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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> pistol whipped and shots fired three men terizeing a neighborhood overnight and police trying to find who can it. >> asking the calling millions in puerto rico suffering without power or water in wake of hurricane marie a how locals are ste stepping up do show aid to those who need it most. >> passing of icon. hugh heffner the founder of playboy magazine has died. this morning the look back at how he changed other culture. >> he certainly d created that huge brand. >> yeah. >> as we know playboy. >> was it changed for better? >> who could take his place and come after him. >> well, let's see. hes with famous for what silk pajamas, pipe he always had,
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all the captain's hat. you're right bob kelly the captain's hat. do you have a picture of the captain's hat? iconic right there. you're right, alex. >> so who, who could it be. >> if you have to have somebody step in it might having to be me. >> look at that. >> wow. >> wow do that. >> well i -- you almost have to and i'm starting to look like him. >> scott what do you think i can pull this off. >> absolutely the resemblance is there owe do we have this other picture. >> i don't want to resemble him. >> there he is. >> i don't want to resemble him now. >> look at that resemblance. >> rest in peace though. >> weather scale of 1 to 10 it's a nine. window change there's a cold front moving through right now.
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tight pressure gradient high pressure north and west maria exiting so we get that wind tunnel effect. winds gust up to 30 miles an hour later today. upper 50s. mount poke me. 70 allentown. low to mid 70s sections of south jersey. here's that planner for today. temperatures hold protest di steady. high temperature this afternoon a lot of sunshine and 76 degrees. once again, bob kelly, it will be blustery. >> well, scotty, good morning, 6:02 beginning this morning with rough start for the folks chester country, overnight fightal accident along the bypass. eastbound lanes still closed here at route 282. we got some unconfirmed reports this morning a car going the wrong way on bypass collided with tractor-trailer and resulted in crash here. this is going to cause a mess already jam o on the bypass eastbound headed to route 322. where all traffic is forced off. couple options depending where you begin your trip.
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from chester country you can go to counseling up to interchange of turnpike and take it east to king of president bush qua and say coming from west bradford to bypass you want to use business route 30 and that will get you around the closure back to chester county over to malvern and on your way. no matter what one you pick allow extra time this morning. good news for commuters. last night was a rough go. we had downed wires on media elwyn line and that passenger evacuation scenario at suburban both lines running at least starting out of the gate as normal this morning. we'll keep an eye on both of them. live look at 95 late run of construction. just picked up and we're getting back to normal in langhorne. mike, alex back to you. >> well he was icon that built one of the most recognizable global brands in history and we're learning a lot of people weighing up still finding out he's now died. >> and i think he would appreciate having a little bit of fun with how he lived his
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life. there's no question about it. he lived to 91. >> very full life. >> full life. >> wouldn't you know he die on hump day. remembering life of playboy founder hugh heffner that died last night at his home. playboy mansion of course. playboy official twitter account announced passing with # rip heff. >> i like the quote after he pass away 91 they put up a quote he had and said life is too short to be living somebody else's dream. >> man tht's a good way to live your life. >> and in a statement released yesterday playboy said heffner dried from natural causes again 91 surrounded by loved ones. perfect picture. surrounded by loved ones. he founded play buy 195 took,000 of borrowed money and turned it into multi-million empire by combining picture of
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nude women with in depth articles. i read it for the articles. >> today heffner is survived by his wife crystal and four children. >> hm. >> all right. rip hugh. >> we'll talk more about this. >> throughout the morning. >> 6:05. >> developing news out of kingsessing philadelphia police are searching for three men aus kood of hooting say man and pistol whiling another during two separate attempted robby. >> over at the round house, steve. >> we'll show you the second scene first. and this where you'll see headphones lying on the ground and usually that is something people get held up for a permanently these three gaze with silver handgun had no interest in the head phones but had interest in even killing somebody over whatever they had in their pockets because the guy with the headphones dropped them when he ran for his life and still got shot in the back and while he was on the ground shot in the back these three go through his pockets.
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>> 54 and warrington reports he's in the area of walking to see his girlfriend. three males similarly described with silver handgun approach them and announce a robbery and he tried to run and he runs southbound and as running cross the intersection they fire a shot and he gets struck in the back and falls to the ground as laying on the ground he run up to him and go to his pockets. i'm not sure if they got anything or hot not. victim's head dponz did fall off. he can describe three young african-american males one light skinned. >> police happen to cross this victim on the way to the scene from the first victim. they got a call in. 58 and kingsessing four blocks away. this guy was beaten with a gun and not shot. beaten really bad. where he's in the emergency room still. and they stole 50 bucks from that guy. so he didn't run and i gets beaten. these guys seem like they're
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not even you know objecting to the robbery and they're still getting a tacked by these three and that's why police hope somebody tips them off or they find some kind of surveillance because if you shoot somebody in the back as they runaway or beat somebody in the face after a gun after they handover cash what else can you do and they're lucky both these guys will survive and are alive at the hospital getting treatment. >> crisis deep epz millions struggle to find food and clean water. the island is without electrically, gas and money. president trump is planning to tour the devastation on tuesday. calling on congress for additional relief for the island. >> this is ridiculous we're past a week and people are starting to starve to death jennie joyce we have to do something. >> mike, alex, today 5:00 mayor jim kenny and community leers will gather at city hall to call on the president and members of coming gross offer
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ate quickly. take a look at sgrb in puerto rico. this is the what the photograph and they were on american air lines mraep carr carryinging reloaf to people in puerto rico. some are been without food and water. while the again rater is back on at the airport. there's no air conditioning. plane delivered supplies like generateerd, water, diapers and food for many peopled without necessities. back here it's about hard for people in our city to make contact with anyone on the island. >> we tried. i calleded every day. the hope to would just go to voicemail. but nothing, nothing, nothing, and it's like i'm trying to
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control myself. but now i hear that he is coming home app i could not -- like that emotion call out. i was like god thank you. >> we played he operate avenue day and everybody in purt rock owe. >> here they are reuniting with father. they hope their push urnls lawmakers to act quickly and help the people of puerto ric rico. mike and alex. >> yeah. something has to be done that's for sure. all right. y, a -- did you see there yesterday afternoon evening commute people walking down septa tracks it was unbelievable. look at that scare on the tracks sends people fleeing what happened on the septa train that had them jumping on the tracks and jumping out of the windows. >> and it's happened again. a woman is forcibly daingd off
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a nriingt and argument that led to this violent a nriingt and argument that led to this violent confrontation. pats pass sdmv 6:11 service
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expected to being back to normal after septa regional rail service came to a complete halt yesterday evening. >> some people got scared here. it made for a massy and dangerous commute in the hight of rush hour last evening. so there was a breaker on one
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of the paoli thorndale trains and it got tripped. causing a chaotic scenement look at these people. not chaos looks like they're wack uing nicely there. you don't want to be on live you septa track. riders say there was large bang, boom, flash and someone yelled fire which doesn't hel help. and that's when panic set in and passengers started hopping out on to the tracks. this was very close to 30th street station. and causing entire system in center city to shut down for a little bit. people started to walk and take uber and taxis. >> there was no communication whatsoever by septa and then people started pulling windows out. rubber seals around the window and jumping out of the car. >> we don't evaluation anyone. >> people said they saw spark and stuff. septa tempromandibular joint syndrome us there was not a fire and no one ever made the
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announcement to the 500 ride towards leave. there were delays of well over an hour throughout the rest of the night just about everywhere. p. >> so because one person thought it and got off everybody started following. >> i heard they got stuck in i atunnel. is there a tunnel? >> this doesn't look like tun em. >> coming out of the tunnel i think the problem no announc announcement and that that created panic. i didn't know you could pull the windows off. i hope that's not the new thing there. septa says everything is running normal rail lines. not normal here jammed solid on the eastbound be 30 bypass closed as you head into route 22 from overnight accident. we'll have the rests of the details and detour as we go outside and say good morning to reading, pennsylvania, waking you up on thursday morning. we'll check forecast grab a morning. we'll check forecast grab a cup of coffee coming right
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>> good thursday morning getting ready for transition day. we're talking about a cold front moving through right now. it's currently 74 in philadelphia. live look along the parkway here. winds out of north at 12 miles an hour. they'll continue to pick up. gusting up to 30 miles an hour later on this afternoon. upper 50s already mount pocon pocono. 70 allentown and 7 in wilmington and new castle
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county atlantic city right now 74. take a look as we go hour by hour future wind gusts. gusting up to 32 miles an hour in allentown. look at clock here at 5:00 in the afternoon. 0 mile an hour gusts down the shore. with that tight pressure gradient. afternoon high temperatures low 0s north and west. mid to upper 70s along the i-95 corridor into part of south jersey. tropical storm maria headed out to sea. we still have some dangerous rip current and also that rough surf to talk b weather authority 7 day forecast. turning cooler. blustery this afternoon. but finally feeling like fall. temperatures tonight in the 50s. upper 6 owes to low 0s for the upcoming weekend. if you head out the door don't forget to join me on the radio all morning long on 101.1 more fm for the weather authority forecast. bob kelly. >> here's the latest problems in chester county other night accident turned fatal on the eastbound side of the bypass. here's a live look at route 0
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eastbound all traffic forced off here at route 322. crash happened right near route 228 unconfirmed reports that a car traveling wrong way on bypass collided with tractor-trailer and resulting in the crash. so right now look at that. you can see the sensors picking up slow speeds. everyone going old school this morning. if you get ready to leave the house you have a couple options north up towards the turnpike and get on downingtown and that will get you east to king of prussia or business route 30 could be best alternate again not best alternate but probably only other one and it's bumper to bumper. again because it is closure point. no eta when we open back up. we mentioned last break about the situation last night. and on the septa train at the suburb urban station. on top of that, downed wires on the media elwyn region rail line. hot temperatures last night for esh that headed home on
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septa. both scenarios back to normal. septa not reporting delays. with he have delays west on schuylkill from boulevard to belmont. mike, alex back to you. >> you talk about hot tem peers not on train but plane intense confrontation on airplane. this is southwest airlines flight that was going if baltimore to los angeles. >> i will walk off. don't touch me. don't touch me. >> don't touch me. >> oh, my god she's walking. she's walking. >> she's walking. >> this happened tuesday. the woman said she is a life-threatening pet allergy and after she learned animals were on board the plane she wanted to do something about it two officers were called to forcibly about it. >> dogs right? >> yes. >> another passenger recorded confrontation that followed. southwest says it's disheart entered by the way the situation unfolded the company publicly apologized and said it's contacting the woman. what can you do. pets are allowed on planes.
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i'm sure this is not the answer. >> no. >> i don't know what the answer is. >> well if you eat at sonic and i love sonic you may want to kek your credit card statement up to 5 million credit card numbers compromised and stolen from customers. last week the chain's credit card processor reporting said there was a "unusual activity tied to cards that were used at sonic" the company says it's working with forensic experts and law enforcement to get to the bottom of that issue. >> what do you get when you go to sop sglik slushy. >> slushy is great i like the number two hamburger. >> i'm all about the drvrpingz i like the drinks good and i like lime aid. >> i like their ice too. >> crushed. >> yes. >> anyway i love the ones they roll out to your car on skates they still have some of those.
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>> they do. >> yes. >> the debt has been settled what they say will happen with the 3,000 carson wentz owes jake elliot. >> or portion of it anyway. >> portion of it yeah for 61 yarder. speaking of money, did you win?
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>> good morning i'm sean bell right before he made that kick carson wentz said he would give him his paycheck. one game is like $30,000 and it was better off without being given to charity. good man. i mean i know i necessarily wouldn't do that. >> we'll figure something out with charity haven't work out all the details yet we'll mack a little donation. there or he will. not me. >> i knew i was mic'd up and didn't think during the game and afterwards i said that didn't i? and we were on mic it was all good i thought it was funny. >> phillies and nationals tie game in the fifth. herrera with line drive base hit brings in i arun and
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phills go on to win 7-5 and 33nd minute joseph martinez with the goal union loses-0. that's sports in a minute i'm sean bell. >> from stheen deshawn deshawn watson weapon houston texans quarterback making a grand gesture. >> yes, he's young 22 years old rookie donated first nfl game check to three women who work in the team cafeteria at r&g stadium. >> hey how are you all. >> what you all do for you every day and i appreciate you all. i wanted to give my first game check to you all to help you all out. some type of way. so here you guys go. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> thank you. >> it's nrg like energy stadium. >> these women they lost everything to hurricane harve harvey. so, that's nice. you want to know how much he's
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making well first round draft 465,000 a year so therefore he gave check for just about $2 $28,000. which is oh, my gosh amazing. >> that's really great. >> what a great help you can tem he was raised well. >> handsome man. >> yeah he is i think we met him when he came to draft. >> he was at the art museum. >> at the time we didn't know he would go to texans he was walking done the red carpet. >> did you notice sue serio has the day off. she had a big night in media whatever that entails. scott is in. >> nice weather across the delaware valley hurricane maria is moving out and we have a dip in the jet stream. finally feeling like fall. we'll talk about cooler air mass moving in coming up. here's jeepy joyce. >> reporter: good morning, scott, philadelphia doing its part to help the people of puerto rico. happening today, philadelphia mayor jim kenney and community leaders will gather at city hall to urge the federal
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leaders will gather at city hall to urge the federal government to step up.
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sgrvr a man is pistol whipped and another shot both satisfied to be victims of the same group of armed suspects and they're still is on the run this morning. >> the icon playboy founder hugh heffner has died. and how remembered this morning and late last night. >> cost of congestion new report ranks philly on traffic
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problems and results and cost local drives and. >> good thing we have bob kelly everybody. >> that's true. >> you won't get caught in any jam owes. >> thursday, september 8, 2 2017, okay. are they in your house. stink bugs are back. it's that time of year. they'll be here to winter they look like little dinosaurs. coming up in the 8 pbg hour we have a guy that got his ph.d. studying stink bugs i kid you not. we're calling him dr. stank. if you have a question for him he'll are live in the studio. use the # fox 29 dr. stank. >> where do we call him dr. dr. stink as opposed to dr. dr. bug. >> it's funnier you. >> wanted to call him stinky. >> yes. >> if you have a question for dr. stink get on whatever twitter.
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60 exactly. >> let's get to scott. things are cooling off a little bit or should be. >> yeah they are. yesterday's high temperature was 89. today will be stuck in 70s all because of cold frontal exmoving through right now. but take a look. out to sea that's tropical storm maria this front kicks it out to sea. we have low pressure in atlantic and high pressure knowledge and west and wind tunnel effect and winds pick up gusting up to 30 miles an hour later on today. 74 degrees in philadelphia. look at winds. breezy already out of north. and 12 miles an hour. mount pocono upper 50s alread already. we have 70 allentown and 74 degrees in atlantic city. towards western part of state look at pittsburgh 60 degrees. upper 50s right now in puff low. here's your planner a lot sunshine. but turning blustery, 76 degrees in center city and 78 down the shore and low 70s for the lehigh valley. good thursday morning bob kelly. >> not a good thursday for the gang getting ready to
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leave chester county. rough overnight. accident fatal accident here on the 30 bypass. happened after midnight. some reports of vehicle going the wrong way collided with tractor-trailer. resulting in this accident here and major fuel spill. look at the sand that is all over the eastbound lanes here. now penndot put down the sand. they're trying to suck it all up like oil dry before they allow traffic to start to roll again. here's the backup. eastbound parking lot heading into route 322 which is where serving forced off. that's a live shot gang no one move for miles. if you get ready to heat r head out the front door. use the bypass. two options turnpike downingtown to king of prussi prussia. from lower end of chester county north bradford, maybe thorndale. use business route 0. again be ready to package
6:33 am
double jelly donut to work your way around the closure point. no. ta when this opensens up. center city ramp vine sxwrits way causing delays. we mentioned earlier prob lelingz on septa. media elwyn and paoli line. both situations resolved and so far so good. running with no delays. mike and alex back to you. >> thanks, bob. >> now to the deepening crisis in puerto rico. after a week after hurricane maria island still has no power and very little food, water and gas. and millions of people are going hungry and many cannot go back to work. banks are closed or short on cash and governor says he plans to ask the u.s. for more than a billion in federal assistance. >> this is sungle major biggest major catastrophe in puerto rico bar none. it is probably single bestest hurricane cat as trophy in the
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united states. >> president itemp is expected to visit puerto rico on tuesday. today in philadelphia government leaders call on congress to take immediate action to extend relief efforts. >> i'm kind of -- >> that's five, six days from now jennie. >> yeah, today, mayor jim kenney and community leaders will gather at city hall to make a play to president as well as members of congress to rescue these americans past. take a look at destruction in purt look owe. these are first images chris o'connell and photographer tom beck saw as they landed on hurricane ravaged eye land. they were on american airlines plane carrying relief to the people of puerto rico. people like these adults, children, babies, who have been stuck at the airport for days waiting for a flight out. food, water, diapers, generators, among the items aboard the plane. and as three and a half million people in puerto rico struggle day-to-day without
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the essentials. and back here at home we talk to people arriving at philly international from puerto rico and one man says he was on the island for work and describes the severity of it all. >> trees down everywhere. water getting scarce. getting worse by the day. >> very bad. the whole island is destroyed. there's no services of any kind people having a hard time to get supplies. everything they need for daily life. people working hard. people have hope that the island will get back to how it was. it was beautiful just before hurricane. >> they're handling it great. those people are the best. if that happened here it would be chaos. >> people are trying to hand it will well. they should not have to figure out how to survive this on their own. they need help from main land. this is message kenney and
6:36 am
others send this afternoonen concerning maceive amounts of help to the people of purt look owe. mike and alex. >> i don't know it's being handled well. there's food and water down on the docks. >> but they cannot take it off. >> they can't get it off. it's so disorganized. who was the guy that general from honoree is that his name from katrina. man he got things dochbility i wish they would just hire him. 6:36 a man is shot and another pistol whipped in philadelphi philadelphia. kingsessing section of city. police of course now looking for these guys that did this. >> so steve keeley is outside police headquarters with more, steve. yeah, two different crimes two different vick items but police believe the same people committing both. just four blocks apart. here is scene of the first just before midnight. this is 58 and kingsessing in southwest philly and so they see a victim here on the street a man in 0s and they rob him of 50 bucks and beat
6:37 am
him bad with a gun even if he gives him money. and then they just walk four more blocks looking for next victim until they find another guy 1 years old and they doesn't get beaten with a gun he gets shot in the back by it when he tries to runaway. >> around quarter of 12 we get a record of robbery in progress 58 and kingsessing and police are in route to the scene as they're going to that particular scene they get a second call second male shot here a54 warrington and arrive on location 58 and king session first and they find male in 30s and poise toll whipped and bleeding profuse little and they take him in the car and run him over to presbyterian hospital and he reports three males come up to him and announce a robbery and they take $r50 u.s. currency and point silver handgun at him and flee on foot. >> now you know the popular beats headphones we've done stories people get robbed and held up for them. they didn't want the
6:38 am
headphones. you see them on the ground because the guy when he ran for life dropped his headphones. they had no interest in that but went to pockets and police don't know if they got anything yet. but, they want to get these guys because if they're going to do this who knows what else they'll do when they have that gun and they now show that they'll shoot somebody in the back over whatever they have in their pockets that's for sure. >> yeah. >> yesterday afternoon this was shocking a baby sister is dead after a car slammed into a trolley she was carrying two kids. that's northern liberties. fourth and girard. police say the strollly was on the tracks when the 3 36-year-old woman slammed head on well a 2-year-old and infant in the car were rushed to the hospital. we know the two kids are back with their mom and are going to be okay. the cause of crash yet unknow unknown. someone distracted and slammed head on into trolley. >> oh, my goodness. >> horrible. >> coming up 6:39 hugh
6:39 am
heffner the iconic founder of playboy magazine died at 91? nice long life playboy enterprises announcing news in statement late last night he died in los angeles. >> they confirmed news on twittering a american icon and playboy founder hugh m. heffner pass away today he was 91. >> what's the quote you like below there. >> life is too short to be living somebody else's dream. >> karen we should all live that way don't you think. >> absolutely. he is sew many dreams and lot of celebrities dreams funneled through the playboy mansion. he left a mark on culture american pop culture and whole sexual revolution for more than 60 years with magazine and hotels.
6:40 am
>> former playboy model jennie mctammy took this twitter is 20er share her con dole enters riiheff thank you for being ref luke airy and changing so many lives especially mine and i hope i made you proud. she did a number of covers. also larry king saying hugh heffner was giant in publisher and free speech and civil right. he was true original and my friend.
6:41 am
rest well, hefn. >> he's sure is vivd by wife crystal and four children christie, david, marson and cooper and serving as chief creator officer of playboy enterprises. remember when cooper was on and we talked about what it was like to grow up in mansion and have him as dad. >> they started putting naked pictures back in the magazine magazines. for a while they said they would not do that. >> you can see naked pictures on the interest neat and that is what doomed the magazine. his daughter christie ran the company out of chicago for a long time. >> karen thank you more on that in a bit. national anthem kneeling controversy starting to affect the nfl. how it affect the bottom line. >> costly con gueston. how much sitting in traffic is costing philly drivers. wasting my time and time is costing philly drivers. wasting my time and time is money
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> traffic in philly can be a mess. where does it rank out of 25 most con guested cities in the u.s. >> i'm guessing 12. >> 12 yes, it says that on the screen. worst spots mid county expressway south east rose valley road to pearl harbor memorial bridge. study says traffic in philly costs drivers 14.7 billion in wasted fuel and time and he mentions.
6:45 am
new york had more hot spots than any other new york city. >> couple things about this study. >> i think i mentioned hot spots. >> you mentioned hot pott spotty never heard of. >> what about conshe curve. >> and 95 cottman. >> girard avenue. >> see we should have bob kelly help them with this. >> what's the name of the bridge? >> that's the other point. >> hugh heffner memorial bridge. >> no pearl harbor where is pearl harbor bridge. >> i believe that is i'm are the platt bridge or girard point bridge. know how they change names every now and then. >> in other words this study was done by dopes. >> or someone out of town. >> yeah. >> just give me a dollar for every time we get stuck in traffic be. >> or if you travel on that bridge let us know. is it as bad as we say. >> first where is it. >> well i'll tell you one spot now that should be on the survey is 30 bypass. not because of vine but because of overnight accident. here's a live look at the
6:46 am
cleanup. let come back to maps and show you the jam. this say live shot just parking lot folks coming out of chester county and trying to get in to malvern and king of prussia. here's closure point route 32 this is usually buzzest travel roads to begin with at this hour. not to mention pushing off into the neighborhoods. you are a couple options you can go up to turnpike and head downingtown east to kop and lot of folks again being pushed off into what would be business route 30 tops of traffic light and got a couple
6:47 am
coffee spots to stop along the way. double jelly donut delay out of chester ip talked about the problem last night on septa both media elwyn and paoli line. two problems running with no delays this morning forecast for thursday and weekend ahead scotty here coming up in 15 for thursday and weekend ahead scotty here coming up in 15 second bs stop budsy has wind breaker on. dpuingty winds 30 miles an hour it's national have you berry cream pie day. bus stop buddy too young and
6:48 am
cold front slipping through dropping temperatures lowering humidity and also helping to kick maria back out to sea. 74 now in philadelphia and look at temperatures north and west. chicago right now a54 degrees upper 40s in rapid city and dealing with the heat wave earlier this week. and 76 degrees by this afternoon. across the region blustery conditions and then tonight look at this temperatures dipping into the 50s. that 7 day forecast finally fall. open up the windows tonight and let in fresh air. temperatures tomorrow only low 70s and upper 60s as we kickoff the upcoming weekend. back over to you. >> upper 60s. >> okay. >> i am into that. 6:49. >> all right. we've been struggling now we promised we would run the 60 yard kick every day this week. we're out of ideas. so eagles helped us out.
6:49 am
they have a camera on merrill lynch when he does the call. >> merrill reese. >> merrill lynch what did i say? >> that's the stock market. >> and wow you are think about money had you even when -- >> eagles hired merrill lynch they got so much money they had to hire merrill lynch. >> money on the mind got the mind on money and money on mind. >> mo money more problems i'm telling you. i have 99 problems but -- an anyway, i was talking to my merrill lynch guy yesterday too jimmy graves. ever met jim. >> i have not. >> it's not merrill lynch. >> i trust i can not afford your money dwi. >> dean whiter. >> charles schwab. >> schwab really. >> no that's quarterback. no never behind merrill reese and you have heard his call on radio. they had a camera in front of him. here it is the field goal. >> hold your breath.
6:50 am
kick is away. and kick is good! it's good! and eagles win. >> this is that dream i talked about. >> they win. >> he's had this dream before. >> 61 yards! the longest kick in eagles history! >> see they're standing mike quick is laughing. they're euphoric. >> you have to put your hands up. >> i love that. >> you have to do the -- >> yeah the shakes. >> when we come back i'll do it imitate it it's really great. >> okay. >> are we ever coming back. >> i don't know. >> there we go. >> he was down the oh, >> they won. >> we won! >> it's no surprise that jake has been named nfc special teams player of the week. why not. jake is first eagles kick to win a player of the week award
6:51 am
since david akers and that was in 2005. david kicked a of 61 yarder not for eagles. 61 yard field goal by jake was longest ever by rookie in the national football league. >> it's also great how eagles put together a compilation video of fans the viral videos from people watching it. >> we need one more for tomorrow. >> compilation. thank you eagles. you can do that. how far could you kick a pal. let's do this live on television. so tomorrow jen fred is going to be at the 300 blog of solly avenue across from father judge high school and we're going to let you kick. kick and kick all you want from 7 to 10 a.m. okay. good luck. >> and instant feedback from your driver. i had uber driver yesterday that talked my face off. >> did you talk back. sometimes you sit there. >> i d i didn't want a bad rating from him.
6:52 am
>> well now we'll have to check and see if they gave you bad rating because you know what, uber now allows you to see what your driver is saying about you. >> i love it. >> it could get ugly. >> okay. l >> 6:54 now a lot of this
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
day in age are using uber or lyft. they will alert you if your driver thinks you stink. >> now you can rate the driver and can put in why you didn't like the. now they can do the same about you. so, this is new feature and u uber is considering it constructive feedback for riders. >> okay. >> remember we have rating too. so drivers will give passengers feeds back in exactly the same way you give them feedback. they'll be based on five star rating. riders will be rated on five categories, attitude, wait time, patience, wanted new route and cleanliness. >> why, why, why? >> this is what will get you. wanted new route. you never agree how they're going and you tell them to go different way. >> do in the listen to gps. i know how to get there faster don't listen to her. >> and attitude. >> and attitude. >> and attitude will get a low score. >> well the it starts tuesda tuesday. >> tuesday. >> now i have to behalf in
6:56 am
uber ugh. >> let's see what your rating is now. >> i think i'm in the 4s. >> i don't know what mine is either maybe wait time gets m me. hold on. >> 4 plt 8. >> i'm trying to get to 5. >> 4.71. >> that's not bad. >> let's see what mip is. >> i'm behaving in car. >> it's out of 5. makes you think what did you do to -- >> i don't engage in conversation a lot. >> mine is 4.76. that's not much better than you how did that happen. >> do you talk to the driver or have snotty attitude. >> you think i have a snotty attitude. >> not at all i love you. >> i wear headphones. >> here's jeepy. >> doing what it can to help the people of puerto rico happening today. philadelphia mayor and community leaders pushing federal government to act
6:57 am
community leaders pushing federal government to act quickly. trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ you each drive a ford (all) yes.ght?
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i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
6:59 am
>> it's probaby single biggest cat as trophy in the united states. >> people are dying and still woud basic needs and time is running out. devastation we saw firsthand when our crew landed in san juan. >> robbery spree turns
7:00 am
violent one victim pistol whipped and another shot. suspects in both robberies on the loose. what police say they did right after one of the victims fell to the ground. >> and remembering american icon. >> arrived just in time we'll have a ing swinging party. >> hugh heffner credited with leevding a sexual revolution in the united states died. how heff himself said he would like to be remembered. it is straight un7:00. sue has the day off. scott is in. good to you have here. bob andal. and i are ready to go in philadelphia. thursday, september 28. 2017, welcome. >> good morning. >> very nicely done. >> scott your turn. >> weather bit numbers scale of 1 to 10 today will be 9. we're looking at high pressure building in and also winds have changed. finally starting to feel more like fall adds we step outdoors. what's happening right now that cold front sweeping through pushing


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