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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 26, 2017 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> the battle is on, the nfl versus president trump, a war of words after 200 plus nfl players did some former protester in the national anthem taking a knee, staying in the locker room are just sitting down and what is totally disrespectful to the country and plague.
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that in disgrace were congressman, anthony weiner is headed to jail after being sentenced for the 1 16 sexting case with a 16-year-old girl. and the devastation in puerto rico that is left millions of that power, what will it mean for the weather in our region? that in your sports and headlines, i'm bill spadea and this is chasing news, let's start with the nfl, another case of politics colliding with entertainment were more than 200 nfl players decided to protest the national anthem, in some cases almost an entire team stayed in the locker room. brian has the full story. >> the united states have tens of thousands of people suffering from multiple here keynes, a looming nuclear showdown with north korea in an opiate epidemic, and an issue the president millions of americans are debating, should nfl players neil during the national anthem?
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>> when she loved to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects her flight to say get that son of a -- off the field right now. he's fired. >> 's trumps tweets implored nfl owners to fire any player who kneels to protest civil rights issues in the anthem. it inspired many more players to do just that, to neil. some didn't come out and nearly all the less rest locked arm to protest what they called the president trump infringement on their right to free speech. >> the democratic candidate for governor phil murthy appeared with shaquille o'neal at a pep rally, afterward shack ignored questions about the national anthem controversy. >> no thoughts at all?
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>> colin kaepernick neil to protest the killings of african-americans at the hands of police. he became a prius and is out of the league. many people say it's because of the stance he took, now trump is badgering the owners who pushed him out of the leak for doing the opposite, what he calls a lack of patriotism and respect. >> i have no idea why he's getting in the middle of that like other things. i take my hat off to the players who stood tall and exercise their first amendment rights. >> this controversy i maybe the only thing we can agree on, aside of how divided this country has become on many issues. >> thanks brian. it's bringing former nfl player jack brewer. we talked to him last week. he played for the giants, eagles, vikings, cardinals. let me ask you, as a black man
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do these protesters speak for you? >> i think this debate needs to happen in this country. as a black man obviously i'm aware and i try to stay out front of these issues. i don't always do the american flag as my vehicle for protests. i probably got the community and talk to kids and allow the nfl players the same. the men are community leaders, fathers, sons. >> as a player, you been around the league, what would've you done? specifically what happened in pittsburgh because they got a lot of people's blood boiling. here a decorated war veteran who stood alone as his team stayed back in the tunnel, would've you done that? >> this is a sensitive topic. when president trump called all
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of those man's sons of -- he change this debate. this debate is not about the military. >> is about donald trump? >> yes, course it is. he disrespected players on another level. >> do stander neil if you take the field on sunday. >> this last weekend i would've stayed in the locker. i would put my hand to my heart in the locker room. i don't think the national anthem needs to be a display. i think they're coming to games to watch football, we don't need to use the anthem and the way that we are. to be honest nobody would be seen this for wasn't for the video coverage it's getting. >> thank you. i want to bring a sports reporter george, how you doing? >> happy to be here i come from a generation, my parents were world war ii, great depression. for my life sports has been a place to go to get away from the stuff.
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the nfl loves to wave the flag, they have a hundred yard flag out there, but that the same leak that tried to find victor cruz with 911 tribute designs on because it didn't match the uniform policy. >> stick around, one bring in the panel former prosecutor, doctor liz, to heavy on the show, your pediatrician and youth counselors. one of the things that didn't come up when i talked to jack and we haven't heard a lot of this but a lot on twitter, the nfl has a domestic violence problem which is running rampant through the leak, to think this is a distraction? >> to take it back, i thinks it's a distraction by the president from the real healthcare bill problem is happening this week. that's where i think the distraction is. he has launched the conversation
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into something that initially was not. he turned it into a racial justice issue into an us versus them rhetoric which myself as a muslim was woman is exhausting. >> he sent a little bit like the nfl and they don't want to talk about it. >> it's two issues collapse. the issue a president trumps comments which were ridiculous for a leader of the united states to make. and causing divisiveness and polarizing us as a nation. then, you have the aththletes taking any to bring attention to the races in which is being ignored. another collapsed into one. >> i think the president if there's any person who should stand up and say respect reflect
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respect to the flag i expect that from the president. >> the whole thing is a mess. is it about please brutality and racism? anti- trump sentiment? it's important because i've been fighting civil rights violations in minority communities as a litigator prosecutor. the concern is the people who respect the flag a military do not see this as a racial issue, they understand police brutality, and that these things need to be protected but people are getting entrenched. >> did blame the president on this? ratings are down 11% mess before this happened. i think you'll see more of it. >> i don't blame the president, instead of creating a conversation which would've been beneficial he's turned it into conflict. we could have created a conversation about racial justice or police brutality,
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instead it's turned into a polar ice situation of us versus them. >> how does the nfl? >> right now they're in a world of hurt. i don't think there's any way they can put the genie back in the bottle now. there's a lot going on. they did that in chicago, they do that i'm flip color pittsburgh might be difference. interesting to see what happens there. >> let's bring in meteorologist in zero to discuss maria. after the devastation in puerto rico, maria is not done yet. >> we've been watching marie in the tri-state area for over a week. murray is going to take a hard right turn out to see after crossing paths with the carolina coast. the opposite of super storm sandy. sandy made a hard left turn toward the coast, were lucky
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maria will make a hard right. >> was the biggest issue if it impacts the weather in the carolinas, our issue in new york and new jersey? minimal impact? >> no rain or win but the problem will be the surf. we've been dealing with big waves and rough surf from a series of hurricanes. maria will keep that going. we'll see 6 - 14-foot waves for tuesday wednesday. the rip current risk is high. >> there's attempt nation to get to the shore and watch the waves. there should be no temptation to get in with those waves. people do it, i've heard of rescues over the weekend, couple people lost their lives. >> i don't know what compels you to jump in and osha's that that's ferocious. if you want to go into your ankles that's fine, no deeper than that though.
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>> thanks dan. >> here's a look at the headlines were chasing tonight. >> president trump has imposed new travel restrictions on a countries including north korea. the addition is likely s symbolc as pyongyang doesn't allow its citizens to travel overseas. as of september 1 americans aren't allowed to visit the north. the new york city mayor will debate diblasio after she raised enough money to qualify for the first debate. that will be held october 10. exercise it is good for your body but now researchers believe they know how it helps lengthen your life. using a fluorescent technique on mice they found exercise cleans out the damage parts of cells responsible for turning food into energy. that in turn cleans out the system leaving better muscle tone in the body. that's a look at the headlines. >> coming up, anthony weiner is
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headed to prison. that, and dan will be back with your weather. >> it doesn't feel like the last week of september with the high temperatures and rough surf, i'll talk about what you need to know to stay safe and cool.
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>> welcome back to jason's. on bill spadea. marshall for you tonight. all of your sports, giants, jets in your local weather. first, disgraced former congressman anthony weiner, sobbing in court today is the judge handed down a sentence of 21 months in the case of his 16 with a minor. for all of the details ashley johnson. >> disgraced ex- congressman anthony weiner was sentenced to 21 months some say it contributed to hillary clinton's loss. anthony weiner and who met abbott in file for divorce. >> he was forgiven once by the people of new york i was ready to elect him as mayor.
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now he's asking for forgiveness. what you have to ask were now is a degree of trust that i don't think people are willing to give him. they should forgive someone but this time he lied to the public. he told the public he was clean and wasn't doing this. but he was. to come back and asked that level of forgiveness by itself is difficult if not on president. >> began a 2011 when he was forced to resign from congress because of a a4 scandal. then when running for mayor of new york city he was caught sexting again. that was with it 16-year-old. he persuaded the team to undress and touch yourself via skype. he pleaded for probation on the grounds of a sick obsession for sexting strangers. he pleaded one count of guilty
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pgh so, to bring in her a+ panel. you're an attorney, thinks are sticking with us. and doctor liz henry is here. it's good to see. and bob, former prosecutor. you have undoubtedly been on one side or the other on some of these cases. is it too lenient? >> i think was measured in balance. there could've been more time given the nature of his conduct. he has also lost a tremendous amount. he's lost his family, his wife, career, reputation. twenty-one months in federal present is not a light sentence. could we deal more? what's appropriate, i think it was significance. >> doctor liz euro youth counselor, pediatrician, mom. talk to me as a mom. >> is a mom if it happened to my daughter my patients are be
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appalled. i think time in prison is justified for him. he may be sick, he may have a mental illness but he also did this with an underage girl. even those his defense and needs to be a precedent for any other individual or congressperson to represent the nation. you can't be taking out this type of conduct. >> to think it was because he was a former elected official? >> i think you balance them mental health issues that were talking about. but you have to make a statement that this conduct is not continue. public figures typically get treated then a little harsher. >> what about this young girl, her pictures out there, what impact does this have on her? >> a huge impact. that's why it's important for parents to talk to their parents about social media about putting
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their personal information and especially sexting. it's detrimental to their future. >> thank you. it's great have you let's check back in with dan with a look at the local weather. >> the top of mine is the heat, near 90 degrees for the second day in a row, feeling like summer. what a beautiful beach day, except for one thing, the ocean is angry right now, with hurricane maria up for 500 miles to the south southeast that surface rough. i still don't understand why people see the need to go swimming in this condition was six, ten, 14-foot waves like were expecting. there's always already been hundreds of rescues in several deaths. take it seriously. the ocean is and can a calm down until thursday at the earliest
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as maria can continues to turn up the ocean. we will enjoy the warm weather for the next several days. the same cold front that will bring us cooler weather will kick maria out to see. as i mentioned earlier, no weather impact from maria, just the surf. let's look at the forecast. low temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. maybe a bit of mugging is in the air. mostly quiet. could be patchy fox with clouds overhead. clouds in the sky for tuesday, that is thanks to maria. right on the edges of the storm. temperatures mid to upper '80s. there'll be a mix of sun and clouds and a cool down begins on thursday. i meteorologist ian. >> thanks dan. with all the discussion about the protests, the twitter battle, there's actually nfl games on sunday. who would've thought. is checking with our sports
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reporter. >> thanks bill. sports used to be the place he went to get away from the other stuff in my. that's not the case. here, right now were doing football and only football. the see the jets who want to gain before the giants have, without that would've happened. ultimately stadium, jets or by field goal. 69 yards for the score. just leave it 10 - 0 at the half. third quarter instead nothing. they breakthrough the defense with a 15-yard gain. there's one happy lineman. and then they rush to the score and will be the first win of the season. >> the giants are trailing 14 - nothing.
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odell to be towing at the back of the end zone for the score. he get the good odell and then the bad odell. he starts to crawl on the ground like a dog. mimics urinating in the end zone. the giants are down 14 - 7. manning to back them, for your touchdown in a one-handed grab by beckham. he has a different salute to this, and they're tied up 14. then manning to sterling shepherd. 77 yards, look at him go. giants are up 21 - 14. but the eagles come back and then one second left and jake elliott hits is 61-yard field goal to win the game. just inside the upright. he's carried off the field like a hero. the eagles win 27 - 24. in this note from the sports bureau, not trying to this
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depress nfl fans but 208 teams have started the season 013, only five have made the playoffs. >> thanks. coming up, more in the nfl in
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>> welcome back to jason's. on bill spadea. here's a look at headlines were chasing. >> republicans are racing against the september 30 deadline to push health care bill to the senate to replace the affordable care act. despite revisions it still be in met with resistance in the recent days republican senator john mccain, grandpa, ted cruz have come out against it. passing there -- after pleading guilty to corruptions on friday. the councilman took over. he's facing five years in prison. air b&b is launching a benefit new york city tour led by sir
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jessica parking. though get a shoe shopping trip to bloomingdale's with parker in a seated new york city ballet. for spots for the act tober six tour are available on tuesday september 26. money will go to the new york city ballet. that's a look at the headlines were chasing. >> what we saw over the weekend was more than 200 nfl players deciding to take the political protest to the field and take it out on the national anthem of lake. i think it was an absolute disgrace. what was worse was the steelers coach, mike tomlin asking his team to stay locker room. i guess to stay out of it but if you're not standing up and respecting the country then he was man not at the protesters disrespecting this great country, instead, he was mad at his left tackle who was a former army ranger decorated, serving his country.
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the guy earned a bronze star serving us in our liberty and mike was mad because he didn't get a hundred% in the locker room. that's outrageous. i'm done with nfl, there's plenty of other choices out there. if you want to look at the real problems in america those problems are economic. it's about economics, opportunity and law-enforcement working together with the community to make our neighborhood stronger. it's not about the entire spoiled rich brats in the nfl trying to let you know that somehow there are the real victims, they're not. for me, and turning the channel. not for chasing news though. i'll see you tomorrow night
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dramatic video a robbery at a chinese restaurant and these crooks have been at it before. thank you for joining you at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. police believe they may be responsible for a as many as the robberies. dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters right now. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police tonight officially calling this an armed robbery spree after three armed robberies in seven days tonight we spoke with the owners of the two take out restaurants who came face to face with the gunman. scary for you? >> yes. >> reporter: still scared? >> yes. >> reporter: at the great wall chinese take out restaurant in catona the 35-year-old owner says it was one of the most frightening moments of her life. two men walk into


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