and kim will have a baby at the same time just b they will have cousins that are close.
8:50 am
>> i would have more children if i knew they would make me money. >> what a lovely, legacy. >> yeah. >> through go. >> do we have time for the other one or not, megan. >> no. >> no. >> i'll tell you bit later. >> carlos, i love your show at 6:30 in the evening. >> thank you page six is what it is call. >> thanks, carlos. >> i want to hear more about this wal-mart is going to deliver groceries now. >> but once they get in the house. >> here's most important thing they will make sure your meats don't get hot and spoil, put them right in the refrigerator >> i hate when my meats get hottie want everything to get cold and go where it is supposed to go so nothing melts. less work. >> wal-mart taking care of my meat, thank you.
8:51 am
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okay. so, jerry seinfeld, you get on a train, right. >> yes you get on a airplane even though you are getting in the airplane and in the train but we say you get on the each this one guy said go get on the train. this guy gone on the train. >> he is holding on the to the windshield wiper there. >> this is in australia, as you can tell, someone is videotaping this guy. it is going 70 miles an hour. >> he is with very nicely dressed with something over his shoulder. >> they come in the station, he crawls along the carriage and initial one of the doors when it opens. he was arrested. >> i think he is a thrill seek er. they call this a phenomenon, train surfing. >> yes. >> they don't advice it by the way. >> i have seen that in other countries where they get on the roof, and they are keeping
8:55 am
their balance. it is horrifyingly dangerous. you know bruce willis was seen at rittenhouse square over weekend. >> isn't he shooting a movie. >> that is exactly right. >> so i, i asked, our producers, can you get any member of the willis family on our show today and they came up with rumor. >> wow, she's been doing everything. she has been on broadway, she's been doing shows, movies >> well, her career tops out today she's on "good day philadelphia", okay. we have done a survey karen that says there are serb things husbands want to change about their lives. >> yes, they want more affection. >> vice versa. >> we would like to you help around the house more. >> okay. >> start getting on twitter, tell us what you want to change burr husband. husbands tell me what you want to change about your wife's. be honest. no one will ever know.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:59 am
♪ >> babe world, i remember when this came out. by the way we're celebrating, national one hit wonder day. barbie girl was out in 1977 by a group called aqua. that was it. what did i say 96? 1977. 1997. that was it for them. i don't know where aqua is right now. hi lauren. >> what is up. >> what up. >> hey. >> by the way, megan, now that i have seen this dress you know where to go, the bride made. >> i have been, without power to my iphone all morning. >> really. >> keith got me this big
9:00 am
orange cable. >> did you not charge your phone last night before you went to bed. >> oh, i was out and didn't get back in time to charge my phone. >> do you want to talk more about that. >> no. >> all right. >> hi karen. >> good to see you. >> here's where we will cover here beside the one hit wonders and start weighing in is what your favorite one hit wonder. wal-mart taking home delivery one step further or further, i can't remember, putting groceries, they will deliver them to your house and not only that if you are not home they will shove tonight your refrigerator and your coverts. have your kid had to deal with cyber bullying. so many have. so, two sisters, from our area , have come up with a new idea, it is call think before you type. they are making a difference. they are doing such a good job you wouldn't believe big names out there to honor them and where they are going. >> hollywood celebrities. >> yes. >> lauren, i found out


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